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February 27 2014


February 26 2014

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December 24 2013


Brushlovers – Free Photoshop Brushes, Styles and Patterns En Masse


Brushlovers is one of these sites to waste one’s day away, without ever feeling bored. If you are an avid user of Adobe Photoshop, Brushlovers should sit at the top of your bookmarks list. What Brushlovers enables you to do is far more astounding than what the average filter overkill does for you. Every other site these days jumps the brushes bandwagon, yet only very few are really notable. Brushlovers is one of these few. We have curated some of the best free Photoshop brushes and some of their other resources in the following article. Enjoy…

December 02 2013


Limited-Time Holiday Offer: Save $30 on a Vandelay Premier Subscription

Do you want to make more money from your business and save time while doing so? You can do this by purchasing pre-made, professional resources that can be customized to fit the needs of your business. Vandelay Premier offers a wide variety of such resources that can save you time and increase your efficiency including pre-made graphics, html templates, and even legal forms and business documents. While all Premier files are available as one-time purchases, more often than not, a Vandelay Premier subscription–which gives members unlimited access to our entire library of high-quality resources–ends up being a better bargain for most. And this holiday season, you can get an even better deal on Vandelay Premier. Right now, save $30 on an annual subscription to Vandelay Premier. So you can enjoy the entire Vandelay library for a full year for as little as $49.


So what’s included with a Vandelay Premier subscription? We’ve been updating and beefing up our library this year, so now our library is packed with well over 8,000 files that if purchased separately, would be worth over $3500. It now includes art inspired by the latest design trends out there including sleek badges, trendy flat and long-shadowed icons, and we’ve even added several UI kits too! So as a member, you would enjoy unlimited access to this entire library, plus we’re adding new items each week. All Premier graphics are royalty-free and are available for use on an unlimited number of commercial projects–even on products for sale like website templates.

You get all this for one low price–only $49 for a full year during our holiday special. Here’s just a small taste of what a subscription to Vandelay Premier includes:

Freelance Starter Kit
The Freelance Starter Kit provides a set of invaluable resources that help with many aspects of a design business. This kit includes important items such as contract templates, complete identity sets (letterhead, invoices, proposals, business cards), vital documents, marketing brochures and email newsletter templates, print templates for portfolio books, and much more. All of the items in this kit help you run a more efficient and profitable business.fsk

Menso Light UI Set
Our most popular UI set, the Menso set includes 4 PSD files packed full of important elements for your next website design–all using a beautiful, but simple, color scheme that make this kit versatile for creating many stunning designs. Also available in various color schemes including Metal, Colorful, and Dark.


Wireframe Pro
An essential for web designers, the Wireframe Pro includes over 400 UI elements that can be used to create your own wireframes and mockups. This set include items such as navigation menus, buttons, sliders, dividers, forms, ribbons, ratings elements, and much more! Chocked full of valuable resources, this mega pack includes a total of 33 PSD files.


Flatty Mega UI PSD Kit
This new Flatty Mega UI PSD Kit is filled with everything you’d ever need when it comes to user interface resources and app design. Included in this Mega UI PSD Kit are over 200 different user interface elements on five fully layered .psd files. This kit is $29 by itself, so a Vandelay Premier subscription gets you this, plus so much more!


Vandelay Premier also includes several other UI kits including:
Pistachio Flat UI Set

Retro UI PSD Kit

Light UI Set

and much more!

Our most popular items are the essential web contracts. Included with a Premier subscriptions are a Web Design Contract, Graphic Design Contract, Social Media Marketing Services Contract, SEO Services Contract, and more!

As a freelance artist, you need to be able to sell your designs, so at Vandelay Premier, we offer templates for presenting your work to clients. Here are just a few of our top picks.

Poster Mockup PSDs

Logo Mockup PSDs



Colorful Resume template

Identity Set Mockup

And that’s just to name a few.

Vectors and Icons
A Premier subscription includes hundreds of icons and vectors to plug into your designs, and we even offer complete logo templates as well.

Simple Icon Buttons

Minima Icon Set

Logo Badges








Several logo templates including Vintage Co. Logo Template


And many many more to choose from.

To offer even more value for our members, we’ve gathered some of our top resources together to create mega bundles filled with brushes, textures, and more–all of which are included in a Vandelay Premier subscription.  Here are a few of these mega bundles.

