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November 08 2011


45 Fabulous Examples Of Illustrated Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter background is a way to customize your Twitter account. Many companies that created Twitter account for the promotion of their goods and services make sure that their profile gives the same impression as that of their goods and services; and for that they choose a background that indicates the company’s products and services.

In this assortment, we are featuring a great collection of some creative and beautifully designed Twitter backgrounds. You will see how creatively designers utilize actual illustrations and images in order to attract the viewers’ attention. Let us take a look at this collection and get some inspiration from it. Enjoy!


Marvel Entertainment


Tucker Kimball

Priscilla Saori Goto

Rachel Spear


Mario Contreras

Jason Thomas

Brian Paulowicz


Misty Belardo

Lee Maplesden

Stephen Kelly

Scott Clark

Giographix Studios

Lizette Gagné

Jolly Lizard

Twestival Jozi

Lisa Lillien

Koko H Ekong

Karina Pilch


Jamie Cheng


Kevin Dove

Karl Bastian


Fale Fernandez

Henry Quintero

Christopher Leake

Jamie Scott

Ariel Roberge

E Factor Media

Weird News

Nicole Bauer


Nap Warden

Design You Trust


The Web Blend


Chadworth Machine



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October 17 2011

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October 13 2011


Illustration Inspiration for the Weekend


On multiple occasions in the past, we have compiled the works of several artists to give our readers an extra dose of inspiration for the weekend. This post follows along that theme, only we are refining the inspirational artists to a particular medium, illustrators. So this installation is going to veer off a bit from its predecessors, but we promise the inspiration will still deliver.

Below is a showcase of some artists you may or may not have heard of before, but who’s work we couldn’t help but shine a light on. Their illustrations range in styles and depth, but all share one important trait; their ability to connect with viewers and inspire them. We hope you enjoy this illustration inspiration collection.

Joe Fenton

Joe Fenton has a gallery filled with rich and deeply detailed work, often featuring retro-styled, exaggerated cartoonish characters. This injection of whimsy still maintains something of a dark edge, however, giving the work attitude and tone.

Jacqui Oakley

Jacqui Oakley has a colorful, vintage style of work that embodies an innocent nature. His vibrant illustrations feel like they could have been lifted right out of another era. Such a simple feel, from pieces that are actually anything but.

Irina Vinnik

Irina Vinnik has a wonderful, almost Victorian artistic sensibility that shines through from her gallery. Such gorgeous illustrations brimming with soft colors and layers of detail.

Pale Horse

Pale Horse has a gallery that is full of highly intricate, masterfully detailed pieces that speak volumes to the viewer. This emotive, at times darkly so, portfolio varies in theme, but never in quality or lacking in punch.

Natalie Sklobovskaya

Natalie Sklobovskaya is an illustrator with something of a uniquely simplistic seeming style. When in reality, the work is deeply layered and at many times abstract. All of which feeds its poignancy.

Miss Led

Miss Led has a gallery that is rife with passion and playfulness, lightly circling the edges of sensuality at times. Subtle and mostly character driven, these fantastical pieces are rich without being overpowering.


August 16 2011


30 Examples of Amazing Character Design

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Character design and illustration is a skill that many designers attempt to master. If you’re working to improve your own skills in this area it can be helpful to gain inspiration from the work of others. In this post we’ll showcase 30 character illustrations from various designers. You may also be interested in this post from the archives, 30 Tutorials for Designing Fun and Creative Characters.

Character Design

By Andreas Krapf

Character Design

By Jared Nickerson

Character Design

By Michael Myers

Character Design

By Robert Hellmundt

Character Design

By David Sossella

Character Design

By Mnk Crew

Character Design

By Mark Gmehling

Character Design

By Yum Yum

Character Design

By Fil Dunsky

Character Design

By Nicolas Lesaffre

Character Design

By Loulou and Tummie

Character Design

By Chris Spooner

Character Design

By Chris Spooner

Character Design

By Mike Friedrich

Character Design

By Konstantin Shalev

Character Design

By Jared Nickerson

Character Design

By Rubens Cantuni

Character Design

By Zutto

Character Design

By Maroto Bambinomonkey

Character Design

By Alfin Debrata

Character Design

By Andreas Krapf

Character Design

By Andreas Krapf

Character Design

By Jonathan Ball

Character Design

By Jean Baptiste Fraisse

Character Design

By Ryan Putnam

Character Design

By Mnk Crew

Character Design

By Jaqueline Teixeira

Character Design

By Robert Hellmundt

Character Design

By Bill Mayer

Character Design

By Oksancia

For more design inspiration please see:

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May 27 2011


May 02 2011


25 Examples of Illustration and Hand Drawn Elements in Web Design

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We can say that Illustration is a visual form of presenting something (via Wikipedia). Regarding web design, we can also say that the main goal is to “present something” in a beautiful and interesting form, so we get our user’s attention. Today we decided to gather some examples of websites using illustrations and/or hand drawn elements to present their content. From hand drawn typography to character illustrations and other details, here you will see a lot of inspiring examples.

Jan Ploch








Freckles & Handsome’s




Thread’s not Dead




The Threepenny Editor


Phase 2 Design Studio




Netlife Research


Albion West Coast


Florida After Seven


Bully! Entertainment


Greenaway Pro




Sasquatch Music Festival







The Beehive




Alexandre Ribeiro





Abduzeedo – Sites of the Week
The Best Designs

March 27 2011


31 Fresh and Useful Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop is the premiere graphic editing program used by designers all over the world. It’s popularity never stops growing and as it grows more people want to try to create something beautful, fun or just weird with this incredible software. Photoshop is second to none and today we have compiled a great collection of awesome, useful and totally fresh Photoshop tutorials.

