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December 10 2013


Freebie: Exo 2.0, A Contemporary Geometric Sans Serif Font


Back in the days when he was a student, Portuguese graphic and type designer Natanael Gama started to play with glyphs — as a way to discover typography. Doodling around, he created Exo, a font which he released for free in a Kickstarter project. The project turned out to be quite successful. Exo became so popular that Natanael did a complete redesign.

It was two years ago. Today, Natanael is no longer a student and Exo has evolved into what we are happy to present to you today: Exo 2.0, an elegant, contemporary geometric sans serif typeface.


For Exo 2.0, every single glyph has been redesigned from scratch to achieve maximum legibility without compromising on the aesthetics.


Exo 2.0 has a more organic look and increased contrast, so it performs much better at small font sizes and on long passages of text. The fatigue of the reader is reduced by increasing the white space around the glyphs. Exo 2.0 has been released under the SIL Open Font License 1.1.


Exo 2.0 now has a bigger language coverage specially due to the integration of cyrillic characters in all the glyphs on all of the 9 weights both in upright and italic. All glyphs were hinted. Hinting adjusts the design of the glyphs to the pixel grid, creating a better flow of text specially on small font sizes.

Exo 2.0 is a very versatile font. It has 9 weights (the maximum on the web) and each with a true italic version.


Download The Freebie

Behind The Design

Here are some insights from Natanael himself:

Along with the redesign of the glyphs, I also redesigned the space around the glyphs. Typography is designing the form as much as designing the counter form. Spacing and kerning was a problematic issue in the older Exo, but now it looks beautiful (however, don’t buy it from me, test it for yourself).

This new design is very versatile and I hope to see it used in very different contexts, as the first version has been used. Exo 2.0 has a very contemporary look, so if you want your design to look fresh and stand out, I encourage you to use it.

Even though this font was primarily designed with screens in mind, I also thought about print, so don’t be admired if you see subtle ink traps and find some ligatures for you to have some fun.


© The Smashing Editorial for Smashing Magazine, 2013.

November 17 2013


10 Professional-Looking and High Quality Fonts for Web Designers

The importance of fonts to designers has always been emphasized. Many design blogs also agree that as designers, choosing high quality fonts is like choosing your clothes. People will think of you differently if you sport the wrong one.

That is why we collected ten beautiful fonts for you that you will never hesitate using. They are fonts that will both compliment your body texts and titles. They are very flexible and trendy, so you will have no problem using them in your designs!

I will not make you wait any longer, so here they are:

Myriad Pro






Helvetica Neue

helvetica neue

Roboto Slab

roboto slab





Josefin Slab

Josefin Slab



Pt Serif


Every designer has their own say on things, and we would love to hear what you think about this collection! And if you have a favorite font that you regularly use and recommend to people, feel free to post it below!

Here are some relevant articles that you might want to read:

Sponsored post

July 23 2012


New High-Quality Free Fonts


Every now and then, we look around, select fresh free high-quality fonts and present them to you in a brief overview. The choice out there is enormous, so the time you need to find them is usually time you should be investing in your projects. We search for them and find them so that you don’t have to.

In this selection, we’re pleased to present Signika, Plastic Type, Bariol, Alegreya, Metropolis, Typometry and other quality fonts. Please note that while most fonts are available for commercial projects, some are for personal use only and are clearly marked as such. Also, please read the licensing agreements carefully before using the fonts; they may change from time to time. Make sure to check the free quality fonts round-up from January 2011, too.

Free Quality Fonts

A remarkable sans-serif typeface with a gentle character, Signika was developed for wayfinding, signage and other media in which clarity of information is required. Developed by Anna Giedrys of Poland, the typeface has a low contrast and tall x-height to improve readability at small sizes and at far distances. The typeface has a wide character set, supporting most European languages, small caps, pictograms and arrows. All weights from light to bold have alternative negative versions, optimized to solve the effect of juxtaposed positive and negative text setting, whereby negative text tends to look thicker. Available at Google Web Fonts and for free download at Fontsquirrel.

Plastic Type
The designers of this typeface were inspired by the plastics industry, exploring how they could use the various forms and imperfections of plastic in their design. The result of their experimentation is a freely available, beautiful, playful font, released under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

Sullivan is a bold display face that comes in three variations. Each variation can be used effectively on its own or layered on the others to create a modern, industrial visual effect. The typeface was designed by Jason Mark Jones and released under the name-your-price policy.

Corki is a distinctive condensed slab-serif typeface suitable for headlines. Four styles are available: Regular, Rounded, Tuscan and Rounded Tuscan. The typeface includes 134 glyphs: both Latin and Cyrillic scripts, plus two manicules and various arrows. It is available for free.

