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March 31 2012


18 WordPress Themes for Creating an Awesome Online Résumé

As web designers/developers, you need an online portfolio or a landing page, wherein your potential clients can take a look at your works. Further more, it helps to have a resume or Curriculum Vitae online — so that if a client seeks more info about you, he/she can simply head to that page, instead of asking you for a CV in email. In this article, we take a look at some of the best Resume or CV themes for WordPress.


Major Features:

  • Fully customizable design and layout
  • Custom fields like Career History, Summary and Education
  • Gallery cum portfolio support


Home Page | Currently under Beta release (stable release due date April 4th, 2012)

Precision (Regular License: $20)

Major Features:

  • Unique “brochure style” design
  • Custom image slideshows
  • 6 shortcodes; 2 custom post types
  • Cross Slide image slider


Demo | More Info

Cascade (Regular License $20)

Major Features:

  • Uses jQuery and Lightbox
  • 2 skins; 8 tab colors; 10 tab icons
  • 20 predefined backgrounds; 10 social media icons
  • Custom contact form
  • Google Maps shortcode


Demo | More Info

Circlus (Regular License: $25)

Major Features:

  • jQuery Nivo slider plugin
  • Custom 404 Error Page
  • Custom contact form
  • Custom favicon


Demo | More Info

Vue (Regular License: $35)

Major Features:

  • 7 different skins
  • Multiple portfolio layouts
  • 2 homepage sliders
  • Unbranded theme options


Demo | More Info

Aurel (Standard License: $12)

Major Features:

  • 2 different layouts
  • Valid xHTML 1.0 Transitional
  • jQuery scroller


Demo | More Info

zeeBizzCard (Free)

Major Features:

  • 7 color schemes
  • 3 Featured posts’ sliders
  • Font Manager with over 20 fonts
  • Translation ready
  • Localized in English and German


Demo | More Info

Profile (Free)

Major Features:

  • Minimalist design
  • Custom menus and logo
  • Can also serve as a website with static pages (instead of posts)


Demo | More Info

MyResume (Club Membership: $39/year)

Major Features:

  • jQuery tabbed content
  • Social media integration
  • 5 color schemes
  • Smooth tabbed design
  • Automated thumbnail resizing


Demo | More Info

Get Hired (Standard License: $18)

Major Features:

  • 6 color schemes
  • Social media integration
  • In-built contact form
  • Print-ready CSS
Get Hired

Get Hired

Demo | More Info

Super Slick vCard (Regular License: $20)

Major Features:

  • 8 color schemes
  • 27 pre-built translations
  • 2 navigation styles
  • 7 PSDs included
  • Showcase/Portfolio page
  • In-built contact form
Super Slick vCard

Super Slick vCard

Demo | More Info

MiniSite (Regular License: $25)

Major Features:

  • Minimal clean design
  • Ajax/PHP contact form
  • 4 color schemes
  • Pre-defined shortcodes
  • jQuery and Lightbox based gallery/slideshow


Demo | More Info

MiniCard (Free)

Major Features:

  • Support for hCard micro-format
  • Multiple social networks
  • Portfolio support


Demo | More Info

Visiting Card (Free)

Major Features:

  • Support for multiple social networks
  • In-built contact form
  • Ideal for non-bloggers
Visiting Card

Visiting Card

Demo | More Info

Creative Zodiac (Regular License: $30)

Major Features:

  • No page reloading (even when using features such as ‘Search’)
  • In-built contact form
  • Detailed Theme Options
  • Custom page templates
Creative Zodiac

Creative Zodiac

Demo | More Info

The Digital Business Card (Free)

Major Features:

  • 50+ social networking sites supported
  • Ideal for non-bloggers
  • Easy to use Theme Options panel
The Digital Business Card

The Digital Business Card

Demo | More Info

BizzCard (Standard License: $69; Free Version also available)

Major Features:

  • Independent Twitter gadget
  • Flexible widgets
  • FAQ template
  • Huge logo
  • In-built contact form
  • Custom Branding


Demo | More Info

vCard (Free; Pro version also available after Club Membership)

Major Features:

  • Supports hCard micro-format
  • Downloadable vCard
  • Supports multiple social networks
  • Translation-ready
  • Pre-loaded plugins


Demo | More Info

With that, we come to the end of this round-up. Which theme do you use for your online resume/CV? Share your thoughts in the comments!

