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February 24 2014


February 21 2014

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February 20 2014


February 19 2014


February 18 2014

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February 12 2014


Minimal is the New Black: 20 Fresh Free WordPress Themes from January 2014


Continuing with our monthly series, today we bring you a new edition of the most recent and beautiful themes available. All our new entries sport a minimal style, which is undoubtedly growing in popularity. In order to improve their websites’ speed, to ensure that visitors focus on content and – not least – granting a perfect experience on mobile devices, many website creators are switching to minimal themes. Reason enough for us to lay a focus on clean, flat and all around more simplistic designs.

February 10 2014


45 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

Here we are showcasing 45 Essential WordPress plugins that will make blogging even more interesting for you. These days, a wide number of plugins are available for the bloggers that help them share their content and make blogging easier for them, since the competition on the internet is out of control; you definitely need some plugins that can make certain blogging processes easier for you and for your readers as well.

Here, we have put together 45 most essential WordPress plugins that are must to have for every blogger. All of these plugins are free to use and will save plenty of your time. So, browse through this collection and pick as many as you need. Enjoy!


Sociable Skyscraper is the ultimate advanced and feature-packed plugin for setting up a rating system on your WordPress blog. This plugin allows you to set up different rating systems for posts, pages and comments with a great degree of customization.

Contact Form 7

Just another contact form plugin. Simple but flexible.

Gigya Socialize

Make Your Site Social by integrating Gigyas social optimization service into your WordPress site.


IntenseDebate is a feature-rich comment system for WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and many other blogging/CMS platforms.


Adds a more advanced paging navigation interface.

Social Metrics

Track how’s your blog doing across the leading social networking websites and services.

Digg Digg

Your all in one share buttons plugin. Add a floating bar with share buttons to your blog. Just like Mashable!

Social Media Widget

The Social Media Widget is a simple sidebar widget that allows users to input their social media website profile URLs and other subscription options to show an icon on the sidebar to that social media site and more that open up in a separate browser window.

The Hello Bar

Easily add your Hello Bar to your WordPress blog with the official Hello Bar for WordPress plugin.

W3 Total Cache

Improve site performance and user experience via caching: browser, page, object, database, minify and content delivery network support.

Follow Button

The Follow Button is a small widget which allows users to easily follow a Twitter account from any webpage. The Follow Button uses the same implementation model as the Tweet Button, and its integration is just as simple.

Janrain Engage

Janrain social login increases site registrations and generates referral traffic to your site by allowing users to easily register and login via an existing social network or email ID.

Facebook / Twitter Status

If you have a Facebook profile or page or a Twitter account, this plugin is what you need to connect them with your blog! When you publish a new wordp

Facebook Fan box

Display a Facebook Fan Box on your blog. Put the Facebook Fan Box in your sidebar using the widget mode or call the function inside your template.

Quick Cache

Speed up your site ~ BIG Time! – If you care about the speed of your site, Quick Cache is a plugin that you absolutely MUST have installed.

SEO Ultimate

This all-in-one SEO plugin gives you control over title tags, noindex, meta tags, slugs, canonical, autolinks, 404 errors, rich snippets, and more.


Akismet filters out your comment and track-back spam for you, so you can focus on more important things.

AntiSpam Bee

Anonymous and independent antispam solution. Detect comment and trackback spam. Includes statistics and notifications.


The AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget allows any visitor to bookmark and share your site easily with over 330 popular services.


The ShareThis plugin is a quick and easy sharing service that allows your users to share your content to 120 social channels. Also features ShareNow.


This simple but effective plugin allows you to clean up your WordPress database and optimize it without phpMyAdmin.


Reduce image file sizes and improve performance using the API within WordPress.

Robots Meta

This plugin makes it easy to add the appropriate meta robots tags to your pages, disable unused archives, nofollow unnecessary links as well as do som


Adds CAPTCHA anti-spam methods to WordPress on the forms for comments, registration, lost password, login, or all. For WP, WPMU, and BuddyPress.


Beautiful, real-time, engaging discussions for your website.


Allows WordPress to provide and consumer OpenIDs for authentication of users and comments.

WP Ajax Edit Comments

Users can edit their own comments for a limited time, while admins can edit all comments.

Share Buttons By Lockerz

Help people share, bookmark, and email your posts & pages using any service, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and many mor Stats

Simple, concise stats with no additional load on your server. Plug into’s stats system with this plugin.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

Defeat automated spambots by adding a client side generated checkbox asking the comment author to confirm that they are not a spammer.

WordPress SEO By Yoast

Improve your WordPress SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines to better index your blog.

Editorial Calendar

The Editorial Calendar makes it possible to see all your posts and drag and drop them to manage your blog.


Integrates reCAPTCHA anti-spam methods with WordPress including comment, registration, and email spam protection.

Facebook Comments For WordPress

This plugin integrates the Facebook commenting system (new, old or both) right into your website. If a reader is logged into Facebook while viewing any comment-enabled page or post, they’ll be able to leave a comment using their Facebook profile.


Allows you to optimize database, repair database, backup database, restore database, delete backup database , drop/empty tables and run selected queries. Supports automatic scheduling of backing up, optimizing and repairing of database.

WP Security Scan

WP Security Scan checks your WordPress website/blog for security vulnerabilities and suggests corrective actions.

SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links provides automatic SEO benefits for your site in addition to custom keyword lists, nofollow and much more.

Widget Context

Show widgets in context – only on certain posts, front page, category or tag pages etc.

Thank Me Later

Automatically send a ‘thank you’ e-mail to those who comment on your blog. This plugin engages visitors by reminding them to check back for

Floating Social Media Icon

Easy 2 Use Plugin 2 Show SocialMedia Icons That Floats,Can Configure Social Icon Design,Order & Size at Plugin Settings, Suport Widget & Short

Trackable Social Share Icons

The Trackable Social Share Icons plugin enables blog readers to easily share posts via social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter.

Stumbleupon & Digg Thumbnail Maker

Stumbleupon & Digg Thumbnail Maker allows you to specifically select a thumbnail for a post when it is submitted to some social media sites.

