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February 24 2014


January 28 2014


26 Examples of Fullscreen Video Backgrounds in Web Design

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The notable trend of fullscreen media has exploded on the web. Images require less bandwidth and also provide a means for rotating backgrounds. However videos provide a very rich user experience – they provide something to immediately captivate the visitor and draw them deeper into a website.

Online creative studios and digital agencies often utilize fullscreen video backgrounds to convey a small piece of their message. This gallery is focused on 26 prime examples of websites utilizing fullscreen videos. Some are built using Adobe Flash while others are embedded using JavaScript. Either way these video effects are unique, enlivening, and definitely on the rise amongst modern-day web designers.


august beta website artists musicians creatives


core4 video background website design layout


bradient downtown los angeles web design agency

Scooma Design

scooma design fullscreen video background

Coulee Creative

coulee creative fullscreen background videos homepage

Joe San Clothing

joe san clothing background video website design

Bienville Capital Management

new york city nyc bienville capital


whiteboard is background fullscreen video webdesign

Risk Everything

homepage fullscreen video background risk everything

Squat Design

squat design homepage studio video background


sketchin homepage fullscreen background video design


spry digital interactive agency website video bg

Various Ways

various ways creating engaging experiences


russian design agency monsorro background video


bkwld video background ui design homepage effect

Story & Heart

story and heart website fullscreen video design


whiteroom design agency video fullscreen effect


net forest background video japanese layout design


aldo shoe getaway fullscreen video landing page


pinkanova video studio production company fullscreen video

Kickstarter Team

kickstarter startup team webpage video background

L’attrape Reve

lattrape reve gallery inspiring video design

Marisa Passos

marisa passos video background ux ui design

theQ Camera

theq camera website fullscreen video design

Pool House Digital

website fullscreen background layout poolhouse digital

Positive Advertising

positive advertising web design video background

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December 26 2013


The Benefits & Drawbacks to CSS Resets

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CSS is a well-known language used for styling a website layout and various elements on the page. The specifications have evolved throughout CSS2 and into CSS3, creating a much simpler development process. Resets are used to clear out default browser settings so that each project will be rendered with the same baseline interface.

css code resets paper featured photo

However these resets will sometimes create problems you never thought about. Removing default properties like padding and borders may lead to adverse effects on input fields and other similar page items. In this article I want to share my own perceptions about the benefits and drawbacks of creating web projects with CSS resets.

Why Reset?

The primary goal of resetting elements is to remove discrepancies between different web browsers. Font sizes and line heights are two great examples which tend to differ between browsers and Operating Systems. You will save time debugging and it grants you more control to manipulate the standard HTML elements.

With absolutely no margins or padding you will have elements stacked right up against each other. This means you’ll also be required to define your own values, but I see this as a higher form of control over the layout(rather than a nuisance).

Simply stated, I get more value out of resetting the document than not. So this is my particular reasoning for sticking with it. Plus I get to learn first-hand about browser bugs and how to fix them accurately. Resets can be a blessing or a curse, and sometimes both. But in my opinion they are worth the effort when you’re consistently building new web projects from scratch.

Why Ignore Resets?

I’d say the first reason to ignore CSS resets would be larger file sizes. Granted the modern web can handle large bandwidth limits so this really shouldn’t be a deterrent. CSS resets can range anywhere from 1-10KB extra into your stylesheet. I feel it’s worthwhile because you now have a tightly-knit page that should appear identical in almost every browser.

Another reason not to use CSS resets would be the obfuscated design of generic page elements. By removing all the standard properties you are left with a very basic starting point. Some developers thrive in this simplicity, while others would rather keep everything in its natural state.

