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February 10 2012


February 07 2012


Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration &Trends

Though Valentine's Day falls on a Tuesday this year, some couples choose this day as a special time to tie the knot, often with small elopements or intimate affairs. Whether you choose a Valentine's Day wedding or one that falls the weekend after, you can add in some special details to keep the feeling of Valentine's Day alive.

If you are dying to add a few special details and crafts to your big day, here are some great ideas to add into your Valentine's Day wedding (or any other wedding for that matter!) Get ready for a little red and pink madness that will make your big day awesome.

Source: Once Wed

A girl has got to look her best on her wedding day, and to do so, a girl needs a few fabulous details to make her look great from head to toe. A sparkle Bando heart or a pair of fabulous Vivian Westwood plastic shoes will do just the trick. These details just scream sophisticated Valentine's accessories.

Source: Bando, Vivian Westwood, Ruffled

Though they are a details often forgotten, favors are a fun way to thank guests for coming and give them something personal to remember the day by. Boxes of small candies, a CD with music from the big day. or something else special is often times a very personal way to say thanks.

Source: Favors, Heart, Programs

If you are planning to have a Valentine's Day affair next year, here are a few unique Save The Date ideas to get your guests excited about your big day. A simple paint job (see the rest of this red paint shoot, it's awesome) or kraft paper save the date's with fingerprints from the happy couple.

Source: Save the date, Save the date

Sweet treats and fabulous florals are a necessity for any fabulous event. A color palette of vintage pinks and soft red's are a way to add Valentine's touches into a mid-February color palette.  A dessert bar full of macaroons are a great addition to any Valentine's dessert table.

Source: Flowers, Macaroons

A heart cake is one of my favorite ideas ever, but for a Valentine's Day wedding, it is even better! When the couple cuts the cake open there will be a nice surprise for all he guests with a big heart down the center. You can get even more creative adding in different colors, or adding a heart in the center of cupcakes. So awesome right?

Source:  Cake

Source: Shoes, Cupcakes

Looks like we can't get enough of fabulous cake ideas when it comes to Valentine's. Truth of the matter is, that no matter when your wedding is, a heart cake topper is always a detail that will be well-received.


It can be fun to play up the Valentine's theme at your special day if you add in certain details to make the look complete. Of course, feel free to add in many other elements that you feel make the day totally unique to you. Red, pink and a slew of hearts will never go out of style, so play it up and have fun crafting the perfect details for your big day.

Want more Valentine's Day inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board filled with lots of pink, red and an insane amount of hearts!

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December 23 2011


Creating A Festive Holiday Wedding

When picking a wedding date we hope for sunshine, gorgeous days, and perfect temperatures, which is why a high majority of weddings you see are during the summer. But what about chilly, cozy and romantic nights filled with candlelight and bundling in the best fall fashion has to offer?

Winter weddings have a charm all their own and the color palettes can be just as gorgeous as those of summer weddings. If you are looking to tie the knot over the holiday season or the winter months that follow, don't forget that you have many great options on your hands as well.

Source: Kiss

Red details make for a festive pop during winter months. This gal below decided to tie her look together with a bold nail color and matching shoes. That just screams winter romance.

Source: Christmas Wedding


Looking for a little way to save your wedding invitations for years to come? The ornament DIY below allows you to create a special ornament with your extra wedding invitations, which is also a great gift for your bridal party and family. Baker's Twine is another resource that should definitely be on your radar for winter weddings. Whether you use it to wrap up gifts, or try a unique approach such as this cake, this is one supply you will be sure to use for every craft project that your wedding entails.

Source: OrnamentCakeBow Tie

An ornament guest book is a perfect way to save kind words from your guests and keep them with you every holiday season as you prepare to celebrate your anniversary. Pulling them out and reading these words will remind you of your special day.

Source: Ornaments

Christmas weddings don't necessarily mean you have to stick with traditional Christmas decor. Ideas such as these swirly treats or a festive pop on  champagne to ring in the new couple. These details add pops of color and make the night fun and festive for everyone!  Dessert tables are a fun way to offer an assortment of goodies for guests, and happen to be all the rage in the wedding industry these days.

Source: Dessert Table

Creating a perfect tablescape  with perfect place settings will bring the whole look of your wedding together. Bow tie napkins, festive toppings for desserts and glass pieces filled with small ornaments are a great way to tie everything together. Who says you need flowers to make your centerpieces pop?

