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July 23 2013


12 WordPress Plugins That Automatically Watermark Images on Your Blog

In this collection, we are presenting for you a useful collection of some WordPress plugins that will help you watermark your images automatically. With these plugins, you can protect your images from unauthorized usage. This is especially helpful for those who use images quite extensively on their websites and blogs. Watermarking images is the best thing you can do to protect them from unauthorized usage. WordPress enables you watermark your images so that no one can use them without your permission.

So, if you are using WordPress on your website, then you can take advantage of these WordPress plugins. These plugins will automatically watermark your images saving you time and hassle. We hope that you will like this collection and find this collection useful for you. Enjoy!

Scissors and Watermark

( Download )

Scissors and Watermark enhances WordPress’ handling of images by introducing cropping, resizing, rotating, and watermarking functionality.

Watermark RELOADED

( Download )

Add watermark to your uploaded images and customize your watermark appearance on a user friendly settings page.

Transparent Image Watermark

( Download )

Automatically watermark images as they are uploaded to the WordPress Media Library.

Header Watermark

( Download )

Add a watermark image to your WordPress header image and use suitable images from your media library as the header image(s).

Watermark My Image

( Download )

This plugin enables you to watermark your images, by placing a simple, yet very customizable watermark beneath the original images (much like the 9GAG watermark).

Marekkis Watermark-Plugin

( Download )

Marekkis Watermark plugin for WordPress.

Easy Watermark

( Download )

Automatically adds watermark to images when they are uploaded to the WordPress Media Library.

Image Store

( Download )

Image Store (ImStore) is a photo gallery and store plugin for WordPress with Paypal and Google Checkout integration.


( Download )

Fast and simple way to upload images and other files. Rotate, crop operations, 3 resize modes, configurable thumbnails dimensions, watermarking.

Flexible Upload

( Download )

Resize picture at upload and make thumbnail creation configurable, optionally include a watermark to your uploaded images.

Signature Watermark

( Download )

This plugin allows you to watermark your uploaded images using a PNG image file with transparency as well as text signature. The user friendly settings page allows for control over the appearance of your watermark. You can set your watermarks to always be a specific percentage of the target image.

DMCA WaterMarker

( Download )

The WaterMarker plugin for WordPress allows you to easily integrate’s WaterMarking for a specific folder into your WordPress site.

September 12 2011

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July 31 2010


25 Beautiful Image Styling Tutorials With CSS,jQuery

Preview-image-styling-backgrounds-appearance-inspiration-add-shadow-borders-make-images-stand-outRecently I wrote article about post thumbnail and you saw some great examples of image styling. As I wrote there, neat styled images can attract more visitors and you will be more pleasant with them yourself too.

You don’t have to always use Photoshop to style your images. Some cool effects can be achieved trough CSS, jQuery etc too and I strongly suggest you to continue reading to find out how to do it!


CSS3 Rounded Image With jQuery

Learn to wrap a span tag around the image element to achieve rounded images which will be displayed right in all modern browsers.



Multiple Backgrounds and Borders with CSS 2.1

Learn how to use CSS 2.1 pseudo-elements to provide up to 3 background canvases, 2 fixed-size presentational images, and multiple complex borders for a single HTML element.



Quick Tip: Multiple Borders with Simple CSS

Quick screencast showing you how to achieve multiple borders with simple CSS that way adding more depth to your designs. Much simplier version of previous tutorial.



Multiple Borders on Dynamically Sized Elements with CSS2

Third version of Nicolas Gallagher showing you what to do if you don’t the size of element.



Have Fun w/ Borders – Beveled, Pressed, & More!

Learn how to achieve pressed effect with CSS and some simple border style tricks to get various effects.



Polaroids with CSS3

Learn how to use some awesome CSS2 and CSS3 to turn an otherwise unassuming list of images into a full-blown set of Polaroid pictures.



Perfect Full Page Background Image

Learn how to add background image with CSS that fills entire page with image, no white space, scales image as needed, does not cause scrollbars and much more.



CSS3 Box Shadow and Image Hover Effects

Explore a new way of adding drop shadow effects just by editing a style sheet.



Fancy Thumbnail Hover Effect w/ jQuery

Achieve neat flash-style effect with CSS and jQuery.



How To Create Simple CSS Image Rollover Effect

In this tutorial you are going to learn how to create simple CSS image rollover effect with basic HTML and CSS styling.




