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April 12 2010


How To Build Your Own Wordpress Theme

You don’t need to be a PHP whizz to be able to put together your very own custom Wordpress theme. If you’re clued up with your general web design and development skills and can easily put together a HTML/CSS based website, you’re ready to move onto Wordpress theme development to give your blog its very own design.

Particle Wordpress theme

For this walkthrough, we’ll be using a theme I recently built as an example. If you were around last week, you’ll have seen how the design was built from a concept PSD right through to a coded mockup in HTML/CSS. Now, let’s take the static code and inject some simple PHP template tags to give that dynamic functionality of a Wordpress theme.

Before getting stuck in, it’s useful to spend a few moments familiarising yourself with how Wordpress themes work. Wordpress themes are made up of multiple files, and each one is either called from the index, or is used when viewing a particular page on the website, such as a post view or an archive. So you’ll basically be splitting up your HTML across the various template files.

Setting up the theme structure

Wordpress file structure

Create a new folder and give it the name of your theme. Within this folder copy across the images, Javascript and CSS files that are used in your static mockup. You’ll also want to create a number of empty PHP files to correspond with the template files listed above.

In your style.css file, add the following code to the very top of your file. This is used by Wordpress to identify your theme in the admin dashboard.

Theme Name: Particle
Theme URI:
Description: A premium theme by Chris Spooner of Blog.SpoonGraphics.
Version: 1.0
Author: Chris Spooner
Author URI:

You might also want to add some extra CSS styling to the bottom of your stylesheet. This will allow the user to align elements using the WYSIWYG editor in a post or page.

.centered {
	display: block;
	margin-left: auto;
	margin-right: auto;

.alignright {
	float: right;
	margin-left: 15px;

.alignleft {
	float: left;
	margin-right: 15px;

Template file – header.php

It makes sense to work from the top downwards, so I always start with the header.php template file. Paste in the HTML from your static mockup ranging from the doctype right down to where the main content is due to start. Then you can go through the code and replace elements with the special PHP template tags that allow Wordpress to take control. Having a copy of the Default Wordpress theme to hand is useful in order to copy across tags, otherwise the Wordpress Codex is like your very own instruction manual for each and every template tag available.

Starting at the top, the title is firstly switched out for a couple of template tags that will insert a Wordpress generated title for each page of the site. Then, the URL to the stylesheet can be swapped for a special template tag that is reserved specifically for this job. We can also use <?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?> to render the URL to the theme directory, to easily add any additional CSS or Javascript files. Just above the HTML </head> the template tag <?php wp_head(); ?> is placed. This tag tells Wordpress where to insert any additional code from plugins etc, that need to sit inside the document head.
Further down the code, we come to the categories list. Inside the <ul> the Wordpress template tag <?php wp_list_categories(); ?> can be used to dynamically insert the list of categories, neatly contained within <li> tags. This tag itself also has a range of parameters. show_count=0 removes the default post count from beside the category title, title_li= removes the default header above the categories list, hide_empty=0 ensures that all categories are visible, even if they are empty and finally exclude=1 removes the category with an ID of 1 from the list, which is always the ‘uncategorized’ category.

Template file – index.php

The index file acts as the base for all the other template files. It’s also the file that is called to display the homepage. The index displays all the recent posts, and also calls the header, sidebar and footer files to render a complete page.

At the top of the index file, <?php get_header(); ?> calls the header.php file so that all the code from within this file is inserted above the content in the index when the web page is rendered. This is followed by the Wordpress loop, which essentially checks for new posts and displays them accordingly. Each post is contained within a div which is given a range of CSS classes from the <?php post_class(); ?> tag, which makes it a breeze to style up certain posts differently, for instance posts within category X, or that have tag Y.
The standard HTML in the static mockup can then be switched out for dynamic tags, which Wordpress will use to insert the relevant information about each post. For instance the link to the post is displayed using the <?php the_permalink(); ?> tag, and the title of the post is rendered with the <?php the_title(); ?> tag. There are all kinds of tags available, allowing you to render all the details about your posts you could ever wish for, but other popular uses are <?php the_category(', '); ?> to show which category the post was saved in, and <?php comments_number('No Comments','1 Comment','% Comments'); ?> to show the number of comments the post has.
Pagination links can be added after the endwhile, so links to previous pages appear once the ‘posts per page’ limit in the settings has been reached. At the bottom of the index, the sidebar and footer files are called, just like the header. These will be inserted exactly where the tags sit in the code.