February 03 2012


5 Tips to Improve Your Résumé

Have you ever thought that the reason behind you not getting any design jobs is not the amount of skills you have, but the résumé you send to companies? Think that when companies post job openings hundreds of applications come in day by day and the HR manager needs to sort the bad ones out first. What if your résumé, even if you are a great designer, fails to make the second round?

The goal of the companies is to determine if you really are the person on your résumé, and they do this by first looking at your basic skills. Most of the hiring staff only want to contact applicants on the phone, because this is easier for them and more effective, so they will try to get you on the phone soon after your CV passes the initial basic requirements.

They also look at how dynamic a person is and try and determine a bit about their personality – previously working in groups is an advantage, as graphic and web designers have to do this every day at their jobs. If your personality and the basic skills get the OK, then the HR manager will probably ask technical employees more about your coding skills. Although it is a very quick process, it all starts with your résumé and if the one you submit is not good enough, you will never get a phone or direct interview.

1. Tell them where to find you

I do not mean your home address – this is something you should have in your CV anyway. I’m talking about your portfolio. If I want to hire somebody, I definitely do not want to spend time searching for him on Google. I am not hired to do this, if you are not smart enough to provide it yourself, your CV goes to the shredder. List your web page in the header of your résumé, so it is the first thing the hiring staff notices.

Keep in mind you also need to show your work. If you say you are good in HTML5, the company needs to be able to be convinced before you will be called for an interview.

2. Follow people to stay in touch

An important asset of a job candidate in the design field is to be in touch. It is important to use websites for inspiration, to follow other fellow designers on Twitter and exchange opinions with developers. Many companies ask during the interview who you follow in the design industry, either on Twitter, Dribble, Facebook or other media. I am not saying you should prepare an answer only for the sake of it, I am saying you should actually follow people in the industry.

Another question you might get asked is what did you do in the last year to become a better designer. This is a key one because it will show your potential employer you are really interested in what you do and are passionate about it. Moreover, it will show you continuously work to improve yourself and this is something managers like to hear. You can take different courses on the internet or pay for subscriptions on Code School and A Book Apart are some other great resources you can use.

Image by Lifetracks volunteer group.

Your résumé should show that you are interested and look to grow as a designer or developer. You should be able to adapt to new techniques and show that you always have a hand on what is new in the industry.

3. Notice the job description

When applying for a graphic designer job, knowing doesn’t help too much. It is an advantage, but it is not what you will be evaluated on. It is a good idea to write a personalized cover letter for each job you apply for; make sure it is unique and reflects why you wish to work for that company in that specific opening. Although you think they will not, I assure you HR managers notice when people send mass e-mails, so as said before, avoid doing it. You can create a good, strong impression if you write a unique e-mail to each job posting – as a matter of fact, as all of them are different, it would be stupid to send the same application to all of them.

4. No signs of experience

How do you expect to get a job if you have no experience in the field you apply for? I am sure there are job openings for inexperienced people, but they do not mean newbies. If the work you did before is not something you are entirely proud of, you can always create your own project. Use your skills to create a template and sell it on ThemeForest or any other similar website. Do you have a lot of client work that doesn’t show your creativity? It’s never impossible to make something on your own – a hiring manager will appreciate the fact that you design in your free time as well. If you think your portfolio can be improved, do it before sending out your résumé.

Image by Susanne13.

5. Show you are a designer

When you send out a CV for an engineer job, it can be a basic word format with no template. But when you apply for a design job, why not put your creativity skills to work and make a great template for your résumé? If you are able to design a stunning template for your CVs, this will scream creativity, care and attention to details and will move you to the top of the list right away. If you don’t have time for this, use a digital tool such as Zerply. The templates they offer look great and the portfolios uploaded there are very easy to maintain. Another tip is to send PDFs instead of Word documents and sending out your whole website (if it works as a classic résumé) can be effective as well.


These were only a few basic tips to improve your CV. Remember that while there is no direct contact between you and the company, the résumé is the only piece of work that will bind the two of you. It is always worth spending two hours on building a stunning CV than using two hours for sending out default templated résumé.

Keep in mind you need to show creativity and willingness to improve and your résumé will pass into the second round. Now if you are a good designer and have the necessary skills, you will pass through the third round and will be able to meet the hiring manager in person. But tips for a face-to-face interview another time…

Until next time, let’s stir up a discussion here. Do you have some other tips to give all of us for improving our CV?

