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January 28 2014


From the reader #21

A short lesson on the hyphen, en dash, em dash, and minus sign. Via Happy Cog.

Related is this 2001 post from the A List Apart archives: The Trouble With EM n’ EN (and Other Shady Characters)

Bebas Neue, “the Helvetica of free fonts,” is now available in five weights.

Italy flag from food

18 national flags made from each country’s traditional foods. Inventive promotion for last year’s Sydney International Food Festival, by WHYBIN \ TBWA. Via @ia.

How to fix those fat “l” (el) characters in PDF previews. Definitely appreciated. Via @Vonster.

Bahamas from space

Bahamas from outer space. Via @scienceporn.

And speaking of space, here’s a great one: Flat pack pre-fab garden library.

Say this instead. Such a simple change to how we construct sentences using “but.”

I like this Venn diagram. Cheers Dan.

Venn beaver platypus duck

This sitting/standing desk really looks the part. Via design work life. On similar lines, small-scale.

The ancient cycle of sunset, to night, to sunrise. Full-screen, lights down, volume up, awesome.

Previously: From the reader #20

November 25 2013


From the reader #20

You design a typeface. You make a font. A little type terminology from Robby Ingebretsen, via @espiekermann.

“With identity design, one needs to think about how a design concept plays out across a system — how to balance variation with consistency, style with function, visual expression with timelessness.”

Quoted from a top interview with Tom Crabtree, on designboom.

Macro snowflake

Alexey Kljatov shared his process for shooting some amazing macro snowflake photography. Via Lee Newham.

Cut through the bullshit.

Hong Kong tower block, Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf’s architecture of density project is pretty incredible, showing Hong Kong tower blocks. It makes me appreciate the space I’ve got. Via ISO50.

Digging this futon.

The Success of Non-Violent Civil Resistance. Should be required reading for the idiotic minority in my home country.

Sony’s website is clearly broken. (With a followup.)

And a good quote about getting others onside. Via Tina.

“If you want people to think, give them intent, not instruction.”

September 03 2013


From the reader #19

mobygratis is a resource for independent and non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone in need of free music for their independent, non-profit film, video, or short. Via Joe Hanson.

Unsplash. “Free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos.” Via @cameronmoll.

Coloured lights
Photo by Sebastian Müller

A few tips to help secure your Gmail account, from Matt Cutts.

For the video game enthusiasts, here’s a nice bit of nostalgia. Pica Pic is a website where you can play vintage hand-held games for free. SSega is a similar site for SEGA games, and there’s for the SNES.

This Windcatcher technology looks unreal. Via Tina.

What’s the public’s biggest misconception about design? On Design Week.

Here’s a worthwhile five-minute lesson on street photography (embedded below, via Khoi).

If you like that, watch this video on The Art of Portrait Photography, via Chris Glass.

The recent interview with Frank Chimero on The Great Discontent is an excellent read.

“If you’re looking for contentedness, I’d say stop worrying about your portfolio. Portfolios are super important in explaining yourself to other people and getting new work, but my body of work doesn’t really fill that role of fulfillment. If you expect to find contentedness there, you’re facing in the wrong direction. That’s about the past. You need to face forward. Personal satisfaction comes from putting yourself in a place where you can multiply the opportunities you have and make yourself available to whatever comes up.”

Previously: From the reader #18

April 11 2013


From the reader #18

Smells like design sales. A short post on A List Apart about win/lose pitch ratios and designers selling themselves. Some decent comments in the thread, too.

I don’t know what a big thinker is, and Forbes isn’t exactly a regular read, but this was interesting: The world in 2033: big thinkers and futurists share their thoughts.

A bird ballet

A bird ballet. Beautiful.

“It’s not where you take things from — it’s where you take them to.”

Quoted from

We should only work 25 hours a week. What do you think? I like it. Via @karj.

Thierry Cohen, stars at night

Clear night skies fascinate me, which is why I like this series of photo composites where French photographer Thierry Cohen matched darkened cityscapes with star-filled skies captured from remote locations. Via Kottke.

Our creativity is incredibly affected by the environment we work in.” Definitely.

Learn CSS Layout. Teaches the CSS fundamentals used in any website’s layout. Via @jasonsantamaria.

Branding’s cult-like culture. Danny Rogers, editor of advertising industry magazine Campaign, explained to the Today programme presenter John Humphrys that there is “an extreme version of living the brand.” Via @MatDolphin.

Here’s a great quote from an interview with Ricky Gervais. Via swissmiss.

“You should bring something into the world that wasn’t in the world before. It doesn’t matter what that is. It doesn’t matter if it’s a table or a film or gardening — everyone should create. You should do something, then sit back and say, ‘I did that.’”

