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March 22 2011


Youtube and the Impact of Viral Marketing

Back in the day, advertisements were only seen in newspapers or on TV. Now it seems that advertising has a new playground, the World Wide Web. Ads have appeared as banners, pop-up ads, social media, and lately, in the form of YouTube videos. Ads in the form of YouTube videos are often called ‘viral ads,’ especially when they gather millions of views, and are part of a viral marketing campaign.

What is viral marketing, and how effective is it? Its main objective is to increase brand awareness through replicating a viral like process, like the spread of virus in computers. Often, viral videos are spread through sharing by viewers, kinda like word of mouth. Viral marketing often comes in the form of videos, but they also come in games, software, images or messages.

The main goal is to create infectious, viral messages that appeal to their target market with high SNP (social networking potential) that can easily spread through individuals. But why are they so effective? It is because the internet has enabled companies to reach out to the consumers at a more personal and interactive level. 75% of the internet’s total population go to a social networking site like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, where time spent in social media is a LOT more than time spent on email. The sharing effect is fast and rapid, kinda like a Pyramid scheme back in the day.

Here are a few of viral videos that were so successful they’ve made internet history. Enjoy.

Numa Numa

The Numa Numa video is the first viral video phenomenon that hit the internet. The video stars Gary Brolsma lip syncing to the O-Zone song ‘Dragonstea din Tea’ making funny facial expressions and flailing his arms in a wild and animated manner. It was uploaded on in 1994, and in just 3 months acquired 2 million views on the website alone. Now it has 40 million views with the video, and 700 million views from different Numa Numa copycat videos.

Gary Brolsma was voted the number 1 Internet icon and has set a record in the Guiness Book of World Records. However, the video was unlike most modern viral videos because it was not created to market or promote a product. It was created by a real person who had plenty of time to spare, made an insanely hot video and became a worldwide celebrity almost overnight.





Old Spice Guy

The Old Spice ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ was launched February 2010 featuring Isaiah Mustafah half-naked and talking directly to the viewer. It was able to generate six million views within 24 hours of being uploaded.





The video was an international sensation and people fell in love with  Isaiah Mustafah. It was followed up by video responses on Twitter and Facebook from the Old Spice Guy himself.

It was a very well run and effective ad campaign by Wieden and Kennedy, and was so popular it gained a cult following. Old Spice successfully rebranded the image of their old and tired brand and created customer interaction. There is renewed interest in the Old Spice products and their sales jumped 106% from last year. Traffic to the Old Spice web site jumped 300%. OldSpiceGuy’s Twitter account has 80,000 followers, a whole lot more than Mustafa’s real Twitter account with only 30,000. You’ve got to agree with Reddit, who labeled the ad as one of the greatest advertising campaigns in internet history.

Evian Roller Babies

Everyone loves babies. Babies are inherently adorable. And people love seeing babies doing things that they’re not supposed to be able to do.

This is why the Evian ad is plain genius. The ad combined babies, humor and offbeat music, producing a viral ad that’s sure to be a hit. It got the consumer’s interest and the message out effectively. It didn’t hurt that the video garnered more than a 100 million views, as well.





Coca-Cola’s Happiness Truck

Coca-Cola’s new ad campaign is guerilla advertisement and a viral video all at the same time. The message is beautiful and simple: have a Coke and a smile. Coca-Cola decided to own an emotion, Happiness.

The video brought so much happiness to the people as well as the people watching the video. I was smiling from ear to ear throughout the video. For other Coca-Cola Happiness videos, you can check the Happiness Truck in Rio de Janeiro and the Happiness Machine in a London university.





Viral Marketing Campaigns that Failed

However, they say that there are only two kinds of viral marketing campaigns: those that are successful, and those that are not. It’s true, there may be big companies and well known advertising companies that have failed viral ads, while some new and inexperienced marketers who created one viral video, got lucky and hit the jackpot. Here are some ‘viral videos’ that didn’t quite make it:

Cisco’s Ted from Accounting

I can think of several reasons why this campaign failed. It was trying too hard.

