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October 01 2013


September 2013: 10 Best Free Hi-Res Photos by Unsplash


A few months ago we introduced you to, a project by Ooomf. Since then they kept promise and regularly released new images. Quality varies though. That’s why we decided to help separate the wheat from the chaff by publishing only the 10 best images released in September 2013. Have fun and do whatever you want with these gorgeous photos…

July 18 2013


Totally Free: delivers Hi-Resolution Photos To Your Inbox


Commercial use photos are always appreciated. In most cases, though, licensing is not as straightforward as you would want it to be. Studying license conditions is not what most of us like to struggle with. Some countries even have legal systems in place, where it is hard for the creator to waive all his legal rights, even if he explicitly wants to. The best way to stay out of trouble is to either shoot each and every photo by yourself or choose pictures with as little license overhead as possible. The new project by freelancer-platform promises to deliver exactly this kind of material.

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March 27 2012


March 23 2012


March 20 2012


Free Texture Tuesday: Rust Grab Bag

Today I’m sharing these five various hi-res rust textures. Each one is 4500×3000.

March 13 2012


March 06 2012


February 28 2012


Free Texture Tuesday: 5 Rusted Metal Sign Textures

Today’s textures come from a rusted metal sign on the outskirts of a gravel pit. It sits along a hiking trail in a small local mountain range. Each texture is 4500×3000.


rusted sign 02

rusted sign 03

rusted sign 04

rusted sign 05

February 24 2012


Freebie Friday: 10 Burned Paper Edge Brushes


These brushes were created from some burned vintage paper textures I created a few months ago. Each brush is 2500px wide.



Download .ZIP

February 21 2012


Free Texture Tuesday: 5 Rippled Glass Textures

Hi everyone, today I’m providing these interesting and different glass textures. These come from an outdoor patio table I have at my house. It has this grooved and rippled glass as the tabletop. Each image is 4500×3000.

February 14 2012


February 10 2012


Freebie Friday: 8 Crisp Dynamic Grunge Brushes

This set of brushes offers you eight unique and energetic grunge shapes. I created these by picking out some of experimental ink/food coloring texture shapes, vectorizing them to create crisper edges, and then converting them to PS brushes. Each one is over 2400px wide.


Download .ZIP

February 07 2012


Free Texture Tuesday: 5 Unique Cloud Textures

Today I’m giving some cloud photographs that are a bit different than the traditional cloud texture photographs. I shot these back in October and have used them in a few of my own pieces but never released them as a collection. I think their uses are endless, particularly because they aren’t obvious cloud shapes that will be instantly recognizable. Each one is 4500×3000.

January 31 2012


January 24 2012


Free Texture Tuesday: Grab Bag 14

Today’s grab bag of textures contains a couple old book covers and three other various textures. Each one will add a different dimension to your designs.

January 20 2012


Freebie Friday: 5 Simple Fabric Brushes

This collection of five subtle hi-res fabric brushes will add some natural surfacing to your work. Each brush is 2500×2500.


Download .ZIP

January 17 2012


Free Texture Tuesday: 5 Cracked and Peeling Wood Textures

These hi res wooden board textures can act as solid foundations or as a small touch to your work. Each one is 4500×3000.

January 13 2012


January 10 2012


Free Texture Tuesday: 5 Tree Stump Textures

These five hi-res wood textures come from looking down at a tree stump. The line detail in these is really interesting. Each texture is 4500×3000.

January 06 2012


Freebie Friday: 7 Soft Grunge Brushes

I created these soft grunge brushes from my Frosted Window texture pack over at Valleys In The Vinyl. These brushes will make a valuable addition to your library and will come in handy for adding that extra surfacing and personality that your design’s require. Each brush is 2500×2000.


Download .ZIP

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