1. Design a Clean and Corporate Website Layout

Design a great-looking, high-quality clean and corporate website layout with the option to download the PSD file

2. Create a Professional App Store Web Layout

Check out this kick-ass photoshop tutorial which teaches you how to make a professional looking app store layout

3. Design a Cool Textured Portfolio Design

One more stunning and well-prepared layout Photoshop tutorial which teaches you how to design a nice textured portfolio design.

4.Create the Surreal Photo Illustration checkmate

This Photoshop tutorial teaches you some techniques, but especially a surreal and abstract photo manipulation.

5. Create a Mysterious Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

We’re moving on with another Photoshop, photo-manipulation tutorial which shows off the creation of a dark and mysterious poster.

6. Create a Speeding Car Scene with Lighting Effects

This Photoshop tutorial has a well-written and explained process of creating a colorful, bright car scene.

7.Create a Fallen Rain Soaked Angel Composition

Take a look at this awesome and well-designed dark angel composition which shows the use of some kick-ass skills.

8. Create a Nature-Inspired Photo Manipulation

The following Photoshop tutorial teaches how to create a stunning nature inspired and bright photo manipulation.

9. Create a Dark and Surreal Poster in Photoshop

One more Photoshop tutorial which teachesyou how to design a dark/surreal and awesome poster design

10. Serene Fantasy Photo Manipulation

Learn how to create a high-quality and beautiful work of art by following this tutorial which shows the creation of a serene fantasy poster.

11. Design a Personal Website Layout

Design an amazing personal website layout in Photoshop by taking a look at this useful tutorial. It is also possible to download the final version in PSD format for free.

12. Create a Landing Page in Photoshop

This well-written Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to create an elegant landing/single-page  website layout.

13. Dezign Folio Portfolio Designing Tutorial

If you need or want another great website layout, then this tutorial will work great for you. Learn to make a very detailed portfolio design.

14. Create a C0lorful Aged Poster

The following tutorial goes into detail to teach you how to create a colorful and aged poster.

15. Create a 3D Industrial Style Icon

This really interesting tutorial will show off how to make a 3 dimensional industrial styled icon in Adobe Photoshop.

16.How to Draw a Classic Electric Guitar in Photoshop

This useful and really well-prepared tutorial will teach how to create a detailed and stunning classic guitar.

17.Making a Super-Hero Movie Teaser Poster

By following this stunning tutorial, you will design a great super-hero inspired move teaser poster

18.How to Create an Intense Movie Poster

Another tutorial on how to create a movie poster for Photoshop. This time you’ll be learning how to make an intense, bright poster.

19. Ringed Supernova Photoshop

The following surreal and abstract Photoshop tutorial will teach you how to create a nice-looking composition of supernova planet.

20. Drawing of a Pig Tutorial

This is probably the best tutorial in this showcase. It teaches you how to create a very realistic, yet abstract, pig portrait in Photoshop.

21. Create a body made of rain

Another kick-ass and high-quality poster design on making a person look like they’re made of rain.

22. Playstation Portable Realistic Buttons

Learn to make some well-designed PlayStation buttons by following this really useful tutorial.

23. Milk Monster Design Tutorial

Make a monster from almost anything! Here you will find out how to create cute monsters that will scary anybody!

24.How to Create an Outstanding Wallpaper

Hard to find something you like for a background? You don’t need to search at all, because here you will learn how you can create original backgrounds by yourself!

25.Create an Ice-Cream Type Treatment in Photoshop

Awesome text effect made out of simple things, Just what you need to learn basic illustration techniques!

26. Create a Shiny Apple

This tutorial will teach you how to take a boring fruit and make it really a ‘peel’ ing!

27. Create a Balanced and Abstract Poster

Abstract doesn’t mean easy! Here you will find a way to make it easier by learning the balance in an abstract composition.

28. Create a Radar Icon in Photoshop

A small tutorial that will give you the hints for creating your own unique and awesome radar icon.

29. Awesome Glitter Text Effect

Shiny and glossy, here you will find how to make your text like that just using glitter texture and some little tricks.

30. Create a Dark Digital Art Piece

This can be a source of inspiration + hints for your own piece of art, learning how to use the grunge effect in your photos.

31.Make a Tron-Inspired Photo Manipulation

Think that surreal manipulations are too hard for you? Here you will learn the basics and create a fine TRON style picture.

February 28 2011


February 23 2011


Over 300+ free textures from 10 Ravens


10ravens is brand new website where readers can find more than 10.000 of royalty-free textures and photo resources with high resolution up to 100Mpx. All readers can use them for personal or even commercial use.

Our website also contains high quality products such as 3D models, hdri skies, textures, basemeshes and much more which you can find in our 10ravens products section.

We prepared texture collection for you. This collection contains over 300 high quality textures from our website.

For more free textures and photos…. just visit our website.

