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February 14 2014


February 05 2014


25 Amazing Flat UI Kits to Use in Your Next Design

With the explosion of flat-designed websites, web designers now follow the trend in a snap, adapting a cleaner and much simpler design which can be found in flat UI kits. We seldom see skeumorphic designs nowadays. In fact, all the depth and other 3D stuff have been slowly becoming flat.This is the reason why more and more design blogs have created flat design UI kits for web designers who want to follow the trend.

These kits will allow each designer to fully utilize the trend and produce eye-popping results. It also saves the designer a great amount of time because he doesn’t have to create each individual design element. He just needs a kit, which is usually a PSD file, and voila! and instant web design masterpiece.

After some time of searching and selecting, has compiled these 25 beautiful UI kits for you to use. These kits come in easy-to-access and easy-to-use formats. You’ll never run out of ways to use these because as flat design grows and develops, so too does your keen sense of art. So better take advantage while it’s still relatively new.

Flat UI Kit by Riki Tanone


Flat UI Kit by Devin Schulz


Eerste UI Kit 


UI Kit by Abhimanyu Rana 


Flat UI Kit by Zachary VanDeHey 


FREE Flat UI kit by 


Flat/UI Kit by Sebastian Scheer 


Splash of Color Premium Kit 


Flat UI Kit by Design Modo

Flat UI Kit - HTML/PSD Design Framework

Flat UI Kit by Ben Moss


Featherweight UI


Free Flat UI kit by Emanuel Serbanoiu


Vertical Infinity


Responsive UI Kit


Free Program Icons by Applove


Flatilicious – 48 Free Flat Icons by Lukas Jurik


FREE Flat Social Icons EPS by Jorge Calvo Garcia


Free web icon by Zizaza – design ocean


Big Flat Icons (.sketch) by Luc Chaffard


UI Kit by Mike | Creative Mints


Simplistic UI Kit by Tanveer Junayed


 Square UI – Interactive Components Board by Vladimir Kudinov


Free PSD UI Kit by Simeon K


Flat Stroke UI Kit by Ryan Clark


Flat UI Login Form by David East


Sign Up by Dylan Opet


Your Username by Giel Cobben


 Sign In Flat Design by Logoswish / Maxim


Signup Form by Prakash Ghodke



These UI kits are made for the average designer who works alone or with a small team to save time. Now if you want to accelerate your designing stages, you will be given more time to work on more projects, which, in turn, will yield favorable results.

Now, after browsing these 25 Flat UI kits, what is your favorite? Why? Let’s talk about it.

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February 04 2014


The Pattern Library: Free Seamless Patterns for Your Designs


The Pattern Library is a fresh new project by New Yorker Tim Holman and Claudio Guglieri from San Francisco. The two, who both don’t stem from where they are currently located, established a repository of seamless website backgrounds called “The Pattern Library”. The concept of the site matches the content – it’s extraordinary…

January 30 2014


40 Amazingly Creative Square Patterns For Free Download

In this round up, we have gathered 40 surprisingly creative square patterns for you that you can use in your design work. Square is one of the basic shapes that we all were taught in our childhood. Using this basic shape in your design process can bring a big change in the overall appearance of your design and make it look even more appealing and attractive. Though, it is a very and simple shape yet it can create beautiful design patterns and hence can be an important element is your design project.

Check them out and pick the ones you like the best. We hope that you will like this collection and find these amazing and creative square patterns useful for you. Feel free to share your opinions with us via comment section below. Your comments are always more than welcome. Let us have a look. Enjoy!

5 Stones

Falling squares


Silent square

80 Trunks

[The Sharp Edges]

Sakai Blocks [t]

Free Repeat Pattern in a Retro Style

Micro Patterns


Blue Squares

Bathroom Tile

Night bubble girl

Dice patterns


Purple Radiance

Not 1974 Anymore

Square Pattern Background

Diamonds and squares

Dice patterns 2

Uptown Loft

Multisquare Pattern


Kimi’s The CLAD!

