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February 25 2014


February 24 2014

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February 20 2014

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February 19 2014

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February 18 2014

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February 13 2014


Primrose Pretty: Perfect-for-Spring Dresses Your 'Maids Will Love

Spring weddings are extra special because they celebrate the end of winter and the return of warm weather and outdoor fun. We love the sight of tulip bouquets, bare shoulders, and pretty pastel party dresses. Celebrate the season and dress your bridesmaids in beautiful primrose-yellow dresses. Browse our favorites below!

yellow southern summer wedding | Chesley Summar Photography

Photo by: Chesley Summar Photography on Glamour & Grace via

yellow bridesmaid dresses

Photo by: Captured Photography By Jenny on Wedding Chicks via

yellow bridesmaid dresses

Photo by: Ulmer Studios Photography on Wedding Chicks via


Photo by: Jill Thomas on Grey Likes Weddings via


Photo by: Ben Blood on Bridal Musings via

yellow bridesmaid dresses

Photo by: Samuel Potter on Wedding Chicks via

Photo by: Jonathan Canlas on Snippet and Ink via

Photo by: Leah McCormick on Snippet and Ink via


Photo by: heidi-o-photo on Grey Likes Weddings via

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Forget blushing bride -- we're all about blushing bridesmaids!

Lemon meringue wedding inspiration

Choose sparkly sequined bridesmaid dresses

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February 12 2014


Save the Internet: Learn About Net Neutrality

Neutrality is a philosophy where vested interest, or favoring of sides, is absent from a situation. As one of the original guiding principles of the Internet, net neutrality gives people all around the globe a platform for sharing and appreciating ideas with respect for their fellow person. However, would that be the case if your Internet service provider(ISP) had a say in how you use the Internet?

On September 9, 2013 the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia(DC) Circuit began hearing the case of Verizon vs. the Federal Communications Commission(FCC). This case was then decided upon in favor of Verizon on January 14, 2014. This is commonly referred to now as the ruling against Net Neutrality.

To have a true understanding of the present, there needs to be some knowledge of its past. So instead of digging right into this case, let’s take a step back and look at the events prior to this case that play apart in where we are now.

Comcast Corp. vs FCC

Courtesy of Flickr account cubicleman

Courtesy of Flickr account cubicleman

In 2007, several subscribers to Comcast’s high speed Internet service discovered Comcast was interfering with their use of peer-to-peer applications. To further escalate this situation, two advocacy agencies, Free Press and Public Knowledge, and a number of public interest groups filed a complaint with the FCC.

In these complaints, the premise was that Comcast’s actions here violated the FCC’s Internet Policy Statement, commonly referred to as the FCC Open Internet Order of 2010. The complaints were based on inclusion of consumers’ entitlement to access any lawful Internet content of their choice:

adopt[ed] the . . . principles” that “consumers are entitled to access the lawful Internet content of their choice . . . [and] to run applications and use services of their choice.

In Comcast’s defense, it stated that its interaction was an attempt to manage scarce network capacity.

After some time, filled with public commentary, 2008 saw the FCC responding by affirming its jurisdiction over Comcast’s network management and that their method of network activity discrimination was unjust:

significantly impeded consumers’ ability to access the content and use the applications of their choice,” id. at 13,054, ¶ 44, and that because Comcast “ha[d] several available options it could use to manage network traffic without discriminating” against peer-to-peer communications, id. at 13,057, ¶ 49, its method of bandwidth management “contravene[d] . . . federal policy.

In addition, the FCC concluded that there were several more acceptable alternatives to network management. Comcast would eventually comply with the FCC, but only to later challenge their grounds on three claims, targeting the FCC’s granted authority from the Communications Act of 1934. These claims being:

  • First, it contends that the Commission has failed to justify exercising jurisdiction over its network management practices
  • Second, it argues that the Commission’s adjudicatory action was procedurally flawed because it circumvented the rule-making requirements of the Administrative Procedure Act and violated the notice requirements of the Due Process Clause.
  • Finally, it asserts that parts of the Order are so poorly reasoned as to be arbitrary and capricious.

Comcast Corp. would eventually take the FCC to court on January 8, 2010 to dispute their ruling on these three claims. The case was then decided on April 6th of the year in favor of Comcast. This ruling vacated the FCC’s 2008 ruling on the matter, and maintained that the FCC does not have authority over Comcast in how it manages its Internet services.

In closing of the case, the courts gave their reasoning on the grounds that the FCC did not provide enough information to assert its ancillary authority over the matter.