Or follow us on Facebook or Twitter

You can download it here:

10Ravens Asphalt textures

10Ravens Brick textures

10Ravens Buildings textures

10Ravens Concrete textures

10Ravens Debris textures

10Ravens Doors textures

10Ravens Grass textures

10Ravens Gravel textures

10Ravens Hillside textures

10Ravens Children’s drawings textures

10Ravens Metal textures

10Ravens Pavage textures

10Ravens Plaster textures

10Ravens Rock textures

10Ravens Sand textures

10Ravens Sewer textures

10Ravens Snow textures

10Ravens Soil textures

10Ravens Stone walls textures

10Ravens Water textures

10Ravens Window textures

10Ravens Wood textures

December 24 2010


60 Mind-Blowing Hand Drawn Website Designs for Your Inspiration

Although digital arts is much appreciated and renowned in the world wide web, it’s undeniable that hand drawn sketches are equally impressive and delightful. Using hand drawn designs as webpage backgrounds, designer portfolios and illustrator portfolios, is getting popular these days. It has that artistic and personal touch that awes people, and not to mention it surprises the viewers too. It attracts artsy people from digital, animation/cartoon, sketch, and other art fields unmentioned.

Though it may be rather challenging at first, it helps when you get inspired by masters. So in this article, I collected a bunch of very impressive and edgy hand drawn websites that would inspire you. Here goes…


2. Richard Stelmach

3. Lotie

4. Kinetic Singapore

5. Sawyer Hollenshead

6. Draw & Fold Over

7. Dawghouse Design Studio

8. College Prowler

9. Hello Sour Sally

10. It Looks Good

11. Talessimon

12. Bowtie

13. Elan Snowboards

14. Neighborhood Homework House

15. Jcbsong

16. Get Ready to Rox

17. Sarah Hyland

18. Wing Cheng

19. Leonite Internet Ventures

20. Tennessee Education

21. Denise Chandler

22. Idiotic Adventures Of Philippe And Pierre


24. DoodlePad

25. Look Designs

26. Legwork Studio

27.  So Interactive

28. Kitty Attack

29. Biola

30. Xixinobanho

31. Kutztown University

32. Casio

33. Mobious

34. Bootb

35. Mikimottes

36. Heather Sloane

37. Lucuma

38. Mel Kadel

39. Mariska


41. Multi Account Twitter Tweeter – MATT

42. Kev Adamson

43. Christian Sparrow

44. Leo Burnett

45. Jesse Willmon

46. Dann Whittaker Creative

47. Project 365

48. Giant Ant Media

49. Draw For Joy Blog

50. Robbin Ingvarsson and Waldemar Wegelin

51. Deborah Cavenaugh Illustrator and Painter

52. Mixtel Gonzalez Zabalo

53. Nela Dunato and Chatte Noire

54. Schlafman Illustrations and Drawings

55. Studio Racket

56. FatHeads Creative Studio

57. Swiths Site With Style

58. Low Morale Design

59. Agami Creative

60. WEFAIL Design

* Hand drawn images are really edgy and funky. It makes your page very personalized and it catches so much attention that it would make you want to do more. I hope you enjoyed this list & inspired you as well. I salute to those people capable of such imaginative & creative pieces. Kudos!

December 13 2010


Free Stuff: Design Cocktail Bundle 3 (10) – Comment to Win

Happy Monday everyone. How about some free stuff! Our friends at have just released their Design Cocktail Bundle 3, and I have 10 bundles to give away! The bundle includes 5 Mega Vector Packs, 20 Packs of Photoshop Brushes, 3D Sketch Font, Set of 1000 vector illustrations, as well as several HTML templates, a WordPress theme, and some T-Shirt Templates. An overall value of $904, for $29, but now is your chance to grab it for free. Be sure to read the rules, and good luck :)

Free Stuff: Design Cocktail Bundle 3 (10) - Comment to Win

Contest Rules:

  • All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. (tweeting is appreciated)
  • Only comment once.
  • 10 winners will be randomly chosen from the comments.
  • You must leave an email address in order to win.
  • Comments will remain open until Wednesday, December 15th.

November 15 2010


35 Inspiring Examples of Illustration in Web Design

Back in May we showcased a list of 60 Excellent Examples of Illustration in Web Design and since illustration is always something inspiring we decided to gather a new list, so check out some fresh examples of illustration in web design. From small illustrative details to huge illustrated backgrounds and some delicate drawings, here are some inspiring sites to give you some ideas of how you can incorporate this style into your own designs. Enjoy.


OrangeYouGlad is small, multi-disciplinary design studio located in Brooklyn NY.



Dropr is a easier, simpler, faster and more powerful network for all creative heroes.


FreeAgent Depot

FreeAgent is accounting software, simplified. A stress-free way to manage your books and invoicing.


Hey Indy

Hey Indy create beautiful websites, illustrations, animations and videos.


Never End Design

My name is Carla Ferfolja. I am a Graphic Designer and Art Director, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


August Empress

Hello! I’m Jo Klima, and welcome to my own creative home.


The Conan Blimp

Conan’s got a giant orange blimp, and he’s sending it joyriding across America!


Kevin Monger

My name is Kevin (Kenny) and I am a model maker living in Bristol. I’ve always loved making things and have been employed as a modelmaker and designer in the animation industry for the last 16 years.


Sarah Camp

My name is Sarah Camp and I’m a designer with a strong background in interactive design.



Big Beep

We offer a multitude of media related services.


Zero Zero Project


Eight Hour Day

A Couple That Loves to Create. Eight Hour Day is a design boutique, and we love what we do.



Redup connect your ideas with the best possible tools, best practices and people to engage, develop and sustain business and social relationships on the web.


