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February 20 2014


September 03 2013


From the reader #19

mobygratis is a resource for independent and non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone in need of free music for their independent, non-profit film, video, or short. Via Joe Hanson.

Unsplash. “Free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos.” Via @cameronmoll.

Coloured lights
Photo by Sebastian Müller

A few tips to help secure your Gmail account, from Matt Cutts.

For the video game enthusiasts, here’s a nice bit of nostalgia. Pica Pic is a website where you can play vintage hand-held games for free. SSega is a similar site for SEGA games, and there’s for the SNES.

This Windcatcher technology looks unreal. Via Tina.

What’s the public’s biggest misconception about design? On Design Week.

Here’s a worthwhile five-minute lesson on street photography (embedded below, via Khoi).

If you like that, watch this video on The Art of Portrait Photography, via Chris Glass.

The recent interview with Frank Chimero on The Great Discontent is an excellent read.

“If you’re looking for contentedness, I’d say stop worrying about your portfolio. Portfolios are super important in explaining yourself to other people and getting new work, but my body of work doesn’t really fill that role of fulfillment. If you expect to find contentedness there, you’re facing in the wrong direction. That’s about the past. You need to face forward. Personal satisfaction comes from putting yourself in a place where you can multiply the opportunities you have and make yourself available to whatever comes up.”

Previously: From the reader #18

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09:01 will be discontinued :(

Dear fans and users,
today, we have to share very sad news. will stop working in less than 10 days. :(
It's breaking our heart and we honestly tried whatever we could to keep the platform up and running. But the high costs and low revenue streams made it impossible to continue with it. We invested a lot of personal time and money to operate the platform, but when it's over, it's over.
We are really sorry. is part of the internet history and online for one and a half decades.
Here are the hard facts:
- In 10 days the platform will stop working.
- Backup your data in this time
- We will not keep backups nor can we recover your data
July, 20th, 2020 is the due date.
Please, share your thoughts and feelings here.
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July 26 2012


May 02 2012


Turn It Up: Musically Inspired Logo Design


Many artists, whether digital or traditional find much inspiration in music. It often serves as a great mind opener for large amounts of creativity and style to be ushered in. Some artists believe music helps them to see shapes and colors, and often offers up feelings and emotions to help them execute their work more proficiently. Which is why it’s best to try to listen to music that you know will get your mind going.

Sometimes this inspiration becomes the work. Music based design projects can be extremely fun and creative projects. Whether you are dealing with a musical artist or a music studio, the possibilities can really be endless. Music is such a big, ever-evolving entity that sometimes it requires that extra bit of design work to take it to the next level.

Today, we are sharing some of the best, creative and wonderfully designed logos that are musically inspired. We hope the next time you are on a music based design project, these logos help to inspire you to create something great. If not, turn on some even greater music!

Music Inspired Logos

Go Music
It’s easy to want to refer to ‘stop’ and ‘go’ when you have a company named ‘Go Music’, but what the designer did here was extremely clever and well executed.

Simplicity is often key when designing a really good and strong logo–sometimes keeping your logo close to home really makes sense. Here, we have two iconic things associated with DJ’s, the vinyl record and headphones.

This logo was created for a podcast that dove heavily into music by offerring critiques and holding open discussions with their audience. The emphasis here was obviously on the music, as the staff and notes are extremely important here.

Another simple, ‘makes sense’ logo concept that really meshes two things you really think about (or see) when you think of radios. This is a very strong, easy to get logo.

Rockit NightClub
The great thing about this logo is it took two completely different topics (rock music and rockets) and seamlessly put them together. At first glance you see an overly decorated guitar, then you see a rocket launch, leaving lots of smoke behind. Very brilliant.

The reason this logo is so great is because it really captures the essence of what people believe jazz is; calm, smooth and relaxed. The designer chose to represent this by referencing some sort of beautiful horn.

Cafe Melody
Another extremely clever logo design where the designer meshes two different concepts. The idea of the cafe with a coffee and plate is quickly noticed. However, the designer also see’s a volume knob, used to control the melody. One can also see a person with headphones on.

Though a strong typographic logo, the designer squeezed in a note of musicality. Why not, when the guitar is one of the key things people associate with rock and roll music.

This is an extremely beautiful logo that uses a treble clef to serve as the beginnings of a swan. With this logo, many would assume the music or services offered here are extremely beautiful, elegant and tender.

Mind Dead
Again, while this logo is typographically strong, the musical reference cannot be missed. The headphones plugged into the word is a really simple yet effective way of saying this group is worth listening to.

