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February 25 2014


February 17 2014

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09:01 will be discontinued :(

Dear fans and users,
today, we have to share very sad news. will stop working in less than 10 days. :(
It's breaking our heart and we honestly tried whatever we could to keep the platform up and running. But the high costs and low revenue streams made it impossible to continue with it. We invested a lot of personal time and money to operate the platform, but when it's over, it's over.
We are really sorry. is part of the internet history and online for one and a half decades.
Here are the hard facts:
- In 10 days the platform will stop working.
- Backup your data in this time
- We will not keep backups nor can we recover your data
July, 20th, 2020 is the due date.
Please, share your thoughts and feelings here.
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February 05 2014


25 Amazing Flat UI Kits to Use in Your Next Design

With the explosion of flat-designed websites, web designers now follow the trend in a snap, adapting a cleaner and much simpler design which can be found in flat UI kits. We seldom see skeumorphic designs nowadays. In fact, all the depth and other 3D stuff have been slowly becoming flat.This is the reason why more and more design blogs have created flat design UI kits for web designers who want to follow the trend.

These kits will allow each designer to fully utilize the trend and produce eye-popping results. It also saves the designer a great amount of time because he doesn’t have to create each individual design element. He just needs a kit, which is usually a PSD file, and voila! and instant web design masterpiece.

After some time of searching and selecting, has compiled these 25 beautiful UI kits for you to use. These kits come in easy-to-access and easy-to-use formats. You’ll never run out of ways to use these because as flat design grows and develops, so too does your keen sense of art. So better take advantage while it’s still relatively new.

Flat UI Kit by Riki Tanone


Flat UI Kit by Devin Schulz


Eerste UI Kit 


UI Kit by Abhimanyu Rana 


Flat UI Kit by Zachary VanDeHey 


FREE Flat UI kit by 


Flat/UI Kit by Sebastian Scheer 


Splash of Color Premium Kit 


Flat UI Kit by Design Modo

Flat UI Kit - HTML/PSD Design Framework

Flat UI Kit by Ben Moss


Featherweight UI


Free Flat UI kit by Emanuel Serbanoiu


Vertical Infinity


Responsive UI Kit


Free Program Icons by Applove


Flatilicious – 48 Free Flat Icons by Lukas Jurik


FREE Flat Social Icons EPS by Jorge Calvo Garcia


Free web icon by Zizaza – design ocean


Big Flat Icons (.sketch) by Luc Chaffard


UI Kit by Mike | Creative Mints


Simplistic UI Kit by Tanveer Junayed


 Square UI – Interactive Components Board by Vladimir Kudinov


Free PSD UI Kit by Simeon K


Flat Stroke UI Kit by Ryan Clark


Flat UI Login Form by David East


Sign Up by Dylan Opet


Your Username by Giel Cobben


 Sign In Flat Design by Logoswish / Maxim


Signup Form by Prakash Ghodke



These UI kits are made for the average designer who works alone or with a small team to save time. Now if you want to accelerate your designing stages, you will be given more time to work on more projects, which, in turn, will yield favorable results.

Now, after browsing these 25 Flat UI kits, what is your favorite? Why? Let’s talk about it.

January 28 2014


14 Fresh And Free PSDs Of Website Templates

In this collection, we are showcasing 14 fresh and amazing PSD files of website templates. Designing the website theme is very tough and hectic job and it takes lots of time too. This is the reason that designers always prefer PSD files because PSD files are ready-made, save time and effort. Website visitors appreciate and like those websites which are easy to use and have nice and appealing website theme.

Web designers always welcome the PSD collections with warm and open hands because PSD files are the great help for them and make their work easier for them. Web designers will definitely get help from this collection. So, this is another PSD collection for the designers. Check out these PSD website templates and download your best pick without paying any money. Do let us know what do you think about this collection. I Hope you like this collection and please do share your valuable suggestions and comments with us via our comment section below.

Free Hotel Web Template


Free Hosting Web Design Free PSD

Award The Inspired clean PSD website

Dublin iPad & iPhone Apps

Free Flat Design PSD Template

LaunchPad Free Website Layout



Paradise Hotel Redesigned

Website Template for Community Website

Metronom Theme


November 28 2013


Infographics Galore: Worth a Thousand Words, But Costs Only $27!


Infographics are the new craze these days. Run a blog and publish an infographic almost regardless of its topic: People will come running. Never before have infographics become viral so easily and in these numbers. I personally feel a little fatigue, when being confronted with yet another infographic. Still, a well-made one gets me easily and sucks me in. The advantages of infographics are clear. They offer information in a format that is best supported by both halfs of your brain. That’s why these pieces of content appeal to everybody, the logical thinkers and the creative chaotics alike. Are infographics a viable way to gain traffic to your site? Absolutely.

November 13 2013


60 High Quality and Free Responsive HTML Templates

Speed up your design process by taking inspiration from these free responsive HTML templates we gathered from around the web!

Everyone’s running around trying to hop on the newest trend: flat design, but before flat there was responsive web design. It was the craze two years ago, and 8/10 websites you will visit today are responsive. This is in response (tee hee) to the mobile web revolution, of course. It has become a standard, even if a web design client is not specifically looking for a responsive website, it’s already a given that you, as a web designer or developer, need to deliver responsive sites all of the time.

So, here are 60 responsive website templates to speed up your design/development process. Feel free to download and edit them!

Have fun!

1. Affection

Download and Demo

2. KataKlimt

Download | Demo

3. Vivid Photo

Download | Demo

4. zBoomMusic

Download | Demo

5. zMoonCake

Download | Demo

6. Deadstocker fashion

Download and Demo

7. Wee Responsive

Download and Demo

8. Verti

Download and Demo

9. Obscura

Download and Demo


10. Response

Download | Demo

11. Zeni

Download | Demo

12. Brownie

Download | Demo

13. AccentBox

Download | Demo

14. It Fits

Download | Demo

15. Travel Store

Download | Demo

16. Style Tile

Download | Demo

17. Diggy

Download | Demo

18. Serendipity

Download | Demo

29. Madison

Download | Demo

20. Azure

Download | Demo

21. Simple

Download | Demo

22. Vintage

Download | Demo

23. Gridly

Download | Demo

24. DopeTrope

Download | Demo

25. Curve

Download | Demo

26. Grid

Download | Demo

27. Agency

Download | Demo

28. Yasmin

Download | Demo

29. Balloons

Download | Demo

30. Acoustic

Download | Demo

32. zWebDesign

Download | Demo

33. Halftone

Download | Demo

34. zGallering

Download | Demo

35. Strongly Typed

Download and Demo

36. Telephasic

Download and Demo

37. Miniport

Download and Demo

38. Zerofour

Download and Demo

39. Brushed

Download | Demo

40. Mori

Download | Demo

41. Codester

Download | Demo

42. Legend!

Download | Demo

43. Appology

Download | Demo

44. Proximet

Download | Demo

45. Parallelism

Download and Demo

46. Shinra

Download | Demo

47. Di’Verso

Download | Demo


Download | Demo

49. Type and Grids

Download and Demo

50. Folder

Download | Demo

51. Response Eve

Download | Demo

52. Liquid Gem

Download | Demo

53. Modus

Download | Demo

54. Kroft

Download | Demo

55. Delphic

Download | Demo

56. zParalexy

Download | Demo

57. Striped

Download and Demo

58. Minimaxing

Download and Demo

59. Park Zone

Download and Demo

60. Astral

Download and Demo

What do you think about this collection? Should we gather more? Tell us what you think!

October 28 2013


15 Beautiful PSD Badges for Free

Looking for a PSD template for web badges? We got you covered! We realize that hiring a graphic artist to design even just a small badge, icon, or logo can be expensive, so we made the following badges for you!

Feel free to download, edit, and use these badges for your projects, either personal or for commercial purposes.

We designed these badges with different types of websites in mind. Whether you have an online store, membership site, digital goods, and just about anything,  you’ll easily find which one will fit.

Free PSD Badges, Just For You!


Download the PSD here. (46MB)

Don’t forget, sharing is caring!

October 14 2013


September 17 2013


106 Free Flat UI Kits to Boost Your Designs in No Time

Over the past several months, we have noticed that in web design the use of flashy illustrations, extraneous textures and drop down shadows were minimized if not totally removed. This is due to the growing influence of flat design – a user-centric web design style.

Microsoft, Google and now even Apple is digging this design trend. If you have observed that you were left behind and you still have those beveled, bulged and eye popping gradients, you can catch up by learning the Basic Principles of Flat Design .

And here is more to help you get started. I compiled 100+ FREE downloadable Flat UI kits to help you kickin’ in no time.

UI kits are great packages for starters for they can save you time, which is important when you are catching up the trend. These kits usually come in PSD file formats and include brushes, patterns and a lot of user interface elements.

