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December 23 2013


Mouth-watering: 50 Stunning Commercial-free Photos for Food Industry Designs


Professional photos of food and food-related scenes can be hard to come by when you have to stick to a thrifty budget. Yet, sometimes you have a startup business client who needs to keep costs low, which means that cheap – or even free – photos are necessary. Or maybe you need stock photos to make your theme demo look too incredible to pass up. Food photos are also an excellent idea for unique textures for your design project.

November 22 2013


Design Faves: New Wellspring of Inspiration for Designers


In the design world nothing gets created without the initial spark of inspiration. Sometimes you as a designer sit down and inspiration is all around you. Most of the time it’s not. To make it through these hard times, all of us have a bunch of bookmarks at hand, with sites focusing on getting the ideas flowing. Now the makers of WebDesigner Depot, Mighty Deals, Techi and Brushlovers have entered the scene with their inspiration-dedicated and in itself beautiful website Design Faves. Let’s have a look…

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November 04 2013


Banksy in New York: Controversy, Adversity, and Exposure


As all of the art world knows by now, Banksy, the elusive street artist from the UK has spent the entire month of October in New York. He left 27 works of art in various locations of New York, plus a landscape oil painting “vandalized”, an unpublished op-ed for The New York Times, and two videos plus a free t-shirt graphic for fans on his website. Appropriately named Better Out Than In, Banksy clearly reveals in the header of the website that his New York trip is about his conviction that art should be found outside of galleries to be easily seen and enjoyed by the masses.

October 04 2013


Street Creativity: The Art of Japanese Manhole Covers


Of all the complaints you’ll hear from creatives about disrespectful clients, on all of the websites dedicated to crazy, and rude clients, you’ll never see the name of a Japanese creative, complaining about a client. Why is that? Perhaps because in a country that values creativity, that entitles creatives as “living treasures,” clients don’t try to talk jobs worth thousands, down to $50, or come up with excuses to not pay for work done. Before you pack up and move to Japan, enjoy this collection of street art, an outdoor gallery of manhole cover art, and dream of a place where you are worshipped for your creative abilities.

September 20 2013


Colorful Backgrounds and Illustrations by SolveigEugenia Design

SolveigEugenia Design has officially opened up shop on Creative Market, and we couldn't be more thrilled. This shop has so many colorful and creative illustrations, its perfect for COLOURlovers everywhere.

I've selected some of my favorites below, and I hope you enjoy them!

Colorful Polygon Background

Artistic Female Vector Illustration

Beautiful Girl Vector Illustration

Orange and Purple Polygon Pattern

Tags: Art

September 10 2013


Colorful Vintage Papers from Eclectic Anthology

Eclectic Anthology is an incredible collection of digital graphic design resources by Catherine Haugland. You'll find an incredible array of vintage styled designs that you can download and use to create incredible paper products, scrapbooks, and much more. Here are some of my favorite items from Eclectic Anthology:

Tags: Art

September 04 2013


Creative graphic design resources from Rebekah Kreiger

Rebekah Kreiger is the graphic artist behind Tangle's Treasures, where she offers a variety of images and creations for use by other designers and creatives. Her designs have been showcased everywhere from small business branding and images to the largest multi-national corporations. Check out some of her amazing designs, and start using them to create incredible web designs and graphics or items for print like invitations and brochures.


Fairy ClipArt


Forest Animal ClipArt

Hand drawn leaves and laurels

Doodle Frames

Build-a-Bouquet ClipArt

Watercolor Flower ClipArt

Tags: Art

September 03 2013


Cute ClipArt from Olga Galeeva

Olga is a graphic designer and stay at home mom based in Moscow. She has an incredible eye for cute design and is great at crafting sweet clip art designs that can be used for everything from invitations to flyers and other papers goods.

Check out some of my favorite items from Olga below:

Tags: Art

August 12 2013


Handmade Watercolor Art by Yao Cheng

Yao Cheng is a designer currently based in Columbus, Ohio. She specializes in creative watercolor paintings, and designs everything from greeting cards to larger art pieces. Check out some of her work below, and let us know which are your favorites.

Blue Waves

Green Hills


Blue Triangles

Multi Triangles

Dots in Blue

Looking to create some stunning watercolor art pieces without actually getting our your paint brushes? These resources from Creative Market will help you create stunning watercolor masterpieces without actually getting paint anywhere.

Tags: Art

July 25 2013


Colorful Watercolor Birds

There's something incredibly romantic, sweet, and simple about watercolor. It's great to see colors blend together, and create new variations. We've fallen in love with watercolor art recently, and found two amazing artists who have done a great job creating whimsical watercolor birds.

Watercolor Birds by Dean Crouser

Dean Crouser is an Oregon based artist who tries to keep his work simple, beautiful, and elegant.  These birds are incredibly artistic and show an amazing amount of depth and emotion.

Birds by Abby

Abby is an illustrator and artist based in Pennsylvania. A recent college graduate, she spends her time trying new things with art, and exploring her creativity. We love the colorful way she uses watercolor.