Social Media Mashup

Combine Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, YouTube, and custom RSS feeds into one stream.


GetSocial adds an intelligent, lightweight, quick to setup floating social media sharing box on your blog posts.


In this round up, you have discovered some exceptionally essential WordPress plugins that every WordPress user must know. WordPress no doubt is a wonderful tool and availability of its various plugins makes it even more wonderful tool to be used for blogging purpose. Above, you will discover 45 useful and essential plugins for WordPress. Take a look at this collection and share your comments with us via comment section below. Enjoy!

January 29 2014


Free Minimal Responsive WordPress Themes

Slow websites, tough in navigation and delayed load time due to heavy graphics results in irritation. Rich graphics websites used to be fun which is a long gone story today. Now people look for better alternatives to suit the picture of “simple yet productive” approach. Basically, what is acceptable to clients today is easy to navigate website with less loading hassles, great productive potential and dynamic in outlook.

Is that too much to ask? “Wordpress themes” says a loud, “no!” to that. WordPress is one of the most widely utilized blogging/website platforms.Its popularity has a big reason that it’s availability of themes, plugins and convenient handling. Large varieties of themes are available with dynamic outlooks yet very much simple perfectly fitting the “simple yet effective” approach. Saying “simplicity is beauty,”Wordpress adds another feature to it that“simplicity is fast”! Proving thus,including here a collection of Free Minimal Responsive WordPress Themes.

Simplest designs, attractive and elegant,will surely prove your success in making fast paced websites that will make your client a very happy person!

Grid Theme Responsive




Pilot Fish


Beauty & Clean


Just Lucid




Unique Theme Responsive


Auto Focus

















How to Use UI Kits – Plus Free UI Kits to Choose From!

UI kits can be seen anywhere on the Web. But what is this UI kit thing? Do you know how to use UI kits? You can see a lot of resources with beautiful interface elements such as buttons, sliders, breadcrumbs, media players, forms and the likes. Perhaps it crossed your mind how these elements came to be.

Let me give you first a brief introduction about UI kits. A UI kit stands for “User Interface Kit”, which are PSD files that are composed of user interface elements. These come in a variety of colors, patterns and asl files that are being integrated on web and mobile designs. Though sometimes there are UI elements that are included on the package that you don’t think you will be using. That being said, UI kits will vary according to your web design needs. Usually the premium versions of UI kits come with a lot of user interface elements than the free ones.

Using UI kits is all about improving and speeding up the workflow without giving a lot of time thinking what to design. This allows you to focus more on the functionality and usability of the website you are working on.

OK, enough for introduction. I know you’re all fired up and want to know how to use UI kits. So let’s rock!

Choosing a UI Kit to Use

There are a lot of UI kit resources on the Web that you can use, depending on what you need. But for this tutorial, we will be using Flat UI PSD format by since it has a lot of user interface elements that we can choose from.

Feel free to check these out too!

Flat UI Pro, a professional design framework

1.  Flat AP UI Kit

From: Andrew Preble

2. Featherweight UI – A free, vector based and retina ready UI kit

From: Sara Hunt

3. Flat Design UI Kit Vol. 1

From: Bloom Web Design

4. FREE flat UI kit.


5. UI Kit

From: Abhimanyu Rana

Opening the UI Kit PSD File

Unzip the file first to view the contents of the folder. You can see four folders and 2 .txt files inside. Open the UI folder and then view the flat-ui-free.psd file in Adobe Photoshop.



By default, there are three folders on the Flat UI PSD file:

  • Basic Elements – consists of a series of individual UI element folders.
  • Samples – consists of the actual application design of the UI elements.
  • Background – the white background of the UI elements.


Using the UI Kit Elements

Now that the Flat UI PSD file is opened, we can now go on and use the UI elements. Click Auto Select on the Option Bar (on the top left section of Photoshop near the menu. Make sure Group is selected instead of layer) and then open the Basic Elements folder.



Next, select the UI elements that you want to use. For this example, we will select the menu, share status buttons, radio buttons and checkboxes. Click on the selected UI elements and then move them to a new Photoshop document file.


Resizing UI Kit Elements

To resize UI elements, click on the Direct Selection Tool on the toolbar on the left section of the Photoshop.


And then select the path on the right side of the UI element you want to resize. For this example, we will resize the menu element, press shift and drag the path to the right to resize.


Changing the UI Element Color Scheme

To change the color scheme, you need to select the specific element you want change then click on the shape and select your preferred color on the color picker. For this example, we will change the background color of the menu. Go to the Menu folder and look for the shape layer that has the same background color of the menu. Change the background color of the menu to hexadecimal color: #00acc0.


Using Vectors and Glyphs

Vectors and glyphs add a touch of  creativity to web design elements. Let’s use the existing vectors and glyphs of the Flat UI kit. Create a new Photoshop document file. Next, create a box using Rounded Rectangle Tool with the dimension of 372px by 372px.  Now drag the retina vector icon and static green button on the box you created. Then drag the round check icon glyph to the left of the static green button. You just use the vectors and glyphs of UI elements.


Exporting UI Elements for Web

Now that we already know how to resize and change the color scheme of UI elements, let’s export them for web use. Simply drag your preferred UI element in the new Photoshop document file with a transparent background. Make sure you will only select the layers of that UI element, not the whole folders themselves. For this example, let’s use the paginator. Drag the UI element in the new Photoshop document and go to Image then choose Trim.


The Trim window will then appear. Next, select the Transparent Pixels radio button and make sure that all of the checkboxes are selected on Trim Away section (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) and then click OK.


Then Go to File > Save for Web & Devices. In the Save for Web & Devices Window, select the type of preset you want to use. For this example, PNG-24 is used since high quality image with no transparent background is preferred. Click Save to place it on your preferred location.


Congratulations! You just learned how to use, resize, change color scheme, apply vectors and glyphs and export UI kit elements for web used.