The Cisco Campaign wanted to create a parody of Old Spice Guy, but well, the video just wasn’t funny, nor did it provide the eye candy unlike the Old Spice campaign which had both. In fact, With 18 videos it only had 2,750 views within 24 hours, compared to Old Spice’s 40 million views, something clearly went really, really wrong.





Thankfully, the failed video didn’t do much–literally. Honestly, the videos were ignored by the people. It was an embarrassing defeat for Cisco, but it only hurt their internet and social media credibility. Still there is good enough reason why Cisco shouldn’t be doing any more social media and viral marketings antics any time soon.

Kevin Durant’s Stalker

This is either the creepiest viral ad we’ve seen, or a real case of stalking. A certain 16 year old Mathias Murphy posted videos of Kevin Durant’s daily activities, apparently without his knowledge. Murphy has created a YouTube account and even a Twitter account @KD35sNeighbor to document Kevin Durant’s every move off-court. If you see the more current videos, Kevin Durant has befriended the young neighbor and even invited him over for a little basketball game.

I got to admit, Nike made a bad choice with this viral ad. The whole point of the campaign? Stalking celebrities. Was it successful? 8 videos got a total of 40,000 views, which is nothing in the online world. Let us commend Nike, though, for trying its best to show Kevin Durant as a good guy–since two of its other endorsers, Tiger Woods and Lebron James, are currently under much scrutiny and controversy.





Secrets of Viral Marketing

1. Creating Viral videos isn’t easy

Most viral videos look like they are created in less than a day. They look so easy to create–all you need is a home video camera. No props, no lights, and no director. So false. In fact, marketers pour so much time and money into research to create a viral video that looks homemade, perhaps more time than creating a real professional TV ad.

2. Less is more.

Try your best not to bombard the viral video with your product too much. Consumers will see that you are ‘trying too hard’, and the more they feel like they are being sold something, the less likely they are going to help your campaign go viral. Make it less of a commercial, more of a story.

Another point: never force a concept because it fits the product; rather, the product should fit into the great concept. If you think of it, what is the relation between Evian mineral water and roller blading babies?

3. There’s a secret behind the numbers.

There are tens of thousands of videos uploaded to YouTube everyday. How do you make a video go viral and have at least a 100,000 daily views amidst this fierce competition?

The truth is, it is not sufficient to upload the video and wait for the number of uploads to grow. You need to hire a company that specializes in getting your video into YouTube’s ‘ Daily Most Viewed’. To do this, you have to have to garner 50,000 views: you will need to reach out via blogs, forums, social networking sites, email lists, and your friends; anything to create a buzz. A successful viral video campaign is hard work.

4. Release videos simultaneously.

Clients often say: ‘Let’s create a series of videos and release one every week so that viewers can look forward to going back to our website!’

It’s time to stop treating the internet as television. With viral marketing, all videos must be posted simultaneously. If the viewer sees one video and is so amused that they want to view more videos, why make them wait for the next one? If you wait a week before posting a second video, viewers might have lost interest and went on to the next internet sensation.

5. Think of Shocking Headlines.

A few weeks ago Jennifer Aniston attempted a viral ad of her own. It was a viral ad about how to make a viral ad. It was fairly successful, but the part that really caught my attention was when the marketers decide to name it ‘Jennifer Aniston sex tape’.





It is true that viral videos often have unrelated and intriguing titles so that viewers click the ‘Play’ button. Create headlines that intrigue viewers, making them think ‘Did it really happen?’ So a headline from Blendtec ‘Will an iPhone blend?’ is much more interesting than Smirnoff’s ‘Tea Party’.

March 02 2011


How to Use YouTube for a Marketing Advantage Like a Pro

Self-expression and passion is a major motivation for web designers, developers, and all freelancers. And we’re not talking about the superficial “cheer-squad” excitement. We’re talking about deep, unique, bold passion with a sweet, addictive flavor. Nothing beats the satisfaction of being able to design and develop websites to be proud of.

