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February 24 2014


February 17 2014

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February 03 2014


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January 13 2014


January 07 2014


28 Beginner Tutorials for Modern API Web Development

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Web development has grown far beyond the typical HTML/CSS/JS code structure. Modern web services like Facebook and Twitter are built with something called an Application Programming Interface. This allows developers to connect into 3rd party services and pull out data to be displayed on another website.

For this post I’ve collected a number of free online tutorials which delve into API development. These are perfect for anybody new to the scene who wants to learn a bit more about typical web services. Some will require an API key while others may simply return XML/JSON data on command. Either way these articles detail many popular development techniques in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Facebook’s Graph API Explorer

facebooks graph api explorer to grab insights data

Using the Pinterest API

pinterest api howto tutorial development

DeviantArt API Instant Search App

deviantart api instant search howto jquery ajax php tutorial

Google Places API

google places api tutorial jquery howto development

Login and Register using LinkedIn

linkedin oauth api login register howto tutorial

Guide to the HTML5 APIs

Using the Etsy API

using the etsy api development tutorial howto

A Look at the WordPress HTTP API

http api wordpress practical wp remote post tutorial

How To Create a Twitter Widget

creating a twitter widget howto tutorial api

Beginner’s Guide To jQuery-Based JSON API Clients

json based clients api development howto learning article

The Reddit API in Python

reddit api python howto tutorial open source

Objective-C JSON and the Flickr API

objectivec json flickr api tutorial howto

Vine’s Undocumented API vine api social video sharing howto tutorial

Basic YouTube API Tutorial

pulling videos youtube api tutorial web development

Integrate the Mailchimp API in PHP

integrate mailchimp api development php tutorial

Google Maps API and Custom Overlays

google maps api custom overlays

Create a Twitter-Like “Load More” Widget

create twitter style load more widget tutorial

Creating an API-Centric Web Application

api centric web application tutorial howto

Build an Integrated Facebook App

design code howto tutorial integrated facebook application

Facebook Invite Friends API

facebook invite friends api howto coding tutorial

Dead-Simple Twitter Feed with jQuery

dead simple twitter feed using jquery tutorial

REST API Integration with iPhone App

rest api into iphone application objective-c tutorial

Coding a Dynamic IMDb Webapp

dynamic imdb webapp my movie api howto tutorial jquery

Simple Github API Webapp

coding jquery ajax howto tutorial github api

Game Audio with the Web Audio API

browser game audio web api htmnl5 howto tutorial

Access Dropbox Using PHP

access tutorial api php dropbox howto coding

Google Analytics API

access google api analytics howto tutorial coding


simple php rest api tutorial open source

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January 06 2014


January 02 2014


40 Mobile Game App Website Layouts using Creative Designs

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How many new Android + iOS mobile games are released each year? The user interfaces and graphics have been improving rapidly to create a large marketplace of mobile games. Marketing-savvy developers will usually create a personal website or webpage dedicated to information each new game release.

In this gallery you’ll find 40 brilliant examples of mobile smartphone game website layouts. Some are hosted on their own domain while others are subpages within a game studio’s website. But the design is always focused around the game itself, pushing curious visitors to look deeper into the features and maybe purchase a copy. If you’re looking for design ideas to build into your own mobile game website, this showcase has a lot of great concepts.

Angry Birds

angry birds mobile ios app website layout

One Epic Knight

one epic knight game mobile smartphone website layout

Infinity Blade

infinity blade mobile ios app game website


carcassonne iphone app website layout texture

Band Stars

band stars iphone mobile app website layout colorful musicians

Hipster CEO

hipster ceo mobile game app website layout

Kingdom Rush

mobile iphone website layout inspiration homepage kingdomrush


lume ios app game website layout

Run That Town

run that town mobile website layout inspiration

Dead Ahead

dead ahead zombies mobile ios game layout website


spell tower spelling ios ipad game mobile website layout


karateka 8bit classic mobile video game website

Plants vs Zombies

mobile ios game plants vs zombies website

Broken Sword

bs5 broken sword mobile game website layout


transistor mobile game app website layout bright

Fruit Ninja

fruit ninja website mobile app layout

Cannon Cat

blue sky background cannon cat iphone game website


terraria trees rpg video game mobile website layout

Run Roo Run!

run roo run

Ridiculous Fishing

ridiculous fishing mobile app video game website

Fog of World

fog of world website app mobile layout iphone ipad ios

Where’s My Mickey?

mickey mouse disney mobile app game website layout wheres


incredipede game mobile colorful illustration background website


machinarium amanita games mobile website layout

Bee Leader

bee leader project flightless inspiring design

Usagi Yojimbo

usagi yojimbo karate game inspiration website layout

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

theatrhythm final fantasy square enix iphone ipad mobile game website


red dark machines badland website layout inspiring homepage


osmos blue dark game website layout mobile

My Singing Monsters

my singing monsters website colorful iphone android game


poume pou mobile game smartphone website simple clean

Conquist II

conquist 2 mobile smartphone app game website layout

Ittle Dew

ittle dew mobile app game simple white layout design

Super Crate Box

super crate box homepage website layout


fieldrunners subatomic mobile app game website

Time Surfer

illustration website mobile app game layout time surfer


benjamin rivers horror adventure mobile game home website

Knightmare Tower

knightmare tower ios iphone mobile smartphone game website layout purple graphics