UI kits are very helpful to both web designers and web developers. If you are a freelancer, using UI Kits will save you a lot of time since you don’t need spend more time thinking for the design. It can please your clients too because you can deliver the project faster. You can explore more UI kits here. The web is composed of hundreds of UI Kits, both in free and premium versions. You just need to choose the UI kit that suits your needs. You might also want to try to apply it on your actual web or mobile design and then later on code it using HTML and CSS.

January 20 2014


From Fabric to Flat Screen: How Color Combination Theories in Fashion Can Help a Web Designer

One cannot deny how color combination theories in fashion can help a web designer. You see, clothing and web designing have a lot in common. Both require a great deal of effort in trying to balance purpose and beauty. The two fields also require a great amount of effort in making quality designs become tangible products. In clothing, the design should be transformed – using scissors, thread, fabric and needles – into a tangible, comfortable, wearable and fashionable outfit.

Meanwhile, in web design, the designer should be able to create – using images, text boxes, codes and typefaces – a browsable, comfortable and usable website. These two, being common in some ways, also possess the similar techniques in creating elements. Fashion designers should have a very good sense of color combination. They make the most out of every hue to make their clients feel good about themselves. In fact, designers take loads of time to decide which colors they are going to use for such creations. They employ careful selection and consideration of visual and analytic aspects to make their work more appealing to the eye. For, in the end, fashion, clothes and dresses are still visual.


Photo by: Michiel Schuurman


Photo by Madame Herve


Photo by Amelie Hegardt

It is in the same principle that a web designer must select his color scheme. Like fashion, web design is mainly visual. The eye is the main processing unit of the body which perceives what is flashed on the screen of the computer or mobile device. A good web designer knows which colors combine and which do not. The designer must remember that these combinations suit different occasions and circumstances.


Experiment with color schemes at color-scheme-01

What if you haven’t studied web design or multimedia arts? What if you are just an ordinary blogger who has an extraordinary dream of getting a lot of readers? What will you do? Fear not. The secret is simple: stand up, go to your dressing room and  look at your closet. Try to look at your clothes. Which fabric fits the color of another? Which combination fits an occasion? Which of these gazillion fabrics compliment each another? Choose and answer these questions. Then, transform those fabric colors into flat screen ones

. color-combination-web002jpg

Photo by Andrea of

But, in case you are too preoccupied, (or in semantic terms, too lazy) to open your dresser, here are some few friendly reminders:

1. Occasionalize

Here is an example: unless it’s Christmas, or your company color dictates so, do not mix green and red. Don’t make your website look like a Christmas present. Red and green mix well only when it’s Christmas time (or when the company or client dictates so). People might think of your blog as a Santa’s Elves Labor Union website. Your readers might appeal that they got the wrong present last year. To avoid this, apply color theories. Learn the techniques on using colors to fit the theme of your website. Having a theme gives you identity. It’s something that all products, either on the Web or in the real world would want to attain. If a person recognizes you because of the color of your site, then you have nothing to worry because your website can be popular before you know it.


The thing is, you should learn how to occasionalize. Fit a color for the occasion or the nature of the website or blog. Example, if you manage a bank website, use blue colors as they suggest trustworthiness. If you are running a spa, use brown or/and green. If you are into a restaurant business, better use orange, yellow, and red. If you are a car dealer, use black. Fit every color, hue and shade for every occasion. But if you are designing for a Christmas-themed website, better retain the red and green colors because there’s no other more appropriate colors for Christmas than those. Web designing is like dressing up. If it ain’t fit the occasion, might as well go naked.

2. Be a Fame-whore!

Be a fame-seeking-madman, in a good sense. Get attention. Crave for it. Be crazy about it. Use your colors to attractively get subscribers. Like in clothing, neon colors of red, orange, yellow, purple and green attract attention. It suggests urgency. It is very useful to convey important messages. In the context of web designs, you could use such colors in your buttons which require attention. Hook your prospect readers by attracting their eyes first. Provide a good bait.


Getting their attention is one way of making them read your blog. The formula is simple: get them to read a part of your blog. If they like that part, they might as well read every entry. So that’s why you should able to get their attention! Use bright colors for your subscribe buttons, read-me pages, or any page or button that will require the attention of your would-be readers. Remember: Bright is right! Just be careful with this and don’t make your page look like a book with Stabilo highlighters all over. Too many neon colors are blinding, irritating and uninteresting to read.

3. Background-foreground agreement

If in clothing, you need to consider your skin color in selecting hues for your shirt, we have the seemingly same rule here. When designing web pages, consider the text-background relationship. Now, most beginners have a hard time on this. That is the reason why we see a lot of photos superimposed with texts and the text becomes unreadable. The background-foreground agreement rule generally says that you should make the foreground text readable. The background is just a designing tool. It just decorates the main thing.


Photo from Pamela Geller’s Book Stop the Islamization of America 

You should always remember the general principle: light colored background to dark colored text and vice versa. But if you are using pictures as background and the color is varying, it is most advisable to use solid-colored shapes as background superimposed to images.

Sta Ana

Photo by Rudolph Musngi


Web designing and fashion have the same roots. They both come from the early concepts of visual design. It is very obvious that they should possess the same philosophies- and color combination is one of them. The ability to produce a design which has complementing colors is something a designer should possess. He should be aware that the colors that he will use will affect, either visually or psychologically, the quality of his work. Knowing, understanding and applying the rules of fashion in web design is very beneficial. Yes, learning the theories and concepts that make colors coordinate with each other is a very tall order; and yes, it’s a big struggle but it’s a battle that you should win. All of these hard-fought troubles in learning new things will make you a better designer. You’ll produce better designs, and in turn, more money. So, start learning today!

Though the learning process may be,you should out-battle this struggle. You should be able to pick up the important lessons of design and put them in your arsenal. And these will matter to you in the end.

January 17 2014


How to Ace Your Freelancing Career

Has it ever occur to you how to ace your freelancing career? Freelance web designing is not an ordinary job. If you dip in the puddle of the freelance industry, you’ll discover that these people are a lot more creative and productive than those who work at desks and offices. Surely, they don’t earn the way people at desk jobs do but freelancers have the absolute and ultimate liberty on how well they utilize their time, and, in most cases, where they utilize it.