Minerva Music Machine
Much like the previous logo design that referenced piano keys, this designer realized the comparison between the ‘m’ and the piano keys. What stands out is how the longer white keys kind of adds that ‘machine’ like repetition to the logo.

Corpse Music
This is another extremely clever logo. The great thing is that the designer recognized the coffin shape looks a lot like the head of a guitar, and used that to great effect.

Crescendo Music Entertainment
The designer here gets props for skillfully turning the company’s initials into a simplified guitar. Nice imaginative flair at play.

Music Delicacy
At first glance you may see a pot with a big spoon in it, but if you happen to look closer, the concoction in the pot is really in the shape of the vinyl record. It really makes you believe you may have a chance to taste the music.

Music Poet
This is a creatively fashioned logo design. The music note serves as the fountain for the pen, properly and easily creating a relationship between ‘music’ and ‘poet.’

Homegrown Music
This logo makes perfect sense, and will be easy to recognize. No need in fancying up a concept that doesn’t need it.

Sun Music
This logo is absolutely beautiful. While it references the shape of a note, it creates this beautiful movement along the stem while the circle seems to represent the ‘sun.’ Really well executed work here.

Sound Bite
A part of making a great logo is knowing whether to focus on a piece of the concept or the whole concept. The designer here chose to focus on the ‘d’ and ‘b’ in this logo, transforming them into a pair of headphones.

Daily Jazz
Not only do you think of smooth sophistication when you think of ‘jazz’ but you almost always think of saxophones. This designer found a way to marry the idea of jazz and paper (writing) to create this logo.

This is one of those logos where you may see one thing, such as three wine glasses, or you may see another thing, the black and white keys on the piano. This is another clever, simple and well executed design.

Rhythm Magical
Though not exclusively about music, the designer snuck a bit of it in this logo design. Yes, magic and rabbits in hats go hand in hand, but the designer threw in a music note that is concealed as the inside of the rabbits ear. It also could look a bit like the rabbit has on headphones; either way it’s a nice subtle addition.

This logo, again, very simply refers to the music behind this company’s purpose. Campusounds is about hearing the music around different campuses, which is evident by the border which creates a bit of a ’round and round’ movement.

Music Fashion
While the focus on the logo again is typographic, it is overall greatly executed. The typeface used does remind you a bit of ‘fashion’ and the way everything is styled it actually makes you believe in the idea that one can fashion the sound of music.

Rock Stock Festival
When you think of rock and roll, you think of this little ‘devil horn’ sign folks throw up at the concerts. The great thing about this logo is that the fingers seem to double as rock.

Music Books
Here, we have a logo that, again, plays with the piano keys, but this time makes a great comparison between the keys and books on a shelf.

This logo is a bit of a play on words where you can see it saying ‘so underrated’. The logo captures that perfectly by having upside down sound waves.

Plug & Play
More typography play here and just a wonderful idea that makes sense. Everything is connected in some way much like the cords musicians use to plug in and play.

Finishline Studio
This designer chose to play off notes, which is an easy task, but here they completed the look and purpose by making the bar look like that of a finishline.

This designer should be commended on their eye, as they created the ’40′ out of shadows, but also completed this look by adding eighth notes to the shadows in places that really make it pop.

Music to My Eyes
This one make take a while to see but the piano keys actually make the longer part of a pencil (thus the triangle at the bottom). It makes sense with regards to writing music.

Mixtape Attack
A mixtape, often associated in previous years with cassette tapes, would be an obvious choice for this logo. However, the designer went a step further by creating a little ‘monster’ out of the cassette tape, adding in the idea of ‘attack.’

Another rendition of a note, but the movement and elegance in this execution is extremely…passionate. Really beautiful logo.

Devil’s Music
If there was no name on this logo, we’d all pretty much be able to figure out what it was called ‘Devil’s Music.’ Excellent finished product.

Music Snail
This designer used a treble clef and a double eighth note to help create the look of a snail. This simple yet clever execution is genius and extremely inspiring.

Walking Alone
This simple logo takes the idea of walking on a sidewalk and creates a saxophone out of it. Again, this designers eye should definitely be commended.

Music Gym
Simplicity is really key when you are doing logo design and this is one of the logos that just gets that and still makes perfect sense. The connection is clear, the message is clear and the finished product is excellent.

