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March 30 2012


Choosing a WordPress Theme: Free or Premium?

Perhaps one of the most striking features of WordPress is the easy availability of themes. Take a look at any of the other CMSs – be it Joomla!, Drupal or Textpattern – none of them comes even close when it comes to the availability of ready-made themes and templates. Not only does WP have numerous free themes to its merit, it is also well supplemented for by several Premium theme providers. So, what exactly are Premium and Free themes anyway? In simple terms, Premium themes are those which come at a price that is paid to the theme provider whereas Free themes are just that – free! 

Premium Themes

Just like any other commercial commodity, Premium themes too often undergo the debate regarding pricing – there are some who claim that Premium themes are an unfair means to monetize an open source project, whereas there are still others who hold the view that Premium themes are solutions which cannot be provided in the absence of commercial funding and, owing to the competition, often Premium themes are under-priced.

Pictured: 'Unsigned' -- a Premium Theme by WooThemes

Pictured: 'Unsigned' -- a Premium Theme by WooThemes

Link to ‘Unsigned’ by WooThemes

When it comes to positives, Premium themes have many advantages:

  1. First up, most Premium themes come with A+ grade support which is missing in Free themes. This is because the developers build Premium themes as a means of livelihood and thus tend to provide excellent grade support.
  2. Further more, Premium themes are reliable. They are updated on a regular basis, often come with extended or lifetime support and extensive documentation.
  3. Premium themes also have several unique features that are otherwise lacking in Free themes. Plus, due to stiff competition, theme providers are working hard to make their offerings the best of the lot and thus, Premium themes happen to be super-rich in features.
  4. Premium themes generally pay great attention to details. In fact, they often have better tweaks for settings such as SEO than their Free counterparts.
  5. Along similar lines, Premium themes come in several forms to suit your needs – there are special offerings depending on the genre of your website.
  6. Unlike Free themes, Premium themes are not so common and this can lend a unique appeal to your blog.

On the downside, Premium themes also have their share of disadvantages:

  1. Unlike Free themes, which are generally added to the official WP repository and undergo a review process, Premium themes can at times be mere commercial entities that may or may not be standards compliant in terms of licensing.
  2. Premium themes generally come for a fee and spending money on a blog that might just be a hobby may not suit everyone’s purpose.
  3. While this does not apply to everyone, at times, Premium themes, in their bid to be super-awesome, may come loaded with several features, whereas in reality, you may not need all of them. You will therefore, be using just a sub-set of the total number of features. In other words, for certain scenarios, using a Premium theme might be an overkill.
WP Theme Repo is an excellent place to look for free themes

WP Theme Repo is an excellent place to look for free themes

Free Themes

There are several Free themes for WordPress from different providers. Often, many developers develop Free themes to build their portfolio or just for fun. On the other hand, many Premium theme providers as well as WP-related blogs may release Free themes for their visitors.

Pictured: 'Sight' -- a Free Theme by WPShower

Pictured: 'Sight' -- a Free Theme by WPShower

Link to ‘Sight’ by WPShower

There are several advantages of Free themes:

  1. Firstly, Free themes don’t burn a hole in your pockets – simply download and use! There are no prices to pay.
  2. While personalized support is generally absent with Free themes, many developers respond to queries and comments in forums. Plus, you can always get great support from WP Codex and official forums.
  3. Since Free themes are more common, the number of plugins and configuration settings that they support is also large. And just in case a particular plugin does not work with a given theme, you can always report the issue to the official repository. With Premium themes, however, due to smaller user base, the process takes some extra time.

On the downside, Free themes come with certain disadvantages too:

  1. Free themes generally do not come with any warranty or assurance of working.
  2. Unlike Premium themes, you cannot expect top-notch personalized support with Free themes.
  3. The update frequency, though good, is not as great as that of Premium themes.
  4. Most Free themes tend to be quite common and this can kill the ‘unique’ look of your blog.
  5. Lastly, there are several Free theme providers who offer themes with spam or phishing links. If you are downloading Free themes, the ideal method is to do so from reputable providers, instead of simply searching for themes on Google.