Mr Chris Martin

Chris Martin spends much of his working day deleting emails from misguided Coldplay fans, but any remaining time is spent tongue to cheek and crayons in hand.





Established in 2005 Racket is an independent award winning art & design studio based in Melbourne Australia.


The Do Village

Ideas + Energy = Change



VonChurch is a recruiting firm working exclusively within the digital entertainment industry.


Flight of the Conchords


The Beehive Market

The Beehive Market is a green lifestyle market Saturdays from 10am to 2pm in West Berkeley.


Plume Creation



BEAVORY is the creative work of Keren Mack, a designer /illustrator/artist based in Israel.


Toasted Digital

Toasted Digital is the alias for web designer Sam Clarke.




Red Tiki

Red Tiki is a team of experienced design professionals working together for the love of the web and animation.


Mooze Design

Mooze Design is a graphic design agency.


Tokyo Illustrators Society


The Last March


Lucia Soto




Demain J’arrete


Monster CSS


Attack of the Web

Attack of the Web is the online home for Norwich, UK based web designer/developer Gary Davison.


Tentacle Media



Site Inspire
The Best Designs
CSS Mania

October 27 2010


35+ Inspiring Websites with Vector Landscapes

Using vector based illustration in web design is a thrilling way to express beauty and grace to whole layout. There are plenty of websites featuring stunning illustration because using illustrations in web designs is a trend these days. Today, we have collected those web designs who are using illustrations to spice up their sites. Let’s get started.

1. RedBrick Health

RedBrick Health

2. Studio 7

Studio 7 Designs

3. Blogsville


4. ‘m Yehya Hafez

I'm Yehya Hafez

5. Digital Billboards in Abilene

Digital Billboards

6. PSD to WP


7. Morphix Design Studio


8. Pralinenschachtel


9. Boagworld


10. Goin Nutty

Goin Nutty

11. ThePixel


12. Tomáš Pojeta

Tomáš Pojeta

13. Arbel Designs

Arbel Designs

14. Twither


15. FFive


16. Forrst


17. Goralskidomek


18. Morphix Blog

Morphix Blog

19. BWM Media

BWM Media

20. Safe Driving Academy

Safe Driving Academy

21. Vimeo


22. 10 Volt Media

10 Volt Media

23. Flourish Web Design


24. BlogHelpr


25. Wasp School of Motoring


26. Gotta Get To FOWA

Gotta Get To FOWA

27. BioWind


28. Pinjata


29. Galaicofolia


30. Volll




32. Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters

33. GlobalZoo


34. DeanOakley


35. Go Glamping

Go Glamping

36. Ten24Media


37. Plaváček


September 20 2010


18 Amazing Examples Steampunk Cities Illustrations

We take a look at 18 Amazing Examples of Steampunk Cities Illustrations. Steampunk combines elements of Industrial Revolution and science fiction.

View and Vote

July 26 2010


50 Most Creative Character Illustration Tutorials

Preview-character-illustration-tutorialsDrawn characters are usually cute and they can make us laugh. Nowadays, designers can turn their pencil sketches into beautiful digital art with lot of beautiful effects. You can use striking vector character as a mascot for your business or website.

This article contains 50 best Photoshop and Illustrator character designing tutorials. Most of these tutorials require a hand drawn sketch, so don’t forget about your pencil and paper.

1. Create a Cute Little Tiger in Illustrator

In this tutorial, you will be drawing the tiger, but you will be doing it a little bit different. Instead of portraying the tiger as a savage and mean creature, author will teach you how to draw a cute little tiger that you will be able to use in your projects, as a desktop wallpaper, etc. You will also learn lots of Illustrator techniques as well. This is the perfect tutorial for year 2010, the year of the tiger.


2. Create a Cute Baby Monster Character in Illustrator

Vector monster tutorial for all you designers learning Illustrator to get stuck into! Use Illustrator’s basic shapes to form the outline and structure of a cute baby monster character, before adding colour, gradients and effects to bring the design to life.


3. Draw an Angry Little Samurai in Illustrator

This tutorial will show you how to draw a samurai in Illustrator using shapes, free time and desire.


4. Create a Character Mascot with Adobe Illustrator CS4

In this intermediate Illustrator tutorial you will be shown how to create a vector character mascot from a sketch in Adobe Illustrator CS4. The techniques in this tutorial can easily be applied to other illustrations, icons, and design elements; as well as legacy versions of Illustrator.


5. How to Create a Curious Owl in Illustrator CS4

Learn how to create non-spooky scene set at dusk, with a curious owl sitting on a branch and some scenery in the background.


6. Create a Cute Panda Bear Face Icon

In the following easy tutorial, you will be shown how to create a cute panda bear face icon all from ellipses (well, actually there is one rectangle for the background). The great part about this tutorial, is that you can easily apply the techniques to other icons, illustrations, logos, or other projects.


7. Create a Cute Furry Vector Monster in Illustrator

Follow these steps in Adobe Illustrator to create your very own super cute fuzzy monster character. You’ll be working with the basic shapes to start, then use a variety of gradients to add depth. You can then finish it off with some detailed fur effects to really lift the design from the screen.


8. How to Turn a Sketch into a Fat Cat Vector Illustration

This tutorial aims to guide you from sketchbook to screen; a “Fat Cat” doodled with biro translated into a neat vector caricature. Intermediate knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is advised.