Template files – archive.php & search.php

The archive template file acts in a similar way to the index, in that it’s used to display a list of all the recent posts. The archive template file is used when a user views a category archive, an archive by date, or any other archive view, such as by author or tag.

The archive.php file is almost identical to the index.php file, but it does have a couple of additions at the top, in order to identify and give a visual clue to the user where they are on the site. By using if (is_category()), Wordpress will check whether the user is browsing the category archives, or the date archives and display a title accordingly. There’s also other options that can be put to use here. If your theme makes use of multiple authors or shows tags publicly, you could also insert snippets to display titles for these scenarios.
The search.php file is also pretty similar. This uses the same code to generate a list of posts, and just like the archive template file a title can be inserted at the top to give a visual clue for the user. The code <h2 class="title">Search results for <?php the_search_query(); ?> </h2> displays a heading that includes the search query the user entered.

Template files – page.php and single.php

The page.php and single.php template files are used to render full pages and posts. Each file still contains the loop, but instead of displaying multiple posts like the index.php or archive.php, page.php and single.php show the whole content for just one entry.

Both page.php and single.php start by calling the header template file, followed by the Wordpress loop to check for the content. Just like the archive.php and index.php files, the post div includes <?php the_title(); ?> to render the post or page title, followed by <?php the_content(''); ?>, which is where all the content from the Wordpress editor will be inserted. In the single.php file, the comments template is also loaded, which will display the comments section below the post content, but before the sidebar and footer are loaded.

Template file – sidebar.php

The sidebar.php template file contains all the sidebar content, so that it can be easily called from any of the other template files. The sidebar might contain a list of categories, pages or subscription options.

The sidebar.php template for this particular theme starts with a link to the built in RSS feed. The tag <?php bloginfo('rss2_url'); ?> inserts the URL to the RSS2 feed inside the HTML anchor. Next up, a list of pages are rendered in list format, just like the categories list in the header. <?php wp_list_pages('title_li='); ?> does the job, with the parameter title_li= removing the default heading from the list.

Template file – comments.php

The comments file is called from the single.php template file. This file takes care of displaying all the post comments and the comment form.

The majority of the actual comments list is automatically generated by Wordpress from the <?php wp_list_comments('avatar_size=64&type=comment'); ?> template tag. The two parameters setup the size of the gravatar, and render only comments – no trackbacks. The comments section has its own pagination links, with <?php previous_comments_link('Older') ?> and <?php next_comments_link('Newer') ?> generating previous and next links. The comments template is then finished off with a form, allowing users to submit a comment.

Template file – footer.php

The footer template file finishes off the webpage and closes out the HTML and body tags. The footer for this particular theme is pretty simple, it just includes a couple of links and a back to top anchor.

You have the option of including all kinds of template tags in the footer, such as displaying the list of categories, a list of tags, or using it to show an archives list. Any of the tags used elsewhere in the theme could be put into practice in other areas. Just like in the header, there’s a special tag used to reserve a space for any additional code that might be inserted by Wordpress plugins etc. <?php wp_footer(); ?> identifies this area, which is placed just about the closing body tag.

Pulling everything together

Particle Wordpress theme

This covers all the basic theme files needed to get your custom theme up and running. When you test your theme for real, you’ll see that all the individual files are brought together to form a complete webpage, and that certain template files are used depending on where you’re browsing on the website. Don’t forget, you can also create a custom 404 page using the 404.php template file, and use custom page templates to enhance your theme with custom page layouts.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the Particle theme, it will soon be available to Access All Areas members of Blog.SpoonGraphics.

View the final theme demo

April 05 2010


25 Premium Email Newsletter Templates For Successful Marketing

Title-themeforst-html-email-templateEmail newsletter is really underestimated and I rarely see websites, blogs using it as marketing and communication tool. Everyone knows he should offer option to subscribe by e-mail, but how to use those e-mails powerfuly to strenghten your relationships and maybe even promote your own products? For that topic we should even create dedicated article, but I will start with just showcasing really well designed premium e-mail newsletter templates this time.