Bariol is a friendly, rounded, slightly condensed typeface, available in four weights and designed with versatility and readability in mind. It’s nice and familiar, without being too sweet, and very readable even at small sizes. Bariol Regular is available for free (a tweet or Facebook update is requested), but each font weight can be purchased for just $1.00.

This beautifully designed serif typeface has a classic, olden feel. The uppercase letterforms seem to be based on Roman script, while the lowercase characters rather have the feel of a humanist book. The family consists of 12 fonts (including regular, italic, bold, black, bold italic and black italic.)


Metropolis is a distinctive, experimental typeface in the Art Deco style. The design was inspired by the industrial movement of the 1920s, when skyscrapers where born. As the designer explains, “Using a double line technique, I wanted to create my own Art Deco style font that represented this era. The result is a bold, bumptious typeface with a stolidly calm disposition.” Metropolis could be a good choice when you are looking for a retro or retro-futuristic look. Released under Fontfabric’s Free Font EULA, you may use it in your private and commercial projects for free, but if you use it with a @font-face declaration, then a credit to Fontfabric is required somewhere on your website.

An experimental display typeface inspired by geometrical forms. An interesting choice for unique patterns or just playing arond with glyphs. Designed by Emil Kozole. An advanced version of the typeface with 2 weights, 4 styles and 220 glyphs is available as well.

Tikal Sans Medium
Tikal Sans is a family with curved terminating strokes, ending in sharp edges. With a contemporary feel, a tall x-height and OpenType contextual alternate letters, Tikal Sans offers a functional look with a friendly touch. The thin and black weights are great for display sizes, while the light, regular and medium weights are well suited to longer texts. Tikal Sans Medium and Tikal Sans Medium Italic are available for free, but registration is required.

Tikal Sans

If you are looking for a workhorse typeface, then Actor might be it. It has a tall x-height, which is why it requires fairly high line spacing. The digits of Actor are created as old-style figures. The font can be used for free via Google Web Fonts.

Veneer Extras and Veneer Extras Italic
Veneer is a versatile, handcrafted “letterpress” font that has an authentic vintage feel with a touch of grunge. The freely available extras include 70 glyphs, in both regular and italics. Registration is required for the free download.

Wayfinding Sans
This type family, designed by Ralf Herrmann, sets a new standard for legibility in signage and wayfinding. Herrmann started this project with extensive field studies, driving tens of thousands of miles to explore the legibilty of road signage typefaces in dozens of countries around the world. The results of these explorations, along with an extensive study of relevant scientific legibilty research, formed the theoretical framework for creating an “ultimate” signage typeface. Wayfinding Sans includes 400 glyphs in one style, with arrows. To get the font, a tweet or Facebook update is required.

Here is a playful Colorado-inspired italic typeface, designed by Evan Huwa. It’s a good choice for a bold movie title or a vintage book style. This typeface is sans serif and uppercase only.

José Nicolás Silva Schwarzenberg of the University of Buenos Aires designed this free font specifically for the South American indigenous language Wayuunaiki. Fortunately, the tyepface can be used not only by the 305,000 Wayuu people, but by everyone across the world. It is a medium-contrast serif font, optimized for the Web and efficient at smaller sizes. Poly is available in the Google Web Fonts library as well.

Free Font: Poly, A Quality Serif Font

Designed by Serge Shi of Russia, Adec is an original experimental typeface. The texture of the glyphs makes the typeface a good choice for distinctive playful designs and graphic branding. The typeface has three styles: Main, Initials and Text. The download contains samples of patterns created using the typeface alone.

Frontage Outline
Frontage is a charming layered typographic system that allows you to combine fonts and colors to achieve an interesting 3-D effect. Add the shadow font or just use the capital letters of the regular and bold cut for a stark effect. Unfortunately, only the Frontage Outline one is available for free (or at least paid for with a tweet or Facebook update).

This serif typeface might be the perfect fit for the headlines and body copy of your next corporate or personal project. Designed specifically for Spanish text, this typeface is a solid fit for English as well. The free typeface was given the 2010 Desigh Award by Bienal Ibero-Americana. It includes the basic set, accented characters, signs and punctuation, numbers, ligatures and mathematical signs. Released under the SIL Open Font License.

Blanch is a distinctive display face, designed for the Fruita Blanch brand, a family-run company. The typeface is a great match for brochures and posters, but can be used for headings on the Web as well. Although it might look a bit rigid, the typeface has a modern, contemporary feel. The family consists of six weights: three condensed weights and three caps weights. Designed by the Spanish design studio Atipus, and released with a name-your-price license.

