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August 02 2010


70 Insanely Beautiful Dual Screen Wallpapers

Dual Screen as the name suggests helps you to work in two screens simultaneously. They are extremely helpful if you are working on many projects at the same time and do not like the idea of frequently switching on from one screen to another. It consumes less time from your side and you do not have to wait to look at your results.

By viewing image in a dual screen you can display your image in a wider scale and you can also set higher resolutions which greatly increases the clarity of the image and gives a stunning visual appeal to the viewer. Not only in displaying wallpapers but you can use the concept of dual screens where you can edit the changes in one screen and view the results in another.If you are a web designer or really like to play with different moods of nature, this concept could give you an environment where you could show the nature changing its colors in a subtle manner in two wide screens. Not only the moods you could also show the changing climate with the help of additional monitors and if in a classroom showing a demonstration you could have anatomy of a flower in one screen and the description part in another screen.The below presentation of “Beautiful dual screen wallpapers“are  in different categories of resolutions up to 2560 x 1024 px and resources of where to collect these.

Nature categories

1.Butterfly dual effect

Enjoying the sweet nectar on a bright sunny day.

2.Pale orchid in dual screen

3.Bunch of roses

4.Spring Pink

5.Yellow in its Brightness


7.Majestic Sunset horizon

8.Bright Nature

9.West Coast

Goodbye for Today.


11.West Lake at Sunset

12.Yellow One

Animals and Birds

13.Tiger’s Look

14.Lizard on a Trunk

Enjoying the same color.


16.Where is my Predator?

17.Hey You

18.Three Brother Wolves

Happy in our friendship.

19.Stare of a Tiger

Pride of a tiger – Looks.


Relishing the warmth of nature .

21.White Tiger


23.Black Beauty

A rare combination of nature with its varied colors in this black beauty.



Fantasy Art

Fantasy art is high and strongly linked to fantasy fiction. Indeed fantasy art pictures are often intended to represent specific characters or scenes from works of fantasy literature. Such works created by amateur artists may be called fan art.

26.The Big Reveal

27. Morning View

28. An Untamed horse

29.A Dreamy Scene

30.Strange World

31.Hazy view

32.A Dreamy World in Wide Screen

33.Dreamy World

34.Back Draft

35.Wind Mill

36.Sunset over Moorea

37.All alone in this World

38.Blue Forest

39.To Nowhere

Abstract wallpapers

Abstract wallpaper, non figurative wallpaper, nonobjective wallpaper, and nonrepresentational wallpaper are loosely related terms. They are similar, although perhaps not of identical meaning.Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art.

40.Mushroom Samba

41.Dual monitor floral


43.14 the War

44.Splash of paint

Flow of paint as a wonderful painting.



47.Display of bright colors

48.Feeding Time

49.Plasmoid Neophile

50. Generator


52.Bokeh Remix

53.Apple i-pad

3D dual screen wallpapers

One important interesting wallpaper category is three dimensional (3D) desktop backgrounds.Here we bring our best.

54.Boy & Butterfly

55.Classic Design

56.Skull Cog

57.Water Colored


59.Six of a kind

60. Abstract Pink

61.Greatest Invention

62.RTX Wallapaper

63.Multi Display Nights


Made up of a variety of parts or ingredients having a variety of characteristics, abilities, or appearances.

64.Spawning sunflowers

65.Ghost view

66.Super Mario Galaxy

67.Crocket Red Dual

68.Cat Wallpaper

69.Tropical isle

70.Yin and Yang

Further Resources & Origin

1. Dualmonitorbackgrounds
This site is dediacted to dual monitor wallpapers in various categories where you can download them for free and also update any wallpapers if you want to.

2. Dualscreenwallpaper
Variety of wallpapers according to the resolutions and with different categories.

3. Wallpaperpimper
Display of over 400 images which could be easily navigated keeping the user friendliness in mind especially for dual monitors.

4. 3datadesign
A visual treat in 3-d format with high resolution of 3200 x 1200 and 2560 x 1024.

5. Pni.princeton
Wallpapers describing nature in resolutions of 1280 x 1024.

6. Hongkiat
A list of 70 smashing cool nature wall papers.

7. Instantshift

To refresh your memory and to spice up your desktop with a list of wallpapers.