Colors Sparkle

Retro Cubes Pattern Set

Cool in cotton

Candy bunnies


Squares Patterns

Sunshine Squared

Grungy Abstract Squares Photoshop Patterns



Woven Pandanus

Mark of Thumb

Cool and quilted

Rock the tartan

Dice patterns 3

Golden cubes

Street Traffic

December 24 2013


Brushlovers – Free Photoshop Brushes, Styles and Patterns En Masse


Brushlovers is one of these sites to waste one’s day away, without ever feeling bored. If you are an avid user of Adobe Photoshop, Brushlovers should sit at the top of your bookmarks list. What Brushlovers enables you to do is far more astounding than what the average filter overkill does for you. Every other site these days jumps the brushes bandwagon, yet only very few are really notable. Brushlovers is one of these few. We have curated some of the best free Photoshop brushes and some of their other resources in the following article. Enjoy…

October 11 2013


14 Useful Free Grass-Inspired Patterns

In this collection, we are showcasing Grass inspired patterns. Yes, you heard right in this collection you will see outstanding and attractive 14 useful free Grass inspired patterns that will definitely astonish you. The color of grass is green and green color demonstrates peace of life and also indicates the beauty of nature. Your mind gets relaxed when you walk on the grass. Actually Grasses and plants give life to our backyards and lawns and make our atmosphere healthy and beautiful.

Have a look at this amazing collection and use these exquisite grass inspired patterns in your up-coming projects and make them more elegant and stunning. You can also download these outstanding and useful grass inspired patterns without paying any cost. Do share with us that what you think about this collection via comment section below. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this visual treat!

Dreamy Grass

6 Free Tileable Grass Patterns

Nursothca’s grass

Through the grass

Feather Forest

Grass Patterns

Jungle Grasses

Pirana grass

Grass Schtroumpfs

Amongst the Grass

Streams and Grass

Grass Hut

Leaves of grass

Grass Schtroumpfs

August 13 2013


Navy and Green Patterns and Backgrounds

Are you completely addicted to blue and green colors? I love the idea of combining these two colors and if you do too, here are some backgrounds and wallpapers from Subway Party I know you'll enjoy using. These patterns feature a variety of nautical elements including compasses and anchors, as well as chevron designs.

Navy and Green Nautical Patterns


Blue and Green Anchor Patterns


Blue and Green Golf Patterns

Blue and Green Dots and Stripes Patterns

Tags: Patterns

June 03 2013


Colorful Saree Fabrics

One of the places I have seen the most unique color combinations in fabrics was India. The saris there are absolutely gorgeous, and designers come up with the most interesting and unique color combinations and fabric choices. I wish I could wear a color saree everyday, because of their comfort and colorful styles.

Check out some of these amazing saris that feature unique color combinations for your inspiration. If you create any palettes based on these gorgeous outfits be sure to include a link at the bottom.

I hope you've enjoyed these colorful patterns and fabrics, if you're looking to add similar patterns to your digital designs check out these awesome products from Creative Market:

Tags: Patterns

May 29 2013


44 Web & Graphic Design Freebies

Guest post by BrandCrowd graphic designer, Anghelaht

All web designers love to have cool stuff at their disposal, ready for instant use. Although 100% custom work is always the best approach, sometimes ready-made is the only choice when faced with the challenges of a deadline. On the internet, there are tons of high-quality designs available for purchase, but today we thought to provide you with a small collection of 44 awesome web and graphic design freebies, gathered from all around the web. The collection includes icons, textures, vectors, patterns and other various goodies for you to grab for your library and use in logo design or web projects. We hope all of the following will prove to be useful with your web design or any other professional or personal projects. Feel free to share your thoughts or other freebies with us, by leaving a message in the comment section. Have fun, everyone!