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August 26 2010


40 Stunningly Creative Resume Designs on DeviantArt

Recently I wrote an article on resume/CV templates available for free, or to purchase, from all across the web. They ranged from print media, to fully fledged, CMS run pages. That’s all fine and well, and they are all fantastic templates, but what if you want to express yourself through your CV? Plenty people do, and the result is some stunning CV’s that potential employers are reading. Below I’ve round-up 40 incredible resume designs that some great designers have created for themselves from DeviantArt, in the hope that they will inspire you to create your own stunning piece of work to represent yourself.

1. Resume by xiruxiru

The designer here has used fruit, and the caption “Full of Vitamin Creativity” to appeal to

2. Rei’s Resume by Rei-pash

A lovely background texture with a spotlight effect creates a beautiful backdrop for this resume.

3. Resume by zxcxvxc

The paint splash here shows the artists creative side.

4. Resume by brazilnut

This resume has been lain out beautifully with lines, and the logo merging well.

5. Typographic Resume by mac1388

I’m not sure whats with the tilting trend, but I love it here, especially with the name centrepiece.

6. My Recent Resume by pixelprop

This resume appeals to an employers humorous side with a horror film poster theme.

7. My Resume by darthkix

A personal favourite, beautiful colours, nothing over the top, and plenty information.

8. Resume by cheektocheek

This resume also takes on the arty poster persona, and it works brilliantly!

10. Resume by KevinPire

With bold, attention grabbing titles, and the use of lime green, this is an eye catcher.

11. Resume by Kyuzengi

This artist uses the contrast between the black and white to separate the headings, and information which works incredible well.

12. Resume by heydani

Subtle but powerful, this resume puts typography to its uses with its awesome header.

13. Resume Upgrade by mac1388

An update to a previous resume, this time with less bold headers, but equally powerful.

14. Resume Updated by twolapdesigns

Clever usage of colour and outlines mixed with a different choice of typeface make this resume stand out, but maybe less readable.

15. icART resume by icasialnrdy

The fact that is an artists resume is instantly apparent with the media images alongside the persons skills and education.

16. Resume by Akashrine

Getting personal with rabbit/squirrel gives an insight into the personality of this resume’s owner.

17. Resume Espanol by rogaziano

The avatar here alone, and the bright colours used show this persons love for colour, and art.

18. Resume by bdechantal

This resume makes use of browns and greys, and along with the logo, and title font, gives a nice old feel.

19. Curriculum Resume by toromuco

Beautiful graphics are used here to get across the information in a pleasant way whilst showing off the authors skills.

20. Resume by puziah

A mix of gradients and splashes here work well alongside a personal picture to sell this person’s resume.

21. Personal Resume 2010 by heeeeman

An absolutely stunning infographic style resume which shows Steve Duncan’s life in a sort of time-line.

22. Resume W.I.P. by AchisutoShinzo

A interesting usage of a train/underground map to show this persons life paths.

23. Resume by ILICarrieDoll

Getting fairly personal with this resume which shows what the user has around them.

24. Server Resume by rkaponm

Making use of a waiters notepad to get a job as a waiter? Very clever!

25. My Resume by littlearashi

This resume gives the feel of old school ink printing for this Graphic Designer.

26. Resume by LordGabsta

This black and white CV shows creative things that interest the applicant.

27. Resume by spen

Another life info-graphic here, though I did find it slightly harder to follow.

27. The Birth of My Resume by NoviceXyooj

The oriental nature of this resume is perfect, especially in making it look more arty.

28. Resume by tenbiscuits

The curly brackets, texture, and drop shadow used in this resume allow it to have some depth, making it almost look like a scrap book style resume.

29. Creative Resume First Edition by NikonD50

The bright colour, shades of purple, and beautiful typography here work. They work incredibly well!

30. My Old Designer’s Resume by ExtremeJuvenile

Very bright and cartoony. It’s certainly an attention grabber.

31. Curriculum Vitae by arbrenoir

This is as much a piece of artwork as it is a resume. Absolutely stunning.

32. My new Resume by living2prove

A less illustrative, but equally informative info-graphic here.

33. CV by Verine

Again, the use of bright colours on the time-line gives an artistic feel.

34. Updated CV by xchingx

Simple and to the point, this resume puts the information down, and subtly registers the persons interest in art.

35. CV by Giemax

I’m unsure how practical this is, but you can’t deny its intricate beauty.

