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February 03 2014


40 Twitter Tools, Resources & Creative Backgrounds

There are so many popular social networking websites are available in the internet and Twitter is one of them. If you are bore with your default blue twitter background or you want an exciting change in your twitter page then check out this collection where you will find outstanding tools for your Twitter background. Social networking profile should be update and trendy because it show your taste and give your impression to other. So its time to make your Twitter profile more interesting and happening.

In this assortment, we are presenting 40 superb tools and resources to spice up your twitter background. Scroll through our wonderful collection and make your Twitter page more attractive and eye-catching through this collection. We hope you will like this assortment. Please give us your feeds back about this wonderful assortment because your feeds back are very precious and important for us. You can also download these awesome tools without paying any money.


Put your Twitter followers on your background.

Free Twitter Designer

Now you can personalize your Twitter background like never before. The tool below will help you create free Twitter backgrounds that have the same look and feel as those done by professional graphic designers. It’s easy to use, and best of all, it’s Free!

Twitter Background Checker

Check if your twitter profile looks like poo-poo in smaller or higher resolutions.


Want to know how to change the Twitter background or profile icon automatically? It’s never been this easy — with our professionally designed, simple user interface you can change your Twitter background or profile icon automatically! Just try it!


Are you hip to twitter? Well, peekr is kinda like a Twitter Widget (a “twidget”) because it’s a tiny little Twitter helper. Some tweeple might call it a bookmarklet, but we know it’s so much more! Is this making any sense yet? Maybe you’ll have to try it and see it in action to get a good feel for how useful peekr can be… Go ahead, click the button above that says, sneak a peek! to see what peekr does. Go on, you know you want to!


In less than 2 minutes… Brand yourself on Twitter by creating your very own Twitter background and Twitter header.

Flickr My Background

Put your latest Flickr image in your Twitter background We check for new photos and sync every hour.


Free Twitter Backgrounds PSD Layered files.


An online community where hundreds of Twitter layouts & backgrounds can be downloaded FREE.

Twitter Gallery

We are your source for Free Twitter Backgrounds. Every day we update twitrounds with new Twitter Backgrounds for you to use on your profile. Getting a background is very easy. Simply look through all the backgrounds we have to offer, click on the background thumbnail, then use our auto-install tool to easily post the background to your Twitter profile.

Create A Twitter Background using PowerPoint

Who would’ve thought that the presentation app used to lull audiences to sleep could also be used to create an appealing Twitter background? The process is fairly simple and only limited by your imagination and Twitter’s 800Kb upload limit.


Upload your own pictures and customize the Layout. You can change the color and add text to the background. Select colors for your profile and preview it in real time. Save all these to your Twitter account with a single click.

Twitter Backgrounds

The themes and images on these pages are free for use as twitter backgrounds. Click on a thumbnail of the backround you would like to get and then download the file to your hard drive or use an auto install feature which will post the selected background to your twitter profile.

Twitter Background

Ever wanted to see the background image while in a Twitter page? Now it’s just matter of clicking on it and voila, everything else goes away so you can appreciate the background. Click on the page again to restore it.


Make your twitter beautiful!

Custom Background for Twitter

Need a professionally designed custom Twitter background or Facebook landing page?

Free Twitter Backgrounds

Here’s a set of grungy Twitter backgrounds that you can customize and use for free. They’re all hi-res PNG files. Just load them into your favourite image editor, add an image and some text and you’re good to go.

Free Twitter Backgrounds

Every background is free, lightweight and optimized for mostly used 1024 resolution but we were thinking about all of you with big screens so have no fear our Twitter layouts are going to look the same on 1280px or wide screen.


TweetHawk Custom Background Designs are free to use for personal use under the Creative Commons 3.0 Licence.

Twitter Backgrounds

1000′s of unique free Twitter backgrounds. Click “Get Twitter Background” beneath any image you want to put on your Twitter. The new page will show the image as a background and give step-by-step instructions on how to add it as your Twitter background.



Here you will find everything for your twittering needs! We have everything from twitter backgrounds to twitter buttons and we’ll even show you how to use twitter too!

Design a Unique Twitter Background

Spreading word about your business or services via a Twitter account can be a useful addition to a marketing strategy. There are many resources with advice on what, when, and how to tweet. But since we’re creative professionals, we should also pay attention to what our Twitter pages look like

Twitter Background Design How-To and Best Practices

Let’s take a look at some of the best practices around Twitter background design and get to work creating our own.

Creative Twitter Backgrounds:

Charity Micho





binoj Xavier

Deb Kolaras

Dickie adams

Jolly Lizard


Go Media


Wolfgang Bartelme




January 30 2014


40 Amazingly Creative Square Patterns For Free Download

In this round up, we have gathered 40 surprisingly creative square patterns for you that you can use in your design work. Square is one of the basic shapes that we all were taught in our childhood. Using this basic shape in your design process can bring a big change in the overall appearance of your design and make it look even more appealing and attractive. Though, it is a very and simple shape yet it can create beautiful design patterns and hence can be an important element is your design project.

Check them out and pick the ones you like the best. We hope that you will like this collection and find these amazing and creative square patterns useful for you. Feel free to share your opinions with us via comment section below. Your comments are always more than welcome. Let us have a look. Enjoy!

5 Stones

Falling squares


Silent square

80 Trunks

[The Sharp Edges]

Sakai Blocks [t]

Free Repeat Pattern in a Retro Style

Micro Patterns


Blue Squares

Bathroom Tile

Night bubble girl

Dice patterns


Purple Radiance

Not 1974 Anymore

Square Pattern Background

Diamonds and squares

Dice patterns 2

Uptown Loft

Multisquare Pattern


Kimi’s The CLAD!

Colors Sparkle

Retro Cubes Pattern Set

Cool in cotton

Candy bunnies


Squares Patterns

Sunshine Squared

Grungy Abstract Squares Photoshop Patterns



Woven Pandanus

Mark of Thumb

Cool and quilted

Rock the tartan

Dice patterns 3

Golden cubes

Street Traffic

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Perfect Match: Adaptive Backgrounds for jQuery Colors Your Website Automagically


This plugin for jQuery is gas. Adaptive Backgrounds by Brian Gonzalez analyzes the colors of the images in your website, determines which ones are dominant and colors the background of the element containing the image accordingly. As Adaptive Backgrounds works with the nearest parent by default, you can have multiple different backgrounds on the same page. The effect is impressive.

January 27 2014


October 02 2013


15 Useful Tissue Textures For Your Designs

In our daily life we use so many things on a daily basis and tissue papers is one of them. The usage of tissue paper increases specially in the summer season. Did you ever see a tissue textured design? No, then have a look at this wonderful compilation. In this creative compilation you will see 15 awesome and appealing tissue textures for your designs. Yes, with these tissue textures you can make you designs more innovative and eye-catching if you use them in right or creative way. Most of the experienced and talented designers are using tissue textures in their designs. You can also download your best tissue textures which suit your up-coming projects free of cost.

Browse through our collection and get inspired. Do share with us what you feel about this compilation. Enjoy this amazing compilation everyone!!!

Tissue paper

Blue tissue paper

Tye Dye Texture 2

Gold Tissue Texture 3

Crinkled Striped Tissue

Grey and yellow spots

Orange Tissue Paper 1

Paper Tissue Texture

White Tissue Paper Red Plastic

Grunge-y Tissue

Tissue Paper 2

Brown tissue paper texture



Chalk Tissue Texture

September 20 2013


40 Free And Useful Abstract Mosaic Textures

With this collection, we want to share something very creative with you guys. This time it is abstract mosaic textures. Basically, mosaic is a form of art where different colored tiles or stones or papers or other mediums of different shapes and sizes are placed together in an artistic manner to create different patterns and images. One can see such type of art in old-aged structures such as churches, temples, and mansions.

In this post, we have put together a collection of some free as well as useful abstract mosaic textures for you. So take a look at this collection and choose which texture will be useful for you. Moreover, all of these textures are free to use so go ahead and download as many as you like. Please chime in with other recommendations! Your comments are always more than welcome! Enjoy!