Valentina is a classic “didone” that follows some of the principles of Bodoni from the 18th century, while incorporating many characteristics of the Spanish style of the time. The font contains 457 glyphs, with 125 alternative lowercase glyphs and 46 ligatures. Some of the glyphs can be nicely integrated in a logo or branding design and combined with Ampersand (featured above) or Zeta.

Sánchez is a display serif type family. Similar to Rockwell, it has rounded edges, which provide contrast and balance to the overall square forms. Regular and italic variants are available for free.

Erler Dingbats
This typeface covers the full encoding range for dingbats in Unicode (U + 2700 to U + 27BF). Erler Dingbats is the result of a collaboration between designers Johannes Erler and Henning Skibbe to create a consistent, contemporary font that could be used for everyday communication. It includes a range of popular symbols and pictograms, such as arrows, pens, phones, stars, crosses and checkmarks.

Entypo Pictograms
Entypo Pictograms is a set of more than 100 pictograms available as OpenType fonts, released under the Creative Commons license and free for commercial use. The collection consists of many navigation elements and other familiar icons. Its designers, Daniel Bruce and Andreas Blombäck, look forward to seeing usage of it.

Great Vibes
This beautiful, flowing typeface has looping ascenders and descenders, as well as elegant uppercase forms. It is a Unicode typeface that supports languages that use the Latin script and its variants.

This typeface has strong contrast without feeling overwhelming. It can be used in headings and design campaigns. The smaller sizes (9, 12, 14 and 16 points) are hinted in TrueType format for better legibility on Windows. The font is published in the Google Font directory as a free open font (OFL).

Banda Free Regular
Banda is a semi-serif typeface with a tall x-height and rounded semi-serifs. Playful and inviting and suitable for logos, headlines and packaging designs, Banda Regular is available as a free download.

Edmondsans is a free display typeface with three weights (regular, medium and bold). The typeface isn’t suited to every occasion but would be good for bold, conservative headings.

Fenix is a serif typeface designed for display and long passages of text, with its strong serifs and rough strokes. Fenix is elegant yet legible at large sizes, probably a good fit for editorial work, books and newspapers. It is freely available for private and commercial use.

EB Garamond
Georg Duffner is recreating the classical Garamond with his open-source project EB Garamond. His goal is to revive Claude Garamont’s famous humanist typeface from the mid-16th century. Duffner’s design reproduces the original, with its letterforms taken from a scan of a specimen known as the “Berner specimen.” It’s a good, comprehensive Web font, released under the SIL Open Font License, 1.1, and also available on Google Web Fonts. The project is under ongoing development, so if you’d like to help Duffner, feel free to contribute.

Noticia Text
This slab-serif typeface was designed for long passages of texts in digital newspapers and other on-screen publications. Available for free in four styles, the typeface is currently under development, but the first version is available now.

Lusitana is a classic serif typeface inspired by the type found in the 1572 first edition of The Lusiads, a Portuguese epic poem by Luís Vaz de Camões. This typeface is made for long passages of text at small sizes. Designed by Ana Paula Megda.

Cardo is a large Unicode font designed especially for academic needs. It works well for general typesetting in situations where a high-quality old-style font is appropriate. Its large character set supports many modern languages, as well as those studied by scholars. Cardo also contains ligatures, text figures (i.e. old-style numerals), true small capitals and a variety of punctuation and spacing characters.

Exo Font Family
A successful Kickstarter project made it possible for Natanael Gama of Portugal to create this typeface and release it publicly. Exo is a comprehensive geometric sans-serif font family with nine weights, in both regular and italic. Each font comes with many OpenType features such as small caps, ligatures, alternates, old-style figures, tabular figures and fractions. Both the OpenType and source files are available to download for free.

This typeface was designed by Jonatan Xavier to imbue the Art Deco style with a strong modern feel. It is best for brochures and packaging designs, posters and magazines.

Bitter Regular
This slab-serif typeface was designed specifically for literary texts and for reading on screen with eInk technology. The typeface is a great fit for headings in a corporate brochure or on a website. Only one font weight is available, in TrueType and OpenType formats. A description and images are available on the designer’s website. The download link on the official website isn’t working anymore, but you can still download it from Designer In Action. Released under the SIL Open Font License.


Last Clicks

Type Connection
A good relationship can be characterized as two people who fit together. Aura Seltzer adopted this idea for her game Type Connection, which was her MFA thesis project. In this game, you are a procurer who helps different typefaces mate with each other. Each typeface is a lonely character searching for love, and your job is to find its perfect partner. By playing the game, you not only explore type history, but also learn typographic terms, while learning how to pair typefaces.