*Featured Image from Abby Diamond's Society6 Profile

Create Your Own Watercolor Masterpieces with Creative Market by downloading these products:


Tags: Art

July 18 2013


Colorful Backgrounds

Hey COLOURlovers, are you looking for an incredibly fun and colorful background? Check out these fun backgrounds that are incredibly colorful and perfect for your computer, or any creative project you want to work on.

Colorful Abstract Backgrounds

Summer Patterns

Colorful Abstract Backgrounds

Painted Textures

Colorful Summer Textures

Grunge Backgrounds

Tags: Art

July 16 2013


Colorful Art from Handmade by Jessica

Handmade by Jessica is a fun blog dedicated to art, discovery, and creative journaling. Jessica will walk you through a variety of fun tutorials on creating fun works of art. Here are some of my favorite projects Jessica has done. They are incredibly colorful and creative!

Watercolor Backgrounds

Ink Backgrounds

Want to create stunning and artistic journals like the ones featured above, without the paint? Check out Creative Market's resources for creating fun watercolor and ink art.

Tags: Art

July 15 2013


Steampunk in 3D Design: 40 Fascinating Time Travels



Today we have true inspiration for 3D designers, or any designer even. We collected 40 Steampunk designs to send your mind on a time travel back to your childhood, when you were dreaming of becoming Han Solo, Darth Vader or – who knows – Chewbacca. Dreams can get hairy, can’t they? The following collection shows how much fantasy can be contained in one single designer. Admirable…

July 11 2013


Latest Colorful Art from Simon C Page

I recently featured Simon's amazing art on COLOURlovers, but wanted to bring it back again, because he's posted some really cool and amazing stuff lately. Definitely had to share it with the COLOURlovers community.

Raindrops Variant


Amplify Bookmark

Doodle Perspective Tower 2

Totally and utterly impressed by Simon's work and want to start creating amazing art prints yourself? Use some of these items to create cool works of art:

Grunge Brushes

Aztec Watercolor Brushes

Bokeh Brushes

Tags: Art

July 08 2013


Typography Lyrics Prints by Charlotte Horsfal

Lyric a Day was an amazing project started by Charlotte Horsfal over two years ago. She has recently stopped this project, but has amassed a huge collection of quirky and unique typography prints depicting some of her favorite lyrics. Check out some of my favorites from her collection:

If you're looking to create some awesome stuff like these prints above, check out these cool fonts from Creative Market to create your own typography lyric prints:

Tags: Art

July 01 2013


Creative Design Resources by Morgana Lamson

Morgana Lamson is a creative designer and illustrator who is well loved by the Creative Market and COLOURlover families. She has an amazing eye for design and does a wonderful job creating truly unique pieces. Along with her husband Gerren, they run Satchel & Sage, a super fun print and textile company. I thought I would feature some of my favorite items from Satchel & Sage for your enjoyment today, and then provide you with links to some of Morgana's amazing design resources so you can start creating amazing prints too!

Satchel & Sage - From their Etsy store

The Woodland Creatures featured below have to be one of my favorites from Satchel & Sage, I hope you enjoy them as well! which animal is your favorite?

Looking to get creative? Check out Morgana's amazing design resources on Creative Market:

If you're in San Francisco July 27-28th, 2013 (Saturday and Sunday) be sure to check out Satchel & Sage at the Renegade Craft Fair! You can meet Morgana and Gerren, and pick up some of their great designs!

Tags: Art

June 17 2013


The Surreal and Colorful Art of David Garvey

If you're looking to be enchanted, you need to check out the work of David Garvey. I have never seen such cool and intricate pieces of art in my life! I'm incredibly mystified and in awe of these colorful gorgeous pieces, and I hope that you enjoy these pieces as much as I have.

Tags: Art

June 13 2013


Colorful Owl Art Pieces

Recently, I have become obsessed with owls. I'm not entirely sure why I've been obsessed with owls, perhaps it's because they are wise, or perhaps it's because they are mysterious. I decided to comb the internet to find some of the most colorful and creative owl art pieces for your inspiration and enjoyment.

Let me know if you come up with any cool owl-inspired color palettes!

Want to add some cool owl art to your paper projects, or digital works? Check out some of the awesome owl graphics from Creative Market:

Tags: Art

June 12 2013


Sweet and Delicate Watercolor Animals by Susan Windsor

I absolutely love animals, and I've definitely fallen in love with these colorful watercolor animals created by Susan Windsor. Susan does an amazing job bringing these animals to life with her amazingly intricate watercolor pieces.

Looking to create some colorful watercolor art? These watercolor brushes from Creative Market will help you create gorgeous and colorful art pieces just like the ones featured above.

Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

Tags: Art

June 11 2013


Creative Typographic Posters from A Certain Type

I love looking at how people can create amazing pieces of art by simply crafting images focus entirely upon words. Words are extremely powerful and these typographic art images by A Certain Type are extraordinary. I love how the artists use different color combinations and pick statements and phrases with a high personal significance. Which  piece is your favorite?

Looking to create cool typographic posters like the ones featured above? Check out Creative Market's awesome fonts to help you create gorgeous typographic art:

Tags: Art
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