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February 10 2014


Freebie: Minimal infographics

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Today we share with you this excellent pack of infographic elements, created by Freepik for BittBox.

Infographic Vector

You can use it for any personal or commercial project, download now!


Download .ZIP

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January 20 2014


20 Websites With Unique Interactive Scrolling

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With the introduction of HTML 5, long scrolling websites have become quite a trend, in the world of web design. While this technique offers clean and fluid navigation, it also enhances the designer’s ability to develop a linear narrative, within a site. With solid creative concepts and top-notch development, these websites offer dynamic, interactive experiences. Users are able to navigate, discover and explore through the simple means of scrolling.


































12. – Home Collection


























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January 16 2014


20 Free Responsive and Mobile Website Templates(sponsored)

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Best Collection of HTML5 CSS3 Responsive Website Templates

Are you worried about your user experience when someone visits your website from a Smartphone or Mobile device? Solve the problem by using HTML5 and CSS3 Responsive concept. Here we have collected the 30 best responsive web templates which are 100% FREE. This collection of web templates are not only responsive, but they will also support basic mobiles. They are free to download and free to use for any purpose without any limitations or obligations. So, download the templates, start a new website, or make your existing website responsive and mobile friendly.

Check out They are offering 340+ free Responsive and Mobile web Templates . Here is our list of their TOP 20.

PIX Personal Portfolio Responsive Website Template

Demo | Download




WebWorld Corporate Flat Responsive Template

Demo | Download



Flat UIKit Responsive Template

Demo | Download



Mode Blogging Responsive Template

Demo | Download



TravelMedia Travel Agency Responsive Web Template

Demo | Download



Mobile Cloud App Responsive Template

Demo | Download


LaunchPad Product Showcase Responsive Template

Demo | Download



LimeLight Design Studio Responsive Template

Demo | Download



Metro UIkit web elements Flat Responsive Template

Demo | Download


HostCompare Cloud web Hosting Flat Responsive Template

Demo | Download


Coming Soon Responsive web Template

Demo | Download


Classic a Blog Responsive Template

Demo | Download


WebWorld Corporate Flat Responsive Template

Demo | Download



Brighton wedding website Responsive web Template

Demo | Download




4pets Animals Responsive web Template

Demo | Download


AppStore Mobile App Flat Responsive Template

Demo | Download


AutoSwift Ecommerce Responsive web Template

Demo | Download


Enginery Industry website template

Demo | Download


Naturex Spa Responsive  Website Template

Demo | Download


Retina Corporate Responsive Template

Demo | Download



Download More 340+ Responsive and Mobile Website Template Free


October 17 2013


Today’s Tried-And-True Top 10 Stock Photo Merchants

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If your job involves the use of high-quality and royalty-free images, you need to know which of the stock photo agencies have the best market value. In order to help you achieve that understanding, I’ve made a top 10 with the best options of the industry as perceived nowadays.



Fotolia launched in 2004, and now caters to the needs of well over 4 million professionals with 24 million images, vectors, and videos. Newcomers are always impressed by the fact that Fotolia offers visitors free images and comps for planning projects to try in a design. The beginning of October marks the launch of Fotolia Instant, a Smartphone application meant for contributing photographers who can now act on a moment’s inspiration and then upload high resolution photos into the Instant Collection, where it will be put up for sale at the price of 3 credits.

Fotolia’s stock files are top-class and well worth the investment. Take the agency’s credit system for instance, where a single credit can be translated from only $0.74. If a user decides to buy images using Fotolia credits, this form of payment grants access to the elite files encased in the Infinite Collection, and it also permits the enlisting of Extended Royalty-Free Licenses. What is more, when the budget you have to work with is too small for your liking, you are at liberty to use prepaid credits in order to acquire any of the multiple-sized images placed in the Low Cost Collection (depending on size, priced between 1 and 6 credits).

With Daily subscriptions, users decide on a value ranging from 25 to 250 downloads/day at the cost of $0.19/item. On the other hand, Monthly subscriptions assign the price of $0.84 to one image, and a total monthly count of 5 to 5000 downloads. At the moment, Fotolia’s BOGO offer states that, in the case of a Monthly subscription fixed for the price of $25 to 5 images downloads per month, the second month is free (click on subheading ‘Fotolia’ for more information).



iStock is without question one of the three leading stock agencies of the moment. For those of you who don’t know this, iStock is in fact the original stock photo merchant, having started out in 2000 ahead of anyone else. The last 13 years have spawned iStock’s reputation as a first-rate provider of exclusive stock images for creative professionals. iStock still works within an exclusive setting, and now commands an assembly of 6 million illustrations, photos, Flash media, vectors, video footage, and audio files.

