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October 16 2013


Colors of Fall 2013: 21 Fresh and Free Design Resources


Hello designers, developers, web enthusiasts of the globe. We are back with another edition of our monthly collection of the freshest design resources the month of September had to offer. If you know our series already, you know you can expect the best HTML, CSS and PSD templates, as well as UI-kits for your next great web or native app. All of the resources showcased here are fresh, free and easy to download, suitable for experienced and amateur web designers, so be sure to download the ones you love and share them with everyone you know!

September 13 2013


Hotter than August: 26 Fresh Templates, Themes and UI-Kits from Last Month


How was the month of August in your area of the globe? Over here in Europe we definitely had (and still have) some hot spots. So, if swimming is what you aim for, come over to the Mediterranean and be happy. If you’d rather refresh some web designs than your worn-out body stay with us and read on. Once again we roamed about the webs, searching for the freshest elements a web designer could be interested in. This is what we came up with.

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August 19 2013


45 Fresh Web And Mobile UI Kits With PSD Files For Designer

In this post, we are showcasing an irresistible and great collection of free and fresh UI design kits especially for the designers. These wireframing and UI design kits come very handy for the designers when they want to mock-up a user interface. Web user interface, mobile user interface and wireframe kits are useful for the designers for the reason that such kits facilitate them replicate the user interface in a quick and efficient way. These types of kits provide a fundamental user interface elements that they require to produce a model for a website or software.

So, here is the complete list of Free Web and Mobile UI, Wireframe Kits and Resources for your use. We hope that this collection proves to be the best and will help you get going in the initial phases of your UI designing project.

iPhone UI

Search UI

Polaris UI Free – User Interface Pack

Free PSD: Anarchy UI Kit

PSD User Interface Kit

Dark Gloss UI Kit

Square UI Free – User Interface Kit

Polaris UI Kit

iPhone UI

Square UI Kit

Orange UI Kit

Trendy UI Kit

Dark UI Kit

Hanna UI Kit

Free PSD: HD UI Kit

Sky UI Kit 2

UI Kit

Coffee iPhone Retina App Controls

Facebook UI

Free download: Media Black UI Kit (PSD)

UI Glass Slider

Free Gems – Fresh UI Kit for Sketch

Designing a Modular User Interface Kit in Photoshop

Electric UI Kit

Admin UI

UI Kit

Minimal UI Kit

Free Soft User Interface Kit Retina

Transparent UI Kit

Fresh UI Kit

Free Fireworks PNG: Dark Neon UI Kit

Blue UI Kit

Free PSD: iTunes UI Kit

Flat UI Kit

Mini Gaming UI Kit

iphone ui(PSD freebie)

Exclusive UI Kit PSD!

Slimer “Green” PSD UI Kit

Dark UI Kit

UI Elements

Passbook UI PSD from iOS6

Twitter Follow UI

iPhone iOS 6 GUI PSD

Dark Amber UI Kit PSD

We hope that you will find these UI kits helpful for you and that these kits will help you in creating mock-ups for your new projects. We know that for designer what else could be the best than having such fundamental design element available in ready-to-use format. Do let us know what do you think about this compilation. Feel free to share your opinions and comments with us via comment section below.

May 21 2013


11 Useful And Free CSS UI Kits

We have previously presented many user interface (UI) kits for our designers fellows but rarely have compiled UI kits that have been exclusively built with CSS. This is something that many designers are looking for. So, look no further as here we are presenting 11 free CSS UI Kits for you. All of these 11 UI kits have been coded with CSS and contain a wide range of common web UI elements. These UI kits and more precisely the common web UI elements are the resources that you will need to build your own wireframe. We hope that you will find this collection useful for you.

Here is the full list after the small jump. We hope that you like this collection. Feel free to download as many as you like. Also, let us know what you think about this compilation. Your comments are always more than welcome. Enjoy!

CSS User Interface UI Kit

Gumby Framework provides huge buttons, navigation and other CSS UI kits which are easy to implement.


ui.css is a tool for creating clean user interfaces for the web. The download includes a css file with styles for all the elements, including :hover and :active states.

Designer CSS UI Kit

This UI kit has been designed and hand-coded from scratch in HTML5 taking advantage of modern CSS3 techniques, it includes a range of common user interface elements and font stacks, which look beautiful in modern browsers and degrade gracefully in Internet Explorer.


Here is fully coded CSS3 UI Kit. This includes everything from a search box, checkboxes, radio buttons, and more! Everything is code.

