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60 Brilliantly Blue Web Designs for Your Inspiration

Web design inspiration is something that after years and years is finally taken a bit more seriously. More and more web designers dare to go out there and use elements from other types of design to make new and stunning creations. And fortunately technology supports a lot more advanced and stunning web design than what we saw only a few years back.

This time we’ve spent quite a few hours trying to find some of the really awesome blue web designs out there. The color blue especially saw a new blooming era after Twitter became such a huge hit. These are 60 designs in various tones of blue that we think are great pieces of work. We’ve tried to pick out a variety of different styles and tones.


1. Festival Creative


3. Today’s document

4. Icelab

5. Lead Zeppelin

6. Eagle rock yacht club

7. Eric Campbell

8. Los colores olvidados

9. Love freelancing

10. NineFlavors

11. Hull digital live

12. Mighty dream

13. BountyBev

14. Drag city


16. Iemai

17. Knoxville leadership foundation

18. Yiipu

19. Masswerks

20. Deckpeck

21. Creative Nights

22. Victory church

23. Cbi research center

24. Rockstar new media

25. Edward Dark

26. Steven Little design

27. Talker

28. Reichweite

29. Ben Stock design

30. Fuel brand inc.

31. Behind the web design

32. Alex Swanson

33. Phureal

34. Altitude marketing

35. Three60

36. Sman96

37. Design attik

38. Jai Pandya

39. Indigo media

40. SkyLuke

41. Full thrown magic

42. Blackwave

43. North2

44. Piipe

45. Whitewater

46. Qwert city

47. Polargold

48. OhLife

49. TGC

50. Icebrrg

51. Sean Halpin

52. Posicionados

53. Testlab2

54. Tympanus

55. Vancouver 2010

56. Ek och Gren

57. Jon Leverrier

58. Pony

59. 2AdvancedStudios

60. Hull digital live

We hope you’ve found these websites inspiring. As usual we’re looking forward to your comments. Thanks!

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