“Congress gave the [Commission] broad and adaptable jurisdiction so that it can keep pace with rapidly evolving communications technologies.” Resp’t’s Br. 19. It is also true that “[t]he Internet is such a technology,” id., indeed, “arguably the most important innovation in communications in a generation,” id. at 30.

Yet notwithstanding the “difficult regulatory problem of rapid technological change” posed by the communications industry, “the allowance of wide latitude in the exercise of delegated powers is not the equivalent of untrammeled freedom to regulate activities over which the statute fails to confer . . . Commission authority.

More information on the case and its preceding can be found in its court brief.

Comparing How Verizon and Comcast Corp. Won

Courtesy of Flickr account: archeon

Courtesy of Flickr account: archeon

Due to the high volume of quality articles available on the Verizon case at the moment, I won’t be spending more time going over it for the millionth time. However, I will drill down for you the reasoning for the ruling in both cases.

In the Comcast Corp. vs FCC case, it was the interpretation of the Communication Act of 1934 where the case’s decision rested. The preceding judge found that this act did not give the FCC the ancillary authority, the right to regulate a jurisdiction; however, an agency sees fit, to regulate over Internet service providers’ networks.

There ancillary authority was unproven on the grounds of American Library Association vs. FCC. This proceeding states,

“A commission may exercise ancillary authority only if “(1) the Commission’s general jurisdictional granted under Title I [of the Communications Act] covers the regulated subject and (2) the regulations are reasonably ancillary to the Commission’s effective performance of its statutorily mandated responsibilities.”

In the Verizon case, the main act under review here was the Telecommunications Act of 1996. After around four months of deliberation, the ruling favored Verizon on the grounds that the act in question failed to explicitly classify broadband providers as telecommunications services instead of their regular classification as information services.

So in short, the FCC lost these pivotal cases because of a lack established jurisdiction authority and failure to identify broadband providers as telecommunication services instead of information services.

What is Net Neutrality

After all that back story on how companies are starting to attack Net Neutrality, by now, you’re wondering what exactly defines this philosophy. In conjunction with that, the bigger question would be: if its gone, how will things change for me?

Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally. This principle removes the option for discrimination of services based on user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, and modes of communication.

This way of being on the Internet is now in jeopardy because the verdicts in both the Verizon and Comcast Corp. cases was critical in defining regulation limitations on ISPs (Internet Service Providers) .

How Things Could Change

Courtesy of Flickr account: atbartlett

Courtesy of Flickr account: atbartlett

In the near future, you can definitely expect many more ISPs taking the FCC to court, but that most definitely won’t be all. Here are a few examples of how things could change:

  • Companies start paying ISPs a premium to not count bandwidth used in conjunction with their web services
  • Increase in discriminatory network management tactics from ISP
  • Higher priced service packages being offered to consumers for limiting discriminatory activities from ISP providers
  • Set of overcharge fees for using network technologies that are viewed as bandwidth drainers
  • Increase in screening and recording of Internet activity that is readily available to the government at anytime

Wait, the government gains something here? I thought the FCC was an independent agency of the U.S. government, something’s missing here. That is right, there is something not adding up with that!


Back in 2012, SOPA and PIPA took the world by storm, and had every big player on the Internet doing their part to help prevent these laws from being passed. Due to the high outcry from the Internet, the House and Congress decided to halt progress to give more time to work on them.

I’ve already written a well explained article on the matter, so I won’t detail it here. However, what if I told you that one of the companies supporting SOPA and PIPA was Comcast. Funny how a company supporting acts like these two would also take to court the FCC regarding how it regulates its network management discrimination policies. My apologies, I meant network management protocols and not discrimination policies. Slip of the keyboard.

CISPA on the other hand is lesser known than the other two, but its still important. CISPA stands for Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, and was first introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2011. CISPA was passed in the House in 2012 and 2013; it has been recently stalled and not voted on in the Senate in its recent trip there.

A brief definition of this law is that, if passed, it would allow for the sharing of Internet traffic information between the U.S. government and technology and manufacturing companies. Key supporters of this include: AT&T, IBM, Intel, Oracle Corporation, Symantec, TechNet(includes executives from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) and Verizon.

What You Can Do!

After all that reading, the first thing you should be feeling like doing is reading some more! Despite the positive outcome of the stop SOPA and PIPA campaign a couple of years ago, there was one real problem I noticed. NOBODY WAS REALLY INFORMED!

