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Creative Bookmarks: Best of May 2010

May went by extremely quickly with all the new articles, tutorials and excitement. Here’s Creative Bookmarks May!

Photoshop Tutorials

Hexagon Bokeh Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, from Abduzeedo, you’ll learn how to create a digital bokeh effect with hexagons using brushes, patterns, filters and blend modes.

How to Create a Social Media UFO Icon

With most sites having a social media presence, many are unfortunately recycling the same old icons. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a unique UFO inspired Facebook icon.

Create a Magical Four Piece Stardust Composition

This tutorial will show you how to combine stock images, filters, textures and other adjustments to create a 4-piece stardust composition.

Create a Non-Destructive Vignette Effect in Seconds

This is a great tutorial that shows you how to create a simple yet striking vignette effect using brushes and blending modes.

6 Techniques to Extract Anything From its Background

Extracting an object from its background can be a tedious task, especially when dealing with hair. This tutorial, from WeGraphics, teaches you six different techniques on that could help you out.

3D Water Text Effect with Repoussé in Photoshop CS5

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a water text effect using Photoshop CS5’s new Repoussé, in which you can create 3D objects directly in Photoshop.

Mixing Brushes and Layers in Photoshop

This great tutorial will show you how to create a great looking composition by mixing simple layer effects and custom brushes.

Create a Textured Paper Photoblog Layout in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a textured paper photo blog layout using various Photoshop techniques such as creating patterns, customizing brushes, layer masks and more.

Design a Hand Drawn Illustrated Desktop Wallpaper

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to combine a hand-drawing with clever typography to create a nice desktop wallpaper.

Create a Clean and Modern Web Design in Photoshop

In this tutorial, from Design Instruct, you’ll learn how to use simple techniques to create a clean and modern webdesign.

Create an Abstract Cloud Jumper in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to manipulate multiple photos and combine them with abstract elements to create a beautiful composition.

Illustrator Tutorials

Create Interlocking Motifs in Illustrator

In this great tutorial, from Computer Arts, you’ll learn how to plan out your artwork to create a type of jigsaw puzzle composition.

Using the Blob Brush and Eraser for Character Lines

This is a great Quick Tip from VectorTuts+, in which you’ll learn how to use a drawing tablet, the Blob Brush and Eraser tool to create a digital drawing.

Keep the File Size Down and Spice-up our Vectors with Bitmap Textures

The problem with vector based textures is that they can make your file pretty big. This tutorial shows you how to create bitmap textures that look great!

Dress Up Your Desktop with a Sharp Dual Screen Wallpaper

In this tutorial, talented illustrator Andrea Austoni, walks you through making a dual screen wallpaper that you’ll be proud to call your own.

Create a Cute Baby Monster Character in Illustrator

This great tutorial uses Illustrator’s basic shapes together with gradients and other effects to make this baby monster come to life.

Create Beautiful 3D Graphs and Charts in Illustrator

Unfortunately, graphs tend to be boring and visually unappealing. Not in this tutorial!! You’ll how to put some make graphs in Illustrator and how to make them look great.

Web Tutorials

5 SEO Tactics That Make You Look Like a Douche

With that title is there really a need for a description? People tend to go way to far with “optimization techniques”. This article talk about five of them.

Designing an Infographic with HTML, CSS & jQuery

Talk about taking things to the next level! This great tutorial on Line25, teaches you how to create a beautiful and interactive infographic.

Spice Up Your Web Typography with @Font-Face

@Font-Face is an awesome technology that allows you to embed new great looking fonts into your websites. This tutorial shows you how simple it is to implement it.

Google Fonts API: You’re Going to Love This

Google recently released its Google Fonts API which allows you to use any typeface in Google’s Font directory by simply linking to it. This screencast show’s you how amazingly simple it is to do it.

CSS DIY Organization

To improve your workflow, it’s essential to write and organize your CSS well. This great tutorial explains why and how you make it happen.

Efficiently Rendering CSS

This is an excellent article/tutorial, from Chris Coyier, that answers a simple yet important question: How efficient is the CSS that we write, in terms of how quickly the browser can render it?

Best Practices with Dynamic Content

With AJAX you can dynamically load content without the need of refreshing the page. This great screencast teaches you the correct way of using this technology.

A Designer’s Guide To Effective Proposals And Invoices

If your proposal isn’t created carefully, it can lead to misunderstandings and unhappy clients. With that in mind, this article gives some excellent tips on how you can create effective proposals and invoices.

Freebies, Inspiration & Resources

Ink Squirts PS Brushes

This is a great brush set from WeGraphics, that includes 15 different brushes. Although the complete set is for purchase, you can download a free sample for free.

Hand Drawn Sketchy Icons of Your Favorite Social Sites

This an excellent collection, from Chris Spooner, that contains 16 sketch social icons that includes every social networking site you could possibly think of.

Get Inspired

This is an amazing collection from Media Militia that’s filled with inspiring artwork that is guaranteed to get your creative gears working.

Weekly Web Design and Development Inspiration

This is an excellent collection from Specky Boy filled with beautiful website designs that are sure amaze you.

30 Stunning Examples of Long Exposure Photography

This is a great round-up from Web Design Ledger, of long exposure photography that in my opinion is such a beautiful form of photographic art.

50 Red Web Designs to Inspire You

Red is a beautiful yet powerful color. This amazing round-up compiles 50 red web designs that are sure to amaze and inspire you.

A Showcase of Letterpress Invitations for Inspiration

This is a great collection of beautiful letterpress invitations that are sure to inspire. Letterpress is a beautiful type of design that definitely make a great impression.

On Going Different and Pushing Boundaries

This is an excellent article on the newly re-designed, Design Cubicle, where Brian Hoff urges you to push the boundaries and and let go of your design inhibitions.

Bojan Stefanovic, AKA Logoholic

This is a excellent interview by Michelle Oxman, with Bojan Stefanovic. I absolutely love her writing style. She did an amazing job! It’s a must read!

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