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February 24 2014


February 19 2014

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February 10 2014


New Old Stock: Public Domain Photos from Institutional Archives Worldwide


Many institutions create and collect photos and make them available as Public Domain or licenses closest to that. As we all know, public institutions don’t really care to make their services comfortably usable. On top of that these collections contain loads more chaff than wheat. Cole Townsend from Buffalo, New York has come to our rescue. His Tumblr project “New Old Stock” curates the best free photos from public archives and it does quite a job…

February 06 2014


Time Lapse Videos: How to Quicken the Pace of Your Movies


You can choose between two equally great methods to let videos run faster than in real-time. One is doing it directly from your camera, the other is postprocessing them in a suitable software such as Adobe Premiere. Both methods reduce long hours to a mere few minutes or seconds, even, while needing a speedy eye. Yet, nothing falls through the grid that way…

January 29 2014


Free Stock Photos by Email: Little Visuals


If you follow Noupe closely, you know that we covered pic-poster quite a few times. This Tumblr-based service sends out emails containing 10 images with varying topics every 10 days. All the images can be used freely under a CC0 license. This allows for commercial use also. The even younger service Little Visuals would certainly win a look-alike contest…

January 28 2014


Splitshire: Even More Free Stock Photos for Commercial Use


Daniel Nanescu from Torino, Italy is a web and graphics designer as well as a passionate photographer. Traces of his photography can be tracked back almost ten years from now. Daniel does not only have a practiced eye. He also has the appropriate hardware as well as some solid photo editing skills – the whole package. All the better that he decided to publish parts of his work for free. Welcome to the brand-new service It’s merely a few days old…

January 27 2014


January 24 2014


10 Portfolio Websites that Will Make You Say Wow

Why is it necessary to have a portfolio website? Is it a requisite for all designers? Here are 10 portfolio websites that can lead you to the answers.

Why haven’t I thought of that?”

Well, those were the first words I uttered when I saw this collection of websites that will make you say wow. I thought it would be great if I will be able to share these to you.

The answers to the questions above are very simple. It is necessary for a designer to have a portfolio website because it showcases your talent and provides your future clients with an idea of how good you are. If a prospect client wants to hire you, he will of course want to know what your previous projects are and how efficient you were on doing it. They will conduct research (Everybody does. Who wants to throw off their precious bucks for people who can’t deliver, right?) to have an idea about your professionalism, efficiency, speed and talent. If you don’t have a portfolio, where will your clients look?

So, why don’t we begin looking at these and in the end, just be awed and say Wow!

The Toke


Viewing the projects in this one is as simple as viewing them in a photo browser. With minimal audio and keyboard shortcuts, this portfolio website is professional looking and sleek.

Alex Abramov


The designer used the big background photo to serve as map-like design where points in the city were made to represent the page you will be viewing.



This doodle-looking portfolio looks both cute and magnificent. Using Parallax to enable horizontal scrolling, this portfolio simply amazes me.



Talk about being creative and interactive! This website rocks. With the cool background music and the transitions, it proves to be one amazing portfolio.

M-1 Design


Mouse-responsive motion, this website eats it like a piece of cake. Using clever and surreal designs with great transitions, you’d want something like this.

IE Studio


Simplicity is the main reason behind this website’s beauty. Nothing beats the minimalist. Check out the artistic use of images both of which are photographic and computer generated.



Some things are more beautiful when naked. This website is a great manifestation of it. It is the simplest form of  being simple. No flashy effects, just the off-white colors blended with the occasional red will surely equal to an amazing portfolio website.



This mixed the simplistic and minimalistic designs with great effects. Eyegasmic, this site is easy to understand and navigate.

Guided Creative


This one amped up retro designs with the flat design trends creating a bright blue beauty.

R Leonardi


Love interaction? This one interacts with you like a video game. With its clever use of animation and transitions, you’ll find yourself browsing to the last page just to see how it finishes.


Portfolio websites like these serve as inspirations for web designers to continue to hone their talents. Having a great portfolio website is almost tantamount to a great work. Of course, if you are able to design projects which are eye-popping, it is both necessary and obvious that you should have a great portfolio to hold them off.

WOW! Right? What do you think?

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Creating an Effective Online Portfolio: 40+ Tips, Tools & Inspirations

10 Easy Steps On How To Create A Good Photography Portfolio

10 Outstanding Tools to Build Portfolio Easily and Professionally

January 15 2014


10 Easy To Understand Photoshop Tutorials on Lighting Effects

Most designers find Photoshop very versatile. Photoshop tutorials on lighting effects is highly sought after. Although mainly used in photography, this favorite software of designers bridges different kinds of needs, from typography to web design.

Not to exaggerate, Photoshop can supply all your design needs. Today, we will be highlighting a very particular need. This article is directed mainly to graphic designers and photo enthusiasts but could be a very good springboard to web designers too. With lightning effects added in your photos, you will be able to add more dynamism and professionalism in your designs. In short, it would make your awesome website more awesome. How cool is that?

