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February 20 2014


December 24 2013


471 Premium Design Resources for Free from! (sponsored)

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Inky Deals is one of the leading deals websites in the design community, with an extended family of more than 300,000 design enthusiasts. It’s the place to go if you want to buy premium resources at unbeatable prices, whether you’re a graphic or web designer, developer, or business owner looking to improve yourself and your work.


They’re the only deals website who offer a 200% money back guarantee on every product. This means that if you’re not happy with it, you get your money back and you also get to keep the product.

471 Premium Design Resources for Free

Because Inky (the lovable little ink blob and mascot of Inky Deals) and his team enjoy giving back to the community, they’ve created a huge free web design bundle: 471 Premium Design Resources for Free value $519, which you can find exclusively on Inky Deals.



It contains textures, UI kits, HTML, PSD & WordPress templates, patterns, fonts, courses and much more. Here are their partners who helped them put this great bundle together:



This bundle has got dozens of good reviews, hundreds of shares and thousands of fans from all over the world. Let’s see what you get by downloading this full pack of resources:

45 OpenType Fonts from 128Bit Technologies


Pixel Perfect Social Media Icons from Design TNT


Dead Stocker PSD Website Template from DesignModo


Subtle Patterns Set from Design TNT


This is just a small part of the design goodies you get by downloading this free bundle. Check out the entire 471 Premium Design Resources for Free!

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Brushlovers – Free Photoshop Brushes, Styles and Patterns En Masse


Brushlovers is one of these sites to waste one’s day away, without ever feeling bored. If you are an avid user of Adobe Photoshop, Brushlovers should sit at the top of your bookmarks list. What Brushlovers enables you to do is far more astounding than what the average filter overkill does for you. Every other site these days jumps the brushes bandwagon, yet only very few are really notable. Brushlovers is one of these few. We have curated some of the best free Photoshop brushes and some of their other resources in the following article. Enjoy…

November 01 2013


Free Resources for Creating a Flat Design

Flat designs are taking over quite quickly it seems. I doubt anyone could argue against it being the latest and greatest for (fairly) new trends on the web, in mobile devices, and even in print. The simple description for a flat style of design is one that lacks 3D effects, such as bevels or drop shadows.

The stylistic details of a flat design can vary somewhat, just as with most design styles. Usually, though, a flat design is quite minimalist with primary-ish colors and lots of “white space”. The font is usually thin without too much flare. Boxes and buttons are, of course, without strokes or 3D effects. Some flat designs do contain shadows, but these are usually flat-ish as well.

Whether you are new to flat design or simply need some fresh, new resources for your next project, most should be able to find a few items below to help. The list below is divided into 5 categories: UI kits, icons, templates, WordPress themes, and tutorials. The best part? All are free. The ones that specifically mention “free for commercial use” are noted as well. Have fun browsing and be sure to let us know of any other amazingly free flat resources.

UI Kits

A UI kit is a user interface collection that comes with all the parts and pieces you need to design your own website. Usually they are PSD but sometimes will come with other components as well. While you can use the color scheme in the file, you can create your own color scheme. They also come with patterns, brushes, and much more. Hence, UI kits save a web designer a lot of time, improving workflow and decreasing time spent on projects.

DesignModo Flat UI

This free (commercial and personal) flat UI kit from DesignModo comes with all of the basics you’ll need to create a flat user interface – buttons, menu, input, tags, switches, icons, color swatches, glyphs, and much more.

Modern Touch UI Kit

PixelKit offers this flat UI kit. It comes with a very unique, slick look and feel and the free version is for both personal and commercial use.

Flat Design UI Components

A beautiful UI kit, this one from GraphicBurger comes in a well-organized PSD file. The color scheme is nice for when you need a darker look for a website or application.

Free Flat UI Kit

This amazing free kit includes flat icons, buttons, and more in a blue/white color scheme. Just be sure to contact the developer, Enes Denis, about commercial use.

Featherweight UI

Designed by Sarah Hunt of, this kit is completely free for both personal and commercial use. It is both vector-based and retina ready, and the font works both online and offline.

Flat UI Kit created this aweome free UI kit for Webdesigner Depot. Enter your email address to download it for both commercial or personal use.


Flat icons are, as mentioned already, are those that have no 3D pop. They are simply flat. Most come in the normal, flat style of primary-like colors. However, you can find a few that are line style and others that are even a bit uniquely colored, for a flat design. Icons are another great way to save time in both web and print design.