Tips for Choosing an Ideal Theme

Irrespective of it being Free or Premium, a theme should serve your purpose well. Only you can comment on what exactly your needs are, but it helps to bear a few basic points in mind when settling on a theme:

  1. Do not compromise on the features and functionality that you need. A good theme should provide ample features to suit both your present and future needs.
  2. Even though you may be well-versed in coding, look for a theme that is easy to use and modify. In other words, try to choose a theme that does not require rocket science for customization – the time and efforts invested in configuring a theme, if saved, can be invested elsewhere too.
  3. If you have a specific genre of website, such as a photo/video gallery, opt for a theme meant for that specific purpose.
  4. Ensure that the developers are active and the theme is regularly updated.
  5. Plus, check for the available support options. If it’s a Premium theme, ask for nothing less that personalized email support/ticketing system. And if it’s a Free theme, look for the level of activity in the forums (if any) and/or the frequency with which the developer responds to the comments on his website.
  6. Next up, bear in mind that the theme you are opting for should not be too old – this is especially true if you are choosing a Free theme. Web technology tends to get updated at a rapid pace, and it makes sense to opt for a theme that is updated.

Just in case even Premium themes fail to impress you, and you have the budget, consider opting for a Custom Design.

Which theme do you use for your blog? Is it free or Premium? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

March 19 2012


40+ Fresh And Free WordPress Themes

WordPress is the famous blogging platform and a content management system for creating a blog or a website. WordPress themes are available there in order to customize ones WordPress blog or websites. You can choose a custom theme for your blog or website that will best represent you. since WordPress is the most commonly used blogging platform and millions of people all over the world are using it, choosing a custom WordPress theme is crucial for making your website stand apart from others.

Here we have put together 40+ free WordPress themes that you can download for free. Though there are plenty of paid themes also available but finding the freebies always is a pleasure. So, enjoy this collection and feel free to share your opinion with us.


( Demo | Download )

WP-The Tech News WordPress Themes

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Game Passion WordPress Themes

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

gazpoMag: Magazine Style WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

Esplanade Free WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

Koi – Free WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

Gadgetizer – Free WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Design Disease – Free WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

Pink Touch 2

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

WP-Karma WordPress Themes

( Demo | Download )

WP-Auto News WordPress Themes

( Demo | Download )

Flexy WordPress Themes

( Demo | Download )

Photolistic – Free WordPress Theme for Photographers

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Fotofolio Landscape

( Demo | Download )

Triton Lite

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

The Blog

( Demo | Download )

Complete Free Business & Portfolio WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Edgy Ellen

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

February 29 2012


SliderWall Giveaway: 5 Commercial Licenses of jQuery Image Slider

Are you ready for yet another amazing giveaway? SliderWall is giving away 5 commercial licensees to our lucky readers! If you have been dreaming of placing a jQuery slider on your website but can’t find the perfect solution for it, then you’ve definitely come to the right place!

How do you win this awesome jQuery slider? Read on!

What is SliderWall?

SliderWall is a jQuery image slider that is made purely using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. SliderWall is a very flexible tool in terms of user customization and responsiveness when it comes to mobile devices. Meaning, it will display just fine on your desktop, tablet, and smartphones, eliminating the worry of cross-platform compatibility.

As mentioned, it is very easy to customize if you know a little about CSS. It has a lot of cool transition effects and many uses.

You can use SliderWall for:

Tours & Presentations

If you have a product to sell or a service to pitch in, you can definitely use SliderWall to tell your website’s visitors everything they need to know about your business, with style!

Image Slider

Are you a photographer, illustrator, painter, or someone along those lines? Then why not show your work to the whole world using this amazing image slider!

Video Slider

Of course this should be a functionality every image slider should have. SliderWall nailed it! Video slider on your website? Now isn’t that ultra cool?

Tab Slider

Now be honest, you want to get your hands on it, right?!

Don’t forget to check out the SliderWall demo so that you can really feel and experience its awesomeness!

Main Features:

  • 15 cool transitions
  • Touchscreen support
  • SEO friendly
  • RSS feed support
  • Video support
  • HTML content support
  • and a lot more!

The Giveaway

SliderWall is giving away 5 Commercial Licenses worth $99 each which our loyal readers can use on a single domain. With a commercial license, the winners can use it on any type of commercial project. All features included!

Can’t wait? You can give it a try right now by downloading the free version of SliderWall.