Type Connection

Just My Type
Picking just the right typeface can be difficult. On this page, Dan Eden presents a collection of beautiful font stacks delivered by Typekit. Some of the combinations aren’t necessarily revolutionary, but Eden delivers a nice, visually pleasing collection nevertheless. Some of the fonts are even free. Whether you’re looking for a new font to please a client or just want to play around, you won’t waste your time visiting Dan’s website. And for a more thorough article on combining typefaces, check out “Four Techniques for Combining Typefaces.”

Novel Constructions
A detailed case study on how Christoph Dunst designed the typeface Novel. Interesting and unique insights into the design process.

Showcase of Typographic Posters
This project is curated by André Felipe, a graphic designer who loves typography and its unorthodox uses. Featuring literally hundreds of posters, this project is a great resource that could serve either as a platform to show off your talent or as a reference for your next project.

Showcase Of Typographic Posters

Squared Superheroes
How well do you know your favorite superheroes? What kind of weapons do they fight with? What do their masks look like? Instead of drawing the usual fine details (facial expressions, hair, shadows, special visual effects), René Schiffer goes for a rather laconic, minimal style. He has picked out the most important characteristics of each superhero and represented them as squared forms. Placed side by side, the superheroes make for a great composition. Now, see if you recognize your childhood heroes! And no, it’s not a typeface, but… well, it could be one!

Squared Superheroes

Further Resources

  • Lost Type Co-Op
    The Lost Type Co-Op is a pay-what-you-want type foundry. Users can pay whatever they like for a font or type in “$0” for a free download. All proceeds from sales go directly to the designers of the fonts themselves.
  • The League of Moveable Type
    This open-source type movement brings high-quality tyepfaces to the Web. The creators of the project release quality fonts every now and then, so stay tuned!
  • Google Web Fonts
    This growing directory offers hundreds of free open-source fonts optimized for the Web. Google also provides ready-to-use snippets to integrate the fonts on your website.
  • Typography and free fonts on Smashing Magazine
    An overview of typography-related articles and free font round-ups on Smashing Magazine.

We sincerely appreciate the time and effort of all of the type designers featured in this post. Please keep in mind that type design is a time-consuming craft that truly deserves compensation and support. Please consider supporting the type designers who create and release these amazing typefaces for all of us to use.


© Smashing Editorial for Smashing Magazine, 2012.

April 02 2012


40 Stylish Fonts For Professional Web And Print Design

The significance of good typeface in design simply cannot be overvalued. The correctness, accuracy and equilibrium of geometric forms can endow letters with the grace and sharpness that they are worthy of. In addition, stylish fonts can facilitate to express the message in a more convenient way.

Therefore, designers are always looking for new and fresh fonts that they can integrate into their designs. Furthermore, adding up new and unique fonts to your library can frequently assist in inspiring you, providing a fresh feel to your designs.

We have already submitted various posts on Free and Fresh Collection of Fonts, and today, we have also compiled an ultimate collection of high quality and professional fonts for you to download for free. This collection does not contain any ‘filler fonts’ that you frequently find in loads of roundups. So, enjoy!

Knubbel ( Download Font )

INTRO free font ( Download Font )

Adamas Regular – Free font ( Download Font )

Prosto font (FREE) ( Download Font )

Accent™ Free Display Typeface ( Download Font )

Rex free font ( Download Font )

Cubano ( Download Font )

Ribbon ( Download Font )

DUKE ( Download Font )

Exo ( Download Font )

Ranger ( Download Font )

Kilogram ( Download Font )

Melbourne ( Download Font )

Bready ( Download Font )

BP Diet ( Download Font )

ASO ( Download Font )

Nevis ( Download Font )

Homestead ( Download Font )

Springsteel ( Download Font )

Geotica ( Download Font )

Clutchee ( Download Font )

Jura ( Download Font )

Piron ( Download Font )

Amperisk ( Download Font )

AGE ( Download Font )

QUB Free Font ( Download Font )

Punchline ( Download Font )

Just Old Fashion ( Download Font )

Haus Sweet Haus ( Download Font )

Jembo Hands ( Download Font )

Neu Eichmass ( Download Font )

Poly – free web font ( Download Font )

Bispo free font ( Download Font )

Carton ( Download Font )

Static ( Download Font )

Miso (Registration Required) ( Download Font )

PLSTK ( Download Font )

Vastagurly Display ( Download Font )

Garagin Rock (Registration Required) ( Download Font )

Sn-Blinds ( Download Font )

February 15 2012


Free Fonts to Make a Great First Impression


When you’re designing a website, one of the pillars of great design is typography. Typography is an essential part of good web design, yet it’s amazing how many designers consistently don’t have the proper tools to work with! Talking of course about a quality font library. Even the best designer will struggle to come up with a professional outcome if their font library is lacking in quality.

