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February 17 2014


January 28 2014


14 Fresh And Free PSDs Of Website Templates

In this collection, we are showcasing 14 fresh and amazing PSD files of website templates. Designing the website theme is very tough and hectic job and it takes lots of time too. This is the reason that designers always prefer PSD files because PSD files are ready-made, save time and effort. Website visitors appreciate and like those websites which are easy to use and have nice and appealing website theme.

Web designers always welcome the PSD collections with warm and open hands because PSD files are the great help for them and make their work easier for them. Web designers will definitely get help from this collection. So, this is another PSD collection for the designers. Check out these PSD website templates and download your best pick without paying any money. Do let us know what do you think about this collection. I Hope you like this collection and please do share your valuable suggestions and comments with us via our comment section below.

Free Hotel Web Template


Free Hosting Web Design Free PSD

Award The Inspired clean PSD website

Dublin iPad & iPhone Apps

Free Flat Design PSD Template

LaunchPad Free Website Layout



Paradise Hotel Redesigned

Website Template for Community Website

Metronom Theme


November 11 2013


40+ Fresh And Free Icons In PSD Format

In the web designing, designers concentrate on every area of their designs whether it is color selection, icons, creativity, color blending and so on. Right selection of icons can make their designs stand out and look stunning as well. In the web designing field, icons play a very important role because beautiful and creative icon sets can easily make web designs more attractive and stunning. This is the reason that every web designer keeps in hand some high quality and useful icon sets that enhance their designs productivity.

In this collection we are showcasing some exceptional, fresh, high quality and free Icons in PSD files. All these stunning icons are in PSD format so that designers can easily edit these PSD files with their ease and requirements and save their precious time too. Click through and feel free to download. Use these creative and eye-catching icon sets and make your web designs more stunning and wonderful. Have a look at this collection and also share what do you think about this collection via comment section is below.

App Icon

Download Popover

Gemicon Icon Set

Glossy World Globe Icon

Simple Flat Social Media Icons

SSD Icon


Download Button

Meteo Gauges

Facebook Newsfeed Icons

24 Flat Icons


Handcrafted Micro Icons

Winter and Summer Thermometers Icon

Simple Flat Icons

Cellphone Menu Pointer

Mini Glyph Icons

Task Accomplished Icon

Mini Glyphs Icon Set

Cloud Growl

Security Verification

Thin Stroke Icons

Phone Book Icon

20 Flat Icons

Abstract Origami Speech Bubble Icon

Mouse Cursor PSD and Hand Pointer Icons

Phone iOS Icon

Responsive Icon Design

Discussion Icon

Download Software Box

Organization Chart Icon


Not the new Clear iOS 7 icon

Flat Icons

Flat File Icons

Megaphone PSD

Glyph Icon Set

Glyph Icons

Trophy PSD

Credit Card Icons


Music App Icon

October 31 2013


13 Fresh Yet Free Photoshop PSD Templates And Resources

Finding out high quality design templates and resources that can help you at the time of need is like finding out the precious treasure. Almost every designer spends loads of time in searching some useful resources that can make his designing work easier and more professional simultaneously. PSD templates and Photoshop resources always are there to help the designers both the novices and professionals to complete their work fast and with no trouble.

Here is the showcase of 13 useful Photoshop PSD templates and resources. All the PSD files are completely editable to match your requirements. Feel free to share your opinions and comments with us via comment section below. Have fun!!

Payment Receipt

Weather Widget

Ecommerce Flat UI Kit

Stylish Shopping Cart

Website & iPhone 5 3D Display Mockups

Shopping Cart Interface

Corporate Branding Mockup

App Store Promo Graphics

Vector Back to school Background

Red LED font

Huge Purple UI Kit

Product Box Design Template

Photo Upload UI

October 16 2013


45 Free And Useful Web Buttons In PSD Format

Today, we are showcasing 45 smart and useful web buttons PSD files that you can easily download without paying any cost. On the internet, you can see lots of free PSD web buttons but they are good for nothing and their results are also not so good. Web buttons are used for various purposes like we use them as download buttons, email forms, comment forms, donation buttons and social buttons and for many other purposes as well.