Shanghai Voices
It’s almost second nature to hear that a musical group wants a logo and to immediately want to fire up something that has musical notes or a treble clef in it. The best way to counter that is to revision it, and that’s exactly what this designer did by adding a silhouette of a famous building in Shanghai. The movement is great here, as well.

Duncan & Noel Acoustic Duet
This logo is a bit more like a graphic, but the execution is pretty awesome. It gives the sense that this duet, would have a nice acoustic guitar and a really folky or down to earth sound, judging by the design.


January 24 2012


Music video for the deaf blind

Here’s a kind of science experiment that had me thinking.

“This video is made to be connected to a metal pad that a low-strength electrical current runs through. The current’s strength modulates in conjunction with the frequency of the wave of the color depicted on screen. Low frequency colors (red/orange) emit a lower level of current than higher frequency colors (blue/green).”

By Evan Drolet Cook who lives and works in Los Angeles.

But it’s not the actual video I was contemplating. It was our eyesight and hearing.

Just as we do our health, it’s incredibly easy to take them for granted.

Sights, sounds — appreciate them. Senses fade.

Relevant websites:
About deaf-blindness
Deafblind International
Deafblind UK
The American Association of the Deaf-Blind

Published on David Airey, graphic designer

Logo Design Love, the book

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November 18 2011


August 25 2011


August 05 2011


June 07 2011


Sampled Environments for Inspiration and Kickass Creation

We’ve all seen the sampled tracks where someone painstakingly takes an object, records 60 sounds with it and edits it back together. Coming from a drumming background, this fascinates me as I make a beat on any object I encounter purely out of habit. There’s been a recent “revival” of these sampled environments due to technology, bordem and shear creativity. Here are a few kickass beats from objects that are sure to inspire you but at the very least, give you a soundtrack for a few minutes of your day.

GAME BOY MUSIC (but not the kind you’re thinking of)

250ml Rhythm – “Redbull Art of Can”

Sampled Room

Sampled Bike

Household Music

Beer Vivaldi

Sponsored by

Made By Tinder

Advertise on Fuel Brand Network.
Fuel Brand Network 2010 cc (creative commons license)

Sampled Environments for Inspiration and Kickass Creation

May 23 2011


May 13 2011


May 10 2011


April 14 2011


April 09 2011


Science Of Writing Process: Getting Ready, Set Up Mood & Avoid Distractions

You’ve probably already read the introduction already, but here we go again. Today we’ll talk about how to get ready to work. Actually it doesn’t matter if it’s about blogging, coding, designing, because in most cases we need to work alone and we want to be focused to do our job really well. Though this article has tips that almost anyone can use, freelancers may find it particularly valuable, because they don’t have to go to work from 9-5 each day.

Being able to pick and choose when you work and when you don’t is such a pleasure , but it also comes with a lot of time management issues, people get distracted and end up sitting at their computer all day but not actually doing anything. Why is that?

Well, there are too many things we could be doing instead! We can check our Facebook status, read what our friends are doing on Twitter, talk on Skype, browse through email and newsletters, read technology news – you name it! There are so many distractions, I didn’t even mention mobile phone, TV, newspapers, radio. If we want to work effectively we need to be focused and that’s what this article will be about.

At first you need to decide where you will work.

Work Environment

Pick an inspiring place to write. A place with good lighting or an outdoor cafe for example. An internet connection can be both helpful, however if you can get all the information you need beforehand and then just go somewhere without an internet connection it’s even better, no distractions at all. Full control of environment – beautiful.

Coffee Shop
This is more important then you can imagine – for a long time I was working in my bedroom. It’s not the most effective approach, just by looking at the bed thoughts about sleeping will be planted in your mind. Why this works? – well the same way as if somebody yawns, you’ll most likely yawn yourself. Even when you read word “yawning” – you may yawn or think about sleeping.

Work environment is important – if you’re an artist, it’s even better if your work room is clean and filled with paintings or artistic objects which may inspire you.

Put Yourself on a Diet

A low information diet that is. Radio, TV or breaking news will just distract you, not help you to stay focused. That’s the reason why I don’t even have a TV at my home, I rarely listen to the radio (whenever I hear an advertisement – I switch it off) and I don’t read local or global news. I keep myself on a low information diet. I just spend 30-60 min daily reading technology news, something that’s really important for my business. And the interesting part here is, I know about all the biggest events anyway, people I communicate or work with will occasionally tell me about any major news naturally. Great-I save time by not searching for major news, and still know about all the major events.
Enjoy your diet

This topic may seem out of the context, but the same applies to work – when you’re doing something, working on a problem – stay focused. If you’re searching for something on the internet just research your topic and don’t let yourself do anything else.  I’ve been there so many times – I start to research an article idea, but then I find cool unrelated website and start reading about it. After some time I remember I need to check an email, because well – this thought comes naturally in mind..and you got it – you are distracted and some time is wasted. Don’t let that happen to you. Too often.