How to Win

It’s simple, all you have to do is:

  1. Tweet, +1, and Share this so that more people will know about it (spread it across every social network you have!)
  2. Comment here containing the links to your Tweet or +1 (people might start following you, who knows?).
  3. Tell people you know about this amazing tool!

Then the waiting begins. Winners will be announced next week, so check back!

Winners will be selected using

February 21 2012


Web Icon Set Giveaway: 5 Business Subscriptions for our Loyal Readers!

Are you designing a website, or planning on a redesign? That’s a tough job, so why not lighten it with the help of Web Icon Set? Today we’re having another explosive giveaway sponsored by Web Icon Set!

Five of our lucky readers will have the chance to win 1 of 5 Business Subscriptions worth $99 each. But that’s not all, winners can access all existing icons and upcoming ones for THREE YEARS!

That is a big WOW!

What is Web Icon Set?

Web Icon Set provides professional and quality royalty-free stock icons for designers. By being a member, you can have access to over 1,000+ premium icons including Pictograms, Stock Icons and Mini Icons with for a very affordable subscription fee. All of the icons are perfect for websites, web applications and wireframes. Feel free to check out Web Icon Set’s Free Icons too!

If you have a blog, website, email list or Twitter account then you can join the Affiliate Program and earn a 40% commission per sign up!

The Giveaway

  • Several hundreds of Icons
  • Over 700 Pictograms
  • 400 Stock Icons
  • 500 Mini Icons
  • Unlimited download

The numbers will keep on growing!


Stock Icons

Mini Icons

How to win:

All you have to do is share, like, tweet, and comment for a chance to win one of the 5 Business Subscriptions of Web Icon Set worth $99 each!

When you tweet or +1, don’t forget to post them on your comment. :)

Note: when you comment, be sure to include your email address on the form (we won’t spam you!) or we’ll just contact you via your social media accounts.

Winners will be announced next week. Until then, keep on sharing!

February 20 2012


TN3Gallery Giveaway Winners Announcement!

It’s been a week since we started the giveaway and now we’re ready to announce the lucky winners of 5 TN3Gallery Pro Licenses Giveaway! Five of our loyal readers have won an amazing jQuery Image Gallery with Slideshow from TN3Gallery. A lot of our readers commented to get the chance of getting their hands on this amazing plugin, but only five are lucky. But don’t worry, there are several giveaways in place for this year!

Okay, so who are the winners?

The Lucky Winners:

  1. Igor Nikitenko
  2. Gorkii Baksim (baksimgorkii)
  3. Vincent (commenter #55)
  4. Chucky (commenter #59)
  5. Kamil Burek (Mestiso)

Congratulations everyone! We will be contacting you shortly on how you can claim your prize. In the meantime, don’t forget to tell your friends about TN3Gallery.

Winners have been randomly selected.

The Prize:

Winners will get a single domain license containing all of the image gallery’s features.

Horizontal Thumbnail Carousel

Vertical Thumbnail Carousel

Want it too?

There is a free version that you can try, and upgrade to Pro license if you want to explore more.

What are the features of the Free version?

  • Search engine ready
  • Image preloading
  • Supports mobile browsers
  • Transition effects
  • Fullscreen option
  • Cross-browser support
  • Optional captions
  • CSS skinning on default skin
  • Works with Cufon and @font-face
  • Document-wide linking
  • Horizontal thumbnail carousel
  • Slideshow
  • Powerful API

What is in Pro license that isn’t on the Free version?

  • Fullscreen keyboard navigation
  • Option for additional skins
  • Multiple albums
  • Vertical thumbnail carousel
  • XML support
  • Multiple galleries on same page
  • Flickr support
  • Picasa support
  • Mouse wheel navigation
  • Permalinks for images
  • Dynamic image sizing
  • Unbranded
  • Support and Updates for 1 year

If you’re an affiliate marketer looking for other products to promote, then TN3Gallery is for you. TN3Gallery offers 50% commission for their affiliates for every sale.


February 13 2012


TN3Gallery Giveaway: 5 Pro Licenses of jQuery Image Gallery with Slideshow!

The success of your website depends partly on its presentation. People in the field of designing have little problem, to none at all, dealing with this since most of their works are visual. One way of presenting photographs, illustrations, image manipulations, and other visuals in a very cool way is through an image gallery. But making one for your website does not come free, well there are free plugins for it but they’re not on par with premium ones. It’s a good thing that TN3Gallery is offering 5 licenses for TN3Gallery Pro! Say goodbye to the horrors of coding!