For Widescreen and Breathtaking dual screen wallapapers visit the link..

9. Plasmadesign
Wallpapers are categorised into landscape and abstract and are in the resolutions of 3200 x 1200.

10. Wallcoo
Delightful display of more than 150 wallapapers in high quality.

11. Wall.alphacoders
A visual tour showing Earth, Space, Sci- Fi and many more in dual monitor mode.

12. Digitalblasphemy
Digital format of wallpapers to give a fresh look to your screens..

13. Mandolux
Go through your wallapapers seperately in right, middle and left monitors.

14. 2expertsdesign

More than 600 designs to give a tough test to your choice.


This site boasts of more than 600 images in resolutions of 2560 x 1024 categorised under different headings.

16. Epicwallpaper
Abstract wallpapers for your screens.

17. Socwall
A soceity of social wallpaers with resolution of 2560 x 1024, 3200 x 1200.

April 22 2010


Desktop Notifications with Webkit

Mohit Muthanna has a nice blog post explaining how you can create desktop notifications with the latest Webkit/Chrome.


There are essentially three API calls you use:

  • window.webkitNotifications.requestPermission(callback) - Request access to Desktop Notifications for this domain.
  • window.webkitNotifications.checkPermission() - Returns 0 if this domain has Desktop Notification access.
  • window.webkitNotifications.createNotification(icon,title,body) - Returns a popup notification instance, which you can display by calling show() on it.

The demo code is pretty straight forward:

  2. function Notifier() {}
  4. // Request permission for this page to send notifications. If allowed,
  5. // calls function "cb" with "true" as the first argument.
  6. Notifier.prototype.RequestPermission = function(cb) {
  7.   window.webkitNotifications.requestPermission(function() {
  8.     if (cb) { cb(window.webkitNotifications.checkPermission() == 0); }
  9.   });
  10. }
  12. // Popup a notification with icon, title, and body. Returns false if
  13. // permission was not granted.
  14. Notifier.prototype.Notify = function(icon, title, body) {
  15.   if (window.webkitNotifications.checkPermission() == 0) {
  16.     var popup = window.webkitNotifications.createNotification(
  17.       icon, title, body);
  19.     return true;
  20.   }
  22.   return false;
  23. }

The user request happens the same way the W3C geo location API requests access - a toolbar popping up asking you if you are OK to see Desktop Notifications. This is good as I can see this being used by people to fake IM messages - much like they do now in the browser.

The notifications animate in from top right and have the originating URL and a "block" link - which makes it hard to use them for phishing.

Interesting concept and if it could use native systems like Growl it would spell the end of awkward alerts and hand-rolled notification windows in the document.

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January 27 2010


29 Avatar Movie Wallpapers And Navi Recreating Tutorials

Title-avatar-navi-movie-wallpapers-tutorialsIt seems like Avatar is becoming the most popular movie ever made, everybody is buzzing about it, creating fun clubs, tutorials, recreating navi persons and so on. Of course design community with their skillset can create something really beautiful, they can explain what’s needed to recreate such effects doing simple professional research.

This is most fun post – I think everybody will enjoy those beautiful Avatar wallpapers and maybe even get so excited, so they would like to recreate even Navi effects and turn his own photo into navi one! Enjoy as always -that’s why I deliver you daily inspiration and resources!