Today we’ve compiled a huge list of nothing but quality, professional free fonts, that are perfect for making an awesome first impression with your visitors. These fonts are great for designing large headlines with plenty of impact, yet also scale well for sub-headings and in cases body text.

We encourage you to download as many of these great fonts as possible. Enjoy.

The Fonts

Alfa Slab

Alfa Slab Ultimate Free Font


Bender Free Font


Aller Free Font


Cubano Free Font


Exo Free Font

AW Conquerer Slab

AW Conquerer Slab Free Font


Carton Free Font

Chunk Five

Chunk Five Free Font


Ribbon Free Font

Novecento (Wide Light)

Novecento (Wide Light) Free Font


Springsteel Free Font

Terms: only Springsteel light and light italic are free


Enriqueta Free Font


Duke Free Font


Tuffy Free Font


Homestead Free Font


Gabo Free Font


Franchise Free Font


Ranger Free Font


Nevis Free Font

Grandesign Neue Serif

Grandesign Neue Serif Free Font


Armata Free Font


Kilogram Free Font


Kabel Free Font

BP Diet

BP Diet Free Font


Melbourne Free Font

Republic Heavy

Republic Heavy Free Font


Knema Free Font

aKa Chen

aKa Chen Free Font


Bready Free Font


Excite Free Font

Terms: Only free for personal usage

Some Related Reading

Now that you are in font collecting mode, why stop here? Below are some great links for loading up on more high quality fonts for your library. Definitely worth a look.


January 09 2012


New High-Quality Free Fonts



Every now and then, we look around, select fresh free high-quality fonts and present them to you in a brief overview. The choice is enormous, so the time you need to find them is usually time you should be investing in your projects. We search for them and find them so that you don’t have to.

In this selection, we’re pleased to present Homestead, Bree Serif, Levanderia, Valencia, Nomed Font, Carton and other quality fonts. Please note that while most fonts are available for commercial projects, some are for personal use only and are clearly marked as such in their descriptions. Also, please read the licensing agreements carefully before using the fonts; they may change from time to time.

Free Fonts

Homestead is a very distinctive Slab Serif typeface that leaves a lasting impression with its geometric forms and a modern, progressive look. The family is available in 6 weights: Regular, Inline Display, One, Two and Three. Released by the Lost Type foundry with the “name-your-price” pricing scheme. Homestead can be used freely for any personal or commercial use.



Bree Serif Regular
This typeface is the serif cousin of the playful, charming and versatile type family Bree which was designed by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione back in 2008. Actually, Bree is also the typeface used in the Smashing Cartoons. An italic font weight of Bree Serif should be available very soon. Released under the liberal OFL license (via

Bree Serif

Lavanderia is a script font based on lettering found on Laundromat windows of San Francisco’s Mission District. It features numerous OpenType features such as swashes, titling alternates, figures, stylistic alternates, ligatures. It is available in three weights, with Uppercase, Lowercase, Numerals and Punctuation sets. Designed by the talented type designer James T. Edmondson and released by the Lost Type Co-Op foundry. Free for personal and commercial use.



This new gothic sans serif font was inspired by the late 19th century industrial fonts that contained german roots regarding straightness and geometry. Combined with other sans serifs, slab serifs and serif fonts, it catches the eye when used in headlines and short copy texts. Alternate versions turn the font into a perfect partner for modern, technical and contemporary impressions as well as high-quality, luxury and timeless environments. Free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects. Designed by Rene Bieder.




Cassannet is a geometrical art deco typeface available in Regular, Bold and Outline weights, based on lettering seen on Cassandre posters. This typeface contains ligatures, capitals, numbers, small capitals and also titling alternates. You can pay a random amount of money or alternatively send out a tweet or a Facebook post to download the fonts for free.


Valencia is a condensed, art-deco inspired typeface that includes five weights, ranging from hairline to black, with matching obliques for each weight. The typeface has a nice corporate vintage look which makes it a great fit for large headlines and prints as well as any collateral or stationery. Valencia’s distinctive appearance stems from its low horizontal crossbars and its full-circle curves. Released by the Lost-Type Co-Op foundry with the “name-your-price” pricing scheme and hence freely available for personal and commercial use.


Jura is an elegant serif typeface with narrow proportions and distinguishing details. The rounded, wedge-shaped serifs offer a contemporary feel and also achieve to maintain legibility even with its range of small sizes. This typeface is available in four weights: Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic and is available for free download and use.


Nomed Font
Nomed Font is a free typeface that can help you achieve a modern and sophisticated look in your designs. The triangular geometric shapes may be a bit hard to read but that’s exactly the highlight of this particular style, and it makes the typography unique and original.