As a freelancer, you can work anywhere, anytime. You can design your website in a desk, an office, a coffee shop, in the bathroom – you name it. Freelancers have the greatest gift of all: Freedom. However, this freedom isn’t really that ‘free’. As a freelance web designer, you need to work with people, deadlines and the greatest enemy of all time, procrastination.

So, what will you do to become a smart freelancer? Let me share with you these simple tips:

Have a Routine

In basketball, the best free-throw shooters follow a routine. It’s not a foolproof solution to bad free-throw shooting but it helps. It allows you, the player, to focus and condition your mind into thinking that you are shooting a free-throw and nothing else.


Photo by Kate Parker

In freelancing, this is also applicable. Having a daily routine for your tasks is advantageous. It allows you to condition your mind into working. Plus, you are able to manage your time properly. Set goals and arrange them according to urgency and importance. Balance all the things that need to be done and judge what needs to be done first.


Remember when I said that you need to arrange every task according to importance? You need to know what projects should be done first and what are the more important ones and should be given more time. Don’t focus on one project only; try to work on the things you want to get accomplished first.

Have you heard of the Pareto Principle? Maybe you could use this great management tool to your advantage.

The basic premise in this principle is to have an 80-20 rule. According to the rule, the 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Meaning, 80% of your project delays, come from the 20% of doing projects you can’t finish.

So next time you take on a project, think how difficult it is to finish and how long will it take for you to have it done. Then compute how much will you earn over the effort. The result will determine the priority of your project.


Photo by Amy


  • If the project is less difficult, put it first. That way, before you spend a big chunk of your time on a difficult and time-consuming project, you’re done with the easy ones.
  • Do the projects that have the earliest deadlines.
  • Focus on the projects that interest you the most.

Choose Between Day or Night

Are you a day or night person? This is a serious and important question to answer. Some people find mornings exciting and invigorating to work. Some find evenings mind-conditioning and could write a thousand lines of code. Either way, you need to find where you belong. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage as a freelancer. Of course, it is a disadvantage because you’ll be dealing with distractions at any point in the day, so you have to resist. But it is more of an advantage because most jobs don’t offer you this flexibility – to work whenever you want.


Photo by Periwinckle

So choose. By saving time, you take those idle moments when you are not productive as rest hours, giving you time to refresh and recharge.

Give Each Project a Time Limit

Never put your time to waste. Prepare a schedule for your projects. Give each project a time limit, enough for you to actually finish what you’re supposed to do. With that, you will know how much you will be able to do and handle each project with sensitivity and full attention. If you fail to meet the time limit and you feel that extending it will hamper the succeeding items in your schedule, then continue it after everything is done. That way, you will not end up wasting time and finishing nothing.


Photo by Brice Ambrosiak

Keep Yourself from Distractions

When you work, as much as possible, keep away from distractions: that itching sensation of checking who just sent you a message on Facebook, browsing through the Twitter Feed, or even opening your favorite MMORPG. These things keep you away from what you are supposed to do. Identify what these distractions are and avoid them by all means. This may be difficult at first, but then again, everything is, isn’t’ it?


Have you felt absolutely flat out? Like, when your imagination cannot produce anything? Or when you cannot work? Well, that’s a very difficult situation. You’re in a ‘block’. So what do you need to do? The secret is simple: outline.

Outlining is an advantageous means of preserving your creativity for more projects. It’s very simple. First, you need to bring your writing materials wherever you go. Bring a pencil or a piece of paper. Next, in your idle time, walk around, have coffee, watch a movie. Do anything. If anything pops up, which I’m sure there will, write it down (or draw it). That way, you’re investing in your own ‘idea bank’ and obtain ideas from it when you need them the most.


Photo byMarcio Eugenio

Make a Portfolio

As freelancers, you have no character references to offer or any cool and prestigious corporate names to provide. Clients are not be sure how good you are because of this. That is why you need to create a great portfolio. Put your projects, I mean, your best projects in it. This way, when future clients would request a list of what you’ve already done, you can give them your URL and let them see how good you really are.


Photo by

Take a Break

Of course, taking a break is important. As websites need to clear caches, or computers need to refresh, you also need to rest. Taking rests before projects allow you to become more passionate and productive! It also keeps you from being sick and tired of what you do. So sit back and refresh – I mean, relax.


Photo by Steve Beckett


Freelancing sure is difficult and it poses a lot of challenges, but it’s totally worth it. Once you’ve become used to the routine and kept yourself away from distractions, you’ll find yourself enjoying and earning as much as (or even more) than those who have regular jobs! So suit up and become a smarter freelancer.


20 Inspiring Free WordPress Themes To Start Anew in 2014


Christmas and New Year have been and gone. If reshaping your WordPress site is one of your New Year’s resolutions, the following article is for you. The following themes have all been created between December 2013 and today, thus can be called the freshest there are. 17 of our 20 newcomers work fully responsive, a trend that has been on the rise for quite a while now. Also growing is the amount of themes which are based on Bootstrap, retina-ready or working with Google Fonts. We are sure you’ll find your next blog layout among the following. All these themes are free, though some have commercial variants available. We stated that where applicable…

January 10 2014


31 Admin Backend Dashboard Templates

Advertise here with BSA

One of the most overlooked aspects of a design project can be the administration dashboard.  Many content management systems such as WordPress offer well designed dashboards that don’t require much change to enhance the user experience.  For custom projects however, this is not always the case.  So instead of leaving your dashboard raw and unorganized, I’ve compiled a list of 31 backend dashboards to help save you time and money on your next project.

