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35 Awesome and Inspiring “Movie-Effect” Photoshop Tutorials

Having played around with Photoshop for about ten years, I have found that a good way to learn is to just dive into some of the great tutorials that are out there.
In this article I will show you 35 tutorials where you will learn to recreate various effects related to well-known movies. Enjoy!

Did you ever wonder how the pros make it look so easy when they remake movie-effects? No need to wonder anymore. These 35 tutorials will help you in making it happen! Not only will you learn how to make the mentioned effects, but you will most likely learn some new tricks that you can use for other projects as well :)

Click the headlines/images to open up the tutorials in a new window.

1. Star wars text effect

Learn how to make a Star Wars text effect here. You can even download the authors finished .psd if you want.

2.  Sin City Style Poster

Learn how to recreate this visually inspiring movies “feeling” – using Illustrator to create the text and perspectives, then finishing it off in Photoshop. Try to play around a bit with the settings to make your own look.

3. X-men Logo

In this video tutorial, well-known Photoshop master Corey Barker shows you how to create your own X-men Logo in a matter of minutes.

4.  Indiana Jones

In this highly detailed and easy to follow tutorial you will learn how to create an Indiana Jones promotional logo.

5.  Pirates of the Caribbean

Another good video tutorial from Corey Barker. Converting text layers to paths and adding layer-styles are the key words here.

6. The Bee Movie

This CGI-animated movie from 2007, co-written and produced by Jerry Seinfeld, appealed to both adults and children. Here you will learn how to recreate that shiny text effect used in the promotion of the movie.

7.  Twilight

A very good tutorial from Tutvids. Twilight was the first movie to be released from the vampire-series written by Stephenie Meyer. Here you will learn how to recreate the characteristic text effect. Great practice!

8. Transformers 2 Wallpaper

In this tutorial you will learn to draw the Transformers 2 logo, and how to create effects that can be applied to many other types of wallpapers you may want to make.

9. Terminator

Corey Barker is back to show you how to take a stock photo of a human skull and turning it into a terminator robot.

10. Iron Man (view interface)

If you have seen the Iron Man movie, there’s a good chance that you got impressed by some of the visual effects they used. Here is a tutorial that shows you how to recreate some of that cool stuff :)

11. X-Men movie poster

This tutorial takes you through the steps of creating your very own customized X-Men movie poster.

12. Lord of The Rings poster

Learn how to make your own epic fantasy movie poster with this tutorial.

13. James Bond logo

Yet another high quality video tutorial from Corey Barker. This time he is recreating the famous James Bond logo.

14. Rambo

The creation of a Rambo style poster has never been easier. Psd-files available for download aswell.

15. Transformers text

This Transformers text effect can be applied to many different designs. In this tutorial the author also gives you the option to download the final psd plus the font that was used. All to make it easier for you.

16. Land of the Lost

Recreate the 3D text effect from this action filled comedy using this video tutorial.

17. Scarface

When this bestselling movie from 1983 was released, everyone wanted to be Tony Montana. With some Photoshop magic you can now recreate the movie poster and put your own picture in it if you want ;)

18. Angels and Demons

Video tutorial that shows you how to recreate the title graphics of the movie Angels and Demons.

19. Ice Age acorn

In the Ice Age animated movies, poor Scrat keeps looking for enough acorns to survive the ice age. Too bad he didn’t have Photoshop as this can be done there following this high quality video tutorial ;)

20. G-Force logo

Learn how to recreate the logo of the awesome guinea pigs that star in this spy-fi comedy film. The effects in this video tutorial are also great for use in other projects.

21. G.I. Joe

Video tutorial recreating a G.I. Joe title effect.

22. 2012

Learn how to make the logo from this very popular sci-fi movie released in 2009.

23. New Moon

This video tutorial is very easy to follow and can definitely be tried out no matter what your current skills with Photoshop are. You will learn how to recreate the text effect from the New Moon movie that was the second movie in the Twilight series. Watch out for vampires.

24. The Matrix

When The Matrix was released back in 1999 it had some very groundbreaking effects. The code that is “the matrix” itself is frequently shown as falling green characters. Here you will learn how to make your own version of this very cool effect.

25. Harry Potter

The Harry Potter movies are the highest grossing film series of all times. Learn how to make your own version of the movie titles, and the good part is that you can write whatever you want ;)

26. I know what you did last summer

Make your own creepy horror movie poster with tricks learned from this tutorial.

27. Superman style text

This American iconic cartoon superhero, created back in the 1930s, has his own very characteristic text style. Now you can make it your own with this very easy tutorial!

28. Cars

Recreate your own chrome style logo inspired by the animated movie Cars, released back in 2006.

29. Spiderman 3 – metallic text

Only your own imagination will set the limitations for all the possible uses of this shiny metallic text inspired by the movie Spiderman 3. Easy to follow and usable for oh so many creative projects.

30. Na’vi Avatar Photo Manipulation

This great tutorial uses only basic Photoshop tools, making it very easy for you to follow. The result is fun and can be tweaked and used for many fun purposes. The movie Avatar probably doesn’t need much introduction, so we will leave it there.

31. Casino Royale (James Bond)

This tutorial shows you how to make a James Bond poster-like design inspired by the fighting vector characters in the intro to the movie. Looks good and can be used in many types of designs.

32. Batman – the dark knight

Make your own sparkly Batman logo with this tutorial. Easy and fun!

33. Kill Bill style poster

This Quentin Tarantino two-volume action thriller series has been inspired by several earlier film genres. Now you can be inspired to make your own poster highly influenced by this bloody revenge drama that captured movie lovers back in 2003-2004.

34. Wall-E wallpaper

Learn how to make your own cartoon-like wallpaper from the 2008 movie Wall-E.

35. Kung Fu Panda wallpaper

Make your own Kung Fu Panda wallpaper using a collage of graphic elements.

Those were the 35 tutorials, I hope you found some inspiration and learned a new trick or two.

Feel free to leave your own favorites in the comments section below :)

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