If you have been to professional photographers’ websites you’ll definitely see most of them have an amazing image slider on their homepage featuring their best works. Many people have contacted us asking how it’s done, especially when we posted a roundup article covering these professional photographers’ websites. A lot of people have tried learning jQuery to create their own jQuery slideshow for their website which is a good start, but with limited results.

What is TN3Gallery?

TN3Gallery is, as the name implies, a modern gallery for websites. It is compatible with both desktop and mobile browsers so you won’t have to worry about how it looks from across several platforms.

There are several WordPress plugins and WordPress themes with built-in image sliders, but the problem with them is that there isn’t really an extensive support and robust features. TN3Gallery, on the other hand, has everything you will ever need!

If you have a lot of works you want people to see, a photo gallery just like the ones seen below is a great addition to your website!

TN3Gallery Pro’s Features:

  • Search engine ready – which is something very important if you really want your website to be known.
  • Image preloading – instead of loading images one by one, while looking at the first image the second one is already loaded and the next.
  • Supports mobile browsers – and you thought it’s impossible, right?
  • Fullscreen option  - a website entirely dedicated for images? No problem!
  • Flickr and Picasa support
  • Mouse wheel navigation and Keyboard navigation
  • Multiple Albums
  • Vertical and Horizontal thumbnail carousel
  • And many more!

Browsing Albums:

Vertical Navigation:

TN3Gallery Fullscreen:

As mentioned earlier, TN3Gallery offers fullscreen option for the gallery, making the feeling more complete.

How to win:

You can win simply by commenting below and by sharing this to as many people as you can across social networking sites! Imagine your website with an amazing image gallery, wouldn’t that be cool?

Winners will be announced next week. Stay tuned, and keep on sharing this!

January 26 2012


15 Best Magento Themes For eCommerce Websites

Magento is the best platform for any e-commerce store or website because it comes with large numbers of terrific features that make it the preferred choice of many e-commerce website owners. On the other hand, finding out elegant or helpful Magento resources is rather difficult. Nearly all Magento extension and themes are so pricey if you compare them with other Content Management Systems (CMS).

Therefore today we have gathered some free but tremendous as well as high quality Magento themes for you. Scroll through our amazing collection and be inspired to create your own artworks, as well. Have fun!!

Grayscale Free Magento Template

( Demo | Download )

Em Computer Store

( Demo | Download )

Magento Classic Theme

( Demo | Download )

mEbay – Free Magento theme

( Demo | Download )

Hardwood Magento Theme

( Demo | Download )

Magento Absolute Theme

( Demo | Download )

Telescope Magento Theme

( Demo | Download )

JM Mesolite

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Electronics Store 3

( Demo | Download )

Fitness Theme

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Soccer Sports

( Demo | Download )

Inspire blue

( Demo | Download )

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December 29 2011


Best Of 2011: 50 Free Fonts To Enhance Your Designs

Since 2011 is just about to end so we though, this would be the perfect time to showcase some of the best fonts that we have seen in 2011 lately. In this collection, we have gathered 50 latest free fonts from 2011 that can truly enhance your designs. We all know that choosing the right font can make or break the design as well as the overall look.

In the field of graphic design, displaying typography is a persuasive element where more attention is paid to how artistically typefaces can be used in a design. The appropriate selection of typography can convert your ordinary design into extraordinarily eye-catching piece of art.
So, here is the collection of fresh and high quality free fonts to make your designs look outstanding. All the fonts present in this collection are free to download. Enjoy!

Acid Stucture

Sketch Gothic

Villa Didot


Accent Free Display Typeface

Glide® Font

Scalpel Font

Arapey – Free Google Web Fon

Stencil 8bit



Sketch Block



VE Vastagurly Display

My Girl Is Retro


GRN Burgy

The Kabel Font

Mosaic Leaf


The 2K12



Earth Heart


Maria Antonia




Minaeff Ect






Henry Typeface

Broken Records

Five Minutes

Grogy free font

Acid Step






Channel font


Coalition v2.0

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December 20 2011


Best Of 2011: 70 Beautiful And High Quality Free Textures

For the designing fraternity, premium quality texture, backgrounds and patterns are the most necessitated freebies on the internet. Use of texture in web designs is tremendously frequent. As a result every designer is in search of good quality textures, although they do not get all at one place. Therefore, in this collection we have gathered different types of textures like grunge, rust, watercolor, fabric, metal, natural, wall, stone, flower, paper, graffiti and more.