Sometimes it is worth spending little cash to get advanced and tested features without any efforts so you could focus on more important topics.

Too many people don’t evaluate highly good design and typography, but no matter how good your product,site is – if design will be terrible, it will turn people away!

And yes, by the way soon you will see e-mail newsletter from 1stwebdesigner as well, I have reason myself to investigate those topics, so I invite you to join me in this process!

1. Airmail! – Customizable Email Template

Airmail is a professionally built and designed custom HTML email template! Perfect for just about anyone – usable for everything from newsletters to eFlyers to whitepapers.

Airmail comes with 5 pre-built color options (white, green, blue, black, light blue) as well as 4 different layouts.


View Live Demo

2. Versatile Email Template – 7 layouts + 5 colors

Versatile is a professional HTML email template!

It’s versatility is due to the:

  • wide usage thanks to the 7 pre-built layouts
  • 5 color schemes
  • fast and intuitive system of creating new layouts.
  • layered png source files for each separate item included for easy editing
  • extensive documentation
  • consistent look in major email clients.

Works in:

  • Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail
  • Thunderbird, Outlook 2003 & 2007
  • MailCHimp, CampaignMonitor
  • Apple Mail


View Live Demo

3. Modern Business 4 HTML Email Template

Modern Business 4 is a professional HTML email newsletter template. If you need a vibrant, strong and clean looking solution for your email campaigns to promote your latest product or service, this is the solution for you. With 3 different colors and both single and double column designs, you have many options.

With attention to detail, fantastic use of color, table based design and fully tested using a 3rd party service for email client compatibility this template is ready for your information to be inserted and sent.


View Live Demo

4. Cielo Newsletter

Cielo is a stylish custom created HTML email newsletter. It can be used for a wide range of purposes and will help both the freelancer and the businessman in their communication with clients, partners or friends.

This newsletter was tested in many online mail clients like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Also offline clients like Outlook 2007, Outlook Express and Thunderbird. It is possible however to have some layout issues on some mail clients – it is impossible to test all of them.


View Live Demo

5. iNewsletter

iNewsletter email template for web development / software companies that want to give their clients an update on their new products and latest news.

There are 2 designs samples, with 2 different content arrangements, each having 2 different backgrounds, so you’ll get 6 different layouts.

The HTML Templates have been tested on GMail, Yahoo Mail and Thunderbird. Update: Works on Apple Mail, Hotmail and Microsoft Outlook as well.


View Live Demo

6. BoldMail – Email Template Pack – 9 Colors!

BoldMail is a simple and sexy email template pack featuring 9 different color schemes!

  • You get 9 different color schemes: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Cyan, Maroon, Black and White.
  • PSDs included for every color scheme.
  • Email-ready templates, fully tested!
  • Email templates are something that’s always overlooked, so make a BOLD impact with the BoldMail email template pack!


View Live Demo

7. Elegance – HTML Email Template

Send beautifully simple and elegant emails with Elegance, a template focusing on clean typography, grid layout and balanced negative space. This template is available in three colors and two different layout options.

Tested in all major email browsers for form and functionality. Customization is very easy and instructions are well documented!


View Live Demo

8. TechOffers – Multipurpose Minimalist Newsletter

TechOffers email template has been specially crafted with a clean and neat newsletter template in mind.

Although its presented as a tech / electronics email template, it can be used as a e-commerce, shopping, corporate newsletter or for any offers or products that your company may promote.

In the included documentation you will find graphical representation of the structure. Based on this you will be able to easily modify the email template.


View Live Demo

9. CleanMail – Email Template Package – 5 Colors!

CleanMail is a simple yet sexy email template package with 5 different color schemes!

Email templates are something that’s always overlooked, so make an impact with the CleanMail email template package!


View Live Demo

10. Atlantica Mail Template

Atlantica Mail is a professionally built and designed custom HTML email template; perfect for just about anyone – usable for everything from newsletters to eFlyers to whitepapers.