It’s always a good idea to visit iStock’s website, and while you’re at it go ahead and investigate the section with Editor’s Picks, as it contains all kinds of images recommended by iStock’s leadership. On a similar note, the iStock Lightbox is worth passing through every now and then, as it assigns free treats at the rate of one image per week. The iStock file search launches a thorough and precise process that never delivers irrelevant content. In this sense, an army of filters is employed to refine the search and make sure that you are presented with no more and no less than exactly what you’re seeking.

When it comes to buying images from iStock, users can either pay with credits, or take up a subscription. Taking the path of prepaid credits has its advantages; for instance, in a single shot, 15 to 30.000 pieces can be equipped with a discount of up to 25%. Moreover, today, iStock’s homepage informs that some of the agency’s exclusive stock files are available at half of the regular price. Also, users can save 14% from their credit-based purchase by typing in ISTOCK14 at checkout (click on subheading “iStock” for further details).



123RF is a commendable source of stock photos. Customers are free to take from a hefty selection of more than 22 million royalty-free files (audio and video files, photos and vectors). Over the course of an average day, 123RF’s selection team evaluates and adds approximately 35.000 fresh creative assets to the agency’s vaults. 123RF is one of the only two microstock agencies in this list that employ a mobile application as alternative for regular upload procedures. With 123RF On-The-Go, contributors are able to submit their photos at any given time, and only top-quality submittals make it through.

123RF also offers free giveaways: members are free to download anything from a set of 30.000 stock files: loads of graphics, digital arts, and audio files. Apart from 123RF’s alluring free section, I’d like to point out the fact that 123RF stands by its 100% Money-Back guarantee, insofar as whenever users change their minds about one of their recent orders soon after they’ve been completed, the agency pays them back in full. To be specific, the guarantee is valid for 72 hours after users made a purchase.

As regards payment options, in order to acquire stock images from 123RF, clients are required to settle with either of three choices: Basic or Premium (subscriptions), and On Demand (credits). The Basic and Premium plans enlist a larger number of downloads allotted to one day as more time is subscribed, and they also commission more discounts under the same conditions.



Stockfresh is an intuitive and convenient stock image agency. Overall, Stockfresh controls around 2.7 million royalty-free stock vectors and photos. Most of all, I’d like to make a point of praising one of the agency’s sections. Some of the most outstanding pieces of work I’ve ever chanced upon make up a section of 300.000 glorious vectors, illustrations, and clipart. As for the agency’s accessibility, Stockfresh fares well: subscriptions come with the price of $99 per one month, and the alternative allows 5 to 500 credits to be acquired in one session for the individual price of $4.99. The user interface from Stockfresh is charming and uncomplicated, so that clients never waste any time in tracking down the ideal images.



For the present time, Bigstock proposes an amazing 7-day Free Trial. There is no hidden catch once someone engages in this trial, and it may be cancelled out at any moment. However, being partial to the trial means that you get a week’s worth of free treats from Bigstock’s 15 million-strong collection of astute vectors and images, which can be downloaded (and re-downloaded for free) at the rate of 5 images in a day. Looking past the free trial, if you should choose to buy images from Bigstock, credits or a subscription will do the trick. The way of prepaid credits can save you up to 27%, while a yearlong subscription at the download rate of 5 per day attaches just $0.35 for a file.



Dreamstime is another noteworthy stock photo supplier. The agency started out in 2000, which speaks volumes about the agency’s experience. Since then, Dreamstime gathered over 18 and a half million stock images. Taking royalty-free images from this source is easy and well worth it. The latest fantastic offer from Dreamstime says that, if you create an account during the first 24 hours since first visiting, for the remaining time of those 24 hours, the user benefits from a 60% discount to any acquisition. Last but not least, Dreamstime created a free section for the exclusive use of designer clients, comprised of fantastic web design graphics, photos, and illustrations.