1.  Flat AP UI Kit

From: Andrew Preble

2. Featherweight UI – A free, vector based and retina ready UI kit

From: Sara Hunt

3. Flat UI Free – PSD&HTML User Interface Kit

From: Designmodo

4. FREE flat UI kit.


5. UI Kit

From: Abhimanyu Rana

6. Polaris UI Free – User Interface Pack

From: Designmodo

7. Square UI Free – User Interface Kit

From: Designmodo

8. Freebie PSD: Flat / UI Kit

From: Sebastiaan Scheer

9. #flatlyfe UI Kit [FREEBIE]

From: Dylan Opet

10. Flat UI

From: Andy Law

11. Blog/Magazine Flat UI Kit

From: Raul Taciu

12. PSD Flat UI Kit Template Vol2


13. Simple UI Kit with Flat Colors


14. Free flat UI kit (.psd freebie)

From: Emanuel Serbanoiu

15. Flat Design UI Kit Vol. 1

From: Bloom Web Design


From: Adam Robertson

17. The Free Modern Touch Kit


18. Free Color UI Kit

From: Cüneyt ŞEN

19. Flat UI Kit


20. SmoothBerry – Free UI Kit

From: Mansoor MJ

21. Free Minimal UI Kit

From: Ramil Derogongun

22. Mega Flat UI Kit

From: Kim

23. UI Kit – Free PSD

From: Rebecca Machamer

24. Vertical Infinity – A Mega Flat Style UI Kit PSD


25. Flat UI Kit (Free PSD)

From: Devin Schulz

26. Metro UI kit


27. Flat UI Kit

From: Zachary VanDeHey

28. Beach GUI

From: Mike Clarke

29. UI Kit – Free download

From: Hüseyin Yilmaz

30. Dark UI Kit – Free download

From: Hüseyin Yilmaz

31. Flat UI Freebie Pack

From: Shaun Stehly

32. – Application Artboards (Free PSD)

From: Amit Jakhu

33. Flat Design UI Components

From: Raul Taciu

34. Free Flat UI Kit

From: Enes Danış

35. Flat dashboard. Free UI kit PSD

From: Prowebdesignro

36. Flat Web & UI Kit Final Pack

From: Dart 117

37. UI Kit

From: Jamie Syke

38. UI/UX Flat design – Free PSD

From: Julie Champourlier

39. Freebie PSD: Flat UI Kit

From: Riki Tanone

40. Freebie PSD: Flat UI Kit 2 (Blog)

From: Riki Tanone

41. Flat UI Design Kit PSD

From: Asim Craft

42. UI Kit (Free PSD)

From: Sanadas Young

43. Flat UI Kit – Freebie PSD

From: Ryan Bales

44. Avengers Flat UI Kit

From: Tristan Parker

45. flat UI kit

From: Daniel

46. Responsive UI Kit (PSD)

From: Emrah Demirag


From: PremiumPsds

48. Freebie: UI Kit PSD

From: Andreea Nicolaescu

49. Flatastic UI

From: Designerzbase

50. Flat UI Kit

From: Eric Bieller

51. Flatilicious User Interface Free

From: Patrick M.

52. Free PSD: Flat UI Kit


53. Flat UI Elements


54. Free Flat UI Kit

From: Wahib El Younssi

55. Free Deal: Flat User Interface Set


56. Flatter- A Free UI Kit

From: Andrew Coyle

57. Freebie PSD: Oniam UI Kit

From: Federico Espinosa

58. Flat UI Kit (free download!)

From: and

59. (FREE PSD) Flat UI

From: Zeki Ghulam (Flat & Filthy)

60. Orange/Cyan UI

From: Marc Konno

61. Tablet-Friendly Almost Flat UI Kit


62. Flat + Transparent UI


63. Flat UI kit


64. Ecommerce Flat UI Kit Vol.1 (PSD)


65. Minimize UI Kit

From: Alessio Atzeni

66. Free Flat Design UI/UX Kit

From: Julie Champourlier

67. Human After All -UI Kit Free

From: Tim Meissner

68. UI/UX Flat Design Kit – Neon Theme – FREE PSD

From: Julie Champourlier

69. Flat UI Kit – Free Download

From: Mark Peck

70. Gideo UI Kit

From: Paul

71. Flat UI Kit Free

From: Giuseppe Severo

72. Free RockMedia Media UI Kit

From: Lester Gonzales

73. Free modern UI PSD

From: Fatih Ocak

74. Flat UI Kit


75. REDMILK FREE UI Elements (PSD)

From: Emile Rohlandt

76. Metrostyle Web UI Kit (PSD)

From: Josep Roselló

77. touch50px UI Kit (PSD)

From: Angelo

78. UI/UX Flat Design – Sorbet Theme – Free PSD

From: Julie Champourlier

79. Flat Design Buttons for Websites

From: Asim Craft

80. UI Kit

From: Sanadas Young

81. Grooveshark PSD (Flat redesign)

From: Zeki Ghulam (Flat & Filthy)

82. Metro Vibes UI Kit (PSD)


83. Free Flat Flags

From: Muharrem Şenyıl

84. “Pizza” UI Kit – PSD

From: Boris Valusek

85. Eerste – Flat User Interface Kit That Is Free To Download


86. Minimal Blue UI Kit


87. Weekly Freebie – Reservation Box


88. Metro UI Kit


89. Metro UI KitRegister UI — Free PSD included

From: Ionut Zamfir

90. Friends list UI (Free PSD)

From: Nicolas Mata

91. Sign Up Form

From: Dylan Opet

92. Flat Web Ui

From: Josep Roselló

93. Simple UI – Free PSD included

From: Ionut Zamfir

94. Simplistic UI Kit

From: Tanveer Junayed

95. Flattastic Free

From: Vlade Dimovski

96. Ui Kit [Free PSD]

From: Pele Chaengsavang

97. Freebie PSD: UI Kit

From: Patryk Adaś

98. Transparent freebie

From: Patryk Adaś

99. Simple UI Kit – Free

From: Sadat

100. Freebie PSD: Flat & Casted Long Shadow UI Kit

From: Jacopo Spina

101. RED UI


102. Leo


103. Almost Flat Dark UI Pack


104. City Break UI Kit

Free Flat UI kit 104

105. Arctic Sunset GUI Kit Free PSD (Exclusive)


106. Sweet Candy UI Kit


Having a library of UI elements can help you make your design process faster.
Download these Free UI kit now and you will never get left behind!
Hands down to our great designers who share their works for free!

August 08 2013


Bootstrap Happiness: 10 Premium Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Templates For ONE Dollar Each


You know that we love Bootstrap here at Noupe. Released in August of 2011, even Twitter may not have known how big it would get. As of Summer 2013, it is still the most popular GitHub development project with over 52k stars and over 16k forks. Building a responsive website based on Bootstrap takes a lot of the usual pains out of the process. You know what? You can take even more pain away by using and customizing a professionally built template. That’s what this week’s Mighty Deal is all about…

July 09 2013


HTML5up: 14 Totally Free and Modern Templates Made With HTML5



If you happen to be looking for ready-made website-templates you need not search for long. Google brings up a bunch of sites, here at Noupe we don’t abandon you on that search either. When it comes to Google findings, chances are, you will, in most cases, not really be satisfied by the available quality of code or layout. In these case, read: in any case, you should visit the new service HTML5up. What you will find here are really elegant and modern templates for contemporary websites based entirely on HTML5 and CSS3, with a bit of JavaScript, obviously. These templates are not only entirely beautiful, they are also completely free.

March 18 2013


Ultimate Collection Of Free Coming Soon And Under Construction Templates

An under construction or coming soon page will come into play when you need to inform your users that the web page they are trying to visit is in the construction process and they should visit it after some time. At times, when companies decided to make huge changes in their online profile; they need to redesign the whole website or the large portion of it. At the same time, they do not want their users to see a blank page. Therefore, they design an under construction or coming soon page.

In this collection, you will discover some inspiring and free templates to design coming soon and under construction pages. Browse through this collection and download as many templates as you want.

Free Coming Soon Page Template: Blue Horizons

( Demo | Download )

Free HTML/CSS Coming Soon Page

( Demo | Download )

Blue Coming Soon Page

( Demo | Download )

HTML5 Coming Soon Template

( Demo | Download )

Simple Coming Soon Page HTML

( Demo | Download )

Elegant Clean Under Construction Page

( Demo | Download )

Beback Theme

( Demo | Download )

Coming Soon Page Template

( Demo | Download )

Website Under Construction Template

( Demo | Download )

LaunchTime WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Free Coming Soon Template

( Demo | Download )

Changing Room

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Clean Under Construction Template

( Demo | Download )

Creative Under Construction Template

( Demo | Download )

Modern Under Construction Template

( Demo | Download )

Critical Mass

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

Coming Soon WordPress Theme

( Demo | Download )

Premium Under Construction Template

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

jQuery Countdown Script

( Demo | Download )


( Demo | Download )

WP Launcher

( Demo | Download )

Cool And Free Launch Page With Ajax Newsletter

( Demo | Download )

Coming soon page template download (PSD)

( Demo | Download )


Creating a Stylish Coming Soon Page with jQuery

In this tutorial we will learn how to create a Stylish Coming Soon Page with jQuery.

