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April 22 2012


7 Ways to Make Money Online by Designing

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Make Money Online! As easy as it sounds, making money online has proven to be a daunting task for many. Oh, I am not even considering the A-listers of the Internet industry. I am talking about the average Joe who struggles day and night to squeeze out a few extra dollars out of the complex world of the Internet. It is not easy, but then there would have been no fun if it was anyways. A major chunk of the Internet is involved in some sort of design. People are creating logos, designing websites, magazine covers and whatnot in order to be a somewhat-known designer. Today, I will try to dig out the most famous (and easy-as-you-master-them) ways to make money online by designing. Basically, we will see how being smart is the mantra of making money online.

NOTE: Make sure that you bookmark all the links in this article. You won’t get the real meaning of what I want to convey unless you go through the suggested links. Be patient and stick around.

1. Infographics Designer

The design industry has lately grow fond of Infographics. There was a time when including the word alone in an article title meant the article would be a hit. Though such days have passed by, everyone sees the value of quality Infographics. Infographics provide loads of useful information in a graphically attractive format which is easy to consume for an average human brain.

Develop Interactive Infographics, not just Infographics!

Bookmark the below links for further reading. The loads of information will defiantly take you somewhere:

2. Accepting Donations

Please don’t bombard me with your I-cannot-take-donations type comments. If you cannot take donations then move on. For those who can, please keep reading. The idea of donations won’t work unless you are giving back to the community. And, if you are actually giving back something to the community then rest assured that people will donate money to you. All that you have to do is generously ask for donations. Yeah, it works!

Any money is good money, right?

Bookmark the below link to get more out of this money making guide:

3. Write for Blogs

Well, once I wrote a post about why every web designer must blog. The article received a mixed response, but at the end of the day most of the designers agreed that the parallel habit of blogging has its own advantages. Henceforth, web designers can earn a lot by launching their own blogs or by writing for other blogs. It is matter of time and patience before the world recognizes you.

Today’s cement and brick age faces the same challenge as was faced by the stone age – extinction due to fast paced technology.

Now, here are the customary links that you must bookmark:

4. Logo Design

Let me start with make money online by designing logos as this one is personally very close to me. I remember how I pushed a cousin of mine into the world of Internet while he was in high school. No idea how, but he landed in the world of Logo Design and today he is making loads of money just by designing logos on a regular basis. As pompous as it sounds, logo design is a career in itself with people doing it full time just because of the money that can be made.

Keep yourself updated with whatever is happening around the world of design and learn Photoshop, please!

At 1WD, we have loads of information for logo designers. Here are few links to get you started:

5. Stock Graphic Sales

Yes! They do work. With tons of websites that sell stock graphics, it looks like the niche might be saturated, but that isn’t the case yet. The reason is very simple. The kind of stuff available on these websites isn’t always the best quality. See, I am not denying the fact that such websites have over-the-top graphics, but not every graphic is over-the-top. Right? That is where designers like you can pitch in. Fill in the void and rule the world of stock graphic sales. I know people who are earning their living just by selling stock graphics on various websites.

Stock graphic is for real designers only. It is about creating vector files, icons and illustrations etc. If you don’t know Photoshop then better learn it!

Also, remember that stock graphic design is not very exciting. You will have to be innovative and patient if you want to make money online by selling stock graphics. This world has lot of competition and they will simply rip you apart if you don’t try hard enough. Be tough and stick around.

Here is something for each one of you. If you miss these then you ain’t getting rich:

6. Stock Photo Sales

Now, for those of you who sit behind a camera first and then behind Photoshop. The Internet is dying to buy your photographs and I can assure you a business out of this provided that you are good at whatever you do. Launch your own Photo Selling Website or publish photographs on other marketplaces listed below. In any case you are bound to grow. Soon, you will be earning money from your passion – Photography!

Remember, you ain’t a photographer if you need Photoshop to make your photographs look good. Get Real!

Before we move on, let me list down articles that you must bookmark for further reading:

7. Template/Theme Sales

Well, isn’t this the most obvious of them all. If you are a designer and you aren’t selling themes then you surely are missing out on a huge chunk of money. See, I don’t mean that every theme sells and that by selling themes you will be the richest person on this planet, but you surely can earn a lot if you are good at what you do. There are plenty of marketplaces that will help you provide with the best possible exposure for your work. Time to be inspired.

Stick to one Content Management System and be an expert of the same. Don’t jump back and forth from WordPress and Joomla.

Now, before we move on, here is the content that you must bookmark:

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