A five minute video of Dieter Rams in conversation with Dejan Sudjic, via AisleOne.

If I wore a cap, I’d doff it to Spencer Watson and his amazing indoor kite artistry.

It’s awful reading about how women are treated in India, so it’s a step in the right direction to see The Times of India giving attention to the issue with this spread: What’s the definition of manhood? Seen over on Social Design Notes.

A few good thoughts about working for prestige over on Luke Jones’ blog.

LPTB logo

The logo that almost replaced the roundel. Thankfully, it didn’t.

Who made that Pantone chip? Via @hexanine.

Finally, this Google Street View Hyperlapse is awesome, courtesy of teehan+lax.

Previously: From the reader #17.

Identity Designed

Brand identity inspiration on Identity Designed.

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August 14 2012


From the reader #12

Mike Dempsey echoes my sentiments on branded clothing.

“No mater how discreet the logos are, be they Ralph Lauren’s Polo player or Fred Perry’s laurel, I don’t want them.”

Elsewhere, I like the illustrative style of Malika Favre, a French illustrator in London.

Malika Favre

The introductory video on Malika’s about page is a nice touch, too (below).

Don’t Get Screwed Over. A small website about the importance of contracts, or working agreements, or whatever you prefer to call them. Via @MatDolphin.

Thomas Burke 1896

One Race, Every Medalist Ever. A compelling short video from the New York Times about the men’s 100m sprint winners. There are similar videos for the long jump and men’s 100m freestyle.

Eye-catching shots by Hungarian photographer Akos Major. Via AisleOne.

Akos Major seascape

Yours insincerely. How do you end your emails? Kind regards? “You might as well just write, ‘Whatever’.” Some wordy thoughts from Alan over at The Writer.

John at Social Design Notes shared an interesting snippet about social media censorship in China.

“Contrary to previous understandings, posts with negative, even vitriolic, criticism of the state, its leaders, and its policies are not more likely to be censored. Instead, we show that the censorship program is aimed at curtailing collection action by silencing comments that represent, reinforce, or spur social mobilization, regardless of content.”

And here are some of George Tannenbaum’s thoughts on the Olympics.

“Not all work can run a 9.58. Some work runs a 9.92. That doesn’t mean it sucks.”

P.s. Today my Google Feedburner chicklet (that little black thing in the sidebar) shows 180K subscribers. That’s more than three times the population of my home town. It’s difficult to comprehend, and I’m sure Google will forgive me for thinking it’s a mistake, but true or false, thank you for subscribing.

Previously: From the reader #11

Identity Designed

Brand identity inspiration on Identity Designed.

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June 11 2012


From the reader #11

Herb Lubalin monograph

Unit Editions’ monograph of the legendary Herb Lubalin is available to pre-order.

Colour scheme inspiration on Abstruckt, “details of semi-truck graphics.” Via @howells.

Translucent ants

Translucent ants eating coloured sugar. How about that? Via Fabian Moore.

Nike logo concept

The portfolio of Wolff Olins’ Mike Abbink is worth a look. There’s a great interview with Mike in the Branding issue of the Computer Arts Collection (but you’ll need to buy an issue to read it).

Dave Gorman’s I See Faces Flickr gallery made me smile, too, David.

You’ll soon see IKEA’s UPPLEVA in a store near you. Furniture evolving. Via swissmiss.

Creative Review’s roundup of the Vimeo Award Winners 2012 had me watching Dark Side of the Lens — stunning cinematography from the swells of the seas.

Previously: From the reader #10

Identity Designed

Brand identity inspiration on Identity Designed.

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April 16 2012


From the reader #9

“The era of Ed McCabe, Lois, etc. is gone. There are NO leading creative voices in todays ad world. The stars of our time are relegated to be stars among other creatives only, relegated to the fame of the awards, not business success.”

An interesting quote from Will Madison Avenue become Detroit? Could the post just as easily reference the design profession, instead? Via @MilesNewlyn.

Drink packaging that makes you thirsty just looking at it. Via @MatDolphin.

Bofrost drink packaging
Bofrost drink packaging

Our most difficult client.” Mytton Williams reminisce about their past self-promotional work.

Pencil calendar
Pencil calendar by Mytton Williams

I like this quote about blogs by Trent Walton.

Head along to London’s V&A for British Design 1948–2012 — an exhibition running from March 31st to August 12th. Via We Made This. The johnson banks blog has a whistlestop tour of the show.

100 logos from American and Canadian railroad companies.