Mosaic Tile texture

Gold Mosaic Tile Texture Stock

Mosaic Texture in Glass Globs

Mosaic, Eden Project

Mosaic of Multicolored Stones


Stock Texture – Brown Mosaic

Mosaic of Red Glass


Tiles 1

Mosaic Landscape

Mosaic Texture Green Tile

Mosaic Texture in Turquoise

Old Mosaic Texture

Broken glass 1 by A Bigwood


Sunstone72-Stock 296


Mosaic Texture in Blue Glass

Mosaic, Alcazar

Gray mosaic

Sidewalk mosaic

Sidewalk mosaic

Mosaic stock 3

Mosaic tile texture of an old bathroom

Stone Texture – STOCK

Mosaic stock


Kingdom of Lilacs Texture 3

Mosaic 1

Mosaic Texture

Descent II Texture-Mosaic

Mosaic Invaders

Mosaic Texture in Blue Glass

Nebula Mosaic

Mosaic textures


Spiral Mosaic

August 30 2013


45 Amazing HD Wallpapers To Spice Up Your Desktop

Knowing how much of a hot commodity wallpapers are to the design and development community, and to anyone in general who tends to spend a large amount of time basking in the glow of a computer screen, we decided to collect some more screen art for our readers so that they can decorate their desktop with these wallpapers. With a huge variety of wallpapers available on the internet, now you can choose a wallpaper that represents your mood or inspire you. Furthermore, one can also switch between his favorite collections of wallpapers.

This time we are presenting an amazing and inspiring collection of HD wallpapers for you. All the wallpapers in this collection are handpicked and will surely provide you soothing and comforting visuals to relax your tired eyes. So, don’t miss the opportunity to liven up your wide screens. Check this out and get as much as you like!


Where There Is Life

Heart Beat


The Unexpected Journey II

umanitys Last Hppe

Deep Blue Night

The Stack

Concept Citroen GT

Microsoft Windows HD Wallpapers

Creativity Bulb

Red flowers

St Patricks New York

Mercedes-Benz BRABUS SLR Roadster

HD Brand Wallpapers

Omega Watch

Branch Leafs Autumn Fall Colors Macro


Coca Cola Can

Meta II

New York Broadway street

The power of tomorrow

Crystal Ice Cream Reflections

Flower Vector Design

Elemental Birds

DDark Side

EA games logo hd



Iluzion Natyror



Vertex wallpaper

In the Confusion


Starstruck wallpaper


Cool Summer

N-Nebula 3D Wallpaper

Perth Sunset

Green Bubbles


Grand Canyon

Afel 777

Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras 2

August 23 2013


44 Beautiful Abstract Backgrounds For Free Download

In this collection, we are presented a fabulous compilation of some great and pleasing abstract backgrounds that can be downloaded for free. we know very well that by using pleasing and attention grabbing backgrounds, one can create an absolute attraction in its designs for its viewers. This is the main reason why designers spend so much of their time in creating backgrounds for the web designs in a creative manner. Adding good looking backgrounds to any graphics, banners or ads are relatively important and one cannot overlook the importance of having pleasing backgrounds.

By using backgrounds in a creative manner, your entire artwork can look more interesting and attractive. Here we have put together a very nice collection of freebie backgrounds so that you can download them for free of cost. So, let us add some life to your art work and web design and refresh them with these amazing backgrounds. We wish that this assortment will not only inspire you but it will also stand out from the rest of the collections that you will see in the next few days. Please chime in with other recommendations!

Abstract Vector Abstract Blue Background

Abstract Background Vector

Futuristic Abstract Glowing Light Curves Background Vector Illustration

Abstract hi-tech background

Abstract Blue Smooth Twist Vector Graphic

Abstract Lighting Vector Background

Abstract Blue Light Background Vector Graphic

Red Smokey Globe Background

Abstract Texture Blue Background Vector

Wonderful Colorful Abstract

Abstract background

Yellow abstract background 2

Abstract Vector Wave

Abstract Premade Background

Golden frame for text

Moon Power Background

Square Blue Background


Christmas background with clock and patterns

Abstract Background Vector Art

062-Abstract Background Vector

Background Vector Abstract Colorful Illustration

Abstract Green Wavy Lines Design Vector Graphic

Candle on decorative background

Cool Abstract Background

Green Abstract Design Background Vector

Abstract Color Vector Background

Abstract Leaves-Bokeh On Dark Blue Background

Octagon Abstract Vector Background

Abstract Light Dots Background Vector Graphic

White Abstract Background

Abstract Valentines Day Colorful Heart Background


Abstract Wave Color Light Background Vector

Abstract Floral Background with Place for Your Text

Vector of Abstract Colorful Flower Background

Abstract Background with Colorful Wave Vector Graphic

Abstract headphones

Abstract Music Design Background Vector Illustration

Wonderful Colorful Abstract

4 Abstract Backgrounds

Free Abstract Backgrounds

Abstract Background

Abstract backgrounds

June 28 2013


16 Free Vintage Paper Texture Packs

Today, we are presenting another fresh collection of some free and appealing vintage paper texture packs for you. Using the right texture in any type of design is very crucial as it can have a great impact on the overall design. This is the reason that designers pay special attention to the selection of texture for their designs. Majority of the designers keep a huge collection of different type of texture that they use in their projects. This time, we are showcasing some vintage paper texture for you.

We hope that you will like this collection and find these vintage paper texture packs useful for your projects. Though all of them are free to use but we will encourage you to read the terms and conditions before using them for commercial purpose.

Old Sheets of Paper Textures

Gothic Textures Pack

Burtonar (Stewark)

Vintage Paper Texture Pack

Crumpled Paper Texture

Paper Textures pack 02

Paper Texture Pack

Vintage Paper II

Paper Textures

Vintage Paper Texture Pack

Paper texture

Paper Textures Pack

Paper Scans

Vintage Textures

Textures: Paper

Vignetted Vintage Paper

March 13 2013


19 Useful And Realistic Wood Textures

Are you looking for some realistic and fine looking wood textures for your designs? If your answer is yes and you have been looking for such textures for such a long time then look no further. Here, we are presenting a collection of some truly amazing and unique wood textures for you. So, now you do not have to search dozens of web pages to find out high quality and unique textures that you can use in your designs.

At times, designers need something unique, something extraordinary to put in their designs in order to make them look visually appealing and attention grabbing. And, there are time when designers are not able to decide ways by which they can accomplish such awesome and amazing wood texture. Here is the full list for you. Let us have a look at this collection. Feel free to download as many as you like. Enjoy!

Three by One

Wood Texture

Rough Wood Background

Wood Textures

Weathered Wood Planks

Wood Grain Texture

Rings on Pine Stump

Older wood

Weathered Blue Wood Textures

Wooden knot

High resolution old wood textures

Download wood textures

Peeling Red Paint on Old Barn

Wood Texture and Laminate Texture Pack 02

Wooden Planks Textures

Stained Wood Background

Graffiti on Old Particle Board

Rotten Brown Plywood

Local Texture: Wood Breaker

February 02 2012


20 Free Peeling Paint Textures For Your Designs

Today we have come up with an interesting assortment of Peeling Paint Textures for you that you can download for free. Peeling Paint Textures can also be considered a part of Grunge Textures. Textures are recognized for their flexibility and their outstanding effects to a desired output.

In this collection, we present Peeling Paint Textures that will make a good place in your collections of textures. In this Peeling Paint Textures Collection, we aim to share with you cool and refreshing stocks for the world of creativity and design for free! So browse through and splash!

Peeling Paint Pattern Texture

Peeling Paint Yellow

Wood Paint Peeling

Peeling Paint Texture 2

Peeling Paint 2

Peeling Paint

Peeling Paint


Red Peeling Paint Texture

Paint Texture

Peeling Paint by Hkuchera

Flakey Paint Texture

Peeling Ceiling

Free High Res Texture

White Paint

Peeling Paint on Concrete

Peeling paint texture

Peeling Paint Wood-Stock1

Texture 66

Peeling Back Paint

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January 04 2012


Coolest Apps From 2011 You Would Never Want To Miss In 2012

The year 2011 has ended. We have explored and reviewed so many useful tools and resources for you all the year. Today, we are going to take a look on few of the web apps we have featured that we think you would like bookmark for 2012. I hope designers, developers and programmers will like this list, but you can also use them and will love them whether you are an office worker, a manager, a supervisor, a student, a home user, etc. They are really amazing in respect to their features. This is the list of Coolest Apps Of 2011 You Would Never Want To Miss In 2012. We have categorized them as Web Apps, Desktop Apps and Smartphone/Tablet PC Apps. Just take a look at them and share your thought’s here.

You are welcome if you want to share more cool apps that our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter as well.

Web Apps


Screenfly allows you to view your website on a variety of device screens and resolutions. It makes testing your online content, mobile designs, and responsive layouts a cinch. Choose common browsers, screen resolutions, and even mimic mobile phone and tablet devices.