Create an Effective Coming Soon Page

In this article we will talk you through how to construct a very usable, applicable coming soon web page. We will also be discussing why we are doing certain things, and what we’re trying to achieve with each step. This way you’ll not only be able to create a similar design, but you’ll understand the importance of the details, and just how effective they can be.

How To Design A Coming Soon Page In Photoshop

In this tutorial we will show you how to create a coming soon page in photoshop. To design a coming soon page is really important if you are about to lunch a new website, and is a pretty good marketing tool.

Design a Bright & Fun Coming Soon Page

In this tutorial you will learn how to design a fun Coming Soon Page for a website.

Sleek Coming Soon Page Design

Here we will be showing you how to create a cool coming soon web page design. The designs features a dark feel with a cool count down timer. Lets get started…

How to Create an Effective Coming Soon Page

Coming soon pages are generally very simply when compared to regular websites. However, they’re notoriously difficult to get right. The simplicity of the concept can actually overwhelm many designers, as they end up with a boring, lackluster design. Here, we’ll look at how to design a simple, but effective coming soon page, and some of the theories to bear in mind.

Freelance Coming Soon Photoshop Tutorial

We will be walking you through the process of creating a Coming Soon Page for your Freelance website. We will be using a lot of basic techniques and simple layer styles to create an excellent look.

Design A Textured ‘Coming Soon’ Web Page In Photoshop

This web design tutorial will show you how to make a simple “coming soon” web page that has a nice background texture and a slick web form that you can easily adapt into contact forms, newsletter signup pages, and more.

Design And Code A Sweet Custom Coming Soon Page

In this tutorial you will learn how to Design and Code a Sweet Custom Coming Soon Page.


This compilation features some excellent and high quality templates for Coming Soon and Under Construction pages that you can use for free. We have compiled this collection to help you make your Coming Soon or Under Construction pages more appealing and visually enticing. We hope that you will like this collection. Feel free to share your opinion with us via comment section below.

August 27 2012


75 Impressive and Powerful Premium WordPress Themes From 2012

Looking for a great website? Maybe a convenient solution for a client? WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS solutions out there and people with demands choose it for their website because of its flexibility, customizability and almost unlimited range of features.

WordPress doesn’t associate with just a blog anymore – it’s used by businesses, nonprofits, creatives and sellers. Different types of websites requires different types of designs and that’s where WordPress is forthcoming. You can apply almost any design to it and customize it for your needs. Most of the people choose to use premade themes which are easy to customize, remake and adjust.

If your wishes don’t stretch further than a personal blog then it’s better to go for a free WordPress theme. However, if you know your website is going to need some more advanced features it’s better to consider purchasing a premium theme. Premium themes come in high-quality, they’re packed with tons of features and you can customize them to suit your needs. For this roundup we’ve prepared 75 impressive and powerful premium WordPress themes that are sorted in categories.

News and Magazine WordPress Themes

1. Newsroll ($35)


Newsroll is flexible, customizable and fully responsive magazine WordPress theme with clean and sleek design. Theme includes lots of advanced features and functions and is based on solid backend framework.


  • Responsive layout
  • Advanced admin panel
  • Shortcode generator
  • Translation ready

2. deTube ($45)


deTube is a Professional Video WordPress theme designed for video site, video blog, or video portal. This theme will help you get a professional video site up and running quickly.


  • Responsive layout
  • News/magazine site ready
  • Unlimited sections to homepage
  • Multi-user support

3. Stockholm ($59)


Stockholm theme, and its name, is inspired by the beautiful Swedish capital. The minimalist design offers a unique and balanced layout for a magazine or photography theme. The contrast is perfect for showcasing high-quality images.


  • Multiple category page layouts
  • Custom query widget
  • Fully controllable sliders
  • Advanced control panel

4. Arts and Culture ($59)


Arts and Culture is a responsive theme loaded with options. The real driver behind this theme was to offer a magazine that was on par with the big sites across the web in both style and features. It’s built for creative and image-heavy sites.


  • Responsive layout
  • Category based ads
  • Post templates
  • Shortcodes

5. Newspaper ($59)


WP Newspaper, as the name implies, is a newspaper style WordPress theme that has all the features of a newspaper site. This WordPress theme has a unique newspaper layout and is ad and search engine optimized.


  • SEO optimized
  • Advanced admin panel
  • Flowplayer and jQuery tools
  • Media gallery

6. Erudito ($69)


Erudito is a solid, modern and responsive WordPress theme with 12 color styles. Great for education websites, such as universities, schools, colleges, but will also fit just any business-oriented website.


  • Responsive layout
  • Dynamic homepage builder
  • Localized
  • Support

7. Yamidoo Magazine ($69)


Yamidoo magazine-style theme is a knockout for any type of informative website even a complex News Portal. With its simple layout, this theme can be easily styled to create the perfect look for your blog.


  • Responsive layout
  • Video integration
  • Custom widgets
  • Localized

8. OriginMag ($69)


OriginMag is a simple and minimal theme with a responsive layout. It has a powerful Framework and unique widgets.


  • Responsive layout
  • Multiple layouts
  • Video widget
  • SEO options

9. Discovery ($69)


Discovery is a very well structured WordPress theme that can be used with any type of content. Developed with businesses in mind, this theme is versatile, easy to adapt and customize.


  • Widgetized areas
  • Featured static pages
  • Banner management section
  • Support

10. Flipflop ($70)


Flipflop is a responsive, ultra-readable theme geared around news publishers. With impressive column generator functionality for posts and pages, clean, large typography, a modular homepage that can be re-arranged thanks to widget components and a featured slider Flipflop has all the tools to customize this theme for whatever niche.


  • Responsive design
  • Custom homepage
  • Recent news module
  • Ultra-readable typography
  • Localized

11. Galaxy ($40)


Galaxy is a easy-to-customize and fully featured WordPress news/magazine theme.


  • Responsive layout
  • Widgetized homepage
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Video documentation

12. Innov8tive ($79.95, includes Genesis framework)


Innov8tive offers 3 color combinations that highlight your content and presents a beautiful, clean, fresh looking home page that your readers will want to come back to again and again.


  • Responsive
  • Advanced theme options
  • 6 layout options
  • SEO optimized

13. Lifestyle ($79.95, includes Genesis framework)


Stylish online publishing has never been so easy than with the bright, magazine-style frame and amazing flexibility of the Lifestyle theme.


  • 10 color styles
  • Footer widgets
  • Threaded comments
  • 6 layout options

Blog and Personal WordPress Themes

1. Viewport ($50)


Clean, crisp, and well structured, the Viewport theme is perfect the online publisher who values the use of different media. With support for images, galleries, audio and video, along with a fully responsive design, there is no doubt you will leave a lasting impression on your audience.


  • Responsive design
  • Various post formats
  • Localization support
  • Extensive documentation

2. Lucid ($39/year which also gives you access to 70 other themes)


Lucid is a sleek and modern magazine theme that does a great job displaying tons of content while at the same time avoiding the feeling of clutter. Clean design elements and a strict grid give the theme an organized layout that is a pleasure to read. Lucid is also fully responsive, meaning that the design will adapt to mobile phones and tablets for a more intuitive browsing experience.


  • Responsive design
  • Advanced theme options
  • Shortcodes
  • Page templates
  • Perpetual updates

3. Hoon ($75)


Hoon is a unique theme with a simple design packed with a variety of advanced features. Built with HTML5, Hoon features a custom audio player with playlist capabilities to play on all devices, desktop to mobile. This also means Hoon is a responsive theme, allowing your videos, images, and slideshows to display nicely as well.


  • Responsive design
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Widgetized content areas
  • Optimized for displaying media

4. Blocco ($75)


Blocco is a very unique block style theme which could be used for blogs, portfolios, media and much more.


  • Responsive design
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Featured content options
  • Extensive documentation

5. Azione ($60)


Azione is a neat, structured video blogging theme with a massive view port for your HD videos and photographs.


  • Perfect for HD videos
  • Widgetized homepage
  • Works as standard blog
  • Two color schemes

6. Merchant ($70)


Merchant is a responsive portfolio, personal or business theme with a homepage that is truly flexible thanks to the Woo Component widgets. With JS Masonry, some advanced layout controls to set the site width and a header that can be fixed or floated next to the site you can really have some fun customizing it.


  • Fully responsive
  • Multiple sliders
  • Advanced layout controls
  • Custom typography

7. eleven40 ($79.95, includes Genesis framework)


Designed to wow your audience at first glance, the eleven40 theme gives you unprecedented spaciousness to show off your best content.


  • Responsive
  • 6 layout options
  • Footer widgets
  • Threaded comments

8. Balance ($79.95, includes Genesis framework)


The evenly weighted, minimalist design of the Balance theme gives you the best of form and function, with a responsive frame that’s built for any kind of communication.


