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53 Creatively Designed YouTube Backgrounds to Inspire You

If you will be googling articles with collections of backgrounds for MySpace, Twitter, Friendster, etc., you will find many. But, seldom that you will find YouTube layouts in the research. So, we have decided to compile some of the best, creatively designed YouTube background layouts for you to download. For the steps on how to customize your YouTube channel, scroll down to the bottom part of the article. Enjoy making your YouTube channel beautiful!

1. Digital Abstract

A white layout with colorful objects on the background. The white layout stands out because of the colorful background used.

Digital abstract

2. Royal Fantasy

A layout in a shade of Blue. The circles make the design look like a fantasy.

Royal fantasy

3. Snowboard

If you are looking for a really simple and clean layout, then this one dedicated for you. A white with snowboard-shaped figure on the background and a Green font color to make it more clean.


4. Music Doodles

A very clean school-themed layout with music doodles on the background.

Music doodles

5. Sketches

Different kinds of sketches on the background with some grunge-style effect.


6. Paper Clouds

A clean layout with clouds that are made into paper.

Paper clouds

7. Glowing Paint

One cool YouTube layout with nice background in gradient and spilled paints as the border that makes it more look creative.

Glowing paint

8. Color Dots

Very cute background with circles and a transparent layout that make the design looks professional.

Color dots

9. Skyline

Do you like designs with silhouettes? Then, you may also like this layout. It has a skyline silhouette on the background and a transparent layout to emphasize more the contents of the page.


10. Retro Lines

A simple layout with a five way-like lane on the background.

Retro lines

11. Love

Feeling romantic? Then, you may use this layout to reflect your feelings. A pinkish-red layout with hearts drawn on it.


12. Blackboard

A layout where the YouTube videos and other contents are placed on a chalkboard. Cool, right? For those who hates chalkboard because of school will now probably like it.


13. Paint House

Paint House is a sleekish layout with some drops or spills of paints on the background. The Blue background makes it look very attractive.

Paint house

14. Notes

A cool design where one page of a notebook is put as the main layout of the whole channel background.


15. Paper Galaxy

A plain background with a color of pink and violet well-blended together. Also, the paper that is hung emphasizes the contents of the page.

Paper galaxy

16. Spring

A layout that is designed for Spring season. The colors gives a refreshing look onto the layout, as well as the cute flowers on the background.


17. Retro Glass

Want to go simple and retro? This layout can be your choice. Retro style with a glass effect on the content layout.

Retro glass

18. Abstract Background

Be abstract and feminine with this background. Very chic and stylish.

Abstract background

19. Apple Fan

Are you a fan of Apple? You may like this Apple-themed layout.

Apple fan

20. City-side

A perfect layout to brighten up your channel with this inspired city-themed in Blue.


Are you a fan of abstract, graffiti or grunge styles? Therefore, you may like these YouTube layouts.

21. Future Abstract

A blue inspired abstract background layout with a glowing effect that makes the contents stand out.

Future abstract

22. Green/Orange Abstract

Nice swirls! Very captivating layout indeed.

Green orange tech

23. Big Graffiti Wall #1

Graffiti is stylish. This layout is one good example.

Big graffiti

24. Retroffiti

A good graffiti-retro-themed layout. The colors are nice and attractive.


25. Big Graffiti Shiney #2

I find this one cool, aren’t you? Nicely done graffiti indeed.

Big graffiti shiney

26. Document #5

This is how can dirty look creative. Make this one as your choice!

Document 5

27. Stay With Me

Let your viewers stay on your channel with this nicely designed layout.

Stay with me

28. Grungy Abstract Star

Nice swirls and choice of colors. A good layout to make your YouTube go grungy yet creative.

Grungy abstract star

29. Grunge Destruction

Let YouTube users be distracted with this grunge background layout.

Grunge destruction

30. Grunge Abstract

A nice texture drawn on the background with a grunge style look.

Grunge abstract

How about layouts that are related to technology? Here are they…


31. Computer Network

Different kinds of technology on the background with a transparent white content layout.


32. Tech Master

If you want to go techy and abstract, this tech inspired layout you may use.