Designers are in love with all of those freely available textures that can help their designs to become more fine-looking and attractive. In this round-up we have collected 70 awesome free textures from 2011 to freshen up your designs. Enjoy and stay creative!

High-Res Wood Textures

High-Res Playdough Textures

High Resolution Graffiti Textures

High Resolution Grungy Surface Textures

High Resolution Brick & Tile Textures

BG 69

Seamless Marble Top Texture


Wall Texture


Rusting Painted Metal 2


Assorted Rock Surface Texture

Tree Bark

Weathered Pavement

Beautiful Flower Textures









Assorted Rock Surface Texture

Assorted Rock Surface Texture


Stained Paper Texture

Stained Paper Texture

Grunge Stone Texture

Grunge Stone Texture

Grunge Stone Texture


Grunge Stone Texture


Pebble Texture

Pebble Texture


Grainy Wall Texture

Vintage Checkered Texture 02



Brick 01


Brick 02

Weathered Pavement

Weathered Pavement

Apple iOS Linen Texture

Weathered Pavement

Weathered Pavement

Grunge Texture

Vintage Star Pattern Texture

Grunge Texture

Vintage Starburst Texture

Paper Texture

Colored Vintage Paper Texture 05 (Deep Blue)

Wallpaper Textures

High-Res Wood Textures

High-Res Wood Textures

High-Res Storm Cloud Textures

High-Res Wood Textures

High Resolution Metal Surface Textures

Grunge Texture

Paper Texture

Stained Paper Texture



Stained Paper Texture

Wallpaper Textures

High-Res Subtle Grunge Painting Textures

High-Res Playdough Textures

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November 16 2011


Downloadable pack of Avatars for mockups

Sarah Parmenter has (along with the faces that contributed) kindly put together a download pack of avatars for your web and PSD mockup use.

Note: “don’t use them on anything controversial, or anything that will cause distress or defamation to their character.”

November 13 2011


Free Graphic Design Software Reviews And An Amazing Showcase

Needless to say, the dominance of proprietary graphics software can make this particular domain incredibly prohibitive for those who are just starting and need much more than just a trial period to learn their way around.

This is where free software takes the spotlight. While it aims to provide functions similar to those of its more expensive counterparts, it shouldn’t be regarded as a complete replacement. Though users constantly bicker about which is better, the answer couldn’t be more obvious: it all depends on what you use it for.

One thing that should be kept in mind is that these tools are generally developed by communities, so naturally it shouldn’t be expected of them to evolve in the same way as Adobe (for example). That doesn’t mean that it’s better or worse; it just means different. Of course, since the projects all started from different platforms and under different licenses, they can have a very alien look and interfaces can and most definitely will vary between programs. Since it’s not uncommon for those who work with graphics to use several tools, having workplaces set up in a similar manner is one of the reasons why a proprietary suite is more attractive.


GIMP screenshot
Right off the bat, it should be mentioned that GIMP, short for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is small, fast and portable, but packs a wide array of tools. It is a raster graphics editor with functions similar to those of Photoshop, so it shares some of its versatility; it has also been endlessly compared to it. True, overall it does have fewer features than its counterpart, but that may or may not be a problem, depending on what you plan to use GIMP for. Perhaps for those who switch to this tool, the most frustrating thing is the fact that it is still very familiar, but everything behaves slightly differently.

Note that the developers never intended it to take over the market, but to offer a free alternative for those who, for whatever reason, can’t or won’t make a huge investment. That is to say, the industry still relies on the coherence brought by PSD files, allowing designers to collaborate. Just imagine if everyone used a different program or file type.

In a nutshell, it’s great for those who don’t need very advanced features or who just don’t need all the features offered by proprietary software (3D tool for photographers?).