Another goal is to ensure user satisfaction –  to be able to present the readers what they want, to the highest degree. And ultimately, people want rewards (who doesn’t!) in whatever form whether self-satisfaction, recognition, or yes, yes… financial gain.

A successful person knows these goals of self-expression, user satisfaction, and the rewards that come along with achieving them.

Thinking over it carefully, all these big words…I can only think of one thing –  YouTube.

What is YouTube?


Key Statistics:

  • YouTube is monetizing over 2 billion video views per week globally
  • 24 hours of video gett uploaded every single minute.
  • Average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube.
  • 70% of YouTube’s traffic comes from outside of the U.S.

See More Numbers

Seriously, who doesn’t know about YouTube? Everybody knows YouTube, unless you’ve been purposely avoiding the internet for the past 5 years!

YouTube is the home for online video, a popular free video sharing website, an online video streaming service that allows anyone to view and share videos that have been uploaded by YouTube members.

That’s all well, but for designers and developers and freelancers alike, you can think of YouTube as a massive collection of opportunities. Looking back at the stats, think of how much traffic a very effective 10 minute video can generate. And not just traffic, we’re talking about traffic that converts! And that’s not all, be creative, there are tons of way to effectively use YouTube.

How to REALLY leverage YouTube?


Maria Andros –  “The Video Marketing Queen” and creator of “The Social Media Traffic Blueprint”, personally feels that video is one of the fastest ways to connect with your target audience and to build good relationships with them and the reason that video is so powerful is because 90% of communication is non-verbal. Furthermore she emphasizes that YouTube is probably the fastest way and one of the most powerful tools in the social media realm. Twitter was number two for her, followed by Facebook.

And I agree with the Queen, there’s a huge difference between videos and articles. If I were a target audience, I’d prefer watching someone demonstrate how to properly train my dog, rather than reading an article about it. Video marketing is definitely advantageous because people can see body language and self-expression.

So here’s a list of just a few ways to really leverage YouTube’s boundless opportunities for starters (and experts).

1. YouTube and Stealth Marketing


Let us think like the average, everyday person. What if someone knocks on your front door and gives you a “sales pitch”, would you be interested in buying the product? Chances are, you won’t be interested in the product once you recognized you’re being “pitched” to.

This is very important in the marketing industry. How can you generate leads if you can’t generate traffic from your videos because people don’t want to watch them because they know it’s a sales pitch? How do we get the audience and potential consumers to voluntarily watch our videos?

The answer’s pretty simple, be stealthy. Make your video so interesting, so funny, and so rewarding that people share it with their friends without them noticing your sales pitch. There have been many attempts at stealth marketing in real life. This, for example, uses stealth marketing in real life.

Same principle applies when it comes to video clips. It needs to be simple and brilliant to work. Funny and cute video clips are more appreciated by the majority of people and tend to be shared on social networks where the audience is very wide. You might have enjoyed a video on YouTube and you’ll never know that you have been sold a product.

2. YouTube and You Too! Recruiting Employees through YouTube


Have you seen Google’s Recruitment Video? (It’s on the list below). YouTube gives opportunities for employers to recruit great employees. Employer’s can recruit very well using YouTube because they can actually present how amazing it is to work for their company instead of just letting  the readers imagine how it would be to work with the company.

YouTube is also a place where you can market yourself. Look at Justin Bieber and other stars who have been discovered through YouTube!

3. 21st Century Market Research


Do you know that there’s a YouTube “Insights: Statistics and Data” feature? Well, rejoice dear marketers. Now you know that you can conduct your own marketing campaign through YouTube! This is one area that many web marketers fail to fully explore and exploit.

Before you spend a dime on your campaigns, YouTube can help you decide whether or not your product is worth spending your time and money creating.

Here’s how it works. Do some keyword research to know what the world is looking for, then make a short 3+ minute video using that keyword.

