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February 24 2014


November 19 2013


Thou Shalt Not Steal: Free Music for Your Videos and Websites


Photos, videos, music – all these types of content come with strings attached. There are legions of lawyers just waiting for you to make that tiny mistake. So, if you are looking for multimedia content to use in your own projects, you cannot be too careful. That’s why we constantly scour the web for sources of free content. Today, we want to introduce you to a variety of services for free music. Don’t be afraid. We’re not talking about borderline content such as Midi tootling. In the following article you’ll find high-grade contemporary music. Promised…

October 24 2013


32 Stunning Creative Commons HDR Photos

One of my favorite photo manipulation effects is High Definition Range, better known as HDR. The colors this effect brings out along with the depth created through unusual lighting tricks adds an almost magical look to any subject. HDR photos work for unique product photos, landscapes, waterscapes, stills, and occasionally portraits.

However, most photographers lock down their HDR photos with a firm copyright, and with good reason. Anyone can create an HDR photo, but not everyone can create one that is truly stunning. Sometimes, though, an artist will provide a few creative commons HDR photographs simply as a way to get noticed. If people can share in the right way (i.e. by attributing the work to the artist with a link to the source), the more willing photographers are to provide photos for us to use.

Mai 2013 - Débordement de la Seine à Marnay sur Seine (Aube)
Mai 2013 – Débordement de la Seine à Marnay sur Seine (Aube) by B@rberousse

Keep in mind that there are several types of Creative Commons licenses. The most basic CC license only requires attribution (hence the term Attribution or CC BY) – state the author’s name, include a link if possible, and then you are free to use it commercially or non-commercially, make changes, build upon it, and even distribute it. You are only restricted from putting your name or even no name on it and also from selling it outright as is.

Other CC licenses come with more restrictions, as noted:

  • Share-Alike – if the term Share-Alike (SA) is added to the license, this means that in addition to the Attribution terms, you also have to provide the same CC BY SA license when using this image.
  • NoDerivs – if ND is added, this means that it can still be used commercially or non-commercially but without any changes made to it and still with attribution provided.
  • NonCommercial – obviously NC restricts the image from being used in any work you sell.

A CC image can have all of the above restrictions or only a few. The terms of the license then changes a bit based on which of the above restrictions are included. If you are ever in doubt as to whether or not your use is allowed with a certain image, contact the photographer to get explicit written permision. It is always better to play it safe when it comes to licensing of art.

The following HDR images are ones that fall into some sort of CC license. Each one of the following I’ve indicated the exact license, but again, always check on the license yourself just to be sure. And it’s always polite to let an artist know when you use their work so that they can spread the word to their own fans.

Melbourne Skyline HDR by Raja Syazwina RS

Melbourne Skyline HDR

Hong Kong 2013 by MarkyLim

Hong Kong 2013

FogHDR by jjwhite01


When Sky is Falling Down by mantas j photography

when sky is falling down

Eagle Bay, Western Australia by Adam Selwood

Eagle Bay, Western Australia

Hong Kong 2013 by Markylim

Hong Kong 2013

Hong Kong 2013 by Markylim

Hong Kong 2013

HDR Boats by allen watkin

HDR boats

HDR Azure Window by allen watkin

HDR Azure Window

HDR Horse and Carriage by allen watkin

HDR horse and carriage

2013 Presidential Inauguration Day – The White House by Glyn Lowe Photoworks

2013 Presidential Inauguration Day - The White House

Bunker Bay, Western Australia by Adam Selwood

Bunker Bay, Western Australia

Cascade Creek in Thomas Bay, Alaska by mark byzewski


Sunset poppies, Beersel – Belgium by Albert Vuvu Konde

Sunset poppies, Beersel - Belgium
Attribution, NonCommercial, Share-Alike

Sunrise, Les Sept Fontaines – Belgium by Albert Vuvu Konde

Sunrise, Les Sept Fontaines - Belgium
Attribution, NonCommercial, Share-Alike

Kaninaskis Rainy Day by Wayne Stadler

Kaninaskis Rainy Day
Attribution, NonCommercial, Share-Alike

The Rush is Over by Wayne Stadler

The Rush is Over
Attribution, NonCommercial, Share-Alike

A single wooden escalator by Jimmy McIntyre

A single wooden escalator
Attribution, Share-Alike with a link to McIntyr’s HDR Photo Blog

A hike up Cascade Creek in Thomas Bay, Alaska by Mark Byzewski


HDR – El sábado por lamañana by gaudiramone

Attribution, Share-Alike

352/365² Vía libre by anieto2k

352/365² Vía libre
Attribution, Share-Alike

Irving Pulp Mill HDR by MaxGag

Irving Pulp Mill HDR
Attribution, NoDerivs

High Dynamic Range KW 35/52 by Gruenewiese86

High Dynamic Range KW 35/52
Attribution, NoDerivs

Iron age snow by hans s

Iron age snow
Attribution, NoDerivs

St. Michael’s Church Across The Naugatuck by @EffStop

St. Michael's Church Across The Naugatuck
Attribution, NoDerivs with a link to the image page

SLS AMG Electric drive by JulienGavard

SLS AMG Electric drive
Attribution, NoDerivs

War of the Worlds with a bit of Close Encounters thrown in. Greenwich O2 Arena (The Millenium Dome) London (On Explore Mar 19th 2013) by Simon & His Camera

War of the Worlds with a bit of Close Encounters thrown in. Greenwich O2 Arena (The Millenium Dome) London (On Explore Mar 19th 2013)
Attribution, NoDerivs

2013 08 01 York-01a by Keith Laverack

2013 08 01 York-01a
Attribution, NoDerivs

IMG_0250_HDR by KRoark

Attribution, Share-Alike

Laghetto dei pescatori by ender7.wiggin

Laghetto dei pescatori
Attribution, Share-Alike

_DSC0061_2_3_4_5_6_7a_tonemapped by Otos 13 Formation

Attribution, Share-Alike

_MG_5911_HDR.jpg by Arno Kleine Schaars


October 02 2013

06:30 Use 11,000+ Free Icons from within Adobe Photoshop


Freepik, our friends from sunny Spain just did it again. They pushed out a new project by the name of is a platform hosting more than 11,000 icons, all in the looks of the ever so popular flat design trend. This week they added a brand-new Photoshop plugin to the free service. This makes it possible to access each and every icon directly from within Photoshop, which makes for a must-have for any designer out there…

April 21 2013


55+ Amazing Commercial Use Photos of Urban Life


Stock photography is an excellent way to add visual stimulation to a website design, brochures, or posters. Saving some money for your client or yourself on stock photography is a bonus. Most designers know that there are some amazing commercial use photos available under a creative commons license, but the problem is that it can take hours searching for them. This roundup is here to help with this dilemma.

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