  • Responsive
  • 3 layout options
  • Footer widgets
  • Threaded comments

9. Notes ($39)


Notes is an awesome theme in the post format category. It allows you to use WordPress to post various post formats such as image, video, gallery, audio, quote, etc. like Tumblr blog.


  • Responsive design
  • Various post formats
  • Grid view layout
  • Threaded comments

10. Harpoon ($45)


Harpoon is a responsive multi options WordPress theme build to power individual sites but also with multiple users.


  • Responsive
  • Multiple layouts
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Powerful backend

11. Gretchen ($40)


Gretchen is a creative theme that offers a plethora of styling options. Transform this theme into a clean minimal look or create your own color schemes in minutes using the admin features.


  • Clean and simple design
  • Advanced theme options
  • 8 unique templates
  • Well documented

12. Adapt ($50)


Adapt is responsive theme designed to show off your articles and showcase your work in style. The theme has a powerful full-width featured homepage slider and an adaptable 3-column masonry layout with some cool hover animations.


  • Responsive
  • jQuery slider
  • Extensive theme options
  • AJAX post loader
  • Localized

Business and Corporate WordPress Themes

1. Sensation ($40)


Sensation is a polished, responsive, shortcode-packed business WordPress theme. It has a layout builder, powerful admin panel and tons of other features. Plus you don’t have to worry about installation – if you buy it, authors will install it for you.


  • Responsive design
  • Supports child themes
  • Shortcode generator
  • Google webfonts
  • 14 HTML templates

2. Avada ($40)


Avada theme possesses a clean, super flexible and fully responsive design. A lot of thought and care were put into Avada making it a pleasure to use. It was carefully handcrafted with a strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience. It’s very quick to setup and easy to customize, thanks to the intelligent admin panel, and the detailed documentation that is included.


  • Fully responsive
  • One click demo support
  • WPML plugin ready
  • Includes FlexSlider 2

3. Radiant WP ($45)


Radiant is a feature-rich, easy-to-use responsive WordPress theme built on the popular Super Skeleton theme framework. It’s designed for users, not geeks.


  • Fully responsive
  • Touch sensitive slider and other mobile specific features
  • Skin builder
  • Extensive documentation

4. Blocked ($45)


Blocked is a responsive WordPress theme, built with extreme attention to details. Featuring the Layout Editor, an extremely useful tool that helps you build any layout you can imagine.


  • Unlimited layouts, sidebars, portfolios
  • 3 responsive sliders
  • Form builder
  • Professional support

5. Think ($40)


Think is a clean and responsive WordPress theme for corporate, business and company websites. This theme also good for portfolio and any kind of websites.


  • Responsive
  • Flex Slider
  • Translation ready
  • Well documented

6. PixelPress ($70)


PixelPress is a responsive business and portfolio theme, built with the same functionality that makes our business themes so popular. The sleek styling and attention to detail in this design should make it a winner for any business oriented website.


  • Fully responsive
  • Featured slider
  • Powerful portfolio management
  • Custom typography

7. Whitelight ($70)


Whitelight was designed by Chris Rowe, with the aims to set a new standard on our business theme line-up. It features a clean and responsive design, customized modular homepage, portfolio functionality that we all love and integrated WooCommerce goodness (child theme) for your e-commerce needs.


  • Fully responsive
  • Featured slider
  • Powerful portfolio management
  • Custom typography

8. Complete WP ($40)


Complete WP is a WordPress 3.4+ ready premium WordPress theme with a clean design, suitable for any kind of corporate, business and portfolio websites.


  • 25+ shortcodes
  • 6 widget areas
  • Translation ready
  • Extensive documentation

9. Elegantica ($40)


Elegantica is a responsive minimal business WordPress Theme, suited for creative folk that wish to present their products or services with a bit of creativity. It is suited for both personal and corporate websites.


  • Minimal and elegant design
  • Google webfonts
  • Shortcode generator
  • CSS3 transitions

10. Shepard ($45)


Shepard is a fresh, bright but simple WordPress corporate theme. Enjoy a great variety of possibilities to adjust your own site to be totally awesome.


  • Responsive
  • SEO friendly
  • Form builder
  • Translation ready

11. Nexus ($45)


Nexus is a deeply responsive, business WordPress theme.


  • Responsive
  • Retina display ready
  • Shortcode generator
  • SEO plugin ready
  • Pricing table

12. Coraline ($35)


Coraline is the perfect theme for creative agency, freelancer or general business. It has a lot of modules are ready for homepage, it’s simple-to-use, customize and install.


  • Responsive
  • 15 skins
  • Unlimited slideshows
  • AJAX/PHP contact form
  • Easy to install

13. Agency ($79.95, includes Genesis framework)


Represent your professional services with confidence and clarity by harnessing the stream-lined professionalism of the Agency theme.


  • Responsive
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Threaded comments
  • 4 color styles

14. Globex ($40)


Globex is fully responsive website, which uses latest CSS3 andHTML5 techniques and suits perfectly for business, corporate and portfolio websites.


  • Responsive
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Filterable portfolio
  • Pricing tables

Photography and Portfolio WordPress Themes

1. Bigbang ($45)


Bigbang is a fully responsive WordPress portfolio theme.


  • Fully responsive
  • Several page templates
  • Shortcodes
  • Lots of jQery plugins

2. Agera ($40)


Agera is a beautiful portfolio that’s easy to set up. The main goal of Agera is to let photographers and designers showcase their work easily and in a beautiful and simple way.


  • Fully responsive
  • Completely fullscreen
  • 2 portfolio versions
  • CSS3 transitions

3. Viewpoint ($40)


Viewpoint is a single responsive portfolio WordPress theme with parallax effects. Perfect to promote your work or your business. Is compatible with all modern mobile devices. Other than the minimalistic single page design, it also has a blog.


  • Responsive
  • Advanced options panel
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Fully localized

4. Eunoia ($50)


Eunoia is a bold responsive WordPress theme suited for business websites and users who want to showcase their work on a neat portfolio site.


  • Responsive design
  • Translation ready
  • Mobilde device activized slideshow
  • Template builder

5. Skyfashion ($40)


Skyfashion is a project for everyone who likes minimalism and clarity. It will perfectly work out as a corporate website but also as a portfolio. Thanks to responsive your website will be available also for the owners of tablets and smartphones.


  • Responsive
  • Valid HTML5
  • Google fonts
  • Light and dark skin

6. Elastico ($45)


Elastico is a unique fullscreen and fully responsive theme, perfect for creative people and agencies. By emphasizing your photos, videos and content, it showcases your work in an amazing way. Easy to manage, it comes also with a fullscreen blog supporting post formats and several custom page templates to spice up your website.


  • Responsive design
  • Several blog post formats
  • Custom page templates
  • Extensive documentation and support

7. Spacing ($45)


Spacing is a minimalistc and bold responsive WordPress theme. It may be used both as a personal and agency portfolio and a business website. With a powerful theme options panel and extensive documentation you will get your site up and running the way you want in no time.


  • Responsive design
  • Extensive admin panel
  • Drag and drop manager
  • WPML support

8. Photocrati ($89)


Photocrati is an all-in-one website solution with homepage, gallery management, blogging, ecommerce, iPhone/iPad compatibility, strong copyright protection, lots of customization possibilities, and a great community.


  • Powerful gallery management
  • 60 styles to choose from
  • Customize everything
  • Updates and support

9. Flexible ($39/year which also gives you access to 70 other themes)


Flexible is a sleek and minimal portfolio theme packed full of some awesome features. The theme puts your work first, keeping the design elements to a minimum while still maintaining a definitive modern style. With its filterable, ajax-powered multi-media gallery, Flexible is perhaps the perfect gallery theme for you.


  • Responsive design
  • Advanced theme options
  • Shortcodes
  • Localiation
  • Perpetual updates

10. PhotoNote ($69)


PhotoNote is an advanced photo and video, offering you many unique ways of displaying your photos, videos or blog posts.


  • Responsive layout
  • Touch-enabled sliders
  • Easy customization
  • Facebook comments

11. Virtuoso ($69)


Virtuoso is a classic portfolio WordPress theme with great flexibility. Packed with custom post types, widgets, post/page templates and different layout options, this theme provides a great base to build on.


  • Custom layouts
  • Drop-down menu
  • Related posts
  • Localized

12. Knead ($60)


Knead is a responsive portfolio theme featuring service listings and a minimal design.


  • Responsive design
  • Dynamic template
  • Slogan widget
  • Two color schemes

13. Portfolio Theme ($69)


The Portfolio Theme is a minimal but powerful solution for displaying your work. The theme features a fully responsive framework that looks fantastic on any mobile device. It contains multiple portfolio layout options and a slideshow page template.