Putting it simply, YouTube has this Insight feature where you can:

  • Test new product ideas.
  • Learn what’s the trend right now.
  • Learn what portion of your video grabbed the most attention.
  • See the demographic profile of your product.
  • View the traffic your video is generating over time.
  • See which videos are winners and which ones are not.

These are just a few of YouTube’s never ending opportunities. Very handy, especially for start ups in the internet marketing industry that intend on staying in this harsh and competitive age of marketing.

To help young, aspiring internet marketers, here are some channels and videos that have been REALLY using YouTube and have been really successful.

1. The Pepsi Refresh YouTube Channel

For overall campaign, and successful use of graphics for a Pepsi brand, this Pepsi Refresh Campaign is very popular. Plus it is an amazing example of successfully encouraging the audience to comment, share, and subscribe.


2. Google’s Recruitment Video

A very great example and inspiration for young marketers. When recruiting potential employees, all you want to do is to show them what it means to work for your company. And Google has been really successful at that.


3.  The Annoying Orange

Who hasn’t heard of the annoying Orange’s taunting, frequent burping, pestering, puns, and wordplay. Dane Boedegheimer (Daneboe), creator and voice of The Annoying Orange is a beautiful example on how to amass more than 380 million views on YouTube using a comic, absurd (the good kind), and incongruous quality causing amusement.


4. Kevjumba

Try and search in google “kevjumba is” and you’ll find some nasty google suggestions. But then again, go to his page and you’ll find his fans sticking up for him in the comments. This is a great example of how to get subscribers and see how loyal they can be.

5. The Philip DeFranco Show

This guy is successfully using YouTube as he hosts a fun, talking-head commentary show. Gathering 490,912,126 total upload views, Philip DeFranco is a great example for young video marketers.


So there you have it, if you’re not marketing using YouTube yet, you might want to reconsider that now.

YouTube’s not just a massive collection of Justin Beiber or Lady GaGa videos. When you have a site, a product, or service that you wish to market on the internet, then you probably know and even used various methods and techniques that would help you boost traffic to your website. A lot of internet marketers invest countless hours on increasing their sites’ ranking around search engines, writing on forums, or even driving traffic through pay-per-click. Then again, successfully using the powers of the biggest video-sharing website, YouTube, is perhaps the best way to market your business and exponentially increase your sales.

Again, Over 2 billion views per day, average person stays 15 minutes a day on YouTube, and 70% of YouTube’s traffic comes from outside of the U.S.

That’s just way too enticing to ignore!

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February 07 2011


How To Design a Custom YouTube Background

Have a YouTube channel? Want to customise it with your own background design? Follow this guide to find out how to create a cool theme for a gaming channel, then download the free template for use in your own projects.

Custom YouTube design

The design we’ll be creating is a dark military theme for my new gaming channel. Subtle camouflage patterns, grungy background textures and an array of awesome weaponry all combine to form an eye catching background design to entice viewers and subscribers.

View the final YouTube background design

YouTube background template

Like many social websites, YouTube allows the cusomisation of your personal profile through the uploading of a background image and the modification of the profile’s colour scheme. In order to make sure our design fits well with the YouTube website and its various palettes we need to base it on a template. Here’s a YouTube design template I made earlier, download it and feel free to use it in all your future projects. The template highlights where each palette is located and shows how much of the page is seen by common monitor resultions.

Download the YouTube design template (PSD)

The first step towards our dark gaming channel design is a camo pattern background. Here I’m using my free repeating camo patterns I posted on Blog.SpoonGraphics, with a slight colour adjustment.

Next, draw a large selection around the main YouTube container from the template and fill it with black on a new layer.

Download a grungy texture like this one from LostandTaken and scale it into position over the black area in the design. Reduce the opacity to tone down the grungy effect.

Toggle on the template and CMD+click the palettes layer thumbnail to load the selection. Fill these palettes with a black background and reduce the opacity so the texture can be seen through them.