Do Not Disturb: I am working

Make sure nobody can distract you. Switch off any messengers like Gtalk, Skype. Log off any social networks – Facebook, Twitter and most importantly don’t check email, these all are big distractions. You need to spend quality time on work. If you are very focused on your work, you’re likely to finish it earlier and now you can enjoy your well earned free time!

Many freelancers like to wake up very early or work late at night because then everybody else is silent and nothing else is really happening. Have you ever thought about why we have difficulty being productive during the rest of the day?

I’ve tried both ways – staying up late at night works very well but in the long term it messes up your health. If you can do it, a much better solution would be to wake up at dawn when everybody is still sleeping – who said it will be easy? As for me, I usually cannot wake up too early, that’s why I am trying out the low information diet and low communication diet. It works for me because I live alone, if you have family or children, then your only answer to be able to  focus on work would probably be an office or coffee shop.

Background Noise: choose what works for you

There are two choices – background noise or silence. There is no exact formula, but why do so many people prefer to have background noise like music or the TV? Well, it’s a lonely journey as a freelancer and we are used to living in a world where something is always happening. Humans are social beings and they usually need other people, we aren’t loners.

I was trying to understand for a long time, why in my first years of blogging, the best writing zone for me was when I worked on my laptop and had another computer were I put on a movie or TV show.  This combination was my most productive and yet I was sitting at home all the time.

But music, TV, movies, even being in coffee shop makes you feel like you’re not alone. You have background noise which helps because it doesn’t affect you. I mean if you work at home there’s always a chance somebody will call, talk to you or need you to do something. Music provides noise but doesn’t ask for anything back in return.

the audio technica pro700 sv dj monitor headphones

In a coffee shop – you’re in public, but everybody is busy with their own life, it’s an interesting way to enjoy society and get a lot of work done.

Quick Tip: Wherever you listen to music, just make sure it doesn’t require ongoing attention. Avoid YouTube, because once the song ends, you need to go back and search for a new song. So distracting.

I consider having background noise or seeking silence a ritual. Rituals can help you to get into your work zone, when nothing else matters.

Related note:If you’ve seen “The Social Network” the term “he’s wired” was used when talking about programmers who were working in a crowded space where everybody was drinking, but still seemingly isolated. That’s the power of being in a writing/coding/designing zone ( I am pretty sure this applies to any profession in some kind of way).

Setting the mood by reading about your topic

Whenever I feel discouraged or feel like I have writers block, I just start my work by doing a simple Google search on a particular topic. What that does is, it makes you think about what you read, look at different opinions and ways others express themselves. However I won’t suggest to overdo that, once your brain is working and your imagination and thoughts are starting to flow – just put them on paper (ah..just an expression)!

Actually I apply the same principle to daily life. When I wake up I workout, shower and then while eating my breakfast I read technology news, other design blogs to help me start thinking about work and about what I should do today and if there is a better way to do a particular job.


Work mode environment, circa 10.01.2010

I wished to write just about the writing/blogging process, but I realized the same principles apply in life and all other freelance workflow. There is no exact formula when the work is the most productive, which is better music or silence, and where you should work. In this article I wanted to help you start thinking about how you make things work and maybe how you can improve your workflow. Every one of us has our own ritual, stick to it if it’s working, change when needed, that’s my only suggestion in the end.

Note though, whenever you want to get work done you need to avoid distractions and be focused! No matter what you do, always try to stick to the plan, make corrections if needed, but don’t try to do everything at the same time. Unless you’re Superman you’re more than likely not going to succeed, there is no way around it.

Plan, do, review and improve.

Here are a few related articles I found:

Our Readers Feedback: How Do You Work?

Work Environment

I also asked to 1stwebdesigner readers on Twitter how they set up their mood and workflow, what works for them? I received a lot of responses and I am very grateful for them, thank you everybody!

So the question I asked was: “When is the most productive time for you to get work done? How do you set up your mood? Music, silence, TV – do you need any background noise to work?”

Here are the responses I received:

@davidwsshaw: “midday to night is most productive time. Always with music on, usually ambient/electro or alt/indie stuff. Aphex Twin, REM.”