Thinkstock stands out by the manner in which all its stock files were aggregated. In other words, Thinkstock’s content is drawn from the vaults of more than 40 partner stock image agencies, including those of huge brands like iStock and Jupiterimages. Another unique aspect is the fact that Thinkstock doesn’t establish the price of a royalty-free file on the grounds of its download size, and thus users may as well go with the largest version, and it will cost as much as a size S. In addition, Thinkstock offers sizable with the use of codes: R4HPC46N takes 20% off in the case of a Pro yearlong subscription, and GTDPC46N enacts a 60% discount to monthly subscriptions.



Depositphotos is a top-grade stock image provider. Its total count amounts to 18 million photos, vectors, and videos. A daily or a monthly subscription to Depositphotos attaches the price of $0.15per image. Out of that multitude of amazing stock files, I really fancied Depositphotos’ extensive section with vector illustrations, which is where you’ll come across more than 2 million awesome files. What is more, it would be a good idea to check on the Depositphotos Sales Lightboxes time and time again, as they encase season-relevant images. In this instant, 134 stock photos and tons of vectors now form up the Harvest Time collection and are sold with 20% discount.



Cutcaster brings my list of top 10 first-rate stock agencies to a close. It is one of the few microstock agencies that rely on an exclusive database of creative files, all of which are sorted according to topic into collections. Cutcaster’s Crescendo Collection yields 920 crisp images, and the picture collections are also great to look at. Registration is not required in order to make a purchase; outsiders can simply pay-as-they-go with paypal or straight with their credit cards. For users, the price of one credit is just $0.89, and out of the 4 available credit bundles, three bear a certain discount: 19% for the Bronze package, 31% for Silver, 39% for Gold.



PhotoSpin is a great favorite of mine. This agency has a unique way of making its approximately 4 million royalty-free EPS and JPEG stock files available for sale by means of two main collections. The first and largest of these is the Expanded Collection, which harbors 2.4 million photos and illustrations. In order to take an image from this huge collection, the user has to put together a customized subscription based on 4 categories, 4 monthly time spans, and 16 various subscription plans. The other 1.5 million stock files from PhotoSpin’s are encased in the Premier Collection, whence users can buy images after deciding on the size of all future downloads by choosing a Plus or a Super Plus plan.


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August 05 2013


The Fresh Prince of Stock

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‘Now this is a story all about how/ My life got twisted upside down,’ Will Smith said to jumpstart his career. If you don’t know the show, you really should, it’s a comedy that really stands out among others made around the same time through Smith’s acting and a host of other characters, all archetypes of social characters. You have the successful father figure, backed by the supporting wife and mother of three: the studious, polo shirt wearing older son, the fashionista daughter and the classic younger sibling, still in primary school.

1 is, in turn, the fresh prince of microstock agencies and subsumes all the above characters in a business poised to win favor among stock photography enthusiasts. Founded by the people behind StockXpert (successful father figure anyone?), it is up and coming to a table largely dominated by older and established companies (younger sibling). Their plan to make it big is based on a few lynchpins: quality, simplicity, passion, service and great prices.




Let’s cover them in an orderly fashion. Starring as the fashionista daughter is the UI, clean and sleek, offering great functionality in its minimalism. The photos and vectors are catalogued by category but can also be searched for using keywords so a buyer loses as little time as possible with this process. Payment is made through a simple credit system, with the added bonus of credits getting cheaper if the amount bought is higher. You can get a photo for as little as $0.20 through the subscription plan, if you’re an avid consumer, and this is as good as it can get!



The supporting mother would be played in this metaphor the service they offer. You can contact them via a web form or, if you need urgent help, via Skype, with the promise of the credits being safe no matter what happens during the download and help granted in a timely manner.


The studious son’s skills and the abovementioned respect are all covered by what Stockfresh does for the photographers and artists who submit their work: the commissions are among the highest granted in the industry and so the money is going toward the people who do the work.


What made The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air such a big favorite though was, without any shadow of a doubt, Will Smith. Just like before, there’s an equivalent to that as well, the collections of well-established names in the industry like Cathy Yeulet, Andres Rodrigues or Irene Kurhan being available for purchase.

If you want to buy photos or vectors this is the place to go to and witness another success story.