9. Create the Face of a Greedy Monkey

This tutorial will help you create a simple illustration of a monkey face. It uses the Ellipse Tool, the Pen Tool, the Rectangle Tool, the Crystallize Tool or the Gradient Tool. For the shadow effects you’ll use some classic effects like the Inner Glow or the Gaussian Blur.


10. How to Create a Slick Anime Character in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw an Anime Style character. To start, you’ll rely on basic shapes and the Brush Tool. Also, you’ll learn one of author’s personal techniques he calls “The Front Mirror” which he uses for almost any of his animation projects. This technique will save you lots of time, and will help you to draw many characters for your projects in a very fast way.


11. Creating Vector Characters in Illustrator

This character was created to be a mascot of sorts, and aimed at all ages. It is usable at a variety of sizes, and in both print and animation. See detailed PDF walk-through tutorial how to create it.


12. Create a Happy Sun Character

This intermediate tutorial is great for logos, children illustrations, and other projects relating to climate change. Moreover, you can easily apply this tutorial to other illustrations, logos, and projects.


13. Create a Student Character Mascot with Adobe Illustrator

This is an intermediate Illustrator tutorial level where you can learn how to create a vector student character mascot from a sketch in Adobe Illustrator. The techniques can easily be applied to other character design, illustrations or icons.


14. Create a Character Illustration Wallpaper

Following this tutorial you will be able to create a character illustration wallpaper in Photoshop just like in image below.. In this tutorial you will be focusing more on the shapes, scaling and using group layers.


15. Drunken Monkey Photoshop Tutorial

This article will explain yo you step-by-step how author’s designed an attractive character in one of his recent projects, namely for the company “Drunken Monkey Collectibles”. He will review the entire design process, from the first sketches and drafts to the final touches with Adobe Photoshop.


16. Create a Vector Pirate Cartoon Character from a Hand Drawn Sketch

By firstly using the power of pen and paper a character design is created, which is then scanned into the computer to use as a base for tracing with Adobe Illustrator. The final outcome is a colourful cartoon character in vector format.


17. Create a Blue Vector Character from Pencil Sketch to Coloring

Quick tutorial in which you will going to make a blue character illustration thing. You will be using Photoshop on this tutorial, but don’t forget about pencil and a paper because you’re going to start this with sketching.


18. How to Create a Stinking Zombie Flesh-Eater in Illustrator

In this tutorial, you will see how to create a cartoon zombie in Illustrator. Starting by creating a fresh corpse, you will then ‘yuck’ it up using a number of techniques.


19. Create Simple Cartoon Characters in Photoshop

You will be walked through the basics of colourful vector art to get you going on Photoshop CS and newer.


20. How to Create a Cute and Adorable Twitter Icon in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a cute and adorable Twitter icon. Throughout this tutorial, you will use some of the basic tools like Ellipse Tool, Pen Tool and Gradient Tool.


21. Create a Cool Vector Panda Character in Illustrator

Here’s a step by step walk-through of the process used to create a cool Panda character, from the basic outlines through to the detailed final design.


22. How to Create a Cool Monkey Character in Illustrator

In this tutorial, yo’re going to be creating a monkey character illustration using Adobe Illustrator. You’ll be using basic Shape Tools, the Pen Tool and various other Illustrator techniques to create the illustration.


23. Create Lady Birds Insect Tutorial Using Adobe Illustrator

You can find these cute little bugs being almost anywhere and they won’t ever cause anything but cheers. In this tutorial you will be shown how to create one cool lady bird using Adobe Illustrator.


24. How to Create a Cute Bunny Vector Character

In this Illustrator tutorial, you will see you how to create a cute bunny character. This tutorial uses simple shapes and gradients that are easy to apply to other character illustrations. The great thing about this tutorial is you don’t have to be an amazing artist to be able to do this.


25. Create A Cute Creature Character From A Sketch

In this tutorial you will see how to create a cute creature from a sketch. This tutorial uses custom brushes, the Paintbrush tool, Pen tool, and the Live Paint Bucket tool. Even if you’re not a huge fan of the cuteness, you can use these techniques for other illustrations, logos, and vector elements.


26. Character Development Tutorial Series

This 5 part video tutorial series using a combination of images, video, and commentary will walk you through the process of creating a character from scratch. This tutorial does a great job of showing you how to loosen up, explore ideas, and develop concepts into finished artwork.


27. Character Design from Life

In a handful of over-the-shoulder video tutorials author, David Colman, shares some tips on using real-life inspiration to create unique characters. What makes this series really shine, however, is that is offers a glimpse at how you can take your drawings to the next level by implementing simple and effective design elements.

28. How to Create Typeface Characters

Learn how to take different sections of the characters of a specific font and put them together, giving birth to different kinds of creatures.


29. Drawing Homer Simpson

This tutorial will teach you how to draw the Simpson’s favorite character, Homer Simpson, from grounds up. Your drawing project will involve drawing the outline of the character, applying strokes to these outlines, and then using various selection tools to color Homer’s skin and clothing. You will then finish it off by adding shadows and highlights to make it look similar to the image below.


30. Character Creation in Adobe Illustrator

Simple tutorial where you can learn basic techniques of character creation.


31. How to Create a Vector Illustration and Prepare it for Micro-Stock Sale

There are numerous micro-stock websites that vector designers can design for and make consistent earnings through. This tutorial details a professional workflow for creating vector illustrations and prepping the artwork for these sites. There are also included a bunch of time-saving tools and tips as well.


32. How to Create a Vector Character

This tutorial walks you through the creation of a vector character logo using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS4.


