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November 25 2011


10 Useful Services To Sell Digital Goods Online

When I first heard of these digital selling services I was confused and asked – why can’t you just use PayPal? After doing further research I found out that there is a fair amount of risks that can be hazardous to your online business and everything’s just not that simple. Converting visitors into paying customers can be a serious challenge. The most cautious still consider internet sales a fraud. Inappropriate descriptions, ugly interfaces, a long checkout process – these are just few factors that prevent people from buying digital goods.

This is where digitally selling services comes in handy. So what are the advantages? Selling products with them is made as easy and pleasant as possible. All you have to do is upload your product, get the Buy Now button and watch the money roll in. These services let you focus on the product while they do the selling. The products are uploaded on safe and secure servers so you don’t have to worry about delivery and possible downtime. Most of these services provide more than one payment method so your visitors can shop in their local currency and use their preferred payment method. Want to expand your business even further? Create your own affiliate service with ease and watch the sales increase. And finally, you can track and monitor all your purchases, have a clear overview of products and all your activity in one place.

So you believe your business is ready to hit the global market? Are you ready to attract new buyers and keep them coming back? Continue reading and check out these 10 useful services for selling digital goods online.

1. Sellfy


Sellfy describes their service as the simplest way to sell digital products on your website. The process is quite simple – you create a product (design templates, ebooks, images, videos  etc), upload it to Sellfy and make money using generated ‘Buy now’ button.

Main features:

  • The products are uploaded to a secure cloud drive and after the purchase is made, delivered to your clients.
  • The buttons are cool looking and simply implementable into your website.
  • You can offer discounts for clients who recommend your product via Twitter or Facebook.
  • You will be able to see not only the sale stats but also discount campaign impact as shares and clicks.


  • 5% per transaction.

In the screenshot below you can see the user’s control panel. Here you can drag and drop files to create the product.


Once the files are uploaded you have to specify the name of the product, the price, your Paypal email address and information about discounts if you want to offer any.


When finished with that you’ll receive the HTML code of your button. You can later access it on your products dashboard.


2. PayLoadz


PayLoadz offers a secure digital goods ecommerce service for anyone to sell downloadable goods online. They enable tens of thousands of people to sell digital goods such as videos, video games, ebooks, software and templates to a large audience of buyers from their online store. PayLoadz can service the needs of beginners as well as enterprise level partners.

Main features:

  • Sell anywhere online – PayLoadz system works everywhere – your site, Facebook, Twitter, their store, blogs, etc. You are provided with simple purchase links and copy and paste HTML code to insert purchase buttons or shopping cart enabled buttons that work on all devices and platforms.
  • Secure file storage and automated delivery – file security is a high priority. Files are stored on the ultra-secure Amazon S3 platform.
  • Several payment systems – customer choice is what drives sales conversions. They need to be able to pay in a variety of methods. Credit cards, eChecks, ACH transfers, and existing account balances are some of the ways your customers can pay for your products.
  • Turn key affiliate system – every PayLoadz account comes with a turn-key affiliate marketing system which handles affiliate management, affiliate product promotion, and affiliate payouts.


  • $14.95/month + 5% per transaction. Payloadz also offers a free 7 day trial so you can try the platform out. What’s more, the transaction fees are only applied to actual sales, so you pay only when you get paid yourself.

Below you can see the product setup screenshot from a demo account. You can enter things like file format, category, keywords and description.


They also provide you with detailed statistics about the purchases.


3. E-junkie


E-junkie provides shopping cart and buy now buttons to let you sell downloads and tangible goods on your website, eBay, MySpace, Google Base, CraigsList and other websites. For merchants selling downloads, there is an automatic securing of the digital delivery of files and codes. If you are selling tangible goods, the shipping costs and inventory management is automatically calculated.

Main features:

  • Store your files securely on their server, or store them remotely on your own server
  • If you are selling single items, just copy-paste the Buy now buttons in your site.
  • E-junkie lets you add options like size, color etc. to your products
  • Calculate shipping & packaging automatically
  • Manage your inventory automatically
  • Create & manage affiliate program for all your products


  • Depends on the number of products you’re selling. Starting from $5/month.
  • E-junkie offers 30 day money back guarantee so if you are dissatisfied for any reason, E-junkie will refund your last month’s payment upon request.
  • Unlike other services E-junkie only require payment of a flat monthly subscription fee, there is no bandwidth cost and no transaction fees. Also You only need to start a paid subscription after your first week of free trial if you decide so.
  • Finally non-profit organizations are eligible for waive of monthly fees.

Below you can see the Add Product page and user admin panel.



