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February 25 2014


February 17 2014

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February 11 2014


HTML, CSS, PSD and More: 24 Free Design Resources from January 2014


Creativity is like a cat. Sometimes it gives you head butts and rubs against you. Then it delivers you nothing but dead prey or stays away completely for days. As a creative professional you need to find ways to get creativity back, while your cat just needs you to patiently wait as long as it takes. Sparking your creativity is best done by inspiration and inspiration comes from many things, not the least other people’s work. In the face of this fact we’ve put together yet another set stuffed with HTML, CSS and PSD templates and added the best UI kits. Your cat will not be interested, but you should keep the following list safe and warm….

January 20 2014


HTML, CSS, PSD and More: 22 Free Design Resources from December 2013


Design resources are great in many ways. Some of us might just use them as they are, building their next project upon them. Others simply take them as an inspiration to create their own. All of us collect these resources. There’s no denying, we are hunter-gatherers. In the face of this fact we’ve put together yet another set stuffed with HTML, CSS and PSD templates and added the best UI kits. Bring it to the fireplace and hear everyone whoop with joy.

December 11 2013


HTML, CSS, PSD and More: 25 Free Design Resources from November 2013


Hello world! Another month has passed and here we are, back again with another collection of the most awesome fresh and free design resources we were able to dig up. We’ve put together a set stuffed with HTML, CSS and PSD templates and added the best UI kits. One important information before you read on: All the following elements are freely usable, though some will require a registration to download.

December 03 2013


35 Stylish WordPress Themes With a Flat UI

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I think it’s obvious by now that ‘flat’ is not just a new design trend or style that will go away next year. It’s here to stay and I think it’s great.

The idea behind what we call ‘flat design’ is to remove the noise. This means anything that is not necessary to a design. Things like heavy gradients, not-so-subtle drop shadows, 3d graphics, and the heavy use of skeuomorphism, can be replaced with more muted color schemes, solid colors, and a stronger focus on typography – a flat design focusses on the essentials.

In this post we have collected a total of 35 great WordPress themes that sport a flat design style. I hope you enjoy this post, feel free to chime in via the comment section!











Coffee & Cream





























































I hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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November 21 2013


10 Free Beautiful WordPress Themes for Bloggers

WordPress is one of the most amazing blogging systems ever created. It’s easy to use and tinker around, which makes it very popular for bloggers, especially for most web designers. One of its awesome features is it’s easy to understand theme structure. Using basic PHP and some of WordPress functions, you will be gazing at the best theme that you could ever see in no time.

Below are 10 WordPress themes for bloggers that will make your eyes pop. They are well-designed and very easy to use.  These themes are directed towards web designers and bloggers alike. Web Designers can make the most out of these themes by ‘inspecting the elements’ of the design and somehow, adapting them to theirs. Bloggers can use these themes on their blogs so that they will be spared on finding or even coding their own themes. Either way, these themes will provide you with some sort of inspiration.  So, what are we waiting for? It’s time to look at these themes!

1. Best theme


2. Respo theme


3. Aldehyde


4. Flozo


5. Sueva


6. Respo-2


7. Espressionista


8. Terrifico


9. Playbook


10. Elegant Best Business Portfolio Theme


These WordPress themes are made for your utilization. However, you are still entitled to do your own designs. In fact, I personally encourage you to do yours. Why? Well because for one thing, it will stretch your creativity and allow you to become a better blogger/web designer. These are just like training wheels to guide you, so that when you’re ready, you will face the real world of web design and blogging with your heads up.


Essential Features for Building a New WordPress 3.7 Theme

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When you sit down to develop a modern-day WordPress theme you’ll typically be following some design mockup, or at least an idea in your head. This can be a challenge at times when you don’t want to think much about the customizations. But any good WordPress theme should be comprised of a number of key points.

usb wordpress logo theming featured image

In October 2013 the newest WordPress 3.7 release was announced with plenty of new features. Not many updates will directly impact themes, yet it is a marvel seeing how far this platform has advanced since version 3.0. In this article I want to go over some of the core fundamentals you should think about including with every new WordPress theme. Especially for premium or free themes designated for commercial use by hundreds of different webmasters.