Nomed Font

Nomed Font

This typeface, designed by Nick McCosker, is a strong yet sensitive slab-serif inspired by letterpress. Its sturdy appearance makes it a perfect fit for posters, headings and taglines, in both classic and contemporary contexts. Released by the Lost Type Co-Op under the “name-your-price” pricing scheme.



Novecento (Registration on MyFonts is required!)
This typeface is an uppercase-only font family with some pretty impressive geometric forms that have been inspired by historical European typographic tendencies. It was designed to be used mostly for headlines, visual identities or short sentences — both in big and small sizes. The family contains 471 glyphs and 32 font weights whereas six of the font weights of the wide-version (Light, Book, Normal, Medium, Demibold and Bold) are available for free download and use.




Fjord is serif typeface that has specifically been designed for book publications. It is intended to be used in long texts and in relatively small print size. Fjord features sturdy construction, prominent serifs, low-contrast modulation and long elegant ascenders as well as descenders relative to the ‘x’ height. Fjord performs well in sizes starting from 12px and higher; nevertheless, it can also be a distinctive font choice for larger text headlines and in corporate design. This serif typeface include Cyrillic and Greek characters and is available at Google Web Fonts. It has been released under the SIL Open Font License, 1.1. Feel free to take a look at the designer’s free font Armata as well.


Hero is a crisp geometrical typeface applicable for any type of use: print, Web, logos, posters, booklets. This typeface contains 162 characters and is free for personal and commercial use. Available in the OpenType format for PC and Mac.


Otama e.p.
Here’s a quite confident typeface to use for expensive and fashionable designs. Strong steams and thin serifs shows similarities to the well-known traditional Didot typeface. This typeface is free for personal and commercial use.

Otama e.p.

This typeface is a geometric display face which includes OpenType features for an alternate alphabet. The family contains sets for Uppercase, Numerals and Punctuation. Released by the Lost Type Co-Op under the “name-your-price” pricing scheme and designed by Dan Gneiding. If you decide to buy the font for $30 or more, you will get a beautiful Ribbon Specimen Book as well.


Movavi is a sans serif font that is available only in the font weights Black and Black Italic. Obviously, the typeface wouldn’t work for body copy, but it might work nicely in short headings or “groovy” art works. Available for free download and use on PC and Mac.

Download free Movavi fonts

Satellite is a geometric sans serif font designed by Matt Yow. The typeface can be a great fit for short headlines, short body copy or slogans. Released under the SIL Open Font License.


Open Sans
Open Sans is a very clean font family by Ascender Fonts. It includes ten styles (Light, Regular, Italic, Semibold, Bold, Bold Italic, Extrabold) and each one consists of more than 900 glyphs: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, many of the regular diacrytic letters as well as “hanging” numbers. Also available at Google Web Fonts and released under the Apache License version 2.

Open Sans

Mosaic Leaf
The glyphs of this expressive typeface are built out of leaves of different sizes. Mosaic Leaf also contains numbers, punctuation and currency symbols. The .zip-package contains PDF, OTF and TTF files; the fonts support Western and Central European encoding, and also Baltic, Nordic and Turkish. The typeface is free to use in commercial and non-commercial projects. Designed and prepared by Lukasz Kulakowski and Zbyszek Czapnik.

Mosaic Leaf

Mosaic Leaf

Amaranth is a sans serif font family of four basic styles (regular, italic, bold, bold italic) with individually shaped letter forms that makes typeface more playful. Suitable for both Web and print, longer texts and headings. Available at Google Web Fonts and licensed under the SIT OpenType License. Image credit and source: dersven.


Siruca Pictograms
A pictogram open source font made as a part of Siruca signage system designed by Fabrizio Schiavi. The font contains many picograms related to sport, signage, home, social meetings, free time activities and business.

Siruca Pictograms

Erler Dingbats
For the first time in the entire history of Unicode standard, the full encoding range for dingbats is now covered by a complete, contemporary quality font. FF Dingbats 2.0 features more than 800 glyphs and is mainly a tool for professional designers and has been created for everyday communication purposes. It includes a wide range of popular symbols and pictograms such as arrows, pens, phones, stars, crosses and checkmarks, plus three sets of cameo figures on round backgrounds. Free of charge. (via fontblog)

Erler Dingbats

Further Free Fonts

SD Sansimillia
SD Sansimillia is a playful, yet elegant typeface suitable for many different applications. Originally cut for a local advertising brand, SD Sansimillia is inspired by the Antenna Family built by Cyrus Highsmith in 2007 as well as Erik Spiekermann’s FF Din Family cut in 1994. It is issued in regular, bold and black weights.