Free Icons

leather texture

PSD toggle switch UI


6 Greek / Roman Pixel Patterns

Hand Drawn Web icons

iMac free PSD mockup

business card template

12 Blurred Backgrounds

wood texture


Free PSD synthesizer

Free PSD simple emoticons

Social Media UI Buttons

41 Social Media Icons

Retro Portfolio – Full free PSD pack

Pretty Little Progress Bar

Slabstatic display free font

Moonshiner free font

Pixel UI Icon Set

Newap – Free PSD website template

Marketplace buttons

6 wood patterns / backgrounds PNG PAT

Free PSD USA map

10 High Resolution Rusty Metal Textures


Carbon Fibre Photoshop Patterns

Black Wall Texture

Pattern Kit One: “Ribbon Dancer”


Share Buttons PSD

Google Drive

Replacement iOS Icons

Mimi Glyphs Icons

Crisp Icon Set

Blanka website template

iphone ui

Calendar icon


Cart widget

Dark Itunes


IPhone wood UI

Minimal Calendar

What awesome design freebies did we miss for logo design, graphic design and other design disciplines? Do you use free or purchased ready-made graphics in your design process? Tell us what you think.

April 18 2013


Seamless: Millions of Wallpapers in Your Pocket

We sure do love it when people do cool things using the COLOURlovers API. The latest awesome creation to hit your iDevice is an app called Seamless.

This delightful new app uses the Creative Commons wallpapers from the COLOURlovers community, giving you access to over 3 million wallpapers, right in your pocket. They've been adapted specifically for your device and presented beautifully within a delicate and detailed design. Just take a look at the lovely UI:

You can bookmark your favorite wallpapers in the app, save them to your phone to show off to your friends, view the original pattern on COLOURlovers, and even share them to Facebook and Twitter. Sounds pretty fantastic, right?

Seamless is one of those apps that's just great to browse and get those creative juices flowing. If you find yourself enjoying it as much as we do, share the love and give a shout out to the gents who built it. It was created by Mic Pringle & William Szilveszter and it's available for free right now in the App Store.

Tags: Apps Patterns

March 20 2013


Colorful Turn of the Century Japanese Designs

I know what you're probably wondering...turn of what century? Well these particular designs come from a magazine published in 1901 and 1902 called Shin-bijutsukai.

This magazine was a monthly publication featuring "various designs by the famous artists of to-day," and as you can see, the pages are filled with wonderful colors and trippy patterns. I don't know about you, but after looking at all of the nature elements in these designs, I feel like going for a jaunt in the park.










If you're interested in checking out the entire magazine, you can browse the pages below or visit to browse the full size version.

And for good measure, here's a few Japan-inspired palettes from the community. Cheers!

Kami_no_ke  Samurai_Festival_APC

Sea_of_Japan  Japanese_Book_1944

相州七里浜  Lovers_in_Japan_II

Letters_from_Japan  Japanese_Language

Kitsune  Japanese_Bath

Japanese_Music  T_o_k_y_o_B_l_u_e_s

Bijin  Ume_Modern

Japanese_Tea  Z_e_n_W_o_r_l_d

japanese_candy_2  Summer_Turns_To_Fall

April 27 2012


A Collection of Colorful Goods For Your Kitchen

Uniting all dish towel lovers for this post. If you're not a fan of awesome dish towels, it will suffice if you are a fan of really cool patterns printed on textiles. If you haven't checked out the online shop Leif, make sure to do so. They have some incredibly unique and really cool stuff on their website from decor accessories, paper, candles, and much more.

I found a fun collection of items that are sure to spruce up any kitchen quite fast. The paint chip placemat is a perfect addition to any table. And, it comes in different colors, so you can mix and match or just play it safe with one color all around.

Leif definitely covered all the popular patterns of the moment in their textiles section of this online shop. Houndstooth is becoming an increasingly popular option, and I think this design and color palette would surely brighten up any room, don't you?

Cityscapes! Talk about a different take on a cityscape. Great addition to my tea towel collection.

I love the bright colors in this lattice design. This might just be my favorite, if there was a way I could choose a favorite.



And just for fun, I love their take on bottles that we have all the time in our home anyway. These vases were created from dish detergent and yogurt bottles. Awesome.


