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February 17 2014


October 24 2013


Saving Big Bucks: 200 Premium Photoshop Actions for 17 instead of 243 Dollars


First and foremost, Photoshop actions are time-savers and will boost the productivity of any creative professional regularly working with images. These premade actions are also great for people with only a basic level of Photoshop knowledge, as they get equipped with professional manipulation steps, they would not have been able to accomplish left to their own devices. Today, we are not only talking about time-saving, we are also talking about saving big-time. Because in our Deal of the Week we have 200 premium Photoshop actions discounted 93 percent off of their original price. Get 17 bucks ready to spend and read on…

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April 17 2013


Retro and Vintage Inspired Typography Posters

I love looking at classic posters from old movies, it always takes me back to the days I used to watch old musicals. Those movies would transport me into another world entirely. I decided to search the web for some modern posters that were inspired by fonts and typography found in classic posters. Check out these awesome vintage and retro inspired typographical posters:


If you're looking to create your own Retro and Vintage Inspired Typographical Posters check out these awesome fonts from Creative Market:


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March 12 2012


Web Throwback: Showcase of Vintage and Retro Web Design


Given the popularity of vintage and retro styles among the web design community, we thought we would take an opportunity and shine a spotlight on some of those styles applied to websites. With so many flawless examples of vintage and retro web design floating around the internet it was a bit difficult to narrow down the search, but we think we found some inspired designs that have not already hit everyone’s radar, and maybe one or two that have.

So take a look below at the showcase we have prepared for you and see how some talented designers have brought the past to life on the web today.

Web Throwback

Forefathers Group has an open, classically vintage style that could be pulled straight from a 20′s broadsheet. Beautiful execution.

Pointless Corp uses a blend of retro elements, most notably the typography and vintage ad style characters to create a feeling of yesteryear throughout the design.

Amazee Labs colorfully recreates a sense of the old days, with a vintage infographic style web design. Big, bold, and feeling old.

Tvornica Bannera pulls off something of an interesting feat. It is not often that a design featuring a robot can have a retro appeal, but this site manages the feat well.

Cup Cup Cupcakes uses soft coloring with a header that mimics the awnings of delis and malt shoppes of the old days to pull together a delicious design.

R U Hot Enuf? calls on the comic books hero styles of old to create a powerful vintage style that really packs a punch.

Jan Ploch has a very simple, minimal design with a monochromatic color palette which all gets it’s retro feel from the site header.

Atticus Pet Design Studio uses various vintage design elements, together with a whimsical mascot image that lands in the old school camp.

Paper Damsels wonderfully combines pinks and greys to craft a very elegant, almost Victorian era feeling design for their site.

Smultron has a deep orange background with a black and white, 20′s style character giving the entire site the feel of an old advertisement.

The Journal of Min Tran uses a retro color scheme and classic feeling header to bring together a very simple, yet attractive design.

Five Thirty Brew combines an advanced, fluid design with retro styled colors and elements for a playfully, informative website.

Bright Bulb Design Studio is a site that you have probably seen before, but it’s awesome vintage design was one that we just couldn’t ignore.

Silky Szeto has an interesting, very old school design, full of various bold fonts tightly packed together like some of the vintage advertisements of yesteryear.

Bitfoundry has a simple, retro design which gets its throwback feel from the bold, clean typography and softly colored elements.

Tommy has such a harmonious blending of vintage elements that it was another that the showcase would not feel complete without.

Hipstery does a good job of employing a range of various elements with an old school 70′s and earlier era feel, however the overly busy background can be a bit hard on the eyes at times.

Simple as Milk is another minimal, yet retro styled design, which relies heavily on the typography to impart this feel. The thick scripted site header shines in this respect.

Reklama-Audio draws on 1940′s era Americana styling for their website design, and it pulls all the elements together with class.

Mom & Popcorn is another flawless blending of so many vintage styled design elements, layered to perfection in such a way that it embodies the very essence of this showcase.