Singapore skyscraper at night ????????????? Print Close up of pink piggy bank broken




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May 20 2013


Free Graphic Pack with More Than 50 Resources

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The design industry, especially the one related to web design is a wonderful place to work in…if you see it from the outside. Many clients are saying that a web designer’s work is similar to an artist’s life: he can freely create amazing things from scratch, he can work from anywhere and he can choose his tasks however he wants. This is not quite true: being a web designer means that you must have a lot of skills starting from technical knowledge, social abilities and the right resources, preferably free stuff such as free vectors, free .psd, free UI elements and so forth.

A web designer will always have to innovate; he is in a constant battle with his competitors because usually the client chooses you, so you don’t have the luxury to say no to every project that you find difficult to work on. Sure, this happens mostly if you are a freelancer.

As I said, a web designer must be extremely efficient therefore he needs to know where he can find the resources suitable for any of his project. For example, if he’s in a hurry and he needs to quickly draw a mockup, he can use existing UI elements in order to quickly finish the design. Furthermore, if he needs to create a logo but this is not his strong point, he can start with a logo template.

Thankfully the internet is filled with free or paid resources for designers but searching for them may require a lot of time; even more, what happens if you suddenly lose your internet access? This way you always need to have a designer toolbox packed with every graphic element, tutorial, .psd, .eps or any other file ready to be used.

In this article I wanted to give you a free graphic pack filled with a lot of extremely good and free design resources which you can use in your projects. All of these graphic elements are collected from, a great search engine in which you can find free resources such as logo templates, vectors, ui elements, .psd files and much more.

Download the full graphic pack by clicking here:


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February 18 2013


Need vectors? 3200+ Royalty Free Vectors!

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Need a ton of illustrations in a really short time? Or maybe you just like looking through a slew of choices before deciding on that one perfect image for your project. Whatever the case, this Vector Mega Pack from Designers Folder is sure to make all other Vectors jealous!

Vectors Mega Pack Highlights:

• Over 3,200 Vectors
That’s right! You’ll receive over 3,200 vector elements in this mega collection. You won’t just find the perfect image for your current project, you’re pretty much set for the next few hundred projects!

• Huge Variety
Whatever your needs, you’re bound to find something you like in this vector collection. Covering a wide variety of categories, you’ll find construction workers, animals, Santa Claus, calendar pages, patterns, lipstick, babies, ribbons, arrows, people, body parts, word balloons, starbursts, envelopes, weather, computers, and so much more.

• Scalable
The files will come in a variety of file formats including .AI, .PNG and .JPG. You can resize the .AI vector files without fear of losing any quality.

• Royalty Free
Every one of these vectors comes with a royalty free license, so you can use them in any project you’re working on, whether it’s for business or personal use. And you never need to put on any attribution.

• Pricing:
This enormous collection of over 3,200 vector images normally sells for $799, but for a limited time only, you can get this collection for just $37! That’s 95% off the regular price!

Click below to see more previews!

Click to see more vectors

Click to see more vectors




February 12 2013


Two Big iStock Promo Codes

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*Update* Sorry those two offers are expired. But never fear! We still have a 15% off iStockphoto coupon code for you below. For more iStock promo codes please visit our friends at Vecteezy.

Today we have a little something different for you. Much of our traffic consists of designers looking for stock resources. While we wish we could offer you everything you’re looking for, unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Luckily our friends at iStockphoto have reached out and provided BittBox readers with two awesome coupon codes for you to save on your next purchase.

15% off iStockphoto Promo Code

15% discount applies to a single online purchase of any credit pack at iStockphoto. This offer is open to all iStockphoto customers and may not be combined with any other offers, discounts or pricing agreements. This offer is valid until midnight, March 31, 2013.

Please leave a comment below and let us know how much you saved if you use this. I just saved $23.64 on 60 Credits. Cha-Ching!

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August 31 2012


August 21 2012


Free Texture Tuesday: Smoke Trails in the Clouds

These images were taken at a recent airshow during a performance by a team flying vintage aircraft. Their smoke trails blend in well with the clouds to create some refreshing combinations.

August 14 2012


August 09 2012


Are you an Icon Lover?

Our friends at MightyDeals just launched a great new deal for all icon lovers!

For a limited time, you can get 1,500 icons from Inventicons, for a ridiculous low price.

These icons vector based which offer you unlimited scalability. You can also easily change the color, orientation, or shape, without sacrificing quality. Also included are gradient styles, which can be applied to any icon, for even more versatility. All icons are delivered in PSD, AI and CSH formats, for added usage and flexibility.