Premier Photoshop Brushes Bundle 2: The bundle includes 19 sets of premium Photoshop brushes, totaling 270 individual brushes.

Premier Texture Bundle: A huge bundle of 125 high-resolution (up to 4000 pixels by 3000 pixels) textures that offers a variety of types of textures in one mega pack.

You’ll get all of this plus sooo much more when you become a Vandelay Premier subscriber. So why not treat yourself this year to something you KNOW you’ll put to good use? (trust us–you’ll thank yourself next year).

Save $30 on a Vandelay Premier Subscription
Want to see more Premier graphics? Browse the Vandelay Art Library


November 20 2013


45 Awesome Swirl And Ribbon Photoshop Brushes

Adobe Photoshop brush tool is the designers’ best friend and like fonts, you cannot just have enough of Photoshop brushes. With the help of appropriate set of Photoshop brushes, designers can easily create amazing art work with less or no effort. Photoshop brushes make designers work easier as well as save them a lot of their designing time.

Therefore, we have compiled this post. Though there are plenty of paid brushes also available but finding the freebies always is a pleasure. So, without any further ado here we are presenting the complete list of some awesome swirl and ribbon Photoshop brushes for you.

Check them out and pick the ones you like the best. We hope that you will like this collection and find these amazing Photoshop brush sets useful for you. Feel free to share your opinions with us via comment section below. Your comments are always more than welcome. Let us have a look. Enjoy!
Note: All of these brush sets are free to use but it is advisable to check the license before using them for your commercial use.

Ribbon Brushes

Ribbon Brushes

Ribbon Brushes 2

Ribbon Brushes


Ribbon brush 2

Ribbon Brushes

Grunge Awareness Ribbon Shape

Ribbon Bow Brushes

Ribbon brush

Ribboned Kake – PS Brushes

Ribbon Photoshop Brushes

Ribbon revolution brushes

Shiney snow and Ribbons Brushe

Ribbon ornament brush

Ribbons 2

Ribbon Brushes

Ribbons 5

Ribbons 3

Ribbon brushes

Ribbon brush

Ribbon Brushes Vol 3

Ribbon Brushes 2

Ribbon Brush-eclipse

Ribbons PS brush

Lines and ribbons- Sp. Edition

21 Ribbon Overlay Brushes

Swirl Brushes

Star Swirls

Swirly Orb Brushes

Brushes – Vector Swirl Set01

Spiky Swirls

Light Swirl Brushes

Swirl Tree Brushes

Swirly Glow Brushes

Swirly Lights

Decorative Swirl Frame Brushes

Swirl Brushes 2

Circle Swirls

Swirl Brushes Photoshop Free

Swirl Brushes 5

Abstract Swirls


Heart Swirls

Swirls and Seeds Photoshop Brushes

Swirls brushes

Swirl Brushes

August 20 2013


Our Top 10 Vandelay Premier Downloads of 2013

Are you short on time? Does it seem like your day rushes by, and yet again, you were unable to check off as many items on your to-do list as you had hoped?

If this rings true for you, as it does for most designers, you simply don’t have the time to sort through the virtual piles of online designs to find that ‘needle in a haystack’ to fit your latest design. So we’ve done some of the legwork for you. We’ve sorted through our extensive resources at Vandelay Premier to find what’s popular with web designers to bring you this list of Top 10 Vandelay Premier product picks! So sit back and relax, and enjoy these highlights of what other designers think are our most useful resources.

10. Illustrator Brush Stokes
This is a huge set of 55 art brushes that will allow you to easily create vector brush strokes in Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator Brush Strokes Brushes













9. Distressed Lines Brushes
This set of 20 Photoshop brushes will come in very handy on your textured, grunge websites,  and hand-drawn websites.

Distressed Lines Brushes

8. Web Dividers PSD
This PSD includes 34 different dividers that can be incorporated into your own designs to separate sections of a layout with an attractive visual style.

Web Dividers PSD

7. HTML Invoice Template
Some designers prefer to use coded pages for invoices, so we have a template that will allow you to easily create an HTML/CSS version of your invoice.