Everybody was ready to spread the word, but probably no more than 10% at best actually knew what they were talking about. In addition, this lack of information lead to many misleading blog articles, stating that SOPA and PIPA were defeated. Well, they weren’t! They were sent into a state of further review, meaning they easily will come back in another form again.

So if this article got you interested in saving Net Neutrality, then first read the two core court cases setting up its future attacks.

Also, go back and get informed about SOPA and PIPA with my original piece on it. If nothing is concrete enough for you there, then, there are plenty of resources to be found regardless.

After getting some concrete facts on the matter for yourself, take your fury over to Fight for the Future to help them and 85 other organizations to aid in the fight. Why should we all live in a world where the one sole place meant to be free for the citizens of the world to openly collaborate become as discriminated as the world we all complain about.

Today you also will notice there is popup on 1stWebDesigner today, because today whole Internet is protesting against mass surveillance! We support this protest and invite you to join in! We are enjoying freedom on Internet and now is the time to help protect it! You can read more about this protest here and check out site, who is organising this event.  - Note from Dainis Graveris, founder of 1WD

February 11 2014


Breaking Developments; Beyond The Desktop

Breaking Developments; Beyond the Desktop

Today we are excited to announce that UnmatchedStyle has acquired the Breaking Developments; Beyond the Desktop conference series. Over the past six years, we have brought the Converge conference series to areas throughout the south east with ConvergeSEConvergeFLConvergeRVA in addition to helping create the inaugural Artifact conference. We love going to and creating the best web design and development conferences in the country and with the addition of BDConf we plan to keep doing more of the same.

The Breaking Developments; Beyond the Desktop conferences have been some of the best events in the industry and continue to be important in bringing a strong focus to designing and developing for mobile in a meaningful way. It has always been a successful event series and has had rave reviews from attendees and speakers alike. The conference series will continue on in its current state and format with events slated for later in 2014 in Nashville, TN from July 28 to July 30 and Orlando, FL from November 3 to November 5 and beyond.

We’re really looking forward to digging in and bringing these events to life this year and we hope you will continue to join us as we all explore what’s beyond the desktop!

If you should have any questions or concerns please email us at

The UnmatchedStyle Team: Gene, Jay, Giovanni & Aaron

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Printable Valentine's Day Cards

 Have you thought about what you are giving your someone special for Valentine's Day? Some people give candy, some give flowers, and some simply give a sentimental card to show how much they care. If you're not into the store-bought kind of card, why not give a unique card that you can print right at home. Take a look at this wonderful collection of printable Valentine's Day Cards right here.

Valentine's Day Greeting Cards by kite-kit

Valentine's Day Card by sgcanturk

Valentine's Day Cards by themesflow

Love You Swinging Cards Tags and Labels by Nicole Gelinas Designs

Card for Valentine's day by nenochka

Valentine's Day Greeting Card by Creative Toons

4 Printable Valentine's Day Cards by Morgana Lamson

Valentine's Day Posters and Cards by PremiumCoding

Valentine's Day Card Set by PaperArt


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February 10 2014


You're Never Too Young To Love Vintage

How old does something have to be before it's considered vintage? Searching for this answer will result in a varying degree of answers. In my mind, I consider vintage to be anything of my grandparents era. I have so many fond memories of playing with vintage toys at their house or sitting at my grandfather's old desk. Let's take a look at some fun toys, desks, and design assets.

Vintage Red Metal Toy Phone

Vintage Pull Toy

 Vintage Toy Cash Register

Vintage Offices

Vintage Toys by DePiano

Vintage Ephemera Photoshop brushes by 2 Lil Owls Studio

1913 Typewriter Font by GLC Foundry

Vintage Office Digital Paper Set by Le Paper Cafe

Vintage Office by GrafikBoutique

Vintage Bicycle Shields by Reclaimed Graphics

Vintage Logos by orcacreative

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February 06 2014


Married & Bright: Festive Weddings In Technicolor

There's nothing we love more than a spring wedding with a  bright, fanciful color palette. It's the perfect time of year to feature a rainbow of fun colors and festive patterns. If you're tying the knot this spring, choose bold hues for your stationery, reception decor and bridal party's attire and celebrate the season in technicolor!