PROS: lightweight, fast, has all of the basic tools and more
CONS: lacks advanced features, no native CMYK or LAB support (not intended for print), limited compatibility with PSD files


Inkscape screenshot
Moving on to vector graphics, we find Inkscape. The first, and possibly the most intriguing aspect is the fact that it doesn’t use a special file type. Instead, it saves directly as SVG, with the option to export as EPS (among others), meaning that you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues. Moreover, SVG is a standard developed by the W3C, making it a prime choice for web.

Although very neatly organized, the interface can seem very messy and chaotic, but after poking around for a little while, everything should be fine. The overall learning curve isn’t very different from Illustrator, as most of it stems from vector graphics, not the program that handles them.

It does have a few quirks, like having to perform an extra step to achieve something when it could be done automatically. Perhaps the most irksome is the inability to change the name of gradients, leaving you with a random number instead. On the topic of gradients, unfortunately Inkscape does not have gradient meshes, which Illustrator users might find crucial.

Still, it is a powerful tool that can create amazing results, provided you have the patience to work around some of its weak points.

PROS: uses SVG natively, clones, lightweight
CONS: interface could use a little more polishing, no gradient meshes, many filters aren’t so effective


MyPaint screenshot
Lastly, for the more artistically inclined, comes MyPaint which, as the name would suggest, is designed with digital painting in mind. It serves as a very light version of Corel Painter, great emphasis on “very lightweight”; the program takes up only 13 megabytes, 15 if you want all the translation files.

MyPaint does away with complex tools, busy interfaces and complicated features. This little gem has a limitless canvas, an incredibly minimalistic interface and greatly reduced number of tools. It doesn’t even have a selection or cropping tool, but it can manage layers and merge them. Corel Painter uses different engines to render the different types of brushes, so that the effect is as close to real life as possible, but MyPaint only uses one. The engine is also used to detect things like pressure and speed when using a graphic tablet.

As mentioned, there is great emphasis on brushes and the ability to customize them for whatever you may need. Overall, it is a very simplistic tool and user-friendly. True, it’s not nearly as powerful as its “competitor”, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any use.

PROS: small, simplistic, user-friendly
CONS: perhaps too simplistic, not as powerful as other similar software

In closing, I hope to have sparked your interest in free software, graphics or otherwise. It really is a fascinating movement that is growing continuously as more and more people join the projects and contribute.

To answer your burning questions:

Are the programs good? Yes.

Can they replace proprietary software? Not yet, or at least not entirely.

Inspirational: 20 pieces of artwork made with free software

I now leave you with a selection of 20 portraits done with the above-mentioned tools, to see what they are actually capable of. Enjoy!

1. Nixie Pixel by TheShock (GIMP)

Nixie Pixel by TheShock

2. PP3 Portrait 2 by Scheherazade2c (GIMP)

PP3 - Portrait 2 by Scheherazade2c

3. Enya by LopezLorenzana (GIMP)

Enya by LopezLorenzana

4. PP2 Portrait 1 by Scheherazade2c (GIMP)

PP2 - Portrait 1 by Scheherazade2c

5. Castle by Toramarusama (GIMP)

Castle by Toramarusama

6. Masha by andreasbianco (GIMP)

Masha by andreasbianco

7. Self-portrait by KittyElektro (GIMP)

Self-portrait by KittyElektro

8. Will Turner by Angela-T (GIMP)

Will Turner by Angela-T

9. Princess Mermaid by darkimagimp (GIMP)

Princess Mermaid by darkimagimp

10. Keira Knightley by thubakabra (GIMP)

Keira Knightley by thubakabra

11. Ziyi Zhang by tkc-art (MyPaint)

Ziyi Zhang by tkc-art

12. Serverus Snape by artsymptom (MyPaint+GIMP)

Serverus Snape by artsymptom

13. Leliana Fire by firefly-wp (MyPaint+GIMP)

Leliana Fire by firefly-wp

14. Seven of Nine by scheherazade2c (MyPaint+GIMP)

Seven of Nine by scheherazade2c

15. Inkscape Girl by imppao (Inkscape)

Inkscape Girl by imppao

16. Quorra TRON by Cid-Moreira12 (Inkscape)

Quorra TRON by Cid-Moreira12

17. Busto de mulher by maddrum (Inkscape)

Busto de mulher by maddrum

18. Inkscape Portrait by firefly-wp (Inkscape)

Inkscape Portrait by firefly-wp

19. Megan Fox by maddrum (Inkscape)

Megan Fox by maddrum

20. Buffy: She’s like Madonna by happyline (Inkscape)

Buffy: She's like Madonna by happyline

November 02 2011


50 Wonderful Free Fonts For Vintage And Retro Designing

Ever wonder why vintage or retro style is getting so much popular and is being adopted extensively? This is because vintage and retro style is the best way to express yourself in a unique way and take your audience back to the decades of 50’s. Designers make an effort to accomplish this by means of different design components for example textures and patterns from a certain time period. However, it is also significant to bring accurate typography into play from the time period you are attempting to represent.