Inventicons is giving you 1500 royalty-free icons, available through this deal for half off the regular price of $70 – only $35!

It’s a must-have for interface designers and includes special icons for websites, mobile apps, and more. See all the icons!

August 07 2012


April 23 2012


Win a set of Business Cards from!

Here’s a great giveaway for all of you Bittbox readers! Our friends from are back and they are offering a set of 250 pieces die-cut business cards. UPrinting is an online printing company that serves thousands of on-demand printing. They’ve been online since 2000 and have been established as a leading socially responsible company in the industry.

The winner will get 250 pcs business cards, shipping included! The winner will be designing his/her own business cards. He/she can upload his/her own design or use UPrinting’s easy-to-use online design tool! Here are the other details regarding the prize:

Giveaway Details

Sizes to choose from :

2 x 3.5″ Rounded Corners, 2×2″ Rounded Corners, 1.75×3.5″ Rounded Corners, 2×3.5″ Leaf, 2×3.5

Rounded one corner, 2×3.5″ Half Circle Side, 2×3.5″ Oval, 2.5″ Circle

Paper to choose from :

14pt Cardstock Gloss / Matte / High Gloss (UV), or 13pt Cardstock Uncoated,

6 Business Days Turnaround

Great deal, huh? So if you want to grab this cool prize, here are the easy steps that you should do:

  1. (Required) Leave a comment on this blog post saying how the business cards would be of help to you.
  2. (Optional) Like UPrinting on Facebook and leave another comment once you did
  3. (Optional) Follow UPrinting on Twitter and leave another comment once you did

That’s all! You have a total of 3 chances in grabbing this special prize. Giveaway ends April 30, 2012. Winner will be chosen randomly.  This giveaway is limited for 18 years old above.

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February 02 2012


How To Create A Set Of PS Brushes From A Single Texture Photo

Creating Photoshop brushes is rather easy. But, I often find that brush sets lack consistency and are often created form various textures or sources. I like consistency.

I think a great set of brushes isn’t just a matter of throwing a bunch of brushes that kinda look similar together in a set, but rather create a set where each brush complements each other—this way if one of the brushes doesn’t work for what you’re trying to achieve, another brush in the set might since they’re created from the same source.

Start With A Photo

First of all we’ll need a high-resolution image. I find it works best with a photo of a texture rather than something like a landscape or portrait, for obvious reasons.

For the purpose of this tutorial I’ve used one of my own photos taken with a Nikon D90.

image preview

Your image should be as big as possible – this one is 4288×2848. It is also included in the download link at the bottom of the tutorial.

Optimizing The Image

Next we’ll need to optimize the image a little bit before we start cutting it up and creating our brushes.

The goal here is to raise the shadows slightly and adjust the contrast if needed. So, let’s open up our image in Photoshop:

shadows highlights

You can of course adjust the shadows and highlights, levels and curve settings according to the image you’re using.

Select Areas To Create Brush From (5 to 10)

Then we can slice up this image into a number of areas. I’ve decided to cut it into 10 rectangles.

An easy way to split your image up into 10 parts is to use the Slice Tool

Using the Slice Tool simply drag over the whole image to select it all. Then click on ‘Divide’ at the top. It’ll open up a dialog window asking you how you want to slice your image.

Since I want to have 10 rectangles I put the following:

Hitting OK will divide our original image into 10 almost equally sized rectangles.


Then you can ‘Save for Web & Devices’. You should be familiar with the window that opens next. You probably won’t need to change anything there so you can just click ‘Save’.

Then save this on your desktop or somewhere that’s easy to find on your computer.

sliced up

You’ll end up with 10 images. Now we can use those to create our set of Photoshop brushes.

sliced up results

Those images are still big enough to create some very interesting brushes and they’re still quite hi-res. Of course having a very big original image helps there.

We could definitely have created more than just 10, but for the purpose of this tutorial it’ll do just fine.

All 10 Images

Now you can close the original ‘texture.jpg’ document. Create a brand new document and make it 2500×2500 and select Grayscale as the color mode.

new document

Then you’ll need to import your first rectangle texture. Simply place it in the center of your new document.

Now you may want to cut out a part of your image – I like to keep just an interesting portion, in the case of this first brush I cut out the bottom of it to focus more on the top part which has more details. You could also use the Lasso tool to select a portion of the image you’d like to keep.