Create a new layer then right click the selection and choose Stroke. Enter 1px with the color White. Change this layer to Soft Light.

Use the Eraser tool with a soft brush setting at 50% opacity to grunge up these borders by erasing out random areas.

Being a military themed gaming channel means we need guns, lots of guns! Scour the stock photo websites for various weaponry. I originally developed this design for an Expendables Movie poster tutorial, check out that post for more details!

Open up each weapon photo into Photoshop and desaturate, then use the Magic Wand to quickly make a selection of the object.

Go to Select > Modify > Contract and enter 2px in the settings. This helps clip out any unwanted white area that the Magic Wand might have included in the selection.

Clip out every weapon image you find and compile the selections in a new document. Aim to find a range of weapons of various sizes, including knives.

The images won’t be in proportion with each other, so scale and order each weapon according to their actual size.

Starting with the largest weapon and moving down, rotate and position the guns so they flare out in a kind of wing shape.

If the tones of some weapons don’t match, quickly adjust the Levels to clip their shadows and highlights.

The smaller weapons may need duplicating to fill out their area of the wing. Stack these weapons to give the impression of layered feathers.

Finally arrange the knives until the rotation of elements reaches the 180 degrees mark. Again stack and layer these objects to fill in any gaps.

When all the weapons have made up a complete wing shape, group them together and paste them into the main YouTube design document.

Scale and position the wing behind the content panel. Take into consideration the common monitor resolution guides to ensure the weapons will fit within the screen area of most viewers.

Paint in a blue overlay over the weapons to add a cool colour cast. This blue will also be sampled for use as the link colour to tie the design together.

Duplicate the group of wings, right click and selection flip horizontally, then position the duplicate in the same place on the opposite side.

Toggle on the design template to double check the scale of the design and its elements. This design will fit into 1440px resolutions, but the tips of the larger guns will be cropped off on anything smaller.

We also need to take into consideration larger monitor resolutions and browser window scrolling, so add a black fill to fade out the edges of the design to a solid colour.

Crop the design as tightly as possible, then save the image. Compress the JPEG settings as far as you can while keeping an acceptable image quality. The max filesize YouTube accepts is 256kb.

Log into your YouTube profile and edit your channel. Upload the background image and deselect the repeat option. Then go through and edit the design background, text and link colours. Also remember to set the transparency of the YouTube wrapper and palettes to 100% so the underlying background can be seen.

Custom YouTube design

Check out the final design over at my gaming channel on YouTube. Notice how the palettes sit nicely against the containers of the background. If you’re gaming fan, particularly of the Call of Duty series, why not consider subscribing? ;-)

View the final YouTube background design

December 30 2010


53 Creatively Designed YouTube Backgrounds to Inspire You

If you will be googling articles with collections of backgrounds for MySpace, Twitter, Friendster, etc., you will find many. But, seldom that you will find YouTube layouts in the research. So, we have decided to compile some of the best, creatively designed YouTube background layouts for you to download. For the steps on how to customize your YouTube channel, scroll down to the bottom part of the article. Enjoy making your YouTube channel beautiful!

1. Digital Abstract

A white layout with colorful objects on the background. The white layout stands out because of the colorful background used.

Digital abstract

2. Royal Fantasy

A layout in a shade of Blue. The circles make the design look like a fantasy.

Royal fantasy

3. Snowboard

If you are looking for a really simple and clean layout, then this one dedicated for you. A white with snowboard-shaped figure on the background and a Green font color to make it more clean.


4. Music Doodles

A very clean school-themed layout with music doodles on the background.

Music doodles

5. Sketches

Different kinds of sketches on the background with some grunge-style effect.


6. Paper Clouds

A clean layout with clouds that are made into paper.

Paper clouds

7. Glowing Paint

One cool YouTube layout with nice background in gradient and spilled paints as the border that makes it more look creative.

Glowing paint

8. Color Dots

Very cute background with circles and a transparent layout that make the design looks professional.