Bad Piggies

bad piggies mobile game website layout design

Tasty Tadpoles

textures colorful water tadpoles tasty ios mobile app game website

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December 23 2013


December 16 2013


December 02 2013


November 25 2013


November 18 2013


November 11 2013


November 08 2013


35 Magnificent Free and Premium Tumblr Blog Themes

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The various blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, and Medium has paved the way for newer and better features in web applications. Tumblr has always been a very interesting platform because it utilizes many post formats which appear naturally in the user interface. Thus many Tumblr themes are built focusing around these post formats. It is a unique way of blogging where you don’t always need to be writing text in order to post.

For this collection I have organized 35 outstanding themes for Tumblr blogs. Some of the free themes have been around for years, while others are still pretty new. I’ve also split the list between some free themes along with some premium designs. You can definitely count on high-quality work in these premium themes – the question is do you use Tumblr enough to justify a purchase? Check out these templates and see what you think about refreshing your blog, or even opening up a new one!


mono minimal responsive tumblr blog theme


feelin dreams background image tumblr blog


fancy pierre minimal white tumblr blog premium


dark desire flat blog tumblr theme premium


tumblair premium tumblr blog theme design


serendipity blog tumblr theme premium simple


green layout inspiring tumblr premium design


halftone texture tumblr blog theme


luomo tumblr theme expressive premium design

Vintage Metro

vintage metro tumblr blog design premium


pholiotheme photo design tumblr blog


polaroid tumblr theme premium purchase design


fanfarron theme premium tumblr blog backgrounds textures


premium pastel colorful tumblr theme design


redib dark light tumblr theme design premium


diana pink texture writing handwriting blog theme tumblr


mobile pinch tumblr theme premium simple


sewed banner blog sweing tumblr theme premium


minimal design druid simple tumblr layout theme


clear blue clarus theme tumblr free

Art She Said

art she said theme tumblr free design

Rubber Cement

rubber cement tumblr theme free download


grey matters website tumblr free install


jennifer white pink tumblr blog


linear green white simple minimal tumblr theme


matt langer free tumblr theme minimalist


effector theme tumblr freebie

Simple Things

simple things tumblr theme free open source


green chunky dark tumblr theme blog

Color Shades

green color shades blog tumblr theme

Royal Cameleon

royal cameleon tumblr theme design


single blog page design tumblr papercut texture


purple pink header tumblr blog avamay


showroom tumblr theme freebie install


white minimalist lightweight tumblr blog design

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November 06 2013


28 Free Resource Websites for Designers and Developers

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As a web developer I love to find new exciting applications which make my daily life easier. Completing a project or getting something updated can take hours or even weeks of extra work. Online webapps have grown very quickly and most of them are free to use.

I have gone through my bookmarks and put together 28 must-have resources for webmasters. Whether you are a designer, developer, marketer, copywriter or otherwise, there is something in this list for you. Granted the number of tools online has been growing very quickly and it’s certainly not a complete collection. If you know of any helpful links which I’ve forgotten please share with us in the discussion area below.

Web Colour Data

web colour data webapp inspiration design


codepen dark ui homepage coding ide cloud webapp


freebie 365psd download gallery psds


gridulator grid based webapp free open source online


convert online fonts ttf otf webfont webapp

Source Canvas

freebie download gallery psd open source codes sourcecanvas

WordPress Query Generator

sql database query generator code php wordpress


open source github buttons css library

HTML Email Boilerplate

free open source html boilerplate homepage design

Google Web Designer

free software program homepage google webdesigner

Screen Sizes

screen sizes responsive design width devices webapp reference

CSS Font Stack

css css3 webfont font stacks homepage webapp


dark website homepage pixelsdaily freebie psd


unheap gallery jquery repository homepage webapp downloads


colourcode code choice hexadecimal colors picker webapp

Pure CSS

pure css homepage open source webapp layout colorful


favigen homepage layout webapp picking building favicons


resizemybrowser inspiration homepage webapp design

Responsive Elements

responsive elements inspiration webdesign homepage webapp

Forecast Font

freebie open source fonts weather icons iconfont

Font Awesome

font awesome open source icons webfont iconfont


net tutsplus internet webapp css3 prefix generator


online webapp pixels to ems converter


small loaders icons gif generator ajax circles


iconza webapp icons webpage inspiration design layout


design float social news digg webapp homepage

Subtle Patterns

subtle patterns website backgrounds free download


pagespeed tools website google tools homepage

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November 04 2013

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