Which pattern your favorite? And do you love these vases? Now it is your turn, create some fun palettes from these cool dish towels.

Comment to let us know your thoughts and make sure you pin your faves!


Tags: Home Patterns

February 22 2012


Textured Web: Showcase of Textured & Patterned Website Designs


When it comes to design resources, textures and patterns are among some of the most popular tools on offer. And while we may never be able to get a single, definitive answer from the community as to why this is, one can surmise that their popularity is probably due to their extreme usefulness. Their ability to add such richness and depth to otherwise flat website designs with ease, may also factor into that equation.

In fact, one need only look around the web to find some stunning examples of these elements being deployed with fantastic results. Or one can look at the showcase we have assembled for you below. We have already done some of the leg work for you. The sites we gathered have all used textures or patterns in their website designs, and in such stylish fashion that we felt our spotlight should shine their way.

Textured Web

Rockatee is a dark design with a geometric patterned header and footer and two different textures. Both brilliantly installed in the background, one of the main content area, and a subtler one above the header.

Create Digital Media has a beautiful open, expansive website, and the minimal design is complemented by the light textured background.

Celebration Invitations has a large header that uses a light texture to really make the space pop and not feel at all underused. The patterned background adds an extra touch of style to the site.

Stedesign is a vintage styled site in which the design uses a number of textures to really pull the look off with flawless execution.

Stephanie Walter has a lovely design with a texture running all the way down and through the site. Subtle and stylish.

HD Live is another site with an extra subtle background texture that adds a richness to the open design.

The Threepenny Editor has a unique and stylistically retro look and feel, with the patterned background tying the design together in a light, graceful manner.

Alex Catalan has a site design that uses a slight patterned background to give the minimal, oversized style a depth that works wonderfully. The soft texture in the footer and the header also complement the website’s design.

Steely M Music Production uses a lined pattern to pull the somewhat unconventional layout together.

PunchTab has used a delicately textured background to set off the over-sized buttons and content areas. Very nicely paired with the rest of the design.

the Buffalo Lounge has a dark themed site with a wood grain patterned background that gives the entire design the perfect edge.

Adrian Tingstad Husby – Portfolio design is another expansive site layout that adds a touch of attitude and grunge to the otherwise clean style with a patterned background.

Decadent Cakes uses both a colorful pattern and an extremely subtle textured background to give the site a combination of class and vintage style.

Qasim Aziz Portfolio is a simple design with a lightly grained texture in the background for that added punch to the site’s look.

VUURR uses a pair of simple patterns in their website to pull off a design that is big and bold and anything but simple.

Rob Davis uses a delicate texture in both the header and footer, along with a slight patterned background to make this minimal design stand out from the pack.

Holistic Designs has a touch of grunge in their site via a textured background that really catches the eye, but does not steal away focus as the content scrolls across it. Perfectly balanced.

Launch Factory uses a combination of textures, in the background, throughout the content headers and titles, and more for a pitch perfect design full of grunge.

Agenciart has another big and bold design that is brilliantly complemented by the subtle texture in the background.

rtraction is the website for a creative design agency and their use of a light texture in the background works to set off the over-sized content and images. Though the areas where the texture is omitted ends up feeling somewhat less visually comfortable, though the colors could have something to do with that. However, it does seem the texture would soften their slightly harsh feel.

Chriswi is an example that stands out from the last, as it uses the texture down throughout the site (except for the footer) and the colors that might otherwise feel somewhat harsh on the eyes have a softness it seems the texture adds to them.

Valpo Creative uses a delicate texture in the background which does work nicely, though the site would seem better suited to have the content displayed against this lightly textured background rather than the box it sits in.

Danger Brain uses both a pattern for the background and a light texture in the header. The pattern seems like it could be visually overwhelming, but with the content box relegating it to a smaller perimeter it makes it very complementary to the tone of the site.

Open Hand Type has a couple of less than subtle textures employed in the somewhat compact design making their bold look stand out perfectly. Giving the site a certain character.