You can also modify these buttons to fulfill your needs or requirements. PSD web buttons are easy to use and save your valuable time and you can also learn how to create new and stylish button with this collection. Scroll through our amazing collection and be inspired to create your own web button, as well.

Unique Green & Blue Buttons

Instagram Buttons Psd Files

4 Button Styles

Big Green Button (PSD)

3D download buttons (PSD)

Buttons.012 : 5 Black Buttons

Free Button Second Collection

Simple Button UI (PSD)

Facebook & Twitter Sign-in Buttons PSD

Multimedia (audio, video) buttons PSD

On/Off Buttons

Sign In Facebook Button

3D Red Isolated Button

12 App Store download buttons (PSD)

Sort Switches / Toggles (PSD)

Download buttons PSD pack

Twitter & Facebook widge

Download Buttons

Marketplace buttons

Dark Search Box & Drop Down PSD

Call to Action Button

Chunky 3D Web Buttons (PSD)

Simple Download Buttons (PSD)

Trial-Buy Buttons (PSD)

Minty-Fresh Web Buttons

Classy social media buttons (PSD & PNG)

Blueish Cloud Growl Style PSD

Arrow buttons PSD pack

Web buttons in PSD & PNG (pack of 60)

Glowing mini blue buttons

Free PSD Arrow Buttons

PSD Button collection

Creations PSD Button Package

Patterned Buttons


Colorful Buttons

3D Buttons

Chunky 3D Web Buttons (PSD)

Functional Buttons

Call to action buttons

Simple web buttons

Web buttons

Freebie Add To Cart Buttons (PSD)

Apple iPhone Chat Bubbles (PSD)

October 14 2013


October 09 2013


14 Free Mobile Phone And LCD Display PSD Template

In this post, we are sharing 14 free and elegant mobile phone and LCD display PSD templates. These mobile phone and LCD display templates are stylish, colorful and they also are of high-res psd files. In mobile phone and LCD display PSD templates all layers are separated which help you to change or alter shape and color without any problem. You also can use these templates in your designs.

Browse through our collection and we hope that you will like this assortment. Feel free to share your opinion with us. Enjoy this amazing collection everyone!!!


LCD Screen PSD Template

Chakra 27 in Display

Motorola Droid PSD


HTC G1 Dream Smartphone .PSD

Widescreen Display PSD

iPad GUI PSD Kit

HTC HD2 Smartphone vector


iPhone Kit

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

Flat Television PSD File

Apple iPod Psd

August 29 2013


12 Useful And Free UI PSD Files For Android

Here, we are presenting a nice collection of some useful and free UI PSD files for Androids. Since Android market is growing quite extensively, designers and developers are looking for some quick and easy ways to create Android friendly websites. Resources that can help designers and developers improve their work are the great time saving and productivity enhancing tools, and one of them is PSD files.

For today’s collection, we have chosen some useful and high quality UI PSD files that you can download for free. Android has smoothened the way for millions of mobile developers to create new mobile applications every day. PSD files help them a lot as far as designing a mobile application is concerned. With such PSD files, designing specific elements and redoing many designs become easier.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich UI

Android GUI Elements

Android 2.3.4 GUI PSD

Android 4.0+ ICS/JB GUI Design Kits in PSD

Android 2.3 GUI

Android: Widgets

Android 2.0-2.1 GUI

Android GUI Set Free Photoshop Files

Mobile Phone Icons

Android UI PSD

Android 4.0 – Yes man

Android app website

August 19 2013


45 Fresh Web And Mobile UI Kits With PSD Files For Designer

In this post, we are showcasing an irresistible and great collection of free and fresh UI design kits especially for the designers. These wireframing and UI design kits come very handy for the designers when they want to mock-up a user interface. Web user interface, mobile user interface and wireframe kits are useful for the designers for the reason that such kits facilitate them replicate the user interface in a quick and efficient way. These types of kits provide a fundamental user interface elements that they require to produce a model for a website or software.