Photo by: Laura Murray Photography on Bridal Musings via

Photo by: Suzy Clement on Suzy via

pink wedding invitation

Photo by: Chantal Andrea Photography on Wedding Chicks via

Photo by: Bee Photographie on Southern Weddings via

Pink and orange modern eclectic wedding_017

Photo by: AJH Photography on Every Last Detail via

colorful diy photo booth background

Photo by: Katch Silva Photography on Wedding Chicks via

Photo by: Beaux Arts Photographie on Santa Barbara Chic via

Photo by: Kella MacPhee on Oh Lovely Day via

Photo by: Amy Atlas on Inspired by This via

Photo by: Katelyn James Photography on The Brides Cafe via

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Browse even more colorful wedding ideas

4 tips for choosing your wedding colors

Colorful wedding bunting

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Port: A Beautiful Agency WordPress Theme

Advertise here with BSA

Over at ThemeTrust, we just released a brand new WordPress theme called Port. It’s a beautiful and stylish agency theme that features multiple parallax sections on the home page, and a sleek slide-out main navigation. Check out ThemeTrust for a live demo.

At Theme Trust when you buy one theme, you get another free. Just add any two themes to your shopping cart and then enter the code “1free“.

Port, a Beautiful Agency WordPress Theme

Theme Features

Here’s a run down of the key features included in Port:

  • Responsive Layout
  • Parallax Home Page
  • Slideshow Shortcode
  • Custom Widgets
  • Localization Support
  • Logo Upload
  • Filterable Portfolio Template
  • Google Web Font Integration
  • Custom Options Panel
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Testimonials
  • Video Support
  • Button Shortcodes
  • Column Shortcodes


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February 04 2014


14 Designers With Lovely Valentine's Day Backgrounds

We're getting closer to Valentine's Day and hopefully everyone has a special someone to whom they want to say "I love you". Whether it's a significant other, or close friend or family member, a fun way to let someone know how much you care is to make a unique card or gift just for them. Here we have gathered a collection of lovely digital backgrounds from 14 amazing designers.

Abstract Hearts by Flurno

Hearts Background by Depiano

 Watercolor Pattern with Peony Flower by Astromonkey

Sweetheart Digital Papers by 7th Avenue Designs

Love Vector Patterns by Tomodachi

Colorful Love by Digital Art Creations

Chocolate Kisses Paper Pack by Craftastrophic Stuff

The Love Bundle by McDermott Designs

Vintage Heart Printable Patterns by All Is Full Of Love

Hearts pattern and a greeting card by Helga Wigandt

Love Patterns by Sveltok

Dear Heart Digital Scrapbook Pages by Blixa 6 Studios

Set of seamless patterns by Sunny_Lion 

Collection of patterns with hearts by SolveigEugenia Design


Feeling inspired to create something special for your someone special? Why not share the love so your friends can create something beautiful as well?

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February 02 2014


5 Colors of the Olympics

The opening ceremony to the 2014 Winter Olympics begins this week in Sochi, Russia. Spectators from all of the world will be watching as their favorite athletes are put to the ultimate test.

No matter where you are from, the 5 Olympic rings are universally known as the symbol of the the greatest sporting events on earth. But, have you ever wondered what it means? The colorful rings actually stand for each of the 5 continents involved in the games; America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe. The colors were chosen to represent all of the colors that you can find on the flags of each of the participating countries.

 Each country that sponsors the Olympics also tends to stay within the same color pattern when creating the logo for that year's event. Let's take a look at some of the logos from the past.Sochi 2014

Are you planning to have Olympic watching parties? Why not create an exciting flyer for your guests with these easy-to-use templates and graphics.

Winter Olympic Flyer by Krukowski

Winter Sports

Winter Sports Skier Sketch

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January 31 2014


Gilt Trip: Fancy Gold Shoes Perfect for Weddings and Beyond

One of the biggest wedding trends of the year is... gold! We saw the sparkling hue on the bridal fashion runways, across stationery suites and glamming up wedding cakes -- it's safe to say it's everywhere.

Nothing adds quite as much pizazz to a wedding-day outfit as that midas touch. Choose a pair of gilded shoes you love and you'll be wearing them long after you say "I do." See a few of our favorites below!

Silver wedding ideas, silver wedding inspiration, metallic wedding ideas

Photo by: Sarah Yates on Inspired By This via

gold ballet shoes wedding

gold wedding shoes

All That Glitters is Gold




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January 28 2014


New Development Courses Available on Tuts+ Premium

Tuts+ Premium courses teach you a single skill from top to bottom, inside out.