33. Drawing Vector-Looking Cat Illustration Using Photoshop

If you are a beginner or an amateur, this tutorial in web-graphics would certainly be of a great use for you. The aim of this tutorial is to place in the clearest light the process of creating the chosen image. Step by step you will see the whole process and with the help of author’s notes you will clarify all these stages.


34. Cartoon Character – Dexter

Dexter is probably one of those cartoon characters that don’t need an introduction, but anyway, for those who never heard about him, Dexter is boy genius that has a giant secret laboratory filled with his great inventions. In this simple tutorial I will show you how to draw this character inside Adobe Illustrator.


35. How to Make an Animated Paper Robot

In this tutorial you’ll go through the steps of designing and making an animated paper robot character. Not just a picture, this is a moving character that will sit nicely on top of your computer monitor.


36. Make Colorful Bean Characters on Illustrator CS4

Learn how to draw these awesome looking characters using Pen Tool and Gradients.


37. Create the Face of a Grumpy Bear

In this tutorial you can learn to create a grumpy bear face. For the basic shapes you’ll only need the Ellipse Tool and some Warp effects. Later, for some discrete details, you’ll need the Inner Glow, the Gaussian Blur or the Drop Shadow.


38. How to Design a Cheeky Koala Mascot Head

This tutorial will show you how to combine basic shapes with some clever coloring and blending to make a fantastic looking koala character. You’ll use some opacity masks, brushes, gradients and effects, in addition to an easy shading technique you’ll find yourself using in plenty of other projects.


39. Create the Face of a Goofy Bunny

The following tutorial will help you create the face of a goofy bunny. You won’t need the Pen Tool. Only the Ellipse Tool and the Rectangle Tool plus some basic effects like the Inner Glow, the Drop Shadow or the Warp effect.


40. Create Character Driven Book Cover Art Using Illustrator and Photoshop

This two-part tutorial on creating the “Let’s Go To Monster School!” book cover, will show you a complete process from initial sketch to the final artwork, using an Illustrator to Photoshop integrated workflow. In Part 1 you will employ Illustrator to trace our hand drawn sketch, lay down the shapes and define the basic colors.


41. How to Create a Cute Vector Bear T-Shirt Design

Get busy with Adobe Illustrator and design a cute bear character and surrounding scenery in just two colours, ready for use as a cool t-shirt design.


42. How To Draw a Cute Vector Dog Character in Illustrator

Follow this step by step design process of the making of a vector character. You’ll start with a hand drawn sketch of Chris Spooner’s dog, Jake the labrador retriever, then add various lines, colour fills gradients and highlights to produce a cute cartoon representation.


43. Draw a Nice Punk Kid in Illustrator

This tutorial will take you through the process of drawing a nice punk kid in Illustrator. You’ll be working with the basic shapes to start, then use a variety of gradients to add depth and details to our illustration.


44. How To Draw Ferb Step By Step

Phineas and Ferb is an animated television comedy series. They are also known as “Disney’s Phineas and Ferb“. This tutorial is about only Ferb where you will be guided how to draw Ferb step by step in Illustrator. It’s a very basic tutorial where beginners can also practice this easily. You can also download the source file of Ferb at the end of this tutorial.


45. Create a Cute Pig Postcard from Sketch

This tutorial aims to guide you from sketchbook to screen; a “Cute Pig” drawn with pencil in just a couple of minutes translated into a vector postcard.


46. Creating Convincing Characters

In this tutorial, you’ll learn some basic skills for converting your character from a pencil doodle to a complete, fully coloured image – learning some crucial Illustrator skills along the way.


47. Symmetrical Illustration: Thug Bunny!

This tutorial will go through the method of using symmetry in your artwork. Learn how to do half the work but still get the full benefit from your artwork.


48. How to Draw a Funny Bee Illustration

Although they can be very dangerous, bees are loved around the world for honey they are producing. From this tutorial you will learn how to create a funny illustration of a bee inside Adobe Illustrator.


49. Design a Cute Hamster Avatar

Learn how to design cute hamster in Illustrator from scratch. There’s also a soundtrack included in tutorial to help you work.


50. Draw a Beautiful Female Character

Office life would be very boring if there wouldn’t be those hot and strict secretaries. This simple tutorial shows you how to create a beautiful female character using Illustrator.


July 20 2010

13:29 Design & Illustration inspiration by the people

A plethora of inspiration that will ease your typography, color, illustration and design addiction.

(via @drawar)

June 07 2010


May 31 2010


60 Excellent Examples of Illustration in Web Design

The great thing about web design is that we have an enormous range of styles, techniques and ideas to implement when designing. You can go from Super Clean and Minimal Layouts to Colorful Layouts, and you can use Huge Typography or Hand Drawn elements – as long as you keep your style and give your website your own personality. As illustration is somewhere in between those options and is something that can be used to give your website a very unique touch, we decided to gather 60 excellent examples of illustration in web design. There should be plenty here to inspire you.

a modern eden


veerle’s blog


the waiting room




the color cure


Pixel Thread


Hull Digital Question Time


The Digital Invaders








Fator Criativo




Aran Down


Alex Buga






Daniel Marques


David Hellmann







Navigant Consulting


The Alamo Basement


Oslo Internasjonale Filmfestival


the ship and the sea


Eighty Two Design


Matt Hamm






Robbin Waldemar


Fully Illustrated


Maggie Taylor


made by guerrilla






Green Ideas


tree house editing


Healthy Harvest










What Is Your Problem




Ali Felski


jacob lee


Douglas Menezes


Drupalcon – DC


Andy Ward


Carol Rivello






Chirag Solanki






Starbucks Coffee At Home




Getting Crazy


Corvus Design Studio


About the Author

Gisele MullerGisele Muller is someone that recently discovered a new career online. A person that really likes technology, design, photography and creativity. An eternal geek wannabe, tech fan and a communication lover! Current location: Porto Alegre, RS – Brazil. Twitter: @gismullr