So, here is the complete list of Free Web and Mobile UI, Wireframe Kits and Resources for your use. We hope that this collection proves to be the best and will help you get going in the initial phases of your UI designing project.

iPhone UI

Search UI

Polaris UI Free – User Interface Pack

Free PSD: Anarchy UI Kit

PSD User Interface Kit

Dark Gloss UI Kit

Square UI Free – User Interface Kit

Polaris UI Kit

iPhone UI

Square UI Kit

Orange UI Kit

Trendy UI Kit

Dark UI Kit

Hanna UI Kit

Free PSD: HD UI Kit

Sky UI Kit 2

UI Kit

Coffee iPhone Retina App Controls

Facebook UI

Free download: Media Black UI Kit (PSD)

UI Glass Slider

Free Gems – Fresh UI Kit for Sketch

Designing a Modular User Interface Kit in Photoshop

Electric UI Kit

Admin UI

UI Kit

Minimal UI Kit

Free Soft User Interface Kit Retina

Transparent UI Kit

Fresh UI Kit

Free Fireworks PNG: Dark Neon UI Kit

Blue UI Kit

Free PSD: iTunes UI Kit

Flat UI Kit

Mini Gaming UI Kit

iphone ui(PSD freebie)

Exclusive UI Kit PSD!

Slimer “Green” PSD UI Kit

Dark UI Kit

UI Elements

Passbook UI PSD from iOS6

Twitter Follow UI

iPhone iOS 6 GUI PSD

Dark Amber UI Kit PSD

We hope that you will find these UI kits helpful for you and that these kits will help you in creating mock-ups for your new projects. We know that for designer what else could be the best than having such fundamental design element available in ready-to-use format. Do let us know what do you think about this compilation. Feel free to share your opinions and comments with us via comment section below.

July 22 2013


40 Fresh Scalable Free PSDs Released By Dribbble

Here we are presenting a collection of 40 brand new freebie PSDs that were recently released by Dribble – one of the most amazing and fast growing communities for design inspiration. The reason why Dribbble has become the most growing community for design inspiration is that its users constantly post up shots for user interfaces, icons and also website layouts to help inspire others. At times, these shots also come up attached PSD files or AI files that users can download. Putting it in simple words, users at Dribbble can share shots of creative pieces along with the references that can be downloaded and this freedom has really helped many designers.

With this collection, we want to share with you some creative and truly inspiring stuff. We hope that you will like this collection and find it inspiring as well. You can share this collection with others as well and let them know the world of heaven for creativity lovers. Feel free to share your opinions with us via comment section below. Hope you will enjoy this round up. Let us have a look!

Login Form UI element

Twitter Glyphs and Layer Styles

Transparant UI Kit Freebie

Alternative Facebook UI

Icon Box Free

World’s Cheapest Camera

Sign In Freebie PSD

Copy Dialog

Iphones Illustration

Color palette)

Realistic Dark Monitor

Boxes With Stickers

Music Player Navigation

Rounded Social Buttons

Android 4.0 UI

iPhones & iPad Minis PSD

User Login Freebie

Resources from GoSquared


Freebie UI PSD

Switch Control PSD

Upload In The Cloud


Spotify Login Rebound

Freebie download button

Dashboard UI

Tool Tip

Senseless Chat app

Player UI

Dropdown Menu UI

Event Elements

Vector Corporate Tag

Mini Instagram Freebie

50C1AL – PSD & JS

Chat Icon PSD

Metallic Buttons

Free Minimal App Login Form

Search UI

New Year Buttons Freebie

Any Color Vertical Ribbon

June 14 2013


20 Free Toggle Switches UI Elements (PSD)

In today’s collection we are showcasing 20 outstanding and free to download PSD Toggle Switches. Graphic user interface elements play very important role whether it is web-based applications or mobile platforms because it enhances the beauty of design and design looks more beautiful and eye-catching. If you are looking for some good switches which you can easily use in you project then you should use Toggle switches in your project. Web designers are brilliantly designing these amazing Toggle switches in various forms, sizes and themes which look smart, elegant and attractive and also enhance the experience of the users with the application.