February 07 2012


Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration &Trends

Though Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday this year, some couples choose this day as a special time to tie the knot, often with small elopements or intimate affairs. Whether you choose a Valentine's Day wedding or one that falls the weekend after, you can add in some special details to keep the feeling of Valentine's Day alive.

If you are dying to add a few special details and crafts to your big day, here are some great ideas to add into your Valentine's Day wedding (or any other wedding for that matter!) Get ready for a little red and pink madness that will make your big day awesome.

Source: Once Wed

A girl has got to look her best on her wedding day, and to do so, a girl needs a few fabulous details to make her look great from head to toe. A sparkle Bando heart or a pair of fabulous Vivian Westwood plastic shoes will do just the trick. These details just scream sophisticated Valentine's accessories.

Source: Bando, Vivian Westwood, Ruffled

Though they are a details often forgotten, favors are a fun way to thank guests for coming and give them something personal to remember the day by. Boxes of small candies, a CD with music from the big day. or something else special is often times a very personal way to say thanks.

Source: Favors, Heart, Programs

If you are planning to have a Valentine's Day affair next year, here are a few unique Save The Date ideas to get your guests excited about your big day. A simple paint job (see the rest of this red paint shoot, it's awesome) or kraft paper save the date's with fingerprints from the happy couple.

Source: Save the date, Save the date

Sweet treats and fabulous florals are a necessity for any fabulous event. A color palette of vintage pinks and soft red's are a way to add Valentine's touches into a mid-February color palette.  A dessert bar full of macaroons are a great addition to any Valentine's dessert table.

Source: Flowers, Macaroons

A heart cake is one of my favorite ideas ever, but for a Valentine's Day wedding, it is even better! When the couple cuts the cake open there will be a nice surprise for all he guests with a big heart down the center. You can get even more creative adding in different colors, or adding a heart in the center of cupcakes. So awesome right?

Source:  Cake

Source: Shoes, Cupcakes

Looks like we can't get enough of fabulous cake ideas when it comes to Valentine's. Truth of the matter is, that no matter when your wedding is, a heart cake topper is always a detail that will be well-received.


It can be fun to play up the Valentine's theme at your special day if you add in certain details to make the look complete. Of course, feel free to add in many other elements that you feel make the day totally unique to you. Red, pink and a slew of hearts will never go out of style, so play it up and have fun crafting the perfect details for your big day.

Want more Valentine's Day inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board filled with lots of pink, red and an insane amount of hearts!

January 24 2012


January 17 2012


December 05 2011


Christmas Countdown: Advent Calendars

It’s almost here! And, the countdown will soon begin. It’s the 25 day period before Christmas. One great way to celebrate the season is with an Advent Calendar.

Antique Advent Calendar   ( Advent Calendar from Germany )


It’s almost here! And, the countdown will soon begin. It’s the 25 day period before Christmas. One great way to celebrate the season is with an Advent Calendar.


Here’s an easy and fun way to use a candle as an advent calendar. Each day the candle is lit and burned down to the next number. You can make one by using craft paint on the candle itself.

Old Advent Calendar (German Origin)

The first printed Advent Calendar came about through Gerhard Lang in 1908. Lang got the idea from his mother who, when he was a small boy, made him an advent calendar with 24 little candies stuck on cardboard. He printed Advent Calendars in Germany until WWII when cardboard was then rationed and forbidden to use.

WWII Advent Calendar (The Little Town)

This is the first Advent Calendar printed after WWII. It was printed in 1946 and the first one printed in the United States. It was promoted by President Dwight D. Eisenhower whose children loved the idea.

Felt Advent Calendar ( Felt Advent )

Today Advent Calendars range from religious to non-religious, and are made from a variety of materials, such as this one made out of felt.

Small Drawers (Christmas Cocoa U-Fill)

The small box drawers in this unique advent calendar can be filled with little candies, stickers, small toys, or family activities.