If you prefer a homogeneous design without stripping out the basic CSS properties I would recommend a more detailed framework such as Normalize or Twitter Bootstrap. Normalize is meant to be a reset which provides simple formatting instead of bare bones whitespace – Bootstrap takes this to another level with predefined CSS classes and JS components.

bootstrap v3 library getting started page

I want to state that using any simple browser unification CSS will save you a lot of development time. If you’re hesitant just try out samples on a new web project to see how it works. Bootstrap is perfect for beginners and comes with some easy-to-read documentation. Once you have a framework that you enjoy using it gradually becomes apart of your daily workflow.

Sample CSS Codes

There are so many libraries to mention for CSS resets. If you’re nervous to get started I must highly recommend Twitter Bootstrap – even though it isn’t a true reset library you can learn more about the benefits of consistent page elements.

Many developers will create their own CSS resets built from a template of existing code snippets. I created my own resets from Eric Meyer’s sample and have been updating the snippet every-so-often. If you want something easier try removing the default margin/padding properties from all elements with this code:

* { margin: 0; padding: 0; }

There are more efficient ways to handle resets, but when just getting started you should play around as much as possible. Try to understand the purpose behind each declaration and how this affects various web browsers.

Another sample you might try is the HTML5 reset stylesheet on HTML5 Doctor. It goes more into detail regarding specific page elements. For example if we wanted to support the old deprecated italic/bold tags I would append these lines into my stylesheet:

b,strong { font-weight: bold; }
i,em { font-style: italic; }

This is just a small example but it demonstrates my point accurately. The more time you spend building websites, the more you’ll run into these problems such as font styling and layout positioning. If you save code snippets in your development IDE it’ll be easier to generate your own CSS resets and customize them for each new project.

Advancing Trends

SASS and other similar technologies allow developers to create templates and variables within CSS. You compile resets and stylesheets for individual projects at will, based on what you need for the layout design. I feel we are nearing the dawn of a new age for the web design industry. Powerful innovation coupled with newer technologies may provide a more uniform method for building superb websites.

css resets library open source webpage webapp 2013

Please take a look at CSS Reset whenever you get the chance. It contains a small compilation of the most popular CSS resets and libraries for getting started. You can also read through their helpful CSS tutorials to learn about resets and other web design techniques.

Beyond this point you may find yourself captivated with CSS libraries. Open source code has become very popular amongst developers because we all learn & share together as a community. Take this opportunity to read through some other posts and familiarize yourself with CSS resets, CSS UI libraries, and prototypical browser resets for a cleaner default layout.

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There is no absolute right or wrong answer when it comes to browser resets. Each developer will have his or her own procedure which gets the job done. CSS resets can save you a lot of time matching a duplicate experience for each web browser. Just keep in mind these resets may not be necessary for every website and you should begin to understand the purpose of individual CSS libraries over repeated use.

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September 16 2013


44 Alluring Websites Powered by WordPress

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Open source has taken the web design community by storm. Even just the past 1-2 years has seen a tremendous rise in the number of plugins, themes, and free codes for web developers. Notably WordPress is a fast-growing CMS engine for running your own blog or website.

There are millions of different websites powered by WordPress running online, with new launches happening each month. I put together this gallery focusing on 44 eye-catching websites running on WordPress. You can use these designs as inspiration for your own ideas. WP theming is a big topic and it’s worth studying so that you can build your own themes.


