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January 24 2011


The World’s Best Corporate WordPress Themes You Can Actually Afford to Buy

Since the boom of Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, many websites started offering free and premium pre-built and made-to-order themes. The market was doing great on its own until it became oversaturated. Oversaturated how? There now exists tens of thousands templates and themes for these CMS, the problem lies in the quality. Many will agree that majority of the themes and templates available are lacking in quality. This affects the whole community, even Theme Forest.

Click for Themes Below!

A “too long; didn’t read” (TL;DR) version is: there is a never ending supply of free themes. Anything that tends to be too popular destroys itself through fame by the people.

Let us delve deeper into the problems people are currently experiencing.

Market Oversaturation

Imagine a lengthy street lined up with peanut vendors only a foot apart from each other. Now imagine half of them give free taste, the other half boasts their “SPECIAL” peanuts through signs. Heaven for an elephant but a very horrible scene for someone who’s after quality peanuts. Same goes with templates and themes.

With themes here and there it is only natural to arm your self with fear of dissatisfaction.

War for Quality


Of all the wars in man’s history, war for quality is the only moral war. It is already demonstrated that many templates and themes are way below average quality. Such a thing does not exist in Theme Forest because every submission needs to pass through the lens and extreme examination before being approved for the marketplace. Talk about TSA-like examination, this is it, only loved by everyone.

Halt! It does not stop there. Envato, the company from which Theme Forest came to existence not only offer themes but also almost everything you need to create a business website. From 3D models to codes and sound effects, they have it. Properly regulated and properly priced. One of the best things that ever happened in the internet.

An advantage of joining this fantastic community is you get to interact and use the services that experts offer. I know this will be stingy but who will let this chance pass and choose amateurs?

You Need Not Go Far for Reviews

Unlike most websites that offer free and premium themes and templates, Theme Forest has already set its roots. Hundreds, if not thousands, of satisfied customers leave their comments and suggestions that will absolutely be of help when choosing a perfect theme. Buyers or lurkers can check how the product works through a preview, satisfied customers even rate the themes for you. Automatic customer service, I tell you, and it’s more credible when you see a 4.5 stars with applauding people in the comments. There are also a lot of authors who are ready to help you in case a problem arises from the product.


Oh. My. Gosh. 225 comments and I assure you that most of them are either comments from satisfied buyers or the author’s reply. Need I say more?

Hint: You Can Sell Yours Too

Since Theme Forest is only after themes and templates that are of high quality, if you are like their authors whose excellence is driven by passion then feel free to be a member and start earning your dollars with their massive audience. A product being approved is already an honor.

Massive Categories

Almost anything from personal website to eCommerce are catered at Theme Forest. With a wide selection, people of different goals can really find high quality materials there that suits perfectly with their goals be it for business or for personal blogging.



I’ve read several comments and one prevailing element is on how affordable products are at Theme Forest while maintaining quality. As the homepage proudly states, there are items that you can buy from $1. Below is a screenshot of a newsletter and an under construction template.


Here’s another screenshot, all highly rated with great number of sales for a very affordable price.


Not satisfied with what I’ve told and shown? Visit Visit Theme Forest now and see for your self. We will really appreciate if buyers and authors will share their experiences in the comments section.

Corporate WordPress Themes

1. Noblesse –  $35


Noblesse is a powerful, rich graphics theme with features oriented for content presentation. It comes with 7 color variations, 7 different fonts, 8 custom widgets and 8 different template pages. Although the theme is very rich in graphics (90% done with css3) it is very flexible, giving you the possibility take it to the next level.

The homepage has a multitude of variations and can be completely changed. Each page has the possibility to display a headline, description, image and switch sidebars. Packed with over 50 shortcodes (embedded in editor) the styling possibilities are endless. Please find bellow other features of the theme.

Some Features:

  • WP3 Custom Types + WP3 Menu
  • Unlimited custom sidebars
  • 7 color variations
  • 2 different slideshows
  • Unlimited template pages (-Blog)
  • ~50 shortcodes embeded in Editor
  • Multiple homepage variations
  • Psd files included

2. Colorwave –  $35


Colorwave is a clean, modern and professional template which is perfect for portfolios, companies, agencies, Photographers and even more…

Some Features:

  • 3 Highlight Sliders
  • Full Custom Sidebars
  • 14 Template Colors
  • 7 Custom Widgets
  • 2 Blog Type (Classic/Magazine)
  • 30+ Custom Style Shortcodes

3. Phenomenon –  $35


Phenomenon is the ultimate and one of a kind premium hosting wordpress theme that was created with hosting companies and businesses in mind. Phenomenon is very easy to customize and it comes with a great documentation that includes 6 screencasts that help you get the theme up and running in no time!

Some Features:

  • BluzPanel Included!
  • Cufon font replacement
  • Threaded Comments 3 Page templates: Full-Width, Gallery, Blog
  • 34 Awesome & Useful Shortcodes
  • PSD for logo customization – included!
  • Login Module (integrated with: WordPress, WHMCS or Custom)
  • Compatibility (IE 7 , IE 8 , Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)

4. Periodic –  $35


The simple, clean elegant interface is meant to be a perfect backdrop to your content. The theme is ready to start working, out of the box, with a multitude of theme options, custom widgets and shortcodes to help you personalize your environment.

Some Features:

  • Fully developed comments
  • Built in pagination support using WP-PageNavi
  • Enhanced blog post template
  • Seven custom widgets
  • YouTube integration for video posts
  • 9 shortcodes

5. EZINE –  $35


EZINE is clean, elegant, modern and minimalist premium wordpress theme that can be switched as blogging, magazine, community and portfolio wordpress theme, there’s 4 skins color and background pattern variation available with EZINE theme, Please explore the demo to see more theme features.

Some Features:

  • Jquery slideshow (Nivo slider)
  • Custom Shortcodes
  • Support WordPress 3.0 Menu System
  • 4 Skins option
  • 10 custom widgets

6. Gadgetine –  $30


Gadgetine is premium blog magazine theme that will also work well for a serious news portal. It has 3 columns, 8 news sections and a LOT banner spaces on the first page.

The theme is very friendly for affiliate marketers or just regular bloggers who wish to monetize their hobby. They will appreciate the ability to easily promote specific posts and create their own pages with no limitations (read landing pages). Carefully placed banner spaces will help to make that sale. T

heme has its own configuration page, so you wont have to edit any code files! Setup is very easy.

With built in thumbnail generator, you will have no problem creating great looking articles.

The theme also includes automatic picture resize script, that will save you hours of resizing those pictures from older version of your website.

You will also have a special page for your RSS feeds and many more great features.

Some Features:

  • Theme has 10+ banner spaces
  • Automatic picture resize
  • Feedburner compatible
  • SEO Optimized
  • Fully Compatible with WordPress 3.0

7. EXPO –  $30


EXPO is a highly customizable WordPress Showcase and Resource Theme, integrated with rich feature and enhanced administrative options. You can use this theme to promote good products (themes, web, design) at your website and earn referrals money.

Other possible use is a simple showcase website with products reviews, photos, etc. Since this theme is widget base theme, you can easy manage the layout of your site using WordPess widget manager.

Some Features:

  • Easy Thumbnailer
  • Many Back End Options
  • Highly customizable theme and well commented
  • These widget can be used in 9+ different widget areas.
  • You can switch between 2 or 3 columns using custom theme options.

8. MAJALAH –  $25


MAJALAH is magazine style WordPress theme with clean and modern layout, and also can be switched as community theme. There are 2 Slideshow options in MAJALAH theme, 3D slideshow and Javascript slideshow that easily configurable from admin theme options, and also 2 colors available in dark dan white color with 4 combination background.

Some Features:

  • PSD included
  • Flickr Integration
  • Two color scheme
  • Archives templates
  • Admin theme options
  • SEO Optiomized
  • Built in Twitter Integration

9. Affair –  $20


A 2 column, magazine flavoured WordPress theme, designed to put your content at the forefront and give your blog a modern, stylish and professional feel. Featuring automatic thumbnail generation and custom social media links.

The perfect theme for bloggers wanting a magazine look!

Affair is coded in Valid Xhtml and CSS , is ready to run straight out of the box and for those who like to tinker, customizing the theme is also super easy!


  • 2 column magazine layout
  • Automatic thumbnail generation
  • Custom social media links
  • Pretty looking comments with Gravatars
  • SEO ready!

10. Maglicious –  $30


MagLicious is a throughout professional premium WordPress Theme which is perfectly suited for News and Magazine style Websites.

Some Features:

  • 2 templates for the price of one
  • Widgetized mainpage
  • Full page slider
  • Portfolio page with video support
  • 9 skins for different color variations

11. FlibBlog –  $35


FlipBlog is the hottest new thing since sliced bread. This theme is like a Rock Star buisness/portfolio theme got together with a hip blog theme and had a baby. Yeah… FlipBlog is the whole package.

Some Features:

  • Full lightbox integration
  • 6 dynamic widget areas
  • 5 homepages to choose from
  • Built-in ThemeBlvd SEO Plugin
  • Tons of Shortcodes
  • 10 Custom widgets
  • Total visual customization

12. Beatific –  $30


It is a full W3C Valid PHP coded WordPress website theme, easily customizable. All PSD files are attached in the file ZIP so you can modify everything on the site, and you can easily create your own themes too, since the documentation is very clear on how to modify. The site uses jQuery for the image scroller on the Home page and for some minor tweaks.


  • 17 pages long documentation
  • Custom post type for Portfolio items
  • Full WordPress integration
  • 4 carefully hand crafted themes

13. Nesnel –  $35


Nesnel is a premium portfolio and business theme for WordPress. It has user-friendly admin panel with configuration wizard, slider management system, shortcode generator; modular page layouts, 90+ advanced shortcodes and more. And it’s incredibly easy and quick way to have a website. You can setup in minutes to your WordPress.

Some Features:

  • Ready for WordPress 3 and greater
  • 90+ Shortcodes
  • Unlimited level unique navigation menu
  • Ajax contact form
  • Nested Comments
  • Translate Ready

14. Lifeline –  $35


Lifeline is a clean and sleek WordPress theme that is built for easy customization and enormous flexibility. It’s powered with our custom Theme Options Panel, JWPANEL.

Some Features:

  • 7 custom page templates
  • 4 color schemes included
  • 10 custom widgets
  • Unlimited widget sections
  • Widgetize homepage
  • Localized. Translation ready

15. Survive –  $30


Survive is clean and modern WordPress theme made for Business, Portfolio, Personal Blog or any kind of website.