Read More : 7 Excellent Online Tools For Designers And Alike

Really Simple System

It has all the features and functionality you need to keep track of your customers and prospects – their names, when to call them back, what you said to them last, what they bought, what they might buy. And as the name implies, Free Edition is a completely free CRM system. You can also upload documents such as letters, faxes, spreadsheets and keep them on the system. In CRM jargon, it is a complete Sales Force Automation system: Account Management, Contact Management and Opportunity Management with Sales Forecasting.

Read More : Seven Excellent Business Tools You Might Not Know About (But Should)


IdentyMe is a service for making of virtual business cards. You can collect all your contacts in one place and create a portfolio. It will helps you share information with new people, find new friends and business partners.

Read More : 7 Best Tools For Your Visually Attractive Online Presence


LiveGO is an all-in-one solution enabling Internet users to stay connected to their social networks as Facebook and Twitter accounts, InstantMessengers as MSN Messenger, Yahoo and Gtalk, and email accounts as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo!.

Read More : 5 Online Tools That Are Worth Checking Out


You can create your own free website that looks and functions the way you want. Wix is an online editor with a drag and drop interface that lets you learn how to make a website without the need to bother with any code or web programming. To build your site, use the free design elements found inside the Wix website builder. Add pictures, text, contact forms, Google maps, social network icons and links, music, video files and more, in just a few simple clicks. You can also upload your own content, to add your own photos, animation files, text and more.

Read More : 7 Best (Yet Free) Online Website Builders


moneytrackin‘ is a free online webapp that allows you to track all your expenses and incomes easily and without effort, thus allowing you to have a clear view of your financial situation. It intends to be a simple yet powerful online budget management tool.

Read More : Five Absolutely Simple (Yet Powerful) Finance Management Tools

Logotype Maker

This is a dead simple yet free logo maker web tool which can helps you create a logo in just few easy steps.

Read More : Five Online Graphic Makers To Create Simple Design Elements


CrocoDoc is an excellent online tool to share and annotate PDF files. If your friends do not have PDF file reader, you can upload the file to CrocoDoc and it will become viewable in the site’s HTML5 interface. The PDF file can also be annotated. The original and annotated versions can be downloaded separately by visitors to the PDF’s URL.

Read More : 10 Excellent Yet Free To Use Web Tools Worth Checking Out


The astonishingly simple way to share, track, protect, and control your files, messages…and relationships. Dialawg is a secure conversation, accessible from anywhere, where parties may exchange messages, share files and collaborate on documents.

Read More : 3 Cool Web Apps To Help You In Your Daily Life


vintageJS is a tool where you can upload your images and apply a custom retro, vintage look to them for free. Just try it out: upload your photo, apply the vintage effect and share the retro image it with your friends via twitter or different social networks.

Read More : Eight Cool Apps That Show The Power Of HTML5


TitanPad lets people work on one document simultaneously. While working on this app, you may do infinite undo and everyone gets their own color.

Read More : 7 Coolest Real-time Collaboration Web Apps You Might Not Know About (But Should)


TagCrowd is a web application for visualizing word frequencies in any text by creating what is popularly known as a word cloud, text cloud or tag cloud. It specializes in making word clouds easy to read, analyze and compare, for a variety of useful purposes.

Read More : Nine Excellent (Yet Free) Online Word Cloud Generators


Virustotal is a service that analyzes suspicious files and URLs and facilitates the quick detection of viruses, worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by antivirus engines.

Read More : 5 Really Useful Web Apps You Might Not Know About

CSS Pivot

This is a great website that can allow you to add CSS styles to any website, and share the result with a short link. You can also invite others to submit
improvements for your website.

Read More : Nine Excellent Online Apps For Web Designers And Developers


AgileWrap is a simple, elegant, agile lean product lifecycle management solution to enhance product development, and realize faster time to market. It helps organizations optimize the product development process by enabling effective planning, providing visibility in real-time, incorporating customers feedback sooner, and facilitating collaboration easily in distributed teams.

Read More : Five Excellent Business Management Web Apps


Business partners and friends want to meet with you. Show them when you’re busy and available and let them submit meeting requests to get on your calendar. MeetMe is your central hub for scheduling.

Read More : 11 Great Websites To Plan And Organize Your Group Events Easier Than Ever


Webplanner is an online collaborative project management tool. You can use the power of the cloud to brainstorm project goals, phases, tasks, and multiple levels of subtasks with your team. Assign responsibility for tasks to team members, who will be notified automatically, and then work out task details through comments. Upload and share project-related files. Print reports. Schedule your project using a dynamic Gantt chart with dependencies and a critical path view. It will help you track the progress of your project using the Overscreen screen (at left), which includes a project status pie chart, a list of approaching tasks for the whole project and individual team members, a project activity feed,
and a team status list.

Read More : 7 Excellent Collaboration Tools You Might Now Know About But Should


You can create your free mobile website in minutes with Moably. It works seamlessly on the iPhone, Android, BalckBerry, and the majority of other major mobile operating systems.

Read More : 7 Cool Web Apps You Might Not Know About (But Should)


SnatchCode is a one click website backup solution. They help webmaster’s get rid of complicated backup solutions by replacing with their robust service.

Read More : Five Tools For Webmasters That Are Worth Checking Out



EmailTheWeb is the only web-based service that allows you to email any web page to any one. The entire web page is emailed in a flash and is captured as it is now. Your recipient will see the same exact page as you.

Read More : 7 Excellent Web Apps You Might Not Know About (But Should)


LayerStyles v 0.1 is just like your favorite graphics editor but in your browser. You can use it to create css code of the special effect you would like to give on your web design.

Read More : Five Great Web Applications For Designers And Alike


This is absolutely not your typical slideshow. With SlideBomb, You can add Youtube videos, Google Maps, images, links to images, text, and more to your slides for sharing and embedding anywhere.

Read More : Five Web Apps That Are Worth Checking Out


Twileshare assists you in uploading and sharing PNG, GIF, JPG, DOC or PDF files on Twitter.

Read More : 50 Power Tools And Applications To Make Your Life Easier With Twitter


You can now drag, drop, a few clicks and you can have the WordPress theme you wanted with Lubith. It has very intuitive interface that helps you move and resize the theme elements just by dragging the two knobs.

Read More : Four Promising (Yet Free) Online WordPress Theme Generators


Otipo is a web-based application which provides a new and fun way for scheduling shifts. With Otipo, all the required information is in one place, and all the team members can access it from anywhere, anytime. It’s time to say goodbye to the pen and paper and let Otipo schedule like a pro.

Read More : 6 Web Apps To Manage Team Collaboration More Effectively

Heartcode CanvasLoader Creator

The Heartcode CanvasLoader Creator is a free online tool which you can use to generate scripted preloaders (spinners or throbblers) for your HTML projects. The Creator is using the CanvasLoader UI Library.

Read More : 7 Excellent HTML5 Tools And Resources

Rapid  Searchmetrics: Website Speed Test

The website speedtester shows the duration of a given website. This value can be used for showing how long a website take to load and if it is better to optimize the website or change a (slow) ISP.

Read More : 10 Robust Services To Determine How Fast Your Web Page Loads


Doocuments is about people exchanging VIP documents. Doocuments technology is perfect for sending VIP files through the Internet without being afraid of the final destination or usage of the VIP information. This is designed both for individual use or company-wide deployments, Doocuments is a Cloud Computing tool that integrates seamlessly into user and corporations workflows with a suite of plug-ins for the main office software suites.

Read More : 12 Truly Helpful (Yet Free) Web Tools For Effective Business Management

YAML Builder

The Builder is designed for rapid development of CSS layouts, that are based on YAML.

Read More : 40 Excellent (Yet Free) CSS Tools And Generators For Developers

FindFiles is a rapidly developing search engine for files of all types, operating its own crawler. FindFiles database currently contains links to 732,941,672 files. FindFiles supports all existing Mime Types (apart from standard html text-pages) like jpeg, gif, png and tiff images, Microsoft doc and Excel documents and exe executables, pdf and plain text documents, dwg AutoCAD and wrl virtual reality data files, archives like zip, gzip and jar, apps for smartphones like apk for Android and sis for Symbian etc.

Read More : Five Unique Search Engines That Can Help You More Effectively


Manifested is a new utility for getting a jump start on converting your existing web site to work offline using HTML5′s cache manifest. Manifested scrapes a website for images, stylesheets, and JavaScripts that you may want to cache. Manifested then gives you a custom cache manifest file as a starting point for upgrading your website to support offline functionality.

