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December 31 2011


7 New Year’s Resolutions To Help Improve Your Personal And Work Life

So are you ready for doing awesome things (remember, this year can be the last one)? And which things do you want to do? When are you doing them? How will you know by the end of 2012 that you’ve done all that you wanted to?

There is a simple tool to help you keeping tracks of you accomplishments: write down your new year’s resolutions.

I see a lot of people talking about nerdy things, like “learn a new programming language” or “write more about what you know” but the truth is if you aren’t satisfied with your personal life you won’t get better results at work. You need to improve yourself in both sides so you’ll be a better you.

Well, what we’ll see here is a kind of “new year’s resolutions template,” with a lot of ideas that you can steal and we’ll see how to keep track of them.

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My Resolutions

Credits: adesigna

What I do is to write down in a paper my big targets. I try to keep them more specific that I can, so instead of writing “Read more” I should go with “Read at least one book per week”, which is based on what I’ve been doing before and what I want to do now. Le’s go to the funny part, the examples.

1. Read one funny book per month, at least

Credits: cindiann

Please change one to what better fits in your reading taste but remember life is not just about boring coding books, you have to get some fun sometimes.

2. Write 100 lines of code, every day, including holidays

Credits: Chapendra

Yeah, this post is not just about work. And so is this resolution.

It’s about discipline and self commitment, which is much more related to self-improvement than to work. The lines of code are just an auxiliary, you can change it to anything you want to do and be really good about.

3. Call parents and friends once a week

Credits: Neal.

You should be close to people that makes you feel good to be alive. Be it your parents, girlfriend (or boyfriend), friends, relatives. For me life is about what difference you make to other people, what is your piece of change in the world. Believe me, this will make you much happier.

4. Read ONLY 5 posts per day

Credits: zendamnabil

Ok, this one is pretty tricky. I know your job is to be updated, so is mine. But you have to deal carefully with information overload. Again the best way for doing so is discipline.

So what you have to do is chose a maximum about of posts to read, websites to visit, time to lose. And in the end you have to get your own ideas, it’s just impossible to hear every single opinion about a topic, just pick the best ones and move on.

5. Play with my pet every day

Credits: flynutaa

I have a turtle, so this is not that hard for me :)

Well, spending time with pets will help you to clear your mind and is a good exercise of giving your time to other people. And in the meantime you may lose a few pounds.

6. Play guitar (or just give it a try)

Credits: boston_camera

Listening songs is great for my productivity. But learning how to play guitar is much awesome. I mean, I just know the basics, but if I play it like 15 minutes it gives me a boost to work better and better for hours.

7. Check: Am I happy with what I’m doing?

Credits: Sigalokos

Credits for Steve Jobs by this one. Have you ever felt like “damn, it’s late and I have to sleep, but I wish I could work on this 24×7″ ? If no, my friend, you don’t know what is satisfaction.

If you do things that you don’t want to by a long period of time, it drains your energy, it drains your life. It just doesn’t worth it spending you time on what you don’t want to do.

Keeping track of them

After choosing what you want to do of your life next year, it’ll be good to know how you’re doing this during the year. So after writing down what I’m doing is to go to a to-do-list software (like wunderlist) and set up there my goals.

I’m used to track them down weekly so it’s way easier to change things since if you don’t beat a goal in one week you still have 51 weeks to change this, but you have only 11 another months to correct things.

So break them down to weekly goals and every Sunday read them, check how’s things going and change what you want, you don’t have to wait until next year to do so :)

After all I just can wish you a happy new year!

January 15 2011


Web Designers’ 2011: New Year’s Resolutions

Time to kick 2010 out and kiss 2011 hello. Yep,  it’s that time once more when you make new year’s resolutions. And looking at it, it’s pretty much just like last year – funny. Well for some, who can really stick to their resolutions I salute their determination. One fact about resolutions is that they are just too good to be true, which makes it even harder to accomplish. For example – “A chain smoker’s resolution : Quit smoking”. Now, that would be very hard to do because as we know smokers are addicted to nicotine and feel like they’d die without a puff an hour. It’s better to go like – ” Go slow and take only 3 sticks of cigarette a day instead of 5″. You can’t rush perfection, take one single step at a time. This time, lets stick to making a more realistic list and something that would make you realize your list of resolutions.

Here is an inspiring list of resolutions for web designers, developers and bloggers. Hopefully to get you started on the new year right.

1.Better Time Management & Get Things Done

Ending the holidays, you might find yourself in a high. You still might be pretty lazy to getting back to work and do your thing. To get yourself warmed up, why not organize and update your new daily planner. If you don’t have a daily planner or organizer – get one! Write down what you need to do for the day and prioritize your activities. Starting from the most important to the least. Using your time wisely will make you productive and efficient.

2.Leave Your Creative Comfort Zone

Venture to different type of creative outlets relevant or irrelevant to your usual thing. For example – if you are into print designing, try anything on web designing. If you are into web designing, then try print designing. Whatever your preferences maybe. Take yourself to a new and challenging forms of activities or hobbies that would also make you profit in the near or later future. Expand your horizon and explore. There’s a whole lot more to learn from.

