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December 18 2010


Green Living : 25 Awesome Nature Friendly Websites and Blogs

Go Green! Does it sounds familiar to you?But this is not the typical green color we are talking about.  Now a days, global warming has been a big issue around the globe because of the world is suffering to a lot of waste created by people. By this eco-friendly website, we can create awareness to people. Green means an eco-friendly websites.  Eco friendly in terms of organic stuff, reusable energy, recycling or anything with eco-friendly ideas.

Here in this round-up are the best of eco-friendly websites and blog.

1. TreeHugger


TreeHugger is the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream. It is a one stop shop for great green news, products, and solutions.The good thing about this website is that it publish latest related blogs, daily newsletters,  weekly radio interviews and updates in Twitter and Facebook.

It was founded by Graham Hill.  As what I observed on the website, it is informative about eco-friendly things. The website promises that you will get informed, interact and take action in visiting their website.

2. Ecofabulous


Sexy, sustainable and style is what Ecofabulous talks about. Sexy and style in terms of giving beauty tips and fashion in a healthy way. Sustainable in giving a good lifestyle.  It serves more on a Do-It-Yourself website. Gives you good eco-friendly tips on your day-to-day life.

3. Ecofriend


Ecofriend is a cool environmental blog that posts the latest eco-gadgets and products. It focuses on alternative and renewable resources.As what I read on the blog, it tackles more on different posts of the others regarding eco-friendly stuff. If you want to read about some cool stuff that you haven’t read for a long time. This blog is for you.

4. Inhabitant

Eco_friendly_website4 is a weblog that gives readers the future of design,  innovations in technology, practices and materials that giving great  architecture and home design to obtain sustainable future.It was founded by Jill Fehrenbacher. The blog has a simple green design and more on informative ideas regarding healthy innovations.

5. GroovyGreen


Groovy Green was started as a way to organize the large amounts of information swirling about the little town of Ithaca, NY concerning renewable energy and sustainable living.I must say that this web blog has a good amount of eco-friendly related stuff that focuses on information in renewable energy and sustainable living.Groovy green informs us to reduce consumption, improve health, and find cleaner alternatives to power the gadgets, cars and lives in living in this earth.

6. Eco-chick


Eco-chick believes that mother earth is a woman. So in this weblog it deals more about the women that can deal with the eco-friendly ways. From fashion, beauty and more that women can enjoy while helping restoring the mother earth. It has a lot of related blogs containing women that involve in helping the organizations for environmental protections.

7. Ecorazzi


Ecorazzi sounds like paparazzi. Who does not like a dose of gossip but good gossip?It is a celebrity gossip but with helping in the environmental causes. As you will see in the website, film & TV, music, fashion, car & houses, animals,and events that are involved are celebrity. It is not only a good publicity for the celebrity but also creating a good cause for the society.

8. Green options


Green options is environmental blog that focuses on the voice of the eco-friendly stuff. Forums are available to discuss anything under the mother earth given that the topics are also good stuff for environmentalist. It also talks about products that will help your body to maintain in a glowful youth without affecting your health. In this weblog, I love the green options featured content being post because you will be kept updated on what happening around the world.

9. Jetson Green


Jetson Green is a daily updated site devoted to green innovation primarily in the residential context. It was founded by Preston Koerner. It is an online magazine that focuses on more on professional aspect for the architecture, engineer or anything to do with eco-friendly works. You can also find books, related links and jobs that will surely help in saving the mother earth.

10. Thedailygreen


Thedailygreen promises the consumers a guide to a green revolution. It focuses more on news, tips and advises right to your fingertip that you can use for your home and also to save your dear mother earth.It also has an updated daily news, blogs opinion for the forum topics and  features articles. The website color scheme really complimented with the website content. White spaces and different green color variations that help the website pleasing to the eye.

11. Dwell


Generally, in magazines concerned with the design of homes, fruit bowls abound. High-priced photo stylists spend hours arranging them. Dwell is a modern weblog that focuses more on green home advises. It is also features eco-friendly houses that uses great stuff that will help in restoring the earth. There is a saying that goes like this ” There’s no place like home”. But it will be more likely to be homey if it’s a safe place to live because of the eco-friendly environment around you.

12. GreenMonk


GreenMonk is an open source analyst company. GreenMonk gives advisory services to help small to big businesses to  better understand how sustainability issues will affect them. If you are a person that need advise about your style and living, you can seek help from the GreenMonk.



I must say that is really intended for the family. It is not only giving parenting tips on the parents but also how to share eco friendly bonding things with your child. Food, parenting, entertainment, household , travel and more that surely your family will enjoy. The look and feel of the website is really pleasant that kids can actually visit and read about it. So mom and dad, be sure to visit this website to help you in your raising your family in a good way.

14. Ecogeek


Ecogeek was founded by Hank Green. How can someone use the modern technology without affecting the nature? In Ecogeek, it features gadgets and devices that you can enjoy but does not hurt the mother earth.

15. Gogreentube


Go Green tube is youtube like website. Who says that you cannot post videos about environment cause? Here in Go Green Tube, environment advocates express their feelings through videos. It is more understandable and appreciative if you are watching these great informative videos. If you are new to the website, you can check the most viewed this week to get ideas on what is being like about this website.

16. GenGreenlife


GenGreenlife is a resource for you going green. It is a network that is focuses on the communication, education and connection.Ffrom green news headlines, job listings, and events, to tips helping you live a sustainable life.If you are living an environmentally conscious lifestyle, then this is the right one for you. Get tips, jobs, and more and experience to live in a green life.

17. architecture for humanity


Architecture for Humanity is a charitable organization that bring design architecture to the community in a global way.  It mostly tackles about architectures that they created and can help humanity.

18. carbon planet


Carbon Planet is a global carbon management company whose mission is to enable every individual and business on the planet to manage their contribution to the defining issue of our age, global warming. It is an educational website that teach us to be concern on our planet. What are the things that we can do to help our ecosystem.

19. goodmagazine


Goodmagazine is really like a magazine website that features a lot of inspirational thing like videos, events, post , projects and more. Simple yet full of informative contents in every page of the magazine.

20. ecolabelfundraising


EcoLabel Fundraising makes you feel good about yourself by asking your friends and family to support your organization.  There are supporters in a organic, fair-trade and green fundraising products to choose from the website.  It is like giving a eco friendly quality products and help the people around you.

21. MocoLoco


MocoLoco features  modern contemporary designs. The website is kind a plain but as you read the topics given you will keep on reading because of the good articles posted.

22. e – One


e-One gives organizations an innovative ways that can bring effective and sustainability in terms of their members. It helps small to medium businesses to plan their sustainability plan for the company. It presents great economy while being ecology and bringing equity in your business.

23. Healthy Harvest Hydro


Hydroponics derive its goal on the word water and labor.  I think this website help farmers or any business that deals with planting and soil to cultivate their land to maximize its potential without harming the earth. It brings commercial  food industry, environmental agriculture, cost effectiveness and sustainability in all aspects.

24. Cama Organic


Do you want your child to feel safety? Then Cama organic is offering an organic baby bed that will let your baby feel secure, safe, and healthy. The product is made from organic materials that won’t hurt your child.

25. EnviraMedia


EnviraMedia offers sustainabillity and environmental models to gain your business success. It has a great design page that is very pleasing in the eye. The combinations of color use are great.

Hope that you have been inspired by this eco-friendly websites. If we missed something, please share your eco-friendly websites and we will happy to update it. Anyway, we should love our mother earth as it loves us.

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