Read More : 7 Must-Have Web Apps For Designers And Developers Toolbox


You can collaborate with your colleagues in real-time. All collaborating parties can chat and design flow charts at the same time. does not require any software download, it works with your favorite browser such as: Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Konqueror, Google Chrome.

Read More : 45+ Free Online Tools To Create Charts, Diagrams And Flowcharts

PDF to Word Online Converter

You will find numerous Word-to-PDF converters online but something that does the reverse is not that abundant. This is why many people will find PDF to Word Online Converter valuable – because it converts PDF files into Word documents.

Read More : 10 Best Online Tools For Converting Documents

Free online file converter

This free online file converter lets you convert media easy and fast from one format to another. They support a lot of different source formats, just try. If you can’t find the conversion you need, you can contact them. They will try to help you.

Read More : 11 Excellent Online Converters That Can Help You Convert Files And Formats


PrivNote is a free online note taking applications which you can use to jot down ideas or for any other reason. The best thing about PrivNote is that it generates a specific link for the Notes you create so that you can share them with your friends and family. Once the recipient read the note, it will be deleted automatically. It even notifies you once the recipient has read the note.

Read More : 10 Online Note Taking Web Services Every Internet User Should Know About

CSS3 Generator

With this tool, you can choose CSS properties from the list and fill in your required parameters and get the code with a live preview.

Read More : 45+ Handy CSS3 Tools, Tutorials and Resources


Uploading and saving files online is commonplace today. However, most online storage services require lengthy signup procedures and configurations before you can actually save a file. If you are in need of a quick way to store files online temporarily, QuickForget is the place to go. It lets users to upload files quickly and set the limit (time or views) after which the file will be removed from storage. A great website to store those important files securely.

Read More : Seven Promising Websites That Offer Great Yet Free Services


worldcat lets you search the collections of libraries in your community and thousands more around the world. WorldCat is one of the largest network of library content and services which students can use to complete their projects, essays and other school/university related work.

Read More : 7 Library Tools Students Would Find Handy is an impromptu meeting space that happens wherever, whenever. It’s getting a second or third pair of eyes on your presentation from across the hall or across the continent. It’s sharing your screen instantly with anyone or everyone to get stuff done, quickly.

Read More : Ten Brilliant Web Tools To Make Your Life Easier


GplusTo is a free to use web tool that lets you easily create a Google+ nickname. Based on your nickname it gives you a shortened URL that redirects to your original Google+ profile. Your shortened URL appears as a subdomain of GplusTo with your nickname added.

Read More : Top 5 Tools To Shorten Your Google Plus Profile URLs


Do you remember the Atari days when the graphics came in eight bit? well Eightbit.Me is a website on which you will be able to create an eight bit avatar of yourself. You just need to sign-in with your twitter account and visit the website on your iPhone and the website will walk you through easy steps to make a cool eight bit avatar of your choice. It’s for FREE.

Read More : 7 Excellent (And Fun) Ways To Create Avatars That Represent You



With QuickMaps, users can easily create a map of places they are planning to visits and put different markers on specific places, draw lines, mention details and work they are going for and much more. After creating the map, users can easily post it on their websites or save it so that they can carry it while travelling.

Read More : Five Excellent Free Tools To Create Your Own Map


FlickrSLiDR allows you to easily embed the classic flickr slideshows on your website or blog. All you need to do is enter the flickr URL address of the user, photo set or group you would like to embed along with some options.

Read More : 40 Amazing Tools To Enhance Your Flickr Experience


Chop is a quick and easy way to let the offending engineer know the error of their ways. Just copy and paste the lines in question, add your notes and share
them with a unique URL.

Read More : Ten Best Collaborative Sites For Quick Code Sharing


Billable is much like the first entry on this list. This web app lets you create an invoice by editing the fields on a template loaded up when you visit the site. Your finished invoice can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Read More : 6 Free Ways You Can Create And Manage Invoices Online

X-Icon Editor

X-Icon Editor is an HTML5 application (based on <Canvas>) that allows you to create high resolution icons that lets your sites shine with IE9. With X-Icon Editor you can quickly get your site ready with a large icon which will be available for pinned sites and the new tab page.

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A service provided by the popular website, this Find By Error Message page lets users browse common error messages seen on PCs. The list is pretty huge and if you face a problem while using your PC, there is a very likely chance that you can find the error details on this webpage.

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FotoFuze lets you make professional product photography out of ordinary photographs from ordinary cameras at absolutely no cost.

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Cocoo is a user friendly online drawing tool that allows you to create a variety of diagrams such as site maps, wire frames, UML and network charts. Cacoo can be used free of charge.

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With HidemyAss, you can surf the web anonymously, hide your IP address, secure your internet connection, hide your internet history, and protect your online identity. All you have to do is paste the URL of the website you want to visit and click on HideMyAss button.

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Enloop lets you autowrite your business plans in which Enloop helps you easily develop a bank and investor ready business plan, complete with all text and financial forecasts, for free. Then you can measure the success of your business (on a scale of 0-1,000) before or after you start the business. You also get automated financial forecasts with this service that is based on your input. The service automatically generates a 3-year bank and investor ready financial forecast for sales, profit and loss, cash flow, balance sheet forecasts and financial ratios. The forecasts are bank and investor ready to help loan underwriters evaluate your business for risk. This amazing service does all the technical stuff for you.

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This website gives you access to a virtual keyboard that can adapt into 67 different languages. So if you are looking to type in a different language this is the best solution for you. It also lets you directly use famous search engines and websites to put your text in. You can also save your file in a word document.

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tempalias helps you out by providing temporary, anonymous email addresses, also called “aliases”. Any message sent to the tempalias address will be forwarded anonymously to your real email address. You can set a maximum number of days or messages for which the tempalias will be valid. When either limit has been reached, your temporary address will automatically be deleted.

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Page Speed from Google Labs

This new experimental tool from Google Labs examines your website or personal blog and then gives you a deep insight into what can be done to improve the loading performance of your page. It is a very useful tool for all web masters as it gives users actions to perform based on a priority list. A must try free tool for use for all who want to improve their website performance.

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Another robust example of html5 based application where you can paint any color in any shade or opacity. You can even play with patterns and “Spirographs,”.

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Desktop Apps

Instant WordPress

Instant WordPress is a complete standalone, portable WordPress development environment. It turns any Windows machine into a WordPress development server. It will even run from a USB key.

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Remind Me Later

Remind Me Later adds events to iCal in two clicks. Type “Buy groceries at 4pm tomorrow”, and it will add “Buy groceries” to iCal at 4pm tomorrow.

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Recovery Toolbox File Undelete Free

Recovery Toolbox File Undelete Free is an efficient recovery tool for the NTFS file system. The program can be used free of charge, but it’s not limited in any way – it provides all the recovery features usually found in popular commercial products. The software has a very clear, straightforward and easy to use wizard-based interface that turns the entire recovery process into a chain of interconnected steps. In fact, the program is so easy to understand that anyone can use it, even if they have no recovery experience and possess a bare minimum of computer skills. All you need to do to get from point A to point B is to follow on-screen instructions and make your choices.

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Advanced SystemCare Free

Advanced SystemCare Free (formerly Advanced WindowsCare Personal) has a one-click approach to help protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC. This free PC repair software is a “must-have” tool for your computer.

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SiteSucker is an Macintosh application that automatically downloads Web sites from the Internet. It does this by copying the site’s Web pages, images, backgrounds, movies, and other files to your local hard drive. SiteSucker can be used to make local copies of Web sites. It can download files unmodified or “localize” the files it downloads, allowing you to browse a site offline.

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ScreenSh00ter creates a screenshot of what is visible on the entire screen, inside ScreenSh00ters frame or a rectangular area you draw on your screen by clicking and dragging your mouse.

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VirtuaWin is a virtual desktop manager for the Windows operating system (Win9x/ME/NT/Win2K/XP/Win2003/Vista/Win7). A virtual desktop manager lets you organize applications over several virtual desktops (also called ‘workspaces’). Virtual desktops are very common in Unix/Linux, and once you get accustomed to using them, they become an essential part of a productive workflow.

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Are tired of exporting different sizes for different iOS devices? Fear not, iConify is a quick and easy app to generate assets for your iOS app. With iConify, you can generate all these images straight from your PSD files.