3. Acknowledge Your Imperfection

It is understood that you can make really bad moves and decisions. The one thing that hinders us to change or improve is pride. Yes, it is difficult to admit you are wrong. But face it, everybody makes mistakes. If you don’t, then you might not be normal. If you own up to your mistakes and realize that you are not perfect, you are making room for improvements and change for the better. But of course, it always better to put it to action than just putting it in your mouth. You have to really commit to making improvements. If not, you’d just be sour-graping and that’s not a good thing either.

4.Try To Read One New Book a Month

Take a time to relax at least once a month. Reading a good book will take your mind off things and enhances your creativity by your imagination. Discover new things and words to add up to your vocabulary. Reading also boosts up confidence.

5.Clean the Clutter on Your Desktop

Start clean & fresh. Get rid of all the clutter in your desktop and make room for new to come. Keeping unused or unwanted files or software on your desktop make you no less than a pack-rat. So you better start cleaning – you’ll be amazed how much space those useless items are taking up.

6.Update Your Portfolio

Since this is another year for you and your business, freshen up and update your portfolio. Create a new design and add what’s most recent on your designs, themes, photographs etc. Keep your clients, followers & fans updated.

7.Step Away From The Computer And Exercise

Sitting in front of the computer half of the time if not most, may cause laziness or could make you gain weight – considering it makes you eat unhealthy junk food. Go for a hike, jog, do yoga or engage in a sport.  Slide in a workout routine to your planner for half an hour or more and get yourself fit. Remember, health is wealth.

8. Stretch Your Patience

This new year, go the extra mile and stretch your patience. The survival and main objective of a business is to cater clients’ demands and needs. So be extra patient with your clients. It will pay off when they get really pleased with your services, and that will make you happy. As well as your wallet.

9.Find New and Better Ways to Connect with Clients (Google Voice, Google Wave, etc.)

Reach out to clients in every way possible. This is also one of the many strategic marketing techniques. Some clients don’t know where to find good service providers. Be there to help them out and show them that you can live up to their demands and expectations. Promote your services and offer them the best.

10.Try a Color scheme You Have Never Even Imagined

Never be too cautious with designs. Because unique designs always stand out. Be more creative, play with colors. Maybe you will be the first to mix and match a new color that will go well that others haven’t tried. Step out of the circle and think out of the box.

11.Master At Least One Application Or Programming Language

Improve your performance by focusing on one application or programming language. This way you have a target on what your main work or field is on. After which, then you could proceed to another.

12.Take an Extra Class About Design

Make time for your passion. There are always new things to learn, better learn it from real teachers and go to school. When you know that you’re good at something and want to make the most out of it, it is better to keep enhancing that talent. That is what school does – it harnesses what’s the best in you and develop your skills even more than what you actually know.

13.Follow Top Designers on Twitter and Interact with Them

Get inspiration from top people in the business.  Twitter will get you updated on their latest activities. If you get lucky and get the chance to interact with them, they might give you tips about how they got successful.

14.Really Impress your Clients–Current and New

Never miss to surprise your clients. They are like the better half of your business. You need to keep impressing them to make your business last. Show them something fresh and innovate. New clients are as important as the new ones. Mainly because they both could find another service provider if you don’t meet expectations. So find new ways to excite them and always maintain that harmonious relationship with them.

15. Take Time to be Inspired

Always be on the look out for new inspiration. Make time to browse the web for anything fresh on the scene. Search for newly discovered digital artists, designers, web designing businesses, softwares, gadgets, applications etc. Everyday is a new day and that makes yesterday old news.

*These New Years resolutions are pretty much easy to accomplish. I know everyone has a struggle in fulfilling resolutions. But if you don’t start now, when? Hopefully you are now looking for a great year ahead. Making a New Year’s resolution is just the first step, putting it to action is the most important leap. If you have anything to add, feel free to share. Cheers to 2011!

December 27 2010


To Resolve Project – Phenomenal New Years Resolution Inspiration

RESOLVE: verb, to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something)


Resolutions come and go and some rarely make it past the first week of February. Chris Streger decided to change that by asking several of his designer friends to make their own ‘resolution’ in the form of an iPhone Background. He started the To Resolve project that stemmed from a conversation with his girlfriend. He sent out as many ‘call to arms’ as he could think of to designers he knew or those he didn’t. There’s been some pretty great work come in so far and it’s almost double in the last few days. If you need some inspiration, a new iPhone background or you want to design your own, check out the To Resolve Project.

Mads Burcharth | His Submission

mads burcharth

Tyler Galpin | His Submission


Dan Cassaro | His Submission


Bobby McKenna | His Submission


Matt Payson | His Submission

Matt Payson

Stefanie Pepping | Her Submission


Cassie Stegman | Her Submission


Sean Ball | His Submission


Michael Spitz | His Submission


Travis Fleck | His Submission


Rich Arnold | His Submission


Paul Wilkes | His Submission


Scott Hill | His Submission


Joseph Hughes | His Submission


Matt Stevens | His Submission

Resolve MattStevens

Jason Hines | His Submission


Curtis Jenkins | His Submission


Jenn Lew | Her Submission


Chris Streger | His Submission


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To Resolve Project – Phenomenal New Years Resolution Inspiration

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