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Design Contest - Be the next Graft Concepts Artist

We are so excited to announce a new contest for the COLOURlovers community today! We've teamed up with  Graft Concepts an innovator and leader in the iPhone accessory industry. You will have the opportunity to design and color a pattern template for the Graft Concepts Leverage iPhone hard case!

What makes this contest stand apart is the unique design and customizability of the Graft Concepts Leverage case (available for the iPhone 4/4s and iPhone 5). Unlike other cases on the market, this case features interchangeable backplates, enabling a variety of options with just one case. They offer backplates with wood veneers, utility backplates that hold your credit cards, and now, with the help of COLOURlovers, there will be backplates with beautiful patterns and color palettes.

This unconventional case possesses a quick release latch and lever system -- inspired by the clasps of high end watches -- enabling the frame to securely grasp onto backplates without the need for adhesives.  This makes it easier than ever to swap out backplates on a whim.  The latch provides a stylish metal accent, pulling design elements reminiscent of the iPhone itself.  It also enables the case to be taken on and off easily...just a quick flip and snap and the frame is locked securely in place!

This unconventional iPhone case is available in a variety of colors and either a matte or high polished chrome finish on the hand polished latch and lever and will surely be noticed on your phone.

Here is some important information about the contest:

How to Enter

COLOURlovers can enter this contest by creating and coloring a pattern for the iPhone  HardCase template that Graft Concepts has provided. To submit your designs, just visit the contest page and create your entry, easy peasy!

<< Click to Enter >>

To see all the entries click here.

Voting Process

The Graft Concepts team will select the First Place. The winning design will be available for sale on Graft Concepts, and the designer will receive royalties for sales of their design.

Like other COLOURlover contests, the Second, Third, and Fourth Place runners up will be selected based on Loves from the COLOURlovers community.

Submissions will end on August 26th.  Voting will be open on August 27th, and close on August 29thThe winner will be announced on August 30th.


1st Prize: Two cases of their own design and the credit card backplace, a royalty agreement, and a medium Wacom pad.

2nd through 4th prize: Two cases of their own design and the credit card backplace and a royalty agreement.

The winning designs will be eligible to be manufactured and sold through the Graft Concepts store.

Only winning entries can be used for manufacture and sale, but the client can approach any of the contest participants after the contest has completed via a Love Note if they are interested in their designs.

That's it! Best of luck to all of you talented designers, can't wait to see what you come up with.

To see all the entries click here.



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