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January 31 2012


Home Decor Trends: Moroccan Pattern Stencil Wall Tutorial

Stenciled walls are becoming quite the trend right now. And for good reason, it adds an awesome pop to the  room.  I have been dying to stencil a wall for a while now, the problem is, the process looks very daunting and frankly, a little tedious. Finally, I decided to go for it and stencil the main wall in my living room to give the rather drab room, a big pop.

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4

After looking through tons of color palettes and patterns, I set out to find the perfect gray and decided on a Moroccan pattern similar to the bedroom below. I bought the "Wall Stencil Marrakech Trellis" from CuttingEdgeStencils for about $50.


I tested several paint colors  in all shades of gray and finally found the perfect shade. I chose, "Timber Wolf" by Benjamin Moore. If you are in the market for the perfect gray paint, I highly recommend trying this. I have tried so many that were too blue, too purple, and too brown and found that this was the perfect gray hue.

After trying out 15 paint colors, I ended up with "Wolf Gray" by Benjamin Moore (seen below) because I switched and confused the word "wolf" and ended up painting an entire wall a color I hadn't even tested before.

The photos don't translate the colors quite as well as in person. This shade is really a dark blue as opposed to a slate gray. After painting the wall the color you choose, the real fun begins.

I started stenciling in the bottom left corner as it was the most discrete. My first chunk took 20 minutes to complete. As I continued it started getting a lot easier. Here are some pointers I learned through the process:

  • - Pour a half-cup of paint into the tray
  • - Work the paint into the roller by rolling it around evenly a few times. You don't want clumps of paint on the roller or the stencil will come out clumpy in places.
  •  - Once the paint is evenly distributed on the roller, roll over the stencil a few times quickly.
  • - I liked the look of the gray coming through, so I would only roll it a few times. It gives it a "stamped" sort of look which I preferred against the gray.

To ensure the stencil lines up and it is even throughout the wall, make sure the stencil is lined up with the white paint from the last group you did. Tape all 4 corners and its stays right where it needs to be for you to quickly roll over it.

Doing a full wall is much easier than a wall with a huge fireplace in the middle. Luckily, the stencil I purchased came with smaller stencils to fill in areas and edges that the large stencil wouldn't fit in. For each edge of the fireplace, I used the smaller stencils and filled in the lines one by one.

After several more hours of the same work over and over again, I completed the entire wall. There were places where paint clumped up, but when I finished the wall, it was hard to find those places that were smudged, so I decided not to worry about it.

Stenciling Photos & Process by: Allison Silber 

Overall it took about 10 hours to paint and stencil this one wall. It is definitely a lot harder than just picking a color, painting and calling it a day, but I love the look that this wall brings to the whole room.

As far as pairing decor with a stencil wall, the one problem is that you can't have too many other geometric patterns in the room as they all start to clash (hence the 4 pillows I have with all the same pattern). I decided to order a textured rug that was more muted, and some textured solid color pillows to balance out the patterns in the space.

November 24 2011


Happy Thanksgiving: 15 Ways to Show Thanks With Color

Of all the things to be thankful for, color is at the top of the list. Color is saturated into every fiber of our lives. It gives variety to our days, our moments, our very lives. It is there in our darkest moments and happiest memories. It can influence moods and reactions. It is there for us when we brainstorm inovative ideas, new marketing techniques, or complicated craft projects. Color is simply inspiring. So, on this Thanksgiving Day, remember to take a look around you and notice all the beautiul colors that this season has to offer.

How are you celebrating color this season?

Fall Leaf Garland from Maureen Cracknell Handmade as a part of Celebrate Color 

Celebrate color this season with a leaf garland made of felt and yarn. Incorporate a gorgeous color palette into your home's decor without the crunchy mess of real leaves.

Project by Triple Play

Dazzling. Do you think these sparkly aqua-blue accents steer a little bit away from traditional fall colors? You have to admit, it adds a nice depth to the overall setting and complements that traditional orange nicely.

Thankful Tree" by Simply Vintage Girl

Elegant. Bring the outdoors in to create thankful bits of autumn pastels and pattern mixtures combined in a "Thankful Tree."

For the kiddos. Shades of brown add warmth and provide an earthy feel in this Turkey centerpiece. Choose a fun and colorful palette for the thankful feathers.

Tradition, (What Are You) Thankful Four?

What are you thankful...4? A great excuse to use color in so many ways! Write what you're thankful for on colorful number fours cut from scrapbooking or construction paper and share. Turn them in to ornaments to display all weekend. Keep them around as reminders.

" year I cut large 4s from paper and placed one on each person's plate. Just before dinner, we wrote the things we were thankful for on our cutouts, then took turns sharing our lists..." - Candice Steelman (reader at Disney Family Fun)

By Holiday Crafts and Creations

There's always room to go classic. Traditional autumn colors make a space warm and inviting. These edible place settings using M&M's to imitate Indian Corn are quite fun! under Thanksgiving Crafts

Create a three dimensional palette with blocks and display an appropriately thankful message.

Design Sponge - DIY Project Autumn Leaf Bouquet 

What better way to say thank you to the beauty of color than to use fallen leaves to create vibrant autumn roses.

avery & anderson - Fall Decor' Part 4: THANKS be to upcycling wine bottles!

Get funky, use a few recycled wine bottles, a bit of paint and some other odds and ends to create and display a thankful word.