1. Archon Flat Responsive Admin Bootstrap 3


Demo & Download 

2. Thin Admin Template


Demo & Download 

3.  FreshUI – Premium Web App and Admin Template


 Demo & Download

4. Clip-One – Bootstrap 3 Responsive Admin Template


 Demo & Download

5. Ebro – Super Clean Responsive Admin Template


Demo & Download

6. FlatLab – Bootstrap 3 Responsive Admin Template


Demo & Download

7. FLAT – Responsive Admin Template


 Demo & Download

8. Social – Premium Responsive Admin Template


Demo & Download

9. AdminKIT – Premium Bootstrap 3 Template


 Demo & Download

10. FLAT KIT – Premium Bootstrap 3 App Template


 Demo & Download

11. Esthetics Admin-Clean Admin Template


 Demo & Download

12. Amanda Responsive Admin Template


Demo & Download 

13. Dream Works Responsive Admin Template


 Demo & Download

14. Adminium – Modern Admin Panel Interface


 Demo & Download

15. Cleanizr – Responsive Admin Template


 Demo & Download

16. Ergo – Admin UI Template


 Demo & Download

17. Hurricane – Responsive Liquid Admin Template


 Demo & Download

18. Moon Light Admin


 Demo & Download

19. Taurus – Responsive Bootstrap3 Admin Template


 Demo & Download

20. Aquincum – Premium Responsive Admin Template


Demo & Download 

21. Supr – Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template


 Demo & Download

22. Crown – Premium Responsive Admin Theme


 Demo & Download

23. ease – Responsive Admin Template


 Demo & Download

24. Timex – Bootstrap Admin Theme


 Demo & Download

25. Beoro Admin Responsive Template


 Demo & Download

26.  Organon Responsive Admin Template


 Demo & Download

27. AIR – Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template


 Demo & Download

28. Katniss Premium Admin Template


 Demo & Download

29. Huraga Responsive Admin Template


 Demo & Download

30.  Utopia Responsive Admin Template


 Demo & Download

31.  Conquer – Responsive Admin Dashboard Template


 Demo & Download

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January 08 2014


40 Best Responsive WordPress Free Plugins

Do you want to impress mobile surfers or want to create an awesome responsive website? If your answer is “yes” then use these new responsive WordPress plugins. In this post, we are showcasing 40 wonderful responsive WordPress Plugins for you. Without breaking the layout on mobile devices now you can easily and safely add new features to your responsive WordPress website with responsive WordPress plugins. In this post, you will find different categorizes of plugins like Short codes and Page Builders, images and video, sliders, menus, forms and other.

With these WordPress plugins you can make your website more stunning and eye-catching that gives mobile visitors an awesome and superb experience. Grab this amazing chance and start browsing through this fresh collection. Check this out and get to pick one and do not forget to share your precious opinion with us via comment section below. Your comments are always more than welcome. Have fun!!!!

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin

( Download )

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to mobilize your blog in minutes.

WP Fluid Images

( Download )

WP Fluid Images replaces the fixed width and height attributes so your images resize in a fluid or responsive design.

WordPress Mobile Pack

( Download )

The WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit to help mobilize your WordPress site. It has a mobile switcher, themes, widgets, and mobile admin panel.

Juiz Smart Mobile Admin

( Download )

Used with the default administration theme, this plugin offers you a smartphone support for your dashboard.

Responsive TwentyTen

( Download )

Makes your TwentyTen themed site have a responsive and fluid layout.

Ultimate Coming Soon Page

( Download )

Creates a Coming Soon page or Launch page for your Website while it’s under construction and collects emails from your visitors.

FitVids for WordPress

( Download )

This plugin makes videos responsive using the FitVids jQuery plugin on WordPress.

WP Orbit Slider

( Download )

WP Orbit Slider is a jQuery slider that uses custom post type and taxonomies. Oh, its also responsive!

WP Mobile Detector

( Download )

The WP Mobile Detector automatically detects over 5,000 mobile devices and displays a compatible mobile theme.

Juiz Smart Mobile Admin

( Download )

Used with the default administration theme, this plugin offers you a smartphone support for your dashboard.

GPP Shortcodes

( Download )

GPP Shortcodes is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add “flat design” buttons, boxes, icons, pricing tables, tabs, toggles and column layouts in your posts and pages without modifying CSS, HTML or PHP.

Responsive Plugin

( Download )

Convert any theme into responsive theme.

Simple Responsive Images

( Download )

Add the possibility for site to have it content images responsive.

Symple Shortcodes Free WordPress Shortcodes

( Download )

Tired of using a theme with built-in shortcodes, switching themes and then losing all your awesome styles? No worries, this is why I’ve created the Symple Shortcodes plugin! Now you can add buttons, highlights, boxes, toggles, tabs, pricing tables…among other awesomeness and take them with you no matter what theme you decide to use.

PB Responsive Images

( Download )

Adds support for the proposed responsive image format in post content, and helper functions for theme authors.

Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

( Download )

Embed videos with a click of a button from many providers with full responsive sizes. Show videos as thumbnails and let them open in colorbox.

Style My Gallery

( Download )

Style galleries using popular scripts – currently only FlexSlider. Supports multiple galleries per page.

Vixy YouTube Embed and Download

( Download )

A simple method of embedding YouTube videos (with download links) into your pages. Easy to use, but with powerful features for those that need them.

Responsive Video Embeds

( Download )

Automatically resize WordPress auto-embeds, including video and other iframes, in a responsive fashion.

Meta Slider

( Download )

4 sliders in 1! Choose from Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Coin Slider or Responsive Slides.

Meteor Slides

( Download )

Easily create responsive slideshows with WordPress that are mobile friendly and simple to customize.

WP Parallax Content Slider

( Download )

A customizable JQuery content slider with CSS3 animations and parallax effects.

WOW Slider

( Download )

Add beautiful image slider to your WordPress blog! Awesome effects, fancy templates, point-and-click wizard. Fully responsive, pure CSS fallback.

Portfolio Slideshow

( Download )

Add a clean, responsive javascript slideshow to your site. The slideshow integrates well into any design, supports fluid-width themes, and offers lots of options for power users, too.

Super Responsive Slider

( Download )

Plugin that lets you create a slider very easy and with spectacular results.

Smooth Slider

( Download )

Smooth Slider is a WordPress Plugin for creating a dynamic slideshow/s for featured Posts, Pages, Media Images and Custom Post Types on a WordPress site.