Some Features:

  • Threaded comments
  • Nivo Slider
  • Cufon font replacement
  • Shortcodes for more text-control
  • Step by step detailed installation guide
  • Full control from admin panel

16. brandNew –  $35


brandNew theme for WordPress is a modern web 2.0 theme with spacious layout, clean typography and better readability. The theme is best suited for corporate ventures, blogging requirements and personal portfolio. Backed with useful short-codes, custom widgets, multiple skins and language localization support – the theme is versatile enough to fit into your web requirements.

Some Features:

  • 10 Skins
  • 2 WP Menus
  • Home page scroll Slider
  • Full width Nivo Slider
  • 5 Portfolio Templates
  • 8 Custom widgets
  • 7 widget areas with exclusive usage for each page

17. Uniquate –  $35


Uniquate is a Powerful Professional WordPress theme. It’s perfect for Corporate, Business and Personal Portfolios.

It includes powerful and minimal admin panel which give you full control over every major and minor design element throughout your website.

It comes with 11 skins and I am sure you can create your own skin easily.

Some Features:

  • Video support in gallery
  • WordPress 3.0 menu support
  • 2 column fixed layout
  • Jquery cycle plugin
  • 11 color skins
  • Powerful and minimal theme options page simple to use
  • No need to add custom fields for thumbnail images

18. CleanSlide –  $30


CleanSlide is a professional & clean premium WordPress theme. It can be used for almost every type of website project. It comes with a detailed documentation, which includes all the main instructions you will need to customize this theme. All the html and psd files are included.

Some Features:

  • 8 different color schemes
  • Unique jQuery Portfolio incl. filtering
  • jQuery Accordion freebie included
  • PSD file included

19. Stealth –  $30


Stealth is a sleek, stylish and simple theme that you’ll be able to setup for you or your client in no time.

Some Features:

  • 6 dynamic widget areas
  • Contact form builder
  • Built-in ThemeBlvd SEO plugin
  • Tons of shortcodes
  • 10 custom widgets
  • 8 page templates
  • 6 styles

20. Sniper –  $25


SNIPER is a clean and robust WordPress theme, best suited for decent corporate websites, photography portfolio, and personal blog. The simplicity and straight-forward design style opens a wide scope for modification and flexible configuration. Backed with powerful widgets, useful short-codes and language ready functionality, SNIPER can be useful for your next corporate project. Here are some of the features:

Some Features:

  • 8 custom widgets
  • 4 widget areas
  • Language Ready theme
  • 2 WP3 Menus
  • 9 portfolio/gallery templates for image showcase
  • Custom blog template for creating more than one blog-alike pages.


1. WP FlexiShop –  $35


This theme utilises the powerful WP E -Commerce plugin to create a versatile and feature packed WordPress powered shop, with 3 different layout options and unlimited color possibilities. Make this theme your own.

Mix up content on the homepage with swappable content areas, and change between 2 different footer areas, or use both! A theme so versatile that you can re-brand it to suit your business by simply changing a few settings.

Some Feautres:

  • Multiple payment options
  • User accounts and order tracking
  • Supports tax
  • AJAX cart loading
  • 12 widget areas
  • 3 different types of layouts
  • Elegant 2–step checkout

2. Sofa Shoppr –  $40


Sofa Shoppr is WordPress based webshop (e-commerce) theme. It works in conjunction with PayPal payment gateway which means that users can safely checkout either by using their own PayPal account or a credit card. Beside the fact that this theme is extremely easy to setup and maintain, it does include all of WP 3 .0+ features, built-in widgets, advanced layout control, user reviews and an ample Options page through which all the crucial sections of your future webshop are settable.

Another cool thing is a featured products banner rotator – Piecemaker (Adobe Flash app), fully integrated into system. Webshop owner can simply upload all the slides through WP Admin panel and set all of Piecemaker variables via theme Options page so no need to edit XML file or upload slides by using FTP client. On top of that, each banner can be linked to a certain/featured product page – if needed.

You can select between 3 different layouts for your webshop Home Page; it can consist of Widgets only, it can be a grid of listed products (no sidebar) or a combo of grid and sidebar. Both grids may optionally be mixed with Widgets too which is another great feature – you can literally create your own layouts. There’s plenty more but I guess you’ll discover on your own as soon as you install Sofa Shoppr.

Some Features:

  • Orders tracking
  • Fully implemented piecemaker banner rotator
  • Complete webshop + PayPal solution
  • Entirely settable via Options page
  • 8 built-in widgets

3. The Clothes Shop –  $40


Some Features:

  • Multiple payment options
  • Manage registered customers
  • Coupon/voucher codes
  • Shop modes: regular, inquiry, affiliate, PayLoadz
  • 30 independent widget ready sections
  • 22 Custom widgets featuring: “shop by outfit”,”shop by size”,”shob by color” etc.

4. enVirashop –  $30


enVirashop is a WordPress eCommerce theme that has an in-built shopping cart feature that requires no plugins.

The theme comes with plenty of options so you can personalize your store to suit your needs. Please check the screenshots to see the design variations and the options available.

Some Features:

  • Set tax rate
  • Multiple currencies
  • Product options
  • Payment methods (PayPal & Google Checkout)
  • 5 banner colors
  • 5 shopping cart colors
  • jQuery shopping cart

5. Cars Dealer –  $35


Cars Dealer is a full featured WordPress 3 theme developed for car dealers looking for something a little bit different. Cars dealer is not a “corporate” website, it’s just a clean and elegant design focused to inspire everyone that come to it.

Of course you can easily use this template for any other markets.

Some Features:

  • Latest jQuery Framework
  • 20+ custom options
  • Multiple Page Layouts (6)
  • Custom Post Types (2)
  • WordPress Version 3.x

6. Time for Food –  $25


Time for Food is a beautifully designed WordPress Theme for all you foodies. It can be used to share recipes or just write articles based about food.

The site works in IE6 , IE7 , IE8 , FF, Opera and Safari.

The Theme uses the TimThumb Script, so you need the GD libary installed for this to work (99% of hosts have this installed, if not just ask them to enable it).

7. The Jewelry Shop –  $45


Some Features:

  • Translation ready
  • 34 Custom Widgets
  • 34 Independent and collapsible widget ready section
  • Products with video, audio and/or images
  • Protected account area
  • Customer wishlist

8. The Furniture Store –  $45


Some Features:

  • 2 Localized Child Themes
  • Optional Blog Alongside The Shop
  • 27 Independent and Collapsible widget ready sections
  • Customer Wishlist
  • Frontend customer login/registration and protected account area

9. EStore –  $35


EStore is a clean, modern, web 2.0 style wordpress theme suitable for online store, shopping cart and business sites.

This theme is fully compatible with WP Ecommerce plugin.

Some Features:

  • WordPress 3.0
  • 7 page templates
  • 4 sidbar position
  • New Custom Post Type for slider
  • New Custom Post Type for portfolio
  • New Custom Post Type for products
  • New Custom Post Type for testimonials

10. Hansum –  $25


Hansum WordPress theme is a clean, beautiful and easy customizable theme. It’s perfect for corporate, photography show case, personal/company portfolios, blogs and clean looking websites. This theme comes with massive and functional theme option page which gives you entire website under your control. It comes with 4 page templates, Portfolio, gallery , blog and contact.

It comes with 2 skins with light and dark

Some Features:

  • Theme options page
  • Inbuilt contact page
  • 3 page templates
  • 2 column fixed layout
  • jQuery hslides slider

October 28 2010


Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audience’s Attention

Smashing-magazine-advertisement in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences AttentionSpacer in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention
 in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention  in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention  in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Let’s say you’re driving down the freeway at 65mph and you see the roadside plastered with advertising posters on both sides. Some small, some large, all meant in some measure to cause you to remember a brand or identity, to keep that company name in your mind. The more saturated the roadside becomes with advertisements, the more the brand has to be distinctively creative, unique and memorable.

Generally, the eye-catching ads are mostly the ones with witty taglines that are easy and fun to remember. As much as the colors of the images and fonts being used are important to make it easy on the eyes, the idea actually has to be unique and simple enough to be separated from other commercials.

Billboard Mainimage in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention
Photo credit: Randy Harris

The same principle applies to any website. Though a user won’t necessarily be passing by your site at 65 mph, there is a certain bounce rate — visitors who leave your site shortly after entering it. For many websites, these rates are much too high. This poses a very similar challenge to those who design billboards. You have a very short amount of time to capture your audience’s attention and to keep it for long. With that in mind, here are some principles for developing billboard-style Web designs.

[Offtopic: by the way, did you know that we are publishing a Smashing eBook Series? The brand new eBook #3 is Mastering Photoshop For Web Design, written by our Photoshop-expert Thomas Giannattasio.]

Creative and Unique

An important piece to the billboard website puzzle is creative and unique design. This can be intertwined within the other principles, and when done effectively, can be the sole reason for viewers to dig deeper into your site.

Hey Indy
Creative and fun, breaks the mold of an ordinary, plain and boring website. Complete with customized illustrations, drawings and playful typography, each page engages users, making them feel comfortable on the site. Notice how well the illustration on the top fits with the tagline of the site. Hey Indy creates websites, illustrations and animations and uses the “mixtape” metaphor to attract client’s attention. The site is not obtrusive, but inviting instead. A very personal, attractive design.

Indy in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

This online service uses a nice typographic poster with playful typography on the front page to explain what it does. The design is attractive and inviting, although a plain simple text message could have worked just as well to deliver the message to the visitors. The interesting part are the animated clouds on the left side with colorful water drops. Very nice use of metaphor contained in the title of the service. An original and unique design.

Dropr in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Interested yet? Though the tagline shown on the web design below does not really say what this company does, the layout is creative and compelling; the strong, vivid contrast is more than enough to turn some heads. Notice how “UX/UI” stands out on the site, focusing the visitor’s attention on the ‘services’ section of the page.

Dreams in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

{ ro:newmedia }
Sometimes it’s a good idea to risk an unusual design approach — be it exaggerated typography, striking color combinations or unusual design layouts. The latter is the case in point for ro:newmedia’s website. The layout is very unusual and original, and therefore memorable. Colorful large spinning circles look like an overlay of the site layout and appear vividly against the dark background. A downside: the font size of the text on the page could be a bit larger.

Ro in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Much different than the standard, pasted screenshot, Pixelmator works the sleek, elegant interface of their application directly into the design of their page.