HTML Invoice

6. Social Media Marketing Services Contract
The contract template includes sections for limitation of liability, indemnification, fees, and more–all of which can be easily edited to provide the specific details of the services you are providing.

5. Web Design Contract Template
A detailed contract is a necessity for freelancers and agencies. This thorough contract template allows you to easily input the specifics of your project by providing highlighted instructions in areas where you’ll need to fill in your details.

4. Festival Flyer Template
This textured and grungy template is perfect for promoting a festival, as well as other purposes as well. Just insert your own photo, change the text, and you’ll have a great flyer in no time.

Festival Flyer Template

3. Unplugged Gig Flyer Template
This stylish flyer template was designed with bands and gigs in mind but can be used to promote other types of grungy events as well.

Unplugged Gig Flyer Template

2. Wireframe Pro
As one of our most valuable sets, this set includes a total of well over 400 individual UI elements that can be used to create your own high-quality wireframes and mockups in a matter or minutes.

WireFrame Pro

1. Freelance Starter Kit
This starter kit is our most complete set of resources available on Vandelay Premier, so it’s no wonder it’s our top-selling item. This set includes everything from contract templates and documents to marketing materials and print templates, all of which are too numerous to list here. So for a complete rundown of what’s included, click here.

Freelance Starter Kit

April 18 2012


VectorPack Giveaway: 5 Winners of Mega Design Bundle Worth $550 Each

This is the link to the original article creator of this site, if this message appears to another site than 1stwebdesigner - Graphic and Web Design Blog - 1stwebdesigner is a design blog dedicated to bloggers, freelancers, web-developers and designers. Topics focus on web design and inspirational articles. it has been stolen, please visit original source then!

VectorPack is a design studio that focuses on creating only the best stock vector arts, photoshop brushes, seamless patterns, and a lot more design elements for web designing. Currently they have over 2000 vector art elements at their library.

PS Brushes can be bought for as low as $6 per pack and vectors and patterns for as low as $8. But what VectorPack currently offers is the Mega Design Bundle 3, which values $550 but you can have it for only $37!  And for our loyal readers VectorPack offers 5 Mega Design Bundles!

Don’t forget to check their Free collection of high-quality vectors!

The Prize

  • 396 Vector Elements
  • 210 Photoshop Brushes
  • 66 Abstract Backgrounds
  • 162 Web Elements
  • 70 Seamless Patterns
  • 30 Textures
  • 1 WordPress Theme

396 Vector, 162 Web Elements & 66 Abstract Backgrounds

210 Photoshop Brushes

70 Seamless Patterns

30 Textures

1 Premium WordPress Theme

See Demo here

Wait, all of these for free? Yes! 5 of our loyal readers will win this amazing bundle! And for everyone else who wants to get their hands on

How to Join

  • Comment on what you think about VectorPack – don’t forget to use your real email address so that we can contact you!
  • Tweet this post and share!
  • Like VectorPack on Facebook and Follow them on Twitter to be updated whenever a new promo is available!

Winners will be announced exactly a week from now. Winners will be chosen using

March 23 2012


March 08 2012


18 Free And Creative Paper Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes help the designers in creating specific designs with great ease. Today we present a collection of some high quality paper brushes for you. With these Photoshop paper brushes you can give your designs a new and updated look. The paper brush sets help you create the paper like characteristics in your designs. As we know that paper is a thin and versatile material that is used to write upon, print upon, for newspapers, magazines and books as well as for card making and arts and crafts projects.

In the same way, you can also make use of these Photoshop brushes in a quite versatile manner. In this round up, you can find 18 different sets of useful and high quality paper brushes for Photoshop that you can download for free. Do check out this collection and let us know your opinion about this compilation. Enjoy!

Vintage Paper

Dirty Old Newspaper Brushes

Chinese Paper Lantern Brushes

News paper bits and pieces

Paper Edges – Photoshop Brush

FREE Grungy Star Paper Brushes

Old Paper brushes

PaperCut Brushes

Burnt Paper Brushes

Old Paper Brush

Old Paper PS Brushes

Origami Paper Flower Brushes

Burned Paper Brushes

5 Paper Curls Photoshop Brushes

Paper edge brushes for PS

Burnt paper-brushes

Paper Texture Brushes

Old Paper Brushes V

Brought To You By

Premier Survey
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February 28 2012


Free Quality Photoshop Brushes for Your Design Arsenal


With so many free Photoshop brushes being shared around the web, it can always be a bit tricky to sort through the masses to grab those true quality packs that are available. So we have once again, sought to help out our readers by doing some of the work for you. With designers constantly on a quest to build up their arsenal of resources, we dove into the web and came up with a few choice treasures for you to check out.