1. Avatar Wallpaper by boozerguy47

Resolution: 1600×1200


2. Avatar Wallpaper - One life ends, other begins by Nightwulff

Resolution: 1680 x 1050


3. Avatar Wall by Vangarde

Multiple resolutions, max:1920×1200


4. Jake and Neytir by kigents

Resolution: 1280×1024


5. Avatar Movie Wall by PixelAnge

Resolution: 1920×1200


6. Avatar – Epic by SEnigmaticX

Resolution: 1280X800


7. Neytir Navi Wallpaper by Loeken

Resolution: 1680×1050


8. Neytir Avatar Wallpaper 2 by boozerguy47



9. Avatar Widescreen 10 by Dappiee

Resolution: 1920×1200


10. Avatar Widescreen 9 by Dappiee

Resolution: 1920×1200

11. Avatar Navi Together by Dappiee

Resolution: 1920×1200


12. Furious Jack In Navi form by Dappiee


13. Neytir Portrait by Dappiee

Resolution: 1920×1200


14. Avatar Wallpaper by NigthmareOfHades

Resolution: 2657×1993


15. Avatar Eye by Mistic-Gohan

Resolution: 1280×800


16. Avatar background: Neytiri by berkk

Resolution: 1600×1200


17. Avatar wallpaper by spookyzangel

Resolution: 1280×800


18. Neytiri wallpaper painting by Jerner

Resolution: 1920×1200


19. Avatar Movie Official Wallpaper #1



20. Avatar Movie Official Wallpaper #2



21. Avatar Movie Official Wallpaper #3



22. Avatar Movie Official Wallpaper #4



Tutorials how to recreate Avatar effects

23. Avatar making by Azurelle


24. Avatar Tutorial by Siryann


25. Zei’s Na’vi Avatar Tutorial by LuNar-doLLz


26. Avatar The Movie – Reference Tutorial by UnknownBlood

Helpful guide to learn about differences between human face form, placement and navi.


27. Tutorial: My Na’vi Avatar… by SolarShine

Recreate Navi Avatar from your own picture, this tutorial is pretty interesting guide how to do it – change color, eyes, nose.


28. How to make an AVATAR Na’vi by BlueSunset2006


29. Create Avatar movie poster in Photoshop


I found also four Deviantart Avatar related fun groups you could be interested in if you enjoy Avatar movie and everything related with it:

Do you know more great Avatar wallpapers or tutorials? Share them with us!

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January 10 2010


Who Else Wants Great Windows Desktop Blogging Client?

title-desktop-blogging-editor-clientIf you are blogger and since now it’s like trend – everybody is blogging, you should know, writing through WordPress Rich Text Editor isn’t that fastest and easiest way. Most importantly you must think about ways how to automate and fasten your work process. Choosing desktop blogging client is one of the most important aspects in my opinion – forget about standard Wordpress editor and start using something a lot more faster and handier.

This article is created to explain everything about desktop blogging editors, main features, why and how you should use one. I will also share my own experiences, I’ve been blogging daily and I’ve tested a lot of tools, automating programs and blogging clients and I think I can objectively evaluate features.

I’ve been blogging for 1.5 years now and when I switched to desktop blogging editor, I never went back. There are several great, free editors, Firefox plugins allowing you to write articles more easier. When I started I used Wordpress admin panel, I wrote everything in plain code writing all tags and urls myself – it wasn’t fast so I needed to figure something out.

Then I found Windows Live Writer and it seemed to be solution, but I got upload problems. There was several times when I uploaded images through Live Writer, but in the middle (let’s say 54/100 images) something went wrong with image, I needed to fix error, upload images from beginning and my server from those requests several times crashed. Also back then I didn’t know how to set different settings, so images wouldn’t have that drop shadow, resize image settings (it created one unnecessary thumb image for me). If you haven’t got huge posts with a lot of images Windows Live Writer is perfect solution, but I needed something different.

I figured out I need to upload images to server manually to reduce it’s overload. I used find/replace features to change image local address to direct online link. If you want to know how I do that, this blog post could help you – The Best And Fastest Way To Create Blog Post. I wrote there my experiences and my approach to write and manually create article. In that way I get very clean code using Blogdesk.

With Windows XP Blogdesk was perfect solution, but somehow with Windows Vista and Windows 7 it doesn’t work very good. I got mystic saving problems myself and I don’t really know what to suggest for my new guest authors. And yes,main reason I decided to write this article doing serious research in available desktop blogging editors is because I wanted to find new editor which could suit for me as well!

Let’s give it a try – shall we?

So.. What the heck is desktop blogging editors? Why You should use one?

As I mentioned above, when I started to blog I wrote my posts in WordPress Rich Text Editor, where you can get code/design view, upload images – at first it seems like a good way to go, but image uploading you need to do manually one by one and it takes a lot of time. And what you will do if you internet browser crashes in the middle of article and you forgot to save it? How you will write your post if you have no Internet connection?