Color dots

9. Skyline

Do you like designs with silhouettes? Then, you may also like this layout. It has a skyline silhouette on the background and a transparent layout to emphasize more the contents of the page.


10. Retro Lines

A simple layout with a five way-like lane on the background.

Retro lines

11. Love

Feeling romantic? Then, you may use this layout to reflect your feelings. A pinkish-red layout with hearts drawn on it.


12. Blackboard

A layout where the YouTube videos and other contents are placed on a chalkboard. Cool, right? For those who hates chalkboard because of school will now probably like it.


13. Paint House

Paint House is a sleekish layout with some drops or spills of paints on the background. The Blue background makes it look very attractive.

Paint house

14. Notes

A cool design where one page of a notebook is put as the main layout of the whole channel background.


15. Paper Galaxy

A plain background with a color of pink and violet well-blended together. Also, the paper that is hung emphasizes the contents of the page.

Paper galaxy

16. Spring

A layout that is designed for Spring season. The colors gives a refreshing look onto the layout, as well as the cute flowers on the background.


17. Retro Glass

Want to go simple and retro? This layout can be your choice. Retro style with a glass effect on the content layout.

Retro glass

18. Abstract Background

Be abstract and feminine with this background. Very chic and stylish.

Abstract background

19. Apple Fan

Are you a fan of Apple? You may like this Apple-themed layout.

Apple fan

20. City-side

A perfect layout to brighten up your channel with this inspired city-themed in Blue.


Are you a fan of abstract, graffiti or grunge styles? Therefore, you may like these YouTube layouts.

21. Future Abstract

A blue inspired abstract background layout with a glowing effect that makes the contents stand out.

Future abstract

22. Green/Orange Abstract

Nice swirls! Very captivating layout indeed.

Green orange tech

23. Big Graffiti Wall #1

Graffiti is stylish. This layout is one good example.

Big graffiti

24. Retroffiti

A good graffiti-retro-themed layout. The colors are nice and attractive.


25. Big Graffiti Shiney #2

I find this one cool, aren’t you? Nicely done graffiti indeed.

Big graffiti shiney

26. Document #5

This is how can dirty look creative. Make this one as your choice!

Document 5

27. Stay With Me

Let your viewers stay on your channel with this nicely designed layout.

Stay with me

28. Grungy Abstract Star

Nice swirls and choice of colors. A good layout to make your YouTube go grungy yet creative.

Grungy abstract star

29. Grunge Destruction

Let YouTube users be distracted with this grunge background layout.

Grunge destruction

30. Grunge Abstract

A nice texture drawn on the background with a grunge style look.

Grunge abstract

How about layouts that are related to technology? Here are they…


31. Computer Network

Different kinds of technology on the background with a transparent white content layout.


32. Tech Master

If you want to go techy and abstract, this tech inspired layout you may use.


33. MacOSX

Make your channel like how MacOSX look with this layout.



34. Lil Wayne Vector #10

For the fans of Lil Wayne, here is a black and pink layout and Lil Wayne in a vector-like style. Very cute.

Lil wayne vector

35. Wayne #16 (2.0)

Another Lil Wayne layout, but in a white, grungy look. The 3D text is nice, it gives life to the design.

Wayne 16

36. Katy Perry #11 (2.0)

Very Katy Perry! If you are an avid fan of Katy Perry who also likes girly thing, then this layout is for you.

Katy perry

37. Miley Cyrus #3 (2.0)

A youthful look of layout for the fans of Miley Cyrus. The concept of the layout is great.

Miley cyrus

38. R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Clean and professional look of YouTube layout of the king of pop, Michael Jackson. May he rest in peace.

Michael jackson

For those who are fan of movies, I have here some movie layouts for your YouTube channel.


39. The Hangover

Loved the movie, The Hangover? Tell other YouTube subscribers by customizing your channel with this one?