Below are the fruits of our labor. We found the works of so many talented brushmakers that have been released in the last couple of months, and while we are shining our spotlight on them, we are also helping our readers to stock up on the brushy goodness. So set off down through these 40 new, free Photoshop brushes and start adding to your design arsenal.

All of the brushes listed here are free for personal use, though you should always double check the license for changes before using them.

The Brushes

Radioactive Brushes

5 Simple Fabric Brushes

Walls and Pavement Grunge Brushes

Light Flares Set 1

Fractal 1

Photoshop Brushes Trees

Space Brush and Lunar Brush Pack

4 Corners Swirls

10 Burned Paper Edge Brushes

Abstract Brush Flare and Streaks Texture Pack

Ninja Brushes 05 and Fractals

Free Dust Particle Photoshop Brush Set

Light Ray Brushes

Halftones Set 3

Fire Brush Set

39 Free Ornament Brushes

Smoke Brush Pack

Dots and Scratches

Abstract Brushes

GreenPack Random Brushes

Sticky Tape Set 1

Water Brushes Vol. 2

Speck Brushes

6 Abstract Lines Brushes

Fusion Brushes

Paint Brush and 100 Essential Brushes

Abstract Clouds

Tech Brush Set v6

More Ink Splats

Dreamy Fantasies Brushes

Grunge Textures Set 1

Elegant Frame Brushes

8 Crisp Dynamic Grunge Brushes

VectorPack Brushes

High Res Textured Grunge Brushes

Neo Legacy Brushes


Spiral 2 Brush Pack

Dragon Writing

4 Subtle Rust Brushes


February 24 2012


15 Awesome Free Abstract Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes always come in handy especially when you need to create some cool effects. Having a high quality collection of Photoshop brushes is must to have for a designer. But these days, the wide variety of Photoshop brushes collections that are available on the net make it difficult for you to choose the right brush for you.

In this compilation, we are presenting a beautiful collection of cool Abstract Photoshop Brushes for you that you can download for free. Enjoy!

Abstract Butterfly Brushes

Doom Abstract Brush Set 2

Abstract Bruhses 3

Abstract brush pack vol. 8

Abstract brush pack vol. 7

A b s t r a c t i o n

Abstract XI

Abstract Light Swirl Brushes

Abstract Brushes Vol 2

Abstract brush pack vol. 10

Abstract Brushes Vol 3

Abstrac Brushes Volume 2

Abstract 11

Sharp Abstract

Abstract Brushes vol. 15 – 5x

Brought To You By

Premier Survey
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Freebie Friday: 10 Burned Paper Edge Brushes


These brushes were created from some burned vintage paper textures I created a few months ago. Each brush is 2500px wide.



Download .ZIP

February 10 2012


Freebie Friday: 8 Crisp Dynamic Grunge Brushes

This set of brushes offers you eight unique and energetic grunge shapes. I created these by picking out some of experimental ink/food coloring texture shapes, vectorizing them to create crisper edges, and then converting them to PS brushes. Each one is over 2400px wide.


Download .ZIP

January 20 2012


Freebie Friday: 5 Simple Fabric Brushes

This collection of five subtle hi-res fabric brushes will add some natural surfacing to your work. Each brush is 2500×2500.


Download .ZIP

January 13 2012


January 11 2012


50+ New and Free Photoshop Brush Packs


Nearly every designer loves freshly-made, free Photoshop brushes that can be used in your designs as it is one of the most widely used graphics programs on the market. It is what some would call an incontrovertible truth. This is the reason why designers are constantly browsing the web in search of all the latest brushes to add them to their arsenal.

We have previously posted many collections of high quality Photoshop brush packs, and today we are bringing our readers another fine collection of over 50 fresh Photoshop brush sets that are sure to delight even the most discerning of designers. These high quality brushes are simply out of this world, and are all free to download and use in your projects.