In this post, we have gathered 50 outstanding vintage and retro fonts that you can utilize in your designs as well. In this collection, you will notice that these fonts range from a 1920′s look all the way up to the retro typography style of the 50′s. Enjoy!

Important: All fonts are free. Please read the license agreements carefully before using the fonts for commercial use, they can change from time to time.

Ginga ( Download Font )

CARIBBEAN TOOL ( Download Font )

Star Avenue ( Download Font )

Malgecito ( Download Font )

Hawaii Lover ( Download Font )

Monbijoux ( Download Font )

Fusty Saddle ( Download Font )

Blessed Day ( Download Font )

ANGEL TEARS ( Download Font )

Matchbook Typefaces ( Download Font )

Nashville ( Download Font )

GOVERNOR ( Download Font )

Dirty and Classic ( Download Font )

Moonlight Shadow ( Download Font )

HIGHLANDS ( Download Font )


Bazar, Medium ( Download Font )

Broken Poster ( Download Font )

Truskey ( Download Font )

PopStar Autograph ( Download Font )

CANDY INC ( Download Font )

Please Show Me Love ( Download Font )

Avante Return ( Download Font )

PANHEAD ( Download Font )

Ayosmonika ( Download Font )

Glove ( Download Font )

Fabulous 50s ( Download Font )

Eight One ( Download Font )

JustOldFashion ( Download Font )

Super Retro M54 ( Download Font )

LT Oksana 4.0 ( Download Font )

Market Deco ( Download Font )

ARB 85 Poster Script JAN-39 ( Download Font )

Retro Disco ( Download Font )

Ed Gein ( Download Font )

Jailbox1 ( Download Font )

KarlofF ( Download Font )

Dead Hardy ( Download Font )

Gipsiero ( Download Font )

LT Nutshell Library ( Download Font )

Beyond Sky font ( Download Font )

The Dreamer ( Download Font )

SANTOS DUMONT ( Download Font )

My Underwood ( Download Font )

Quid Pro Quo ( Download Font )

ARB-218 Big Blunt MAR-50 ( Download Font )

Justice by Dirt2 ( Download Font )

SickCapital Kingston ( Download Font )

Dirt2 Echo ( Download Font )

Ithornët ( Download Font )

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August 19 2011


Fresh Collection Of High Quality Free Fonts for Professional Designs

Fonts or typography holds critical importance in any web design, logo design, print advertisement, you name it. In the graphics and web designing field, fonts always play an important part in capturing the attention of the target audience. Therefore, having a good collection of high-quality fonts is a must when you are working on any design project, be it designing for the web or for the print media.

Here in this section, we are presenting a collection of some creative and fine looking fonts that you can use for your design projects, logo designs, brochures, posters, reports, designing books, cover letters and so on.

We hope that you will like this collection. Feel free to share this collection with others and let us know what you feel about this collection via comment section below. Enjoy!

RBNo2 free font ( Download Font )


Scruffy Regular and Scruffy Light ( Download Font )


Bohema ( Download Font )


Morning Glory ( Download Font )


Fuente Sketchy ( Download Font )


Code Free Font ( Download Font )


Lobster Font ( Download Font )


Ostrich Sans ( Download Font )


Calluna Sans (Rregistration is required) ( Download Font )


Blox ( Download Font )


Weston ( Download Font )


Dancing Script ( Download Font )


FF World Wide Web ( Download Font )


Highlands ( Download Font )


Bender (Rregistration is required) ( Download Font )


Ovalian Type ( Download Font )


The Kabel Font ( Download Font )


Claire Hand ( Download Font )


Piron Free Font V.2 ( Download Font )