@OhNenaPerez: “at night and with good music on, but not too loud :)”

@Tommy__Zoom: “Sometimes working amongst other people or borrowing desk space gets me in the working mood. Headphones in, notepad out.”

@smiggy: “I work best at night til the wee hours of the morning. With music on and a DVD playing :)”

@skyfenix: “I work better, faster and more creative at night. With TV noise as background even better.”

@HDEE804: “I think its the time of the night…when everyone’s sleeping, with earphones on…playing rock, & no 1 to disturb u.”

@HenerzDesigns: “Has to be with some music.. no question, although if I need to concentrate to fix an issue, I usually use silence to help.”

@leoraw: “8 am (after kids leave for school) + silence”

@kurtmx: “Nighttime is more productive for me, less distractions from the outside world. Some electro-jazz and lots of coffee!”

@davidwsshaw: “midday to night is most productive time. Always with music on, usually ambient/electro or alt/indie stuff. Aphex Twin, REM.”

@RobertiRivas: “4 me the most productive time is in the mornings,i listen music when the work’s easy but when i need 2 be focused i avoid it”

@pippinspages: “late at night and early in the morning. I have music playing 98% of the time”

@brimmingwith: “i.e. coffee shop = ok, office or home is not.”

@JasonAGross: “Music is always a must for me. Listening to different types of music will yield different design work for me as well.”

@jamespero: “Mornings, definitely. I listen to music, I have different playlists for different tasks as well.”

@mynameisfin: “about 7pm ’till 3am.. (re: most productive time)”

@elefant_me: “Use gtd/kanban to plan(get ready), listen to some music to get into the mood, turn off music and turn on pomodoro!” – I added also two links to explain what gtd, kanban and pomodoro is.

@CDGN: “star wars return of the jedi…. works like a charm” & “yep pretty much on constant loop for some reason it helps me to concentrate better.”

Responses from Facebook:

Andre Santos: “For me as webdeveloper, the best time is during the night, with music, great music, too many cigarettes and redbull.”

Sandra Auzina:  ”I watch tv while designing, give me ideas all the time, for the rest – music”

Rod Rodriguez: “I work best after every one else is asleep, music always gets me in the mood. And as a designer, browsing for inspirations always gets me to where I want to go. As for background noise, it works both ways, sometimes I do OK in complete silence, other times I need my Rock n Roll!”

Benjamin A Bredeweg:  ”yup, all-nighters. sadly true”.

Looks like almost everybody listens to music as a great companion to work with. Many people work at  late nights and early mornings, which seems to be the most productive time for them, midday isn’t the favorite pick! :)  I liked to see that several of you also mentioned TV, interesting how it actually provides some inspiration too.

Well, what about you? What helps you to get ready, be focused and work efficiently?

March 16 2011


Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Advertisement in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste
 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste  in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste  in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Most of us have different tastes in music. That’s why it’s not easy designing a music wallpaper for everyone’s taste. We’ve gathered a nice collection for you today with over 40 music-related wallpapers for all you music lovers out there. Take a look and feel free to share your opinions with us. Enjoy!

Cassette Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1280 x 800

Cassette-wallpaper-screenshot in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Heavy Metal Guitars
Orignal Size:1024 x 765

Music10 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Orignal Size:1920 x 1200

Music46 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Just Music
Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music12 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Guitar Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1600 x 1200

Music21 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Mic In Blood
Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music32 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Micro Snake Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1280 x 800 1440 x 900 1680 x 1050 1920 x 1200

Music33 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Artistic Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1920 x 1200

Music13 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Orignal Size:1024 x 768

Music28 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Street Dance Fight Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1280 x 800 1440 x 900 1680 x 1050

Music30 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

DJ Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music20 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Headphones Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1680 x 1050

Music17 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Rave Party Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music24 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Guitar Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music5 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Drums Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music27 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Feel The Music
Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music14 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Guitar Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1650 x 1050

Music36 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Orignal Size:1600 x 1200

Music4 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Neon Colored Drums
Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music18 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Music jpg
Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music19 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music15 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Rolling Stones Wallpaper: 002
Orignal Size:1024 x 784

Music22 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

CD Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1920 x 1080

Music23 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Citylife Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1280 x 800

Music25 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Sound Of Silence Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1280 x 800 1440 x 900 1680 x 1050

Music26 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Feel That Fire Remix Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1280 x 720 1366 x 768 1920 x 1080

Music29 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music31 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Nine Inch Nails Wallpaper
Orignal Size:1920 x 1080