“If you’re working in Accounts Payable and you hate the company’s new logo, the people who created it should and must ignore your opinion. It just doesn’t matter to anyone but you.”

Quoted from Seth Godin’s post about opinions and entitlement and why you need to be careful who you’re really listening to.

Another post from Seth, the essential question to ask before extending your brand.

Kind of intrigued by the Mosser project.


Great typographic cover design for Marketing Magazine, by The Partners.

Inflatable letters

Khoi Vinh talks about one aspect of paperback books that isn’t available in their electronic counterparts.

“One thing I had completely forgotten about is how communal popular books can be. A few people have spotted “A Game of Thrones” in my pocket or saw me reading it on the subway and then started friendly conversations with me about it, something that never would have happened if I were reading it on my phone, where every book is effectively invisible to everyone but me.”

I suppose many would prefer that public reading didn’t attract communication from others, but isn’t that a shame?

For the design students and recent graduates, NYC-based Wolff Olins is accepting applications for a paid summer internship — one I would’ve loved back in the day. Closing deadline April 18th. Be quick!

Published on David Airey, graphic designer

Logo Design Love, the book

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February 25 2012


From the reader #8

What nobody tells beginners. A short video (embedded below) made by David Shiyang Liu in three days using Illustrator, After Effects, and the thoughts of Ira Glass. Via issue journal">@issue.

Italian visual designer Simone Massoni sent me a nice 2012 desk calendar that mixes typography and illustration: chicks & types (thanks, Simone).

Bickham type

Bickham type

The Ideal Candidate: a website where leading studios share what they’re looking for in a new employee.

A three-year-old girl has begun her career in brand naming.

Upside Down, Left To Right: A Letterpress Film (embedded below), via Type for you.

Paris Shop Signs: From the Ridiculous to the Sublimely Ridiculous, via @goodpeopletweet.

Jacob Sutton’s LED snowboarder — a mesmerisingly stunning video (embedded below).

I love this Food Stuff Flickr set by Laser Bread.

Dark Side of the Doritos
Dark Side of the Doritos

A quote that’s tied to presenting design work, via Quote Vadis.

“Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context — a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.”

Previously: From the reader #7

Published on David Airey, graphic designer

Logo Design Love, the book

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January 19 2012


From the reader #7

Land art

Land art. Intriguing. On Kuriositas.

The importance of a good crop. A nice visual demonstration of photo manipulation, and how you can use cropping to improve your photos. On ISO50.

“Instead of doing two jobs at 50%, or four jobs at 25%, just do one job at 100%.”

Do one job properly. Dave Trott on why specialising is the way to go. On Dave Trott’s blog.

Beautiful colour in this 60-second ad for Lurpak Butter (embedded below). Via Creative Review.

Typographic chocolate holiday gifts. Lunch time yet? Via inspire me now.

Uncloaking a slumlord conspiracy with social network analysis. Via Social Design Notes.

The TED imperatives apply to a much wider scope than TED alone. On Seth’s Blog.

New York Magazine logo

If you’re looking for a little design inspiration, the work section of Milton Glaser’s new website is worth a browse. Site design outsourced to Ludlow Kingsley.

Mike Dempsey asked, “Who are you designing for? a. Your client. b. Other designers. c. Yourself.” Richard of Ace Jet 170 replied, “None of the above. The customer, of course.”

Eric Karjaluoto kicks-off his upbeat 2012 blogging efforts by sharing 10 of his favourite “big agency claims, promises, and bits of rhetoric… All of which manage to sound so very impressive, while meaning so astoundingly little.” Read more Bullshit.

Here’s a great video (below) of Herb Lubalin discussing the client requests that occurred when he designed the PBS logo. Via Brand New.

I’ll finish with a solid quote from iA’s Oliver Reichenstein.

“Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have the brain or time or will to learn and think and understand whatever the problem is. That’s what the political and corporate charlatans want you to believe: They want you to be as ignorant as possible.”

Previously: From the reader #6

Published on David Airey, graphic designer

Logo Design Love, the book

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December 31 2011


From the reader #6

Specsavers lettering

How lettering is made for public display (sign-making). On Eye blog, via Khoi Vinh.

Top 15 Music Videos Of 2011, on ISO50.

The Icon Handbook is now available to buy, on The Hickensian. Andy Clarke shared his thoughts.

Puyehue volcano

The Year in Volcanic Activity, on The Atlantic, via Kottke.

Mikey Burton card stamp

Get your own custom stamp from the Cranky Pressman, on Mikey Burton, via swissmiss.

Coverjunkie’s best magazine covers of 2011, on CR Blog.

Book sculpture

What do you do with books that gather dust? Create book sculptures, via inspire me now.