Higher Exposure

Since we’ve already optimized our image earlier we can jump right into the ‘Exposure’ settings. Photoshop will take into account that we’re working on grayscale and by increasing the exposure we basically make the lighter parts of our image white instead of light grey.

In the case of the first texture image I went with 1.5 Exposure with 0.8 Gamma correction.

exposure gamma

And here’s the result:

exposure gamma result

Less Square

You could simply leave at that and repeat the process for every other texture image, but I think this brush would benefit from not being a rectangle – it’d be nice to make it more rounded.

Let’s grab the Eraser Tool and select the basic Rough Round Bristle brush (or any other brush you might have in there, experimenting never hurt anyone). We’ll erase parts of our texture image with this brush to create more natural and smooth edges.

erase brush

Creating The Set

Once you’re satisfied with the result it’s time to save your brush. Simply go to Edit -> Define Brush Preset and then name your texture and hit enter.

Then just repeat the whole process for the 9 remaining texture images and you’ll have a set of 10 brushes that are consistent and all fit together.

To export your set go to Edit -> Preset Manager -> Select your 10 brushes -> Save Set.

define brush preset

Download The Final Result

I hope you liked this tutorial! Of course feel free to experiment with other techniques, some things might work better for you. Experimenting with various source images will obviously get you different results.

You can download the set of 10 Photoshop brushes right here →

November 28 2011


Free Stuff: InkyDeals Cyber Monday Bundle – Comment to Win

I’ve got an incredible opportunity this week for some fresh free stuff. For Cyber Monday, there’s a ridiculously awesome bundle over at for graphic designers. I’ve got 5 bundles to give away here on BittBox. Don’t miss out on this one. The contents are worth over $1300. Make sure you read the rules, and good luck :)

Contest Rules:

  • All you have to do to enter is leave a comment. (tweeting is appreciated)
  • Only comment once.
  • 5 winners will be randomly chosen from the comments.
  • Comments will remain open for about a week.
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October 21 2011


Freebie Friday: 8 Assorted Grunge Brushes


Happy Friday everyone, today I’m releasing this very useful set of 8 different grunge brushes. The source of these was mostly distressed wood textures I had lying around. The preview images below don’t do these justice, they will add some great texture and touch to your work. Each one is the maximum resolution of 2500px.










Download .ZIP

October 18 2011


Free Stuff: 104 Flourish Corner Photoshop Brushes – Comment to Win

Hey Everyone, to day I’ve got a really cool Photoshop Brush Pack to give away from Photoshop Island. It’s their new “Flourish Corners” brush pack, and I’ve got 5 copies to give out. You know the drill. Leave a comment for a chance to win :)

  • Brushes come in 4 .abr files (smooth/clean, grunge, rubber stamp and grunge + rubber stamp) to make it easy to find the style you need.
  • Brushes are high resolution (approximately 2,500 x 2500 pixels per inch)
  • Includes 104 matching PNG files so you can expand how you use.
  • Ready to be used for personal and commercial use. Read our License Agreement for details.
  • Brushes compatible with Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, Photoshop Elements 2 and newer, GIMP 2.2.6+

Contest Rules:

  • All you have to do is to tweet the post, to share it on Facebook or to leave a comment on the post.
  • Only comment once.
  • 5 winners will be randomly chosen
  • Comments will remain open for about a week

September 27 2011


Free Texture Tuesday: 5 Rusted Pipe Textures

These 5 textures come from an old pipe from a Fire Department training facility. This caught my attention because of the great color and the intricate surface that appeared to be geological. Each texture is 3000×4000.

Bittbox Rusted Pipe 01

Bittbox Rusted Pipe 02

Bittbox Rusted Pipe 03

Bittbox Rusted Pipe 04

Bittbox Rusted Pipe 05

September 19 2011


Free Stuff: Win a MacLegion Fall Bundle – Comment to win

Alright! It’s Monday, and I’ve got some awesome free stuff! This time, I’ve got 2 MacLegion Fall 2011 Software Bundles to give away. This bundle includes 10 apps worth $630. The apps included are listed below. Make sure to read the rules, and good luck!

Included Apps:

Contest Rules:

  • All you have to do to enter is leave a comment (tweeting and liking is appreciated)
  • Only comment once.
  • 2 winners will be randomly chosen from the comments.
  • Comments will remain open until Thursday.
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