Metro UI Icon Set

This fantastic set comes with 725 flat icons that also come with a reflective quality if you decide to go less flat in style. The designer, dAKirby309, has generously make them free for use as long as you credit him in your project.

180 FREE Flat Icons

On a mission to providing Open Source resources for the WordPress world, WordPress Design Awards created this icon set for anyone to use in commercial or personal projects.

Free Flat Icons

This collection does not contain very many icons, but they are very unique. These are free for both personal and commercial use and are perfect for adding a unique touch to any flat design.

Free Flat Icons by Studio 4

In this free collection, you will find 47 icons designed with flat colors and style. The details are phenomenal!

100 Free Vector Icons

This set of line icons work great for a flat design. The precision in the icons are superb, and the best part is that they are completely free.

90 Royalty-free Flat Icons

With round and square icons, social media icons, common objects icons, and more, this royalty-free icon pack is amazing!


For those with even less time, templates are a great way to quickly throw up a website in a matter of minutes. Unlike a UI kit in which you have to arrange every element onto a page, a template already comes with elements laid out. All you have to do is add content.

Free Flat HTML5 Website Template

This free template comes with a call-to-action section, header and footer, portfolio area, and menu. With it all located in a single HTML5 file, you can easily edit it for your own use.

Free Flat Design PSD Template

A very minimal, flat design, this template for a website is called Illustrate. A WordPress theme is also available in this design.

Free Flat Website Template

The colors in this flat template are very calming, making it a great website template to use for a company that wishes to instill trust in clients.

iPhone Flat Design UI Templates

This collection of iPhone templates come with different pages in a free sample project download. A sidebar, settings screen, activity feed, user profile, and login screens are all included. Each of the screens come with 2-4 design styles.

WordPress Themes

For those creating a WordPress website, there are a few new themes out there that fall under the flat category. All of the following themes, except the first one, are Open Source themes just like WordPress, so no need to worry about hidden prices or commercial-use.

Photo Free Responsive Gallery WordPress Theme

This absolutetly free theme is very minimal and flat in its design. It would be perfect for anyone needing a basic portfolio website.


Each of the content boxes in this Open Source theme can include an image to enhance the home page. You can even color code the categories, upload your logo, etc without coding.


This is a great flat theme for easily showcasing images with blocks of text. The theme now comes with the option to turn off either the featured section, just the top section, or just the secondary section off.


This incredible Open Source WordPress theme is retina ready, responsive, and very clean. The other big bonus to this theme is that it is also available with 5 different translation options.

Iconic One

This WordPress theme is not only flat, clean, and simple but also it is responsive, has a page speed score of 95+, and implements SEO. It also uses Live customizer so that custom changes are easy to make.

Twenty Thirteen

This theme looks good on any device and comes in a blog format. The flat style gives it simplicity and the color scheme is a nice burnt look.


If you are just beginning or even if you have some areas in flat design you’d like to improve upon, the following tutorials are excellent. All give detailed instructions on how to create flat designs or flat elements in a design.

How to Create a Website in Flat Design Style

This 17 minute tutorial from Designmodo uses their free UI pack listed in the UI kits above. Learn how to create a flat website in Adobe Photoshop using an interface kit.

Flat Long Shadows

This step-by-step tutorial is from Awwwards and includes resources and examples as well. Easy to follow along, this is probably one of the best tutorials on flat shadow design on the web.

Make My Design Flat

This is not necessarily a tutorial but best fits under the “Tutorial” category simply because after using it several times, you will probably will learn how to change code around for flat designs. Using this tool, you can convert any button into a flat design. Simply upload your code to receive the “flat” version that you can then copy and paste or use as a guideline for your own flat code.

Flat Design Tutorial (part 2)

This video tutorial thoroughly walks you through how to create a flat design. The designer gets a little detailed on downloading the resources he uses, but once he gets to the designing part, he does a great job of making it easy to learn flat designing.

Mastering Flat Design

You’ll have to sign up on TutsPlus to see this full series, but it is very much worth it. TutsPlus provides a comprehensive video course on flat design comprised of over 2 hours worth of videos.

Remember to share in the comments below if you have a flat design resource you’d like to share with the rest of us!

August 21 2013


20 Free Badges For You To Download

Badges are versatile resources that can quickly add a unique yet refined look to your designs. Our friends at Vecteezy have shared not just one–but two packs of badges for our readers to enjoy absolutely free!