Atlantica comes with several pre-built color options (including both Dark and Light versions!!) as well as 4 different layouts (click below for samples);


View Live Demo

11. Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication 1 is a premiere designed and built html email template for corporations and business. The design allows for a large product image, 3 smaller products, lots of text, links to your website, social media and so much more.

Customization could not be simpler with the added benefit of quick edit photoshop files for all the major elements used in the design – simply open, edit and save.


12. Innovative – Product Tour HTML Email Template

Innovative – Product Tour is the perfect email template if you’re looking to announce a new product to your audience or if you simply want to introduce new features.

While this template was specifically designed for new product announcements, it can easily be updated with a few copy changes to fit any type of email blasts.


View Live Demo

13. Rich Typography Email Template

RichType is a bold, clean, and ultra customizable email template. It’s perfect for a wide variety of uses, from corporate newsletters to product advertisers. Best of all, the colors and layout are completely customizable using pre-built layout elements – simply copy and paste!


View Live Demo

14. Corporate Newsletter Template V1

Elegant and ultra-clean email template in 6 different colors and 4 layouts for your newsletter. This is an ideal solution for your email marketing campaigns, event invitation or periodical news.

View Live Demo

15. PhotoMail – 2 Styles, Endless Color Possibilities

PhotoMail is a simple and sexy email template for photographers and designers featuring 2 styles and endless color possibilities.

A great email template is something that’s always overlooked, so make an impact with the PhotoMail email template!


View Live Demo

16. Communiqué – Premium Email Template

Communiqué is a premium email template suited for just about anything from new product announcements to weekly newsletters. It’s been thoroughly tested and is compatible with all major email clients.

View Live Demo

17. Postman

Postman is the stylish solution for your email marketing, newsletters and advertising. It comes with multiple layout options.

It is also cross browser compatible, so you dont have to worry about different rendering engines of mail clients.


View Live Demo

18. Blog Mail

This advanced email template cames with a lot of great features:

  • 14 customizable skins
  • Tested In mayor e-mail apps
  • Very easy to modify and add videos


View Live Demo

19. Structured Mail

If you are looking for a neat and structured way to send information to your clients and subscribers then Structured mail may work for you.


View Live Demo

20. Modern Business 3 DARK Email

This premium HTML email template is a perfect solution for photographers anywhere. Designed to compliment the ultra successful Modern Business 3 template available here – it echos the styling, buttons and even all 8 colors in 3 different layout styles, and includes Campaign Monitor ready versions of all the templates.


View Live Demo

21. Our Community Mail + Customizable Email Template

Our Community Mail comes with 4 pre-built color options (default, green, blue, black) as well as 3 different layouts (check screenshot) and 3 different styles (default, general and galaxy black). There is also an extra general template for general use. It is extremely easy to customize and use.


View Live Demo

22. Platnum Email Template

Platnum is a modern and stylish newsletter template, suited for any business that wants a solid newsletter.


View Live Demo

23. BizLetter – E-mail Template

BizLetter is easy to customize and easy to edit e-mail newsletter, comes with 2 layouts:

  • Full-width one-column;
  • Right-sidebar two columns layout.


View Live Demo

24. i-Elegant Newsletter Template

i-Elegant is clean, multi usage, and elegant newsletter solution. It comes in 10 themes : gray, black, brown, green, orange, light blue, light and dark blue, blue and green, orange and gray, light and dark gray.


View Live Demo

25. MyMemo – Clean 1 Column Email Template

  • Works In All Major Clients
  • Logo PSD included
  • Single Column Layout
  • Original and Inline CSS
  • Easy to Customize

With this template, you get the original CSS as well as the ready-to-mail inline CSS.


View Live Demo

Which one is your favorite? You need to pick just one out, I know each one is amazing design and code work.

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March 27 2010


35 Insanely Cool Magento Themes for your Online Store

It’s pretty nice to see that nowadays more and more online stores emerge. That makes people to be more and more competitive so that new quality standards appear. In order for you to create an E-Commerce website you just need to have a web host, a good domain name and also a simple free script called Magento but if you want to have success with it, you have to use a competitive design. Most themes are very expensive and hard to get, that’s why I’ve created a list with free themes which can easily be compared with a premium one. At then end I have also listed down 7 great premium themes which don’t have alternative in free version. Hope you enjoy!