Currently, more than 15,000 members are sharpening their skills in web design, web development, photography, Photoshop, vector design, video effects and much more. Our dedicated team adds new content weekly, so there’s always something fresh to sink your teeth into. Today, we’re highlighting a few of the latest and greatest course additions to Tuts+ Premium.

New Development Courses

Ember Testing

In this course we’ll learn how to test Ember applications. We’ll review how to set up an Ember app for testing, what testing helpers are available to us, how to write integration and unit testing, and much more.

Machine Learning Distilled

Welcome to “Machine Learning Distilled.” In this course, we’ll review machine learning in a very compressed way. In other words, what is machine learning, why would you want to do it, and how is it done?

Perfect Workflow in Resharper

Are you struggling trying to figure out how to improve your productivity? Do you have a good handle on the C# language, but still feel like it takes you forever to write code. Well, no more. Enter Resharper by Jetbrains. Resharper is a fantastic extension for Visual Studio that will help you to increase your productivity and decrease your development time.

Diving into Octopress

A lot of blogging frameworks are great if you have a large site that needs the features of a content management system, but what if you want something simpler? Let’s talk about Octopress.

Object-Oriented Design in PHP

Object-Oriented Design can offer a developer a structured way to break apart an application into logical, maintainable chunks. In this course, we go over various different OOD techniques, patterns, and concepts to help you improve the sustainability and testability of your code base.

Join Tuts+ Premium for Courses, eBooks, and More

Tuts+ Premium has a huge collection of courses, eBooks, source files and guides on hundreds of creative and technical topics. And we’re adding new content every week. Sign up now and develop your skills today!


7th Avenue Designs

Vera Lim, aka 7th Avenue Designs has some absolutely gorgeous digital paper that I am obsessed with. In the hunt for backgrounds for my current scrapbooking project, I have this “fresh, modern, and vintage” look all in one place. It is my pleasure to introduce this amazing designer and her collection of fabulous digital paper.



If Only






Sweet Vintage




Valentine 1

Valentine 2

Valentine 3

Sweet Love


Right Way


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January 27 2014


The Beauty Of Beaches

I ran across an article the other day and I was amazed by the completely stunning photos of a beach illuminated by the glowing phytoplankton. I was mesmerized by its elegance and moreover the fact that Mother Nature never ceases to create awe-inspiring beauty in this world.


I would love to be able to see such a site one day in person. For now though, just seeing these images made me feel really lucky to live in San Francisco. While we don't have bioluminescent phytoplankton, I am still able to picnic on the beach even in the "winter" months.  For this native mid-westerner, that is amazing in and of itself. I felt the urge to find some other amazing beach photos, which are so easy to get lost in.

Feeling a little beachy yourself? Let's take a look at some inspirational web design elements that can be added to your next project.

Blurred Beaches by PixelCave

Here is a set of background images that will be sure to serve great as backgrounds or graphic content for your landing page, your blog, your application or your website!

6 Beach Motion Blur Textures by Scrabooli Studio

These images were 'found' on a beautiful rocky coastline in the far North West of Tasmania.

Sea Landscapes by LumeStudio


What are some of your favorite beaches to visit?


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January 23 2014


Emerald City: Rich Green Wedding Ideas

Emerald green was huge in 2013, but that doesn't mean you can't rock it at your 2014 wedding! The deep, rich color is beautiful on brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests alike, and since it's a jewel tone, it adds a hint of regal elegance to any ensemble. Browse some of our favorite emerald green wedding looks below!

Ralph Lauren Wedding Inspiration / Mandi of Champagne Wedding Coordination / Emerald Wedding Ideas /

Photo by: Christa Taylor Photography on Style Unveiled via


Photo by: James Field on Polka Dot Bride via

Photo by: Heather P. Moore on Inspired by This via

Photo by: EarringsNation on EarringsNation via

Our Seven Favorite Weddings from 2012

Photo by: Carrie Patterson on Grey Likes Weddings via

Dress from Saks Fifth Avenue via

The Perfect Storm.....Ben and Zoes Wedding 6th March 2010

Photo by: Delicious Cakes on Polka Dot Bride via

Photo by: Ryan Ray on Society Bride via

Starlit Supper | Becka Robinson for studio222 photography

Photo by: Studio222 Photography on Glamour & Grace via

Starlit Supper | Becka Robinson for studio222 photography

Photo by: Studio222 Photography on Glamour & Grace via

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Explore more gorgeous emerald green wedding ideas

How to wear a vintage wedding gown

5 unconventional honeymoon ideas

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