  • Fully responsive
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Featured content slideshow

14. BigFormat ($45)


BigFormat is a fullscreen responsive portfolio theme for freelancers, web designers, photographers and videographers alike, built to showcase your work at a large scale.


  • Responsive design
  • Fullscreen image slideshow
  • Ajax powered comments
  • Working contact form

15. Helm ($45)


Helm is a responsive portfolio theme for creative professionals. Theme is capable of displaying blog list and posts in fullwidth and 2 column layouts.


  • Responsive
  • Advanced theme options
  • Various post formats
  • Localized

16. Incidental ($45)


Incidental is a premium WordPress theme for photographer. The theme provides a very flexible, drag drop tool to manage your gallery. You can create both full screen gallery or if you like the traditional way, you can build it as column style as well.


  • Responsive
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Localization
  • SEO optimized

17. Daisho ($45)


Daisho is a portfolio solution for creative professionals and companies looking for a minimal and professional look. Flexible and responsive presentation, smooth navigational flow and clutter-free approach.


  • Responsive
  • Retina display support
  • Smooth flash-like experience
  • HTML5 video slides
  • Extensive documentation

18. Nemesis ($45)


Nemesis is a responsive WordPress theme built for creative freelancers.


  • Responsive
  • AJAX powered portfolio
  • Translation ready
  • Unobtrusive jQuery effects

Ecommerce WordPress Themes

1. Blanco ($55)


Blanco is clear, easy to customize WordPress template. The template is fully compatible with heavy stores which have a variety of languages and currencies to create convenience for customers around the world.


  • Responsive design
  • Mega slideshow
  • Powerful admin module
  • Grid page for products

2. Kinetico ($55)


Kinetico is a definitive solution to your ecommerce, with this flexible and powerful ecommerce theme.


  • Responsive design
  • Layout builder
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Responsive sliders
  • Support

3. Gigawatt ($60)


Gigawatt is a grungy, vintage WordPress video blog that can easily be turned into an eCommerce site.


  • Responsive design
  • Widgetized homepage
  • eCommerce compatibility
  • 3 color schemes

4. Capital ($70)


Capital is a WooCommerce theme which has been designed specifically to sell digital products. There are options to strip functionality right back which makes this the perfect theme for boutique software agencies. Capital has also been fully optimised for use on hand-held, touch screen devices.


  • Responsive design
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • Customizability
  • Shortcodes

5. SMPL ($70)


SMPL is a robust, responsive business theme with a clean, modular design. With integrated styling for WooCommerce you can enable e-commerce shop facilities out of the box, or enable later with the re-assurance that your site can scale with your business’s growth.


  • Responsive design
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • Featured slider
  • Portfolio module

6. Sentient ($70)


Sentient is a smart, innovative WooCommerce theme. Products are cleverly aligned using jQuery masonry allowing you to cleanly showcase a great number of products on your shop pages without any wasted space. Sentient has also been fully optimised for use on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.


  • Responsive design
  • jQuery Masonry
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • Customizability

7. Shelflife ($70)


Shelflife is a clean, e-commerce focussed theme with a homepage dedicated to featured, popular and recent products with dedicated spaces for mini-features and promotions powered by their own custom post types, as well as a widgetized sidebar and footer regions.


  • Fully responsive
  • WooCommerce plugin
  • Custom typography
  • Styling options

8. Minshop ($39)


Minshop is a simple ecommerce theme that features an Ajax shopping cart where buyers can add or remove items with a single click without reloading or redirecting the page.


  • Responsive layout
  • Requires WooCommerce
  • Custom post slider
  • Child theme support

9. MayaShop ($60)


MayaShop is a fresh WordPress theme that utilizes the powerful JigoShop and WooCommerce plugins to create a versatile WordPress powered shop, with unlimited layout options and unlimited skins.


  • Responsive
  • 8 sliders
  • SEO optimized
  • Very customizable

10. Flexishop 2


Flexishop 2 is quite simply the last wordpress e-commerce theme you will ever need. It features a huge array of color, font, and layout options which let you change just about anything on the site, it even includes 3 different layouts for that unique look.


  • Responsive
  • Unlimited colors
  • SEO friendly
  • Multiple layouts
  • Rebrandable theme


1. GymBase ($45)


GymBase is a gym fitness WordPress theme designed in a minimalist style. It has a responsive layout that looks great on mobile and tablet devices. The main point of focus is represented by home page slider which scales down automatically depending on your screen resolution.


  • Responsive design
  • jQuery powered
  • Filterable gallery
  • Valid HTML5

2. ChurcHope ($45)


ChurcHope is a powerful WordPress theme that is perfect for churches and business websites but also suits well for any other needs.


  • One click install
  • Fully customizable
  • Responsive
  • Easy to translate

3. Nice Hotel ($45)


Nice hotel is a WordPress theme designed for hotels, hostels, resorts, spas and any other type of service which requires a booking type system.


  • Accommodation management
  • Translation ready
  • Event management
  • Support

4. Pinboard ($39)


Big fan of Pinterest? Pinboard features an auto stacking layout with infinite scroll as seen on the Pinterest desktop site. The stacking layout works perfectly and responsively on any resolution using a desktop or mobile devices.


  • Responsive and auto stacking layout
  • Infinite scroll
  • Lightbox gallery
  • HTML and CSS3

5. Soundboard ($45)


Soundboard is a powerful music WordPress theme with special features for bands and solo artists. With Soundboard you can display your tour dates, discography, videos and images – it has pretty much everything you need for a band website.


  • Valid HTML5
  • Customizable
  • 5 custom post types
  • Translation ready

6. Marriage ($40)


Marriage is a wedding related responsive WordPress theme. The design is a minimal one with nice simple colors and custom web fonts to match the wedding event.


  • Responsive
  • Custom admin panel
  • 8 predefined colors for graphic elements
  • Fluid images and videos

7. Outreach ($40)


Outreach is a theme that’s made with non-profits and charity organizations in mind. It’s built with the WP Email Capture plugin in mind to collect names and emails of your supporters and The Events Calendar plugin to display all of your upcoming events.


  • Responsive
  • Retina display ready
  • Donate button
  • Collect emails easily
  • Translation ready

8. AgentPress ($79.95, includes Genesis framework)


AgentPress helps industry savvy real estate agents like you build a better business with its intuitive design, powerful functionality, and smart listings.


  • Advanced theme options
  • Featured image slider
  • 5 color schemes
  • Fixed width

July 18 2012


A New Collection of Free HTML5 and CSS3 Templates


Professionally designed and neatly coded templates always make life easier for developers, not only because they save time, but also for the effort they save. Since web development is an ever expanding field, it is important for developers to keep their work up to date with the latest changes. HTML5 and CSS3 templates are there to make your websites future proof and make them even more accessible.

In this round up, we are presenting a brilliant collection of some fresh and free HTML5 and CSS3 templates that you can download today. With these templates, you can also learn how to code your websites in HTML5 and CSS3. So, enjoy looking into this collection we have compiled for you.

The Templates

Template for Powerful Business Startup ( Demo | Download )
The visually pleasing layout is the first thing that catches the attention when you look at this theme, but it’s certainly not the last. Along with cool graphic elements and hand-written typography, this free website template will provide you with the functionality you need for a good start for your online business.


Animated Neoarts ( Demo | Download )
This is a modern and elegantly designed web template suitable for Design/Studio websites. All-in-One page with an animated theme.


Vintage – HTML Template ( Demo | Download )
This is a responsive blog template that comes with a retro touch. You can use this template for a stylish portfolio.


Template for Restaurant Business ( Demo | Download )
This free website template features an attractive and functional design, which is important for attracting visitors’ attention and making the time they spend at your site pleasant. Geared towards a restaurant, this high-grade theme comes with a stylish layout in an elegant color scheme, with a jQuery slider, and a nice gallery for the images you have.


Simpler ( Demo | Download )
As the name indicates, the template is relatively simpler than the other templates presented in this collection. It has a fixed layout which is made in HTML5.


Free Template for Spa Salon with Zoomer Effect ( Demo | Download )
If your business deals with offering a wide variety of beauty services, try this nicely done ready-made template for starting up your project. The pleasant color scheme turns out to be a good background for the wonderful images from your collection. The neatly arranged content blocks in the main part of the theme are intended to present all the necessary information in an effective way.


CSS3 Design One ( Demo | Download )
CSS3 Design One is a simple two column fixed width template, with a jQuery drop-down menu, jQuery image fader and working PHP contact form. It utilizes @font-face, and CSS3 rounded corners / text shadow.


Zen ( Demo | Download )
This free website template is best suited for the personal blog pages. The template has been designed by using HTML5 and looks visually appealing.


Template for Web Design Studio ( Demo | Download )
Though this theme can be used for many other purposes, it was primarily designed for web design studios. It is a user friendly and visually appealing web template.


Caja ( Demo | Download )
This creatively designed web template is ideal for those who want to make certain files available for download on their websites as well as want to showcase their work.