The need I am talking about is lighting effects. In photography and graphic design, lighting is very important because it stimulates the vision to think or perceive a certain period of the day. Light, in these specific art forms, creates the illusion of time and space. You can readily make people believe that you took a certain photo at night just because the lighting says so. One can also confuse a picture to be taken at dusk when in fact it’s otherwise just because the light says so. Having said that, it is important to put in mind these reminders and master the art of lighting.

For beginners, you’ll find these tutorials very fun-to-do and instructive. For experts and masters, you’ll find these links refreshing. So here they are:

Nike Ad in Photoshop


Morning Light in Photoshop


Lomography Effect


Rainbow Light Effect


Light Bulb Text Effect


Apocalyptic Effect


Fiery Explosion


Dynamic Lighting


Crystallized Effect


Scarecrow + Sick Background Lighting



You have to admit that Photoshop is the best editing software when it comes to photos. With its versatility, you can easily play with the lighting of your photos or graphic illustrations. These tutorials are just guides. Remember that you should never stick to them point by point. You should learn how each step works and how can you adjust them for different photos of different scenarios. This way, you can apply the concepts in your everyday designs.

January 13 2014


Picjumbo: A New Collection of High-quality, Commercial-use Photos for Totally Free


Photos are what web designers need in massive amounts. Yet, shooting each and every needed photo by yourself would soon become a full-time occupation in itself. Compromises are to be made. Thus, it’s no wonder that we see loads of stock libraries around. Who wants to use the same images, competitor X already uses? The need for heaps of fresh images is permanently rising. Besides the well-known stock libraries with their large collections of millions of pictures, smaller services have started to grow. Most remarkably these services offer smaller amounts of images, yet they do it for free. Some don’t even require back-links or proper attribution. Picjumbo by Viktor Hanacek from the Czech Republic is such a service…

January 02 2014


This World is On Fire: Best Fireworks of 2014

It has always been a good tradition to start the new year with a bang. And when we use the words “new”, “year” and “bang” in one sentence, there is only one word that we could ever think of: Fireworks.

Fireworks, as Wikipedia puts it, are a class of explosive pyrotechnic devices that are used in many purposes: aesthetic, cultural or even religious. Often displayed in festivals, New Year celebrations and cultural events, fireworks work in four effects: light, smoke, noise and floating materials. Typically, colors like red, orange, yellow, blue, green, sliver and purple are used in fireworks.

In many major cultures, especially in China and the rest of Asia, fireworks are used in order to drive bad spirits away.

At the dawn of 2014 these babies flew and lit the sky with sonic-boom explosions that seemed to knocked at heaven’s door while entertaining and lighting up the eyes of all present under them. Now, let’s take one step back and admire the fireworks display that set 2014 ablaze!



Photo from



Photo from CNN



Photo from



Photo from



Photo from



Photo from

Hong Kong


Photo from



Photo from



Photo from NY Daily News



Photo from AP



Photo from AP



Photo by Michal Grabowski



Photo from



Photo from AP



Photo from IBI Times

USA (Las Vegas)


Photo from AP

USA (New York)


Photo from



Photo from


Here’s a bonus: I’ve also compiled some tutorials, in case you want to give your design a New Year look! So here it goes:

Adding Fireworks To A Photo With Photoshop – this tutorial is very simple even though its output is realistic and beautiful. Take a look!


How To Create Fireworks In Photoshop – now if you really want to make your OWN firework, you need this tutorial. It will teach you to create a very beautiful firework explosion.


How to Make Great Fireworks in Photoshop – this is yet another beautiful tutorial. Though simple-looking you can tweak this tutorial and add your personal effects.


How to Create Happy New Year 2013 Holiday Card in Adobe Photoshop CS6 – want to give your special someone a personalized 2014 greeting card? This tutorial will teach you how to do one. In very comprehensive and easy manner.


Last Hooray

There you have it. We have seen the greatest exhibition of Fireworks last year and the best New Year effect tutorials. The last thing we need to do now is to welcome 2014 and start it in a bang. As web designers, you need to do it in our own style! Let’s rock the World Wide Web with our outstanding designs and rocking projects. Happy New Year!

December 23 2013


Mouth-watering: 50 Stunning Commercial-free Photos for Food Industry Designs


Professional photos of food and food-related scenes can be hard to come by when you have to stick to a thrifty budget. Yet, sometimes you have a startup business client who needs to keep costs low, which means that cheap – or even free – photos are necessary. Or maybe you need stock photos to make your theme demo look too incredible to pass up. Food photos are also an excellent idea for unique textures for your design project.

December 04 2013


November 2013: 10 Best Free Hi-Res Photos by Unsplash


A few months ago we introduced you to, a project by Ooomf. Since then they kept promise and regularly released new images. Quality varies though. That’s why we decided to help separate the wheat from the chaff by publishing only the 10 best images released in November 2013. We do not necessarily choose those photos with the highest level of photographic artistry, but our eye is more on usefulness. Which photos are good to support articles, designs and such without showing too much uniqueness to render them unusable without their original context. That said: have fun and do whatever you want with these gorgeous photos…

November 25 2013


From the reader #20

You design a typeface. You make a font. A little type terminology from Robby Ingebretsen, via @espiekermann.