Pixelmator in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

What makes this particular site effective is its ability to draw the eye to the name of the product or service they are showcasing. In this case, it works well to give the company name an afterthought as well as making the product more prominent.

Relogik in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Made My Day
One more test to run is to assume how much impact a particular site has on a reader, if they were to take a quick glance and look away. Ask yourself: If you were to carry out your day from that point, what were you to still remember about that particular site? The large orange circle elegantly integrated into this composition does an excellent job of leaving a style for returning visitors to remember.

Mademyday in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Compelling Headlines

A good design only goes as far as the content it contains. For this reason, it’s vital to go beyond average with your copy text. If you’ve seen a billboard advertisement or two, you may remember the tag lines featured on them. Short and to the point, they’re meant to get you to remember a certain brand.

Many large corporations don’t even use ad copy, but rely solely on their logo and identity to remain effective. One has even gone as far as making their billboard a working sundial in this respect. Though we should all aspire to having a brand of our own this influential, it’s recommended that you stick to clear and powerful copy text along with your design to help capture your readers. Here are some examples of compelling headlines:

Ryan & Sofia
Ryan and Sofia combine hand-drawn design elements with a compelling headline, all supported by a very informal, emotional language and choice of layout. The message is strong and clear, and therefore very appealing.

Marriage in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Comwerks Interactive
This design agency uses a clear and simple language to communicate the purpose of the website. Cute illustrations make a website look less formal and much more engaging. The purpose is clear and the client list immediately proves that the design agency indeed builds cool stuff. A downside: the text on the images in the slideshow would benefit from not being embedded in the images.

Cool-stuff in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Clear, contrasting colors only add to the effectiveness of the headline given on this website. In a clear and elegant manner, a reader is quickly able to glance at this website and know its purpose.

Camera in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Just Dot
Sticking to the billboard clarity, Just Dot provides a clever design and tagline to attract readers. Along with a creative chalkboard theme, this site features neat and clean navigation to help guide readers through the site.

Justdot in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Jeroen Homan
In clear and impacting typography, this site screams out its purpose distinctly. In today’s fast-lane crowd of web-surfers, such clear and impacting titles are a must-have for a captivating and inviting website. This of course, is the case as long as the amount of content allows for this.

Jeroenhoman in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

DBA Products
An important part of capturing your reader’s attention is in engaging in a conversation. When one reads, “Think before you write” a first reaction is to wonder about what is actually meant by that phrase. Firstly, attention is captured. Secondly, a reader eye is lead to the bottom left corner where they can view a video to learn more.

Dba Products in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Clever and Poignant

Not every billboard is meant to be humorous, however, almost all strive in some way to get a point across in a not-so-ordinary fashion. Consider the last few advertisements you’ve seen. If they were selling toothpaste, did the ad simply state “Buy this Toothpaste” or was there something creative and direct to get you to remember that particular brand?

In Web design, the same principle can be applied. With the hundreds, if not thousands, of websites we’re exposed to overall, trends can be seen which are all too often followed. But because the Web is ever changing, simply following trends can lead to a site becoming outdated the moment it’s published.

How can this be avoided? Once again, we can look back at billboard advertisements. What makes many of them effective is their ability to deliver something creative, or other than what the average person was expecting to see.

Tea Round
Complete with high-quality images, Tea Round’s website captures attention, while incorporating a creative tagline.

Tea Round in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Spring: Supporting Biodiversity
This particular tagline is effective because it engages you with a question. Notice how the question is not “Do you support biodiversity?” but rather “What will you do to support biodiversity?” which places the reader in a position to feel as though they need to take action!

Spring in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Another element to creating memorable billboard-style web designs, is the product or service itself. Short and snappy names are just as, if not more important, than the tagline. “Calcbot” is much easier to say and much more memorable than something like “Calculator Application for iPhone.”

Tapbots in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Featuring a vibrant color scheme and typestyle, Pointy successfully merges creative typography with a compelling and challenging headline. Along with the headline is a clear next action for the reader to take: “Let’s talk”.

Kawartha in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Powerfully Branded

Though it’s already been touched a bit thus far, branding is another important piece to powerful Web design which deserves further attention. As with the toothpaste example, a billboard’s purpose may in the end be to generate sales, but just as important is the building of the brand the company is advertising. After all, you can get dozens of different brands of toothpaste, just as there are a multitude of of websites out there, so how is one among the crowd to be remembered? Building a brand through a Web design is the very mark or entity visitors remember you by.

Showing the importance of subtle repetition, Nike® combines a creative display of their shoes, while giving viewers multiple views of their logo.

Nike in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

With every cup featuring the McDonald’s® and McCafé® logo, a viewer can be grabbed by the quality of the product, while remembering the brand correlating to it.

Mccafe in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

The Coca-Cola&reg website is a billboard in action. Complete with the clean logo and bottle, with the clear and simple tagline, the brand is very easy to remember.

Cocacola in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

What Does a Brand Have to do with a Website Anyway?

Even if the website you’re developing doesn’t have the sole purpose of making money, a brand is still very important. Brands are essential for goading visitors to come back time and time again. Consider some of the recent advertisements you’ve seen. If there is a company you know and love, would you say you’re much more apt to spend time looking at that advertisement, as oppose to the dozens of others you’ve never seen before, or the ones that don’t interest you? The same applies for websites.

Eye-catching, yet tactful

There are countless sites on the web that will undoubtedly catch your attention, but only for the worse. Poor, outdated design, or a heap of flashing animated gifs will only increase your bounce-rate. Appealing sites achieve a balance between capturing reader’s attention and providing an adequate amount of useful information. Something to keep in mind: the design is a key piece of your website, but if it distracts away from the aimed content, it no longer serves its purpose!

With jaw-dropping elegance and simplicity, this web design effectively brands their name, gives a brief tour, all while keeping the design clean and clear.

Megumi in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

MailChimp’s website design is bold and clean, and it sticks to a consistent color scheme. Bright, complimenting colors are used while making the main content readable.

Mailchimp in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention


Again sticking to clear and readable, the Emprivo website allows their color scheme to work well for them by keeping the design and layout tactfully clean. Such simplicity allows key elements to stand out.

Emprivo in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Row to the Pole
Still retaining a subdued and clean typestyle and color scheme, this site is still able to feature a commanding headline. Communication, clarity, and balanced design are all utilized exceptionally on this layout.

Row To The Pole in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Clean, Simple and Straight to the point

Of course, one of the options is also as simple as simplicity. Not to say we cannot be creative in our delivery, but a saturation of text and images, especially on a home page, can motivate our viewers to click that back button! Here we’ll take a look at some good billboard-style websites that have captured the essence of simplicity to attract readers:

Less has a clean and well-designed interface. Complete with a clever tagline, this application shows you a screenshot of exactly what they’re offering to you. It doesn’t get much clearer than this.

Less in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Courier Mac App
Complete with a well crafted icon, Courier clearly depicts their application with cool, soft colors, yet elegantly displaying the showcased application. The catchy subtitle also assists with remembering the name. Something to take note of as well is the fact that the “download” and “purchase” buttons are clearly displayed at the top of the page.

Courier in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

We Are Omazing
With a simplistic approach, this site integrates the imagery and style into the tagline. Branding is in effect as a memorable name is complimented with readable design.

Omazing in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Clarity and Contrast

Pivotal to any design, good contrast is a must. While subtle typefaces and graphics have their place in design, strong contrast is important to quickly direct a reader’s attention or get them to remember something particular. If viewers have to hunt around for what you do or what you offer – more than likely they will not stick around for long. Make it easy for your readers to know what you’re about from the very beginning.

Charles Elena
Don’t be afraid to go big with your text. This site sports an effectively large Sans-Serif font to grab the attention of its readers and to get them to remember what they do. The design isn’t necessarily strong and vivid, but the message is communicated very clearly.

Charles Elena in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Live Books
There are many different features listed on Live Book’s website, but one thing that’s executed exceptionally well is its clarity. There’s no mystery here, you know exactly what they offer.

Live-books1 in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention


In an age where advertisements saturate our market, it becomes all the more visible of the need for creative and effective design. As we’ve explored here, good design goes beyond making things look nice, or following trends, but rather effectively capturing the audience of those whom we wish to view the site. In the end, what action viewers do, or do not take, can come down to the finest details of the decisions made by the Web developer.

Feel free to share your opinions or experiences in the comment section below!

Bonus Billboard Template Download

In addition to the concepts explored here, you can download your free billboard website/image template for displaying your billboard-style design. Place any 440px wide image into the code provided, or modify it yourself for a great way to display your images. See some samples below:

Billboard Temp in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention
Smashing Billboard in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention
Smashinglogo Billboard in Billboard Web Design: How to Win Your Audiences Attention

Download the template for free

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July 20 2010


50 Exclusive Commercial Business And Corporate Wordpress Themes

Preview-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themesIf you need a great, working WordPress theme, but don’t have or necessary skills, then these commercial themes are just for you. They’re completely ready to use, easy customizable and you are getting support too. This post assembles 50 good-looking corporate & business themes, so if you want to start a commercial site, this is the best option available. You get quality stuff with modern features for cheap price. Plus almost every theme has a help documentation so you don’t need to be a WordPress geek to set up and use them.

1. inFocus ($37)

inFocus is a Powerful Professional Premium WordPress theme. It comes with an impressive fully customizable jQuery homepage slider with 3 different staging effects.

Whether you’re a WordPress pro or just a beginner, this theme has you covered. With a huge custom back-end area you have complete control over the look and style of your theme. Add images to your homepage slider, add as many sidebar widgets as you like, pull in your latest tweet from Twitter and much much more, all without having to touch a single line of code!

For your convenience inFoucs comes with 10 skins to choose from. Click on color name below for a full preview. Also below is a full list of inFocus’s features.

Some features:

  • jQuery Slider
  • Custom Sidebars
  • Custom Widgets
  • Portfolio Gallery
  • Huge Tabbed Admin Area
  • Layered PSDs are included for easy modification


2. Display 3 in 1 ($42)

Display is a Wordpress theme, best suited for business and portfolio sites. It comes with a fantastic 3D Image slideshow that can be controlled from your backend with a custom tool. The theme has a huge wordpress custom backend (8 additional Admin Pages) that make customization of the theme easy for those who don’t know much about coding or Wordpress. Display also has 3 fantastic skins to choose from.