Source: Glitter, Place Settings, Desserts

If you want to get really festive, there are lots of great ways to incorporate ornaments into the scheme of things. Place cards, mini chandeliers hanging from above, centerpieces and mini trees are all great ways to do it. These craft projects are all very simple and low-cost but will make your holiday wedding look all the better.

Source: Place CardsOrnament Chandelier, Guest Book, Ornaments

No matter what holiday or winter look you are going for, adding in a few personal DIY projects will give your day a little extra personality. Having a fun and festive holiday wedding can be just as much fun for guests as it is for you. Consider adding pops of red and green on top of a palette of whites, silver and gold so that the palette looks cohesive and not overdone. Time to get a little creative and get excited about your holiday wedding. And hopefully you will get a little snow to take some hopelessly romantic photos on your big day!


December 13 2010


DIY Lightbulb Snowmen Ornaments + 6 Snowman Patterns

This is a super-fast, easy ornament project almost anyone in the family can participate in. It is also a great way to recycle all the burned out lightbulbs collected over the year(s) (start saving in January for this project next year). If you don't have a stash of burned out bulbs start asking your family, friends and neighbors.

What You'll Need:

- Old Lightbulbs (normal size)
- Wooden Craft Balls (hardware or craft store)
- Scrap Fabric (for scarves)
- Rafia or Twine
- Wire (baling wire, craft wire, hanger wire - anything you can bend and twist easily)
- Paint (acrylic) & Brushes: White, Black, Orange and any other colours you may want.
- Hot Glue Gun & Glue

Get Each Piece Ready.

1. paint all the light bulbs white up to the silver rim (you don't need to paint the rim).

2. Paint the wooden balls white.

3. Cut your scrap fabric into scarves. Roughly 1 1/2" x 10-11" long. If you tear the fabric along the grain you'll get a nicer look for your scarf. We used some leftover Christmas themed Cotton. Use anything from linen, cotton fleece, felt or flannel.

4. Cut your wire to about 10-11" lengths. Loop and twist the ends a little (maybe use pliers to make it easier). You will be using this as your ornament hanger so you could also use ribbon, string or twine for this too, but the wire acts as a stiff backing so I think it works well. If you don't have any on hand, just improvise with something else you do have.

5. Tie your raffia or twine into large bows.

6. Hot Glue the wooden ball heads of the snowmen to the bottom of the lightbulbs - flat side of the ball glued down.

6. Back to painting. Using the non-brush end of your paint brush(es) - dot the end straight in to the paint and practice making dot faces on paper before you try it on the snowman face and body. You'll really only need the dotting technique for this unless you decide to get more creative with the body design. I just unscrew the top of the paint and dot my brush-end in the cap because this hardly uses any paint at all. Finish dotting your face, charcoal buttons and dotted snowflake design - make sure your pieces don't roll. maybe use an empty egg carton to hold everything in place after or during painting.

Assembling the Snowmen.

1. Hot Glue your raffia bow to the wire loops.

2. Hot Glue the raffia and wire loops to the metal rim of the lightbulb with the loop sticking up behind and up above the head of the snowman. Make sure you have enough of a loop for hanging on the tree.

3. Snuggle your scarf pieces around your snowmen. Wrap the scarf around the wire (but not over the raffia bow - just above it) and then to the front of the snowman around his neck. Tie it loosely. If your fabric is finicky or stiff and sticking out too much, you can hot glue little dots on the body to help lay it down more.

That's it! Enjoy!

Snowmen don't have to be all white

Original Pattern By: claysmith

SnoW_HuG chilly_bill Think_Cool_Thoughts Out_Of_Season_Man.

Original Pattern By: Wordofmouse

a_man_of_snow Sweet_Snowman Snowmen Smiley_Snowmen

Original Pattern By: TweetWhatCarrot

Stereotype_Snowman he_lives_naked! Mudman With_a_corn_cob_pipe

Original Pattern By: NorthWestLight

Glow_man..._Glow! Festivia-seasonal15 A_So_Called_Friend A04.074.006.085

Original Pattern By: gary_the_snail

Snowman_King snowman Frostys_Toast manekinekosoapbubble

Original Pattern By: DandaLuna

Snowman Snowman_Blues Memories3 BaDay

Snowman Palettes

snoring_snowman snowman_hibernate

yeti Abiminable_Snowman

Snowman_Loves_Oryx Snowman

Florida_Snowman Frosty_The_SnowMan

snowman_massacre. Abominable_Snowman

Smitten_Snowman Vintage_Snowman

More from the Holiday Love Guide

December 10 2010


Holiday Love Guide: Color Therapy Gifts

While color therapy month doesn't start until March, most feel it is never too soon to start therapy after the holidays. To help everyone chill out, relax and bring themselves back to center, try some of these color therapy gifts.