EasyRotator for WordPress

( Download )

Add beautiful, responsive EasyRotator photo rotators and sliders to your WordPress site in seconds.

Breezing Forms

( Download )

Professional form builder for beginners and experts. Create any kind of form you need. Powerful and flexible, yet easy to use.

Responsive Select Menu

( Download )

The Responsive Select Menu plugin automatically turns any WordPress 3 Menu into a select box / dropdown on mobile devices.

Responsive Page Tester

( Download )

Gives users with content creating permissions the ability to preview their site in a responsive testbed.

WEN’s Responsive Column Layout Shortcodes

( Download )

This WordPress plugin gives you an easy way to add columns to any section – page , post or other content.

Gmedia Gallery

( Download )

Manage files, show image galleries and photo slideshows, play music on your site Gmedia Gallery plugin. Gmedia Library provides a comprehensive interface for handling galleries, image and audio files.

Pricer Ninja

( Download )

A great tool for adding responsive pricing tables to your WordPress website.

Responsive Column Widgets

( Download )

Creates a custom responsive column widget box.

Oik nivo slider

( Download )

Shortcode for the jQuery Nivo slider; “The Most Awesome jQuery Image Slider”; reputed to be the world’s most popular jQuery image slider.

Flowplayer 5 for WordPress

( Download )

A HTML5 responsive video player plugin. From the makers of Flowplayer.

Royal Responsive Menu

( Download )

The Royal Responsive Menu plugin automatically turns any WordPress 3 Menu into a select box / dropdown on mobile devices.

Responsive WordPress Slider

( Download )

The best responsive WordPress slider plugin. Made lite and free.

Responsive 3D Slider

( Download )

The Morpheus responsive 3D slider is a new plugin for wordpress which to create sliders with galleries, presentations, infographics and many more.

SlideDeck 2 Lite Responsive Content Slider

( Download )

Create responsive content sliders on your WordPress blogging platform. Manage SlideDeck content and insert them into templates and posts.

January 06 2014


10 Free Blank WordPress Themes

This is a review of the top blank WordPress theme choices.

What is a Blank WordPress Theme?

Blank WordPress themes are boilerplates that serve as a starting point for developing your own custom theme, which is why they’re also called "starter themes" and (less commonly) "naked themes".

Blank WordPress themes come with basic WordPress PHP, CSS, and HTML code and theme files already filled out for you.

Unlike theme frameworks, most of the files in a blank WordPress theme are meant to be modified based on your needs.

Why Use Blank WordPress Themes?

Blank WordPress themes speed up your workflow by reducing the amount of code you need to write. Having a skeletal foundation means you don’t have to do the same initiation process over and over every time you need to start creating a new theme.

In addition, using a blank WordPress theme lowers the chances of you forgetting critical files or code required for a theme to function properly.

Some blank WordPress themes will also have useful integrated features like responsive layouts and sample data to help you test your theme.

Below is an overview of the 10 best free blank/starter WordPress themes I could find.

1. Roots

Roots is an excellent open source WordPress starter theme. It’s built with HTML5 Boilerplate and Bootstrap (if you don’t need it, you can replace or remove it). It also has Grunt files for quickly compiling LESS code and combining your CSS and JS files.

A nifty feature of Roots is its Theme Wrapper, which helps you avoid having to write the same code in multiple files.

Check out themes built using Roots at the Roots Gallery. Get started with Roots by heading over to the project’s official docs.

Demo | Download Page (

2. Underscores


Underscores, or _s, is a free blank WordPress theme developed by Automattic, the creators of WordPress.

It has five layout templates. Unfortunately, Underscores doesn’t have a pre-built responsive layout, so you’ll have to create one.

The tutorial series by ThemeShaper (a major WordPress theme development company) will help you learn how to create WP themes using Underscores.

Download Page (

3. Bones


Bones is a free blank theme built on top of HTML5 Boilerplate. It’s responsive, and developed under the Mobile First philosophy.

WPtuts+ has an excellent Bones tutorial to help you get started with this awesome starter theme.

Download Page (

4. HTML5 Reset WordPress Theme

This blank theme helps you start off on the right track towards producing a semantic and structurally-sound HTML5 WordPress themes. For example, the post template included in the HTML5 Reset WordPress Theme incorporates the hNews microformat to help search engines better understand your content.

Download Page (

5. HTML5 Blank WordPress Theme

HTML5 Reset WordPress Theme

This is a Web-performance optimized blank WordPress theme for developers. The HTML5 Blank WordPress Theme comes with useful custom theme functions such as a dynamic sidebar as well as boilerplate code for using WordPress’s Shortcode API in your themes.

Demo | Download Page (

6. HTML5 Boilerplate for WordPress

This open source project took the popular HTML5 Boilerplate and converted it to a blank WordPress theme.

The HTML5 Boilerplate for WordPress project uses a modern HTML5 blog structure based on Opera Web evangelist Bruce Lawson’s recommended structural markup for blogs:


Download Page (

7. Naked WordPress

Naked WordPress

This blank WordPress theme is great for people who want to learn how to develop themes.

The Naked WordPress theme is commented in-line so that as you’re building your WordPress theme, you understand what’s actually going on. It’s like a WordPress tutorial + starter theme combined.

Demo | Download Page (

8. WP-Flex


WP-Flex is a responsive blank WordPress theme. It’s got serious features that web developers will appreciate, such as sample data for unit testing and strict compliance with the official WordPress theming guidelines.

Demo | Download Page (

9. JointsWP


JointsWP is built on top of Foundation 5 (a major front-end development framework alongside Bootstrap).

You have the option to use the Sass version, or just plain CSS version if you want.

Demo | Download Page (

10. BlankSlate


BlankSlate is probably the most simple, minimalist blank/boilerplate theme you can get your hands on. BlankSlate is the middle ground between creating WordPress themes entirely from scratch and using a big starter themes like Roots or Underscore.