36. CV by Johnnywall

Rotation here is used to split up the text, and create easily definable sections without having to create dividers.

37. My Creative Resume by liagiannjezreel

Very personal, this takes the approach of being cartoony and artistic, but it doesn’t offer much of a professional feel.

38. My curriculum vitae by flaterie

A purely lack and white CV that gets across all the info in a clean and precise way.

39. CV Tudor Deleanu by iTudor

A very creative approach to a resume. Instead of a piece of paper, what about slide out cards?

40. Adam Balazy CV by Balazy

The grungy texture, and flowing icons really top this resume off.

Further Discussion

Well there you have it; 40 truly inspiring examples of how you can get across more than just your life achievements in your CV / Resume, but show off your creative, and illustrative side as well. If you know of further fantastic examples of inspiring Resume designs, then as always, get them down in the comments for us all to see!

August 15 2010


40 Fantastic Resume/CV Templates to Show off Your Skills

Resume’s / CV’s have traditionally been bits of paper that sum up you and your life achievements in relation to a job to help you find employment. However, with technology continually evolving, we are no longer limited to text on a piece of paper. Now-a-days we have the opportunity to be much more creative with how we present ourselves to interviewers, so why not make use of it. This is a round-up of both premium and free resume templates that achieve this through html, or incredibly creative PSD designs which can be printed.


Having a resume in Html/Css allows you to easily send a link, and always have your resume readily viewable online compared to having to print your resume out for a prospective employer. You can also include a print.css to allow your resume to be printed off cleanly.

Clean CV / Resume Html Template + 4 Bonuses! – $12

Link | Demo

Clean Cv / Resume is a html template that will help you set up a professional online Cv in minutes and broaden the chance of finding a suitable job as many recruiters resort more and more to browsing online for prospective applicants instead of advertising their position and calling for applicants. You will also find included as a bonus an envelope, letter of intent, curriculum vitae and a business card in .indd (Adobe InDesign) format that will come in handy for face to face interviews.

Clean Portfolio Site – $17

Link | Demo

A clean and flexible site for anyone from designers to someone looking to display their professional resume and services. Features include a working contact form with validation, a Jquery lightbox /gallery, and PSD’s for the logo and design.

Smart CV – Resume Theme – $6

Link | Demo

SmartCV is a clean resume that was designed to hold all the info you may need when you create an online resume. You can easily add content and keep it within one click distance, due to the jQuery scroll plugin implemented.

Interviewer Friendly RESUME – $10

Link | Demo

This is a clean, User friendly and customizable Resume theme. It includes a twitter module and links to the guy’s networks. Features include video and Flickr ready, a print specific stylesheet, Jquery transitions, and a highly customisable design.

Cielo CV – $10

Link | Demo

Cielo CV is a modern, web2.0 styled HTML CV (Resume) template that will enhance your chance of finding better work proposals. Features include Cufon font replacement, A PDF version of your resume, print ready, and social integration with icons.

Major – Resume Template – $10

Link | Demo

This template comes with two columns, one for your portrait photo and contact information, and the wider second column for all your resume content. The template makes it super easy to make your own colour schemes, and is of course, print ready.

Paper Resume / CV – $10

Link | Demo

The Paper Resume CV is a html/css resume, that comes with a completely free Wordpress version! It comes with two different backgrounds, a working contact form, Jquery form validation, and is ready to be printed off at any time.

Dark Pinstripe Resume / CV template – $12

Link | Demo

This is a professional pinstriped CV / Resume with a plethora of slick jQuery effects. A great way to present yourself to any potential employers / clients. Features include Cufon font replacement, Jquery enhancements, an optional portfolio area, and a free business card, amongst others.

peachGrid resume/ CV template – $12

Link | Demo

PeachGrid is a one page (x)HTML résumé/ CV template designed for the creative professional. It’s specifically designed to help you quickly set up a respectable résumé/ CV. As it can be easily edited and modified, it can also be a basis for the a more robust full site of similar styling so you can dig right in to the well commented code, hack it up, and make it your own!

SEE VEE Online Resume/CV – $10

Link | Demo

SEE VEE Online Resume/CV is a simple and contemporary CV/Resume Template designed for those who like things to be neat and tidy. It plays nicely with IE6 and is deliberately designed to behave with even the smaller 800×600 monitors ensuring your cv/resume is seen by everyone. It comes with 7 colour schemes, and is of course, print ready.

