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January 07 2011


The Hotlist – Edition 2

It’s that time again: Friday. This week has been an interesting week. With some heavy hitters being ‘fresh’ into the world and some other just plain awesomeness.


Mac Appstore Launches

Screen shot 2011-01-06 at 11.31.03 PM

You guessed it. The MacApp Store put it all under one roof. Now, you can buy, install, update apps all from one little place in the mac. If you don’t have a mac the iTunes 10 icon everyone complained about is the same for the Mac App Store Icon except it’s replaced with the nice little app symbol. Did we also mention Angry Birds can now be played on your mac? As if we didn’t need more distractions


Tron Legacy Soundtrack – Daft Punk

It’s not ‘new’ as Tron has been out for several weeks. However, this album has some of the best beats and rhythms to design and create to it’s definitely worth a look for people looking to get in the zone and crank out some work.


Twitter / Tweetie 2 for Mac Available

Screen shot 2011-01-06 at 11.49.59 PMThere once was a little app that was beloved by mac users. It was clean, simple and it worked. Then the creator Loren made Tweetie for iPhone one some awards created Tweetie 2 for iPhone and then went to work with Twitter. The app is now Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for iPad and the rest is history. Twitter / Tweetie 2 for mac was like a rainbow unicorn, that is until this week. Now, it’s here. Fanboys rejoice.



Screen shot 2011-01-07 at 1.55.11 AMIt’s an office! It’s a pod! It’s an OfficePod! Whatever it is, it works. This is a slick office setup for the home office or (you could get creative) and make some slick cubicles. Their efficient and have some pretty neat features. I wonder if they need someone to do a quality control check, if so, we’ll give them our address.


Ratatan Font by Giuseppe Salerno
Screen shot 2011-01-07 at 1.39.35 AM

A new font that is extremely light weight and elegant. The site also has a great little flipbook that showcases it in various ‘examples’.


Screen shot 2011-01-07 at 2.02.29 AM

Gerrel Saunders has some amazing illustration skills… Enough to make a normal person jealous. Checkout some of his slick new work on his folio site.


Starbucks Logo Evolution


There comes a day for some brands when you cross into the big leagues and you’re a powerhouse brand you can just rely on a mark for people to understand who and what you are. Who else has trod this path? Apple, Nike, McDonalds, Shell just to name a few. Starbucks joins the ranks of these other prodigious brands and updates their siren and drops the text. Interestingly enough, the CEO Donald Shultz explains the evolution and states that “it gives them a chance to think beyond coffee”. What will the branch into next?

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The Hotlist – Edition 2

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