Some Features:

  • Valid XHTM Strict1.0 and CSS 2 .1, tableless Design
  • Multiple Page templates
  • jQuery Support
  • Huge admin area to customize the theme from your Wordpress backend


3. Unite ($37)

Unite is a merger of crisp design and powerful communication. It takes a clean, organized approach to presenting content so it’s easier to find what you want.

This is a premium WordPress theme with 5 pre-made skins including a dark theme and textured background theme. The theme is easy to modify and ready to be up and running out of the box. The PSD files included have been customized to allow fast skinning.

Some features:

  • Valid XHTML Strict and CSS
  • 2 slide show options: jQuery cycle and Gallery View
  • Superfish Dropdown Menu
  • PSD files included
  • 5 pre-made skins
  • Unite-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    4. Luxury ($32)

    Luxury is a clean, feature packed Wordpress theme designed to make your life easier. You can check out video tutorial how to set up custom home page.

    Some features:

  • Multiple column layouts, controlled site wide or per post/page
  • Extensive Theme Settings Page
  • Custom Post Category Page
  • Multiple Home Layouts
  • Multiple Widget Areas
  • Luxury-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    5. Prosto ($37)

    Prosto is a professional developed, clean designed Wordpress Theme with powerful CMS features. That is well suited for personal portfolio, blog, or any kind of business website. Easy to customize with extended admin panel for any kind of users. You can simply control your theme look and content without any special knowledge. Setup layout and choose custom sidebar for each page. Make unlimited portfolios in 3 different layouts that is give you a great flexibility and much more.

    Some features:

    • Unlimited sidebars
    • Unlimited portfolios
    • Translation ready
    • WP3 support
    • Layered .PSD files included
    • Customer support


    6. Centita ($27)

    Centita is Wordpress Theme with minimalist and elegant look that suitable for your professional corporate website, easy to customize and rich of features.

    Some features:

    • jQuery image slideshow
    • Widget ready
    • Built in AJAX contact form
    • Customizable homepage and sidebar area
    • 7 layered PSD files included


    7. Pandora ($32)

    Pandora is a WordPress Template, designed to promote anything from a corporate business to a portfolio site.

    Some features:

    • Valid XHTML Strict 1.0 and CSS 2 .1, table-less layout, 960 Grid System
    • jQuery Support
    • Code optimized for getting the top results in the Search Engines
    • WordPress related Features
    • All PSD files are included
    • Documentation Included


    8. Hyperion ($37)

    Hyperion is a clean and stylish Wordpress Theme well suited for any business, portfolio, blogger, or anyone needing a beautiful website. Hyperion comes with 3 jquery slideshows, many page templates, 3 widget areas, over 80 theme options, and 6 color styles, 2 custom widgets for your Twitter feed and Flickr images.


    9. BossPress ($32)

    BossPress is a Wordpress theme which is suitable for web developers, designers, photographers and small corporates.

    Some features:

    • Full width showcase
    • Absolute positioned logo & navigation
    • Cool portfolio page
    • Full widget ready
    • Black & white, 2 theme color option


    10. Barely Corporate ($32)

    Barely Corporate is a clean Wordpress theme that couldn’t be more easy to use. With a beautiful exterior and a backend that gives you ultimate versatility and freedom, Barely Corporate will have your website up and running in no time.

    It may look similar on the outside with just a few visual tweeks, but on the inside it’s the smoothest Wordpress theme you’ve ever used. The main goal was to give you the maximum amount of control, but at the same time not throw a million options and meta boxes in your face. Barely Corporate’s new framework will truly allow you to get that new website up and running for you or your client successfully without all the hassle.

    Some features:

    • 12 styles
    • 4 dynamic widget areas
    • Full lightbox integration in pages and posts, including


    • Insert jQuery slideshows in your pages and posts with a simple shortcode
    • Unlimited portfolio pages, with flash and video capability
    • Wordpress 3 navigation menus supported


    11. Realist ($27)

    This is woking right out of the box. Make your own property listings that can be searched, and filtered. This is a property website ready to go!

    Some features:

    • Colour variations
    • Smart searching
    • Fading banner
    • Property previews
    • Automatic image attachment
    • Google maps


    12. Universal Business ($27)

    Widgets loaded template with an extremely easy configuration of the homepage, header, footer, sidebar and many others. You can launch a nice an clean customer’s website in no time. Our goal was to create a template that you will be able to use for any client you have, no matter if you are creating a car business website, hotel website or website for carpenters. You can use it for your own company as well.

    Some features:

    • Valid XHTM Strict1.0 and CSS 2 .1, tableless design
    • Multiple templates
    • jQuery elements
    • Simple administration
    • PSDs included


    13. Vision ($37)

    Vision is a Wordpress theme designed with corporate businesses  in mind. It has a custom CMS integrated into the Wordpress administration area that allows you to build a fully functional professional website in minutes. The theme is also well suited for online portfolios and blogs.

    Some features:

    • PDF documentation with screenshots to help you through the installation and customization process
    • Lots of Video Tutorials to help you install and customize the theme
    • 5 Skins with one layered PSD file for the light skin
    • Full width home page jQuery slider with fading animation supporting images up to 1920px width
    • CSS and jQuery drop down Menu
    • Full width page template
    • 125×125 ads ready


    14. BVD – Beautiful Website Design ($37)

    The WP version of very popular BVD – Beautiful Website Design. Any modern web browser will make this theme work with no issues! PC or Mac system does not make the difference as well.

    Some features:

    • jQuery Slider
    • Auto resizable thumbnails
    • Built In Twitter widget
    • Footer widgetized
    • Sidebar widgetized


    15. Real Estate ($27)

    Real Estate Theme is a professional Wordpress Template, that is suitable for real estate type websites or for showcasing your work and/or products. The Real Estate Theme comes with an easy to set up “featured” image slider (with it’s own admin options), a colour switcher with 3 colour schemes and a built-in contact form.

    Some features:

    • Supports Wordpress 3.0 menus
    • Theme admin panel
    • Three separate colour schemes
    • Built-in contact form
    • Share/social network buttons on posts and single page
    • Add recent Twitter and Flickr posts to your homepage
    • Google analytics integration


    16. Silver Business ($32)

    SilverBusiness is a premium wordpress template designed for companies, products, or individuals. It provides great solution for small businesses, because it combines great corporate design with functionality of WordPress. It comes jam packed with a lot of features. This site will really make you stand out!

    Some features:

    • jQuery powered top rotator, which can be adjusted simply via wordpress admin
    • Lavalamp jquery menu
    • Cufom powered custom heading in Anivers font
    • Featured services section which can be adjusted via wordpress admin, or turned off
    • Valid XHTML 1 .0 Strict and CSS
    • PSD files included


    17. Web Lider ($32)

    WebLider is a Simple And Elegant WebSite Template. It is great to emphasize and present your products and your business.

    The theme is easy to customize- options settings are included. This means that the options (such as images in slider, pages to show etc.) can be set in admin panel, without the need to edit the code.

    The theme is widget ready. It has multiple dynamic sidebars for the different pages and widgets can be easy dragged and dropped into them from the admin panel.

    Some features:

    • Featured Stylish Images Slider on the homepage
    • Multiple Dynamic(widget aware) Sidebars included
    • Tableless Design
    • Works and looks similar in all major browsers
    • Working jQuery/PHP contact form with validation


    18. C3 ($37)

    Beautiful theme with a complex and customizable WP framework on top of it. Taking aside the unique, massive back end CMS , that gives you almost unending possibilities of making changes for your needs we’ve added something that no one on Theme Forest has so far: One click auto install.

    Sit back, relax, drink your coffee, and watch how our work frame does its magic and auto installs the Creative Juice WP theme to the version that you see on the live preview. This theme requires php 5.0

    Some features:

    • One click auto install
    • Jquery image slideshow
    • Dynamic sidebar widget creation
    • Feedburner ready
    • Cross browser compatible


    19. Centivio ($27)

    Centivio is clean web 2.0 style wordpress theme for business, company and corporate website. This theme comes with 10 color options for this theme for you can easily choose the color base on your business brand.

    Some features:

    • 10 color options
    • jQuery Cycle for rotate images in the homepage
    • jQuery Sliding Box in the portfolio page
    • 10 page template with its own right sidebar position
    • Home alternative with cu3er 3D Slider and 5 sidebar position


    20. Durable 5 in 1 ($32)

    Some features:

    • The Homepage includes Custom Cu3er Slider with ease of editing and changing category option. You can modify it by setting things via admin cu3er options
    • Homepage 3 columns with 3 pages Option which can be selected via Admin
    • Highly customized About Page, Blog Page, Portfolio Page and Services Page, you are able to edit the coding if needed as i have well commented the coding
    • Multilevel Dropdown Menu by Superfish
    • Portfolio page with prettyphoto mixed order for video options
    • Multilevel threaded comment lists
    • Custom Page selection for welcome content


    21. Greatio ($32)

    Greatio is a Premium Wordpress Theme, best suited for Business, Portfolio, Interior and Architecture sites. It comes with some JQuery scripts which makes it better view. Also 7 color theme available (Red, Violet, Green, Blue, Orange, White and Wood).

    Some features:

    • Valid xHTML
    • Crossbrowser compatible
    • Cufon font replacement
    • 7 different styles (added 4 more color variations)
    • 3 different homepage sliders
    • Portfolio pages with LightBox


    22. TekNium ($22)

    TekNium is a clean modern business wordpress theme.

    Some features:

    • Valid xHTML/CSS
    • jQuery image slider
    • Admin options page
    • Option to show latest news and blog posts on home page
    • Widget ready


    23. Koncept 10 in 1 ($32)

    This theme has all the popular and common features which used by the current trend sites and more over this site has a lots of features built and customized user friendly and easy loading less weight hand coded and full functionality. Works in all the major browsers. For more details see features list below.

    Some features:

    • 2 Columns CSS Layout
    • Sidebar Widget ready Layout
    • Highly customized About Page, Blog Page, Portfolio Page and Services Page, you are able to edit each block as I have well commented the coding.
    • Multilevel Dropdown Menu by Superfish.
    • Portfolio page with full ease of customizing options.
    • Switch Colors From Admin Theme Option Page


    24. Universum ($27)

    Universum is clean and modern template designed for companies, small business and individuals. It combines fresh modern look with great functionality. It is really easy to set – up and comes with in-depth help file. Purchase it now and impress your customers today.