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Disk Defrag

Disk Defrag will speed up your computer by optimizing file system. It can defragment files, consolidate free space and move system files to the faster part of the disk. With AML Free Disk Defrag you’ll get the maximum out of your hard drive performance. It is supplied with a powerful engine and smart algorithms which allow Disk Defrag to run much faster than similar tools.

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Safecopy is another file recovery tool that is best suited to extracting data from external sources such as floppies, CDs, etc. The app “includes a low level IO layer to read CDROM disks in raw mode.”

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Zip2Fix is a free portable tool to extract undamaged data from damaged Zip archive. The undamaged files are extracted into a new zip file.

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File Repair

File Repair software is a powerful tool to repair your corrupted files. It scans the damaged file and extracts maximum data from it to a new usable file. You can repair word documents, excel spreadsheets, zip, rar, selected video formats, pdf, etc.

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FocusWriter is a desktop application that comes in different versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This desktop app lets you setup a black background and green text combination much like Darkcopy. Additionally it can set a transparent writing screen with a custom background. You can start using whichever writing canvas you prefer.

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Apture Highlights

Apture Highlights is a free tool, built from the ground up to let you take the power of Google search, and the richness YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, and Wikipedia with you to any site. Just highlight a phrase on any site to reveal the web’s best content without ever leaving the page. It’s fast, powerful, and fun to use.

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ZenKEY allows you to control all aspects of your computer via keystrokes. Using the configuration utility of the ZenKEY Wizard, you can create menus, each containing items which perform “actions”.

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Synalyze It

Synalyze It! is a free and simple to use Mac OS X app which lets you easily edit and analyze binary files of any size. Synalyze It! features enhanced support for many character encodings and it will allow you to interactively define grammars for various file formats.

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Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer

It will help you automatically previews pdfs, powerpoint presentations, and other documents in Google Docs Viewer.

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Image Tricks Lite

Image Tricks Lite is a freeware photo editing application that utilizes Mac OS X Core Image filters and Quartz Compositions to transform your favorite photos. Image Tricks Lite also contains a powerful image generator for creating unique images at random.

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Smartphone And Tablet PC Apps

Salesforce Mobile

Salesforce Mobile gives you instant access to your Salesforce information on your iPhone.

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A simple HTML,ASP,JS and CSS editor for your coding on the road, use menu to >”save and view file” to preview.

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Ice Cream Maker

Ice cream Maker is here! where you can whip up any kind of Ice Cream for any occasion.

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Maverick is an off road GPS navigation application with offline maps support, compass and track recording. With Maverick app, users can automatically use Bing, Google and many other Maps, and they are cached so that they can be used offline, share your current position, navigate to different places easily and much more.

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DocScan lets you instantly scan multi-pages document and send out when there is no scanner nearby. By having it, you can scan not only documents in sight, but also whiteboards, receipts, business cards, posters, coupons, books …etc.

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Free Data Vault

free data vault

Free Data Vault is an excellent free android app which can help users hide any data type including photos and other media files. This application is different from other applications which allow users to set a password on different folders as it allow users to hide one photo in another and store the fake image on the sd card.

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USB Disk

USB Disk lets you store and view documents on your iPhone and iPod. It has an amazing built in document viewer and is very easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface, yet it contains many powerful features. Drag and drop files in iTunes to transfer them to your iPhone / iPod, then view them anywhere.

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Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD, most popular and powerful browser on Android Market, is built on Android 2.0+ platform. Beside some basic features, like gesture commands, multi-touch zooming, bookmarking (that syncs to Google bookmarks), Dolphin HD supports more powerful features such as versatile add-ons, better HTML5 support, customizable bookmarks sorting, innovative UI, Download Directory changing, and etc.

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Fuze Messenger

Fuze Messengers supports messaging across various networks with added feature of SSL encryption to secure your conversations.

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A 3D guide to the solar system for aspiring astronomers. You can discover when you can see your favorite planet, and where to look in the sky in relation to the stars and so much more.

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Dictionary & Thesaurus

The free app delivers trusted reference content from and No internet internet connection is needed to search words. The app includes nearly 2,000,000 words, definitions, synonyms and antonyms. It also features audio pronunciation, voice-to-text search and’s popular Word of the Day and Hot Word blog.

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Memory Trainer

memory trainer

Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things. No matter how many books you study, if you don’t have a sharp memory its as good as its in drain. Memory Trainer is an app to exercise your nerve muscles and train them to remember intense amount of data. It works out your spatial and working memory, focus, chunking and concentration skills.

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Mirror in your pocket

We all need to check our hair or makeup sometimes and this application is here to help. Just tilt the mirror properly so that you can get a good light from behind, you will then be able to perfectly see your reflection in the black background of the mirror.

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Tic Tac Toe Free

Now you can play Tic Tac Toe on your iPhone or iPod Touch for free. Tic Tac Toe Free is the first full-featured, free Tic-Tac-Toe game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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December 20 2011


Best Of 2011: 70 Beautiful And High Quality Free Textures

For the designing fraternity, premium quality texture, backgrounds and patterns are the most necessitated freebies on the internet. Use of texture in web designs is tremendously frequent. As a result every designer is in search of good quality textures, although they do not get all at one place. Therefore, in this collection we have gathered different types of textures like grunge, rust, watercolor, fabric, metal, natural, wall, stone, flower, paper, graffiti and more.

Designers are in love with all of those freely available textures that can help their designs to become more fine-looking and attractive. In this round-up we have collected 70 awesome free textures from 2011 to freshen up your designs. Enjoy and stay creative!

High-Res Wood Textures

High-Res Playdough Textures

High Resolution Graffiti Textures

High Resolution Grungy Surface Textures

High Resolution Brick & Tile Textures

BG 69

Seamless Marble Top Texture


Wall Texture


Rusting Painted Metal 2


Assorted Rock Surface Texture

Tree Bark

Weathered Pavement

Beautiful Flower Textures









Assorted Rock Surface Texture

Assorted Rock Surface Texture


Stained Paper Texture

Stained Paper Texture

Grunge Stone Texture

Grunge Stone Texture

Grunge Stone Texture


Grunge Stone Texture


Pebble Texture

Pebble Texture


Grainy Wall Texture

Vintage Checkered Texture 02



Brick 01


Brick 02

Weathered Pavement

Weathered Pavement

Apple iOS Linen Texture

Weathered Pavement

Weathered Pavement

Grunge Texture

Vintage Star Pattern Texture

Grunge Texture

Vintage Starburst Texture

Paper Texture

Colored Vintage Paper Texture 05 (Deep Blue)

Wallpaper Textures

High-Res Wood Textures

High-Res Wood Textures

High-Res Storm Cloud Textures

High-Res Wood Textures

High Resolution Metal Surface Textures

Grunge Texture

Paper Texture

Stained Paper Texture



Stained Paper Texture

Wallpaper Textures

High-Res Subtle Grunge Painting Textures

High-Res Playdough Textures

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December 17 2011


30 Beautiful Templates, Greeting Cards, Graphics To Get Ready for Christmas

Winter is finally here and Christmas isn’t that far away now. Christmas is the time of giving and the time when we give gifts to the ones we love and spend time with our families. We all love to receive Christmas greeting cards. Plus it’s a great solution if you have lots of relatives living far away. This article presents 30 Christmas and winter related items from Envato marketplaces to create the Christmas mood, put on greeting cards or simply touch up your email templates.

Raster Graphics

1. Jingle Jam Christmas Party Flyer ($6)


Use this design for any Christmas advertisement or Christmas party at a nightclub, at work or use as a holiday party invitation. 4×6 inches, CMYK, 300 DPI.

2. 20 seamless christmas backgrounds ($5)


This set comes with 10 patterned papers and 10 textured papers – that all look and feel like original Christmas wrapping paper. Patterns come as 500×500 jpegs.

3. Christmas Backgrounds ($5)


Pack with six artificial Christmas textures and decoration patterns. 3000x3000px, 300 dpi.

4. Christmas & New Years Eve Party Flyer ($7)


A clean, crisp, wintery, cold, exciting 6×10” PSD flyer template, perfect for any nightclub or party event. 3 variations, CMYK, 300 DPI.

5. Christmas Bash Party Flyer Pack ($7)


Modern and shining design to spotlight your event. 5 PSD files, CMYK, 300 DPI.

6. Santa and Christmas Reindeer ($2)


Illustration of flying Santa and Christmas reindeer

7. Typo Christmas Flyer Template ($4)


8. Wonderful Christmas Flyer & Postcard ($6)


This item includes a uniquely and carefully designed flyer & postcard. 8.5×11’’ + 8.5×5.5”, editable layers.