Getting Started

If you are unfamiliar with the core fundamentals of WordPress theming please check out their online documentation for more details. The bare minimum requirements should be a single index.php file along with a style.css stylesheet. Your CSS should begin with a comment block indicating the theme name, version, and other key metadata.

But this is quite literally the absolute least effort you could put into theming. Once you can start building in the functions.php file you’ll end up with a whole lot more customization. You can specify new custom post types, taxonomies, pretty much anything technical should be organized into functions and called in your theme file(s), or within the content as a shortcode.

Some of this terminology is newer to WordPress development beyond 3.0. If you are not sure how to build shortcodes or CPTs don’t worry! Plenty of guides online provide an easy-to-copy template of code which you could save as your own snippet for future development. Just be sure to familiarize yourself with these newer features to at least understand how they behave, and how they look in the WP Admin backend.

Theme Headers & Backgrounds

When you click on the “Appearance” link within the admin panel you find a number of sub-links which appear based on the currently active theme. One link says Header and this is very typical with newer WordPress themes. This settings page allows users to change out their header text for an image, or just update the link/background colors.

This is also true with custom backgrounds on the page. You can read more about custom headers & backgrounds which changed a bit during version 3.4. Basically you’d need to code an area for dynamic updates in the header, based on what the user selects. Both of these background/header functions can take an array of settings which determine the default state.

wordpress header custom settings wpadmin screenshot

Backgrounds are slightly trickier but definitely not impossible. Custom Background Extended is a free plugin which capitalizes on this functionality. You can install the plugin and go through the source code to see how it works, or even check out some other related articles online. When targeting a wide audience both of these features can dramatically improve the quality of your theme.

Active Widget Areas

WordPress widgets are another very popular topic that have been around since the early days. However the process for developing widgets gradually advanced over newer versions to achieve what we have today. If you’re not familiar with the process of widgetizing a theme then definitely check out the online documentation or follow along with great tutorials online.

The benefit to widgetizing your theme is not in the ability to create your own widget(although this is pretty cool). By simply coding a widgetized sidebar you are allowing the user to swap out different pre-built widgets to see what looks best on the site. Plugins may also create new widgets giving the user even more options to switch around.

It’s noteworthy that a widgetized area can be placed anywhere in your theme. You could place some in your footer, just after the content, or even at the very top of your layout(think advertising). To get more technical, it helps if you name the widget areas specifically for their intended purpose. Also consider if they are left empty what content should appear, if anything at all.

Once you get comfortable programming widgetized areas into your theme, it might incentivize you to learn how to actually build custom widgets. These can include anything you like from database queries, API data, login forms, and so forth.

Custom WP Nav Menus

This step is probably the other crucial piece to any WordPress theme. Custom headers, widgetized areas, and WP menus are the 3 key points you should always consider. Anything else is definitely beneficial but certainly not required for a successful release.

You can read up more about navigation menus and the wp_nav_menu() function directly on the WordPress codex. The point is to first code a nav menu with a unique name. Then you can implement this menu into your layout with wp_nav_menu() calling the unique name as a parameter. If the menu isn’t setup then it’ll display the typical navigation by default.

Anybody who is somewhat familiar in WordPress should know how to create a custom menu. The user can arrange links and sub-links which become auto-formatted into HTML lists. Then the user selects which menu should be used and it’s all set! Now you would see this user-created list attached to a dynamic menu section already in the theme.

Additional Theme Settings

When you download a new copy of WordPress none of the internal themes have an extra settings menu. This has to be coded manually using the Settings API. It will usually display another link under “Appearance” with any text you choose – it is specific to your theme.