4. Plimus


The Plimus landing page is decorated by a huge title which says – “sell more. Market, sell and buy digital goods and services around the world online and on mobile.” Indeed, Plimus is one of the largest and most serious services around offering great tools for sellers as well as affiliates. With the Plimus e-business platform, you have all the tools you need to take charge of your business and sell more.

Main features:

  • Plimus offers you the most extensive set of payment methods available in the industry.
  • Track and monitor your business in real-time with over 35+ standard reports and an unlimited number of custom report options
  • Protect your products with our extensive licensing, piracy and copy protection options
  • Plimus provides all the essential affiliate capabilities needed to help you build your own affiliates network at no extra cost.
  • Your shoppers belong to you, and you can market to them at any time using the robust newsletter feature


  • Depends on transaction amount range. Commission rates start at 75 cents.
  • Payouts are generally made to Sellers and Affiliates on the 15th of each month for the previous month’s sales.You can receive your payout via Paypal, e-check and Wire Transfer.
  • With Plimus you can protect your reputation by building reserves to meet refund and chargeback claims

Plimus has a very instructive getting started page where you can find useful guides for using the service together with some video tutorials.

5. Fetch


Fetch is a digital delivery application that makes selling downloadable products simple. It seamlessly integrates with popular shopping carts and payment systems like Shopify, Goodsie, PayPal, and many others. Fetch is hosted software so there’s nothing to install and works on any platform.

Main features:

  • Hosted so there’s nothing to download or install.
  • Uncluttered, lightweight interface for efficient user interaction.
  • To ensure your data is never lost, Fetch is backed up daily and stored at multiple geographic locations.
  • Associate a single file with several products.
  • Allow previous buyers to download updated files.
  • Revenue and download statistics are shown in real-time.
  • Files stored on and delivered from Amazon S3.
  • Use Fetch at no cost on the free plan.


  • All premium Fetch plans have no restriction on the number of products, files, orders, users, or any other feature. Sell as much as you’d like without worry of costly commissions or order limitations.
  • Pricing depends on the storage size. Starting from $5/month. There’s also a free plan available yet the storage is limited to 1MB.

All premium accounts have unrestricted access to everything Fetch has to offer. Unlimited products, orders, downloads, and so much more. Fetch puts you in control of everything.


6. Pulley


Pulley is a simple way to sell your digital art, music, videos, photography, fonts, eBooks, software, and other downloadable products. With Pulley you can easily add your digital products and customize your account settings, sell from any website and the money goes directly to your PayPal account, secure download links are emailed automatically to your customer and view real-time statistics as well as complete order and download history.

Main features:

  • Stay focused on creating and selling your digital goods, and let Pulley handle the secure hosting, delivery, and tracking.
  • Embed “Buy Now” buttons into any website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, email, or anywhere else you can imagine.
  • Keep tabs on who bought what, when it was delivered, and whether or not they’ve downloaded it yet.
  • Speak to your customers in your own voice. Customize the emails people receive when they place an order with you.


  • Free 14 day trial. Sign up for any plan and use Pulley free and unrestricted for 14 days.
  • Unlike other services, Pulley doesn’t charge any commission or per transaction fees.
  • Pricing depends on the storage size. Starting from $6/month per 100MB.

The dashboard gives you a crystal clear overview of sales, top products, and activity in your Pulley account.


See all of your order activity and customer details presented clearly and precisely.


7. DPD


DPD makes it quick and easy to sell downloads. Sell downloads, automatically deliver your products, and run your own affiliate program with DPD. Get advanced selling features and options with no programming required.

Main features:

  • DPD allows you to customize your cart, delivery pages, and even emails with both simple WYSIWYG and advanced template editors.
  • DPD allows you to sell your downloads on an unlimited number of websites, each with their own customizations and options.
  • DPD protects your products from theft with a host of advanced security features so only the person who paid for your products gets access.
  • In addition to download only products, DPD supports downloads with generated keycodes, keycode only delivery, and simple tangible goods.


  • 30 day free trial. If you choose not to use DPD, do nothing- your account will automatically close and you won’t be charged a thing.
  • DPD does not charge any per-transaction, per-storefront, or per-product fees above and beyond the flat rate pricing above.
  • Pricing depends on the storage size and amount of products. Starting from $5/month per 500MB and 10 products.

8. dbox


This tool is your best buddy when it comes to selling digital goods through PayPal. Automate product delivery and keep track of customers and orders after their purchase on PayPal.

Main features:

  • Customers instantly receive your product upon completing their payment. No more manual labor required and happy customers guaranteed.
  • Your files are highly secure and redundantly stored on the amazing Amazon S3 network.
  • Seamless integration with PayPal, the global leader in online payments with over 78 millions accounts in 190 markets and 19 currencies around the world.
  • iPhone app of the Dbox webservice, which will surely make live easier for you. Monitor your products and track sales per day, week or month.