Oven Bits has a huge header whose open space is lightly textured giving it a softness and retro style. The footer has a matching texture that balances the site wonderfully.

That finishes off this showcase, but feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comment section below. Also drop us a link on a site that you feel we overlooked, and should have included in this collection if you are so inclined.


February 16 2012


17 Beautiful Free Floral Pattern Sets

Are you looking for some cool and appealing pattern collections? If yes, then look no further, this article is just for you! Here we are showcasing some free to use Floral pattern collections that will help you making your art works look even more appealing and tempting.

You can utilize these floral patterns depending on your style and your design concept. We hope that you can find some good options for your next project. Enjoy checking out this compilation and have more fun in utilizing them for your works. Enjoy!

Note: Kindly read the license agreements carefully before using the patterns for commercial use, the license can change from time to time.

Spring Fresh Floral Patterns

Flowers Patterns for Photoshop

115 Seamless – Blue Patterns

Floral Photoshop Patterns

Free Floral Patterns for Designers

Floral Backgrounds from Crazy Alice

Dusty Florals – pattern set

10 Free Dark Floral PS Patterns

Floral Patterns

Free Floral Pattern 2 by charlottejw.

Freebie: Floral Patterns

Seamless Floral Patterns

Floral Photoshop Patterns

Flower Power retro patterns

Soft Soft Patterns

Yellow Flowers as Photoshop Patterns by PeHaa

Late Bloomer Seamless Patterns by Pixels and Ice Cream

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February 10 2012


February 08 2012


January 17 2012


December 31 2011


Collaborative COLOURlovers Project: Spoonflower Quilt for a Queen

So many great things have happened on COLOURlovers in 2011, but one major, behind the scenes project that only a very small portion of members have been aware of was a quilt project straight from the heart of the Group: COLOURlovers on Spoonflower.

Group administrator, leader and very involved COLOURlover, Penina, wanted her group to be something more than just a group of people who loved the idea of fabric. So one fine day back in July 2011, after coordinating ideas to make a digital quilt from the group member creations, she had the thought, “What’s stopping us from making a real quilt?!

Penina wanted this quilt project to have purpose and to involve as many group members as possible. This also meant that the final piece would need to have a good home at a single location; so who would get the quilt?

Before designing began, group members had to decide on a theme. Unknown to one another, a handful of COLOURlovers independently suggested the same idea, a Cancer Healing Quilt. Many offered the idea with a particularly beloved COLOURlover in mind, o2bqueen, (a.k.a. Linda) who had shared her personal cancer journey (which she is still going through) on her COLOURlovers profile. With that in mind, the secret project started...

Official Spoonflower color test swatch created by Penina 

And so began the first COLOURlovers on Spoonflower cooperative project: a queen-sized quilt made from colors, palettes and original templates submitted by members of the COLOURlovers community.


This turned in to much of a learning experience for many COLOURlovers (see the postpartum "what I learned thread in the group here) including Penina as the project coordinator and group leader. Under her very involved leadership, the project began when members voted on a seven color palette.


Project Colors Links by ycc2106

Next, each contributor combined the chosen palette colors in the variation they thought best featured their submitted template. This is where some COLOURlovers learned exactly how the protection of works literally works on COLOURlovers. After learning the in and out of the COLOURlovers rules, some participants were unable to be involved since it required the submitting of your own template.

During the last days of pattern submission, a couple of colors seemed to become the most prominent choice as the background for many of the patterns. At this point, additional COLOURlovers were invited to participate and their submissions helped reestablish the balance of colors which provided enough squares for the quilt to be queen-sized.

Completed submissions were printed via Spoonflower. There was some discussion on how how this was to work as a collaborative project. Between COLOURlovers copyright restrictions and needing to order from a single Spoonflower account, each participant had to email their SVG of the colored Template to Penina who put them in to a group run, not for sale status, account on Spoonflower called, COLOURlovers on Spoonflower.