Icon Deposit CSS3 UI Kit (PSD+CSS)

This CSS3 UI Kit includes everything from GUI switches and buttons, to radio buttons and checkboxes. I also included the Photoshop PSD file for those who want to edit the design or make the images bigger.

All CSS UI-kits

This set includes web CSS UI elements that works in both bright and dark enviroments.

Pure CSS UI Kit

Massive CSS3 UI Kit

A huge assortment of UI elements made in nearly only CSS. Only one image (the arrow of the dropdown), no javascript, no extra markup.

Metro UI CSS

Metro UI CSS a set of styles to create a site with an interface similar to Windows 8 Metro UI. This set of styles was developed as a self-contained solution.

CSS Grid UI Set

Futurico UI HTML

Futurico UI HTML is written using the SASS preprocessor. If you are not familiar with SASS you can use the CSS version instead


August 27 2012


March 07 2012


50 Free Web And Mobile UI Element Kits, Wireframe Kits And PSD Files

Yet another interesting compilation of some free and fresh web UI, Phone UI and Wireframes for you to download. We know that designers always need some basic design elements to start their designing process with. Keeping this in mind, we regularly share some creative stuff for our designers that they can download for free.

In today’s assortment, we have put together 50 fresh and high quality PSD files of web UI, Phone UI and Wireframes. We hope that you will find these web and mobile user interface kits helpful in creating low-fidelity example for your projects. So, now you do not have to waste your time in mocking up the user interface. Hope, you will like this collection. Feel free to share your opinion with us.

Gradient UI Kit

Free Candy UI Kit

Tron Glow UI Set

iPhone UI Kit

UI Resource

Flip Timer

Smooth UI

Dark UI – Updated PSD

Derailed Ui Set – Free PSD

Heads Up Display UI Kit

Dark UI – PSD Download

Sticky Butterscotch

PerfectJane ui kit

Clean Selector Thingy

Selection widget

Sliding Menu

Premium Pixels Login Box

Audio Player PSD

Stacked login form

Responsive Layout Wireframe

Best Practice Web Wireframes

Shopping Cart Dropdown

Progress Bar

Dark UI Elements

jQuery Mobile UI Elements OmniGraffle Stencil

Moonify UI

The Ultimate Wireframe UI Kit

Votes & Ratings UI Kit

Blanc Web Elements

Wireframe Sketch Sheets

Gestures Stencil for OmniGraffle

UI Kit

iTunes UI Kit

Butterscotch UI Kit

Lion Ui Kit Preview

Dark UI kit

Dark UI Kit

Simple UI Kit

Free Dark UI Kit

Minion UI

Creamy UI Kit

Skinny Kid UI Kit

UI Bundle



Progress Bar

Aluminoi: UI Kit

Cloudy UI Kit

Light UI Elements

Simple To-Do List

Vue UI Kit

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February 13 2012


Get Your Kits: Fresh Web and Mobile UI Kits, Wireframe Kits and PSD’s


Today, we have a useful compilation for our readers of fresh web UI kits, mobile UI kits and wireframe kits complete with PSD files that will certainly come in handy when you are designing projects. Some basic user interface elements are always welcome toolbox additions by designers. We need them for a wide range of projects in order to able to easily create an accurate UI model of either a website or app.

We hope that this round up of web and mobile user interface kits will prove helpful for the next mock-ups your projects demand. There were quite a bit of tools crammed into this post, so we have split it up onto two pages. Enjoy!

Get Your Kits!

Butterscotch UI Kit
This free download is a gorgeous UI kit with resizable shape layers in a clean, well organized PSD file.


Free Candy UI Kit
This bright and cheerful user interface kit contains clean, pixel precise elements that are ideal for web and app projects.


Free Dark UI Kit
Each element in this sharp, clean pack has been hand-crafted in Photoshop, and is fully scalable with vector shape layers. Enjoy!


Light UI Kit (PSD)
This kit has a very light look to it and is also very clean. Everything is 100% vector so you can re-scale this to any size needed.


Heads Up Display UI Kit
Here is a collection of over 50 pixel perfect HUD (Heads Up Display) user interface elements, for wire-framing and mocking-up desktop and web apps.


New Twitter Profile Page GUI PSD
The PSD provides the full mockup with all layers in vectors, allowing you to scale up the design elements without loss of quality.


iPhone UI Kit
These fresh iPhone and iPod Touch user interface elements are beautifully simple and elegant. This kit contains menu bars, list styles, buttons, form elements, icons, and more.


UI Kit
This set contains some truly beautiful UI elements. The link will take you to the comment where you can download the UI kit.