Scenic Photo Two ( Demo | Download )
Scenic Photo Two is a simple two column fixed width template, with a jQuery drop-down menu and scenic photographic background image. With a working PHP contact form, it utilizes lots of CSS3 features.


Watercolor ( Demo | Download )
This template comes with a fixed layout however you can choose from 4 different skins that are available. It is a friendly XHTML/CSS template.


Responsive Brownie ( Demo | Download )
A brilliant responsive HTML5 template aimed at businesses and portfolios.


Simple ( Demo | Download )
Simple is a neat and clean web template that offers more 7 page layouts, jQuery functionality, 2 Cufon fonts to choose from, loads of background patterns, as well as one sprite file image.


Immaculate 2 ( Demo | Download )
This free HTML5 website template is suitable for blogs and personal websites.


Folder ( Demo | Download )
This is a responsive HTML5 template that can be used with any device and browser size without any problem. This is an ideal template for creative showcases and businesses.


PhotoArtWork2 ( Demo | Download )
PhotoArtWork2 comes with 3 different image galleries, a jQuery drop down menu, as well as a functional PHP contact form. This template is suited for photography related and portfolios websites.


Left ( Demo | Download )
This web template is designed in HTML5 and offers more than 6 page layouts with a unique skin system that can create a new skin appearance within minutes.


PhotoArtWork2_reverse ( Demo | Download )
This is another version of PhotoArtWork2 that is a complete web template with easy to customize options.


Muro ( Demo | Download )
This is another brilliantly designed web template that comes with 3 different skins, 7 page layouts as well as jQuery functionality.


Torn ( Demo | Download )
Torn is an XHTML web template that offers 5 pre-defined skins and 7 page layouts along with jQuery functionality.


Template for Horse Club ( Demo | Download )
Horse Club is one of the free website templates created by the Template Monster team.


CSS3 Seascape Two ( Demo | Download )
This template offers a 2 column fixed width template with a jQuery drop down menu, image transitions and PHP contact form.


Photo Style Two ( Demo | Download )
Photo Style Two web template also offers a jQuery drop down menu, image fader and PHP contact form.


Template for Business Project ( Demo | Download )
If you want your website to look as efficient and professional as possible then you should opt for this free web template. It focuses on the main points of your business and highlight them to grab the attention of the visitors.


Connoisseur ( Demo | Download )
With this web template, you can easily set your website apart from your competitors. This free website template is suitable for all those websites that pertain to fine arts, cuisine, dining, etc.


More on Page Two

Many more templates await, over on page two. So head on over and check them out!

May 08 2012


Flyer Heroes Giveaway – 20 Winners of Amazing Flyer Templates

If this message appears to another site than 1stwebdesigner ,it has been stolen, please visit original source!

It is that time of the week again and we’re ready to present another giveaway. This time Flyer Heroes has come to save the day with their amazing Party Flyer Templates. Most of Flyer Heroes’ staff are authors on Graphicriver, selling their own print designs there. Now they have teamed up to provide people only the best flyer templates to people!

The Prize

1st prize – 5 winners


  • 12 flyer templates
  • 15 mock-up templates
  • 2 brochure templates
  • +bonus business card design
  • Fully editable PSDs
  • Ready to print
  • royalty free and unlimited use license!

2nd  place –  5 winners


  • 8 Premium flyer templates
  • Fully editable PSDs
  • Ready to print
  • royalty free and unlimited use license!

3rd  place –  10 winners

But if you’re itching to try one of their works, then don’t forget to check their free flyer templates. They release one free flyer template every Friday!

To Win These Amazing Flyer Templates

In order to win, all you have to do is Tweet this post with the hashtag #flyerheroes1WD and comment below about what you think of Flyer Heroes! It’s that simple, and you will already get the chance to win!

Winners will be selected at random using

If you can’t wait until May 15, 2012, then visit their online store and purchase your own bundle. They’re on a great discount now!

Good luck!

April 23 2012


A Collection of Beautiful Joomla Templates


Originally a fork of Mambo, Joomla has grown into the second most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the web behind WordPress. In January 2012 Joomla was upgraded from 1.7 to version 2.5. It brought a lot of great new features such as notifications for easier updates, multi database support and improved search functionality.

Today we would like to show you a collection of 30 beautiful Joomla templates that showcase what this powerful and popular script can do.

The Collection

1. Momentum
Regular License: $50

A stylish template that comes with 6 preset styles, 78 module positions and 58 module variations. It also includes a colour chooser and a background slideshow option. The drop down navigation menu at the top of the page looks beautiful and it includes a lot of pre defined typography settings build in (most of which can be used using shortcodes).

Momentum Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

2. Ionosphere
Regular License: $50

Ionosphere is a versatile template that comes with 12 colour schemes. It has a whopping 84 module positions and support for viewing on iPhones and Android devices. RocketTheme exclusives such as the Fusion Menu and RokSprocket extension for styling are also included.

Ionosphere Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

3. Modulus
Regular License: $50

Another versatile theme from RocketTheme that comes with a colour chooser, 12 colour schemes and 68 module positions to choose from. 16 unique RocketTheme extensions are also included such as the comment extension RokComments, content rotator RokNewsFlash and Twitter module RokTwittie.

Modulus Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

4. MissionControl

A free admin template that was developed for Joomla 2.5 to make administrating a Joomla website more user friendly. It’s fast loading and has features such as custom logo uploading, user statistics and an editor switcher.

Mission Control Joomla Template

Info & Download

5. Pixellove
Personal License: €40, Business License: €65, Lifetime License: €99, Developer License: €199,

A beautiful dark blog template that has portfolio options for showcasing your work. A light version of the theme is also included and support for 3rd party extensions such as the K2 component and News Show Pro.

Pixellove Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

6. Game Magazine
Personal License: €40, Business License: €65, Lifetime License: €99, Developer License: €199,

Designed for multimedia topics like gaming, movies and music. Game Magazine has a great looking home page slider that can show featured, recent and popular posts. It works with a lot of 3rd party extensions and has beautiful typography as well.

Game Magazine Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

7. League News
Personal License: €40, Business License: €65, Lifetime License: €99, Developer License: €199,

A professional looking news portal that was created for sports websites. Developed using HTML5 and the latest Gavern Framework, League News is arguably the best magazine style design available for Joomla at the moment. It includes a news rotator, support for many popular extensions and great social media integration.

League News Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

8. Kallos
Regular License: $33

A business style Joomla template that can display content in 1, 2 or 3 columns. There are 17 module positions and 16 advertising positions to choose from and it comes with 5 colour schemes. Fixed and fluid layouts can be used and a layered Photoshop PSD file is included with the template too.

Kallos Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

9. Mad Chicken
Regular License: $33

Designed for fast food businesses, Mad Chicken is a simple design that was setup to promote your menu. It comes with two colour schemes: red, orange and yellow and red, green and light brown. Powered by the Gantry Framework, the same framework that is used to power all RocketTheme designs, it includes a colour picker for choosing theme colours and has support for the iPhone and Android devices.

Mad Chicken Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

10. Slate
Regular License: $35

A corporate design that comes with 5 pre-defined colour schemes. The home page features a great looking featured slider and content can be displayed using portfolio, gallery and blog templates. It works with JoomShopping Cart so it can be used to build an online store too.

Slate Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

Regular License: $40

JTAG TV was designed specifically for movie, video and TV websites and blogs. It works with most video services such as YouTube and Vimeo and includes the latest clips video slider.

JTAG TV Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

12. N6
Regular License: $57

A one page template design that comes with 12 colour schemes and a fixed or fluid layout. Designed using the Wright Framework, Transitions between different sections are smooth and the typography used in the design is beautiful.

N6 Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

13. Joy
Regular License: $57

A versatile Joomla template that comes with 6 colour schemes. The design is clean and professional looking with box images used throughout the design to promote pages and posts.

Joy Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

14. Collective
Regular License: $53

A business design that uses a 960 grid layout. There are 12 module positions to choose from and you can use 1, 2 or 3 column layouts to display your content. 10 colour schemes are included though only the header and link colours are different in each skin.

Collective Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

15. Orion
Regular License: $47

A professional corporate style that has a great featured post slider on the home page and 14 module positions. 4 colour schemes are included and it has a cool drop down navigation menu at the top of each page.

Orion Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

16. Bensroben
Regular License: $45

A beautiful clean responsive Joomla template that changes the number of posts displayed depending on width of the browser being used. The transition from 2 to 3 to 4 columns is smooth and when a visitor hovers over a post the other post images on the page fade to highlight the post being selected. 8 colour schemes are included as well as a slideshow module and portfolio template.

Bensroben Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

17. Meltas
Regular License: $40

A clean minimal Joomla template that is suitable for business, blogs and portfolio websites. The home page features a large featured slider that has 27 animation styles. 7 colour schemes are available and there is a built in testimonial template too.

Meltas Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

18. QT
Regular License: $35

A feature rich Gantry Framework powered design that has 11 different types of home page sliders and 65 module positions to choose from. Google web fonts are supported and there are 4 colour schemes included with the template. Alternatively, theme colours can be changed using the colour chooser.