May 10 2010


Designing an Infographic with HTML, CSS & jQuery

I’ve been wanting to get stuck into a creative infographic for quite some time, so recently I started work on a personal project that involved the design and build of a graphic to portray the stats and figures of Line25. To mix things up a little and to take it a step further, I decided to have a shot at building the whole infographic as a complete web page. Here’s a walkthrough of the project, showing how resources like Cufon and jQuery’s ScrollTo plugin were used to add some flair and interactivity to the design.

The concept

View the infographic

View the infographic

The design itself was put together in Adobe Illustrator using a bunch of Line25 stats. A limited colour palette was used to stay true to traditional infographic designs like airplane safety cards, with a couple of blues, greens and greys making up the scheme for the design. Large typography was one of the main ingredients, with League Gothic being the perfect fit with its tall and bold appearance. Charts, diagrams and icons also make up large portions of the design, all aiming to add interest to the otherwise boring facts and figures.

With the idea of building a web page out of the design in mind, I bundled in some large margins and gaps between the sections, the idea being that the jQuery ScrollTo plugin could make for some cool interactive scrolling. Swirly lines and gradients in these areas would add some visual flair as the browser window zooms past.

The basic webpage

Once the overall design concept was complete, the basic information was laid out in plain old HTML. Paragraphs of text and headings were used where possible to allow the majority of the design to be rendered by the browser, then it was all styled up with CSS one section at a time.

Intro section

Intro section preview

<div id="intro">
	<h1>The stats behind <span>Line25</span></h1>
	<p>The LINE25 web design blog by Chris Spooner is home to a range of posts that aim to provide ideas and inspiration to web creatives.
At just over one year old it’s already amassed a wealth of stats and figures. Sit back and take a look behind the scenes.</p>

	<p class="btn"><a href="#section1">Continue</a></p>
#intro {
	background: url(images/section-1.png) 0 485px no-repeat;
	padding: 0 0 1102px 0;
	margin: 0 0 0 100px;

	#intro h1 {
		font-size: 78px;
		color: #c0d8f1;
		text-transform: uppercase;
		margin: 0 0 25px 0;
		#intro h1 span {
			display: block; width: 625px; height: 188px; margin: 8px 0 0 0;
			background: url(images/line25.png);text-indent: -9999px;

	#intro p {
		width: 850px;
		font-size: 28px; color: #c0d8f1;
		#intro p.btn a {
			display: block; width: 128px; height: 128px;
			background: url(images/down-btn.jpg); text-indent: -9999px;
			float: right; margin: 160px -3px 0 0;

The intro section consists of a short header, the Line25 logo, intro paragraph and the first button element. The background of the design was added as a background image to the intro <div>, and plenty of padding added to replicate the large portions of white space. The heading is configured in size and colour, with the <span> coming in handy for some image replacement as the Line25 logo.

Section one

Section one preview

<div id="section1">
	<h2 class="march2009">March 2009</h2>
	<h2 class="launched">Line25 is launched</h2>
	<p>On its first day, Line25 brought in 1,750 visitors. One year later in March 2010, the average daily visitor rate has grown to 5,572.</p>
	<img src="images/graph.png" alt="Graph displaying visitor count from March 2009 and March 2010" />

	<h2 class="average">On average each month, there are:</h2>

		<dd>New posts</dd>

		<dd>New comments</dd>

		<dd>New subscribers</dd>


#section1 {
	margin: 0 0 0 100px;
	#section1 h2.launched {
		font-size: 154px;
		color: #c0d8f1;
		text-transform: uppercase;
		margin: 0 0 15px 0;
	#section1 h2.march2009 {
		width: 858px; height: 398px; margin: -21px 0 30px 0;
		background: url(images/march-2009.png); text-indent: -9999px;
	#section1 p {
		width: 850px; margin: -25px 0 45px 0;
		font-size: 37px; line-height: 47px; color: #a7a9ac;
	#section1 img {
		margin: 0 0 45px 0;

	#section1 h2.average {
		font-size: 82px;
		color: #c0d8f1;
		text-transform: uppercase;
		margin: 0 0 15px 0;
	#section1 dl {
		overflow: hidden; margin: 0 0 100px 0;
		#section1 dl dt {
			width: 360px; float: left; clear: left;
			font-size: 130px;
			color: #c1e6e9;
			text-transform: uppercase;
			text-align: right;
			margin: 0 0 5px 0;
		#section1 dl dd {
			float: left;
			*float: none; /* Quick and dirty IE7 fix */
			font-size: 70px;
			color: #c0d8f1;
			text-transform: uppercase;
			margin: 43px 0 0 25px;

After a short scroll section one begins with a simple graphic, followed by paragraph text which introduces the first chart. The large lists of facts and figures fits perfectly as a definition list, with the two pieces of related information being marked up as either <dt> or <dd>.