Magnetic Nativity (Nativity)

The magnetic figures of this advent calendar allow the pieces to be placed anywhere desired. The pieces are stored in pockets in the back. One piece is brought out each day until the nativity scene is complete.

Christmas Decor (Colorful Pocket)

Let the Christmas countdown begin with this bright and cheerful quilted advent calendar. The pockets are in random order so you have to search for the right number. Each pocket can be filled with treats or activities.

Starry Trees (Little Forest)

This advent calendar is an absolutely fabulous decorative piece! You can choose how to hang it on a tree branch, garland style, or on the Christmas tree itself.

Christmas Story (Felt Pennants)

These scrumptious wool pennants are festive with their shades of green, red, gold and white. Each pennant is a little pocket that holds a little card paraphrasing the story of Jesus’ birth with scripture references.

Art Quilt (Amy Butler Fabric)

Here’s a gorgeous display featuring a spin-off of traditional Christmas colors, by experimenting with more of a pastel color palette. Red variants come into play here with pink taking first place. Another interesting feature is that the numbers are made with polymer clay.

Pottery Advent (Pottery Shadow Box)

The word Advent is derived from the Latin word “adventur” meaning “arrival.” Here’s a unique advent calendar using pottery in a shadow box-style lazy Susan shelf, which is unique in itself with the Christmas Tree finial on top.

Black and White (Elegant)

Using beautiful flocked and metallic papers, feathers, rhinestones, and elegant embellishments, this black, white, and silver advent calendar creates an unusual look.

Christmas Stocking ( All In One)

If you have a lot of kiddos in your family then this might be a fun solution. An advent calendar right on the Christmas Stocking itself. Each number has a little pocket.

Fabric Bags (Colorful)

Here’s a simple idea using colorful fabric scraps. These would be easy to whip up if you’re suddenly inspired to make an advent calendar at the last minute.

Magnetic Tins (Reusable )

Here’s yet another very quick advent calendar project using magnetic tins.

All of these Advent Calendars are certainly inspiring. Remember, you can start your Countdown to Christmas with any amount of days. Perhaps 12 days of Christmas is your thing? So, whether you make one or buy, one have fun with it this season.

November 17 2011


November 14 2011


November 10 2011


Eric Carle - Daring You to Imagine a World with Purple Penguins and Lime Green Rhinos

Imagine a world where anything is possible—where dogs sport a luscious coat of pink fur, green cats preen themselves with zebra striped tongues, ruby red snakes have glowing purple polka dots, and rainbow spotted elephants spray orange slices from a mile long trunk. This is the world that Eric Carle dares his readers to imagine.

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Eric Carle was born June 25, 1929 in Syracuse, New York. When he was six years old, he and his parents moved to Germany where he grew up and eventually graduated from Akademie der bildenden Künste, a prestigious art school in Stuttgart. He never forgot his American roots and returned to the place of his happiest childhood memories in 1952.

Eric Carle | Books


Inspired at a young age by German artist Franz Marc, who is known for his paintings of blue horses, Eric Carle has illustrated over seventy books, many of which he also wrote. The following are some of his most memorable contributions to children’s literature.


The first book Eric Carle illustrated was titled Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Published in 1967, its bold and colorful illustrations brought a fresh look to children’s literature.



In 1969, The Very Hungry Caterpillar quietly began to work its way into all of our hearts. By far his most well-known children’s book with over 22 million copies sold, it has been translated into more than thirty languages and has graced bookshelves for over forty years.

Eric Carle reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar (source) | Food page - source

Book and pages from The Very Hungry Caterpillar - source | source | source

So, what is the magic that makes this book popular even to this day?

Is it the simple story of the life cycle depicted in the form of a tiny insect? Is it the fact that it teaches the days of the week, counting, and good nutrition paired with interactive die-cut pages? Is it the suggestion that we are all a bit like this little caterpillar and will one day turn into beautiful butterflies? Maybe it is the vivid illustrations themselves, which startle the senses and spark the imagination. Whatever the reason may be, it stands true that The Very Hungary Caterpillar is a worthy example of how far a little imagination and creativity can take you.

