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December 31 2012


TimesSquare $10,000 Logo Contest: Winners Announced

In May we mentioned that a client of DesignCrowd launched one of the biggest online logo design contest prizes to have ever been posted. The $10,000 logo design contest.

The contest closed in August after receiving 5, 845 designs from 1,300 designers from around the world.

On 12-12-12, announced the top 5 winners on its site.  Sixty-five designers were awarded cash prizes for their efforts.

A Serbian-based designer who goes by the user name Jovan on DesignCrowd, took out the $5,000 first place prize. The winning design was one of 6 designs the designer submitted to the contest.

The top 4 designers were awarded $3,000 in cash prizes and another 60 designers of merit shared in $3,000 in participation payments.

Here is the top 5 roundup.

Winner – Jovan

Top 4 Designs …






What do you think of the winning designs? You can check out more entries on DesignCrowd.

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