This solution actually turned out to be beneficial to the group on COLOURlovers because it has since turned in to a feature group on Spoonflower where Penina can utilize it in a number of ways as it showcases the group and member designs on Also, she has provided a link to each pattern (on COLOURlovers) and put the username of the designer in the details. Lastly, this established group can also be used in the future for more collaborative Spoonflower projects.

pictured, Dannielle (aka sundancer)

The swatches were sent to a talented charter member of the group, Dannielle (a.k.a. sundancer), who enthusiastically volunteered to sew it.

Originally, meant to feature the finished quilt on the blog in October for Breast Cancer Awareness month, Dannielle’s timeline for sewing up a queen size quilt was insanely short as swatches were arriving in the first weeks of October.

left: Dannielle / sundancer: All the swatches cut to size and ready to sew! right: Special Thread

She began cutting the fabric as soon as the package arrived. Shopped for additional materials for the quilt’s back, border, binding and batting at her local fabric store. With her own unique thread, she sewed by hand and with her sewing machine. Although she has made many quilts for others, she admits “I’ve never made a quilt that fast!

During the four weeks it took to finish the quilt, Dannielle joyfully continued, even when her personal responsibilities intensified unexpectedly. Group members posted encouraging comments for her and she posted photos of the quilt as it progressed. Excitement really began to build as fellow COLOURlovers saw Dannielle’s loving heart and high standard of excellence reflected in the quilt’s construction.

As her deadline neared, Dannielle says she gave up a little sleep and postponed some housework to get the job done. She also had numerous fights with her sewing machine that threatened a delay. Ultimately, these arguments were settled by her seam ripper, which Dannielle calls “a quilter’s best friend.” Finally ready, the quilt was sent off to ketisse for a special lunch-date delivery to o2bqueen / Linda.

left: ketisse, right: Linda / o2bqueen - having lunch!

After all the months of work that was put in to this top secret project, not to mention, keeping it a secret, the tension started surpassing the excitement, what if Linda / o2bqueen did not want us to surprise her with a quilt centered around her cancer? What would we do with it then?

left: ketisse, right: o2bqueen / Linda

This was clamped as quickly as the hesitation came when Linda excitedly and warmly responded to our reaching out to her and she welcomed the gift, overjoyed:

" I love, love, love it. It's gorgeous, ingenious, inspiring, and joyful, and every time I see it, I will feel loved. How can I ever thank you enough for such a gift?"

"Not till I read your note did I realize how many people were involved in the project. I teared up big time. And I thought to myself, "However did they all keep this secret from me?" I do hope the experience was fun and rewarding for all of you." - Linda / o2bqueen (provided by sundancer / Dannielle)

It so happened, the very week ketisse was due to try to meet with and deliver the quilt, Linda was having yet, another recovery surgery and this meant so much to her to have something positive from the community she so loved and it was delivered in time, right before her 6th surgery.

o2bqueen / Linda holding the folded quilt to take home

Best wishes to Linda (o2bqueen) on the road to healing on behalf of the entire COLOURlovers on Spoonflower members. Many members were still a part of the process even when they were unable to submit a custom template.

Finished quilt

Funding & Sponsorship for this project most generously provided by Spoonflower:

Printing a collection on Spoonflower as a Swatch Sampler will save you money when assembling a project like a quilt.

You can order a batch of swatches for all the designs in a collection in a single 'swatch sampler'. A sampler for a collection of 1-5 designs is $12, 6-15 designs is $20, and 16-30 designs is $35. At as little as ~$1.20 per swatch, this is the most cost effective way to order swatches at Spoonflower. Swatches are the same quality fabric as ordering a fuller selection of fabric.

Be sure you are familiar with the color changes (Spoonflower Color Guide), before printing an entire collection. Creating a color palette for an entire collection and then printing a proof swatch is the smartest way to avoid a major mistake and waste of money.

Templates used for this project and laid out in a digital quilt which links to the Spoonflower version of each template, which in turn links back to COLOURlovers (kindly assembled by ycc2106):


Much of this story and content of this article was written by Ketisse. Posted as a collaboration with my editing and a few portions written by me (mollybermea).