Cheap SSL CertificatesE-commerce week is sponsored by SSLmatic which sells SSL certificates for much cheaper prices (RapidSSL, Geotrust, Verisign) and offers great support. Check their site to get the cheap SSL certificates.

1. Sigyn SM


2. Fitness Magento Theme


3. Everson Store


4. Blue Skin


5. FreePop


6. HM Modern


7. Magento Classic


8. OutDoor


9. Cogzidel Electronic Store


10. Yoast Blank SEO Theme


11. Pet Store Theme


12. Iphone Theme


13. Magento Connect


14. Mobile Theme


15. Girly Store


16. Telescope Theme


17. Linen Theme


18. Basic Theme


19. Siam Blue


20. HM Modern – White


21. Absolute Theme


22. Red Theme


23. HardWood


24. Auto Theme


25. Glam


26. GrayScale


27. Foot Prints


28. Teal



29. Uno Store


30. The Wear Store


31. Hello Simple Store


32.  Hello Clean Store


33. Grunge Theme


34. Brage Theme


35.  Photo Store


That’s all! You can easily start to create your E-commerce website based on Magento, the most popular and powerful CMS for creating online-based stores.

Cheap SSL CertificatesE-commerce week is sponsored by SSLmatic which sells SSL certificates for much cheaper prices (RapidSSL, Geotrust, Verisign) and offers great support. Besides standard SSL certificates, wildcard and EV certificates are offered with discounts too. Check their site to get the cheap SSL certificates.

November 19 2009


39 Free Buttons And WebDesign Resources From Deviantart

title-free-webdesign-resourcesThis resource article features many extremely useful resources I found over Deviantart community! I consider these resources mainly for learning purposes to understand how different effects are achieved and of course to get fresh ideas to recreate good examples here! Not only that – many resources are completely free for personal/commercial use, but you need to check author’s copyright or ask for permission before you use them actually.

However enjoy and come back, I will release follow up article in next few days with many more free template resources for especially for web designers to make your job easier and better!

1. WEB UI Treasure Chest v 1.0 by

This is really one huge treasure chest with more than 100 elements in it!!! Outstanding and creator is from Latvia, same country I am from!


2. Free Interface PSD-Files by chaosLT

Amazing quality – great for learning purposes, psd files for free!


3. dA UI Button Pack 1 by Proxone


4. 150 Badges by stunthacker


5. Free Layout No3 by ZeroniX-Designs


6. One Fancy Icon by nonlin3


7. Website Navigation Menu by MericG


8. iPhone Gradation Set by woopsdez

Could come handy, great colors and free psd file with coloring.


9. Glass Navigation by hapikacsa


10. Glossy Apple Badges by MacTyler


11. Glowing Web Buttons by Mac002


12. Web Buttons by ahmadhania


13. Art PSD by MericG

This would be a really good way to showcase your latest works or designs, beautiful stock!


14. Realistic IES Lighting Effect by shimapa


15. Speech box by Fowz


16. Folders by Autoanswer


17. GreenLightOrb, GUI.S Resource by VidarWestfelt


18. Firstsession sample by woopsdez


19. WebDesigner Mini Kit by LazyCrazy

Just great, I always wanted that cursor buttons, which are useful to show active buttons, show place you’re pointing at and more. Extremely useful for every web and graphic designer.


20. Glowing Styles by Nanie-nyo


21. Win7 Library Icon Template 1.2 by Teri928


22. Stylish 3D Buttons by ahmadhania


23. Download button by SG3000


24. Navigation for web by Bartas1503


25. Vista Themed Template by soflyfx


26. Text Template – BOLD by arnoldisawesome

Template to help new users understand layer styles, effects used to achieve such good looking text.


27. Designer Portal v.1 + PSD by berkayuygun


28. SETUP ICON PSD FILE by LeMarquis


29. iKons Pack PSD by InfinityK4fx


30. Shouts PWN stamps by mindfuckx


31. Windows 7 Taskbar .psd by Carlos-Way


32. etiquette PSD by TLMedia


33. My Orbs by opelman


34. nApple PSD Resource by nonlin3

Good looking psd Apple template, great for testing and analyzing effects.