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle (source)

The year 1970 brought The Tiny Seed with its collage illustrations accompanied by simple poetic text that demonstrate the enormous potential of one tiny seed.

Have you seen my Cat? by Eric Carle (source |  source | source)

One of my personal favorites, Have you seen my Cat? takes the reader on a journey through distant lands where wild and domesticated cats alike adorn the pages in Eric Carle’s classic illustrative style. Published in 1973, the pictures more than the text lead the reader from page to page searching for a boy’s beloved pet.

The Very Busy Spider includes a raised printing technique (source)

The Very Busy Spider was published in 1984. Its striking illustrations are enhanced with a raised printing technique that allows readers to enjoy the story by sight, sound and touch.

Hello, Red Fox (source)


Published in 1998, Hello, Red Fox is a colorful book with a lot of surprises. Eric Carle’s illustrations take readers on a journey to discover complementary colors.

Cover source  |  Two-page spread from “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth by Eric Carle (source)

Featuring amazing rainforest illustrations,“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth was released in 2002. Eric Carle was inspired to write this book at a time when his life was very hectic. He got fed up with it one day and after locking himself up in his studio he began to work on this book. It now stands as a reminder to us all to slow down and take a break sometimes. (source)

Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do you See? by Eric Carle  (source)

In 2007, Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do you See? hit the shelves. If you will remember, Eric Carle started his career with a book with a similar title, but from the adult bear’s perspective. Thinking it would be a nice way to sort of round off his career, he got back together with Bill Martin Jr. and illustrated this children’s book. Little did he know that he wasn’t quite finished with his career…

The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse, by Eric Carle (cover source)



Eric Carle’s The Artist who Painted a Blue Horse came out this year (2011) as a stunning illustrated book that truly explores and encourages a child’s imaginative potential. The first page displays a little boy holding a paintbrush saying, “I am an artist and I paint a blue horse.” Subsequent pages are illustrated with a whole zoo of unconventionally colored animals, and concluding with the little boy again, this time saying, “I am a good artist…” The addition of one powerful little word to the sentence expresses Eric Carle’s deep belief that the imagination cannot and should not be hindered. In fact, his own creative process is a testament to this. (source)

Eric Carle in his studio (source)

“I often try making paper more than what paper is.”-Eric Carle (source)

Eric Carle’s illustrative technique is to use hand-painted, cut and collaged tissue paper. Using overlaying colors combined with bold strokes, wavy lines, polka dots, and other techniques, the resultant tissue paper is bright and colorful.


“Many people make collages. Artists like Picasso and Matisse and Leo Lionni made collages. Many children have done collages at home or in their classrooms. I happen to make my collage illustrations using painted tissue papers. You might want to try it too!” — Eric Carle (source)

Eric Carle’s illustrative style demonstrates how repeated sequences of circles, squares, and lines can lead to endless creative possibilities.


As the author of some of the most unique and well-recognized illustrations in children’s literature, Eric Carle is a true advocate of creative expression. We would do well to recognize our own attempts at creativity as simply as Eric Carle does, meaning that anything goes. The imagination holds endless possibilities, and when we tap into our own creative wells, what will emerge? A beautiful butterfly? One can only hope there are a few purple penguins and lime green rhinos in there, too.

header credit: source | source

November 02 2011


50 Wonderful Free Fonts For Vintage And Retro Designing

Ever wonder why vintage or retro style is getting so much popular and is being adopted extensively? This is because vintage and retro style is the best way to express yourself in a unique way and take your audience back to the decades of 50’s. Designers make an effort to accomplish this by means of different design components for example textures and patterns from a certain time period. However, it is also significant to bring accurate typography into play from the time period you are attempting to represent.

