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Welcome the new Graft Concepts Artist!

The wait is finally over COLOURlovers. Today, we are pleased to announce that Graft Concepts has chosen their 1st place winner for the Graft Concepts design contest here on COLOURlovers.

The new Graft Concepts artist is ArrayofLilly, a software engineer from Budapest who has a great eye for color and definitely knows how to create beautiful patterns. She has been a COLOURlovers member since 2008 and has created over 2,000 palettes and over 3,000 patterns. Her winning design, Discography, featured below was chosen for the following reasons:

- Unisex Design - either a guy could rock it
- A bold, yet harmonious color palette - also unisex
- Took into account the shape of the back plate and fit the design accordingly.
- Sophisticated look with a refined sense of design.

Check out some more of ArrayOfLilly's awesome submissions to the Graft Concepts design contest below that the designers and creatives from Graft Concepts also fell in love with:

 Congratulations to ArrayofLilly for her beautiful design work!

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