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60 Must-See Creative Vector Wallpapers on DeviantArt

Last time we have compiled websites with vector landscapes for you. Now, we gathered vector wallpapers to put as your desktop background. Vectors are great way to give creativity and attraction on your design. Also, it can make your desktop lively by downloading some of these cool vector wallpapers. Have fun browsing and be inspired to make your own vector wallpaper!

1. Fantasy by: ghostnat

I like how the red clouds and bright colors blend together. Very nice and attractive!


800 x 600

2. Seasons by: chiplegal

This is why I love vector graphics so much! If you want to put creativity on your photos, make them in vector. Cool!


1280 x 960

3. Sloorp For Candy by: giorgos93

This wallpaper makes me want to eat sweets! Pretty and sweet one to use.


1280 x 800

4. Butterfly by: expansiondesign

The lady was perfectly done in vector with the curves and details of the body.


1280 x 1024 | 1680 x 1050

5. Paprika by: softmeanie

Putting different kinds of objects to form the woman’s body. Cool, isn’t?


1920 x 1200

6. Spring by: chiplegal

I really like this one. It’s so clean, a creatively done vector wallpaper.


1024 x 768

7. Gift from Paradise by: MagicalViper

I like how all the elements are combined together to form such a wonderful nature-themed vector wallpaper. The colors are nicely chosen too.


1600 x 1200

8. Rainbow Concepts II by: jugga-lizzle

The combination of shapes are nice. I think it would look better if the colors are brighter than the current ones.


1024 x 768

9. Rainbow Concepts IV by: jugga-lizzle

Comparing this one with the previous wallpaper, I like this one better. The concept is nice and the placing of elements are greatly done.


1024 x 768

10. Rainbow Concepts V by: jugga-lizzle

If you will look at the design, there is not much shapes used. But it still looks nice because of the simplicity plus colors used.


1024 x 768

11. Dibujo Rarro by: spinix

A wonderful example of vector design, putting different geometrical shapes to create a design.


4665 x 3406

12. Reinas del Poker by: vikifloki

Nicely done in details. Clean and beautiful ladies in vectors.


1024 x 768

13. Morning Fantasy Wallpaper by: jugga-lizzle

I like the pink color and the blur effect of the flow. Very peaceful and feminine look design.


1024 x 768

14. ‘Fallin by: jugga-lizzle

The silhouette trees made the design look romantic, while the shapes in bright colors made it look very childlike.


1280 x 1024

15. Skyline by: webby85

One thing that I like with some designs is the story behind each. This is like a love battle between good and evil.


1600 x 1200

16. My Favourite Mistake by: mariux

The lady in vector looks so lovely. It looks nice and fancy.


1280 x 1024

17. Wallpaper by: illustrator

Cool! I love the concept of putting no face and the wings too. Music makes us fly.


2000 x 1500

18. Mushtopia by: ScaryDeadGirl

If you want your eyes to be refreshed, put this as your desktop wallpaper. Very refreshing.


1600 x 1200

19. Geisha Wallpaper by: Tabbathehutt

Simple but nice lady figure in kimono. It fits well on the design.


1024 x 768

30. Mario and Sonic by: !darkdevil

Wonderful work of vector! Very nice Super Mario in vector, isn’t?


1600 x 1200

31. Super Mario by: bad-blood

Do you remember those times that you play the game of Mario? Very nice game like this one in vector.


1024 x 768

32. Fantasy Island by: celsojunior

I find this one very cute. The rainbows and ray light effect of the heart shape give life to the design.


1280 x 960

33. A Trip To Wonderland by: secroit

Wonderful art and style. The colors used are not too dull yet not too bright. I like the objects used, perfectly combined.


1600 x 1200

34. Niponisation Wallpaper by: vikifloki

Nice and clean. I like the swirls that was put around the lady, very sophisticated.


1280 x 1024

35. Disco by: celsojunior

Very cool! Awesome colors and graphics used.