In this post, we have gathered 50 outstanding vintage and retro fonts that you can utilize in your designs as well. In this collection, you will notice that these fonts range from a 1920′s look all the way up to the retro typography style of the 50′s. Enjoy!

Important: All fonts are free. Please read the license agreements carefully before using the fonts for commercial use, they can change from time to time.

Ginga ( Download Font )

CARIBBEAN TOOL ( Download Font )

Star Avenue ( Download Font )

Malgecito ( Download Font )

Hawaii Lover ( Download Font )

Monbijoux ( Download Font )

Fusty Saddle ( Download Font )

Blessed Day ( Download Font )

ANGEL TEARS ( Download Font )

Matchbook Typefaces ( Download Font )

Nashville ( Download Font )

GOVERNOR ( Download Font )

Dirty and Classic ( Download Font )

Moonlight Shadow ( Download Font )

HIGHLANDS ( Download Font )


Bazar, Medium ( Download Font )

Broken Poster ( Download Font )

Truskey ( Download Font )

PopStar Autograph ( Download Font )

CANDY INC ( Download Font )

Please Show Me Love ( Download Font )

Avante Return ( Download Font )

PANHEAD ( Download Font )

Ayosmonika ( Download Font )

Glove ( Download Font )

Fabulous 50s ( Download Font )

Eight One ( Download Font )

JustOldFashion ( Download Font )

Super Retro M54 ( Download Font )

LT Oksana 4.0 ( Download Font )

Market Deco ( Download Font )

ARB 85 Poster Script JAN-39 ( Download Font )

Retro Disco ( Download Font )

Ed Gein ( Download Font )

Jailbox1 ( Download Font )

KarlofF ( Download Font )

Dead Hardy ( Download Font )

Gipsiero ( Download Font )

LT Nutshell Library ( Download Font )

Beyond Sky font ( Download Font )

The Dreamer ( Download Font )

SANTOS DUMONT ( Download Font )

My Underwood ( Download Font )

Quid Pro Quo ( Download Font )

ARB-218 Big Blunt MAR-50 ( Download Font )

Justice by Dirt2 ( Download Font )

SickCapital Kingston ( Download Font )

Dirt2 Echo ( Download Font )

Ithornët ( Download Font )

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November 01 2011


Free Texture Tuesday: 5 Colorful Grunge Textures

I’m very excited to share these complex colorful grunge textures with everyone today. One perk of these is that they are ready to use right away without needing to edit or combine with any other elements. Of course they’re also great to tweak and combine with other pieces in your own way to fit your individual needs. Each one is sized at 3000×3800. Enjoy!

Bittbox colorful grunge 01

Bittbox colorful grunge 02

Bittbox colorful grunge 03

Bittbox colorful grunge 04

Bittbox colorful grunge 05

October 26 2011


The Sentiment of Paper Dolls Past and Present

Paper dolls and their costumes provide a look at cultures from around the world. They give us a glimpse at what was worn by men and women through the centuries. Celebrities were turned into paper dolls, as were storybook characters. Its easy to find your favorite subject in paper doll form; from Little Fanny to the Bobbsey Twins and The Flintstones to political cartoons. The history of the paper doll is likely unknown by many, so today, we're going to take a trip back in time to unearth the history of what every child was once familiar with!

This article presented by the offset flyer printing company, Next Day Flyers. Printing flyers and so much more.


Our story begins in 1810 when S. & J. Fuller produced a small book. The moral story was accompanied by a series of hand colored little boys in various costumes that correspond with the story. They were somewhat unusual in that there was not a full body paper doll. Instead, there was a single head for the set of dolls that neatly fit in a v shaped horizontal slit on the back of each costume. Presumably one head was used to require the child to move the head from costume to costume as the story progressed. The book was titled The History & Adventures of Little Henry. It was the first in a series of similar books that became quite popular. The second book, also published in 1810 was History of Little Fanny. (source)



The paper doll was even used in a Political cartoon from August 15th, 1925. The ad, originally in black and white, was restored and colored by Judy M. Johnson of Paper Goodies.