Stephen Coles shared his favourite font sources.

ink&paper is a lovely short film about the last letterpress and paper shops in Los Angeles, via AisleOne.

Have a brilliant new year, everyone!

Previously: From the reader #5

Published on David Airey, graphic designer

Logo Design Love, the book

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December 10 2011


From the reader #5

iCam concept

iCam concept, on ISO50. The future of photography?

Record-breaking 3D street mural. Reminiscent of Julian Beever, only bigger. Via design work life.

Nice, bold stationery for Feb Design, on For Print Only.

With design agency Airside closing doors in March, the team released a commemorative video showcasing their work. Via Noisy Decent Graphics.

London Olympics poster

“Who’s there? The Olympics!” Third-years at Kingston University created their own interpretations of the London 2012 Olympic posters. This one’s by Felix Heyes, Josh King, & Ben West.

Asterisk Superheroes. Cute.

The domain name was recently bought for $150,000. Pocket change.

This Little Printer, from London-based Berg, is getting a lot of press around design blogs.

It’s an idea that’s caught the imagination of Daniel Gray, who has already started work on a prototype for Little Printer 2.0. Interestingly, here’s where the idea came about, five years ago.

Tree, Line

The Tree, Line work of Zander Olsen is great stuff. Via davidthedesigner.

Apple store Grand Central Station
Photo by Katie Soloker/Gothamist

Grand Central Station. What a venue for a new Apple store.

Just three years after the “world’s first museum of graphic design” opened in Breda, Netherlands, it’s changed name to Museum of the Image. Strange. More on johnson banks’ thought for the week.

Please keep clear of the doors

Photos of the now-closed Aldwych underground station in London caught my eye.

Previously: From the reader #4

Published on David Airey, graphic designer

Logo Design Love, the book

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November 22 2011


From the reader #4

Richard Weston of @AceJet170 wrote an excellent piece for the Northern Ireland Design Alliance blog, titled In support of the middle, on the hot topic of “How the hell do I break into the design business?”

“We’re not the ones that are going to make a big name for ourselves. We’re not going to be in Creative Review every month or win D&AD pencils every year. We’re not going to be celebrated.

“Does that make us lesser designers?

“Does that mean we’re not good, great, exceptional? No it doesn’t.”

“More minimalist effect” in the maximalist market, carried on from the previously noted minimalism in packaging design.

Minimal Polo packaging

I was happy when @BlairThomson pointed me toward this Dave Trott post from last year: The train is leaving the station. An excellent story of how one company presented their design idea to a client.

A nice collection of illustrated letterforms, by Jonny Wan.

Illustrated letterforms

Q/ How good are these iconographic posters for children’s stories? A/ Very.

These seem popular now (or these now seem popular). They do, don’t they?

design trend

For something a little different, this 25-minute documentary on downhill skateboarding is insane.

Previously: From the reader #3

Published on David Airey, graphic designer

Logo Design Love, the book

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August 25 2011


From the reader #3

Did Stanley Kubrick invent the iPad? Via @MatDolphin.

Stanley Kubrick iPad

The above screen-grab is from Kubrick’s groundbreaking film 2001: A Space Odyssey. I went to the QFT a couple of weeks back to watch this with my brother, and imagined myself being gobsmacked had I been in the audience during the 1968 release. Overly trippy in some parts, but what a feat.

In other news, try reading the copy on this Kellogg’s advertisement.

Kellogg's start shine

“Your eye has some real work to do getting from ‘the’ and then back to ‘day’ all the way on the other side of the 6 sheet. Reading makes you feel a bit sick as your head has to do so much movement from left to right and left to right and…”

Awful typography, on Noisy Decent Graphics.

Create give borrow circulate

Mark McGuinness shares some useful tips on how to attract more visitors to your website.

Volunteer Wildlife Services

Attention-grabbing image and tagline (above) for this campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi.

ADA — an interactive sculpture that stood-out (video embedded below). Via Co. Design.

Ideas wind tunnel

Gone with the Wind — a good read on the Mat Dolphin blog about applying the ‘wind tunnel’ effect to the process of achieving design consensus.

“If you go through the wind tunnel you will never end up with your quirky Pirelli logos — everything becomes anodyne. Quirkiness comes about through a combination of client naivety and budget.”

A young Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs photo courtesy of San Francisco News

In the wake of Steve Jobs resigning as Apple’s CEO, I’ve pasted a fitting quote from the “Think Different” ad campaign. Via Quote Vadis.

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The rebels. The troublemakers. The ones who see things differently. While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

From the reader #2

Published on David Airey, graphic designer

Logo Design Love, the book

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