Included in this freebie are a set of 10 Wedding Badges PSDs and a set of 10 Outdoors and Nature Badges. So say “I do” to these Save the Date, Wedding, and Reception badges–each fully customizable to fit your unique wedding colors and themes. With such a wide variety of wedding-themed badges, this set is sure to come in handy no matter which stage of the planning process you’re in. Check them out!

Wedding Badges

Or maybe you’re working on a more rugged type of design. If that’s the case, we have a freebie for you too. Also included is this free badges download are 10 Outdoor and Camping Badges PSDs which will prove resourceful for any and all of your rock solid designs.

Free Camping and Nature Badges

So download both of these badges packs now and add them to your website designs, print pieces, or even when creating personal scrapbooking memories of your own. Enjoy!

Download the Badges (1 MB zip file)

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June 14 2013


Useful Helper: Freebbble Curates Dribbble’s Best Download Freebies


Dribbble is great, but that filled with contributions, you simply cannot stay on top of things. Many members make their designs and other resources available for free downloading, while most members don't. Dribble in itself does not offer simple access to the many download resources the platform contains. So, if you are one of the seekers looking for ready-made designs or UI components, you will need to rely on third parties. Fortunately there are a few. Making use of the Dribbble API, Freebbble is one of these little helpers.

May 30 2013


Free Download: Watercolor Textures

Adding realistic watercolor effects can be a great way to enhance your web and graphic design. Today we have a set of 4 watercolor textures that can be downloaded for free. With the help of these textures you can easily add beautiful watercolor effects to your own work.

Watercolor Textures

These textures are free for use on personal and commercial projects.

Download the textures (7 MB zip file)

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May 16 2013


Free Download: Avatar Icons

Today we have a free download that will allow you to create your own custom avatars. The icon elements come in Adobe Illustrator format and you can mix and match various elements to create your own avatar.

Avatar Icons

These icons were created by Freepik especially for our readers. You can download the set and use them to create your own interesting and unique avatars.

Download the set (1MB zip file)

About the Designer:

Freepik is a search engine tool that helps graphic and web designers to locate high quality free illustrations, vectors, psd and images and download it without copyright infringement. With 1.4 million files it’s the best place on the web to find free resources for designers. The great advantage is that results are displayed in an ordered layout for easy access, according to quality and relevance criteria so you don’t have to waste your time searching all over the Internet for the perfect free resources you need. You get to see the images in thumbnail previews so you don’t have to click all the websites in the search results to decide what to download.

May 09 2013


Free Download: Padded Envelope Textures

Today we have a set of 5 textures from padded envelopes. The set includes scanned textures from both the inside and outside of a padded envelope, and they can be used for creating backgrounds in your own designs.

Padded Envelope Textures

These textures are free for use in your own personal and commercial projects.

Download the textures (8 MB zip file)

May 02 2013


Free Download: Bokeh Backgrounds

If you’re looking for an abstract background to use in your own designs, bokeh backgrounds can be a good choice. Today we have a free set of 4 bokeh backgrounds that you can download and use in yoor own projects. These 4 backgrounds are samples from the larger set of 40 bokeh textures available at Vandelay Premier.

Bokeh Backgrounds

The backgrounds are free for use in your own personal and commercial projects.

Download the zip file (3 MB zip file)

April 11 2013


Free Download: Watercolor Stained Paper Textures

Today we have a set of 4 textures that were created by staining paper with watercolors. The result is a unique set of textures that can be used for creating backgrounds and giving soft watercolor textures to elements within your own work.

Watercolor Stained Paper Textures

The textures can be used in your own personal and commercial projects. Each textures is sized at 3600 pixels by 3600 pixels, 300 dpi.

Download the textures (16 MB zip file)

April 04 2013


Free Download: Metal Textures

Today we have a free set of 4 metal textures that is available for download. The set includes a variety of different types of metal textures, and they can be used in your own personal and commercial design projects.

Free Metal Textures

The textures are free for use, no attribution required.

Download the textures (8 MB zip file)

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March 28 2013


Free Download: Texture Grab Bag

Today we have a set of 4 free textures that come from our Premier Texture Bundle 4. This grab bag includes 4 different types of textures to give you some variety. The full Premier Texture Bundle 4 includes 125 high res textures for just $29, so if you like these free textures you may want to check out the full bundle.