December 20 2011


December 17 2011


30 Beautiful Templates, Greeting Cards, Graphics To Get Ready for Christmas

Winter is finally here and Christmas isn’t that far away now. Christmas is the time of giving and the time when we give gifts to the ones we love and spend time with our families. We all love to receive Christmas greeting cards. Plus it’s a great solution if you have lots of relatives living far away. This article presents 30 Christmas and winter related items from Envato marketplaces to create the Christmas mood, put on greeting cards or simply touch up your email templates.

Raster Graphics

1. Jingle Jam Christmas Party Flyer ($6)


Use this design for any Christmas advertisement or Christmas party at a nightclub, at work or use as a holiday party invitation. 4×6 inches, CMYK, 300 DPI.

2. 20 seamless christmas backgrounds ($5)


This set comes with 10 patterned papers and 10 textured papers – that all look and feel like original Christmas wrapping paper. Patterns come as 500×500 jpegs.

3. Christmas Backgrounds ($5)


Pack with six artificial Christmas textures and decoration patterns. 3000x3000px, 300 dpi.

4. Christmas & New Years Eve Party Flyer ($7)


A clean, crisp, wintery, cold, exciting 6×10” PSD flyer template, perfect for any nightclub or party event. 3 variations, CMYK, 300 DPI.

5. Christmas Bash Party Flyer Pack ($7)


Modern and shining design to spotlight your event. 5 PSD files, CMYK, 300 DPI.

6. Santa and Christmas Reindeer ($2)


Illustration of flying Santa and Christmas reindeer

7. Typo Christmas Flyer Template ($4)


8. Wonderful Christmas Flyer & Postcard ($6)


This item includes a uniquely and carefully designed flyer & postcard. 8.5×11’’ + 8.5×5.5”, editable layers.

Vector Graphics

1. Santa Into the Winter Christmas Night ($3)


Christmas winter landscape with Santa in the sky.

2. Red and golden christmas background ($4)


3. Set Of Christmas Icons ($5)


4. Christmas Banners ($4)


5. Set vector christmas greeting card ($3)


Editable and scalable vector Christmas greeting card

6. Christmas Background with Sparkles ($4)


7. Santa Holding Wooden Banner ($4)


Email Templates landing pages

1. FeastMail ($14)


Feast Mail is an exclusive Christmas email template with business style. Snowy style with exclusively designed Christmas collages is a great way to share the warmth of the season your clients by sending them a beautiful Christmas email. 3 styles, 5 layouts and 6 color variations.

2. Simple Christmas ($15)


Simple Christmas is a user-friendly and flexible festive template. There are three designs with many possible variations and layered 3 Photoshop files included. 3 different layouts, commented code, layered PSD files.

3. Holiday Mail ($9)


Holiday Mail is a highly customizable email template. It comes with multiple modules which can be stacked over each other to get different layouts.

4. FeastMail 2 ($18)


Feast Mail 2 is a Christmas email template with twelve exclusively designed Christmas collages. great way to share the warmth of the season your clients by sending them a beautiful Christmas email. Inline CSS, commented code, layered PSD.

5. Christmas Season Landing Page Template ($10)


Included in this template package is one HTML page – the main landing page is perfectly formatted using good practices for landing page design including strong, obvious CTA areas (Call To Action) to help convert visitors into clients / customers.

6. XMAS Season ($6)


XMAS Season is a Christmas special deal promotion webpage for any kind of product you want to sell. HTML and CSS3 markup, responsive layout, Javascript slider, layered PSD.


All prices apply to medium size download.

1. Christmas ball($3)


2. Christmas gift sitting on a table ($3)


3. Christmas Present ($3)


4. Brightly lit Christmas tree ($3)


5. Beautiful xmas tree at dusk ($3)


6. Door opening into a living room ($3)


7. christmas($3)


8. Christmas($3)


9. Two candles with decoration ($3)


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