On this new settings page you can practically structure the layout any way you’d like. It can include sliders, input fields, many buttons and even multiple tabbed sections. Plugin developers often need to create their own settings pages for handling user preferences. But themes do not always require such settings – it is often found in more premium products.

monster theme open source wordpress custom settings api

But that doesn’t mean you should be discouraged from the idea! One free theme Monster does a very simple yet elegant job with this feature. Once activated you’ll find a new link “Theme Options” that displays a list of icons. The only option a user may customize is the monster icon which displays at the top of the page. A very simple and almost unnecessary settings panel – however it’s just one working example among a plethora of ideas that you could build into a WordPress theme.

Using Shortcodes

I brought up shortcodes earlier and I want to point out that many themes do not include these by default. Many plugins choose to utilize shortcodes because it is easier for embedding PHP-driven content into the page. Other reasons might include formatting text styles like columns, horizontal rules, link buttons, tables, HTML5 video players, and so forth.

WordPress also has a documented section about their Shortcode API you should look into. The development process might remind you of building a widget. Although these two ideas are very fundamentally different because shortcodes will be added directly into post/page content using brackets. So a new video widget might look like this: [wpvideo src="/media/movie.mp4" width="640" height="480"][/wpvideo]

You have the freedom to name your tags anything you like, so long as it hasn’t already been taken by another plugin or a core WordPress feature. If you are brand new to making themes don’t stress about getting into shortcodes right away. Build something that you can be proud of and make sure it works properly with no bugs. From there you should try updating the v1.0 release to add some extra functionality – and maybe a bit of that functionality includes shortcodes.


Many of these ideas are commonly understood by folks who are familiar with WordPress. Keep in mind that not everyone wishes to be a developer. So the more you can get people interacting with the admin section and not the source code, the better your theme will scale. But it’s also true that development is messy and sometimes you just need to hack into the code! No matter how you decide to start building themes, just keep practicing and be sure to gauge feedback whenever possible.

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November 18 2013


Fall Cleaning Pt. 2: 26 Free Design Resources, Fresh from October 2013


Hello global design community!. We are back with another edition of our monthly collection of the freshest design resources. Today, we’ll show you, what October 2013 had to offer. If you know our series already, you know you can expect the best HTML, CSS and PSD templates, as well as UI-kits for your next great web or native app. All of the resources showcased here are fresh, free and easy to download, suitable for experienced and amateur web designers, so be sure to download the ones you love and share them with everyone you know!

November 08 2013


35 Magnificent Free and Premium Tumblr Blog Themes

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The various blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, and Medium has paved the way for newer and better features in web applications. Tumblr has always been a very interesting platform because it utilizes many post formats which appear naturally in the user interface. Thus many Tumblr themes are built focusing around these post formats. It is a unique way of blogging where you don’t always need to be writing text in order to post.

For this collection I have organized 35 outstanding themes for Tumblr blogs. Some of the free themes have been around for years, while others are still pretty new. I’ve also split the list between some free themes along with some premium designs. You can definitely count on high-quality work in these premium themes – the question is do you use Tumblr enough to justify a purchase? Check out these templates and see what you think about refreshing your blog, or even opening up a new one!