40. Toy Story 3

Make your YouTube channel cute like how the story of Toy Story 3 is.

Toy story 3

41. The Hulk

This The Hulk YouTube layout can be your choice of you want to go dark but creative. The shade of Green is nice and the background is so scary.


42. Avatar

Avatar is a great movie! Feel free to use this Avatar-inspired layout in Blue green color scheme.


43. Twilight

If you love Twilight, you may also love this YouTube layout.


44. Pirates of the Carribean 4

Make your channel into a pirate-themed layout with some grunge style.

Pirates of the carribean

45. Harry Potter

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Try this layout for your channel.

Harry potter

46. Kungfu Panda

I love Kungfu Panda! The story is nice as how beautiful this layout is.

Kung fu panda

47. Prison Break

I like the way the story is created as how I like this layout is done.

Prison break

48. The Book of Eli

Liked the movie, The Book of Eli? You may want to put this as your YouTube layout.

The book of eli


49. MG XPOWER 5V #5

Greatly done layout with a grunge-style effect on the background. Nice blending of colors.

MG Power 5V 5

50. Ford Police Interceptor

The building and the police car blended well on the background. A great layout to use.

Ford police interceptor

51. Lambo # 6

Be grungy with a Lamborghini on the background with this layout. So cool!

Lambo 6

52. RX7 Veilside #3

For guys who love cars, this cool orange themed layout can be your choice.

Rx7 veilside

53. Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 #2

Love Ford Mustang Shelby? Try this nice layout with awesome brushes put on the background.

Ford mustang shelby

Resources: Best Websites To Download YouTube Layouts

1. BackgroundTube has the purpose to serve one very small purpose, to give you free, professional looking backgrounds to use on your YouTube channel. Backgrounds you find here will always be free and awesome.



MyTubeDesign provides a collection of top quality YouTube Channel Layouts, as well as a platform for talented YouTubers to showcase their channels.

MyTubeDesign is dedicated to the YouTube Community. One of the goals of MTD is to be an open channel to the community and provide the best channel designs out there. Not only are the excellent layouts designed with passion, but also are free for everyone to use.


3. YTLayouts

YTLayouts is also one good website that offers YouTube layouts for your channel for free. You can find different layouts that are grouped into categories.


4. Free YouTube Layouts

Free YouTube Layouts is a website that offers YouTube channel layouts all for free.


Before you go, I will be teaching you on how to customize your YouTube channel layout. Make sure that you downloaded first your chosen theme. Do not worry, even little ones can do this.

How To Customize YouTube Channel Layout

1. Log in on YouTube. Click your channel name located on the upper right corner of your screen and click My Channel, then you will be prompted on your channel page.


2. Once you are already on your channel, click the Themes and Colors button.


3. Download your chosen YouTube channel layout. In my case, I used Lovely Graffiti that can be found on YTLayouts. You may find the image below and copy each colors on your YouTube channel.


4. Click Save Changes.


And that’s it! You have just customized your YouTube channel layout.

To stand out from the rest of the YouTube users, customize your channel layout. Hoping you enjoyed and learned something on this article.

September 27 2010


99 Amazing Speed Drawing Videos You Must See Now!

Video walktroughs are always a great way to acquire something new. You can see the whole creation process and gain some experience at the same time. In speed drawing the usual long drawing process is compressed into just a few minutes. If you have ever wondered how it’s possible to draw realistic digital paintings so quick, continue to read and discover 99 awesome speed drawing videos.