This round up includes 50+ packs containing more than 500 brushes of various styles and for a range of effects. With some grunge, light effects, ornamental, abstract, paint strokes, paper, and splatter type brushes, there is a little something for everyone. Enjoy!

Note: Licenses of every brush set varies, so be sure to check that information before using them.

Photoshop Brush Packs

Glowing Swirl Brushes ( Download )
This high quality set contains 8 high resolution brushes to add glowing swirl effects.


Free Faded Splatters ( Download )
This free brush set contains 10 faded ink splatters. Download and enjoy!


Grass and Plant SET 3 PS ( Download )
This set contains 10 top quality grass and plant based brushes.


Sujune Diablo ( Download )
Download this set of 9 brushes to give your designs a bit of a grunge and abstract look.


Stone Brushes ( Download )
This set contains 11 high resolution stone brushes for adding some natural grit and stone patterns.


Celestica Brushes ( Download )
This set contains 9 brushes that you can use to add crystalline patterns to your design.


Blow Brush PS ( Download )
If you are looking for some awesome blow brushes then this set of 4 unique brushes is simply a must have.


Ink Smear Brushes ( Download )
This set contains 5 brushes that were made by dipping a Q-Tip in red food coloring then simply “drawing” on a piece of paper with it. Each brush is 2500px wide. Enjoy!


Rough Background ( Download )
Incredibly useful grunge brushes that will fill up your backgrounds with a coarse texture.


Grunge Border PS Brush Set ( Download )
This set contains 11 free high resolution grunge borders. The grunge lines were created by rubbing a graphite stick over straight edges of different objects.


Bokeh Brushes ( Download )
With this set, you will get 8 high quality bokeh brushes.


Ornamental Butterflies 2 ( Download )
This is an awesome set of Photoshop brushes that contains 35 excellent and high resolution brushes that you can use to add beautiful butterflies to your designs.


PS Cloud Brushes ( Download )
This set that contains 12 brushes, you can use to create clouds in your designs with ease.


Antique Postcard Brushes ( Download )
This set contains 6 hi-res(2500px) antique postcard Photoshop Brushes. This can act as templates for your design or as a way to add some age and texture to your work.


Number of Water ( Download )
If you want to create numbers out of water, this set of brushes was made for you.


KaRTaL Butterfly Brushes ( Download )
Here you will find 3 brushes for CS5 that you can use to add beautiful butterflies to your works.


APs Brushes: Scar Face ( Download )
These 12 brushes will help you create scarred faces quite easily and in no time.


Abstract Brushes ( Download )
Fifteen medium to large scaled abstract brushes designed especially to add energy and interest to your artwork. A great tool for any abstract piece.


Plaztique’s Lace Brushes ( Download )
This set contains 5 pixel brushes perfect for creating lace trimmings or fancy borders.


Ink Splatter Brush Set ( Download )
In this brush set, you will find 20x Photoshop splatter brushes to create flawless splatter effects.


Fractal brushes ( Download )
This set contains 12 large fractal brushes that can be used for all kinds of web projects.


Swoosh Brush Pack v.1 ( Download )
We all know how hard it can be to create print worthy swooshes, well now with this set you can simply click and colorize.


Different By Design Abstract Brush Pack ( Download )
This set contains 6 simple and hi-res brushes. This is a freeware brush pack.


Love Birds Brushes ( Download )
This set contains 30 love birds brushes, they were created in Adobe Photoshop CS4 & Inkscape. They are free for personal & commercial use.


Snowflake Brushes ( Download )
This set contains twenty-four individual snowflakes, with four variations to each.


River Side Brushes ( Download )
This exclusive brush has been designed to be used in CS5 in order to add a beautiful river side effect.


Shoujo Wonderland Brushes ( Download )
This excellent set contains 24 Photoshop brushes that you can use wherever you want.


Subtle Wood Brushes ( Download )
This set contains five subtle woodgrain Photoshop brushes that can add some quick surface and texture to your designs. They offer some great attributes like knotholes and some different grain patterns. Each brush is 2500×2000.


Ink Splatter Brushes ( Download )
This set contains 5 hi res ink splatter brushes, each brush is 2500×2000.


Abstract Brush Set ( Download )
This set contains 2 exceptional abstract brushes that every designer must have.