mono minimal responsive tumblr blog theme


feelin dreams background image tumblr blog


fancy pierre minimal white tumblr blog premium


dark desire flat blog tumblr theme premium


tumblair premium tumblr blog theme design


serendipity blog tumblr theme premium simple


green layout inspiring tumblr premium design


halftone texture tumblr blog theme


luomo tumblr theme expressive premium design

Vintage Metro

vintage metro tumblr blog design premium


pholiotheme photo design tumblr blog


polaroid tumblr theme premium purchase design


fanfarron theme premium tumblr blog backgrounds textures


premium pastel colorful tumblr theme design


redib dark light tumblr theme design premium


diana pink texture writing handwriting blog theme tumblr


mobile pinch tumblr theme premium simple


sewed banner blog sweing tumblr theme premium


minimal design druid simple tumblr layout theme


clear blue clarus theme tumblr free

Art She Said

art she said theme tumblr free design

Rubber Cement

rubber cement tumblr theme free download


grey matters website tumblr free install


jennifer white pink tumblr blog


linear green white simple minimal tumblr theme


matt langer free tumblr theme minimalist


effector theme tumblr freebie

Simple Things

simple things tumblr theme free open source


green chunky dark tumblr theme blog

Color Shades

green color shades blog tumblr theme

Royal Cameleon

royal cameleon tumblr theme design


single blog page design tumblr papercut texture


purple pink header tumblr blog avamay


showroom tumblr theme freebie install


white minimalist lightweight tumblr blog design

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November 06 2013

19:00 Premium Bootstrap 3 Themes for Free


This is a must-read for any designer out there! is a side project of Carlos Alvarez, a theme crafter in his own words. He ‘s not available for freelance work at the moment, so don’t bother to ask. On, Alvarez offers free Bootstrap 3 themes in premium quality. At the time of this writing there are "only" seven themes available, yet all of which are of high quality and keep the promise to be "premium".

October 16 2013


Colors of Fall 2013: 21 Fresh and Free Design Resources


Hello designers, developers, web enthusiasts of the globe. We are back with another edition of our monthly collection of the freshest design resources the month of September had to offer. If you know our series already, you know you can expect the best HTML, CSS and PSD templates, as well as UI-kits for your next great web or native app. All of the resources showcased here are fresh, free and easy to download, suitable for experienced and amateur web designers, so be sure to download the ones you love and share them with everyone you know!

September 16 2013


44 Alluring Websites Powered by WordPress

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Open source has taken the web design community by storm. Even just the past 1-2 years has seen a tremendous rise in the number of plugins, themes, and free codes for web developers. Notably WordPress is a fast-growing CMS engine for running your own blog or website.

There are millions of different websites powered by WordPress running online, with new launches happening each month. I put together this gallery focusing on 44 eye-catching websites running on WordPress. You can use these designs as inspiration for your own ideas. WP theming is a big topic and it’s worth studying so that you can build your own themes.


