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November 12 2010


How To Create A Logo Guideline For Your Client

Working on a logo project sometimes can be challenging especially when you are working on a fresh start up companies who needs an identity for their product or company. Despite the process of how a logo is being created, in this post we are going to learn on how to create a logo guideline for your client based on the logo you have designed and approved by them.

Target Your Audience

*Image by Michael S. Schwarzer

Before you start creating the logo guidelines, first you will need to understand who will be using the guidelines are they your client or will they be the employer of your client, what will they achieve from using them, how and/or where they can access the guidelines (this can either be a digital file like PDF or a printed logo guidelines book), and the last one is that why the logo guidelines it self being produced.

Gather The Essential Information

*Image by Metropol 21

Once you set up the target or knowing the reason why the guidelines is needed, you can start gathering the essential information to help your target see the concept through the logo you designed. You have to keep in mind that the following logo guidelines is made to help communicate your idea or concept to your brand’s audience.

Designing The Logo Guidelines

*Image by Industrial Scientific

In designing the logo guidelines, it’s best to match the look and feel of the brand itself and apply it on the guidelines. However, sometimes it is also best to keep it look simple and neat.

While designing on the logo guidelines book or paper sheet, there are few things that you should consider to do to achieve a better understanding for your audience, such as:

  • Create section dividers between one subject to the other. For example, you will have the introduction first before the color palette section. You should separate these two sections using lines, rectangle blocks, or even start on new page for each different section.
  • Write a comprehensible introduction or overview page to describe why the guidelines have been produced and how adhering to them will strengthen their brand.
  • Remember that this is the guideline, therefore try to engage the user. Keep the explanation short and simple to understand.
  • Be aware of the typographic hierarchy. Always differentiate the headline/headings with the introduction copy, body copy, or other typography content.
  • Provide your logo guidelines target with examples of how the logo should, i.e the minimum size of the logo for print or for the website favicon.
  • Always advice them about the mishandle logo, you could also explain it by including “the Do’s and the Don’t’s” or “What To Avoid” section accompanied by the samples of common errors.

Distributing The Logo Guidelines

When distributing the logo guidelines, you can either create an interactive PDF or have it printed. This depends on whichever your client or target require them. However, you should always maintain the master file in Adobe Illustrator as it is easier to keep the print quality by using vector based program rather than Adobe Photoshop. As for distributing digitally,create these in the Master InDesign File and not within Acrobat, to save having to repeat the process with each revision.

Free Download

We have created a simple Logo Guidelines that you can download for free as a template to provide your client with the essential information.What other information do you put inside the logo guidelines? Let us know your thoughts on the comment below.

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