Crafty Katie - Fall Burlap Wreath

What would fall be without a wreath? Burlap offers a very earthy-happy texture, while adding a mix of traditional or non-traditional colors livens it up. - Abundance Seed Balls

Blending tradition with innovation - did you look close enough? I took a double-take after realizing those were bean-balls in the cornucopia! How creative and fitting to the season. A gentle reminder of warm soup on chilly fall evenings.

INKspired Creations - Paper Pumpkins | Teresa Collins - Paper Thanksgiving Pumpkins

Autumn wouldn't be autumn without a couple of paper pumpkins leftover from Halloween. Another way to utilize a mix of patterns and palettes.

PLAID - Thankful Art Collage

The paper flower on this thankful journal has a nice whimsical feel to it and reminds me of autumn leaves. Writing down what you are thankful for is always a great way to reflect and come back to on days when you aren't feeling so thankful.

 Kind Over Matter - Thanksgiving Fortune Cookies

This simple, yet unique idea encompasses the idea that being thankful can also remind us of the good things that are yet to come.

Incorporating autumn colors into our homes and Thanksgiving celebrations is a special way to recreate that warm feeling we experience when we start listing all the things that we are thankful for. This reason, above all, is why color should be remembered on Thanksgiving Day.

A big Thank you to all of you COLOURlovers for loving color and making our community flourish with so many beautiful creations! Be safe and colorful on this holiday! - The COLOURlovers Team

Creations Used:


header credit: Leaf Garland

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August 15 2011


Plywerk - Naturally Display Your Artwork

Introducing...PLYWERK, an eco-conscious photo mounting and art panel company based in Portland Oregon. They work with professional artists, photographers, interior designers, point and shoot photographers, parents, and everyone in between!

Art pieces are a made up of your print adhered to a Plywerk Panel to create a beautifully natural piece of wall art. Gorgeous bamboo or maple are offered for the wood options.

Plywerk Anatomy 101

Bamboo & Maple Plywerk Panels

COLOURlovers has recently become a Pro Partner of PLYWERK. Why is this super notable to mention? Because you're going to get the best, most amazing deals ever when you create an account (which is free). These deals are customized to COLOURlovers Members Only under the Prodeal membership (which is also free). Pretty sweet huh?

COLOURlovers Creations On Your Wall...

You can mount anything photography, graphic design pieces, etc. I'd personally like to see some fantastic patterns from the community mounted on these!




FIRST: Create A New Account on

NEXT: Sign Up For A New Account.

Make sure you check the box under, "Prodeal Signup?" which will unlock the Pro Partners selectors where you'll be able to enter your COLOURlovers information.

Want to see COLOURlovers work on a Plywerk piece?

I'd love to see your COLOURlovers + Plywerk piece. Plywerk offers a layered PSD file for you to mask your creation. If you want to play around with it, the file link is located on the Prodeal page here (bottom - left).

Let's see what ya got!

April 06 2011


March 16 2011


February 28 2011


February 26 2011


February 22 2011


The First White Kitchen of All Colors

Customizable highlights allow for subtle color play while maintaining the main color palette and an overall clean and simple contemporary look.

ModernKitchenArt - Suprema | The Suprema allows you to customize your kitchen cupboards with over 200 variations of the panel in glass, wood and metal.  The glass panels are available in many color variations and transformed by LED lights which are diffused into pleasant light and color.


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February 20 2011


February 16 2011


February 12 2011


February 05 2011


Interior Design Trends: Kelly Green

Though my color favs at the moment are gray and black, green will always remain at the top of my list, well, kelly green that is. Being that the weather is unusually brisk and we have been hit with a huge amount of snow already, it makes sense that gray and black would be the color floating around in my head, but instead of focusing on such dark tones, kelly green seemed to be ideal. Kelly green is a color that  is a lush and refreshing color reminiscent of the beautiful green land in Ireland. Here is a round up of some kelly green pieces. I hope you enjoy!

vase · dinnerware · pendant · vanity · shopper · pillow

room 1, 2

iam_gavin Green_Gold_Glorious


sky_through_trees Hope_is_Evergreen

February 01 2011


January 29 2011


January 22 2011


January 20 2011


January 15 2011


January 13 2011


My Beautiful Backside: Furniture by Dosh Levine

Doshi Levine is an eclectic industrial design studio based in London, UK and operated by Nipi Doshi & Jonathan Levien. The design duo combine their diverse backgrounds and disciplines to “celebrate the hybrid and explore the coming together of cultures, technology, story telling, industrial design and fine craftsmanship.” Check out these colourful furniture pieces sure to add some dynamic to any room.

My Beautiful Backside

The design for “My Beautiful Backside” was based on a illustration called “The Garden of Life” by Indian illustrator Naveen Patnaik in which a princess is “surrounded and supported by multiples of pebble shaped cushions.”

Paper Planes


The design for this daybed was influenced by the Hans Christian Anderson tale the Princess and the Pea.

January 08 2011


Interior Design Trends: Brown and Gold

Though silver is my metal of choice, I can appreciate the beautiful tones of gold. Just look at this fun selection, you can certainly appreciate it. Combine gold with brown and an even richer feel is created. I have to admit, while browsing through the many different objects I came across many horrid looking ones. Many more of those than pleasant looking ones, in fact. So, perhaps more designers will again embrace this color combination and create more appealing pieces in the future, because when done right it is such a beautiful thing.

pendant · glassware · pillow · mirror · pouf · bowl

room 1, 2

Hawaiian_Gold_Sun I_luv_your_food

gold_brown yellow_brown

Brown_Gold_Red_Web Gold_Brown_Autumn

January 02 2011

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