Section two

Section two background swirls

Section two chart

<div id="section2">
	<h2 class="total">In total <span>(as of May 2010)</span>, that's...</h2>
	<p class="btn total"><a href="#stats">Continue</a></p>
	<h2 class="categories">The 126 posts are split into 4 categories:</h2>
	<img src="images/pie-chart.png" alt="Pie chart displaying posts per category" />

	<p class="btn continue"><a href="#user">Continue</a></p>
#section2 {
	background: #476079 url(images/swirls.png) 220px 210px no-repeat; padding: 75px 0 50px 100px;
	#section2 {
		font-size: 82px;
		color: #fff;
		text-transform: uppercase;
		margin: 0 0 2362px 0;
		float: left;
		#section2 span {
			font-size: 55px;
		#section2 a {
			display: block; width: 128px; height: 128px;
			background: url(images/down-btn.jpg); text-indent: -9999px;
			float: left; margin: -32px 0 0 10px;
		#section2 h2.categories {
			font-size: 82px;
			color: #fff;
			text-transform: uppercase;
			margin: 0 0 150px 0;
		#section2 img {
			margin: 0 0 150px 0;
		#section2 p.btn.continue a {
			display: block; width: 128px; height: 128px;
			background: url(images/down-btn.jpg); text-indent: -9999px;
			margin: 0 0 0 415px;

Section two switches from a grey background to a dark blue, and starts with a short title and swirly pattern graphic before heading down to the meaty information lower down. This graphic is added as a background image to the section2 <div> and lots of padding added to bump down the content. Classes on each title allows the sizing to be altered to adhere to the original design.

Section three

Section three preview

<div id="section3">
	<h2 class="user" id="user">The average Line25 user...</h2>
		<li class="firefox">Uses Firefox</li>
		<li class="pc">Has a PC</li>
		<li class="time">Browses for 1:39</li>
		<li class="usa">Lives in the USA</li>
		<li class="awesome">Is awesome</li>

	<img src="images/thankyou.png" alt="Thank You, The End" />

	<p class="btn"><a href="#intro">Back to top</a></p>
#section3 {
	background: #c1e6e9 url(images/gradient.jpg) repeat-x; padding: 4100px 0 200px 100px;
	overflow: hidden;
	#section3 h2.user {
		font-size: 120px;
		color: #476079;
		text-transform: uppercase;
		margin: 0 0 100px 0; padding: 100px 0 0 0;
	#section3 ul {
		width: 534px; height: 1135px; padding: 75px 0 200px 600px;
		background: url(images/user-bg.png) no-repeat;
		#section3 ul li {
			list-style: none; height: 60px; padding: 40px 0 30px 130px; margin: 0 0 106px 0;
			font-size: 70px;
			color: #476079;
			text-transform: uppercase;
			#section3 ul li.firefox {
				background: url(images/firefox-icon.png) left no-repeat;
			#section3 ul li.pc {
				background: url(images/pc-icon.png) left no-repeat;
			#section3 ul li.time {
				background: url(images/clock-icon.png) left no-repeat;
			#section3 ul li.usa {
				background: url(images/usa-icon.png) left no-repeat;
			#section3 ul li.awesome {
				background: url(images/awesome-icon.png) left no-repeat;
		#section3 img {
			margin: 0 0 100px 0;
		#section3 h3 {
			font-size: 70px;
			color: #476079;
			text-transform: uppercase;
			float: left; margin: 0 0 0 830px;
		#section3 p.btn a {
			display: block; width: 115px; height: 115px; float: left; margin: -30px 0 0 10px;
			background: url(images/top-btn.png); text-indent: -9999px;

Section three begins after another short scroll which transitions from the dark blue background to mint green. This section presents information overlaid over a graphic, which is set as the background of a <ul> and the information itself marked up as <li> elements. Classes on each <li> make it easy to attach icon graphics alongside each title, and margins align up each list item between the dotted area of the background image.

Entire HTML in summary

Summary of HTML code

Javascript coolness

A couple of simple Javascript resources quickly add some extra coolness to the design. Firstly we have Cufon, which allows us to bring the League Gothic font from the concept into the web based design. Then there’s the implementation of jQuery and the handy ScrollTo plugin which adds all the fancy page scrolling functionality we need.

<script src="js/jquery.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="js/cufon.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="js/League_Gothic_400.font.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="js/jquery.scrollTo.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="js/scripts.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

In total there’s five Javascript files; the jQuery library; the Cufon script; a Cufon generated font file for League Gothic; the ScollTo plugin for jQuery; and finally my own scripts file for activating and configuring all the Javascript functionality.

To activate League Gothic on the appropriate HTML elements, they’re inserted into the scripts file like so:

Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, dl, ul');

As for the scrolling, I already added anchor links to the relevant element IDs in the HTML, so to implement auto-scrolling, the ScrollTo plugin is activated:

$(document).ready(function() {
	$("p.btn a").click(function() {
		$.scrollTo($(this).attr("href"), 1000);
		return false;

Rather than write commands for every button, I targeted the ‘btn’ anchor, then used .attr("href") to grab the target from that particular anchor. return false; then stops the original HTML anchor link from working.

The final design

So here it is, the final result of my little experiment!

View the infographic

View the infographic

April 07 2010


40 more illustrated sites

The illustrated style seems to be massively popular lately. Here is another fine set of beautifully illustrated sites. I must say, this is one of my favorite styles. Most likely because it is out of my reach in terms of skills. Any time someone can make or do something you can’t it always feels a bit more fantastic.

Tags: Illustration
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