Texture Grab Bag

These free textures can be used in your own personal and commercial projects.

Download the textures (15 MB zip file)

March 21 2013


Free Download: Noise Texture Overlays

Today we have a set of 3 free noise texture overlays from our friends at These textures are created specifically for the purpose of adding grain/noise/texture to photos. You can add the texture on top of a photo in Photoshop and set the blend mode to “screen”.

Each of the textures is 3600 pixels by 3600 pixels at 300 dpi, so they can be used for both print and web-based projects. You can see the full set of Noise Texture Overlays that is available for purchase at

Noise Texture Overlays

The textures are free for use in your personal or commercial projects.

Download the textures (15 MB zip file)

March 14 2013


Free Download: 4 High-Res Concrete Textures

Today we have a set of 4 high-res concrete textures that are available for free download. The textures are at least 3264 pixels by 2448 pixels, so they can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

Free Download: 4 High-Res Concrete Textures

These textures are free for use in your personal and commercial design projects.

Download the textures (11 MB zip file)

August 30 2012


Free Grunge Paper Textures

Today we have a set of 5 grunge paper textures that are free for downloading. These textures have a different look and feel than the standard paper texture, and they’re very useful for creating backgrounds for websites and your other graphic designs.

Free Grunge Paper Textures

The textures are free for use on personal and commercial projects, no attribution needed. They cannot be given away or sold at any other website.

Download the Grunge Paper Textures (21 MB zip file).

You may also be interested in some of the other free textures that we offer:

August 16 2012


Introducing the Precio UI Set, Free and Premium Versions

Today we are releasing our latest mega UI set, Precio. This set includes well over 200 individual elements that can be used in your own designs, which can greatly reduce the amount of time needed. Precio includes a wide variety of elements like navigation menus, buttons, ribbons, badges, infographics elements, comment boxes, pricing tables, form fields, media player elements, dividers, progress loaders, ratings elements, calendars and timers, notifications, login forms, testimonial boxes and more.

The goal of Precio is to make it easier and faster for designers to create mockups and website layouts. The full version of Precio includes 4 PSD files loaded with UI elements, and it comes with an extended multi-use license that allows for use on an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects. The premium version costs $19, or if you are a Vandelay Premier member you can download it here.

Here is a preview of the elements included in Precio. Click on the images to view the elements in full-size to be able to see the detail.

Precio UI Set

Precio UI Set

Precio UI Set

Precio UI Set

Precio was designed by Grzegorz Grzelak exclusively for Vandelay Design and Vandelay Premier.

Extended, Multi-Use License: $19

Add to Cart

Precio UI Set, Free Version

In addition to the premium version, Precio also comes in a free version that includes a smaller selection of elements. The free version also comes with the standard license, so even the free resources can be used for commercial projects. The free version can be previewed in the image below (click the image to view it in full size).

Precio UI Set

Download the free version of Precio

You may also be interested in some of our other UI sets:

August 10 2012


Free Download: Fine UI Kit

Today we have a great freebie that can be used in your own web design projects. This UI kit was designed by Michael Reimer of BestPSDFreebies and it is features a style of simple elegance that will make it useful for a wide variety of types of websites. The set comes in a layered PSD files and includes elements like buttons, rating elements, tags, media player buttons, radio buttons, check boxes, and more.

Free Download: Fine UI Kit

The resources included in this UI kit are free for use on personal and commercial projects, no attribution required. Please see the “readme” file in the download for details.

Download (zip file)

About the Designer:

Michael Reimer is a professional web designer from Canada. You can view more of his work at his new site where he offers a radically awesome and free collection of PSD resources. You can follow him on Twitter to get his latest freebie updates.

August 09 2012


Free Stones Textures

This set of 5 high resolution stones textures can be used to create backgrounds in your own work. Each photo shows a large number of small stones as opposed to a close-up texture from one large stone.

Free Stones Textures

The textures can be put to use in your own projects, both personal and commercial. No attribution is required. The textures may not be re-distributed or offered for download at other websites, and they cannot be sold.

Download the textures (19 MB zip file)

August 02 2012


Free Kids Silhouettes Vectors and Brushes

Today we have a free download that includes 14 different silhouettes of children. Each is provided in vector format (.ai file) and a Photoshop brush set (.abr file) is included as well.

This vector/brush set is free for use in your personal and commercial projects, no attribution required.

Download the vectors and brushes (2.5 MB zip file)

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