Okay, then you could write your posts in word processors like Microsoft Word, Textpad and then just paste finished text into Wordpress post section. But again we have problems with formatting and image uploading. However this simple approach will work just fine for short textual posts with few images and almost no formatting, but I am talking more about serious blogging and approach.

Desktop blogging tools and editors are independent texting WYSIWYG software you can connect with you blog and essentially it is very simple text/code editor created specifically for easier and automated blogging. Now you can format, write text, add images, effects in design view and if you need to edit some code manually or check how it looks – just switch to code view! And the best thing is, you don’t need Internet connection to write your posts, only when you want to publish it. Your posts are always in safety in blogging editor, accessable in any time!

Everybody loves lists, so I created one with main benefits why you should use desktop blogging editor:

  1. Write Articles Offline – For example if you own laptop and travel, you don’t always have Internet connection. No problem! Write your post in blogging editor and you can publish it once you’ll get Internet connection just by hitting publish button. No more copy/paste and images will be uploaded automatically as well.
  2. Spell Checking – This is basic, but good blogging editor has this feature and after writing your post, just run spell checking and rapidly correct all mistakes you’ve accidentaly made.
  3. Multiple blogs – If you write for your own blog and you are guest writer on another, it is really painful to publish it and switch to another blog. With blogging client, you can change blog to publish with few clicks and without any worries.
  4. Quick and easy editing – Switch from design to code section to easily change some code, fix small errors.
  5. Automated Image Uploading – Usually blogging clients are connected directly with your blog and when you hit publish button, all images are uploaded from your computer to local server automatically. If you haven’t got many pictures, it’s great solution.
  6. Easy Post Management – Rapidly fast browse through your previous drafts, published articles, edit them, save – in Wordpress panel it would be many times slower process.
  7. Browser Crash – Sometimes browser just crash and you loose some time and work, with blogging client it is almost impossible. Usually clients have enabled autosave each 3-4minutes, in that way preventing any work loss.
  8. Feature Integration – Many clients support Flickr, Delicious, Youtube for automated image linking, video adding and more features.

Free Desktop Blogging Editors For Windows

From free desktop blogging editors I would recommend Windows Live writer, Blogdesk or w.bloggar. Every client offers different features, you should check out them all and then pick your favorite one, which suits you the best.

Windows Live Writer

Writer makes it easy to share your photos and videos on almost any blog service—Windows Live, Wordpress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, and many more.

It has many features, I will mention most important ones:

  • Crop and tilt photos
  • Insert multiple photos
  • Additional spell checking languages
  • Insert and publish video to YouTube
  • Word count
  • Twitter, Digg and Flickr Plug-ins
  • Type-down filtering in the Open dialog

Check out Windows Live Writer Tweaks, Tips and Updates article from Lifehacker for deeper research.



Blogging should be simple, but it gets complicated and time-consuming if you are serious about it. BlogDesk makes it easy to write, speeds up lavish processes and assists the author with smart features.

Feature list:

  • WYSIWYG editor
  • ImageWizard to easy insert images, create thumbnails
  • Reduced view – switch to cleaner view with less distractions
  • BlogWizards – easily configure blog
  • Spell checker
  • Tags-Generator
  • Frequently Used Phrases – time-saver for often used phrases



Post2Blog 3 is a FREEWARE handy blog editor with live spell-checking support for pro-bloggers.

Feature list:

  • WYSIWYG editor with complete hot-keys support;
  • Built-in “Live” spellchecking;
  • Images are uploaded automatically;
  • Compose new posts in MS Word and post them to your blog using Post2Blog toolbar for MS Word;
  • Add Technorati,, Buzzwords, 43 Things tags to your posts;
  • Automatically send trackbacks, ping web-services to notify about updates in your blogs;
  • Use built-in smiles for use in your blog;



Thingamablog is a cross-platform, standalone blogging application that makes authoring and publishing your weblogs almost effortless. Unlike most blogging solutions, Thingamablog does NOT require a third-party blogging host, a cgi/php enabled web host, or a MySQL database. In fact, all you need to setup, and manage, a blog with Thingamablog is FTP, SFTP, or network access to a web server.