1. Jigsaw (SAW 4) – Speed Drawing

2. Mona Lisa with MS Paint

3. Spiderman Black 3 Speed Painting in Photoshop

4. Spiderman Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

5. Slash Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

6. Michael Jackson Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

7. Megan Fox Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

8. Wolverine Caricature by Nico Di Mattia

9. Robo Girl Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

10. Kate “LOST” – Evangeline Lilly – Speed Drawing

11. The Dark Knight Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

12. Solid Snake Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

13. Pace Wu Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

14. Amy Weber Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

15. Akon & Snoop Dogg Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

16. Tiger Woods Speed Painting

17. Hot Armed Girl Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

18. Ironman Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

19. Master Chief Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

20. Techno Landscape Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

21. Antonella Speed Painting by Nico di Mattia

22. Bumble Be Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

23. Optimus Prime Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

24. Jack Bauer Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

25. Ghost Whisperer Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

26. Gabi Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

27. Lost – Sawyer Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

28. Lost – John Locke Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

29. Tim Burton Speed Painting

30. Thom Yorke, Radiohead Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

31. Lord of the Rings-Time Lapse Paint by Nico Di Mattia

32. Doctor House Speed Painting

33. Paolo Borsellino Speed Painting Manlio Noto

34. Terminator Speed Painting by Manlio Noto

35. Paul Teutul Sr Speed Painting by Manlio Noto

36. Vasco Rossi Speed Paintingby Manlio Noto

37. Cave Diving – Time Lapse/Speed Painting

38. Ben Stiller Speed Painting by Manlio Noto

39. Hellboy Speed Painting by Manlio Noto

40. Hotlegs Speed Painting

41. Batman The Dark Knight Speed Painting

42. “Giovanna” Speed Painting by Manlio Noto

43. “Orlando Furioso” Speed Painting

44. Transformers Speed Painting by Manlio Noto

45. Luciano Pavarotti Speed Painting

46. Caravaggio La Deposizione Speed Painting

47. Giovanni Falcone Speed Painting

48. Jack Sparrow – Pirates of the Caribbean Speed Painting

49. Jack Sparrow 2 – Pirates of the Caribbean Speed Painting

50. Jack Sparrow 3 – Pirates of the Caribbean Speed Painting

51. Voldemort from Harry Potter – Speed Painting in Photoshop

52. Spiderman 3 Speed Painting

53. Speed Painting Titti Birthday

54. Jimi Hendrix Speed Painting

55. Jazz Trombonist Speed Painting

56. Sax Man Speed Painting

57. Albus Dumbledore Speed Painting by Nicola’s Valese

58. Lost Speed Painting Part 1 By Nicola’s Valese

59. Lost Speed Painting Part 2 By Nicola’s Valese

60. Avril Lavigne Speed Painting By Nicola’s Valese

61. Speed paint Jack Sparrow by Nicola’s Valese

62. Beyonce Speed Painting by S. Maguire

63. Indiana Jones Speed Painting by S. Maguire

64. Bruce Lee Speed Painting by S. Maguire

65. Jackie Chan Speed Painting by S.Maguire

66. Escape From New York Speed Painting by S. Maguire

67. Dragon Speed Painting

68. “Grandma’s House” Speed Painting Doodle

69. Photo Realistic Cat Painting

70. Sci-Fi Art 3 Hour Digital Paint

71. Painting T-Rex

72. Swamp Beast Critter

73. Wolf Man Digital Paint

74. A Dragon Awakens

75. Dragon In the Storm

76. Speed Painting a Sea Monster

77. Speed Painting Werewolf Lurking

78. Speed Painting Werewolves

79. Speed Painting A Monster

80. Speed Painting a Werewolf

81. Speed Painting a Werewolf

82. Another Dragon

83. Captain Jack Sparrow Speed Painting by Martin Missfeldt

84. Speed Painting Photo Realism

85. Speed Painting Photo Realism 2

86. “Angelina Jolie” Time Lapse Painting

87. “This Is Sparta!” Speed Painting + Animation

88. 300 (Leonidas) Speed Painting by Damien Rowe

89. Harry Potter Speed Painting

90. Darth Maul Speed Painting

91. Batman Speed Painting by Eduard Visan

92. Chrysler Car Speed Painting

93. Undead Speed Painting by Rune Bodker

94. Halo Master Chief Speed Painting

95. Lich King Speed Paint

96. The Joker Speed Painting by N.Suarez

97. Terminator Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

98. Chuck Norris Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

99. Dr. House Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia

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