Floatutorial takes you through the basics of floating elements such as images, drop caps, next and back buttons, image galleries, inline lists and multi-column layouts. Check out 4 tutorials dedicated to image floating.



Snazzy Hover Effects Using CSS

In this tutorial, you will be going over creating flexible advanced hover techniques using CSS2.1 properties.



Fast Rollovers Without


When using CSS image rollovers, two, three, or more images must be loaded (and often be preloaded for best results). Learn how to put all states into one image makes dynamic changes faster and requires no preload.



jQuery Rounded Corners

Lots of jQuery effects for rounded corners and much more patterns.



Easiest Tooltip and Image Preview Using jQuery

See 3 examples of using jQuery rollover preview script. This simple script can be applied for a variety of purposes.



Supersized – Full Screen Background/


jQuery Plugin

Superzided is a jQuery plugin that resizes images to fill browser while maintaining image dimension ratio and cycles Images/backgrounds via slideshow with transitions and preloading.



PNG Overlay

Have you ever run into the problem of creating a site with pictures given by the client, only to find later after they update their photography the original look and feel is not retained? This solution involves creating a transparent PNG overlay which can be used as a mask / frame around regular JPEG or GIF. This way, a typical CMS installation can be configured so users can upload photos without having to worry about using any graphics program to apply filters.






Zoom Plugin

BeZoom is a simple and lightweight alternative for JQZoom. It’s lighter and it’s easier to use.



Using jQuery for Background Image Animations

Play with jQuery and change the position of the background image to create the type of effect you’re looking for. There’s a new article answering the “How do I handle active states?” – Handling Active State for jQuery Animated Backgrounds.



5 Ways to Spice up Your Images with CSS

Here are a few simple tricks to add some flavor to your typical bland images. Using Photoshop to style each image can be tedious and difficult to maintain in the long run. These following CSS techniques will help you ease that pain.



How To:


Background Image

Learn how to set up resizeable background image with CSS. You have 3 options to choose from.



Style Your Image Links

Letting users know that particular section of our website is meant to be clicked on is best achieved through mouse over effect. Those “clickable” sections certainly include content images. Image Link is a script that enables you to apply additional styling to your image links.



Multiple Background Images with CSS

At times, it makes more sense to use background images than to insert them directly into the page. And while each element – like your body tag – can hold only one background image, they can be applied to several elements.



Image Borders with CSS

Really easy tutorial showing you how to add solid border to images using CSS.



CSS Sprites without Using Background Images

Learn how to apply hover effect without lot of knowledge about CSS sprites.


April 30 2010


March 01 2010


20 WordPress Plugins For Better Image Handling

Images and photos are an integral part of almost every successful blog these days. If your text isn’t accompanied by images, few people are going to be interested in what you’ve got to say- it’s sad, but true. The problem is, with so many people uploading images to their blogs in interesting and unique ways, it’s hard to make your blog stand out unless you’re doing the same.

WordPress doesn’t make it easy for you to engage your readers with images. You’re going to have to look beyond core to the hundreds of image/photo based plugins available to make your blog highly visual. Below, you’ll find a score of solutions to all your image/photo problems in the form of the best plugins around. There are lazy loaders, gallery creators, slideshow generators, photoblog initiators and much, much more. You’ll soon realize that there’s more to WordPress than a few lousy thumbnails!

1. jQuery Image Lazy Loader WP

Lazy Loader is the perfect plugin for those who want to upload lots of images to their blog, but maintain a snappy site. Rather than loading all of the images on a page at once, which can take a considerable amount of time, Lazy Loader loads the images at the top of each page first and continues to load images further down as the user scrolls downwards.

2. Frontpage-Slideshow

This plugin does exactly what its name suggests: it lets you create a professional slideshow on the front page of your WordPress blog. Each picture is clickable, leading you to its related post, and information about four different slides can be displayed at a time. Transitions between slides are faded to look extra sleek.

3. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN is without question the best WordPress gallery plugin available and you should certainly try it out if you haven’t already. It’s comprehensive, with an easily understandable back-end. The only problem is that everyone’s using it. It does pretty much everything you’d want from a gallery plugin, looks professional and comes with a Flash slideshow option.