Mimic Roman
Mimic Roman is a modern sans serif face with evenly balanced strokes and a counter on a slight angle, giving it a 1950s retro look.

Roboto Family is a linear sans serif font, available in 8 different styles of which each includes more than 900 glyphs — Greek and Cyrillic, too. This font was designed by Google for Andorid and is licensed under the Google Android License.

An elegant serif font designed by Eduardo Tunni. This typeface was primarily designed to be used in longer body copies in printed material. It is simple in structure and has sharp as well as generous counter-shapes which create a medium texture that calls for page color. It can also be used as display typography and is available at Google Web Fonts.

Last Click

Shape Type
If you are passionate about typography and have fun experimenting with glyphs, then you will certainly like the rather unusual type-design game created by the interaction designer Mark MacKay. The idea of this JavaScript-based letter-shaping game is simple: you get 10 modified letters from various classic typefaces, and you have to try to make them right by dragging curves along their axes. It’s an engaging way to explore what makes or breaks a glyph.

Testing your Typography Skills

Font-Bot Project
It is time for your favorite font to stand its ground. The idea is to build robots out of a type face, showcase them and hope others put together a potential opponent. Once there are two font-bots ready to compete against each other, only thing left would be to “let the battle begin!” Participating is not hard, the rules are clear: all robots must be built of type alone (letters A to Z). Let’s see if your font has what it takes to defend its corner. Fight!

The Battle of the Fonts

Further Resources

  • Lost Type Co-Op
    The Lost Type Co-Op is a Pay-What-You-Want Type foundry. Users have the opportunity to pay whatever they like for a font; you can type in ‘$0′ for a free download. 100% of all funds from these sales go directly to the designers of the fonts themselves, respectively.
  • The League of Moveable Type
    The open-source type movement for bringing high-quality tyepfaces to the Web. The creators of the project keep releasing quality fonts every now and then so be sure to stay tuned!
  • Google Web Fonts
    A growing directory of hundreds of free, open-source fonts optimized for the Web. Google also provides ready-to-use snippets for integrating the fonts to your website.
  • Typography and Free Fonts on Smashing Magazine
    An overview of typography-related articles and free font round-ups on Smashing Magazine.

We sincerely appreciate the time and effort of all type designers featured in this post. Please keep in mind that type design is a time-consuming craft which truly deserves reward and support. Please consider supporting type designers who create and release amazing typefaces for all of us to use.

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December 29 2011


Best Of 2011: 50 Free Fonts To Enhance Your Designs

Since 2011 is just about to end so we though, this would be the perfect time to showcase some of the best fonts that we have seen in 2011 lately. In this collection, we have gathered 50 latest free fonts from 2011 that can truly enhance your designs. We all know that choosing the right font can make or break the design as well as the overall look.

In the field of graphic design, displaying typography is a persuasive element where more attention is paid to how artistically typefaces can be used in a design. The appropriate selection of typography can convert your ordinary design into extraordinarily eye-catching piece of art.
So, here is the collection of fresh and high quality free fonts to make your designs look outstanding. All the fonts present in this collection are free to download. Enjoy!

Acid Stucture

Sketch Gothic

Villa Didot


Accent Free Display Typeface

Glide® Font

Scalpel Font

Arapey – Free Google Web Fon

Stencil 8bit



Sketch Block



VE Vastagurly Display

My Girl Is Retro


GRN Burgy

The Kabel Font

Mosaic Leaf


The 2K12



Earth Heart


Maria Antonia




Minaeff Ect






Henry Typeface

Broken Records

Five Minutes

Grogy free font

Acid Step






Channel font


Coalition v2.0

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November 02 2011


50 Wonderful Free Fonts For Vintage And Retro Designing

Ever wonder why vintage or retro style is getting so much popular and is being adopted extensively? This is because vintage and retro style is the best way to express yourself in a unique way and take your audience back to the decades of 50’s. Designers make an effort to accomplish this by means of different design components for example textures and patterns from a certain time period. However, it is also significant to bring accurate typography into play from the time period you are attempting to represent.

In this post, we have gathered 50 outstanding vintage and retro fonts that you can utilize in your designs as well. In this collection, you will notice that these fonts range from a 1920′s look all the way up to the retro typography style of the 50′s. Enjoy!

Important: All fonts are free. Please read the license agreements carefully before using the fonts for commercial use, they can change from time to time.