hello wallet wordpress website layout blue


digital agency interactive website creative9

Bill Cosby

purple bill cosby website layout

Official PlayStation Blog

dark blog layout wordpress playstation usa


yoke agency website layout design wordpress

SoSweet! Creative

sosweet creative website dark layout wordpress


barrel logo new york nyc website design


red agency kaus wordpress design layout


thumbnails design unheap logo jquery gallery website

Bottled Sky

bottled sky blue wordpress layout design

The Style Spy

the style spy white magazine layout design wordpress

NuContext Creative

nucontext creative website layout agency homepage

Fringe Web Development

fringe web development firm layout website

Ghost Horses

ghost horses website fullscreen background


attitude design agency website layout

In Motion

in motion mobile massage website layout on wordpress

Rule of Three

copywriters website layout rule of three

Carol Rivello

carol rivello design portfolio green layout wordpress

Tone Agency

tone agency website fixed header wordpress design

Amp Agency

internet digital marketing agency amp creative

Demand Media

demand media website company internet wordpress

Web Designer Wall

tan illustrated website blog wordpress wdd

Voodoo Solutions

voodoo web design solutions wordpress layout


fullscreen background photo work liquid grindspaces

The App Developers

app developers custom blue layout website


infinity list website custom wordpress layout

Start Somewhere

start somewhere website simple minimal layout

National Academy Museum

national academy museum website wordpress

Trokit Agency

trokit agency creative website layout

I-MTB Magazine

i mtb magazine website wordpress layout


red pulpfingers portfolio layout design

Izumi Massage

izumi massage web site wordpress layout

Last Minute Illustration

wordpress website last minute illustration design


wpliving wordpress living blog website design


springfield missouri 40digits website layout

Coca-Cola Brazil

coca cola brazil website layout design wordpress

Onst Creative

edmonton digital branding website layout onst agency


3magine toronto canada web design agency firm wordpress layout


creative digital agency colorz web design wordpress

We Code Builder

we code builder llc website running wordpress

Worry Free Labs

simple flat website layout portfolio worry free

Knock Knock Factory

wordpress website layout knockknock factory design

Marketing Profesional

marketing profesional branding website layout on wordpress

Latin Rogue Cleaning

latin rogue cleaning website service layout

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September 13 2013


Hotter than August: 26 Fresh Templates, Themes and UI-Kits from Last Month


How was the month of August in your area of the globe? Over here in Europe we definitely had (and still have) some hot spots. So, if swimming is what you aim for, come over to the Mediterranean and be happy. If you’d rather refresh some web designs than your worn-out body stay with us and read on. Once again we roamed about the webs, searching for the freshest elements a web designer could be interested in. This is what we came up with.

September 10 2013


How To Stay Cool When Your Client Wants To Maintain Their Own WordPress Site


So your client doesn’t want you to maintain their website for them. I encounter this a lot working with DIY-minded small business owners, and I used to dread it – I mean really dread it. Back in the day, allowing your client access to a website meant constantly fixing it after they broke it. Or worse, they would break it then try to fix it themselves after 3-hours of researching the error code on Google. Yikes.

August 01 2013


Best of July 2013: 30+ Brand-New HTML/PSD Themes & UI Elements


This is the second compilation in our monthly series of brand-new HTML/PSD themes and UI elements. All the works exposed here are fresh resources from the month of July 2013. You will find another big set of ready to use themes, templates and elements for the web as well as completely editable files for your favorite image or vector editor. We got something for everybody…

July 15 2013


40 Beautiful 3 Column WordPress Themes For Free Download

WordPress themes are everywhere and there is literally a huge plethora of themes available for the WordPress users to choose from. One of the main reasons of WordPress popularity is the availability of high quality and quite flexible themes that can make any website truly captivating.

In this day and age, 3 column WordPress themes are getting very popular and this is the reason why we have compiled this collection of 40 excellent 3 column WordPress themes for you.

We have already published a post about 3 Column WordPress Themes and today’s collection also will be useful for you. All the themes presented in this collection are free to download. So, enjoy everyone!


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Ink Stain

( Demo | Download )

Sunset Farm

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Guidebook Gold Coast

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Worn Wall

( Demo | Download )

Wooden Wall

( Demo | Download )

Magazine Basic

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Techozoic Fluid

( Demo | Download )

Fresco theme

( Demo | Download )

Red Light

( Demo | Download )

Grey Opaque

( Demo | Download )

Clear Line

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Mainam Vintage – Multi color

( Demo | Download )

Theater Room

( Demo | Download )

Bulletin Board

( Demo | Download )

Film Thoughts

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

One Room

( Demo | Download )

Worn Wall

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Note Paper

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Riviera Magazine

( Demo | Download )

Belesermo Magazine

( Demo | Download )

Wooden Fence

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Funky Green

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

July 11 2013


Summer 2013: The best HTML/PSD Themes & UI Elements of the Season



If you develop websites and your environment is not WordPress, you still don’t need to live your online life in visual darkness or hide beneath the sheets. We curated a list of awesome templates layered in HTML and CSS to make your work easier, and with a lot of different grooves to find the appropriate one for your web. Or, if you are you more confortable developing your own theme based on some pre-built elements, here is the inspiration you need to create an awesome theme or application. Starting with the PSDs  and UIs shown below, you can create your own awesome design. Take a look!

July 01 2013


June 29 2013


At A Glance: How To Secure Your WordPress Site [Infographic]



Securing your self-hosted WordPress site is absolutely essential. That’s the reason for our continuous coverage of this particular topic throughout the years. With WordPress becoming more and more dominant as the motor of today’s web, the topic stays at the top of our advice list. Throughout the last four years, the number of WordPress blogs having been hacked has more than doubled from 81,000 to over 170,000 per year. The fresh infographic by aggregates everything you need to know to properly secure your site and gives you a decent hint sheet to always keep your eyes on.

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