33. MacOSX

Make your channel like how MacOSX look with this layout.



34. Lil Wayne Vector #10

For the fans of Lil Wayne, here is a black and pink layout and Lil Wayne in a vector-like style. Very cute.

Lil wayne vector

35. Wayne #16 (2.0)

Another Lil Wayne layout, but in a white, grungy look. The 3D text is nice, it gives life to the design.

Wayne 16

36. Katy Perry #11 (2.0)

Very Katy Perry! If you are an avid fan of Katy Perry who also likes girly thing, then this layout is for you.

Katy perry

37. Miley Cyrus #3 (2.0)

A youthful look of layout for the fans of Miley Cyrus. The concept of the layout is great.

Miley cyrus

38. R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Clean and professional look of YouTube layout of the king of pop, Michael Jackson. May he rest in peace.

Michael jackson

For those who are fan of movies, I have here some movie layouts for your YouTube channel.


39. The Hangover

Loved the movie, The Hangover? Tell other YouTube subscribers by customizing your channel with this one?


40. Toy Story 3

Make your YouTube channel cute like how the story of Toy Story 3 is.

Toy story 3

41. The Hulk

This The Hulk YouTube layout can be your choice of you want to go dark but creative. The shade of Green is nice and the background is so scary.


42. Avatar

Avatar is a great movie! Feel free to use this Avatar-inspired layout in Blue green color scheme.


43. Twilight

If you love Twilight, you may also love this YouTube layout.


44. Pirates of the Carribean 4

Make your channel into a pirate-themed layout with some grunge style.

Pirates of the carribean

45. Harry Potter

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Try this layout for your channel.

Harry potter

46. Kungfu Panda

I love Kungfu Panda! The story is nice as how beautiful this layout is.

Kung fu panda

47. Prison Break

I like the way the story is created as how I like this layout is done.

Prison break

48. The Book of Eli

Liked the movie, The Book of Eli? You may want to put this as your YouTube layout.

The book of eli


49. MG XPOWER 5V #5

Greatly done layout with a grunge-style effect on the background. Nice blending of colors.

MG Power 5V 5

50. Ford Police Interceptor

The building and the police car blended well on the background. A great layout to use.

Ford police interceptor

51. Lambo # 6

Be grungy with a Lamborghini on the background with this layout. So cool!

Lambo 6

52. RX7 Veilside #3

For guys who love cars, this cool orange themed layout can be your choice.

Rx7 veilside

53. Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 #2

Love Ford Mustang Shelby? Try this nice layout with awesome brushes put on the background.

Ford mustang shelby

Resources: Best Websites To Download YouTube Layouts

1. BackgroundTube has the purpose to serve one very small purpose, to give you free, professional looking backgrounds to use on your YouTube channel. Backgrounds you find here will always be free and awesome.



MyTubeDesign provides a collection of top quality YouTube Channel Layouts, as well as a platform for talented YouTubers to showcase their channels.

MyTubeDesign is dedicated to the YouTube Community. One of the goals of MTD is to be an open channel to the community and provide the best channel designs out there. Not only are the excellent layouts designed with passion, but also are free for everyone to use.


3. YTLayouts

YTLayouts is also one good website that offers YouTube layouts for your channel for free. You can find different layouts that are grouped into categories.


4. Free YouTube Layouts

Free YouTube Layouts is a website that offers YouTube channel layouts all for free.


Before you go, I will be teaching you on how to customize your YouTube channel layout. Make sure that you downloaded first your chosen theme. Do not worry, even little ones can do this.

How To Customize YouTube Channel Layout

1. Log in on YouTube. Click your channel name located on the upper right corner of your screen and click My Channel, then you will be prompted on your channel page.


2. Once you are already on your channel, click the Themes and Colors button.


3. Download your chosen YouTube channel layout. In my case, I used Lovely Graffiti that can be found on YTLayouts. You may find the image below and copy each colors on your YouTube channel.


4. Click Save Changes.


And that’s it! You have just customized your YouTube channel layout.

To stand out from the rest of the YouTube users, customize your channel layout. Hoping you enjoyed and learned something on this article.

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