The Ultimate Wireframe UI Kit
This set contains over 60 of the most popular elements in web design. And each element has been created from scratch with Shape Layers, meaning that the whole kit is 100% scalable, and super-easy to edit.


Dark UI kit
Everthing in this wonderful, dark kit is 100% vector, so you can re-scale the elements to any size needed. It also includes a Photoshop PSD file.


Wireframe Sketch Sheets
Included in this set of sketch sheets are 10 printable templates for website designs, and iPhone and iPad app mock-ups. The designs are proportional and use a grid of 32 pixel squares for guidance and straightforward translation to Photoshop or Fireworks etc. when you are finished.


Votes & Ratings UI Kit
Here is a set of fully layered, editable Photoshop web elements for voting systems and ratings on the web. Everything in the pack should be scalable without any redrawing or major effort.


Simple UI Kit
This simple kit includes radio buttons, checkboxes, search boxes, regular and rounded buttons, on and off gui switches and more! Everything is 100% vector and can be re-scaled to any size if needed.


Blanc Web Elements
This set of web and user interface elements was created specifically for light, crisp websites and applications.


Minion UI
The idea behind this user interface kit was to make a dark but sleek UI, that borrows on styles from OS X and Ubuntu. Mission accomplished.


Facebook Fan Page GUI PSD
This kit allows you to mock-up fan pages for your clients looking to expand their brand to FB. All layers are vectorized, allowing you to scale up the GUI without loss of quality.


Lion Ui Kit Preview
This Mac OS Lion UI kit is perfect for those who need to create mock-ups in a Lion environment. The link will take you to the comment where you can download the UI kit.


Creamy UI Kit
This kit includes radio buttons, checkboxes, a percent slider, previous/next buttons, rectangular/circular buttons, search boxes, tick/cross buttons, and the on/off GUI. Everything is 100% vector and can be scaled to any size if needed.


Media Toolbar UI
This is a simple, sleek designed media toolbar user interface that’s 100% vector, so you can re-scale this to any size if needed.


iTunes UI Kit
This unique set contains some rather beautiful iTunes based UI design elements that could be just what your next project needs.


More Kits Are Waiting

That’s right more awaits. Now feel free to stretch for a minute, or go on and head over to page 2 of the post to get some more tools for your resource stockpiling.

June 06 2011


20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Advertisement in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers
 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers  in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers  in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

When it comes to web design, the UI elements that are included can, at times, make or effectively break (in more ways than one) the overall piece. Compromising the aesthetics and even the functionality of the design rendering it virtually useless. So we have to choose the UI elements carefully. Too subtle, and some users may not pick up on them. Too bold, and you risk compromising the fine balance between elements that can really tie the entire piece together.

So today we have brought our web design readers a little treat. We have collected 20 top shelf UI kits that can help you add that special touch of class to your web design projects. All of these fantastic kits are available for free for both personal and commercial use. Most of the downloads consist of layered psd files unless otherwise noted.

Get Your Kit On!

Got Wood UI Design Elements

Uikit20 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

UI Kit by Raj Ramamurthy – The link will take you to the comment where you can download the UI kit. The kit is almost entirely CSS (only two small images are used)

Uikit1 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Black UI Kit by Alex Patrascu

Uikit2 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Moonify UI by jlofstedt

Uikit3 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Black UI Kit by Jonathan Moreira

Uikit4 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Fuel UI Design Kit by Jeff Olson

Uikit5 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Snow Modern UI Kit by MediaLoot

Uikit6 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Web Elements by Dillen Verschoor

Uikit7 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Dark UI Element Set by PixelsDaily

Uikit8 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Sepia GUI Elements by takuji ikeda

Uikit9 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Light UI PSD by Matt Wadsworth

Light UI in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Simple UI Elements by Adrian Pelletier

Uikit10 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Spring GUI by Jon Ovander

Uikit11 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

E-Commerce Steps UI by PixelsDaily

Uikit12 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Web Kit Interface Layout Pack by Gianluca Giacoppo – Comes in 6 colors (blue, yellow, gray, green, red and purple)

Uikit13 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Modern Web UI Set by Dimi Arhontidis

Uikit14 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Soft UI Kit by Design Kindle

Uikit16 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

UI Kit by Dany Duchaine

Uikit17 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

Big Block UI by Adrian Pelletier

Uikit18 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers

A Hand Coded Designer CSS UI Kit – Another CSS kit using HTML5 and CSS3

Uikit19 in 20 Free Top Shelf UI Kits for Web Designers


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