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Creative Bookmarks: Best of August 2010

August was another awesome month with great tutorials and articles oozing from everywhere. Here’s Creative Bookmarks August!

Photoshop Tutorials

How To Create The Expendables Winged Skull Poster Art

In this tutorial, by Chris Spooner, you’ll learn how to re-create the sinister and gun-crazy poster for the new movie The Expendables.

Create a Cosmic-Inspired Dreamy Scene in Photoshop

In this great tutorial, from PsdTuts+, you’ll learn how to use a combination of photos, 3d elements, and other tricks and techniques to make a cosmic scene.

Design a Coffee Shop Menu Layout from Scratch with Photoshop and InDesign

This tutorial shows you how to create a beautiful coffee shop menu using the combined power of Photoshop and InDesign.
See Also: Part Two

Create a Retro Sci-Fi Movie Poster in Photoshop

This tutorial, from WeGraphics, teaches you how to use type, textures and some other tricks in Photoshop to make a sci-fi inspired composition.

Photoshop For Beginners: Understanding Layer Masks

The Photoshop For Beginners tutorial series can be very helpful. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use one of the most powerful features of Photoshop: layer masks.

Combine 3D Geometric Shapes and Flowing Lines for a Sleek iPhone Ad

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a plethora of 3D geometric shapes and abstract lines with bright colors to create a vibrant and appealing iPhone ad.

Cool Text Effect with the Puppet Warp Tool in Photoshop CS5

In this great tutorial from Abduzeedo, you’ll learn how to use one of the new tools of Photoshop CS5, the puppet warp tool, to manipulate a photo of rope into a cool looking composition.

Create a Scene with Retrofuturistic-Inspired Light Effects

This great tutorial from Design Instruct teaches you how to create patterns and vector shapes, combined with photos, to create a retro yet futuristic scene.

Create an Artistic Scene with 3D Light Bulbs and Type

This great hybrid tutorial teaches you how to use the combined features of Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and Illustrator to create a great looking 3D composition.

Correcting Exposure with the Shadows & Highlights Tool

In this great tutorial, you’ll learn how to make the best of your photos by correcting exposure problems with the Shadows & Highlights tool.

Illustrator Tutorials

How To Create a Fun Cartoon Style Poster Design

This tutorial, by Chris Spooner, you’ll combine a character drawing with bold and blocky text, then texture it up to create a retro cartoonish poster.

Quick Tip: How to Create a Stylized Wave using Adobe Illustrator

In this tutorial, on VectorTuts+, you’ll learn how to use Pathfinder, Envelope Distort with Mesh and various Gradients to create beautiful waves.

How to Make a Flesh Ripping Zombie Type Treatment

This tutorial teaches you the process of creating a scary character and a gory type treatment for this blood-thirsty illustration.

Create a Painterly Apple with Illustrator CS5’s new Bristle Brush

The versatilaty of the new Bristle Brush is quite impressive. This tutorial teaches you how to create an apple illustration using this new tool.

Create a Glowing Neon Sign using the Appearance Palette

In this tutorial, you learn how to use the potential of the Appearance Palette to create a great looking Neon Sign.

Simple Roy Lichtenstein Style in Illustrator and Photoshop

Abduzeedo is one of those sites that stays on top of the technology. This hybrid tutorial teaches you how to create Roy Lichtenstein inspired illustration using new CS5 tools.

Type Illustration Project: Experimental Digital Workflow

This excellent tutorial, from Design Instruct, that walks you through creating and polishing a beautiful illustration all in Abobe Illustrator.

Create a Polished Raised Type Treatment

Ryan Putman of Vectips is in love with the Appearance panel and this tutorial shows you how to create a polished metal look using the power of the this panel.

Distort Linear Gradients in Envelope Distorts

This tutorial teaches you how to use Envelope Distort in Illustrator. The funny thing is, the author really doesn’t see the practical use for it but, the effect is cool either way.

Web Tutorials

Post-Install Plugins to Enhance & Protect WordPress

This is a great list from Line25 on WordPress plug-ins that will help with your security, speed and SEO.

How To Add a Custom Facebook Like Box to Your Site

As Facebook becomes more and more popular, it’s essential to link to Facebook from your website. This tutorial show’s you how to make a custom like box that not only looks great but validates as well.

Building a Stylish Blog Design Layout in WordPress

This great tutorial is the third part of a series that walks you through the creation of the design in Photoshop to implementing it in WordPress.
Part One | Part Two

16 Vital Checks Before Releasing a WordPress Theme

Twitter recently released @anywhere, which allows you to easily integrate Twitter’s capabilities into your personal site. This great tutorial from NETTuts+ shows you how.

Who Needs University? The Best Nettuts+ Screencast Training Courses

Going to college can be quite expensive. However, you can go to The NetTuts+ University almost for free and learn a variety of subjects. This great post rounds up some great screencasts they’ve created.

Working With Writers: Some Insight From the Other Side

This is an excellent article, by writer extraordinare, Michelle Oxman, that clears up some common misconceptions and gives some great tips on creating a great writer-designer relationship.

Business Writing for the Web: 27 Ways to Write Better

Business writing can be quite tough as it’s objective is to persuade people to act. This great article, from Inspired Mag, gives 27 tips on how to write better business copy and therefore, get readers to act.

Giving Users Some Credit

This is an excellent Art Directed article from, Design Informer, that makes it clear that making a website easy to starts by throwing away the idea that all users are idots.

Freebies, Inspiration & Resources

Pixel Patterns

These are some amazing patterns created by Designer, Naomi Atkinson. You can download the limited set containing 16 patterns or pay only four dollars for the complete 48 pattern set.

Paper Boat

This beautiful origami inspired typeface, created originally by Bart Van Delft for a concept company, is now free for download.

15 High-Res Dirty Grid Photoshop Brushes

This is a great collection, from Think Design, that’s filled with 15 different grungy-grid brushes free for your use.

Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: September 2010

Just like every other month, Smashing Magazine, rounds up amazing and beautiful wallpapers from all over to spice up your desktop.

Twitter Background Design – Great Tips and Gorgeous Examples

A way of attracting followers on Twitter is having a good background design, especially if you’re a designer. This great article, on PsdTuts+, is a great intro on designing one.

26 Beautiful Photo Manipulations of Women

The female figure is nothing short of fascinating and that’s been proven by it’s continued use in art and design. This great collection features some amazing photo manipulations of women.

35 Purple Web Designs to Inspire You

Web Design Ledger has the reputation of finding some very inpiring works around the web and this is no exception. This great round-up showcases beautiful purple websites.

15 Logos With Hidden Messages

As if designing a logo isn’t enough of a challenge, this round-up, from Web Design Ledger, features logos that have hidden messages in them.

Blogging For Web Designers: Editorial Calendars and Style Guides

This is an amazingly detail article, from Smashing Magazine, that talks about the benefits of having an editorial calendar and style guides for your blog.

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