4. WP Photo Album

Unlike most of the plugins in this list, which focus more on user experience, WP Photo Album is made specifically for the blogger him- or herself. It makes creating and managing your photo albums easy, letting you move images between albums and adjust the sizes of thumbnails and full view pictures.

5. Flickr Photo Album

If you regularly upload photos to Flickr before transferring them to your WordPress blog, this plugin’s going to make your life a whole lot easier. You simply select Flickr photosets and display them on your blog as galleries, which you can customize to suit the look and feel of your site. It comes with a great widget which lets you display your latest Flickr photos in your blog’s sidebar.

6. FlippingBook

Use FlippingBook to add an extra element of interactivity to your blog and fully engage your visitors. Rather than displaying images in the standard way (a la NextGEN), FlippingBook displays them in Flash books, which can be flipped through with ease and great enjoyment. You can create these “books” in the administrator panel.

7. Cincopa: Post Videos and Photo Galleries

When it comes to displaying images, Cincopa does it all, creating polished image galleries and slideshows, not to mention videos, playlists and podcasts. It gives you access to 44 different skins to be sure that all Cincopa blogs retain a degree of individuality.

8. Lightbox2

Lightbox2 is simple, but devastatingly effective. Like all lightbox-type plugins, it lets you enlarge and overlay images on the current page, while dimming what’s left in the background. Unique to Lightbox2 is the ability to group related images and use numerous visual effects.

9. WordPress Content Slide

Use WordPress Content Slide to create jQuery slideshows anywhere within your WordPress blog. These slideshows fade in and out to add a touch of class to your site. Content Slide is fully customizable, even letting you link to another website if you like, to use the slideshow as an advertising banner.

10. Yet Another Photoblog

Far more interesting than its name suggests, Yet Another Photoblog (YAPB) is perfect for those who upload more images than text. It’s not a gallery plugin; it only lets you upload one image per post with a description. Using the YAPB Bulk Uploader plugin, you can mass upload images to your YAPB blog in an instant.

11. Lazyest Gallery

Lazyest Gallery is a powerful plugin with lots of great features. It rotates random images from your gallery, fading each one in and out. It’s fully customizable from the back end, letting you select the number of random images shown, portrait/landscape or both and various fading settings. It also allows comments on images and folders.

12. Shadowbox JS

Shadowbox is not only a great way to display images on your WordPress blog, it’s ideal for sharing videos too. Never again will you have to guide visitors away from your blog for them to view media as all images, audio files and videos, including YouTube videos will play directly on your site.

13. Sidebar Photoblog

14. Thumbnail For Excerpts

With this simple plugin, you can add thumbnail images to any excerpts you might have on your site, making it instantly more attractive and easier to navigate, improving usability and visitor experience.

15. Flickr Gallery

There are several plugins available which make uploading your photos from Flickr to WordPress easy, but this is one of the best. It lets you quickly create galleries of your most recent and most popular Flickr photos, view photos in gallery mode without leaving the page, display small images automatically in lightbox mode and embed Flickr’s Flash movie player.

16. Featured Content Gallery

Featured Content Gallery can transform your humble blog into a professional looking portfolio site. Besides other things, it creates a rotating image gallery of your posts or pages, which you can place anywhere on your blog. Each image can be overlaid with an extract from the text too.

17. Freebie Images

If stock images play a significant part in your professional (or personal) life, Freebie Images comes highly recommended. Search through a directory of thousands of regularly updated, free stock images which you can drag and drop into your posts.

18. Dynamic Content Gallery

Dynamic Content Gallery generates an image gallery with a shot for each of your latest or featured posts and pages (although default images can be added too.) What makes this plugin stand out from the rest is the slick look of the gallery itself.

19. SlideZoom

SlideZoom prides itself on its simplicity and quite rightly so. It’s particularly lightweight and straightforward. It lets you bulk or zip upload images to your blog, generating a HighSlide JS gallery that you can embed in WordPress or anywhere else you like, such as on another blog, eBay or a forum.

20. DM Albums

DM albums presents your photos in a really distinctive way, enlarging all images to perfectly fit the size of your blog, rather than showing them in a window half the size of your screen. You can add captions to individual photos and albums from within the WordPress Editor.