Ultra ( Download Font )


FF Sero ( Download Font )


FREE FONT “HM02″ ( Download Font )


Vhia free font ( Download Font )


UNIK 2 ( Download Font )


Slice ( Download Font )


Egypt 22 Font ( Download Font )


Gota ( Download Font )


Hero ( Download Font )


AGE Free Font ( Download Font )


Linden Hill ( Download Font )


Fanwood ( Download Font )


Matilde ( Download Font )


Banda typeface ( Download Font )


Legion Slab Typeface ( Download Font )


ARS Novelty ( Download Font )


Quattrocento Roman ( Download Font )


Denne – At The Tea Party ( Download Font )


SD Cammello ( Download Font )


Jacked Eleven Highlight ( Download Font )


New Drop Era ( Download Font )


Square Comic ( Download Font )


Shin Akiba Punx ( Download Font )


Font liquit colour ( Download Font )


League Script ( Download Font )


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August 16 2011


InvisionApp Giveaway: Create beautiful interactive wireframes with ease

I’ve been using Invisionapp, a Prototyping tool, lately for creating interactive wireframes, and must say I love what I’ve been using. Not only do clients get a chance to see how my mockups (static PSDs) come together in an interactive way they understand, but it also helps keep my own workflow aligned. You can go from a PSD file to clickable prototype in a matter of seconds. I can also imagine this tool being great for teams, especially designers working with developers. Invisionapp nails the visual attention designers need and helps developers see the technical elements come alive to fully understand the workflow. Oh, and the InvisionApps interface is lovingly intuitive. The drag and drop UI is a great touch (just drag an image from your desktop to the designated area in your web browser).

The Giveaway: Three free, lifetime ‘Professional’ plans

The nice people over at Invision are kindly providing three (3) lifetime ‘Professional’ plans for free. To win, tweet about this giveaway with a link to this post and the hashtag #invisionappfree (the hashtag is important as this will be how we’ll track the entries).

Here’s a sample tweet (feel free to copy and paste if you’re feeling a bit uncreative to come up with you’re own):

Wow, @behoff is giving away 3 *free* plans to @InVisionApp: Create beautiful interactive wireframes #invisionappfree

I will be selecting three people by random tomorrow (August 17th) that include this hashtag on Twitter. You have all day, so get tweetin’ and get wifreframin’

August 12 2011


Freebie Friday: 10 Abstract Duct Tape Brushes

This Friday’s freebie is a set of 10 maximum resolution (2500×2500) duct tape Photoshop brushes. They will provide a fast and easy way of adding some unique surfacing to your project. If you like these brushes, check out my duct tape texture pack over at Valleys In The Vinyl. Enjoy!

Bittbox Freebie Friday Abstract Duct Tape brush promo image


Duct Tape brush samples image

Download .ABR

August 08 2011


FF Sero Medium from FontFont is Free

The lovely and versatile FF Sero Medium is free for a limited time – hurry! Available in OT, Offc, Web format.

Jörg Hemker’s FF Sero combines the striking forms of an American Grotesque with the legibility of a Humanist Sans Serif typeface. It has open contours, a distinct x-height and a homogeneous grey scale value. During the seven years of development the classic letter forms have matured and turned into a balanced, sovereign typeface. Eight harmonized weights and an extensive character set allow for a flexible and versatile typography.”

August 05 2011


Frontend 2011 Conference Ticket Giveaway

The Frontend conference I spoke at last year is hosting again this year in Oslo, Norway between October 10-12th — Frontend 2011 (@frontend_conf). Unfortunately, I won't be attending this year. However, I have a free conference pass to giveaway. To enter the contest, all you have to do is write a comment about your thoughts [...]

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Simple Interface Icon Roundup

Meagan Fisher rounds up a nice collection of simple, flat icons for interface design. Some paid, some free but all great.

July 13 2011


Weston: A Free, Friendly Rounded Slab Serf

Here’s a free slab serif with a quirky and friendly personality. Enjoy.

July 05 2011


Free Texture Tuesday: Vintage Book Covers

I found these vintage book cover textures laying around on my hard drive the other day, going unshared. I think they were leftovers from a previous set a couple of years ago, but I thought they are useful enough to share with you guys. Hopefully they’ll help add a little vintage flair to your designs. Enjoy!


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