Trend Element ( Download )
This awesome set contains 4 brushes to make your designs trendier and stylish.


Scratches Photoshop Brushes ( Download )
This set of Photoshop brushes contains 14 scratch patterns that you may prove to be just what you are looking for.


Crane Brushes ( Download )
These 2 brushes are perfect for adding some visually alluring effects to your designs and make them look more appealing.


Bokeh Brushes ( Download )
These 5 versatile and re-usable bokeh brushes will be a valued addition to your toolbox. Each brush is 2500px wide.


Melting Texture Border Brush ( Download )
This is a collection of 9 melting effects texture borders created in Photoshop CS3.


Thin Smoke Brushes ( Download )
Download this useful set of Photoshop brushes if you need some high quality thin smoke brushes.


Brick Photoshop Brushes ( Download )
This set contains 6 diverse and hi-res brick wall brushes. Each brush is 2500×2000.


Industrial Zone Grunge Brushes ( Download )
The set includes various industrial type brushes, from grunge/floor textures to gears, and from machines to industrial buildings.


Halftone Brushes Pack 2 ( Download )
Pack of 17 halftone Photoshop brushes free to download.


Psycho Grunge ( Download )
It contains 99 vector Photoshop brushes of 2500px resolution. Download for free.


Floral Fireworks ( Download )
In this set, you will find 2 brushes for PS to create stunning fireworks effects in your designs.


Grungy Arrow Brushes ( Download )
This pack contains 25 grungy arrow brushes made with Photoshop CS4. There are different types of arrow symbols so you can easily integrate them in your designs.


Free Falling Sparks Brush Set ( Download )
This free Photoshop brush set contains 10 falling sparks brushes. This set is great for creating abstract lighting.


Line Art ( Download )
This set contains 5 line art Photoshop brushes for adding artistic lines in your projects.


Concrete Wall Brushes ( Download )
This set contains 7 hi-res concrete brushes. Each brush is 2500×1800 and will add some instant grunge, texture, and atmosphere to your designs.


Star ( Download )
Download this brush set and start creating astonishing stars in no time.


Watercolor and Salt Photoshop Brush Set ( Download )
This brush set contains 10 watercolor splatters over salt. The salt soaks up the watercolor giving it an interesting texture.


Noise and Dust A Free Photoshop Brush Set ( Download )
An awesome brush set for adding a bit of dust and noise to your designs.


Ribbon Brushes ( Download )
Download 14 large ribbon brushes to add to your designing tools.


Lightning Brushes Photoshop ( Download )
Create awesome lightning effects in your designs with this outstanding set of Photoshop brushes that contains 19 variations.


Moon Brushes ( Download )
This set of brushes will allow you to create the different phases of the moon using the 10 different brushes it includes.


Cloud Brushes ( Download )
This set contains 10 high-resolution cloud brushes for Photoshop. Brush sizes range from 879px to 2295px.


Scratchy Grunge Brushes ( Download )
This set contains 7 scratchy grunge brushes, these brushes come from an interesting source, microscopic photos of some hand-scratched 35mm film.



January 06 2012


Freebie Friday: 7 Soft Grunge Brushes

I created these soft grunge brushes from my Frosted Window texture pack over at Valleys In The Vinyl. These brushes will make a valuable addition to your library and will come in handy for adding that extra surfacing and personality that your design’s require. Each brush is 2500×2000.


Download .ZIP

December 30 2011


Freebie Friday: 7 Scratchy Grunge Brushes


These brushes come from an interesting source, microscopic photos of some hand-scratched 35mm film. I scratched up some film with a thumbtack, photographed them, vectorized the lines, then grunged them up a bit in Photoshop to create these brushes. Hope you enjoy! Each one is 2500×1800.


Download .ZIP

December 23 2011


Freebie Friday: 5 Bokeh Brushes


These 5 versatile and re-usable bokeh brushes will be a valued addition to your toolbox. Each brush is 2500px wide.


Download .ZIP

December 16 2011


Freebie Friday: 5 Ink Splatter Brushes


Enjoy these 5 hi res ink splatter brushes, created from my Ralph Steadman inspired ink splatter texture set over at Valleys In The Vinyl. Each brush is 2500×2000.


Download .ZIP

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