Feature list:

  • Maintain multiple blogs
  • Read news with an integrated feed reader
  • Publish remotely to your blog via email
  • Set up flexible archiving options
  • Define your own custom template tags
  • Set up flexible archiving options



The w.bloggar is an application that acts as an interface between the user and one or more blog(s); in other words, it is a Post and Template editor, with several features and resources that the browser based blog editors do not offer.

Feature list:

  • Import Text files
  • Colorized HTML code
  • Multiple accounts and blogs
  • Spell Checking
  • Multiple accounts and blogs
  • Toolbar Icons Skin
  • File and Image Upload
  • Supports Windows XP


Zoundry Raven

The Zoundry Blog Writer™ is a rich WYSIWYG blogging editor that’s as easy to use as a word processor. With just a few clicks of a mouse instead of complex HTML coding, you can do things like drag and drop images, create block quotes, and format links to open in a new window.

Feature list:

  • Tabbed true WYSIWYG Editing
  • Improved content management
  • Manage multiple media storage services
  • Manage multiple blogs offline
  • Raven2Go: Portable Application support
  • WordPress 2.2+ Page & Tag support

Read more about Zoundry features here.


Qumana (PC&Mac)

You don’t need to know a thing about HTML code to make perfect posts. Write your posts at your own pace without having to be online.

Qumana is an easy-to-use desktop blog editor, enabling you to write, edit and post to one or more blogs. You can use Qumana even when you are offline. Save your blog posts to your hard drive and upload whenever you like. Great for bloggers on the move.

Qumana features:

  • WYSIWYG editor, as easy as email
  • Clean interface with easy-to-understand buttons
  • Spell check with ‘as you type’ option
  • Technorati tagging
  • Source view option to edit HTML
  • Save posts as drafts, or edit old posts, from the Blog Manager
  • Easy image uploads and image alignment
  • DropPad – gather links, text, and pictures by dragging them to a desktop pad
  • Offline editing
  • Multi-window editing
  • Seamless posting and cross-posting
  • Trackback & pinging


Commercial Desktop Blogging Editors For Windows


(Top 1 Commercial Pick)

A popular Windows blog client for your WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, Drupal, etc. blogs. Get convenience and speed of a native application, and the ability to write posts offline. BlogJet comes with English (US) and English (UK) dictionaries.

If you cannot decide, check out their huge feature list and video demo here. All recommendations and demos made this blogging client my top 1 choice. It’s not free, but at least I get many features, good support and regular updates. Such blog client is one of the most important tools in article creation, so I think 39.95$ is very good investment at least for me.

Several features:

  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Post Management and Searching
  • Word Counter and Blog Statistics
  • 20 High-Quality Smileys
  • Spell Checker
  • Flickr and YouTube Support
  • Auto Replace
  • Modern Interface

Price: $39.95



RocketPost is smart blog software for power bloggers. It’s the only one with WYSIWYG editing, full local editing and full blog import. And it works just like email, so you already know how to use it.

Speed up your blogging with one-click Technorati, Flickr and tags, built-in photo editing, instant photo albums, automatic linking to related posts, quote tracking, quick linking, drop caps, pull quotes and a running word count.

Not free software, but filled with many features, you might use daily to automate your article writing process greatly. Certainly a good pick as well.

Several features (read more):

  • WYSIWYG editing
  • Full local editing – See and edit all your posts in one place without having to download them every time
  • Full blog import – Download all your existing posts and get started in less than 5 minutes
  • Picture editing – Crop, resize and compress pictures right within your post
  • Check spelling while you type
  • Multiple-word AutoCorrect

Price: 29$


Other Solutions

ScribeFire Blog Editor For Firefox

ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to your blog.


What’s your favorite desktop blogging client? And why?

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November 24 2009


78 Stunning Landscape Desktop Wallpapers

title-inspiration-wallpapers-landscapedesktop This is a really huge article showcasing beautiful landscape desktop wallpapers, where everybody should find one, which suits for their desktop perfectly. Maybe there is winter coming, but we can warm our hearts with colourful, deep and inspiring wallpaper, while taking break or working hard on deadlines. Whole article is ordered in resolutions from lowest to highest, from 1280×960 to 2560×1600 and even higher. Just scroll through, enjoy and pick up your favorite wallpaper!