    Some features:

  • Top billboard rotator
  • Custom styling for all general wordpress widgets
  • Adjustable rotator slides and feature services – through theme options
  • Cool jQuery powered Lavalamp menu
  • Many subpages – blog, team, services, gallery, working contact form
  • Valid XHTML 1 .0 Strict and CSS
  • Universum-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    25. New Sense ($32)

    NewSense is a Simple And Clean Business WordPress Theme. It’s great for any business and is designed in corporative and modern style. The home page is designed to emphasize your products.

    The theme is easy to customize- options settings are included. This means that the options (such as images in slider, categories to show etc.) can be set in admin panel, without the need to edit the code.

    The theme is widget ready. It has a dynamic sidebar and widgets can be easy dragged and dropped into it from the admin panel. The theme also goes with 3 styles- blue, orange and green and it is very easy to change between each other from the admin panel.

    Some features:

    • Featured Stylish Images Slider on the homepage
    • Dropdown menu support
    • Tableless Design
    • Advanced Admin Panel
    • Working jQuery/PHP contact form with validation
    • 7 PSD Files included


    26. Blitz ($32)

    Blitz is a premium business wordpress theme that suitable for business, company, corporate and portfolio. The design is clean and professional and comes with 5 color variations.

    Some features:

  • Clean and Professional Design
  • 5 Color Variation
  • 10 Pages Template
  • jQuery Slider and Lightbox
  • Cufon font replacement
  • Blog Page with custom category, just create a page and tell it which categories to include. Perfect for multiple blogs
  • Blitz-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    27. Complexity ($37)

    Complexity is a simple business and portfolio theme that is easy to customize and will get you or your client’s website up and running in no time. It’s everything it’s name isn’t, which is simple. This theme takes advantage of the power of Wordpress 3 with the use of custom post types, navigation menus, background image control, post thumbnails, and much more.

    Some features:

    • 12 unique styles
    • 5 dynamic widget areas
    • Full lightbox integration in pages and posts, including


    • Timthumb image cropping with easy on/off setting
    • Unlimited portfolio pages, with flash and video capability
    • Wordpress 3 navigation menus supported
    • 6 Page Templates


    28. Web Explorer ($32)

    WebExplorer is a simple and elegant premium business WordPress theme. It’s great for any business and personal sites.

    The theme is easy to customize- options settings are included. This means that the options (such as images in slider, pages to show etc.) can be set in admin panel, without the need to edit the code.

    The theme is widget ready. It has multiple dynamic sidebars for the different pages and widgets can be easy dragged and dropped into them from the admin panel.

    Some features:

    • 3 Featured Stylish Sliders on the homepage
    • Multiple Dynamic (widget aware) Sidebars included
    • Advanced Admin Panel
    • Very descriptive help file with screen shots and examples
    • Working AJAX contact form with validation
    • 15 PSD Files included


    29. Vivee ($32)

    Vivee is clean web 2.0 style web template that suiable for business, company, corporate and portfolio website. There are 7 color version of this template.

    Some features:

    • 7 Color Variations
    • jQuery Cycle
    • 10 Pages Template with its own sidebar position
    • Portfolio page with jQuery Lytebox
    • Blog Page with custom category


    30. Small Business ($32)

    Small Business Theme is perfectly suited for business or portfolio site types. The theme has classic blog features as well as special portfolio section for displaying works or products.

    The built-in options panel (over 20 options), provides advanced theme customization to fit your or client requests.

    Update 1.4 brings support for Wordpress 3.0. The theme is backward compatible with Wordpress 2.9 but I highly encourage you to upgrade to Wordpress 3.0+ version as theme setup is much easier, only 4 steps! The new custom menus are supported and there is support for Google Analytics as well (or any other script/html that you want to add before end of the page). There is also jquery.easing plugin file permission fix that was causing trouble with slider.

    Some features:

    • Portfolio and Blog Functions (option for disabling blog feature)
    • Easy Installation
    • Easy Customization
    • XHTML 1 .0 Strict Valid
    • 5 Custom Widgets
    • No Boring Custom Fields


    31. Vanilla ($27)

    Vanilla Wordpress CMS Website Template is best suited for corporate, Business and Personal websites along with Blog facility

    Some features:

    • Auto thumbnail resize
    • Dropdown menu for categories and pages
    • Well commented code for all pages.
    • Well documention for speed and easing options customization for Featured Projects Slider
    • Valid XHTML and CSS
    • Designed with “960 GRID ” System
    • Read me file included for easy customization.


    32. Andromeda ($37)

    Andromeda is a clean theme with functional CMS and unique features. A massive pack of backend CMS options was created for this product to give you full control while creating and editing the site and its features. The main idea behind this theme was to create a something clean and simple, useful, nice looking and easy to modify.

    Some features:

    • 3 Skins: Light Grey, Dark Grey and Mixed
    • 6 custom option modules
    • 12 widgets (8 custom) and unlimited sidebars
    • Accordion slider
    • Full control over sliders via CMS Options
    • Working AJAX contact form
    • Extensive documentation PDF file included


    33. Transformer ($27)

    Transformer is a (CMS) wordpress theme that includes all the needed features that would give your website a great look with many administrative options to help you customize as you wish. For example, you can choose one of two scrollable styles and manage scrollable options like effects, speed, autoscroll and much more.

    Some features:

  • Valid xHTML and CSS
  • Huge theme admin panel to control your theme
  • 9 color schemes
  • Scrollable for featured posts with 2 styles and all the options needed for customization
  • Home page recent posts / Using mouseover to switch tabs
  • 404 page
  • Gravatar support
  • SEO Metadata ready
  • User’s manual guide – step by step with imageS
  • Transformer-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    34. Colosseum ($37)

    Colosseum is the ultimate fusion of wordpress, creativity and great futures. This premium theme can be used for just about anything, from corporate websites to personal portfolios. It uses a lot of advanced css3 and jQuery effects, yet it still works on browsers that don’t support it.

    Some features:

  • CSS3 and jQuery powered billboard
  • 10 color options
  • Huge admin interface
  • Featured services with animated CSS3 tooltips
  • Robust, animated portfolio
  • 5 custom widgets
  • Social bookmarks
  • Integrated contact form
  • Colosseum-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    35. Freshfolio ($32)

    Freshfolio is a Wordpress theme with a clean interface and awesome jQuery custom slideshow perfect for use with portfolio and business websites.

    Some features:

  • Custom jQuery Slideshow
  • Translate the theme into any language without touching any code
  • Custom newsticker on frontpage
  • Dynamic script adds lightbox to all images that links to images
  • Custom scroll follow script in all posts
  • Customize the whole theme from the admin panel and enable and disable almost anything
  • Available in millions of colors instantly.
  • Freshfolio-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    36. Corporate Folio ($27)

    CorporateFolio is an elegant theme aimed at companies who need a quick and serious web presence setup. The homepage is perfectly suited to showcase your services, previous work or products while the blog is there to publish important company news and promote engagement through it.

    Some features:

    • Valid code
    • Custom homepage
    • Content Slider (either pages or posts)
    • Portfolio page template
    • 7 widgetised areas
    • Auto Image resizing


    37. Explict ($37)

    Some features:

    • All Fundamental Page Templates (main page, full-width page, search results, 404, contact, archives, author pages, post pages)
    • 6 Additional Page Templates (blog, 3 portfolios, left sidebar page, right sidebar page)
    • Animated portfolio with category filtering
    • 30+ custom easy to use Shortcodes
    • Accordion Content Slider
    • Different Sidebar Per Post/Page
    • Layered PSD files


    38. Kinetic 3 in 1 ($37)

    Kinetic Template has been designed to suit any kind of wordpress site. It comes with 3 color schemes at the moment, 2 Image sliders and several page templates.

    The theme provides total control over your content and lets you decide how you want to show your site’s content to your visitors. However, author is always open for suggestions for more features or designs.

    Some features:

  • 3 Unique Color Schemes
  • 6 Dynamic Widget Areas
  • Easy addition of Posts or Images in the Homepage Slider
  • 2 Image Sliders: Nivo Slider and Kwicks Accordion
  • Custom Write Panel to Extra info to every Post
  • 5 PSD files for easy Customization
  • Unlimited Support
  • Kinetic-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    39. Good Business ($37)

    Good Business is a very clean Premium Business Wordpress theme. It can be use for 1 or 2 column layout. Has a beautiful sidebar navigation and breadcrumbs of every inside page for you to easy to navigate.

    Good Business comes with an impressive fully customizable jQuery and 3D slider, it has a 6 color style variation. This wordpress theme is fully customizable and well documented. Whether you’re a WordPress pro or just a beginner, this theme has you covered. With a huge custom back end area you have complete control over the look and style of your theme.

    Some features:

    • Conform to W3C standards
    • 2 Homepage sliders
    • 6 Page templates
    • Widgets sidebars
    • Ajax Contact Form
    • Huge Tabbed Admin Area
    • PSD files included
    • Extensive Documentation Included


    40. Podium ($32)

    Podium is clean and elegant business wordpress theme that can be switched as business, corporate, portfolio and blogging theme. there are 7 skins option available, also two slideshow type (3D and jQuery slideshow) and two homepage layout.

    Some features:

    • 7 skins option
    • 2 slideshow style
    • Custom Post type for slideshow
    • Support Wordpress 3.0 Menu System
    • Portfolio page with Pop up Lightbox
    • Widgetable homepage and footer area
    • Valid XHTML /CSS
    • Poweful Admin Theme Options
    • PSD Files included
    • Well Documented


    41. Novatorix 10 in 1 ($37)

    Novatorix is a Wordpress Theme, best suited for Business and Portfolio sites. It comes with a fantastic 3D Image slideshow that can be controlled from your backend with a custom tool. The Theme has a huge wordpress custom backend (7 different option pages) that make customization of the Theme easy for those who don’t know much about coding or wordpress.

    Some features:

  • Multiple CSS Styles
  • Homepage 3D slider
  • Portfolio Gallery Templates
  • Page Templates
  • Custom Style Shortcodes
  • 5 custom widgets
  • 15 Custom widget sidebars
  • Breadcrumbs Navigation
  • All PSD files (with all 10 colors)
  • Detailed documentation included
  • Novatorix-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    42. Aurora ($32)

    The Aurora WordPress version is author’s best project ever! Business site, Blog and Portfolio in one. Layout is designed for companys which love celan, crispy and professional designs. Each page was designed step by step with details. The package contains 6 full pages with 10 color schemes!