35. Classic 2 Templates by Kshegzyaj


36. Abode Pickleshop by leca


37. Free Template Number 2 by yiolo


38. Folder Menu Tabs by GraphicIdentity


39. Free menu PSD for you by grafxdesign


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  4. 49 Top Sites And Collections To Find Free Icon Sets
  5. 22 Free Seamless Vector Pattern Resources Perfect For Web Design

November 17 2009


21 Sites Where To Find Free Wordpress Themes Daily

title-free-wordpress-theme-sitesFrom time to time I am creating free wordpress theme articles, but this time I wanted to showcase several great sites regularly updating and reviewing new themes daily. This showcase will be useful if you like to dig deeper yourself instead of searching premade list articles. It takes a lot more time of course, but there are more chances in this way you will find more unique theme, only few people know about! Enjoy and bookmark this article for later use if you like it! Thanks!

1. – Themes

I would say this is the most recommended place where to look at first when you want to find quality free themes. They have great ranking system so you can easily filter through unnecessary themes and focus on what you really want.


2. Fresheezy


3. Graph Paper Press


4. BlogOhBlog


5. TopWpThemes


6. WooThemes

From time to time this premium wordpress theme site give away professional themes for free, worth keeping eye on!


7. ThemeLab

Very useful website for wordpress addicts, who are always searching for something new and want to keep up with community!


8. WpThemesFree


9. BestWPThemes


10. ArcSin Templates


11. DesignDisease

Just 13 themes here, but very professional and high quality – site worth keeping eye on for some more in future!


12. Free Theme Layouts


13. SkinPress


14. Wordpress Themes Base


15. Rock Kitty Themes


16. WP Skins


17. Templates Browser


18. Free Wordpress Themes




20. WPTemplates


21. Wordpress Theme Generator

This online generator creates your own custom unique WordPress Theme. Without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge.


Here you’ll find several previous articles, I created some time ago, you might take interest in order to search for free quality wordpress themes:

60 Free, Yet Premium Quality Wordpress Magazine News Themes


22 Professional WordPress Themes And Resources:Less Is More


70 Free and Premium WordPress Themes


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  4. 60 Free, Yet Premium Quality Wordpress Magazine News Themes
  5. 13 Beautiful Wordpress Showcase Sites

November 13 2009


Easy Website Updates with PageLime

PageLime makes the process of editing static websites laughably easy. There are times when a full CMS like WordPress is far too complicated when only simple edits are required – not to mention the fact that a static template must first be modified accordingly to work with WordPress. Wouldn’t it be easier if your current static website could instantly be integrated with a service, without requiring hours of conversion time? This is where PageLime comes in.

In today’s video tutorial, we’ll go through the process of purchasing a site template on ThemeForest, and then integrating that specific template with PageLime, resulting in a website which is super easy to update…even for your mom.

PageLime is a remote Content Management System that allows you to update the content, images, and documents on your web site without installing any software.

The Screecast

Other Viewing Options

What’s in Store for PageLime?

In the CEO’s own words…

  • Repeating Regions – You/Your clients will be able to have regions that you define as repeatable. This will let you dynamically create new buttons in navigation, blog like article additions, etc. This is in testing now, and will roll out across all sites in the next week!
  • Multipage Dynamic Content – You will be able to define areas that show up on other places in the website. So when you update them, they update in other places.
  • Blog – Drop in simple PageLime managed blog.
  • Client Invoicing – We’re building an invoicing feature from withing PageLime that will let you manage your PageLime clients with auto recurring invoices that link to your PageLime account. This basically allows you to setup a subscription model for you clients, and pass the cost of PageLime directly to them. OR charge them more, and make money off of PageLime! This will be a feature in the Business Account Level.
  • iPhone App – Manage websites from an iPhone application. This is already designed, just need to go about building it soon. I can send you screenshots if you would like.
  • eCommerce – Either a partnership with another team, or build one ourselves that can be dropped in, like the blog.

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