Vector Graphics

1. Santa Into the Winter Christmas Night ($3)


Christmas winter landscape with Santa in the sky.

2. Red and golden christmas background ($4)


3. Set Of Christmas Icons ($5)


4. Christmas Banners ($4)


5. Set vector christmas greeting card ($3)


Editable and scalable vector Christmas greeting card

6. Christmas Background with Sparkles ($4)


7. Santa Holding Wooden Banner ($4)


Email Templates landing pages

1. FeastMail ($14)


Feast Mail is an exclusive Christmas email template with business style. Snowy style with exclusively designed Christmas collages is a great way to share the warmth of the season your clients by sending them a beautiful Christmas email. 3 styles, 5 layouts and 6 color variations.

2. Simple Christmas ($15)


Simple Christmas is a user-friendly and flexible festive template. There are three designs with many possible variations and layered 3 Photoshop files included. 3 different layouts, commented code, layered PSD files.

3. Holiday Mail ($9)


Holiday Mail is a highly customizable email template. It comes with multiple modules which can be stacked over each other to get different layouts.

4. FeastMail 2 ($18)


Feast Mail 2 is a Christmas email template with twelve exclusively designed Christmas collages. great way to share the warmth of the season your clients by sending them a beautiful Christmas email. Inline CSS, commented code, layered PSD.

5. Christmas Season Landing Page Template ($10)


Included in this template package is one HTML page – the main landing page is perfectly formatted using good practices for landing page design including strong, obvious CTA areas (Call To Action) to help convert visitors into clients / customers.

6. XMAS Season ($6)


XMAS Season is a Christmas special deal promotion webpage for any kind of product you want to sell. HTML and CSS3 markup, responsive layout, Javascript slider, layered PSD.


All prices apply to medium size download.

1. Christmas ball($3)


2. Christmas gift sitting on a table ($3)


3. Christmas Present ($3)


4. Brightly lit Christmas tree ($3)


5. Beautiful xmas tree at dusk ($3)


6. Door opening into a living room ($3)


7. christmas($3)


8. Christmas($3)


9. Two candles with decoration ($3)


October 10 2011


How To Create Repeating Texture & Pattern Images

Repeating background images are safest method of styling up your website background other than a plain old CSS background color. Websites are viewed in all types and sizes of browser these days, so a repeating background ensures the whole of the user’s screen will be filled with your design, unlike a static image that can often end up being cropped off or lost in a sea of flat colour. Let’s take a look at how seamless or repeating textures and patterns can be created in Photoshop.

Creating seamless textures

Anyone who’s followed any of my tutorials or seen my work before will know how much I love using textures in my design work. Textures really help add a tactile feel to an otherwise flat and digital design. Open up a texture file and crop it in Photoshop to exclude any marks that would stand out when repeated.

Go to Filter > Other > Offset then enter a figure in the Horizontal and Vertical fields that’s half the dimensions of your image. My texture file is 800x800px, so I enter 400px in the fields.

The offset filter will show obvious lines where the file is repeated, but these can be blended in using the Healing Brush. Hold ALT while selecting a sample area, then draw over the lines with a soft brush. Photoshop will disguise the hard lines to blend the four corners together.

Give the new file a test in a new document by duplicating and butting up the copies against each other. You should be left with a seamless file that doesn’t leave any obvious gaps.

Creating repeating patterns

Repeating pattern files are also a popular choice for website backgrounds. Patterns come in all shapes and designs, from vintage wallpaper to simple stripes like these. Whatever pattern you’re creating the same simple steps apply.

Zoom in and pick a focal point on the design, in this case it’s a point in the design where the pink line changes to yellow. Drag out a marquee until you reach the same point elsewhere on the design.

Crop the image to size then make duplicates to check whether the file tessellates and creates a seamless pattern.

Creating pixel patterns

Pixel patterns have been popular in web design since the early days of Photoshop designed table layouts. They really help add subtle detail to your website background or page elements. Create a new document at 3x3px.

Zoom as far into the document as possible, then use the Pencil tool to fill three pixels to create a diagonal line.

When this pattern file is applied to an element at normal zoom it creates an intricate diagonal line pattern. Check out my pack of free pixel patterns, containing similar diagonal lines amongst other pattern swatches.

April 29 2011


Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Advertisement in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds
 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds  in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds  in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

An attractive and compelling background adds depth to your graphics, banners or ads; and for this reason is of great importance. Sure there are some people who might not notice backgrounds, but the role they play in making the entire artwork look more interesting and visually alluring is paramount. They really do help to tie the entire piece together, no matter how simply or aggressively they are employed.

Here, we are showcasing some of the web’s truly amazing Abstract Background Design Photoshop Tutorials for our readers. Be you a PS enthusiast or junkie, you will surely want to take a look at the offerings we have compiled. Feel free to share your opinion with us.

Abstract Backgrounds Tutorials

Abstract Kaleidoscope Poster – Photoshop CS5
This tutorial lets you learn how to create an attention-grabbing kaleidoscope type poster in Photoshop CS5 by combining basic colors, shapes and brushes. A layered PSD file is included.

Abstracttutorials10 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Abstract Starfield Background – Photoshop CS5
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a tremendous space scene in Photoshop CS5 by mixing different shapes, brushes and blending modes. A layered PSD file is included to help you get started!

Abstracttutorials11 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Create Abstract Valentine’s Day Card
In this tutorial you will learn how to craft a vibrant Valentine’s Day card befitting of the day, by means of basic shapes and gradients in Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Abstracttutorials12 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Create Awesome Abstract Nebula Circle Shape in Photoshop
Here the artist will take you through the steps he took to create this stunning abstract design. This is an intermediate level tutorial so proceed with care and be prepared.

Abstracttutorials43 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Create Artistic Abstract Shapes via the Powerful Warp Tool in Photoshop
This tutorial shows you how to bring warp tool plus into play to generate great looking abstract shapes to beautify your design. The steps are truly simple and the effect can be used in a wide range of occasions.

Abstracttutorials44 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Easily create planetary ring via cloud and twirl filter in photoshop.
In this tutorial, using the cloud and twirl tools you will be able to easily create a planetary ring no galaxy would be complete without.

Abstracttutorials45 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Create Simple Abstract Shining Wave Line
Want to get trained on how to recreate this simple yet alluring abstract background? Simply follow this helpful tut.

Abstracttutorials47 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Create a Detailed Meteorite and Surrounding Space Environment in Photoshop
In this intermediate level tutorial, the artist will show you the steps he took to create this detailed meteorite and surrounding space environment in photoshop. Some steps can be bit trickey, but the payoff is worthwhile.

Abstracttutorials42 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Chroma Wallpapers
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a great abstract work of art combining a 3D-looking base with some various added effects.

Abstracttutorials1 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Create a Wavy Blackberry Style Wallpaper Design
Here, Fabio Sasso teaches you how to create an abstract background image using Photoshop alone to give a cool wavy pattern with some eye-catching lighting effects to your work.

Abstracttutorials2 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Abstract Lines Background
This tutorial guides you step by step on how to create an abstract lines background in Photoshop. This one is a must!

Abstracttutorials3 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Calculations And Colorization
This Photoshop tutorial shows the creation of an Alpha Channel by means of the calculations dialog that will create a truly amazing abstract colorized photo effect.

Abstracttutorials4 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Creating the new retro
Learn to give retro-style graphics your individual modern-day spin with this tutorial shared by Graphic designer, James White.

Abstracttutorials5 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Drawing an Abstract Lightbulb
In this tutorial, you will learn a couple of techniques that include glows using layer styles, stroking path, particles using brush dynamics, and bokeh effects.

Abstracttutorials6 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Abstract lighting effects
This tutorial guides you through creating some lighting effects with colorful wave elements by using Photoshop CS4. You can achieve the same results even if you have other versions of the program.

Abstracttutorials7 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Space Lighting Effects in 10 Steps
Here, the artist is showing you how to quickly give life to a space scene with some pleasant lighting effects.

Abstracttutorials8 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

How to Create Brilliant Light Streaks in Photoshop
This tutorial will teach you some simple techniques for creating dazzling light streaks which can be utilized in different manners to add movement and brightness to your designs.

Abstracttutorials9 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Create Abstract Colorful Balls illustration in Photoshop CS5
This drawing tutorial takes you through the formation of this abstract multicolored illustration with the use of simple tools and techniques like the Ellipse Tool, Brush Tool, Gradient Tool, Layer Style, etc. in CS5.