    Some features:

  • Layout schemes – here you have predefined columns (can be with or whitout header)
  • Quotes, paragraphs with images, headlines
  • Gallery – with tabbed navigation between galeries
  • Aurora-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    43. Furu ($37)

    Some features:

    • All Fundamental Page Templates (main page, full-width page, search results, 404, contact, archives, author pages, post pages)
    • 6 Additional Page Templates (blog, 3 portfolios, left sidebar page, right sidebar page)
    • 30 custom easy to use Shortcodes
    • Custom Twitter Updates Widget
    • Contact Form Widget with all possible fields
    • Threaded comments ready
    • 100% Valid XHTML
    • Layered PSD files


    44. Dabbe ($27)

    Some features:

  • jQuery graphic slider
  • Full editable slide text, box image and button
  • Clean design, clean CSS code
  • Featured news and business news on home page
  • Easy portfolio management
  • Full admin control
  • PSD files included
  • Well Documented
  • Dabbe-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    45. Good Waves ($32)

    Goodwaves is a neat business and portfolio wordpress theme built to help you present your company, service or product in the easiest and most convenient way. It has an awesome 3D Image slider as well as some jQuery goodness to spice things up. The theme comes with an easy to understand and configure wordpress backend panel for quick customization and installation

    Some features:

  • Valid XHTM Strict1.0 and CSS3 tableless design
  • Multiple page templates
  • Dropdown Menu, improved with jQuery
  • jQuery and CSS3 effects that are unobtrusive and degrade gracefully if not supported
  • Documentation & e-mail Support provided
  • PSD file for customization included
  • Good-waves-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    46. Avisio ($37)

    Avisio is a Wordpress theme that takes advantage with all the amazing new wordpress 3 features and is best suited for Portfolio and Business Websites. It has the ability to create unique skins right from your backend without the need to edit anything within your CSS files whith just a few mouse clicks and also offers the option to install content automatically when setting up the theme, so it will look like the theme preview.

    Some features:

  • Automatic content installation for a fast and easy setup, can be activated optionally
  • Style switching with color picker and multiple layout and font options.
  • New WordPress 3 Menu support
  • Unique Portfolio Sorting/Filtering with a custom jQuery script
  • Dropdwon Menu, improved with jQuery
  • Sleek Image preloader
  • Working AJAX/PHP contact form
  • PSD files included
  • Avisio-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    47. Awesome Press ($27)

    Some features:

  • 4 color themes
  • jQuery framework
  • Multiple alternate page templates
  • 5 widget ready areas
  • Pagination for posts
  • Featured posts
  • Specially developed custom fields for easy posting
  • Admin theme options page
  • Step by Step installation PDF documentation
  • Awesome-press-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    48. Quambizz ($27)

    Quambizz is an ultra clean and easy to use wordpress theme which can be used for a corporate purposes or if you want to set up a portfolio or even if you want a web site to represent your application.

    Do you like a clean style then this theme will be perfect for you. The theme comes with 3 color styles, a PSD for the slider and a PSD for the portfolio image preview, and many more cool features such as a theme admin panel to set up the homepage, featured category, portfolio category and more.

    Some features:

  • Well commented and clean CSS /XHTML Files
  • Tableless layout
  • 21 x layered PSD Files
  • Featured Slider
  • Dropdown Navigation
  • Multiple Page templates
  • Theme admin panel
  • Quambizz-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    49. Biz ($27)

    Biz Template is clean style wordpress theme for business, company and corporate website. There are 3 color option for this theme that you can directly choose via “theme options” feature in the admin area.

    This theme comes with 8 page templates with its own sidebar widget. The pages template are Home, About, Services, Blog, Portfolio, Contact, Extra1 and Extra2.

    Some features:

  • Valid XHTML and CSS
  • Homepage jQuery Slider
  • jQuery Liquid Menu
  • 8 Page Templates
  • 20 Sidebar Position
  • Theme Options
  • Biz-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    50. Crescento ($37)

    This site is best suitable for a business, Company, Blog, Portfolio, or freelancer Portfolio website as well. Theme works in all the major browsers, and has massive features to use for your next projects. For most of the part you can just follow the HTML with commented codes. The font used for the logo in case you are wondering is Myriad Pro, which comes with your Adobe Photoshop Installation. You can create new logo using the PSD file included.

    Some features:

  • 2 Columns CSS Layout.
  • Full width portfolio page
  • 3 Mainpage Sliders
  • Fancy Nivo Slider
  • Services page 2 blocks
  • Portfolio page with sidebar
  • Blog page and Single page with multilevel comments coded CSS
  • Layered PSD file included smart objects for ease of editing and saving the files
  • Compatibility ( IE 7 , IE 8, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
  • Crescento-corporate-business-commercial-wordpress-themes

    January 23 2010


    30 Outstanding Commercial Wordpress Portfolio And Photoblog Themes

    Title-commercial-wordpress-portfolio-showcase-themeIf you need to complete quick project and you are ready to spend some money for it, this premium Wordpress portfolio theme showcase will definitely interest you! This is follow-up article to previous one about free themes, check it out – 24 Free Portfolio And Photo Gallery Wordpress Themes.

    I think it’s okay to spend few bucks for great theme with full support and many features for fast projects. I just bought one as well, just because I needed to set up site rapidly fast, but I had specific requirements for that blog. I visited several premium theme sites and found good looking theme I was happy with in 30 minutes.

    It was interesting experience for me and this research was quite exciting as well – when I went through these themes I found out several modern jquery features many sites do not offer just yet, interesting designs..really premium like! Even if I didn’t buy anything this time, I got a lot of inspiration and new ideas just while browsing! Enjoy and let us know which was your favorite theme?

    1. Twicet (37.00$)

    Theme Features (few of them):

    • Valid XHTM Strict1.0 and CSS 2 .1, tableless Design
    • jQuery support
    • Fading Portfolio/Item slider
    • Dropdwon Menu, improved with jQuery
    • jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off
    • Gallery Page with lightbox
    • Working ajax/php contact form
    • Newsticker


    2. Display ( 42$)

    DISPLAY is a Wordpress Theme, best suited for Business and Portfolio sites. It comes with a fantastic 3D Image slideshow that can be controlled from your backend with a custom tool. The Theme has a huge wordpress custom backend (8 additional Admin Pages) that make customization of the Theme easy for those who dont know much about coding or wordpress.

    The Theme also comes with a more subtle fading image slider. You can use this slider as your main slider, otherwise it will be used as a fallback if the users browser doesnt support flash.


    3. Cubit (27$)

    Cubit is a clean and flexible wordpress theme with 6 different cholor schemes(see preview Pics), which is best used for portfolio and business sites.

    Main Features(few of them):

    • The theme uses a javascript image transition at the mainpage only seen in flash before which suports an unlimted number of images. Take a look at the live preview and wait a few seconds for the image to transform
    • Highly flexible admin area, you are able to edit every content from the wordpress backend
    • 6 different cholor schemes
    • Multilevel Dorpdown menu, Breadcrumb Navigation, Post Pagination
    • jQuery Lavalamp for main menu
    • Advanced comments with reply function


    4. BlueLight (27$)

    Bluelight is a mash-up of a 2.0 business website and a personal portfolio site. It can be used for either, or both. This template will get you up and running in no time!

    Included Features(few of them):

    • Installation Screencast!
    • Theme Options Page (makes setup very easy)
    • Quick Change Color Schemes (managed from theme options page)
    • jQuery Graphic Slider (managed via theme options)
    • Blog/Portfolio mash-up on Homepage
    • Featured Project


    5. Levitation Wordpress Business & Portfolio (37$)

    Levitation is a Wordpress Template, best suited for Business and Portfolio sites. It comes with 5 sleek skins and 2 different front page designs (if the Wordpress Live Preview is not enough for you, please check out the html templates that are already available, the look stays the same in the Wordpress version).

    Key features of the template (few of them):

    • Valid XHTM Strict1.0 and CSS 2 .1, tableless Design
    • Multiple Page templates
    • 2 different Portfolio/Item slider, supporting unlimited items
    • Dropdwon Menu, improved with jQuery
    • jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off
    • Gallery Page with lightbox
    • Working ajax/php contact form


    6. Photo Nexus Wordpress Gallery Theme (27$)

    Photo Nexus wordpress gallery is a 2 column , 2 color variation ( Bright and Dark) theme.
    This theme is great for those who need a convenient way to publish and showcase a self managed Gallery of Photos, Artworks or Designs. The theme features modern yet minimalistic style so that your work will be guaranteed to be on focus. The theme comes added with Admin theme options so you won’t need to manually edit the files to get it running.


    7. Concept ($32)

    This theme is a complete Wordpress Theme, designed from the ground up to function as a comprehensive Wordpress theme that can be used for just about any site that needs a beautiful layout. While the frontend design has been popular as a HTML template, the real highlight of this template is a professionally built admin panel that let’s you edit every major content block in the layout quickly and easily without ever opening up a template file.

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • 6 uniquely styled themes (Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Green, Dark Blue).
    • All Core Page Templates (Home, Content Page, Image Gallery, Blog Post w/ comments styling, Search/Results, 404, and a Contact Form)
    • Custom Admin Panel (Full CMS )
    • Clean, commented code
    • jQuery Lightbox
    • jQuery Homepage & Gallery Slider


    8. Sensor (69$)

    Sensor is a Premium WordPress Theme suitable for photoblogs, portfolios, showcases, galleries, personal sites and other blogging topics!

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • 14 Awesome Color Styles
    • Support for Threaded Comments
    • Support for WordPress 2.8 and 2.9
    • Widgetized Sidebar and Footer
    • Dynamic image resizing for thumbnails (TimThumb script)
    • 3 Custom Page Templates
    • 4 Specially Developed Widgets


    9. Professional (49$)

    Professional is a theme which can be used as a CMS/Portfolio or as a blog.

    The very light and flexible layout is based on the “Golden Ratio” principle, having 2 columns. The design mainly emphasizes the content.

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • Threaded Comments
    • Support for WordPress 2.8
    • Widgetized Sidebar
    • Compatible with all modern browsers
    • Theme Options Admin Panel
    • Integrated Social Bookmarking Icons
    • Featured Works on Homepage


    10. Gallery (49$)

    GALLERY is a premium WordPress theme which can be used for many purposes, including a Photoblog, Portfolio, Personal Blog, Product Reviews, and more!