Let us know if we forgot some great plugin. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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January 05 2010


November 24 2009


78 Stunning Landscape Desktop Wallpapers

title-inspiration-wallpapers-landscapedesktop This is a really huge article showcasing beautiful landscape desktop wallpapers, where everybody should find one, which suits for their desktop perfectly. Maybe there is winter coming, but we can warm our hearts with colourful, deep and inspiring wallpaper, while taking break or working hard on deadlines. Whole article is ordered in resolutions from lowest to highest, from 1280×960 to 2560×1600 and even higher. Just scroll through, enjoy and pick up your favorite wallpaper!

1.Lost Lagoon – Print Version by stotty

Resolution: 1280×960

2. Terragen – Erat by tigaer

Resolution: 1280×1024


Breaking The Foundationby Vincent Hernandez

Resolution: 1280×1024

4. Eclipse III. WP by realityDream

Resolution: 1280×1024

5. Koh Kood Sunset Wallpaper by nxxos

Resolution: 1280×1024

6. Colorful Dream by hypnotic

Resolution: 1280×1024


Beautiful Flower

Resolution: 1280×1024

8. Blue Waters And Hills Landscape

Resolution: 1280×1024

9. Neverending Walk

Resolution: 1280×1024

10. Hill Houses

Resolution: 1280×1024

11. Riverside by Deinha1974

Resolution: 1440×900

12. Green Land by Deinha1974

Resolution: 1440×900

13. Divine Connection by Deinha1974

Resolution: 1440×900

14. IR Island by nxxos

Resolution: 1680×1050

15. Seasonal Rains by gtxx1015

Resolution: 1680×1050

16. Lovely Hill Background 16:10 by Mega-Art

Resolution: 1680×1050

17. Grass by Jorlin

Resolution: 1680×1050

18. Auroral Dawn by dilekt

Resolution: 1600×1200

19. Newport Beach, California

Resolution: 1600×1200

20. Tahitian Paradise

Resolution: 1600×1200

21. Mystical Waters, Yosemite National Park, Califor

Resolution: 1600×1200

22. Best Of Nature Islands Wallpaper Pack 2

Resolution: 1600×1200

23. Alpine by Gus7avO

Resolution: 1600×1200

24. Luminosity by dilekt

Resolution: 1920×1200

25. Valley of Lambs by Deinha1974

Resolution: 1920×1200

26. Dawn On The Deck by l8

Resolution: 1920×1200

27. Down On The Deck by l8

Resolution: 1920×1200

28. End of Autumn by peehs

Resolution: 1920×1200

29. Suite Clouds Rain

Resolution: 1920×1200

30. Pebble beach

Resolution: 1920×1200

31. Ibis

Resolution: 1920×1200

32. Blue Dock by dimage

Resolution: 1920×1200

33. Taiwan Wallpaper Pack

Resolution: 1920×1200

34. Mistery by atanastsvetkov

Resolution: 1920×1200

35. Grand Sunset by myINQI

Resolution: 2560×1600

36. Reichenbacherhof III by Hexaloner

Resolution: 2560×1600

37. Hungarian Skies WP by realityDream

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

38. Enter The Road

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

39. Grizzly River

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

40. Rainy day in sunny june by ssilence

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

41. Crazy Sun

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

42. The Spectrum Of The Sky

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

43. Silence

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

44. Darkness To Light

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

45. Grassy Sunset

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

46. Before The Storm

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

47. Canadian Pacific Railway

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

48. Lake Louise

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

49. Moraine Lake

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

50. Stream’s End

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

51. Monumental Simplicity

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

52. Turquoise Reflections

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

53. Beachside Wallpaper Pack by r3novatio

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

54. Same Color At Night

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

55. Beautiful Beach

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

56. Silent Day

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

57. Incredible View

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

58. Conquer the World by Dawn42

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

59. GRNSCR by NickCreevy

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

60. Daniel Island Golf Course

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

61. I’ve reached the end of the world

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

62. I love blue!

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

63. Golf Club

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

64. Sunrise over the fog

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

65. Tree in a Spring Meadow

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

66. The end of a great weekend

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

67. Dramatic Sky

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

68. HD Wallpaper: Glacier Sunrise

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

69. Route to Castle Mountain

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

70. The Opal Lake

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

71. Cloud Canyon HD Wallpaper

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

72. Balance Wallpaper

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

73. Forever Lake

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

74. Smoke on the Water

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

75. House in the Sea

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

76. The Rising Sun by Mac002

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

77. Horsepower by TheAL

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

78. Castle Nowhere by TheAL

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

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