Awesome Online Resume/CV – $12

Link | Demo

This is a clean, modern and colorful (optional) Resume/CV theme suited for everyone! It is very easy to edit and includes 10 minutes of video documentation showing you exactly what to do! Included in this template is a working contact form (with validation), a print stylesheet, 7 colour schemes, and all the PSD’s.

CV for Creatives – $7

Link | Demo

Need an online CV that also gives you the ability to showcase some of your work? Then the “CV for Creatives” might just be what you are looking for. It comes with 2 colours schemes, and provides the structure of a standard CV. However, you can optionally show 6 of your latest pieces of work as well.

Classic CV – $7

Link | Demo

Classic CV for Professionals is an online CV aimed at professionals. It comes with 3 colour schemes; Standard, Blue, and Warm. Just as a standard paper CV it showcases your skills and experiences as well as education. The HTML files are compliant with current standards; the PSD files are neatly organized (layers are grouped and clearly labelled).

Elegant Resume Template with Bonus Business Card – $10

Link | Demo

This Resume template comes with a bonus business card. Features include 5 different colour schemes, valid xhtml/css, cufon font replacement, a working contact form with Jquery validation, labelled PSD’s, and a print ready stylesheet. Full help documentation is also included.

Sample Resume Template – Free

Link | Demo

This Sample Resume Template is a simple and quick way to build an HTML resume. It is more of a starting point than a ready-to-use resume, but nothing is stopping you from using it as is.

HTML Resume Template – Free

Link | Demo

This fantastic resume template is something someone put together for their own resume, and has decided to give away for free. Both PSD and the html/css files are being given away, which is fantastic news for you!

One Page Résumé Site – Free

Link | Demo

This one page resume design put together by Chris Coyier is a fantastic starting point for your Resume. While it is fairly basic, and uses no colour, it is still fantastic, and comes with everything you need, including print ready capabilities.

Hire Me! – £5

Link | Demo

Hire Me! is a clean, colourful, one page, CV / Resume style website. It comes with Jquery scrolling content, 3 colour schemes, a print ready stylesheet, PSD’s included, and is easy to customise with documentation, and well commented code.

Jamba – $10

Link | Demo

Jamba is a clean single page HTML template for online Resumes and CVs. It’s quick and easy to install and is highly customizable. It comes with six different color schemes and includes the source Photoshop files allowing you to easily adapt the template however you choose.

Resumé template – Free

Link | Demo

This basic resume design by Jonnotie takes the resume back to simplicity, while still adding an element of beautiful style in there. It has room for a profile picture, and a hire me button as well as the expected contact details, and your life accolades.

MyResume – $39 (site subscription)

Link | Demo

Looking for a new job? Then MyResume is the perfect theme to promote yourself and create a professional and sophisticated online presence. MyResume is sleek, simple and easy to use, but also boasts some great features that will make handling your resume all the easier. Add new pages to your resume, create new tabs, connect with your peers using the social networking integration, and even add a custom portfolio at the click of a button.

Ipseity Personal Branding theme – Free

Link | Demo

“Ipseity” means selfhood, or individual identity. Although this theme isn’t a resume/CV as such, it is a personal branding theme for your site that allows you to list your contact details, achievements, anything you want really, in a beautiful sliding site.

PSD / InDesign

These types of files allow you to create stunning printable resumes, or PDF’s, which can be sent to your prospective employers!

3-piece Elegant Resume set – $6


This elegant 3 piece resume set only utilizes grid and typography, the foundations of design, for both readability and legibility. It consists of 1 page resume, 1 page references, 1 page cover letter – US Letter sized – CS4 InDesign file – CS3 InDesign INX file – IDML markup file – Sample PDF

Resumes (5 Pack) – $7


Everyone needs a resume at some point in time! This is a 5 pack of one-page resumes created using Photoshop. The files are completely editable in Photoshop so you can change position, sizes, colors, typefaces, etc. All of the fonts used are free fonts and are listed below.

Clean Creative Resume with Vector Icons – $4


This fantastically clean resume comes with character and paragraph styles setup for easy editing and font changes. It is a one page Photoshop Template complete with layers. It is sized at A4 (International ISO ) and includes Vector Icons.

2 Page Resume – $5


This 2 Page resume template comes with 3 colour options, each as a dark and light version. It is fully editable, and comes 8.5 x 11 inches in size. It used CMYK and has 300dpi.