  • Free (1 product)
  • Basic: € 9.95/month (5 products)
  • Advanced: € 19.95/month (20 products)
  • Pro: € 39.95/month (50+ products)
  • All accounts apply for 30 day free trial.

After signing-up you need to add a new product and upload your digital file.


The product view presents you with the integration code.


In the settings section you can customize the email and adjust PayPal settings.


The Dashboard will show you the latest trends with new orders and statistics from sales.

9. Cerizmo


Cerizmo is yet another selling platform which was created to provide a simple and reliable way to sell digital goods online. After realizing the limitations of most digital product e-commerce systems, they created their own solution to address these problems.

Main features:

  • Sell products from your web site, blog, or anywhere. Copy and paste buttons on your site and start selling.
  • Downloads sent automatically to your customers. Make money while you sleep
  • Get paid instantly after a sale. The money will be deposited directly into your PayPal account.
  • The downloads are hosted on Cerizmo’s secure servers. No software to install, no servers to manage.


  • Depends on the amount of products and storage. Starting from $8.99/month per 15 products.

10. BitBuffet


With BitBuffet, you can sell single pay-per-download products through simple links or use PayPal’s built in shopping cart and receive the money via PayPal.

Main features:

  • Redirect your customers directly to the highly recognized PayPal payment page without any extra steps which can potentially lose customers.
  • If PayPal supports it, you can sell in that denomination. Don’t fuss around with other services that don’t offer multiple currency support.
  • With the unique “pay what you want” model, you can offer your product in return for a donation of any amount. A great technique for grabbing attention.


  • 10 products: $6/month
  • 30 products: $10/month
  • 80 products: $17/month
  • 240 products: $31/month
  • Unlike other services, BitBuffet doesn’t withhold your money until you hit the payout limit. Get your money instantly and securely through PayPal.

July 12 2011


20+ Best Marketplaces Where You Can Buy And Sell High Quality WordPress Themes

WordPress, undoubtedly, is the most popular blogging platform around the web. Hundreds of blog posts are being published every day and more and more people are choosing WordPress as their blogging solution. But what if you have no basic knowledge of HTML and no clue how to set up a WordPress theme? Don’t worry, there’s no need to be a coding guru to own a splendid and cutting edge WordPress blog.

This post examines the top WordPress theme marketplaces where you can get high quality, unique and professional WordPress themes for incredibly low prices. All the themes are easily customizable and come with free support. So whether you’re just a beginner and considering starting your own blog, an experienced user looking for a new theme, or a small business company that needs an inexpensive, yet efficient website for your business, continue reading to find the top places to purchase amazing, high-quality WordPress themes for unbelievably low prices.

1. Themeforest


ThemeForest is an Envato Marketplace. At ThemeForest you can buy and sell HTML templates as well as themes for popular CMS products like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal with prices ranging from just $5 up to $40. Items are priced on the complexity, quality and use of the file. The site is home to a bustling community of web designers and developers and is the biggest marketplace of its kind.

2. WooThemes


WooThemes deliver top quality, cutting edge WordPress themes and superior customer support. With WooThemes you get solid code framework, stunning designs, incredible support and new themes every month. You can either purchase particular themes or you can get a club subscription which gives you unlimited access to all their themes.

3. ElegantThemes


ElegantThemes is a premium WordPress theme marketplace which provides WordPress themes of quality and integrity. Each theme comes with a powerful set of tools that will spoil you with the improved functionality they provide. ElegantThemes provide a variety of features which are incredibly user-friendly and easily customizable.

4. StudioPress


StudioPress offers professionally designed WordPress themes at affordable prices. The Genesis Framework is their newest product. The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. You can get Genesis seperately or you can get access to all StudioPress themes for a fixed price.

5. WPZoom


WPZoom provides top quality premium WordPress themes at amazing prices with excellent lifetime support included. The project started in 2008 and gained huge popularity in a short time. They offer about 30 themes which you can buy separately or you can choose membership for ridiculously low price.

6. MojoThemes


MojoThemes is a marketplace for everyone to buy or sell themes and templates. They sell themes for the most commonly used CMS and e-commerce platforms on the web such as premium WordPress themes, Tumblr themes and more. Their templates range from basic Photoshop templates to complex premium WordPress plugins. Premium WordPress themes are their specialty, though. With a premium WordPress template from MojoThemes, your WordPress CMS or blog-based site will be transformed with a fresh, clean and professional look.