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • Comes in 2 styles, 3 color styles each
    • Threaded Comments
    • Support for WordPress 2.8
    • Widgetized Sidebar and Footer
    • Custom Fields for Images are optional
    • Dynamic image cropping for thumbnails (TimThumb script)
    • 3 Specially Developed Widgets


    11. Impulse ($49)

    Impulse is a Premium WordPress Theme suitable for portfolios, showcases, galleries, photoblogs, personal sites, endless possibilities!

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • 3 Cool Color Styles: Blue, Dark, Silver
    • Threaded Comments
    • Support for WordPress 2.8
    • Widgetized Sidebar and Footer
    • Custom Fields for Images are optional
    • Dynamic image cropping for thumbnails (TimThumb script)


    12. Photoblog (49$)

    PhotoBlog is an unique portfolio theme for Photographers, Graphic Designers, Architects, etc. With an intuitive layout and a fully widgetized sidebar, it offers the flexibility required in modern blogs.

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • AJAX Lightbox for viewing images in different sizes
    • Featured Content on the homepage and in the Sidebar. Number of posts is controlled on the Widgets Page in the Admin Panel.
    • Threaded Comments
    • Support for WordPress 2.8
    • Widgetized Sidebar
    • Unique Widgets Developed by WPZOOM Team


    13. WordFolio (37$)

    Wordpress + Portfolio = Wordfolio, a wordpress theme which is suitable for graphic & web designers.

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • Valid CSS /XHTML Files (1.0 Strict)
    • Commented and clean CSS /XHTML, and theme files
    • Full layered PSD Files
    • Jquery based kickass transparent showcase in homepage
    • Easy showcase setup with custom fields
    • Modern look dark style layout


    14. London Creative (32$)

    London Creative + comes with fully working contact form, awesome slider for your featured images, nasty spinning slider buttons (never saw them anywhere else, so you can call it unique), 2 message buttons under the slider and PrettyPhoto plugin (better clone of Lightbox).

    You will also have user-friendly dropdown navigation with infinite dropdown levels where you can style every even list item via Jquery, so no more hassle, it’s automatic, you can just add posts and you are ready to go!


    15. Folio Theme (27$)

    Folio is a theme designed with the intent of being platform for your personal portfolio showcase as well as working blog. The themes homepage highlights your most recent featured project as well as posts in an easy to navigate format.

    In the sidebar you will find flickr photos being syndicated, a widgetized sidebar allowing room for easy additions, as well as a brief about section highlighting yourself. You can tie in your flickr feed, and showcase your photos from your flickr account.

    This theme comes with 5 different color accent options.


    16. Pandora (32$)

    Pandora is a WordPress Template, designed to promote anything from a corporate business to a portfolio site.
    More than 10 professionally-designed and easy customisable themes comes as standard: Aqua, Crimson, Eco, Egypt, Modern, Mystery, Nebula, Ocean, Olive, Parquet, Podium, Startup.

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • Valid XHTML Strict 1.0 and CSS 2 .1, table-less layout, 960 Grid System
    • jQuery Support:
    • Windows7-like navigation light effects
    • Gracefully degrading code (for older browsers, or javascript disabled case)
    • 100% Workable right after Theme activation
    • 6 Option Pages: General Settings, Mainpage, Portfolio, Blog, Footer, Contact
    • Fully customizable (include 7 dynamic widgetbars)
    • Slide & Portfolio PSD Helpers are included


    17. Portfolious – Ultimately Extensive Wordpress CMS ($37)

    Portfolious is the profesional Fulll Wordpress CMS functioning theme for, well anyone!
    Because the name is Portfolious; it doesn’t mean you have to only use for portfolio blog, because you can change that in Portfolious!

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • Custom Layouts for categories and pages
    • Tabbed Theme Options Page
    • Animated and tabbed Theme options with color pickers, sliding content with conditional options, dynamic background switcher.
    • Works in all major browsers including IE6 (png fix also added)
    • Sliding Homepage Blog Posts, Twitter widget
    • Option to choose whether or not use slider for homepage blog posts
    • Option to choose whether to homepage intro content comes from a page or the admin entry


    18. Goldmine (27$)

    Previous Monofactor blog design, now Gold mine Wordpress theme. This theme stands out with it’s quality and it has been featured in most CSS Design galleries with highest rating before some time.

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • Post & Portfolio Item Thumbnails: Easily assign and attach thumbnails to your posts and portfolio items.
    • Jquery Enabled: Flourished with jquery rounded corners and carousel, your blog and portfolio will look hot.
    • Widget ready: Add or change what you want to show on your sidebar.
    • WP 2 .7 ready: Also available for use in versions above 2.5
    • Valid CSS & XHTML : Works nicely on most major browsers


    19. Photo & Graphic Studio (27$)

    This is a wordpress theme suitable for photographers and graphic & web designers.

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • Valid CSS /XHTML Files (1.0 Strict)
    • Commented and clean CSS /XHTML, and theme files
    • Full layered PSD Files
    • All browser compatible
    • Flash like, jquery based 2 type showcase (Easy setup with custom fields)
    • Fullscreen background for photography and graphics
    • Fixed size in content for web works
    • Modern look WEB 2 .0 style layout
    • Editable auto cycle and dotted pattern on background (showcase)


    20. Business Professional Package ($37)

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • Clean & Valid Code
    • SEO friendly – Search engines see the content before the navigation (in the code)
    • NEW : Dashboard panel to notify you of any future updates
    • Tested in all major browsers
    • “Widget-Ready” with built-in custom styling (Calendar, Archives, etc.)
    • All major page templates included, including the 404 page


    21. Briefcase Portfolio Theme (27$)

    This is a fun, bold, portfolio theme for WordPress. This theme allows you to showcase your work, while adding subtle personal touches. With a large billboard featured area on the homepage, to large bold, list and post views on the interior pages this theme will enable you to showcase the best of your work.
    This theme comes with 4 color options available through the theme settings in the admin section, as well as the ability to post a project and determine whether you want it to be feature in the homepage Javascript billboard area.

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • JavaScript Based Featured Area on Homepage
    • Tabless (CSS Layout)
    • Valid CSS and XHTML
    • Browser compatibility: All Major Browsers
    • Homepage About Me Bio Section
    • 4 Built In Selectable Color Settings


    22. Blueleather WP Theme (32$)

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • CMS functionality
    • Widget ready
    • JQuery Slider for featured projects
    • Easy featured projects setup using custom fields
    • Easy general setup


    23. StylemixFolio

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • CMS functionality
    • Widget ready
    • JQuery Slider for featured projects
    • Easy featured projects setup using custom fields
    • Easy general setup


    24. Contrast (37$)

    Contrast, a wordpress theme which is suitable for photographers, graphic & web designers, corporates with a kickass features.

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • Fullscreen Backgrounds!
    • Kickass Portfolio Page
    • Fullscreen Google Maps for your Contact Page
    • Kickass Blog / List Sliders
    • Unlimited Theme Colors
    • Cool Navigation & Search Tab


    25. Modern Portfolio (32$)

    ourAgency WordPress theme is a fully customizable CMS theme – you can easily create a whole site with a homepage, subpages and a blog. I wanted to make it as user friendly as possible while still giving you full control over your content.

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • Well commented and clean CSS /XHTML Files
    • tableless layout
    • tested and working in all common browsers except IE 6 , so we wont give any support for IE 6 at the moment
    • 6 x layered PSD Files (extra slider.psd for easy editing)
    • jquery Start/Stop slider (Featured Category)
    • jquery FancyBox (for images on work page)
    • working PHP contact form with validation. (PHP MAiler)


    26. ShapeShifter – One Page, Infinite Possibilities (32$)

    This theme is perfect for anyone looking to launch a site right away. It’s perfect for businesses, creatives, and individuals who want to quickly publish their portfolio or image galleries, individuals who want a streamlined site without too many bells or whistles, and anyone else who’s serious about having a simple, well designed website with a full powered content manager.

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • Custom Admin Panel
    • Unlimited Color Options (with 5 ready-made skins, see below)
    • Installation instructions (with images!)
    • Full PSD & pre-sized PSD ’s for skinning
    • “Build Your Own” Contact Form
    • Image Gallery Template
    • jQuery Lightbox
    • jQuery Footer Bar


    27. Foliotheme (22$)

    FolioTheme is a WP Portfolio Style Theme ideal for photographers, artists or designers.

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • Theme Changer with 7 Color Variations
    • Gallery CMS Theme
    • Content Slider for all Categories
    • LightBox for all images
    • Automatic Thumbnails
    • NO Custom Fields! Just put you content right in the post – like magic!
    • Gravatars if you allow comments


    28. Gold Wordress – Blog + portfolio + cms (27$)

    Theme features (just some of them):

    • jQuery easy slider in home page
    • jQuery fancybox, plugin to overlay images on the page with zoom animation
    • JQuery Image slider panels on the portfolio page for featured portfolio entries.
    • CMS functionality
    • Widget-ready sidebar
    • Fully working Php form with validation on the contact page
    • Great design: beauty typhography and styling


    29. Ambiguous (32$)

    Ambiguous Portfolio WordPress theme was developed to showcase your work. Ambiguous has a large featured portfolio items area well placed on the homepage showcasing the best of your work. Also on the homepage are your most recent blog posts. In the sidebar there is a custom twitter feed feature, about widget displaying brief info about yourself, and a site search feature.


    30. Gateway Studio ($32)

    Gateway Studios, Simplicity Overhaul features a simple yet beautiful design, that will impress your visitors with its delicate form. The theme comes with many great features that just work out of the box, without the need for plugins, making Gateway a very smart decision with everything Integrated.

    A lot of flexibility has been integrated into the theme, so you can use it from a Personal Site, to a Photography Blog to a complete Studio Website. You have an arsenal of Features and Customization at your disposal, and also a Clean Design created with usability and typography in mind.


    ElegantThemes Theme Website

    This is an excellent site also offering some nifty premium Wordpress themes, where you can pay 19.95$ and get access to all of their commercial themes for one year. Here I also find my own pick for personal project, so I am saying from personal experience, that I was positively surprised about their great admin panel with big list of modifiying features, so I didn’t even had a need to touch the code at first.


    Okay, let me finish here and also share your opinions – do you need this type of  commercial articles, at least I don’t think anymore that the best stuff is for free, I don’t mind paying for quality and this article definitely proves it! If you buy something please use this site affiliate links to help us improve 1stwebdesigner blog quality! Thank you!