Color-tinted Sunglasses

What better gift for a color lover than to turn their entire visual world into the color they love most! Okay, so that's not exactly the intended purpose of these glasses, but even if you're not into the whole 'color therapy' thing these look pretty awesome. The makers claim that the glasses provide 100% UVA and UVB rays protection (UV 400)... So, let the stylish healing begin! Three styles in multiple sizes. All from Biowave. Large Fit Over StyleProstyleRound Style.


No better way to set the mood, or escape from one, then to turn on a little color love in your home.

LivingColor by Phillips

Phillips offer a whole line of color changing lighting.

Therapie by Generate

A singular illuminated canvas inspired by color and light therapy theories which give it a soothing aura. The color photons emanating from the lamp reduce the everyday spleen and create a peaceful mood. Each lamp includes an assortment of two color acetates.


Take holistic healing approaches and apply them to your home, office,... your life! If you want to learn how chakras (the "power centres through which...white light from the sun is drawn into the body,") are influenced by color, but need a little rational before buying some healing products, check out one of the many books about the subject. Here are a couple picks from Amazon (probably not the best source on the subject but some help to get you started).

Color Healing Home by Catherine Cumming

Rather than suggesting various color schemes, the majority of this book focuses on individual colors and how their use in a home can create different moods.

How to Heal with Color by Ted Andrews

"Each color has its own unique effects and can be used for healing and balancing, as well as for stimulating different levels of consciousness."  -Ted Andrews

Check out more Holiday Love Gift Guides

December 07 2010


Holiday Love Guide: 10 Tees from Indie Shops

Wear your heart on your sleeve! (Or thereabouts.) We've been tweeting out COLOURloving finds from the Storenvy marketplace the last month or so and I thought showcasing a few shirts here on the blog would be a nice way share with you all a holiday gift guide of love... and give some indie merchant a bit of link love too.

HFL Logo Tee

Hooray For Love logo shirt

Heart is all you need

Sometimes you don't need words.. A simple picture will do the talking... Wear a heart on your chest and spread the love to everyone you meet. Heart Heart Heart!!!

Heart In Stereo Tee

Tune in to your heart and never stop listening.


All walk in love.

Ghost Heart (Tri-Blend)

Show your love with the limited edition Ghost Heart shirt from Loud Heart Clothing Co. The "faded" red heart appears brighter in certain lights, and is almost non-existent in dim lighting.


We believe that the world craves a sudden, radical, or complete change in its socioeconomic situation REVOLUTION. A fundamental change in the way we think. As an organization built around community, we feel that this radical change must be born out of love.


Spread the love.

Crumbling Heart might take some time but you can always piece it back together.

Heart Inside

Skull/face made of pinstriped hearts. It's what's inside that makes a person who they are. Our goal should be to have love for all, down to our very bone.

Classic (White)

The one, the only, the original classic tee with Cross My Heart Clothing logo printed over your heart.

Be The Love

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” - Gandhi

Color Love Blind Test

"Can you see the color love?"

Thanks for sharing wearing the love!

And if you already have enough t-shirts... here are a couple other ideas.

Sprinkle Heart Necklace

A super sweet resin necklace made from clear resin and real rainbow candy sprinkles. Pendant measures 2" x 2" x 1/4" and comes with a silver colored 18" ball chain.

Heartbeats Necklace

this fabulous big love heart, made from vintage tooling, reads “our hearts beat as one”. all in antique brass.

Black Heart With Feather Necklace

This black wooden heart necklace is embellished with a brown-red feather. It hangs on a black chain with lobster clasp in the back.

LOVE bracelet

Handcrafted leather bracelets with colorful beads and inspiring words. Snap closure. Each bracelet is created by a man or women living with HIV in the slums of Kenya. Slight variations in color and size should be expected: your bracelet is a unique work of art!


My family friends Jon & Janette Crawford run  They're great people, building a marketplace to help indie merchants sell their stuff online for free.  If you sell any of your amazing creative work online, then check out their site.  Or if you're ever in S.F. hit up Jon for a demo of his awesome dance moves... It's beautiful.

The color love in this post was sponsored by HP.

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