In this collection, all these Toggle switches are in PSD file format so you can easily make changes with your ease and requirement. You can also download these amazing Toggle switches free of cost. Have a look at these outstanding Toggle switches and use them in your future projects and make them more interesting and eye-catching. You can also share your comments or suggestions with us via comment section below

Toggle Switches UI

On/Off Switch Buttons

Sort Switches / Toggles

Switches with Lights and Shadows

Red on / off switch

On/Off Switches and Toggles

Toggle Switch

Toggle Switch UI

Metal Toggle Switch

Toggle On – Off Switch

Glossy PSD toggle switches UI

Rounded On/Off Toggle


Buttons And Switches

Toggle Buttons

Toggle Switches

Raindrop iOS Toggle

Fancy PSD Slider + Toggles

On-Off Toggles

Dark Essential Switches & Toggles

May 20 2013


Wonderful Collection Of Free Chart And Graph PSD Designs

Charts and graphs are used to show statistics and data in a visually appealing manner. So, if you are looking for some free to use or download web elements that can help you showing statistics and data on your website in an interesting way, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we are presenting an awesome collection of some very useful and appealing chart and graph PSD designs for you. All the charts and graphs presented in this collection are available in PSD format so that you can easily modify them as per your needs and taste.

Using charts and graphs always is an advantage because loads of readers and viewers find it much easier to grasp and assess information and statistics when displayed in the form of chart or graphs. Here is the full collection. We hope you will enjoy it. Feel free to share your opinions with us via comment section below. Enjoy everyone!!!

Various Chart Types

Line Chart

Business Graph PSD

Funky Graph UI

Line Chart PSD

Segment Chart

Elegant Line Graph

Beautiful Simple Line Chart

Pretty Little Pie Chart

Orange Graph Widget

Dribbble Pie Chart

Dark Chart UI Kit

Business growth graph PSD

Line Graph

Skill Chart

Simple Pie Chart

Clean Simple Pie Chart

Clean & Simple Line Chart

Circular arrow flow chart

Clean Pie Graph

Graph Design Template

Graph Chart

Rising and falling bar graphs

Dashboard Line Chart

Analytics Widget

Skills Pie Chart

Free Pie Chart PSD Template

Financial Graph Icon

Business Graph

PSD 3D Business Graph

PSD Glossy Graphic Charts

4 Free 3D Charts

Progress Circles

Radial Chart


Clean and Simple Pie Chart

Various Chart Types

Website Launch Countdown Timer

April 24 2013


40 Fresh PSD’s Files For Free Download

With this fresh collection of PSD files, we are trying to help our designers fellows to complete their work easier and more quickly. Every designer knows very well that high quality PSD files are their best friends because when they have high quality PSD files, they do not have to design from the scratch rather they can simply edit and modify these PSD files to meet their requirements.

Below, we have gathered 40 fresh PSD files for free download. With these PSD files, you can create art work with your own personal touch as all of these PSD files are completely editable and can easily be modified according to your needs. Here is the full collection. Enjoy looking into this collection and have more fun using them in your work. You can share your opinions with us via comment section below. Your comments are always more than welcome. Have fun!

Paper Login Form

Apple iMac 27 Mockup PSD Template

Clock App Icon PSD

Power Switch


Sand Timer, Hourglass

Smart Led Pencil in Different Colors

Nokia Touch Screen Smartphone

Speech Bubble Web Icon

Dashboard UI Elements

Leather UI Elements

Map GUI kit

Trial-Buy Buttons

Web Search Icon, Vector Shape

Game Icon

Night/Day Slider

Setings Panel PSD and CSS

Retro PSD Badge

ID Card in Plastic Case

Book Mockup PSD Template

Colorful Ribbon Medal Free Vector PSD

Bus Vector Photoshop PSD Download

School globe, geography icon (PSD)

Minutes or seconds timer PSD template

Super Buttons

Apple iMac 2013 PSD File

Minimal Chalkboard

Music Widget

Payment Icons

Galaxy Note II PSD

Database Backup Icons

Small Calendar Icons

Colorful Cell Phones


Light Video Player

50 Map Icons Collection

Free Calendars

Member login form UI element

Money in envelope

Dark Toolbar

Another beautiful collection of free and useful PSD files for you is presented here. All the PSD files are completely editable to match your requirements and improve your work efficiency greatly. Check out these PSD files and download your best pick. We hope that you will like this assortment. Enjoy!