QT Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

19. Asareng
Regular License: $40

An elegant template that comes with a number of different dark and light skins (16 variations in total). 4 different home page layouts are included together with a testimonials template. A good choice for a business website, blog or portfolio.

Asareng Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

20. Supremacy
Regular License: $35

A creative corporate design that comes with 50 colour variations. The colour variations are quite small though with the dark colour scheme retained at the top of the design and the content area changing colours. There are 11 different versions of the slide that is displayed on the home page (on an iMac no less!) and one or two sidebars can be used on content pages.

Supremacy Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

21. James
Regular License: $30

A simple yet stylish personal Joomla template that was created for resumes and simple information websites. Despite the simplicity of the template, it offers 67 different module positions and 36 different layout combinations.

James Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

22. JF Chrome
Regular License: $35

JF Chrome is a flexible Joomla template that could be used for businesses, blogs, portfolios and communities. There are two different versions of the beautiful home page slider available, 4 colour variations and 4 menu options. It supports Google fonts too and comes with 40 module positions, a pricing table and custom error pages.

JF Chrome Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

23. Technik
Regular License: $40

A futuristic technology template for Joomla that has a gorgeous Javascript based slider on the home page. It comes with 5 colour variations with light and dark backgrounds, 28 module positions and lots of short codes for styling content. A good choice for a business website or tech magazine.

Technik Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

24. Superb
Regular License: $40

Superb is a creative Joomla template that comes with 16 colour schemes (8 variations of light and dark). It comes with a beautiful blog template, a 1, 2 or 3 column portfolio template and a 2, 3 or 4 column gallery template. 3 different home page layouts can also be chosen with each layout showing a different sized feature slider.

Superb Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

25. Ammon
Regular License: $40

A clean professional looking template that could be used for any kind of website. One of the themes biggest selling points is its 12 different sliders. These allow you to use rotating image backgrounds, a nivo slider or even a video background.

The theme has 70 different module positions and numerous page templates including a blog template, portfolio template, photo gallery and FAQ template. Google fonts are supported as well and there are lots of shortcodes for styling content. You need to check out the theme demo to appreciate the quality of this template.

Ammon Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

26. BlackStudios
Regular License: $40

BlackStudios is a dark and clean corporate design that comes with 5 colour variations. It has support for Google fonts, looks great on mobile devices and there are over 60 module positions to choose from.

BackStudios Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

27. Aeon
Regular License: $45

A futuristic design that uses an impressive slider on the home page and a smooth drop down navigation menu at the top of the page. It has support for Facebook comments and has great typography for styling your content.

Aeon Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

28. AMOS
Regular License: $40

AMOS is a versatile design that lets you use a one page scrolling template for the home page or a regular home page that links to sections as different pages. It includes 7 different sliders, 60 different module positions, 2 different portfolio layouts and lots of unique templates and shortcodes for styling content.

AMOS Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

29. Sunrise
Regular License: $40

A clean business template that features a nivo slider on the home page. It comes with a light and dark skin though colours can be customised how you want using the theme style editor. Portfolio, gallery and blog templates are also included with the template.

Sunrise Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

30. Depeche
Regular License: €25

Named after the British band Depeche Mode, Depeche is a grungy design that is perfect for blogs. It includes a regular slider, full page slider and article slider and the tableless design allows modules to be collapsed.

Depeche Joomla Template

Info & Download | Demo

That’s a Wrap

We hope you have enjoyed this list of professional Joomla templates. As always, if your favourite design didn’t make the list, please feel free to share it in the comment section.


April 05 2012


InkThemes Giveaway: 3 Winners of Colorway Premium WordPress Theme

April has just begun and how do we celebrate it? With an awesome giveaway by InkThemes! Today you will learn about InkThemes and their awesome premium theme Colorway which costs $45, but for 3 of our loyal readers it will be given absolutely for free! Now, isn’t that amazing?

What are you waiting for? Read on!

The Prize

  • Colorway comes with 8 color schemes, which makes it pretty flexible to your design tastes
  • It has a built-in image and video slider
  • Templates for Contact Us page and Gallery
  • Ajax-based admin panel
  • Tons of customization options
  • Video and PDF documentation
  • Access to Members Area
  • PSD file
  • Forum support
  • Theme updates

Click here to learn more! | Demo | Colorway Lite

Sample Uses

Want to become a Member?

InkThemes currently has 17 premium themes available, and over the months it will continue to grow. All themes are elegant and are very easy to install, pretty flexible, and purchasing a theme or a membership automatically grants you access to their Members Only section with lifetime support.

You can either purchase one theme for $45 or be a member and get them all for only $125!

Don’t forget to check their pricing details and benefits!

Are you an affiliate marketer?

InkThemes offer a high commission rate of 50% per sale. Become an affiliate and start earning passively with the help of InkThemes!

How to Win

To win, all you have to do is:

  • Like, re-Tweet, Pin, and tell everyone about this post
  • Comment about what you think of Colorway (use a valid email address so we can contact you)
  • Don’t forget to check out InkThemes on Facebook and Twitter to be updated whenever a new promo is available!

Winners will be selected randomly using Announcement will be made a week from now.

Go start sharing!


A Showcase of Amazing Drupal Themes


Since its inception, Drupal has had the (rather infamous) reputation of being the developer’s CMS. Designing a website using Drupal meant hard-coding every aspect of the appearance of your website. However, over time, and with the advent of Drupal 7, the picture has changed. Drupal too, like WordPress, now boasts of several new and beautiful themes (also called templates), and the number is increasing everyday (including ports of themes from WP).

In this article, we take a look at some of the best Drupal themes that are available from the web design and development community. We hope that you will find some new and useful templates in the showcase we’ve collected.

Free Themes


BlueMasters comes with a large home page slider, a custom frontpage comprised of 4 block regions along with a footer containing 4 regions. It offers support for both 2- and 3-column layouts for pages, as well as multilevel drop down menus. This is a port of a WordPress theme.


Demo | More Info

Corporate Clean

Corporate Clean offers a simple and clean design in the form of 1- or 2-column layouts. The theme also comes with native support for jQuery slideshows and Breadcrumb display.

Corporate Clean

Demo | More Info

Journal Crunch

Journal Crunch for Drupal is a port of the popular Journal Crunch WordPress theme released by Smashing Magazine. The theme is ideal for magazine websites or blogs with lots of Featured images. The footer has 4 block regions.

Journal Crunch

Demo | More Info


Sky is a minimal theme that comes loaded with the added goodness of HTML5. It comes with 4 preset color schemes, as well as custom color layout options. Apart from 17 customizable regions (along with a 4-column footer), Sky also offers excellent support for mobile devices and integration with Google Fonts API.


Demo | More Info


Just like Journal Crunch and Bluemasters, Selecta is a port of a WordPress theme. It is meant especially for video websites and blogs. Selecta has a 2-column layout, a total of 11 regions, and detailed CSS rules for features such as sidebar ads, comment forms, contact forms, etc. Plus, Selecta has a Javascript powered implementation for ‘Featured Videos’.


Demo | More Info


ImpreZZ is a port of the original theme released by Smashing Magazine. It is a 3-column theme meant for personal blogs. Though the theme has become bit dated by now, its unique layout with middle column navigation makes it quite popular even to this day.


Demo | More Info


Blacksea is a light-weight and flexible theme with a 100% tableless CSS layout. The theme features 8 custom user regions, 2 resizable sidebars, plus support for both fixed and fluid width and jQuery animations.


Demo | More Info

Magazeen Lite

Yet another theme ported from WordPress, Magazeen Lite is meant for magazine websites. It comes with JS Slideshow and a 2-column layout.

Magazeen Lite

Demo | More Info

Premium Themes

Community (Regular License: $40)

As the name suggests, Community is a theme built for community websites. It offers 12 different color schemes and backgrounds, both fixed and fluid layouts, 2 jQuery sliders, as well as support for banner advertisements.


Demo | More Info

Wellfolio (Regular License: $35)

Wellfolio is a minimalist portfolio theme for Drupal 7. It comes loaded with 3 pre-defined skins, jQuery animations, built-in contact form and Google Maps support, etc. All in all, Wellfolio seems to be the ideal theme for showcasing your portfolio or projects.


Demo | More Info

Creative (Regular License: $50)

Creative is a theme that comes with unlimited color options and 16 flexible regions, along with both fixed and fluid layout options. The theme is cross-browser compatible and features jQuery powered animations.


Demo | More Info

Smooth (Regular License: $40)

Smooth comes with 8 different color schemes, flexible sidebars and 15 regions that can support any number of blocks. The theme supports Google Fonts API and over 6 different menu styles.


Demo | More Info

Simple (Regular License: $45)

Simple offers 16 flexible regions, 1- 2- or 3-column layouts, split sidebars and a jQuery powered home page slider. Just in case that doesn’t impress you, the theme also comes with 12 different color schemes and 23 background options (including 12 block theme colors).