Abstracttutorials13 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Create Abstract Background with Bokeh effect
Generate an abstract and vibrantly rich background with bokeh effects via Photoshop’s drawing tools, blending modes, and lighting techniques.

Abstracttutorials14 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Luminescent Lines
A simple yet very powerful technique to create an abstract wallpaper or image that looks simply stunning and stylish.

Abstracttutorials16 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Abstract Background of Colored Bars
An easy to follow and understand tutorial on how to design abstract backgrounds, wallpapers, greeting cards, designs, and all that other good stuff.

Abstracttutorials17 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Abstract Image
Craft a fine-looking and amazing effect with just a few simple steps.

Abstracttutorials19 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Cool abstract background
Here, the artist takes you through the steps employed to design abstract backgrounds from bubbles and waves using Photoshop.

Abstracttutorials20 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Easy Abstract Photoshop Tutorial
Use a few brushes and effects to create a very simple abstract shape via the guiding hands of this tutorial.

Abstracttutorials21 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Intense Solar Flare (Filter) Effect
In this tutorial you will learn how to create an outstanding abstract background using this intense solar flare effect.

Abstracttutorials22 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Create a fantastic background texture
This tutorial lets you learn how to produce a fantastic background texture that you can customize for your own projects and purposes.

Abstracttutorials23 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Abstract Airbrushing
In this tutorial you will learn how to create attractive abstract bursts of light for your renders.

Abstracttutorials27 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Windows Vista Aurora Effect
A Photoshop tutorial which covers creating a Vista like background with aurora type effects.

Abstracttutorials15 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Wallpaper Effect
This tutorial walks you through creating a warped effect that you can use to create artistic and profressional backgrounds and wallpapers.

Abstracttutorials28 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Simple technique by brush strokes for the creation of some fashionable backgrounds.

Abstracttutorials29 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Digital Star Effect
In this tutorial you will learn how to give your work an effect reminiscent of shimmering sequins.

Abstracttutorials30 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Mac-type background
This tutorial is focused on the subject of making a “mac” style background.

Abstracttutorials31 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Signature Backgrounds
In this tutorial you will be taught how to create a nice abstract background that you are sure to become known for using.

Abstracttutorials26 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Colourful Swirl
In this tutorial you will learn how to create a colorful swirl by using Adobe Photoshop.

Abstracttutorials32 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Colorful Tornado
In this tutorial, you are being shown how to build a fine-looking vibrant tornado or pinwheel styled design in Photoshop.

Abstracttutorials33 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Abstract Artsy Background
Here, you will learn how to create amazing abstract artsy backgrounds for any of your design works.

Abstracttutorials34 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

How to create abstract colorful rainbow background
Learn how to use Photoshop’s simple shapes, layer styles and gradients to generate a pleasant abstract rainbow background.

Abstracttutorials35 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Aurora Borealis – North-South Polar Lights
In this tutorial, the artist is showing how you can recreate an Aurora Borealis type background by using Photoshop only.

Abstracttutorials36 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Design Eye-catching Laser Particle Abstract Effect in Photoshop
Learn how easy it is in Photoshop to create these attention-grabbing laser particle effects. This is a beginner guide with simple and easy steps to follow.

Abstracttutorials37 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Hexagon Bokeh Effect in Photoshop
In this tutorial, you will learn how to craft a digital bokeh effect using hexagons. Brush engine, patterns, blend modes and basic filters are used to accomplish this effect.

Abstracttutorials38 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Creating Smoke
Learn to create a beautiful smoky effect for your designs by using Photoshop with the help of this tutorial.

Abstracttutorials40 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Create a Rather Interesting, Wavy and Curving Abstract Shape Effect in Photoshop
This tutorial walks you through the formation of this somewhat appealing and colorful shape. A very detailed tutorial with large numbers of helpful screenshots.

Abstracttutorials41 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Create beautiful hair-like abstract lines to decorate your design in photoshop.
Create stunning hair like line work and beautify your design with this easy to follow tutorial. This is novice level tutorial with the intention of teaching how to utilize the pen tool and dynamic brush setting.

Abstracttutorials46 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Create Simple, Yet Elegant Abstract Spectrum Lines
Learn step by step how the artist has created this simple yet appealing abstract spectrum of lines that can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Abstracttutorials48 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Create a Futuristic Abstract Wallpaper
Learn how to use various filters in PS to generate a wallpaper with a futuristic feel.

Abstracttutorials49 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

Creating a Stunning Digital Smoke Effect
This tutorial teaches you how to effortlessly create digital abstract smoke by means of both Illustrator and Photoshop. This technique is incredibly customizable and you can do it pretty swiftly.

Abstracttutorials50 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds

How to Create an Interplay of Abstract Light Streaks
A detailed tutorial that will guide you through generating an series of abstract light streaks.

Abstracttutorials52 in Useful Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Abstract Backgrounds


March 07 2011


30 Examples of Big Backgrounds in Web Design – Round 2

Four months ago, we showcased 30 Examples of Big Backgrounds in Web Design, and we can say that the trend surrounding big images as backgrounds is still hot. As we noticed that a number of new websites were using big backgrounds, we decided to do a fresh round of examples to inspire you. Here you will see websites using big images as the focal point and you’ll also see sites using big images to enhance the content in creative ways. Keep in mind that using only a huge image as a background is a bit risky, since you might be driving attention away from content. So try to have something “in between those lines”.



Moods of Norway


Art of Kinetik


Michael Korstick

Handle With Love


Brandon Knaster Jewelry


Te Haku Lake House




Weight Shift


Frank Chimero




Nike Skateboarding


Image the Music




Nike Better World


Ben Thomson Photography




Cat Rabbit










NFB Interactive


Mies van der Rohe Society


Design Made in Germany




Valerio Berruti


German Craft







The Best Designs
Site Inspire

December 31 2010


The Ultimate ‘Best Of 2010′ Resources For People Who Create Designs

Today, we are going to take a look on few of the best of 2010 collection for designers and developers that we think you would really like to bookmark for 2011. We hope you guys will like this stunning collection of inspiration, resources, tutorials and showcases of design related stuffs. Just take a look at them and share your thought’s here.

You are welcome if you want to share more cool best of 2010 collection that our readers/viewers may like. Do you want to be the first one to know the latest happenings at just subscribe to our rss feed and you can follow us on twitter as well.

33 Creative Movie Posters of 2010

The 69 Coolest Apps Of 2010

Best of 2010: Sites of the Week

The best of the best tools and resources for web design of 2010

Top 50 Free Fonts Created in 2010

Best Free Textures and Patterns of 2010

40 High Quality Free PSD Files Released In 201040 High Quality Free PSD Files Released In 2010

Best of Best WordPress Tutorials of 2010

The Best Premium-Like Free WordPress Themes Of 2010

Our Favorite Photoshop Tutorials of 2010 on Psdtuts

A Review of Web Design Trends from 2010

Absolutely Amazing Techniques To Create Eye-Catching Websites With JQuery (Best Of 2010)

Best of the Best Photoshop Tutorials from 2010

The Top 50 Best Digital and CG Artworks from 2010

21 Best Tutorials for Creating Icons in Photoshop from 2010

Awesome Tutorials That Will Make You Acquainted With What Photoshop Can Do (Best of 2010)

Best Illustrator Tutorials from 2010

The Top 100 Best Business Cards from 2010

50 of the Best Photoshop Tutorials of 2010

Best Icon Sets Of 2010 You Would Not Want To Miss

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December 30 2010


53 Creatively Designed YouTube Backgrounds to Inspire You

If you will be googling articles with collections of backgrounds for MySpace, Twitter, Friendster, etc., you will find many. But, seldom that you will find YouTube layouts in the research. So, we have decided to compile some of the best, creatively designed YouTube background layouts for you to download. For the steps on how to customize your YouTube channel, scroll down to the bottom part of the article. Enjoy making your YouTube channel beautiful!

1. Digital Abstract

A white layout with colorful objects on the background. The white layout stands out because of the colorful background used.

Digital abstract

2. Royal Fantasy

A layout in a shade of Blue. The circles make the design look like a fantasy.

Royal fantasy

3. Snowboard

If you are looking for a really simple and clean layout, then this one dedicated for you. A white with snowboard-shaped figure on the background and a Green font color to make it more clean.


4. Music Doodles

A very clean school-themed layout with music doodles on the background.

Music doodles

5. Sketches

Different kinds of sketches on the background with some grunge-style effect.


