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September 22 2010


Chrome Frame is out of Beta!

Big news: Chrome Frame is now stable and out of beta!

Today, we’re very happy to take the Beta tag off of Google Chrome Frame and promote it to the Stable channel. This stable channel release provides our most polished version of Google Chrome Frame to date, allowing users to access modern web technologies like HTML5 on legacy browsers. You now can download the stable version of Google Chrome Frame and users of the Beta will be automatically updated to it in the days ahead. If you’re an IT administrator, we’ve also posted an MSI installer for deploying Google Chrome Frame in your network.

Chrome Frame is now much faster and stable. It's extremely simple to have a site use Chrome Frame:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="chrome=1">

For the next step the Chrome Frame team is focusing on making start-up speed even faster and removing the need for administrator rights when installing the plug-in.

Congrats to the Chrome Frame team!

[Disclosure: Alex Russell, the chipper-looking fellow in the video, and I have worked together at Google and on Dojo before.]

June 08 2010


Google Chrome Frame Gets Beta Love

*thump*. That is the sound of Google Chrome Frame getting a beta tag on it with a new version that comes up to Chrome 5 levels:

Instead of adding new bells and whistles, we’ve fixed more than 200 bugs to make integration with Internet Explorer seamless while improving security, stability, and performance. For example, we’ve improved our handling of Internet Explorer’s InPrivate browsing, cache clearing, and cookie blocking. All of the enhancements and features of Google Chrome 5.0 are available in Google Chrome Frame too, including HTML5 audio and video, canvas, geolocation, workers, and databases.

As we’ve worked on these improvements, we’ve been excited to see sites adopting Google Chrome Frame, including Meebo and all the blogs hosted by WordPress. In addition to our launch partner Google Wave, some other Google properties, including Orkut and YouTube are also relying on Google Chrome Frame to deliver HTML5 experiences to millions of users.

For those of you who want to develop HTML5 applications and deploy them broadly, we encourage you to give Google Chrome Frame a try. Existing users will be auto-updated to the beta, so if you downloaded Google Chrome Frame before, you’ll automatically get the new version. We’re also creating a new dev channel release, where you can try out the cutting-edge features we’re developing. For information on getting started with Google Chrome Frame, our project documentation is the place to start.

Alex gave a talk on how you can sprinkle in the Chrome Frame love, and start using the HTML5 goodness of video, svg, canvas, etc today!

We hear cries of the end is near!, and now you have a new push. Take a breath and spend the IE6 cycles on building amazing Web applications. So, CFInstall.check({..}) away! :)

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