Music35 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Music is life – Life is music
Orignal Size:1024 x 768

Music37 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Orignal Size:1024 x 768

Music11 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Orignal Size:1280 × 800

Music38 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Dancing with color
Orignal Size:1024×768 1280×960 1280×1024 1440×900 1600×1200 1680×1050

Music39 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Winged guitar
Orignal Size:2048 x 1400

Music40 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Just Music
Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music16 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Music.. all that is..
Orignal Size:1920 x 1200

Music41 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Dilly Rank: Rockstar
Orignal Size:1920 x 1200

Music42 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Don’t stop the music
Orignal Size:1600 x 1200

Music43 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Radiating Music
Orignal Size:1024 x 768

Music3 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Classic Music Notes
Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music7 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Liefe the band..
Orignal Size:1024 x 768

Music44 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Orignal Size:1920 x 1080

Music45 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Rockin’ Roll Band Wallpapers
Orignal Size:800 x 600 1024 x 768 1280 x 800 1280 x 960 1400 x 900 1600 x 1200 1920 x 1200

Music47 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Music is love
Orignal Size:852 x 480 1280 x 720 1366 x 768 1920 x 1080

Music48 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

OCN music lovers 2
Orignal Size:2048 x 1152

Music2 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Blast Your Stereo
Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music50 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Dopey music
Orignal Size:1024 x 768

Music1 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Listen To Your Speakers
Orignal Size:1280 x 1024

Music9 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste

Minimal equilizer
Orignal Size:852 x 480 1280 x 720 1366 x 768 1920 x 1080

Music49 in Stylish Music Wallpapers for Your Taste


February 22 2011


Music playlists by designers for designers

Designers.MX is a neat concept that combines music and design…well kind of. Designers can create music playlist for other designers to enjoy while working.

February 15 2011


January 12 2011


December 30 2010


The Hotlist Edition #1

You’re meant to coast through Friday’s, in other words-enjoy them. Are you thinking about work? No, of course not, just don’t tell your boss you’re focusing on the weekend. (*We know it’s not Friday but it’s almost the New Year so we’re starting today).

So instead of fighting the urge, we’re going with the flow and you should too. Enter, ‘The Hotlist’. A weekly showcase of only the hottest gear, events, apps, websites and maybe even some music. If it’s ‘hot’ that week, it will show up here. After-all we have to ‘Fuel Your Creativity’ and we think this is a great way to jumpstart you and your weekend.


Screen shot 2010-12-29 at 11.20.04 PM

State of (cloud) sync – Things/Cultured Code

State of (cloud) sync, a blog post from Cultured Code discusses the progress of adding cloud sync to the much beloved Things platform. The article addresses several things the team has worked through to try and make a true solution for cloud syncing. It even touts that Things has a userbase of about 1 million. Pretty big numbers from our friends at CC.



ISO50 50 songs of 2010: 25-1

Scott Hansen musician and artist has composed several posts that list his top songs of 2010. This has a wide range of music from alternative, electronic and experimental. There are several stellar tracks to listen to in the top 25. If your music is starting to bore you, hop over and check it out.


Screen shot 2010-12-29 at 11.44.38 PM

Lacie Starck Mobile USB Drive

What’s better than a 500GB traveling harddrive that’s priced around $100 bucks? A sleek, beautifully designed harddrive around $100. The Starck model from Lacie makes a great travel backup buddy. It’s now available in the faster 3.0 USB (opposed to 2.0) and has a larger desktop counter part that’s available in 1TB and 2TB.



EMI by Helm Handmade

If you’re needing some new leather hotness, look no further than Helm Handmade. With exceptional craftsmanship, beautiful attention to detail and a simple, pleasing online experience you’ll be bound to order from them several times. Plus, you can never go wrong with people who are extremely passionate about making exceptional products.


Screen shot 2010-12-30 at 12.05.21 AM

MotoCMS – Flash Content Management System

MotoCMS is a great way to create flash websites that are flexible, rearrangeable, and most of all: easy for clients and others to change, update and delete. MotoCMS allows you to use any font and the CMS converts fonts to make them work fast and effectively.



New Workspace – Supagroova


Screen shot 2010-12-30 at 2.00.21 AM


The pounding tribal rhythms of Afrobeat music is expressed through this psychedelic brand new font, Afrobeat. Every letter becomes art as every letter is elegantly placed side by side, like music notes, creating music for the eyes

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The Hotlist Edition #1

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