6. Paper Clouds

A clean layout with clouds that are made into paper.

Paper clouds

7. Glowing Paint

One cool YouTube layout with nice background in gradient and spilled paints as the border that makes it more look creative.

Glowing paint

8. Color Dots

Very cute background with circles and a transparent layout that make the design looks professional.

Color dots

9. Skyline

Do you like designs with silhouettes? Then, you may also like this layout. It has a skyline silhouette on the background and a transparent layout to emphasize more the contents of the page.


10. Retro Lines

A simple layout with a five way-like lane on the background.

Retro lines

11. Love

Feeling romantic? Then, you may use this layout to reflect your feelings. A pinkish-red layout with hearts drawn on it.


12. Blackboard

A layout where the YouTube videos and other contents are placed on a chalkboard. Cool, right? For those who hates chalkboard because of school will now probably like it.


13. Paint House

Paint House is a sleekish layout with some drops or spills of paints on the background. The Blue background makes it look very attractive.

Paint house

14. Notes

A cool design where one page of a notebook is put as the main layout of the whole channel background.


15. Paper Galaxy

A plain background with a color of pink and violet well-blended together. Also, the paper that is hung emphasizes the contents of the page.

Paper galaxy

16. Spring

A layout that is designed for Spring season. The colors gives a refreshing look onto the layout, as well as the cute flowers on the background.


17. Retro Glass

Want to go simple and retro? This layout can be your choice. Retro style with a glass effect on the content layout.

Retro glass

18. Abstract Background

Be abstract and feminine with this background. Very chic and stylish.

Abstract background

19. Apple Fan

Are you a fan of Apple? You may like this Apple-themed layout.

Apple fan

20. City-side

A perfect layout to brighten up your channel with this inspired city-themed in Blue.


Are you a fan of abstract, graffiti or grunge styles? Therefore, you may like these YouTube layouts.

21. Future Abstract

A blue inspired abstract background layout with a glowing effect that makes the contents stand out.

Future abstract

22. Green/Orange Abstract

Nice swirls! Very captivating layout indeed.

Green orange tech

23. Big Graffiti Wall #1

Graffiti is stylish. This layout is one good example.

Big graffiti

24. Retroffiti

A good graffiti-retro-themed layout. The colors are nice and attractive.


25. Big Graffiti Shiney #2

I find this one cool, aren’t you? Nicely done graffiti indeed.

Big graffiti shiney

26. Document #5

This is how can dirty look creative. Make this one as your choice!

Document 5

27. Stay With Me

Let your viewers stay on your channel with this nicely designed layout.

Stay with me

28. Grungy Abstract Star

Nice swirls and choice of colors. A good layout to make your YouTube go grungy yet creative.

Grungy abstract star

29. Grunge Destruction

Let YouTube users be distracted with this grunge background layout.

Grunge destruction

30. Grunge Abstract

A nice texture drawn on the background with a grunge style look.

Grunge abstract

How about layouts that are related to technology? Here are they…


31. Computer Network

Different kinds of technology on the background with a transparent white content layout.


32. Tech Master

If you want to go techy and abstract, this tech inspired layout you may use.


33. MacOSX

Make your channel like how MacOSX look with this layout.



34. Lil Wayne Vector #10

For the fans of Lil Wayne, here is a black and pink layout and Lil Wayne in a vector-like style. Very cute.

Lil wayne vector

35. Wayne #16 (2.0)

Another Lil Wayne layout, but in a white, grungy look. The 3D text is nice, it gives life to the design.

Wayne 16

36. Katy Perry #11 (2.0)

Very Katy Perry! If you are an avid fan of Katy Perry who also likes girly thing, then this layout is for you.

Katy perry

37. Miley Cyrus #3 (2.0)

A youthful look of layout for the fans of Miley Cyrus. The concept of the layout is great.

Miley cyrus

38. R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Clean and professional look of YouTube layout of the king of pop, Michael Jackson. May he rest in peace.

Michael jackson

For those who are fan of movies, I have here some movie layouts for your YouTube channel.


39. The Hangover

Loved the movie, The Hangover? Tell other YouTube subscribers by customizing your channel with this one?


40. Toy Story 3

Make your YouTube channel cute like how the story of Toy Story 3 is.

Toy story 3

41. The Hulk

This The Hulk YouTube layout can be your choice of you want to go dark but creative. The shade of Green is nice and the background is so scary.


42. Avatar

Avatar is a great movie! Feel free to use this Avatar-inspired layout in Blue green color scheme.


43. Twilight

If you love Twilight, you may also love this YouTube layout.


44. Pirates of the Carribean 4

Make your channel into a pirate-themed layout with some grunge style.

Pirates of the carribean

45. Harry Potter

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Try this layout for your channel.

Harry potter

46. Kungfu Panda

I love Kungfu Panda! The story is nice as how beautiful this layout is.

Kung fu panda

47. Prison Break

I like the way the story is created as how I like this layout is done.

Prison break

48. The Book of Eli

Liked the movie, The Book of Eli? You may want to put this as your YouTube layout.

The book of eli


49. MG XPOWER 5V #5

Greatly done layout with a grunge-style effect on the background. Nice blending of colors.

MG Power 5V 5

50. Ford Police Interceptor

The building and the police car blended well on the background. A great layout to use.

Ford police interceptor

51. Lambo # 6

Be grungy with a Lamborghini on the background with this layout. So cool!

Lambo 6

52. RX7 Veilside #3

For guys who love cars, this cool orange themed layout can be your choice.

Rx7 veilside

53. Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 #2

Love Ford Mustang Shelby? Try this nice layout with awesome brushes put on the background.

Ford mustang shelby

Resources: Best Websites To Download YouTube Layouts

1. BackgroundTube has the purpose to serve one very small purpose, to give you free, professional looking backgrounds to use on your YouTube channel. Backgrounds you find here will always be free and awesome.



MyTubeDesign provides a collection of top quality YouTube Channel Layouts, as well as a platform for talented YouTubers to showcase their channels.

MyTubeDesign is dedicated to the YouTube Community. One of the goals of MTD is to be an open channel to the community and provide the best channel designs out there. Not only are the excellent layouts designed with passion, but also are free for everyone to use.


3. YTLayouts

YTLayouts is also one good website that offers YouTube layouts for your channel for free. You can find different layouts that are grouped into categories.


4. Free YouTube Layouts

Free YouTube Layouts is a website that offers YouTube channel layouts all for free.


Before you go, I will be teaching you on how to customize your YouTube channel layout. Make sure that you downloaded first your chosen theme. Do not worry, even little ones can do this.

How To Customize YouTube Channel Layout

1. Log in on YouTube. Click your channel name located on the upper right corner of your screen and click My Channel, then you will be prompted on your channel page.


2. Once you are already on your channel, click the Themes and Colors button.


3. Download your chosen YouTube channel layout. In my case, I used Lovely Graffiti that can be found on YTLayouts. You may find the image below and copy each colors on your YouTube channel.


4. Click Save Changes.


And that’s it! You have just customized your YouTube channel layout.

To stand out from the rest of the YouTube users, customize your channel layout. Hoping you enjoyed and learned something on this article.

December 27 2010


To Resolve Project – Phenomenal New Years Resolution Inspiration

RESOLVE: verb, to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something)


Resolutions come and go and some rarely make it past the first week of February. Chris Streger decided to change that by asking several of his designer friends to make their own ‘resolution’ in the form of an iPhone Background. He started the To Resolve project that stemmed from a conversation with his girlfriend. He sent out as many ‘call to arms’ as he could think of to designers he knew or those he didn’t. There’s been some pretty great work come in so far and it’s almost double in the last few days. If you need some inspiration, a new iPhone background or you want to design your own, check out the To Resolve Project.

Mads Burcharth | His Submission

mads burcharth

Tyler Galpin | His Submission


Dan Cassaro | His Submission


Bobby McKenna | His Submission


Matt Payson | His Submission

Matt Payson

Stefanie Pepping | Her Submission


Cassie Stegman | Her Submission


Sean Ball | His Submission


Michael Spitz | His Submission


Travis Fleck | His Submission


Rich Arnold | His Submission


Paul Wilkes | His Submission


Scott Hill | His Submission


Joseph Hughes | His Submission


Matt Stevens | His Submission

Resolve MattStevens

Jason Hines | His Submission


Curtis Jenkins | His Submission


Jenn Lew | Her Submission


Chris Streger | His Submission


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To Resolve Project – Phenomenal New Years Resolution Inspiration

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