hello wallet wordpress website layout blue


digital agency interactive website creative9

Bill Cosby

purple bill cosby website layout

Official PlayStation Blog

dark blog layout wordpress playstation usa


yoke agency website layout design wordpress

SoSweet! Creative

sosweet creative website dark layout wordpress


barrel logo new york nyc website design


red agency kaus wordpress design layout


thumbnails design unheap logo jquery gallery website

Bottled Sky

bottled sky blue wordpress layout design

The Style Spy

the style spy white magazine layout design wordpress

NuContext Creative

nucontext creative website layout agency homepage

Fringe Web Development

fringe web development firm layout website

Ghost Horses

ghost horses website fullscreen background


attitude design agency website layout

In Motion

in motion mobile massage website layout on wordpress

Rule of Three

copywriters website layout rule of three

Carol Rivello

carol rivello design portfolio green layout wordpress

Tone Agency

tone agency website fixed header wordpress design

Amp Agency

internet digital marketing agency amp creative

Demand Media

demand media website company internet wordpress

Web Designer Wall

tan illustrated website blog wordpress wdd

Voodoo Solutions

voodoo web design solutions wordpress layout


fullscreen background photo work liquid grindspaces

The App Developers

app developers custom blue layout website


infinity list website custom wordpress layout

Start Somewhere

start somewhere website simple minimal layout

National Academy Museum

national academy museum website wordpress

Trokit Agency

trokit agency creative website layout

I-MTB Magazine

i mtb magazine website wordpress layout


red pulpfingers portfolio layout design

Izumi Massage

izumi massage web site wordpress layout

Last Minute Illustration

wordpress website last minute illustration design


wpliving wordpress living blog website design


springfield missouri 40digits website layout

Coca-Cola Brazil

coca cola brazil website layout design wordpress

Onst Creative

edmonton digital branding website layout onst agency


3magine toronto canada web design agency firm wordpress layout


creative digital agency colorz web design wordpress

We Code Builder

we code builder llc website running wordpress

Worry Free Labs

simple flat website layout portfolio worry free

Knock Knock Factory

wordpress website layout knockknock factory design

Marketing Profesional

marketing profesional branding website layout on wordpress

Latin Rogue Cleaning

latin rogue cleaning website service layout

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August 12 2013


33 Focused CSS Galleries for Web Design Inspiration

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Online CSS galleries have been around for decades providing great ideas for web designers. There has been a tremendous influx of ideas tackling all kinds of new unique web design concepts. These newer CSS galleries are often focused on a specific topic or type of website style. Notably responsive and mobile templates, along with many other ideas for webmasters.

I have put together 33 tightly-focused CSS galleries which are worth your attention. Each site is full of web design inspiration catering to a specific audience. I know designers are always looking for new resources and this definitely includes new galleries. You may not be interested in all of these topics, but have a glance at some of the website galleries and see if you can find any resources to help when building your next project.

Mobile Awesomeness

css inspiration gallery mobile platform smartphone


siimple siiimple minimalist css gallery


ecommerce cartfrenzy website design css gallery

Media Queries

media queries mobile responsive css gallery

HTML Inspiration

html5 web design css gallery inspiring

Platform Symphony

cms css inspiration gallery website layouts


edustyle educational website css gallery

Folio Focus

foliofocus portfolio website gallery css inspiration

We Love Textpattern

we love textpattern cms gallery


joomla! cms gallery joomlacreme website

Pixel Perfect Portfolios

flash portfolio websites gallery inspiration

Design Bombs

css inspiration gallery designbombs homepage

CSS Princess

css princess girls female website design gallery

One Page Love

one page love css single website gallery

1 Page Web Design

single page website layout design gallery

Launch Soon

launching soon coming website pages gallery

Design Fridge

designfridge design fridge css gallery

Best HTML5 Gallery

best html5 website layout gallery inspiration


portfolio base showcase inspiration gallery


japanese responsive web design gallery showcase

81 Web

81web design inspiration gallery japan


jpin japanese website design gallery

Web Design Clip

web design clip css gallery japanese

We Love TYPO3

typo3 cms gallery inspiration web design

DotNetNuke Gallery

dotnetnuke gallery inspiration cms


wordpress inspiration gallery wp luxe wpluxe

WP Float

wordpress float wpfloat inspiration gallery


drupal based cms website galley inspiration

Drupal Museum

drupal museum website gallery inspiration

MODx Club

modx cms inspiration gallery showcase

Django Sites

django cms website inspiration gallery

Movable Love

movable type cms inspiration gallery movablelove

We Love Blogger

we love blogger platform cms gallery templates

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