7. KreativeThemes


KreativeThemes is a place to find unique and distinguishable WordPress themes. They pour their heart into every design that they produce and that makes each of these themes unique and stand out from the crowd. KreativeThemes are really proud of the masterpieces they’ve ‘painted’. You can easily purchase themes as you go here, there are no subscription plans.

8. ThemeShift


ThemeShift WordPress themes are professional-looking and extremely well-coded. A lot of handy features let you turn your blogging software into a CMS. Due to the clean, well-structured and commented code you will have no trouble with customizing the ThemeShift code to your special needs. You can purchase themes individually or you can choose a pricing plan which allows you to download more themes.

9. FlexiThemes


FlexiThemes offers high quality and professional WordPress themes that are easy to use, manage and customize. Their themes turn your great idea into a professionally designed, fully functional website for all the world to see. Their themes are made to be visually interesting and simple for you to use. All of FlexiThemes themes come packaged with easy to use theme options page where you can manage your site without the need for editing the code.

10. Press75


Press75 provides a wide variety of WordPress themes for every type of user and website. Every theme on Press75 has been built on a solid code framework which has been perfected over time. For designers and developers looking to customize, you will have absolutely no problem finding your way around. Similarly to other marketplaces you can purchase themes separately or choose a package which gives you access to all Press75 themes.

11. GraphPaperPress


GraphPaperPress peddles minimalistic modular designs that can transform your blog from a tubular list of posts into an aesthetically-pleasing portfolio or news magazine website. Graph Paper Press focuses on creating graphically minimal, content-rich designs that provide your visitors with multiple entry points to access your content. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to purchase themes separately, you’ll have to choose from one of the memberships.

12. WPRemix 


WPRemix, a WordPress powered master theme, is completely customizable, quality coded and comes bundled with many layout options that allows anyone to create a custom website in minutes instead of days and weeks, while maintaining top notch cross-browser display consistency. It has over 45 templates to choose from. W3C compliant mark-up, multiple color schemes and flexible page layouts

13. WPArcade


WPArcade offers templates that focus on arcade and gaming. WPArcade will do a setup service for your arcade site for only 20$, if you buy one of their themes. In 24 hours you will have a ready to use arcade site with over 2000 games and automatic updating.

14. WPBundle


WPBundle is a bundle of 10 handmade WordPress themes & other goodies, including a custom icon set, countless variations and free updates throughout the life of the project. It’s also possible to purchase themes separately, however it’s a great bargain if you but the whole bundle.

15. ThemeFoundry


ThemeFoundry has been delivering handcrafted premium themes and providing professional support to thousands of awesome customers since 2008. At the core of every theme they create you will find five important ingredients: attention to detail, cleanliness, care, usability, and simplicity. Top it off with what we’re known for — fast and friendly customer support.

16. AppThemes


AppThemes was conceived in 2010 by a team of WordPress enthusiasts looking to make it easier for businesses to setup an online presence. Their full-featured themes are seamlessly integrated with WordPress and built with easy-to-manage features.

17. HeadwayThemes 


HeadwayThemes allows you to take full control of your website’s design with Headway for WordPress and its intuitive drag and drop layout creator. If you’re looking for a flexible WordPress theme that’s highly customizable and easy to use, Headway is your answer. It’s visual editor makes it the most advanced WP theme available.

18. OboxThemes


Obox offers gorgeous design and functionality that you would normally only be able to attain from expensive, professional agencies. Obox creates plug ‘n play themes, built across multiple platforms. Incredible design, attention to detail, quality coding and functionality and support are 4 elements defining Obox themes.

19. OrganicThemes


Organic Themes offers a variety of premium WordPress themes for artists, businesses and bloggers. Their collection of themes is always growing to suit the needs of their customers. Organic Themes release new themes on a regular basis, provide continuous updates, new color options and layout designs for our existing themes.

20. OrganizedThemes


Organized Themes has been bringing customers quality WordPress themes for non-profits, businesses and churches since 2008. Their themes are visually stunning, and easy to use. Organized Themes also provide quality support that is quick and helpful, straight from an expert.

21. Templatic


Templatic, officially launched on 10th of December 2009 is a place to get out of the box, premium and awesome WordPress themes to fulfill your needs in different areas of blogging and web design. From a simple blogging theme, to a complete e-commerce integrated WordPress theme, Templatic are releasing themes in diverse range so you can use WordPress as a CMS.

22. FrogsThemes


FrogsThemes is one-stop shop for next-generation WordPress themes and pro-level support. With multiple styles, custom theme options and cutting-edge design, FrogsThemes premium WordPress templates are the top choice for web professionals. Get your site up and running and looking fab in no time with a little help from FrogsThemes.

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