Clean Elegant Resume – $5


Clean Elegant Resume is a two page US Letter and A4 InDesign template. Character and paragraph styles are setup for easy editing and font changes.

SineWave Resume Template – $5


SineWave is a creative style resume with your text content sticking to a wave shape. It is a simple, elegant template, that comes in A4 size, and as like all other PSD resume templates, has character styles for easy font editing.

Invictus – $5


Invictus” V.1.0 is an elegant and clean layout for a resume. This is a Photoshop template which is fully editable. If you don’t like a font or an element, you can simply change it. The psd is created with CMYK (with bleed) , 300 DPI and A4 / 8.5×11 size.

Creative & Elegant Resume – $5


This theme is a clean, elegant and creative Resume. It comes with easy editable, A4 layout, vector shape stars, and you can use any colour you like! 4 Colours schemes are included; violet, yellow, green and red. Both font’s that are used (Titillium Text, and Aller) are free.

Quotations Resume & Cover Letter – $5


In this template you are free to replace the provided quotations with any others you wish. Have fun with it! Give the person who’s reading your resume something to think about or laugh about! this will make your resume memorable, we promise! Ask former employers for a quote about you and your work ethic and drop it in! Your prospective employer will applaud your unique resume as it stands out from the rest of the other candidates!

Slick + Stylish Resume – $6


Slick + Stylish Resume (InDesign CS3 +) is a beautiful resume template originally in grey and white, but easily changeable to any colour of your choice. It features fully implemented, and easy edit character, table, and cell styles, and makes use of the incredible Myriad Pro font.

Simple and Clean Resume with Covering Letter – $6


A simple and clean CV Resume which includes a covering letter in the same style. All PSD files are layered and labeled and include basic guide lines. The pages are sized at International A4 (21cm x 29.7cm) at 300DPI using CMYK colours – Print ready. The sample font used is Trebuchet MS (System font) Standard for PC and Mac.

Metogé Resume – $5


This Beautiful and clean resume includes US letter and international sized paper. The whole packet includes A4 (Europe, UK, Australia, New Zealand) (PSD), US letter (USA, Canada) (PSD), Information and example JPG files. Metogé Resume is ready to print (CMYK and 300dpi).

4 Pack Clean Professional Resumes – $5


The Professional way to present your self to your next employer. This pack included 4 brilliant looking resume’s that will look fantastic on the desk of your next employer. The design comes in A4 Size with easy to edit & change colors.

Curriculum Vitae – $5


This theme offers you a cool, slick, sophisticated way to present your skills to would be employers! With room for a picture of yourself, and a slick cover letter included, you can’t go wrong with this.

3-Piece Minimalist Resume – $6


This 3-Piece Minimalist Resume is available in three different variants; Black and white, grey and white, and grey and blue. The pack comes with templates for your cover letter, resume, and references. It comes US letter sized.

Catchy Horizontal Resume – $6


A Catchy resume, print ready, with a modern style and 5 colour combination, created to be used specially with horizontal page orientation. Colour options include Grey, Purple, Orange, Red and Turquoise. The package comes with well organised and grouped layers, and easily customisable and scalable graphics.

Resume Booklet (8 pages) – $7


Want to impress with your resume? This very clean and creative booklet-style resume is the right choice. Drop in your own text and pictures and you’re ready to go. With just a bit more effort you could turn it into a template with any other purpose.

Final thoughts

So there you have it. Whether you are after something to have online, or something to creative to physically have at hand, there are plenty of fantastic resources out there. As always, I’m sure there is more out there, so if you know of other templates that are worthy of a mention, get them down in the comments for other people to see!

January 27 2010


5 Examples of Beautiful Resume/CV Web Templates

Did you know that we recently launched a new sub-category on ThemeForest, specifically for resumes/CVs optimized for the web? It’s becoming more and more common for potential employers to simply request a link to your website, rather than a sheet of paper. Though the category only launched a few weeks ago, we’ve already received a handful of beautiful designs.

1. Clean CV / Resume Html Template + 4 Bonuses

2. Awesome Online Resume/CV

3. Smart CV – Resume Theme

4. Resume (CV) Perfecto

5. Major – Resume Template

Think you can do Better?

If so, why not head over to ThemeForest and submit your own design? There’s a lot of money to be made, but you have to submit something first!!

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