1600 x 1200

36. isoCologne by: yofikus

What do you imagine on this wallpaper? I imagine a city with lights and trees. Have you noticed the ribbon-like object that represents a river? It’s so cool!


1280 x 960

37. Sasusaka Wp by: RavenxCorpse

Vectors and silhouette are perfect combination, right? And this design is one good example.


1600 x 1200

38. Missin’ Like Candy – Portrait by: incredibledarlz04

Beautiful colors! A wonderful example of vector.


1440 x 900 | 1920 x 1080

39. Vector by: jrbamberg

The objects stand out with the background color and the swirls with a leaf on the tip are wonderfully placed.


3296 x 2542

40. Until She Comes by: $chixor

The lashes are nice and the hair gives the woman a sexy look. And the background color fits so well on the design.


800 x 600

41. The Four Seasons – My style by: onutzaC

The silhouettes are great that they blended well on the background. Awesomely done wallpaper!


1280 x 1024

42. Little Happy Hilly Wallpaper by: acrylicana

Have you notice the wings that was put as mustache? Cutie! The colors are very attractive!


1024 x 768 | 1280 x 1024 | 1366 x 768

43. G6 Monkey by: Y0o

Hah! This one so so cute. Very creative to put together objects to form a monkey.


1280 x 1024

44. Touch You by: ghostnat

Don’t you find designs with stories behind each very creative? I do. I think designing is one way of speaking your emotions.


1024 x 768

45. Beyond The Rainbow by: dreaming-star

The rainbow is like a slide made of candies. The sun rays work well with the background color and the silhouette are very nice.


800 x 600

46. Nature by: celsojunior

The design is so smooth in style, good choice of colors. I wish there can be a place exactly like this one. It’s like paradise.


1280 x 960

47. The Lady Awaits by: ekster

The lady in vector is sexy and chic. If I were just a guy, I would not let this woman wait. Haha! Amazing work indeed!


1280 x 800

48. Like The Wind by: webby85

The clouds and other elements of the design fit well together. The details are well-created.


1600 x 1200

49. Wallpaper by: mixmasterangel

Very nice vectors. The curves and the details are nicely done. I also like the woman holding a gun, very strong in personality.


1600 x 1200

50. Summer Dream by: jlluesma

I love the effects of the light. Also, how the colors and shapes are blended together are awesome.


1600 x 1200

51. Little Yellow Submarine by: sourcow

When I am seeing this, I can imagine lollipops. Very sweet and the submarine looks great.


1280 x 960

52. Love by: koden

Don’t you remember your puppy love when seeing this? I do. LOL. This wallpaper is simple yet cute and romantic.


1600 x 1200

53. Wind by: princel3d

Though the colors are not so bright, it still look good because of the blending effect. Nice work.


1600 x 1200 | 1280 x 960 | 1024 x 768 | 1920 x 1200

54. Vector Vortex by: SpritzTheVik

Good choice of colors and well-done curves.


1024 x 768

55. Fueled with Smartness by: imrik

The curves and colors used on this design struck me the most. Very beautiful.


1920 x 1200

56. Shot by: Andycap

Very emotional design. I like the effect of the soul and lady in silhouette. The clouds and vectors are beautifully combined.


1600 x 1200

57. Panda Remix by: MagicalViper

I find this one unique for seldom vector designers use two colors only. The pandas combined with different shapes are very cute.


1600 x 1200

58. Heaven and Hell by: Joker84

A vision of what is heaven and hell. I like the silhouette used and the blending of background colors.


1600 x 1200

59. My Freedom Begins Here by: celsojunior

Nice silhouette and choice of colors. Simple, bright yet nice.


1280 x 960

60. Retro Profile by: jugga-lizzle

The colors are nice and the creator did a great work by just using one shape and having a creative output.


1400 x 1050

I hope that you enjoyed browsing these beautiful vector wallpapers as I have enjoyed them. Personally, I appreciate and I love viewing vector designs. I find them really nice and creative! You won’t get tired looking at them, right?

What about you? How well do you like vector designs? You can share your thoughts with us!

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