Download Page (

Summary Table

Site Repo License Developer Popularity* Roots GitHub Custom Roots 5469 Underscores GitHub GPLv2 Automattic 4254 Bones GitHub WTFPL Themble 2945 HTML5 Reset WordPress Theme GitHub Uknown Tim Murtaugh 1091 HTML5 Blank WordPress Theme GitHub MIT Todd Motto 938 HTML5 Boilerplate for WordPress GitHub The Unlicense Zencoder 748 Naked WordPress GitHub Unknown Joshua Beckman 214 WP-Flex GitHub GPLv2 Dennis Gaebel 131 JointsWP GitHub Uknown Jeremy Englert 82 BlankSlate GitHub GPLv3 TidyThemes 18

*Popularity was calculated by summing up the number of people who watch, have starred and have forked the project on GitHub as of January 7, 2014.

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About the Author

Jacob Gube is the founder and editor-in-chief of Six Revisions. He’s a front-end web developer by profession. If you’d like to connect with him, head on over to the contact page or follow him on Twitter: @sixrevisions.

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January 03 2014


19 Sport & Fitness Website Themes

December 31 2013


45 Fresh And Free WordPress Themes

In this collection, we are presenting some fresh and awesome WordPress themes. WordPress is very popular and famous blogging platform that’s why millions of people are using WordPress. WordPress themes provide you wonderful features which are very useful for your work. WordPress themes are easy to use and you can easily edit them with your needs or requirements. If you want that your blog or website look stunning then so many WordPress themes are available. Like choose custom WordPress theme. With the use of custom WordPress theme you can easily make your website stand out from the crowd and give long lasting impression on your customers or website visitors.

So, come and grab this amazing chance and start browsing through this fresh collection of WordPress themes. Check this out and get to pick one which is suitable for your project. And do not forget to share your precious opinion with us via comment section below. Have fun!!!!


( Demo | Download )

Playbook is a traditional WordPress theme with a dual column post layout, a fully responsive design, and is jampacked with all MyThemeShop’s best features. Playbook includes SEO optimization, custom widgets, our industry grade options panel, and much more, and best of all, it’s 100% free!

Art Works

( Demo | Download )

Your Artwork is important, showcase your imagination with style. Premium Responsive WordPress Themes for Creative Professionals.


( Demo | Download )

Free Responsive WordPress Theme for Pubs and Restaurants.


( Demo | Download )

Revera is a free premium wordpress theme based on the Bootstrap 3 framework. This is a responsive wordpress theme with all the bootstrap goodness packed in it. The theme is WordPress 3.6 ready. The theme comes with features like, custom menu, featured images, custom homepage template, portfolio page template , widgetized sidebar and footer, custom widgets on homepage, theme option page etc.

Lingonberry WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

A clean and simple theme for bloggers, featuring responsive design and plenty of style.


( Demo | Download )

PhotoMag is excellent solution for site about photography. This WordPress theme supports and comes with custom widgets, drop-down menus, javascript slideshow and lots of other useful features.

Neon light WordPress theme

( Demo | Download )

Miideo is a minimalistic WordPress theme with plastic interface elements, a nice texture, and a purple neon light effects that put toghether bring the sensation of handling an electronic device. Since the theme is purposed for videos, it becomes ideal for music bands and artists wanting to show their material, althouhgh the theme can be used for diverse purposes.


( Demo | Download )

DualShock is a 100% free, dual purpose blog and magazine UI theme. It features our best features including our options panel, custom widgets, translation-ready functionality and search engine optimization. With a unique layout including sleek post meta information box, DualShock is a must-have theme, and best of all, it’s free.

Crisp Persona WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

Crisp Persona is the WordPress theme. It’s a sleek, responsive theme meant for personal blogs.


( Demo | Download )

Balloons is a single-column layout, with parallax scrolling effect.

Appz WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

WordPress + Appz WordPress theme is a simple, fast and effective way to approach the audience with your app.


( Demo | Download )

A very neat and clean blue, black and white business theme. The theme supports widgets. And features theme-options, threaded-comments and multi-level dropdown menu. A simple and neat typography.


( Demo | Download )

Dreams is a high quality free General/Blog WordPress Theme. Comes with easy to use options page. Upload your logo and favicon. Ready to use custom widgets and featured posts slider.


( Demo | Download )

TechFlow is a high quality free News/Magazine WordPress Theme. Comes with easy to use options page. Upload your logo and favicon. Ready to use custom widgets and featured posts slider.


( Demo | Download )

Panoramica is built with the intent of adapting to as many window sizes as possible. It has a fully fluid layout that gives it tremendous flexibility, allowing you to cater to both large and small screens alike. Its polished portfolio heavily emphasizes the use of images, displaying a clean slideshow in every portfolio item. And of course, you can customize its appearance through its extensive options panel.


( Demo | Download )

Sentoz is a free premium WordPress theme. This is a tumblog style theme. The theme uses WordPress post format feature to create posts with different formats like, image, audio, video, link, aside, gallery, quote etc.

Minimal Business WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

This one is a sober theme built with light colors and a minimalistic style that give the feeling of demureness. useful for startups the same as for long time business. With unique built-in features that make it very functional and versatile in case the purpose is not to use it on a company site but something simpler.


( Demo | Download )

Edu is a high quality free General/Blog WordPress Theme. Comes with easy to use options page. Upload your logo and favicon. Ready to use custom widgets and featured posts slider.

Road Fighter

( Demo | Download )

The Road Fighter WordPress Theme is a simple and beautiful theme with lots of customization options that can tweaked by Theme Options Panel like logos, intro texts, background etc. The Road Fighter Theme supports five widgetized areas (two in the sidebar, three in the footer) and featured images(thumbnails for gallery posts and custom header images for posts and pages).


( Demo | Download )

Divan is one of the best stylish and clean themes for WordPress blog. It has designs which are good-looking and can be used with any type of content. It contains powerful functionality that allows you to create amazing blog.


( Demo | Download )

ForDrivers is beautiful WordPress theme for auto web pages. This is a complex wordpress themes with lots of useful features like custom widgets, feedback form, slider, video supporting and many other.


