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Creative Bookmarks: Best of June 2010

Photoshop Tutorials

Design Your Own Graphic Tee in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a cool looking composite t-shirt design from photos and basic drawing techniques.
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Create a Magical Flaming Heart Illustration in Photoshop

This excellent tutorial will demonstrate how to combine stock images and the use of the Warp feature to create a magical flaming heart illustration.

Create a lovely textured web design from Photoshop to HTML/CSS

In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to create a beautiful web site layout and then code it into a working web page.

Photoshop For Beginners: The Power of Layers

This great tutorial, from WeGraphics, is the third part of the Photoshop for Beginners series that explains in detail the core of Photoshop: layers.

Make a Soft Grunge Product Ad Design in Photoshop

In this tutorial, from Design Instruct, you’ll create as very nice looking shoe ad using stock images and basic yet amazing effects.

Create an Apple Mac Mini Using Photoshop

This tutorial teaches you how to create an Apple Mac Mini from the bottom up. You’ll learn how to use basic yet powerful tools and effects in Photoshop to achieve a beautiful end result.

Design a Space-Themed Poster with Photoshop

In this great tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an amazing TV show ad that combines different types of stock photography and excellent typography for a great result.

Photoshop Quick Tips: Light Leaks in Photography

A trend that is becoming popular in Photography is the vintage/film/retro style. This great video tutorial shows you how simple it’s is to create and apply this effect.

Simple Underwater Scene in Photoshop

In this tutorial, from Abduzeedo, you’ll learn how to create a great looking underwater scene with bubbles and light effects inspired by the movie iRobot.

Create a Colorful Candy Store Website Layout in Photoshop

In this tutorial, from Devise Function, you’ll learn how to create a bright and very pink candy store web page layout with a unique and creative background and header.

Recreate the Epic 80’s Metal Text Effect in Photoshop

In this excellent tutorial, Chris Spooner, teaches you how to recreate a metal text effect that was very popular in the 80’s using modern day techniques in Photoshop.

Color your Black and White Photos Easily

This excellent tutorial, by Michal Plazinski, teaches you how to color in black & white photos using nothing more than the Brush Tool and Curve Adjustments.

Illustrator Tutorials

How to Create a Lustrous Electric Guitar

An outstanding tutorial, from VectorTuts+, where you learn to create a realistic looking electric guitar using basic shapes and simple techniques.

Create a Detailed, Vector-based iPhone Illustration

This great tutorial shows you how to create a realistic iPhone illustration and walks you through creating the icons on the iPhone home screen.
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Create a Trendy Seamless Type Pattern

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a cool looking type pattern in Illustrator using some text and icons. You’ll learn tricks and techniques that can easily be applied to other projects.
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Create a Distressed Vector Typographic Poster Design

This hybrid tutorial walks you through the making of the “Spectrum” poster; from it’s custom typograpy to the rugged look applied in Photoshop.

How To Draw a Cute Vector Dog Character in Illustrator

This tutorial, by Chris Spooner, teaches you how to take a hand drawn sketch of a dog and then add various lines, color fills, gradients and highlights to produce a vector cartoon dog.

Create a Print Ready Business Card Design in Illustrator

This great tutorial shows you how to create a great looking business card. You’ll learn how to create an illustrated character, create a background pattern and setup the file for print.

3D Text In Clouds

This excellent hybrid tutorial walks you through making 3D text in Illustrator and then making the text look real in Photoshop.

Web Tutorials

Super Cool CSS Flip Effect with Webkit Animation

This awesome tutorial takes a quick look at using the Webkit engine and some of its properties to create a cool looking flip effect.

Getting Started with Tumblr & Custom Theme Design

This article on Line25 takes a look at the basics of what Tumblr is, how to get a tumblelog of your own up and running and basic introduction on creating your own Tumblr theme.

Create a Vibrant Digital Poster Design with CSS3

This excellent tutorial walks you through the making of “Circlicious”, a vibrant and color poster made, amazingly enough, purely of HTML and CSS.

Did Internet Explorer get the Box Model Right?

This interesting video on NetTuts+ addresses the debate on wether or not border and padding should be applied on top of a specified width.

Multiple Borders with Simple CSS

This simple yet useful tutorial teaches you how to create multiple borders without images, just pure CSS by using the :after amd :before psuedo-classes.

The 10 HTML Tags Beginners Aren’t Using

This is an excellent article/tutorial, that talks about HTML tags that most of know about. However, this articles gives you reasons and practical ways on how to use them correctly.

WordPress 3.0 Upgrade: What to Expect

This is a great article, from Webdesigner Depot, that explains what you can do to prevent having problems when upgrading to the new Wordpress 3.0.

Redesign vs. Realign

Redesign and realign. What’s the difference? This great article explains that it’s essential for designer to know the difference and that this knowledge can result in very happy clients.

Web Performant WordPress

This excellent article, by Dave Rupert of Paravel, talks about his experience with achieving page loads of under a second and, fortunately enough, shares the tools and techniques to get your website loading faster.

Freebies, Inspiration & Resources

iPhone 4 – Vector Freebie

With all the buzz surrounding the new iPhone 4, VectorTuts+, has released a vector freebie of the iPhone 4 for all of your mock-up needs.

25+ Rare Cloth Texture Pack

This great freebie, from AnimHut, comes with more than 25 cloth textures that can come in handy for your print or web design projects.

Get Inspired

This is beautiful set of twelve professionally crafted by icon artist, Parthiban Mohanraj, that can be used for both your personal and commercial projects.

Weekly Web Design and Development Inspiration – N.45

Speckyboy makes a weekly list of mostly reader submitted webdesign inspiration and, in my opinion, they do a wonderful job of curating these lists that contain so many beautiful websites.

55 Fresh and Creative Logo Designs

With the massive increase in businesses and, therefore logos, it gets tougher to create something unique and creative. This great post showcases logos from designers who were able to achieve just that.

Showcase of 55 Inspiring Typography Designs

Attention to typography and its creative use has become very important to graphic designers and rightfully so, as it form part of the core of our craft. This beautiful showcase rounds up some great uses of type.

40 Creative 404 Error Pages to Inspire You

This cool round-up on Webdesign Ledger features some very creative 404 pages that almost make you want to enter an incorrect URL.

Elements of an Awesome Artist Portfolio

This is a great article where, Angie Bowen, shares her expertise and gives some tips on elements to incluede in a great portfolio site.

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