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Need Interactive Charts For Your Personal Website? Try Highcharts

If you have a non-commercial website and you need to add charting capabilities in your website, Highcharts may suit your needs.  Highcharts is a free charting control developed purely with Javascript so that you can show interactive charts on your website.  Since its purely developed with Javascript, you don’t need any special server side technologies like ASP.NET or PHP and no client-side plug-ins are required like Flash or Silverlight.

Highcharts is dynamic in nature. With the support of jQuery and Ajax API, you can dynamically set axes and points of charts at runtime, hence making Highcharts an excellent choice for demonstrating real-time data like Stocks and Forex.

It works with all major web browsers including iPhone and supports a number of chart types, such as:

  • Line
  • SplineArea
  • Areaspline
  • Column
  • Bar
  • Pie
  • Scatter

Implementing Highcharts just require some basic understanding of Javascript and you don’t need to be an expert programmer having special programming skills in specific languages.  The syntax is very simple and the integration is almost seamless.

In addition to all this, Highcharts gives your website an enhanced user experience with interactive moving charts with cool designs and eye-catching colors.

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