1925 source

This ad encourages its readers to "see just how she uses three of the Cutex "smoky" shades by cutting out the figures above" and goes on to talk about the 12 "smart shades" that are available for only 35¢. Yes, you read that right, just 35¢ in 1936!

1936 source

When paper dolls surged in popularity as toys, manufacturers of all kinds of household goods took advantage of their popularity by using them to promote their wares. Paper dolls appeared in advertising, some die-cut, some as cards to cut out. A few of the products advertised with paper dolls were Lyon's coffee, Pillsbury flour, Baker's chocolate, Singer sewing machines, Clark's threads, McLaughlin coffee and Hood's Sarsaparilla. These dolls were plentiful and are still fairly easy to find today, often pasted into colorful scrapbooks. Later, from the 1930s to the 1950s, companies put paper dolls into their magazine advertisements to sell such goods as nail polish, underwear, Springmaid fabrics, Quadriga Cloth, Ford Cars, Fels Naphtha and Swan soaps, Carter's clothing for children, and more. (source)

1950 source

The 1930s through the 1950s can perhaps claim the title "Golden Age of Paper Dolls," as their popularity during those years has never been equaled. Barbie may be credited or condemned for the decline in popularity of paper dolls in the 1960s. Paper-doll versions of Barbie and her sister, Skipper, were strong sellers in the 1970s. Boyfriend Ken and girlfriend Midge were also made as paper dolls. Paper Barbies appeared in books and in boxed sets from 1962 through the 1990s, and have dwindled to nearly nothing in the first years of the 21st Century.

Paper Dolls Today

VaVa farmed paper dolls from her childhood.


Zevi likes to recreate paper dolls using fabric. This one in particular is Dolly Dingle.




A playful portrait of yourself, your pets or your family. You provide the photos and choose the clothes, and they illustrate a quirky stylized moveable likeness of your favorite animal/person.


 This gorgeous oversized postcard has all you need to dress Miss Clara up in her favourite winter outfits.


Imogen is approximately 7 inches tall (18cm) and is printed on heavy weight matte card stock. She comes with quite a wardrobe as well! Summer outfits, winter attire, beachwear and sleepwear. 8 outfits in all, plus coordinating accessories.


These lovely paper dolls are printed on heavy-duty water-resistant magnetic paper. These magnets preserve the detail of the original watercolors. They will stick to any metal surface: fridge, file cabinet, or anything else in your nest that needs feathering.


I love these Betsy McCall Halloween paper dolls from 1953.


It is possible to unearth paper dolls from the past. Looking in books and through loose pieces of paper is a great way to start. There are paper doll conventions held throughout the year if you're hoping to find antique paper dolls from their early debut. Creating your own paper dolls can be really fun, especially for kids! It allows you to personalize your dolls clothes, hair, facial features etc. The possibilities are endless!

Header credit.

October 25 2011


The Art of the Band Poster: Featuring DKNG Studios

The art of true poster design from sketch to illustration to finished screen print is a fantastic experience! The hours of work that go in to some of these designs are impressive in itself! One of my favorite designers, hands down is DKNG Studios. used a simple 3-color illustrative design for this gorgeous poster. Can you spy the wine glass?

Explosions in the Sky 


Explosions in the Sky - Poster Process from DKNG Studios on Vimeo.

The process is so exciting to watch as the final version takes form before your very eyes. As a designer, I appreciate process videos to learn techniques and style I might like to try out in other designs.

Phish poster by DKNG Studios 

This was a 4-color screen print on Astro Black paper. More image, high-res views of the poster and shots from the show in Southern California are on the DKNG blog.

The Appleseed Cast poster by DKNG Studio

The National Poster by DKNG Studios

Vector Patterns by COLOURlovers

I simply can't get enough of the world at DKNG Studios! Between process videos and finished artwork previews, their artistic style is one of the most inspiring I have seen in a long time.