Demo | More Info

Clean Design (Regular License: $45)

Clean Design is a minimal theme that offers a great deal of customization – you can pick from 17 accent colors, 11 link colors, 11 block title colors and 6 different backgrounds. Plus, you also have a jQuery-powered Featured slider on the home page.

Clean Design

Demo | More Info

City Magazine (Regular License: $40)

City Magazine is a theme meant for magazine websites and blogs. The theme offers a home page slider, animated menus, separate block themes (including a ‘typewriter style’ quick news block), and the ability to create sub-themes.

City Magazine

Demo | More Info

Corporate X (Regular License: $35)

Corporate X is a multi-purpose theme for Drupal 7. It offers over 27 jQuery effects, auto-resizing of images, 6 base color themes and enhanced SEO settings. The theme also offers two separate page layouts for creating a portfolio and automatic thumbnail generation for images.

Corporate X

Demo | More Info

AT Headliner (Club Membership: $65/year)

AT Headliner is a child theme of the free Adaptive Theme for Drupal 7. It is meant for magazine and news websites, and offers features such as custom front pages, Google Fonts API, color module support, home page slideshow, multi-column footer, etc.

AT Headliner

Demo | More Info

Ukulele (Standard License: $60)

Interesting name, isn’t it? Ukulele is a theme with a unique color scheme, targeting sports blogs and websites. It has in-built e-commerce features (just in case you decide to sell souvenirs and T-shirts on your sports blog). It comes with 3 color schemes and 8 block regions.


Demo | More Info

AT Magazine (Club Membership: $65/year)

AT Magazine is another Premium Drupal 7 theme meant for news and content publishing websites. The theme comes with 5 color schemes, 32 regions, selectable textures, multi-column footer, and homepage slideshow. Just like most other themes by this provider, AT Magazine also is a child theme of Adaptive Theme for Drupal 7.

AT Magazine

Demo | More Info

Shemisen (Standard License: $60)

Shemisen is a theme primarily meant for photographers. It comes with support for separate blog and gallery sections, advertisement blocks, social networking icons, etc. It offers 6 color schemes, enhanced SEO settings, and newsletter options.


Demo | More Info

Techtonic (Standard License: $70)

Techtonic is an HTML5 theme with a responsive and mobile-ready design. It has 12 grid based layouts, 8 resizable regions as well as 2 re-positionable sidebars. The theme also comes with menus enhanced by jQuery animations.


a href=””>Demo | More Info

Amoeba (Standard License: $70)

Amoeba comes with 8 custom regions, fixed and fluid width as well as a home page featured posts’ slideshow. The theme is light-weight and is ideal for news and content-centric websites.


Demo | More Info

Neptune (Standard License: $70)

Neptune offers almost the same set of features as Amoeba, but it is organized in the form of a grid. It is best suited for content publishing blogs or websites with a rather informal touch.


Demo | More Info

Barracuda (Standard License: $70)

Barracuda is a rather loud theme with 8 custom regions, jQuery animations, support for slideshow, CCK and Views Modules as well as a 100% tableless CSS layout. Furthermore, Barracuda is compatible with both Drupal 7.x and 6.x .


Demo | More Info

Starboard Magazine (Standard License: $70)

Starboard Magazine is meant for news and magazine websites. It has resizable sidebars (both left and right), fixed and fluid width options, 8 custom user regions as well as support for various custom modules.

Starboard Magazine

Demo | More Info

That does it for this end. Now we turn things over to you. Do you run a Drupal-powered website? If so, which themes do you use? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments!


March 28 2012


ThemeShock Giveaway – 10 Winners of The Shock Bundle Containing 107 Premium Themes

Today we are unleashing the beast of all giveaways: 10 Winners of ThemeShock’s Shock Bundle with a total worth of $1290! What’s inside the Shock Bundle? Ready yourself to be super shocked!

WordPress ThemeShock offers useful free (and premium) collections of WordPress themes, quality icons (more than 30,000), html/css templates, vector characters, logo templates, web design sets and more, as well as WordPress related articles on their blog. Seriously, you will be amazed with its free bundles.

Its premium product is called The Shock Bundle, which comes loaded with 107 premium WP themes (with a “full of features” framework), 20,000 icons from its partner site: Iconshock and over 28,000 additional icons (14,000 Android, 14,000 iPhone icons, 427 credit card icons and 150 social icons), 75 css/xhtml templates, 50 web design sets, 25 vector mascots sets, 500 logo templates and even more!


The Prize

107 Premium WordPress Themes

Wait, no way! 107 Premium WordPress Themes?! Yes, dear friends, ThemeShock is generous enough to provide 10 of our lucky readers with their fantastic collection!

20,000 Icons

Over 20,000 icons that you can use for your applications, websites, and whatever use you can imagine!

500 Logo Templates

And a lot more!

How to Join

All you have to do is Tweet, Share, comment and subscribe on the field below using a valid email address. Winners will be chosen using and announced exactly a week from now. Don’t forget to Share, Tweet, and comment!

Don’t forget to follow ThemeShock on Facebook and Twitter to be updated when a new freebie is available!

December 17 2011


30 Beautiful Templates, Greeting Cards, Graphics To Get Ready for Christmas

Winter is finally here and Christmas isn’t that far away now. Christmas is the time of giving and the time when we give gifts to the ones we love and spend time with our families. We all love to receive Christmas greeting cards. Plus it’s a great solution if you have lots of relatives living far away. This article presents 30 Christmas and winter related items from Envato marketplaces to create the Christmas mood, put on greeting cards or simply touch up your email templates.

Raster Graphics

1. Jingle Jam Christmas Party Flyer ($6)


Use this design for any Christmas advertisement or Christmas party at a nightclub, at work or use as a holiday party invitation. 4×6 inches, CMYK, 300 DPI.

2. 20 seamless christmas backgrounds ($5)


This set comes with 10 patterned papers and 10 textured papers – that all look and feel like original Christmas wrapping paper. Patterns come as 500×500 jpegs.

3. Christmas Backgrounds ($5)


Pack with six artificial Christmas textures and decoration patterns. 3000x3000px, 300 dpi.

4. Christmas & New Years Eve Party Flyer ($7)


A clean, crisp, wintery, cold, exciting 6×10” PSD flyer template, perfect for any nightclub or party event. 3 variations, CMYK, 300 DPI.

5. Christmas Bash Party Flyer Pack ($7)


Modern and shining design to spotlight your event. 5 PSD files, CMYK, 300 DPI.

6. Santa and Christmas Reindeer ($2)


Illustration of flying Santa and Christmas reindeer

7. Typo Christmas Flyer Template ($4)


8. Wonderful Christmas Flyer & Postcard ($6)


This item includes a uniquely and carefully designed flyer & postcard. 8.5×11’’ + 8.5×5.5”, editable layers.

Vector Graphics

1. Santa Into the Winter Christmas Night ($3)


Christmas winter landscape with Santa in the sky.

2. Red and golden christmas background ($4)


3. Set Of Christmas Icons ($5)


4. Christmas Banners ($4)


5. Set vector christmas greeting card ($3)


Editable and scalable vector Christmas greeting card

6. Christmas Background with Sparkles ($4)


7. Santa Holding Wooden Banner ($4)


Email Templates landing pages

1. FeastMail ($14)


Feast Mail is an exclusive Christmas email template with business style. Snowy style with exclusively designed Christmas collages is a great way to share the warmth of the season your clients by sending them a beautiful Christmas email. 3 styles, 5 layouts and 6 color variations.

2. Simple Christmas ($15)


Simple Christmas is a user-friendly and flexible festive template. There are three designs with many possible variations and layered 3 Photoshop files included. 3 different layouts, commented code, layered PSD files.

3. Holiday Mail ($9)


Holiday Mail is a highly customizable email template. It comes with multiple modules which can be stacked over each other to get different layouts.

4. FeastMail 2 ($18)


Feast Mail 2 is a Christmas email template with twelve exclusively designed Christmas collages. great way to share the warmth of the season your clients by sending them a beautiful Christmas email. Inline CSS, commented code, layered PSD.

5. Christmas Season Landing Page Template ($10)


Included in this template package is one HTML page – the main landing page is perfectly formatted using good practices for landing page design including strong, obvious CTA areas (Call To Action) to help convert visitors into clients / customers.

6. XMAS Season ($6)


XMAS Season is a Christmas special deal promotion webpage for any kind of product you want to sell. HTML and CSS3 markup, responsive layout, Javascript slider, layered PSD.


All prices apply to medium size download.

1. Christmas ball($3)


2. Christmas gift sitting on a table ($3)


3. Christmas Present ($3)


4. Brightly lit Christmas tree ($3)


5. Beautiful xmas tree at dusk ($3)


6. Door opening into a living room ($3)


7. christmas($3)


8. Christmas($3)


9. Two candles with decoration ($3)


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