Ginga ( Download Font )

CARIBBEAN TOOL ( Download Font )

Star Avenue ( Download Font )

Malgecito ( Download Font )

Hawaii Lover ( Download Font )

Monbijoux ( Download Font )

Fusty Saddle ( Download Font )

Blessed Day ( Download Font )

ANGEL TEARS ( Download Font )

Matchbook Typefaces ( Download Font )

Nashville ( Download Font )

GOVERNOR ( Download Font )

Dirty and Classic ( Download Font )

Moonlight Shadow ( Download Font )

HIGHLANDS ( Download Font )


Bazar, Medium ( Download Font )

Broken Poster ( Download Font )

Truskey ( Download Font )

PopStar Autograph ( Download Font )

CANDY INC ( Download Font )

Please Show Me Love ( Download Font )

Avante Return ( Download Font )

PANHEAD ( Download Font )

Ayosmonika ( Download Font )

Glove ( Download Font )

Fabulous 50s ( Download Font )

Eight One ( Download Font )

JustOldFashion ( Download Font )

Super Retro M54 ( Download Font )

LT Oksana 4.0 ( Download Font )

Market Deco ( Download Font )

ARB 85 Poster Script JAN-39 ( Download Font )

Retro Disco ( Download Font )

Ed Gein ( Download Font )

Jailbox1 ( Download Font )

KarlofF ( Download Font )

Dead Hardy ( Download Font )

Gipsiero ( Download Font )

LT Nutshell Library ( Download Font )

Beyond Sky font ( Download Font )

The Dreamer ( Download Font )

SANTOS DUMONT ( Download Font )

My Underwood ( Download Font )

Quid Pro Quo ( Download Font )

ARB-218 Big Blunt MAR-50 ( Download Font )

Justice by Dirt2 ( Download Font )

SickCapital Kingston ( Download Font )

Dirt2 Echo ( Download Font )

Ithornët ( Download Font )

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August 19 2011


Fresh Collection Of High Quality Free Fonts for Professional Designs

Fonts or typography holds critical importance in any web design, logo design, print advertisement, you name it. In the graphics and web designing field, fonts always play an important part in capturing the attention of the target audience. Therefore, having a good collection of high-quality fonts is a must when you are working on any design project, be it designing for the web or for the print media.

Here in this section, we are presenting a collection of some creative and fine looking fonts that you can use for your design projects, logo designs, brochures, posters, reports, designing books, cover letters and so on.

We hope that you will like this collection. Feel free to share this collection with others and let us know what you feel about this collection via comment section below. Enjoy!

RBNo2 free font ( Download Font )


Scruffy Regular and Scruffy Light ( Download Font )


Bohema ( Download Font )


Morning Glory ( Download Font )


Fuente Sketchy ( Download Font )


Code Free Font ( Download Font )


Lobster Font ( Download Font )


Ostrich Sans ( Download Font )


Calluna Sans (Rregistration is required) ( Download Font )


Blox ( Download Font )


Weston ( Download Font )


Dancing Script ( Download Font )


FF World Wide Web ( Download Font )


Highlands ( Download Font )


Bender (Rregistration is required) ( Download Font )


Ovalian Type ( Download Font )


The Kabel Font ( Download Font )


Claire Hand ( Download Font )


Piron Free Font V.2 ( Download Font )


Ultra ( Download Font )


FF Sero ( Download Font )


FREE FONT “HM02″ ( Download Font )


Vhia free font ( Download Font )


UNIK 2 ( Download Font )


Slice ( Download Font )


Egypt 22 Font ( Download Font )


Gota ( Download Font )


Hero ( Download Font )


AGE Free Font ( Download Font )


Linden Hill ( Download Font )


Fanwood ( Download Font )


Matilde ( Download Font )


Banda typeface ( Download Font )


Legion Slab Typeface ( Download Font )


ARS Novelty ( Download Font )


Quattrocento Roman ( Download Font )


Denne – At The Tea Party ( Download Font )


SD Cammello ( Download Font )


Jacked Eleven Highlight ( Download Font )


New Drop Era ( Download Font )


Square Comic ( Download Font )


Shin Akiba Punx ( Download Font )


Font liquit colour ( Download Font )


League Script ( Download Font )


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September 27 2010


Free Fonts

"Querround", "Candles", "Gordon" and "Media Gothic": the selected fonts of the week, I am trying to provide good fonts for you to improve your work in Typography

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September 26 2010


40 Excellent Free Fonts For Minimal Web Design Creation

There are plenty of free, great looking fonts around the web. In this article you’re going to find 40 clean, crisp and, of course, free fonts for your minimal web design.

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September 24 2010


100 Free Fonts You Should Have in Your Library

Fonts have already been among the essential materials used by designers. Whether it is a web design project or a logo design – font is the element, capable of attracting people’s attention, rendering the key idea, and communicating the necessary message. That is why, thousands of free fonts reside today in multiple online font repositories. [...]

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