October 12 2010


Free New Twitter PSD Background Template

New Twitter is out now for most all users and we’ve seen the complaint of your BG designs being borked. We had great success with our Free PSD Twitter background template. Good news we’ve kept it simple like the last so, it’s efficient and easy to use.

Screen shot 2010-10-11 at 11.52.43 AM


Twitter aligns all backgrounds to the left.

Make note of this when designing your background. Also, you can put elements to the far right but be aware that some users will not see them depending on what monitor/resolution they are running. I included the “twitter container” (logo and space where your tweets are housed) it is actual size. So you can move it into different resolutions to keep in mind what other users will see.

File Type: PSD
Number in Set: 1
License Type: Creative Commons 3.0
Author: Chad Engle


Sponsored by

Made By Tinder

Advertise on Fuel Brand Network.
Fuel Brand Network 2010 cc (creative commons license)

Free New Twitter PSD Background Template

February 05 2010


Web Banner Templates: Photoshop & Illustrator

We know starting a project can be a real pain no matter how easy the task may be. We’ve put together the IAB standard size ad templates for you in one little packaged up file. They come in two flavors, Photoshop and Illustrator. We’ve also put together some nice resources and other downloads below that you may find helpful in starting a project. If there is anything you’d like to see us give away in the future, let us know in the comments.



  • 88×31
  • 120×60
  • 120×90
  • 120×240
  • 120×600
  • 125×125
  • 160×600
  • 180×150
  • 234×60
  • 240×400
  • 250×250
  • 300×250
  • 336×280
  • 468×80
  • 728×90
  • The Details

    File Type: Psd & Ai
    Number in Set: 15
    License Type: Creative Commons 3.0
    Author: Chad Engle

    Ai – Illustrator Download

    Compatible with CS1+ and comes with 15 presized Ai’s ready for you to design.


    Psd – Photoshop Download

    Compatible with CS1+ and comes with 15 presized Psd’s ready for you to design.


    Other High Quality Freebies:

    Fuel Your Creativity

    teehan + lax


    GO Media




    Other Information

    Please consult these additional creative guidelines for more information:

    IAB Ad Unit Guidelines 2009 Update (PDF Download)

    IAB Ad Units

    IAB Digital Video Creative Guidelines

    IAB Pop-Up Guidelines

    IAB Rich Media Guidelines

    IAB Universal Ad Package

    Sponsored by

    Made By Tinder

    Advertise on Fuel Brand Network.
    Fuel Brand Network 2010 cc (creative commons license)

    Web Banner Templates: Photoshop & Illustrator

    January 08 2010


    Free PSD: Facebook Fanpage Template

    Lets face it, designers sometimes need to make a mock-up that doesn’t actually exist which sometimes can be time consuming and extremely irritating. Facebook fanpages have been a very hot topic for clients recently. They are wanting to break into the social media scene. FYC is releasing a mock-up Facebook Fanpage with editable text, posting times and anything else you can think of. Our Twitter PSD Freebie generated such a good response that we decided to give this away as well. Hopefully this will save you some time and help you create and effective facebook mock-up for a potential or current client.


    Screen shot 2010-01-07 at 10.43.53 PM




    Screen shot 2010-01-07 at 10.52.34 PM

    The Details

    File Type: PSD
    Number in Set: 1
    License Type: Creative Commons 3.0
    Author: Chad Engle

    Download: Right here

    Sponsored by

    Advertise on Fuel Your Creativity.
    Fuel Your Creativity 2009 cc (creative commons license)

    Free PSD: Facebook Fanpage Template

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