( Demo | Download )

Sencity is a high quality free General/Blog WordPress Theme. Comes with easy to use options page. Upload your logo and favicon. Ready to use custom widgets and featured posts slider.


( Demo | Download )

MoviePoster WordPress theme is a perfect foundation for cinema website. Easy to use administrative panel, custom widgets, an eye catching related posts and lots of other powerful features provide a great base to build on.


( Demo | Download )

Apartments is excellent solution for your realty or other blog. This WordPress theme supports and comes with custom widgets, drop-down menus, javascript slideshow and lots of other useful features.


( Demo | Download )

MetroBlog is stylish and clean creative theme for WordPress blog. Its design is a perfect foundation for Windows 8 fans blog. The theme supports and comes with custom widgets, drop-down menus, javascript slideshow and lots of other useful features.


( Demo | Download )

Sports is a smart, attractive and multi-purpose sports free WordPress theme. Comes with 7+ custom widgets. Rich and easy to use administration panel, easily upload your logo or favicon.

Luminus – Responsive WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

Luminus – Responsive WordPress Theme built with twitter bootstrap.


( Demo | Download )

SimpleDesign is beautiful WordPress theme for any type of content. This is a complex wordpress themes with lots of useful features like custom widgets, feedback form, slider, video supporting and many other.


( Demo | Download )

MineFun is excellent solution for Minecraft fans. This WordPress theme supports and comes with custom widgets, drop-down menus, javascript slideshow and lots of other useful features.


( Demo | Download )

Dinata is a sleek General/Blog theme that is fully compatible with the newest version of WordPress. The amazing design is matched by how much customisation Dinata offers, including its detailed .po fil,e for easy translation.


( Demo | Download )

A clean responsive theme for personal blogs.


( Demo | Download )

Practis offers the beauty of a professionally designed website with the efficiency of a veteran developer. This gorgeous General/Blog site includes widgets, drop-down menus and a javascript slideshow among other features.


( Demo | Download )

GoTech is a high quality free News/Magazine WordPress Theme. Comes with easy to use options page. Upload your logo and favicon. Ready to use custom widgets and featured posts slider.


( Demo | Download )

Allmed is a theme for video and audio bloggers, with a minimal design, giving you huge scope to turn the design into anything you like. The theme is simply customizable, you can choose unlimited color schemes.


( Demo | Download )

The Topside theme offers a fantastic and professional General/Blog layout. Topside comes with free support, widgets, custom backgrounds and a unique slideshow.


( Demo | Download )

Nexia is a theme that can do it all and still look good. This gorgeous General/Blog theme supports and comes with widgets, drop-down menus and an automatic slideshow.


( Demo | Download )

ProLines is a high quality free General/Blog WordPress Theme. Comes with easy to use options page. Upload your logo and favicon. Ready to use custom widgets and featured posts slider.


( Demo | Download )

Integrate your WordPress site with Picasa and Pinterest in a few simple clicks. Share your photographs online and present them in the best way possible.

Fresh & Clean Free Minimal WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

Fresh & Clean is a free WordPress theme created by that has a very clean and minimal design yet it is still pretty modern and elegant looking. This theme was created with the casual blogger in mind, however, it can be great for all sorts of sites!


( Demo | Download )

This simple and elegant WordPress template is great solution for women’s blog. Rose, like our other themes, comes with Shared Bar that will help your visitors to share your blog with their friends.

Travelify – Awesome & Responsive Travel WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

Travelify WordPress theme design is inspired by nature. We made it as simple as possible while fully customizable with several Theme Options and page templates. Travelify is ideal choice for travel blogs, green thinking, adventurists and anyone who is looking for an amazing and simple way to share pictures.


( Demo | Download )

Apollo is a minimal Free WordPress Theme created with bloggers in mind. The 2 column grid layout for your archives is great for showcasing all sorts of content. Sign up for your free membership to download this theme and use for your own site!


( Demo | Download )

HTML 5 and CSS3 powered Easy Theme is a simple easy way for your website. Easy is super elegant and Professional Theme which will expand you widely. The Slider will show the featured images and contents of posts automatically. Front Page, Right and Footer Sidebar will be usable for showing the Widgets and Plugins items.


( Demo | Download )

CinemaPlanet WordPress theme is a perfect foundation for cinema website. Easy to use administrative panel, custom widgets, an eye catching related posts and lots of other powerful features provide a great base to build on.


( Demo | Download )

MagicWood is one of the best stylish and clean themes for WordPress blog. It has designs which are good-looking and can be used with any type of content. It contains powerful functionality that allow you to create amazing blog.

December 30 2013


WordPress Bootcamp: Ending Soon

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Just a quick reminder: Registration on’s WordPress Bootcamp is ending this week – January 2, 2014 at midnight.

If you want to learn WordPress – and create your first website in just a few days – this is the bootcamp for you! You’ll learn how to build a fully-functioning website using WordPress faster than ever before. Grab your seat today.

And, if you secure your seat by Thursday at midnight, you won’t have to wait for this unique training. Go here now to see what you’ll learn and what others are saying about’s training.

Did we mention that your success is guaranteed in this bootcamp? guarantees if you keep up with the assignments, do the weekly homework lessons, and ask questions when you have them, you’ll become a successful web designer by the time the Bootcamp is over. If you don’t, they’ll refund every penny you paid. Learn more here.

Tags: WordPress

WordPress Bootcamp: Ending Soon

Advertise here with BSA

Just a quick reminder: Registration on’s WordPress Bootcamp is ending this week – January 2, 2014 at midnight.

If you want to learn WordPress – and create your first website in just a few days – this is the bootcamp for you! You’ll learn how to build a fully-functioning website using WordPress faster than ever before. Grab your seat today.

And, if you secure your seat by Thursday at midnight, you won’t have to wait for this unique training. Go here now to see what you’ll learn and what others are saying about’s training.

Did we mention that your success is guaranteed in this bootcamp? guarantees if you keep up with the assignments, do the weekly homework lessons, and ask questions when you have them, you’ll become a successful web designer by the time the Bootcamp is over. If you don’t, they’ll refund every penny you paid. Learn more here.

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