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November 22 2010


Get Inspired: 45+ Amazingly Creative Papercut Artwork

Derives from the Greek term for the ancient Egyptian writing material, paper as we call it today is being used for many purposes. From writing a simple note to advertising media, the paper it self become very important in our life. Furthermore, paper can also be used as decorations.

Papercut for example, is a simple paper decoration. Though, when it comes to creative ideas they will no longer look simple. Instead, these stunning papercut artwork will leave you with praise. In today’s post, we have selected 45+ amazingly creative papercut artwork for your inspiration. Make sure to check them all and be amazed on how amazing one paper could be.

1. Hedgerow Birds by Helen Musselwhite

2. Gucc Grafik and Film by Julene

3. Bluness by Stealinghearts

4. Main25 by Aoyama Hina

5. Papillon by Aoyama Hina

6. Altop-p by Aoyama Hina

7. Eros & Thanatos by Kako Ueda

8. Reciprocal Pain by Kako Ueda

9. Autobio by Beatrice Coron

10. Dominik by Beatrice Coron

11. Webtime by Beatrice Coron

12. Welcome by Ufocinque

13. Dark Night by Carolg2007

14. Tree by Carolg2007

15. Rimane by Ufocinque

16. Vernissage by Analu Prestes

17. Tree House by Elsa Mora

18. Por Dentro by Elsa Mora

19. Brain by Elsa Mora

20. Française by Kris Trappeniers

21. Mesmerized by Kris Trappeniers

22. Atomic Jellyfish by Bovey Lee

23. Telaraña by Irene Tobón

24. Papercut Spread by Naomi

25. Tarjeta Jimena y Marcelo by Chiquita Boo

26. Blonda by Chiquita Boo

27. Tsunami Oblivious by Bovey Lee

28. Papercut for “The Scene” by Himmapaan

29. Asphyxiation by Lorraine Nam

30. Gender Role by Lorraine Nam

31. Paper cut out map

32. Anna by V_A_A

33. P1 Fragment by V_A_A

34. Follow Your Dreams by Julene

35. Girl & Storks by Iris-b2007

36. Papercut by LI

37. Wip by Ruth Mergi

38. Etsy Papercutting  Art Works

39. Etsy Papercutting  Art Works

40. Papercut by Jam Wu

41. Papercut by Jam Wu

42. Now I Got Worry (StressMonkey) by Patrick Gannon

43. Your Touch, It Does Something To Me by Patrick Gannon

44. Laura by Disaster.Strikes

45. Xinagraf by Christina Graf

46. Rob Ryan – Valentines 2008 by Velda

47. Ceca Sustentável by Uriá Fassina

Make Your Own Papercut

Aren’t they all amazing? It is actually not so difficult to create a papercut artwork, though you will need to be patient and practice on cutting the desired shapes. If you’re really interested on how to create one, check out this tutorial: How To: DIY Papercuts by Skinny Laminx. Don’t forget to tell us which is your favorite piece or if you’re a papercut artist, feel free to show your artwork to us.

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