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    2. 22 Professional WordPress Themes And Resources:Less Is More
    3. 21 Sites Where To Find Free Wordpress Themes Daily
    4. 100 Premium Like But Free, Fresh Wordpress Themes: Year 2009
    5. 70 Free and Premium WordPress Themes

    January 10 2010


    Who Else Wants Great Windows Desktop Blogging Client?

    title-desktop-blogging-editor-clientIf you are blogger and since now it’s like trend – everybody is blogging, you should know, writing through WordPress Rich Text Editor isn’t that fastest and easiest way. Most importantly you must think about ways how to automate and fasten your work process. Choosing desktop blogging client is one of the most important aspects in my opinion – forget about standard Wordpress editor and start using something a lot more faster and handier.

    This article is created to explain everything about desktop blogging editors, main features, why and how you should use one. I will also share my own experiences, I’ve been blogging daily and I’ve tested a lot of tools, automating programs and blogging clients and I think I can objectively evaluate features.

    I’ve been blogging for 1.5 years now and when I switched to desktop blogging editor, I never went back. There are several great, free editors, Firefox plugins allowing you to write articles more easier. When I started I used Wordpress admin panel, I wrote everything in plain code writing all tags and urls myself – it wasn’t fast so I needed to figure something out.

    Then I found Windows Live Writer and it seemed to be solution, but I got upload problems. There was several times when I uploaded images through Live Writer, but in the middle (let’s say 54/100 images) something went wrong with image, I needed to fix error, upload images from beginning and my server from those requests several times crashed. Also back then I didn’t know how to set different settings, so images wouldn’t have that drop shadow, resize image settings (it created one unnecessary thumb image for me). If you haven’t got huge posts with a lot of images Windows Live Writer is perfect solution, but I needed something different.

    I figured out I need to upload images to server manually to reduce it’s overload. I used find/replace features to change image local address to direct online link. If you want to know how I do that, this blog post could help you – The Best And Fastest Way To Create Blog Post. I wrote there my experiences and my approach to write and manually create article. In that way I get very clean code using Blogdesk.

    With Windows XP Blogdesk was perfect solution, but somehow with Windows Vista and Windows 7 it doesn’t work very good. I got mystic saving problems myself and I don’t really know what to suggest for my new guest authors. And yes,main reason I decided to write this article doing serious research in available desktop blogging editors is because I wanted to find new editor which could suit for me as well!

    Let’s give it a try – shall we?

    So.. What the heck is desktop blogging editors? Why You should use one?

    As I mentioned above, when I started to blog I wrote my posts in WordPress Rich Text Editor, where you can get code/design view, upload images – at first it seems like a good way to go, but image uploading you need to do manually one by one and it takes a lot of time. And what you will do if you internet browser crashes in the middle of article and you forgot to save it? How you will write your post if you have no Internet connection?

    Okay, then you could write your posts in word processors like Microsoft Word, Textpad and then just paste finished text into Wordpress post section. But again we have problems with formatting and image uploading. However this simple approach will work just fine for short textual posts with few images and almost no formatting, but I am talking more about serious blogging and approach.

    Desktop blogging tools and editors are independent texting WYSIWYG software you can connect with you blog and essentially it is very simple text/code editor created specifically for easier and automated blogging. Now you can format, write text, add images, effects in design view and if you need to edit some code manually or check how it looks – just switch to code view! And the best thing is, you don’t need Internet connection to write your posts, only when you want to publish it. Your posts are always in safety in blogging editor, accessable in any time!

    Everybody loves lists, so I created one with main benefits why you should use desktop blogging editor:

    1. Write Articles Offline – For example if you own laptop and travel, you don’t always have Internet connection. No problem! Write your post in blogging editor and you can publish it once you’ll get Internet connection just by hitting publish button. No more copy/paste and images will be uploaded automatically as well.
    2. Spell Checking – This is basic, but good blogging editor has this feature and after writing your post, just run spell checking and rapidly correct all mistakes you’ve accidentaly made.
    3. Multiple blogs – If you write for your own blog and you are guest writer on another, it is really painful to publish it and switch to another blog. With blogging client, you can change blog to publish with few clicks and without any worries.
    4. Quick and easy editing – Switch from design to code section to easily change some code, fix small errors.
    5. Automated Image Uploading – Usually blogging clients are connected directly with your blog and when you hit publish button, all images are uploaded from your computer to local server automatically. If you haven’t got many pictures, it’s great solution.
    6. Easy Post Management – Rapidly fast browse through your previous drafts, published articles, edit them, save – in Wordpress panel it would be many times slower process.
    7. Browser Crash – Sometimes browser just crash and you loose some time and work, with blogging client it is almost impossible. Usually clients have enabled autosave each 3-4minutes, in that way preventing any work loss.
    8. Feature Integration – Many clients support Flickr, Delicious, Youtube for automated image linking, video adding and more features.

    Free Desktop Blogging Editors For Windows

    From free desktop blogging editors I would recommend Windows Live writer, Blogdesk or w.bloggar. Every client offers different features, you should check out them all and then pick your favorite one, which suits you the best.

    Windows Live Writer

    Writer makes it easy to share your photos and videos on almost any blog service—Windows Live, Wordpress, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, and many more.

    It has many features, I will mention most important ones:

    • Crop and tilt photos
    • Insert multiple photos
    • Additional spell checking languages
    • Insert and publish video to YouTube
    • Word count
    • Twitter, Digg and Flickr Plug-ins
    • Type-down filtering in the Open dialog

    Check out Windows Live Writer Tweaks, Tips and Updates article from Lifehacker for deeper research.



    Blogging should be simple, but it gets complicated and time-consuming if you are serious about it. BlogDesk makes it easy to write, speeds up lavish processes and assists the author with smart features.

    Feature list:

    • WYSIWYG editor
    • ImageWizard to easy insert images, create thumbnails
    • Reduced view – switch to cleaner view with less distractions
    • BlogWizards – easily configure blog
    • Spell checker
    • Tags-Generator
    • Frequently Used Phrases – time-saver for often used phrases



    Post2Blog 3 is a FREEWARE handy blog editor with live spell-checking support for pro-bloggers.

    Feature list:

    • WYSIWYG editor with complete hot-keys support;
    • Built-in “Live” spellchecking;
    • Images are uploaded automatically;
    • Compose new posts in MS Word and post them to your blog using Post2Blog toolbar for MS Word;
    • Add Technorati,, Buzzwords, 43 Things tags to your posts;
    • Automatically send trackbacks, ping web-services to notify about updates in your blogs;
    • Use built-in smiles for use in your blog;



    Thingamablog is a cross-platform, standalone blogging application that makes authoring and publishing your weblogs almost effortless. Unlike most blogging solutions, Thingamablog does NOT require a third-party blogging host, a cgi/php enabled web host, or a MySQL database. In fact, all you need to setup, and manage, a blog with Thingamablog is FTP, SFTP, or network access to a web server.

    Feature list:

    • Maintain multiple blogs
    • Read news with an integrated feed reader
    • Publish remotely to your blog via email
    • Set up flexible archiving options
    • Define your own custom template tags
    • Set up flexible archiving options



    The w.bloggar is an application that acts as an interface between the user and one or more blog(s); in other words, it is a Post and Template editor, with several features and resources that the browser based blog editors do not offer.

    Feature list:

    • Import Text files
    • Colorized HTML code
    • Multiple accounts and blogs
    • Spell Checking
    • Multiple accounts and blogs
    • Toolbar Icons Skin
    • File and Image Upload
    • Supports Windows XP


    Zoundry Raven

    The Zoundry Blog Writer™ is a rich WYSIWYG blogging editor that’s as easy to use as a word processor. With just a few clicks of a mouse instead of complex HTML coding, you can do things like drag and drop images, create block quotes, and format links to open in a new window.

    Feature list:

    • Tabbed true WYSIWYG Editing
    • Improved content management
    • Manage multiple media storage services
    • Manage multiple blogs offline
    • Raven2Go: Portable Application support
    • WordPress 2.2+ Page & Tag support

    Read more about Zoundry features here.


    Qumana (PC&Mac)

    You don’t need to know a thing about HTML code to make perfect posts. Write your posts at your own pace without having to be online.

    Qumana is an easy-to-use desktop blog editor, enabling you to write, edit and post to one or more blogs. You can use Qumana even when you are offline. Save your blog posts to your hard drive and upload whenever you like. Great for bloggers on the move.

    Qumana features:

    • WYSIWYG editor, as easy as email
    • Clean interface with easy-to-understand buttons
    • Spell check with ‘as you type’ option
    • Technorati tagging
    • Source view option to edit HTML
    • Save posts as drafts, or edit old posts, from the Blog Manager
    • Easy image uploads and image alignment
    • DropPad – gather links, text, and pictures by dragging them to a desktop pad
    • Offline editing
    • Multi-window editing
    • Seamless posting and cross-posting
    • Trackback & pinging


    Commercial Desktop Blogging Editors For Windows


    (Top 1 Commercial Pick)

    A popular Windows blog client for your WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, Drupal, etc. blogs. Get convenience and speed of a native application, and the ability to write posts offline. BlogJet comes with English (US) and English (UK) dictionaries.

    If you cannot decide, check out their huge feature list and video demo here. All recommendations and demos made this blogging client my top 1 choice. It’s not free, but at least I get many features, good support and regular updates. Such blog client is one of the most important tools in article creation, so I think 39.95$ is very good investment at least for me.

    Several features:

    • WYSIWYG Editor
    • Post Management and Searching
    • Word Counter and Blog Statistics
    • 20 High-Quality Smileys
    • Spell Checker
    • Flickr and YouTube Support
    • Auto Replace
    • Modern Interface

    Price: $39.95



    RocketPost is smart blog software for power bloggers. It’s the only one with WYSIWYG editing, full local editing and full blog import. And it works just like email, so you already know how to use it.

    Speed up your blogging with one-click Technorati, Flickr and tags, built-in photo editing, instant photo albums, automatic linking to related posts, quote tracking, quick linking, drop caps, pull quotes and a running word count.

    Not free software, but filled with many features, you might use daily to automate your article writing process greatly. Certainly a good pick as well.

    Several features (read more):

    • WYSIWYG editing
    • Full local editing – See and edit all your posts in one place without having to download them every time
    • Full blog import – Download all your existing posts and get started in less than 5 minutes
    • Picture editing – Crop, resize and compress pictures right within your post
    • Check spelling while you type
    • Multiple-word AutoCorrect

    Price: 29$


    Other Solutions

    ScribeFire Blog Editor For Firefox

    ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to your blog.


    What’s your favorite desktop blogging client? And why?

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