“With identity design, one needs to think about how a design concept plays out across a system — how to balance variation with consistency, style with function, visual expression with timelessness.”

Quoted from a top interview with Tom Crabtree, on designboom.

Macro snowflake

Alexey Kljatov shared his process for shooting some amazing macro snowflake photography. Via Lee Newham.

Cut through the bullshit.

Hong Kong tower block, Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf’s architecture of density project is pretty incredible, showing Hong Kong tower blocks. It makes me appreciate the space I’ve got. Via ISO50.

Digging this futon.

The Success of Non-Violent Civil Resistance. Should be required reading for the idiotic minority in my home country.

Sony’s website is clearly broken. (With a followup.)

And a good quote about getting others onside. Via Tina.

“If you want people to think, give them intent, not instruction.”

November 21 2013


Gratisography: Fresh Service for Free Photos


Ryan McGuire of Bells Design is a designer with a delightful sense of humor. Soaked with mirth he seemingly started out on mission awesomeness. Besides running his design firm Bells Design, Ryan spent the last three weeks of his time building his new project labeled Gratisography. Similar to what the guys at Unsplash do, Ryan curates free photos licensed under Creative Commons Zero. Gratisography grows slowly, but steadily.

November 12 2013


Steady On The Legs: Footwear Ads Often Put Other Ads to Shame


Advertising is a difficult industry, full of high pressure competition to capture an audience and appeal to them more than another brand. It seems, too, that within the world of advertising, every field has had moments of genius when a brilliant ad idea was executed just right and created a buzz that turned even the heads of staunch supporters of the competition.

November 03 2013


October 2013: 10 Best Free Hi-Res Photos by Unsplash


A few months ago we introduced you to, a project by Ooomf. Since then they kept promise and regularly released new images. Quality varies though. That’s why we decided to help separate the wheat from the chaff by publishing only the 10 best images released in October 2013. We do not necessarily choose those photos with the highest level of photographic artistry, but our eye is more on usefulness. Which photos are good to support articles, designs and such without showing too much uniqueness to render them unusable without their original context. That said: have fun and do whatever you want with these gorgeous photos…

October 24 2013


Meet Prixel Creative

Prixel Creative is comprised of a husband and wife team (Kendra and Justin Skinner) located in Springfield, MO. Together they share a passion for great design and premium photography. They have a collection of great Lightroom presets to enhance your photos and beautiful hand drawn graphics to add to any design project. All can be found at Creative Market.

Lightroom Presets

These beautiful Lightroom presets help you to add some unique color and highlights to your photographs.

Rose Garden

This set of Lightroom presets help add a touch of nature and natural color to any number of photos.

Subtly Sweet Lightleaks

This set of presets offers your photos a sweet finish and a subtle touch of color.

Vintage Lightroom Presets

Take your photos back a few years and move your skills forward with this set of vintage Lightroom presets.


This set of doily graphics allows you to mix and match to make lovely shapes and custom combinations.

Hand Drawn Paisley Pieces

These gorgeous hand drawn paisleys are great for organic patterns and backgrounds. You can find them both in PSD and Vector formate on Creative Market.

Hand Drawn Arrows

Below you can see a beautiful set of hand drawn and very unique arrows in vector format. The set comes with 30 different styles.


An assortment of machine and clock gear shapes in vector format, which include 35 total gear shapes.

Speech Bubbles

Hand drawn speech bubbles for are great for multiple uses.

Borders and Frames

So much thought and love went into these beautifully hand drawn borders and frames.

Ornate Lines

Ornate lines are ideal for bordering or highlighting hand written text.


What do you think of these beautiful creations? You can check them all out (and see more) at Creative Market.


Saving Big Bucks: 200 Premium Photoshop Actions for 17 instead of 243 Dollars


First and foremost, Photoshop actions are time-savers and will boost the productivity of any creative professional regularly working with images. These premade actions are also great for people with only a basic level of Photoshop knowledge, as they get equipped with professional manipulation steps, they would not have been able to accomplish left to their own devices. Today, we are not only talking about time-saving, we are also talking about saving big-time. Because in our Deal of the Week we have 200 premium Photoshop actions discounted 93 percent off of their original price. Get 17 bucks ready to spend and read on…

October 21 2013


The 500 Dollar Blogger Bundle Giveaway: Noupe is Looking for 3 Winners


Dear readers of our lovely Noupe magazine. Today we teamed up with Envato to bring you the opportunity to win The Blogger Bundle. The Blogger Bundle consists of over 500 dollars worth of files. For a limited time, you can buy this bundle over at Codecanyon for just 20 dollars. But we encourage you to first try your luck and participate in our giveaway game. Three readers will be randomly drawn from all correct entries. Read on…

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