October 19 2011


Signs: A Century of Fantastic Neon

Neon signs first came to the United States in 1923 when a Los Angeles car dealer bought two signs for his Packard dealership. Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, neon tubes were used for signage as well as decorative displays. By 1947, several casinos in Las Vegas began to draw attention with their elaborate neon lights.


Many of these signs can be seen at the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, sometimes referred to as the "Neon Graveyard" or "Boneyard Park". There are more than 100 signs that date back as far as the 1930's!



Several active signs throughout Las Vegas have been pledged to the museum once they’re retired. This “Living Museum” project ensures these irreplaceable artifacts will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.


Of course neon lights aren't only popular in Vegas. In the 1950's Coca-Cola built their first neon sign. In total there were 3,515 feet of tube! The sign was 44'X44' which gives an area of approximately 2,000 square feet! The sign weighted approximately 5,000 pounds and was built in 432 sections.


The Coca Cola sign hung in Westminster. In a popular area known as Piccadilly Circus.

(source photographed in 1949, 1962, 1992, and 2006)

I love that you can see the changes through the years, not only in the city, but also in the signs.


A trick of the eye is used to produce visually distinct neon display segments by blocking out parts of the tube with an opaque coating. One complete assembly may be composed of contiguous tube elements joined by glass welding to one another so that the same current passes through, for example, several letters joined end to end from cathode to cathode. To the untrained eye, this looks like separate tubes, but the electrical splice is the plasma inside the crossover glass itself. The entire tube lights up, but the segments that the viewer is not supposed to see are covered with highly opaque special black or gray glass paint. This heat-resistant coating is either painted on or dipped. Without blockout paint, the unintended visual connections would make the display appear confusing. (source)


If you live in more of a rural, low-key area, your idea of a neon sign might be those every day simple signs of functionality. These types of signs almost put the art of neon to shame, but serve a function to certain businesses nonetheless.

(source | source | source)




MONA, the Museum Of Neon Art also carry's a selection of preserved, refurbished and present neon design work. In fact, they even do Neon Tours - showing how neon can add to architectural elements as well.


Dive in to WeHo's Art on the Outside (source)

Museum of Neon Art, Pep Boys sign (source)

Neon sculpture at MONA (source)

Neon artists, such as Lakich Studio present exhibits as well as commission residential artwork.

Lakich Studio collage from homepage (source)

Large scale use of neon and other colorful lighting tricks to create an amazing nighttime atmosphere!


Neon signs have without doubt proven to grab attention in any shape or artistic form- although one can't help appreciate the talent involved in the more impressive pieces past and present.

The next time you see a neon sign maybe you'll look at it a little differently. Quite possibly you'll look at it more closely to see the opaque coating. Perhaps you'll have more appreciation for neon and its different art forms and the way it has evolved through the last century.

Header credit: EightHourDay.

October 18 2011


Free Texture Tuesday: Inside Vintage Books

Today I’m sharing these 5 textures from inside the covers of a few different vintage books. There is a range of content, from blank pages through illustrations and handwriting. Each has its own personality. Each one is about 2500×4000 pixels.

BB Vintage Book Inside 02

BB Vintage Book inside 03

BB Vintage Book Inside 04

BB Vintage Book Inside 05

October 15 2011


October 14 2011


Freebie Friday: 6 Vintage Paper Photoshop Patterns

Today I’m sharing these highly useful vintage paper Photoshop patterns. These would work great for creating a lightweight and seamless web background, or a fast way to add some texture in your Photoshop project. In the download file I’ve included the core 200px jpeg files as well as the .PAT file. Enjoy!



BB Seamless Paper Preview 01
BB Seamless Paper Preview 02
BB Seamless Paper Preview 03
BB Seamless Paper Preview 04
BB Seamless Paper Preview 05
BB Seamless Paper Preview 06

Download .ZIP

October 13 2011

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