1.Lost Lagoon – Print Version by stotty

Resolution: 1280×960

2. Terragen – Erat by tigaer

Resolution: 1280×1024


Breaking The Foundationby Vincent Hernandez

Resolution: 1280×1024

4. Eclipse III. WP by realityDream

Resolution: 1280×1024

5. Koh Kood Sunset Wallpaper by nxxos

Resolution: 1280×1024

6. Colorful Dream by hypnotic

Resolution: 1280×1024


Beautiful Flower

Resolution: 1280×1024

8. Blue Waters And Hills Landscape

Resolution: 1280×1024

9. Neverending Walk

Resolution: 1280×1024

10. Hill Houses

Resolution: 1280×1024

11. Riverside by Deinha1974

Resolution: 1440×900

12. Green Land by Deinha1974

Resolution: 1440×900

13. Divine Connection by Deinha1974

Resolution: 1440×900

14. IR Island by nxxos

Resolution: 1680×1050

15. Seasonal Rains by gtxx1015

Resolution: 1680×1050

16. Lovely Hill Background 16:10 by Mega-Art

Resolution: 1680×1050

17. Grass by Jorlin

Resolution: 1680×1050

18. Auroral Dawn by dilekt

Resolution: 1600×1200

19. Newport Beach, California

Resolution: 1600×1200

20. Tahitian Paradise

Resolution: 1600×1200

21. Mystical Waters, Yosemite National Park, Califor

Resolution: 1600×1200

22. Best Of Nature Islands Wallpaper Pack 2

Resolution: 1600×1200

23. Alpine by Gus7avO

Resolution: 1600×1200

24. Luminosity by dilekt

Resolution: 1920×1200

25. Valley of Lambs by Deinha1974

Resolution: 1920×1200

26. Dawn On The Deck by l8

Resolution: 1920×1200

27. Down On The Deck by l8

Resolution: 1920×1200

28. End of Autumn by peehs

Resolution: 1920×1200

29. Suite Clouds Rain

Resolution: 1920×1200

30. Pebble beach

Resolution: 1920×1200

31. Ibis

Resolution: 1920×1200

32. Blue Dock by dimage

Resolution: 1920×1200

33. Taiwan Wallpaper Pack

Resolution: 1920×1200

34. Mistery by atanastsvetkov

Resolution: 1920×1200

35. Grand Sunset by myINQI

Resolution: 2560×1600

36. Reichenbacherhof III by Hexaloner

Resolution: 2560×1600

37. Hungarian Skies WP by realityDream

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

38. Enter The Road

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

39. Grizzly River

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

40. Rainy day in sunny june by ssilence

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

41. Crazy Sun

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

42. The Spectrum Of The Sky

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

43. Silence

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

44. Darkness To Light

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

45. Grassy Sunset

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

46. Before The Storm

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

47. Canadian Pacific Railway

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

48. Lake Louise

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

49. Moraine Lake

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

50. Stream’s End

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

51. Monumental Simplicity

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

52. Turquoise Reflections

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

53. Beachside Wallpaper Pack by r3novatio

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

54. Same Color At Night

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

55. Beautiful Beach

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

56. Silent Day

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

57. Incredible View

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

58. Conquer the World by Dawn42

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

59. GRNSCR by NickCreevy

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

60. Daniel Island Golf Course

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

61. I’ve reached the end of the world

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

62. I love blue!

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

63. Golf Club

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

64. Sunrise over the fog

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

65. Tree in a Spring Meadow

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

66. The end of a great weekend

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

67. Dramatic Sky

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

68. HD Wallpaper: Glacier Sunrise

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

69. Route to Castle Mountain

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

70. The Opal Lake

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

71. Cloud Canyon HD Wallpaper

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

72. Balance Wallpaper

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

73. Forever Lake

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

74. Smoke on the Water

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

75. House in the Sea

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

76. The Rising Sun by Mac002

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

77. Horsepower by TheAL

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

78. Castle Nowhere by TheAL

Resolution: Multiple resolutions

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